Herman Cain
20:13 05/18/2017

Can't beat cops.

Cop-Hating Waitress Gets Special Tip on Receipt From Group of Police

Cop-Hating Waitress Gets Special Tip on Receipt From Group of Police

Cop-hating didn't end well for this waitress...

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Nancy Pienkosky
Two cents
Martendelon Amore
She must be Liberal, Obamas team.
Robert Xavier Rios
Post was deleted
Norma Jean Ulrich
Would not have left her a cent!
Richard McElwain
Cops do have more education so...
Joshua Earl Heath
A $5.00 tip isn't bad, it's 15%, pretty standard.
Charlene Luedtke
That's the best tip I've heard all day!
Jon Applegate
Did anyone notice that Officer Daniels is a comedian. That is from his Facebook page.
Pam Glass
If nothing else, RESPECT.
Pavol Smolinsky
I would give her zero. Cops were too generous.
John Adams
Yes people that hate cops should be taught to go ride along with cops three months and see how they are treated by the people.
Alice Noel
Everyone is apparently less of a c**t than Ms. Gray who I hope never needs help from a peace officer in her lifetime.
LaVon Walker
do not frequent anyplace that is "rude or obnoxious" - no $$ for food will eliminate the business that hires or promotes "rude"!
Amy Quiggins
should have given nothing$ 0.00 stiff the dumb but clown
Don Oliver
I would have left nothing. Or a note saying call someone else if you need a cop.

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Innocence or guilt has to be based on evidence, not someone threatening to riot if they don't get the outcome they like. What happened in St. Louis this weekend is very troubling for that reason, even though a brave judge did the right thing.

Who is going to tell Black Lives Matter that mobs don
Who is going to tell Black Lives Matter that mobs don't get to decide trial outcomes?

Constitutional protections for defendants benefit a lot of the people they support, but apparently they're only to be applied if the racial makeup of the players is just so. Before St. Louis po

2.3k reactions 198 comments
Nsandy Klecam ..the BLM member who spoke at the DC rally~~~he needs to be their spokesman~~~someone who can clearly say what they want, these people just want lawlessness justified.....not gonna happen.
Julie Harmon Thomas They don't care. You want to have a peaceful protest because you don't agree with a decision - have at it, my friend. You want to have a riot? I think the police should stomp that out the minute it flares up.
Angie Carter Smith This is a result of media, politicians and the last President convincing people that it is not about policies or procedures. If you disagree with someone, you must be a racist, bigot, sexist, etc. I hated the last President's policies, not because he is ...
Janice Maddalena Mr Cain...the go-to response in any black community is rioting, looting, and destroying other people's property whenever they "disagree" with ANYTHING EVER...it has been going on for decades...why are you acting surprised?
Robert Smith Sad to see some "pastors" & "churches" supporting violent domestic terrorists. Sad that the media calls these riots a "protest". These are racist thugs & crooks intent on evil. Prayers for the law enforcement officers who must deal with these ...

I wonder what type they have in mind! I bet you can figure it out.

New Ammo Is Designed for 1 Type of US Enemy
New Ammo Is Designed for 1 Type of US Enemy

This could change everything ...

241 reactions 8 comments
Anais Cristina Grab $450,00+ more cash taking instant paid surveys ➧ #paidsurveyusa
Patsy Mooney-Martin Yes.
Karen Pieretti-Wooley hollow point filled with pork?
George Graham I am not using a gun unless its capable of blowing one off their feet.
Kevin G Koch I vote for the freeze dried frangible rounds.

This guy is just bizarre. Oh, wait, Susan Rice says he's rational. Nothing to worry about then, I guess.

Minutes After KJU Fired Missile, 127 Mil Got Strange Text Message
Minutes After KJU Fired Missile, 127 Mil Got Strange Text Message

You never want to receive one of these ...

266 reactions 6 comments
Marj Sutherlin Consider the source!!!😏
Walter Lauinger As Obama might say: "Yes they can."
Ellen Clary Susan Rice was proven to be a liar.
Michael Elder 7 air minutes from Vladivostok to Japan. That is what we wrestled with at US Forces Japan. Turn a map of Korea and the Pacific 90° to see how Japan stands between Kalifornia and N Korea and Russia. 7 minutes.
Samuel Neher They need to update there systems.

Uh oh. The only thing going over worse than her political analysis is . . . her new movie?

1.3k reactions 170 comments
Dave Olson Maybe her lousy movie is why Harvey and Irma hurricanes came...lol
Hector Rodriguez These actors and foot ball players the people that tell you what do is not hurting them they are HURT YOUR POCKETS AND YOUR FUTURE LOOK IN MIRROR AND MAKE A CHANGE THATS RIGHT M.JAKSON YOU MIGHT LEARN SOME THING ....
Brian Anderson Jennifer should remember that half of America voted for Trump. Half of America didn't watch her movie. Hmmm.
Annabelle Clarke Gregory Seems like this is an old picture and still think she might be disapointed in letting down the crew and producers!

Every school shooting is treated by the gun grabbers as an opportunity, as heinous as that sounds (because it is). This guy isn't having it.

Sheriff Has Strong Message for Gun Grabbers After School Shooting
Sheriff Has Strong Message for Gun Grabbers After School Shooting

He just threw political correctness out the window to give the media a smack down....

720 reactions 20 comments
Sterling Banks You nailed it sheriff!
Kathy Sidman Amen 🙏🏻
Susan Hook-Plowman Well said!
Pattie Pendarvis Amen
Liz Ratliff Well said. Thank you, sheriff

In case you were wondering for some reason.

Here's Why Anti-Trump Hollywood Elitists Wore Blue Ribbons at the Emmys

What these blue ribbons meant will infuriate you...

436 reactions 450 comments
Kim Kerkering Boone I haven't watched any awards shows in years primarily because of the politics that enter the venue. I'm simply not interested in anything a celebrity does or thinks outside of acting.
Beth Emrick Lohr When you have to wear a ribbon or a button to be "one of the group", it's pathetic. I would be willing to bet that many of those who donned the ribbons had to be TOLD what the ribbon represented. Beyond that, the young'ins probably don't know much ...
Stephen Smith Wasn't wondering, because I wasn't watching. Use to like award shows (Oscars, Emmys, Tony's, etc.) because I like entertainment. But, the award shows are no longer about entertainment, and now Stephen Colbert has even asked me not to watch.
Diane Baker I did not know about the blue ribbons, because we did not watch the award shows. The Emmys were bound to be a hate filled liberal Trump bashing fest. We hear and see this sort of thing on a daily basis from the media, newspapers and on Facebook. Who ...
Gail Gaston They could have been naked with a blue hair ribbon and I still would not have seen them....Don't watch... Quit a LONG time ago

I bet you can guess who's on top.

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Wayne Louis Hennie Mike West.. did you see this.. I can't believe it.. (seriously). !!
Jan Olgren If you're NOT the most hated team in the NFL, then you're not trying hard enough.
James Turneau Envious haters. I'd like to know when we became a nation that despises winners......?
Scott Gibbs momma s don't let your baby s grow up to be cowboys lol

But calling him a white supremacist was apparently just fine. Dolts.

Media Freaking Out Over What Trump Just Did To ESPN
Media Freaking Out Over What Trump Just Did To ESPN

"... attempting to bully and threaten ..."

790 reactions 261 comments
Stephen Atkinson All these radicals with their latest label du jour. I guess the shock value of calling Trump supporters Nazis has all been depleted so now they'll use the supremacist label for ratings. Their running out of shocking labels though folks. Ignore their ...
Sheron Evans Someone really needs to educate her. I would hate to find out that the party that are really the racists is the one I have been supporting all along and that I have been bullwinked into believing a lie about Pres. Trump and been out there making a fool ...
Sue White With people like her, if your white, you are in fact a white supremacist. This is a no win situation. Obama hid so many things and lied about so many more. What a list. But, because he was black, it didn't matter. Amazing the good Trump could do, if ...
Kenny Walker uneducated lying savage overpaid racist who have proven their racism and still cant produce any proof of trumps after almost a yr in office,in fact theres proof everywhere of his helping the inner city youths,black colleges and black groups even before ...
Linda Rusonis Hope she loses her job, shouldn't mix politics with personal political opinion, not to mention letting everyone know what a little black racist she is....keep feeding the fire idiot

If you understand what Kaepernick is really saying, you know his message is far worse than his method of protest. Let's break it down.

Enough with the nonsense that Kaepernick
Enough with the nonsense that Kaepernick's cause is worthy and it's just his method of protesting that's offensive

His cause is not worthy. He is slandering America's police officers as racist thugs, and accusing the rest of the country of accepting this. None of it is true. Start. Link. Gilbert sat be

896 reactions 114 comments
Gary Cheatham A bunch of multi-millionaires that live in white neighborhoods are complaining about discrimination!!!!! Where else could they come from nothing and make that kind of money?
Fara Worn-Lobertini NOOOOOO!!! We are all sick to death of this dude..stop it already..he has got what he wanted...just because it didn't turn out the way he planned doesn't mean we want to keep hearing about it!!! Make him go away!!
Sarah Beth Jarrett I personally think it's perfect karma that no NFL team wants that guy. I hope he never gets to play in the NFL again.
Joan Vesperman Why does he play football we don't need some arrogentwho is he setting an account example for hopefully not young kids
Wendy Jensen Even his mother disapproves of his traitor behavior. Nobody is keeping anyone captive here....everyone is free to leave any time.

Stunning in a good way.

3.2k reactions 41 comments
Dayne W Scott he's a cult leader
Owen Armstrong Nice. But stunning?
Shirley Raymond Henderson Nice!!
Barbara Rouzier Inspirational
Ruth O'Steen How nice.

Hillary goes on CNN and takes full responsibility for her loss. Just kidding!

639 reactions 70 comments
Rodney Boles Keep going Hillary, Democrats will lose everything.
Dave Flick Please keep beating that drum, you sea hag. It's nothing more than a rallying cry for more deplorables.
Cliff Veazie I guess her time away was recovering from another face lift. Keep it up and maybe you will look just like Pelosi.
Tommy Swindle That woman 👆is a danger to our country. You think we're Deplorable? We're not. Those who still believe in the Constitution and the Rule of Law, are the only reasons a lawless liar like Hillary Clinton isn't president. If you truly love this country and ...
Amanda Bellum She's only crying because her rig didn't work. BTW Hillary we already experienced that in 2012 but it won't happen again!

Good for you Bernie, stick to your independent guns. Oh, and do us a favor, run for President as an independent in 2020, too. Please and thank you. VIDEOS

'Democratic Party not working': Bernie won't run as a Dem in 2018 - rips Hillary's claim that he didn't do enough to help her win

Hopefully in 2020, too. Earlier, Dan explained how Bernie's single-payer plan would nearly double the entire, already-unsustainable, federal budget. For anyone else, those numbers might be a si

1.3k reactions 120 comments
Lawrence Mills An idiot remains an idiot until that idiot calls that idiot an idiot. This scenario applies to these two idiots who really are idiots. What Happened!
Marie Ann seriously can't stand Bernie, however, there is plenty of videos to prove he helped Killery even after she stole the spot from him!!!!!
Phill Martin Cutting federal taxes will allow states the opportunity to comfortably raise theirs. States will benefit because they won't have to rely on federal funding for their operations. If a state want's to keep Obamacare it can, if states want socialize ...
Stephen Tenhet So Bernie wants everyone to be on medicare and Joey Biden wants a "universal" wage. Do Dems think we have a bunch of money trees?
Keith Espelien As we have more politicians that want to move to a European model, watch for the two major parties to both split into two...

I guess we should have seen this coming.

981 reactions 334 comments
Watson Roy Cadow Small minded people will criticize anything. I don't even think "Small Minded" is the term to use for these imbeciles. Here are a few choice terms to describe Frank's critics, and even President Trump's critics. narrow-minded, petty, mean-spirited, ...
Neta Rogers Ford How do these people know he wasn't paid & knows how to keep. Secrets unlike Hillary, also these negative ding bats apparently haven't heard of home schooling. Any no matter this between the enterprising young man, his parents & the white house. And ...
Nick Strange This is such garbage...How brainless can some of the American people be? Little Frank had his dream come true and a chance of a lifetime. I found his story/video heartwarming and that President Trump showed total admiration for Frank and his integrity.
William Michael Gose Self centered, "smarter than everyone else" Liberals would never dream of volunteering to do anything so inspiring.
Kim Villella Roberts People suck especially the so called "tolerant" group! They can't stand the fact that conservative parents are teaching their children how to be successful w/o the governtments help, it goes against everything they believe! I hope there are more parents ...

Give me all your money! I'm going to need it to take care of you!

And the price tag of Bernie
And the price tag of Bernie's single-payer bill would be . . . $3.2 trillion a year

That almost doubles the entire federal budget, but hey, the 1 percent probably have it sitting around under their couch cushions. The entire federal budget is just about $3.9 trillion. That's a

2.7k reactions 444 comments
Jack Anderson um... 3.2 Trillion is what we spend now... When taxed accordingly, everyone in the country would have healthcare with less out of pocket costs, I would sleep better at night knowing that we were caring for EVERYONE not just those that can afford it. I'd ...
Tammy Williams The USA spends more than 3.2 trillion a year for H&W, big pharma, etc. We are no longer the leader of modern medicine. We will NEVER gain better care as long as insurance companies and big pharma are in the government's pockets. Take your heads out of ...
Keith Edwards People say go with watered down Obamacare because... "Hey, the other side's talking about single payer!" Let them talk about it! I'd rather them try to shove it in the front door than sneak it in the back. It wakes more people up this way.
Linda Childs Brainless people wanted Bernie. The sad thing is he lives the high life that most of us working class will never come close to. He isn't on obamacare. He's a commie. He's another example of taking over our democracy. Our freedoms are being limited ...
Sorcha Anya Fox The PRICE would be 90% of Americans literally losing everything because no one but the superrich is budgeted to lose over HALF of their income off the top. Old Bern's price tag does not come from existing taxes...at ALL. THAT is his plan because poor ...

Jimmy didn't get what he wanted, but I think you'll love it.

889 reactions 33 comments
Judy Willis Williams I liked Sean Spicer!
JD Ricci kimmel really sucks
John Eberhart Jimmy Kimmel is scum.
Gail Casucci Kimmel is another punk.
Dean Majkrzak Kimmel is a waste of oxygen..

What causes people to act like this?

867 reactions 457 comments
Michael Stefik The kid could have called his mother before he cut it off. I think the principal should have called his mother to alert her but it looks like an opportunity for her to get something for nothing.
Stephen Tenhet And, everything has a price. No they should not have shaved him, yes they should have suspended him until he shaved... and HTH old is this "kid"?! I started shaving because my bootcamp DI told me my peach fuss repelled him... not in those words.
John Boulware Another example of breaking the rules and demanding to "gets paid." You hear people say that racism isn't something you're born with, it's something you're taught. That's exactly right, but the "teachers" aren't who they'd have you believe...
Martha Jean Johnson Money sings the time. Parents are poor role m models and raising crippled adults to be. Money hungry. Rules are not for her family because she is busy teaching her kids to be disruptive. Seems her son complied which speaks well for him. Too bad ...
William Maurice Gaxiola The person who has mental anguish is the mother. The school was affording the student with a beard to go home and shave it off because they have a dress code in this case a grooming code that says no facial hair. It's too bad the parents never took the ...

You can't fix stupid! And especially in this case, it gets what it deserves.

2.5k reactions 79 comments
David Petri My fathr took me there in the 1960's, along with Kennedy's memorial.
Joyce Miller Butler you are respectful at all times while there.....and that is how it should always be....respectful dignity ....
Armando Muñoz If he could have released just one bullet it would have been worth it all to the true Americans.
Steve Shore The best of the very best.
Bruce Wayno Wonder what would happen if the antifa fools wanted to deface this monument ? Ha ha ha -

That simple, huh?

Man Grabs Plywood, Solves 4,000-Year-Old Stonehenge Mystery
Man Grabs Plywood, Solves 4,000-Year-Old Stonehenge Mystery

One man dared to solve the mystery of Stonehenge... how he did it is absolutely awe-inspiring.

547 reactions 35 comments
Karen Cerveny Kohler This man is the father of my classmate, Stephanie Wallington Dickens.
Katie Ralston Mary Kathryn Ralston this is really cool.
Joe Blake Wow
James Nicewander How did they cut the stones???????????
Bill DeLapp Wow! Interesting read.

Maybe they should have thought of that in the first place.

After Encouraging Kneelers, NFL Just Got Hit With Worst News Yet
After Encouraging Kneelers, NFL Just Got Hit With Worst News Yet

It looks like fans are getting fed up...

2.7k reactions 309 comments
Don Gustafson Since the NFL is granted a tax exempt status by the Congress, maybe they should step up against the protesters, before they get more bad news, like the Congress changing their mind, and the NFL having to pay taxes on all of the money they make.
John Blakely I could see this coming for a while. Grown men playing kids games and being paid like royalty get the wrong impression that they are smart and people will follow their antics. Same with Hollywood actors. They have started to kill the goose that laid the ...
Keith Harvey Ticket prices will drop like rocks. Then the protesters might buy tickets to fill their seats Problem other tha NFL players prices will have to be really low, most people backing the protest don't work.
Rampage Richie Santos The Truth is the player's have switched to Muslim & thats why they really don't stand up .You can look it up ,that's what the N.F.L. is hiding
Ken Harrison Awesome, stop wasting time and money on the NFL. If we want to see change the Owners have to lose revenue . Then all the crap stops

With the bases loaded? Come on.

422 reactions 152 comments
Clyde Sigmon If it is intentional, forfeit the entire season with no further paychecks and a 100 million dollar fine for the Owner.
Dee DAngelo It's stems from Cabrera's convicted use of PEDs, allowing him to still play while the rest of the team doesn't care! Absolutely intentional!
Jeff Brink Herman, The catcher walking away from the injured ump... Seems heartless.. giving possible legitimacy to the debate.
Rich Masi They did. If it were an accident the catcher would have went to umps aid. He pretended to not know the ump was down but instead just walked to mound without consulting ump? Lol
Van U'Ren No MLB catcher is that bad, no matter what was expected. This would make me, if I were their coach, doubt the quality of this catcher or his abilities.

She can say any liberal garbage she wants and it will be fine with ESPN.

438 reactions 292 comments
Steve Bowley fine, keep it up. The MSM and their liberal friends will be devastated when America throws more dems out and hands the GOP an even bigger majority.
Trixie Lamb Kinniard I don't watch ESPN anymore. Used to be my source for sports news for yrs. Over this last year, I saw more 'other' topics than sports. A sports channel should talk sports.
Jr Jones Call out to all sponsers of ESPN all together. Never will I buy your products, there is always another choice.
Janice Lemley Johnson Give me a break. She is not sorry about anything she said. If anyone had said something like this about bo the libtards would have gone out of their minds. Karma will come back on her one day.
Gene Brown And that is why ESPN sucks and their ratings are in the tank. We're tired of politics on a frigging supposed sports network. Can't wait for them to go away.

What do you think we would see if the ocean coughed up all its secrets?

173 reactions 46 comments
Cathy Yanez Stewart Maybe we are not meant to know.
Del Volpi Maxine Deep Waters?
Jerid Cozart Ugh can't post the picture
Laurie Lovell We'd finally find Nessie.
Peter Cooke Jimmy Hoffa?

I don't think they mean his tie.

332 reactions 302 comments
Dana Bishop He's talking to a black guy while wearing a *gasp!!* white cotton shirt! It's WHITE and made of COTTON! Total proof of racism! Someone alert BLM and Maxine Waters! This will get Trump impeached for SURE now! ;)
Glen Miller Who gives a crap what he's wearing.If the media would pay more attention to what is going on. Than what he wears.they got on his wife for wearing high heel shoes to go to Texas.She change to tennis shoes before they got there.The Media need to pay ...
Susan DiPaula Golden My goodness, dont people have anything better to do - like go to work , if you dont have a job, go get one. And if you are media, you have no room to talk about anyone in this world.
Deanna Curtis maybe his underwear don't match either. Maybe you should stick your head up his butt and check it out. This is so sickening. If I was 12 years old I couldn't act this immature if I tried.
Cindy Neer Mallinak It doesn't matter what he wears or does, as long as he is still breathing , Liberal jerks will find something to hate. We are laughing at them trying one accusation after another against him and guess what...? HE'S STILL the President!! Get over ...

Does someone need to give the Speaker a copy of The Art of the Deal?

Speaker Ryan, think big on corporate tax reform
Speaker Ryan, think big on corporate tax reform

This is no time to be timid. I’ve always liked Paul Ryan and I still do. Way before he was Speaker of the House, he was one of the House’s leading thinkers on how to deal with federal s

546 reactions 236 comments
Jocelyn Pearson When he was asked to be Speaker he said he would do it if he didn't have to work weekends...must be nice...
Christine Clark I think Paul Ryan gets set in his thoughts and doesn't like to budge away from them ever. I think he thinks his ideas are the only way. Narrow thinker. :(
Charles Boyd He is a slithering snake in the grass. Another corrupt career politician who needs to be gone next election.
Jo Lavigne This RINO Ryan has to go folks! Him, McCain and other radical Republicans. No loyalty and support for the President, strip everyone of them of their undeserving job!
George Lyda I still think he should be in charge of the fries 🍟 at a local McDonald's, he could 'probably' handle that must responsibility.

Uh, not quite, Nancy . . .

287 reactions 94 comments
Karla Charette Do these DNC useless hacks ever tell the truth, or is it that they only hear what they want to hear?
Jeff Young If Dems lips are moving, they're lying.
Doug English LIBERALISM is a DISEASE!!! They finally have a sit down one on one with the President and the first thing they do is "LIE". That pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the Democrat Party!!! They do not care about the American people ...
Bill McDonald I think Pelosi's the biggest "DREAMER"!!! Typical Democrat... give'm an inch and they'll take a mile!
LaVon Walker "old people" have MEMORY PROBLEMS - (she probably didn't remember a word he said by the time she got out of the room)

Worst news liberals could ever get.

320 reactions 46 comments
Diana Marie Pleased to hear!!! ❤️
Dan Bernethy Liberals are disgusting people!
Harold Jackson Still standing somebody has a plan for this country and I know who it is
Dale Wilkins Silly rabbit Satan controls the earth
Fe Rose Marie Hass hey liberals where are you,😂 Irma spare trumps mansion.

Who's going to tell him?

596 reactions 472 comments
Mike Kridner Something that many democrats, liberal progressives and establishment politicians don't understand (and never will). Is that their socialistic vision for our Republic is not, and never will be compatible with the rest of us. It will definitely get ...
Lisa Cates Is this even legal? Private citizens aren't allowed to interact with foreign politicians in certain ways.
Joyce Keasler Hartson No thanks. We had enough of your change in the 8 yrs. Please stay home, sit down and shut the heck up. Your change brought about racial strife we're still suffering which has lead to police murdered, statues brought down. Go away.
David Kalita Home town? I thought he "said" he was born in Hawaii? Since when is Chicago in a different state ? Maybe they're really going to have the meeting in Africa.
Diane Schwar Ibama must think he is still the president. I giot news for him and his little lambs. You are not the president. How about improving the life of people in Kenya.

"We're going for a ride."

538 reactions 105 comments
Lena Cornell The woman is insane and the stupids still flock to her!....🤔🤔😂
Wanda Waller Wouldn't expect anything else from her. What a witch.
Robert Perez “Amid wild applause, Clinton made her way up to a raised platform, and then . . . she sat down and started signing. No hello to the crowd, no thanks for the hours of waiting — let alone decades of support — no apology for or acknowledgment of being an ...
Timothy Farner “This is all you’re getting,” Didn't I see this on one of her campaign bumper stickers?

This is how you handle it.

1.6k reactions 77 comments
Charles DEon In the people's republic of Massachusetts he would've been arrested for attempted murder
Carol Allen Bulmer Love this guy! Grandpa ain't got time for this nonsense! Men of this generation DO NOT PLAY!
Jane Leader Ripps Americans have rights to protect their homes and families.
Dennis Schleis our seniors are some of the best...
B C Good job why didn't the cops do that show them how's it's done papa

Space birds?

2.1k reactions 374 comments
Damon Landschoot Everyone should know this. If you dont, you should have dropped out of school in the 6th grade because you just wasted your time.
Steve Lawrence It was an experiment. Was Galileo correct? Without air, would A feather fall at the same rate as a cannon ball? A rock was used to replace the cannon ball.
Kevin Zadeh It's aliens man. They want to take over the earth, turn us into pigeons and cook us in a stew. Also, Trump is a racist and enslaves little boys.. pretty much sums up the news cycle for this week.
Kenneth Mack I just knew this would happen. They discovered alien life on the moon (angels) and the first thing man did was mule it, except for one lone wing feather
James Burris What happened was the moment that thing was launched it hit a bird and when it landed on the planet one of the feathers that was lodged in one of the crevices decided to fall on the surface...or something like that...
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