Herman Cain
20:13 05/18/2017

Can't beat cops.

Cop-Hating Waitress Gets Special Tip on Receipt From Group of Police

Cop-Hating Waitress Gets Special Tip on Receipt From Group of Police

Cop-hating didn't end well for this waitress...

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Nancy Pienkosky
Two cents
Martendelon Amore
She must be Liberal, Obamas team.
Robert Xavier Rios
Post was deleted
Norma Jean Ulrich
Would not have left her a cent!
Richard McElwain
Cops do have more education so...
Joshua Earl Heath
A $5.00 tip isn't bad, it's 15%, pretty standard.
Charlene Luedtke
That's the best tip I've heard all day!
Jon Applegate
Did anyone notice that Officer Daniels is a comedian. That is from his Facebook page.
Pam Glass
If nothing else, RESPECT.
Pavol Smolinsky
I would give her zero. Cops were too generous.
John Adams
Yes people that hate cops should be taught to go ride along with cops three months and see how they are treated by the people.
Alice Noel
Everyone is apparently less of a c**t than Ms. Gray who I hope never needs help from a peace officer in her lifetime.
LaVon Walker
do not frequent anyplace that is "rude or obnoxious" - no $$ for food will eliminate the business that hires or promotes "rude"!
Amy Quiggins
should have given nothing$ 0.00 stiff the dumb but clown
Don Oliver
I would have left nothing. Or a note saying call someone else if you need a cop.

Other newsfeed from Herman Cain

Fauxcahontas, you have been faced.

1.5k reactions 102 comments
Christopher Blane And Hermie was giving colonoscopies to a woman he wasn't married to and wasn't a Dr of. What say you...pizza boy?
Donna Fuller "Old Poca" needs to stop flappin' her yapper constantly. Her wide-eyed, over-the-top nonsense is getting more tiresome by the day.
Beth N Marty Jackson They should be offended and sue her in to the poor house or bankruptcy
Monica Hillier Harris 23andMe was very accurate for me to the nth% Iberian that proved out in genealogical​ research later on. I was stunned. Take the test Ms Warren. Get real.
Frank L Miller Ok, is it an actual Native American or an Asian (Indian)? The title and opening paragraph contradict either other.

Well done, young people! Hopefully America's future is in the hands of more like them.

3 Teenage Girls Set Internet Ablaze With Groundbreaking Invention. Could Save Lives Across Globe
3 Teenage Girls Set Internet Ablaze With Groundbreaking Invention. Could Save Lives Across Globe

...could be administered on the spot, and with little fanfare.

1.4k reactions 49 comments
Jennie Creighton Brilliant idea girls!!!!!
Richard Valles Truly, very impressive!
MG Manes Awesome idea!! Way to go ladies.
Mac McLaughlin Great idea
Lorie Lloyd Williams Awesome 👏

It's hard to maintain these idiotic narratives when reality intervenes as it did here.

After Manchester Bombing, New Poll Destroys Media Lies About Trump
After Manchester Bombing, New Poll Destroys Media Lies About Trump

Mad news for the mainstream media... again.

584 reactions 25 comments
John Wunner WATCH OAN, ONE AMERICA American News
Jinny Shulenberger Exactly
Tom Maher Exactly
Danny Bernal #CNNFakeNews

Tough way to learn a lesson. But she's not the enemy.

Ariana Grande 2014 Quote Is Now Something She Wished Wasn
Ariana Grande 2014 Quote Is Now Something She Wished Wasn't Said

She's got to wish she'd never said this now...

1.1k reactions 335 comments
Michelle ComesLast She is, she's part of the problem. Unless she does An about face (not likely) she is the enemy. She hates my country. She has yet to denounce the Islamic terrorist who did this. She still thinks it's the religion of peace. Tell me again she isn't ...
Cindy Callaway Man oh man-- I am very conservative but I like to hope for good born of evil. Who knows what she will do next? Maybe after this she will be a powerful emissary for good, not the clueless twit she has been. It's possible. Young people can be idiots.
Renee Tellez Although I don't blame her for what happend, I still don't like the fact that she commented on hating America ! Grande was for Muslim refugees I hope that she has an appreciation for America. Now that she has become a witness to these ugly losers! ...
Megan Stoner Whoa, ok... why would any sane being say that? I mean, come on... that's indicative of other issues that Ms. Grande has. Alas, you could blame it on media hounding, fame/money, or just being young and stupid.., regardless, I think we should all of be ...
David S Zambron That is the problem with liberals, they don't understand until it happens to them or close to them. Then it is very sobering. Miss Grande didn't kill her fans and her remarks didn't either. But I bet the event has changed her stance on security of ...

Why yes, Bowl Cut Jr., you WILL be made to regret doing stuff like this.

Unidentified Object Came From NK, SK Troops Unleash Hell
Unidentified Object Came From NK, SK Troops Unleash Hell

They take any threat against their country seriously...

902 reactions 46 comments
Todd Failor Bug... squash.... problem solved!
Jamie Dale 90 machine gun rounds? Ooooooh that'll show em
Katherine Olivo Ummmm wait until my hubby gets home please
Michael White No hashtags?
Mike Raab More like unleashed heck . .. Maybe even darn

Oh for crying out loud. Really? You call THIS a shove?

3.7k reactions 1339 comments
Kay Noell Absolutely ridiculous! He can't do anything right to the media and these liberals who find fault with him. Probably can't eat or go to the bathroom right either.
Bev Mcb Looks like a situation similar to any one of us at some time in a crowd. Trump was about to step on the gentleman's heel in front of him. You see him grimace, like 'oops'.
Michael Swift the libtards have nothing left so now they're just acting like childish tattle tales. we're witnessing the final death throes of the left as they become genetic mutations of subhuman slime.
Janet Lee People really do need to lighten up. Those who still believe Hillary can become President, either need to get meds or need them adjusted. You had 8 years of "over the rainbow" now it's time for a reality check.
Jane Sohn If you look at the clip frame per frame, the prime minister is looking in the opposite direction when it appears President Trump grabs his arm (not pushes or shoves) and the prime Minister voluntarily turned and stepped out of the way, both smiling as ...

He's not going to a Friday fish fry in case that was your guess.

Trumps Goes To Meet The Pope, But What He
Trumps Goes To Meet The Pope, But What He's Planning Right After Has Slipped By Everyone

"... the need for people of all religions to come together ..."

90 reactions 9 comments
Robin Brant Mallory But will the supplies actually get to these people?
Roxie Davis If these countries are hotbeds of terrorists.....
Neiland ChristaWebb Carver Hey Pope TEAR DOWN YOUR WALL!
Alan Dunn NOOO...... all religions do NOT need to come together .....the BIBLE says , " Can two walk together except they be agreed." ........
Jerry Wayne The Bible does not say anything about a Pope.....just saying

Of course he got bashed for it, but we're used to that. This was a very meaningful thing.

Look: What Trump Leaves Behind At Holocaust Museum Sparks Instant Controversy
Look: What Trump Leaves Behind At Holocaust Museum Sparks Instant Controversy

“He touched all the essential elements that should be touched."

178 reactions 33 comments
Dave Burton LoL. . .https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UaS633dA6Kc
Ty Brown a penny?
Gary Cipollone He thought he was signing a HS yearbook
D Snoopyrules Norrod God Bless the P.O.T.U.S. :)
Babette Gillet Bean Brevity is the sign of a good writer and sincerity.

Merely supporting Israel is a bombshell after the past eight years. But this . . .

320 reactions 25 comments
Michael Martinez israel israel wank wank.
Dave Burton TRUMP IS AN IDIOT.... .. . https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UaS633dA6Kc
Mary Flanders True
Gary Cipollone Shucky Ducky and his bombshells. Ducky please
Tommy DeCuollo (Y)

Ben Carson worked his way out of poverty. He decided to explain to others how to do it. That sent the left into a total meltdown that was really something. We've got the lowlights:

Ben Carson correctly explains how a mindset keeps people in poverty; left predictably goes bananas
Ben Carson correctly explains how a mindset keeps people in poverty; left predictably goes bananas

Because if you have power to change your situation, then you don't need to rely on them.

13.7k reactions 565 comments
Joan Seymour This is so true... My mother raised four children when my father was killed when I was three... No welfare an no food stamps.. We made good with what we had. I was taught to count my blessings an not expect someone else to care for us.. Always be ...
Steven Windes I'm liking secretary Ben Carson more and more. He speaks with so much common sense. It's not your fault if you're born poor, but if you die poor it is your fault. God bless you Secretary
Cathy Graham Phillips I really wish the republicans had taken care of Herman instead of stomping him down. He would have been the best president to unite this country and would have run it with dignity. And he could easily have beaten obama to do it.
George Frost During his campaign, one of the most gifted surgeons in the country made some statements that made me doubt him as a rational thinker. Overall I do get what he's getting at, but I still feel that we can help produce an environment conducive for upward ...
Sean Paul Campanella Thank You for the pep talk sir, but have u given any real consideration on rebuilding americas deteriorated infrastructure? As a licensed contractor I'd hope urban development would combine the opportunity of bringing together disenfranchised people ...

Curioser and curioser . . .

Breaking: Top Repub Speaks To James Comey, Makes Sudden Cancellation
Breaking: Top Repub Speaks To James Comey, Makes Sudden Cancellation

"Now, we’re asking the hard questions, we want to see the documents..."

307 reactions 64 comments
Charlene Russell-Dunbar Does it matter? Really? Nothing happens. It's all talk talk talk and no action. My corrupt government makes me sick!
Curt Howard Because he has no evidence. No facts. Just his personal feelings. Where's the evidence?
Skipp Crider The FBI has videos of Comey on Epstein's island acting out his Howdy Doody fantasies on Prince Andrew and little boys. I've heard this twice now. Lookup "Dr. of Common Sense Howdy Doody" on YouTube. He said his FBI source let him see the part with ...
Alice Noel After agreeing to testify ONLY in public hearing - NOW he wants to speak with special counsel beforehand. Why? His mentor and long time friend (special counsel) needs to prep him on what to say and what to leave out?
Alan Bullard There's collusion alright, amongst the "investigators"

Gee...was Trump running against anyone with a long history of hiring Private Investigators to muscle her opponents? I can't remember.

2.3k reactions 58 comments
Richa Ma Like to see him on the show worst prisons. Let him have the full throttle Mr P
Lynda Lund Now we know Hillary is above board...so who could have hired this guy? 😉
Phyllis Vance Will, if I was that PI, I would be lawyering up to pass this on to the person who hired me.
Joyce Miller Butler the Dems just keep committing crimes and getting away with it
Julie Naquin Breaking News : You could be one that was unmasked by the FBI http://circa.com/politics/declassified-memos-show-fbi-illegally-shared-spy-data-on-americans-with-private-parties

We're not going to defend it just because he's a Republican and the guy was a journalist. Facts are facts and wrong is wrong.

964 reactions 374 comments
Marlys Nenow Comments are concerning, sounds like Fox reporters observations were accurate, Mr. G is going to have to answer reporters in DC. Is he in favor of the slaughter of 90,000 plus wild horses/burros the Dept. of Interior/BLM have mismanaged, rounded up ...
Brenda Felton Doman My opinion is people of the press try to get this kind of reactions so they can blasted all over the media. They want to show Republicans and conservatives in a bad light. I personally don't know how I would've handled this myself. But I do believe ...
Erma Santistevan People in general are so tired of the continued lies of the media, their arrogance in reporting and the lack of their accountability. They continue to bash the current administration and continue with the Russia narrative. People are pushed to behave in ...
Sylvia Patricia One of the eye witnesses story is already changing. I say good for the candidate, the reporter was trespassing and disturbing the peace. I respect that this candidate is not going to put up with this crap.
Angie Marston If you are going to be a politician you've got to learn to take it. Keep your anger in check or you are no better than extremist democrats and snowflakes that use riots and other means to get their point across. I think ignoring journalists irritates ...

He was the Dems' most recent "great white hope." Unfortunately, he's not good enough, not smart enough, and (outside of a small enclave in Minnesota) people don't like him.

1.9k reactions 303 comments
Jan Sonniksen Democrats obviously think being POTUS is a SNL stint. They are not a bright group of people.
Susan Mc Farland Gollnick He is an idiot!! Didn't Minnesota also elect Jesse Ventura??
Doug Schneider I used to live there. The only thing he needs to run with are the bulls in Spain...and I hope he runs slowly!
Robert P. Weber He's as dumb as they come. First Ventura now him Minnesota must put something in their water.
Gloria Watson He's a moron who should never have been elected......but that's up to the sad people in Minnesota..........

"Surely," you think, "someone as seasoned as Nancy Pelosi wouldn't be approving of such behavior." Yeah, about that . . .

1.2k reactions 241 comments
Suzanne Drew The hypocrisy of the left is astounding.
B.E. Stanton "You have to go along to get along. These are Democrat values. The only way to go is our way, or you will be cast away. We set the tone and the pace. If you don't like it, then you will be shamed and disgraced." ~ Anonymous Political Operative for ...
Louis Bailey Miss catholic in name only!! Miss pro-abortion anti-Catholic!! Remember when Pope Francis was here in the U.S. for his papal visit and she made a complete fool of herself by hovering all over the Pope kissing up to him??!!
Mikele Williams Certainly not hoping for any attack but California needs a real eye opening experience. They just don't get the dangers that we are facing.
Richard Huddleston Welcome to Ca. That's just the way liberals roll these days! I just don't understand how they believe this is going to help them in the mid term and the next presidential election. If that was my political party I would not only be embarrassed but ...

Here's what you don't know about the CBO and its ominous "score" of the AHCA.

Often-wrong CBO has another disaster prediction about AHCA
Often-wrong CBO has another disaster prediction about AHCA

Because only government can provide what you need.

385 reactions 51 comments
Gary Cipollone Shucky Ducky is trying to help his party scam America by getting you to ignore the CBO with this misleading propaganda
Harry Cardin If the accountants I worked with were wrong as many times the CBO is they would have fired!!!
Jeff Gannon Isn't this the same group that said ObamaCare would drive down costs?
Robert Smith these the same dip-shiznits who scored obama care neutral?
Linda Benes Who inhell believes the cob? They are mostly always wrong...lol

President of the world in his mind.

1.7k reactions 430 comments
Joyce Miller Butler an egomaniac , narcissist and sociopath fit Obama quite well...he seems think his so called shadow government is a reality...but it is not we have one elected president that is Mr. Trump...Obama wants to be a dictator of a globalized world and he was ...
Alain Ortiz Same as Castro, Chavez, etc. It's the agenda of big government with world wide domination. He should be arrested and tried for treason
Jim Buzzell Was Obama our first illegal alien president? Who is Obama, does anyone other than his dead mother and grandmother really know for certain? Why did his handlers need to photo shop his BC? Was Obama registered Occidental, Columbia and Harvard as a ...
Lois Braman He is the absolute worst President we have ever had. Notice no media coverage on him spying on Americans. He has violated the constitution numerous times . Disgusting!!!!
Brenda McNamara Claps I don't trust him, he's up to something and it's not good

At some point you have to do more than just talk about supporting someone.

3.0k reactions 84 comments
Edward Brock Two unqualified men who rode their celebrity and ego's to the whitehouse. That's the biggest comparison.
Magan Zani Bet you won't hear this on the news anywhere. Such a shame the media won't report the truth
Joyce Miller Butler Mr. Trump talks the talk but also does the walk....not the average politician now is he?
Kenny Walker https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2017/05/12/caught-stealing-from-her-own-charity-demorat-corrine-brown-guilty-on-fraud-tax-evasion-charges/
Carlos Quintas What have you got to loose,with so much problems in the Nation he did not forget the black community great man.

Wow. This could be an important piece of the puzzle.

4.5k reactions 137 comments
Norma Parrish God bless both of you and many others who helped! Thank You, AMEN
Kimberly Kay Foscaldo Never judge someone by their circumstances or appearance.. their true colors/self comes from the inside.. xoxo 💜
Eva Jeannette Rowings Joe Franklin. --two homeless men were there to sleep but helped the hurting people---read the entire story
Jamie Ruth What's deplorable is the fact that THAT guy is homeless, yet... Gotta take the refugees!
Cathy Slater One of many awesome people in life. Someone give them a place to live and a job.

Was this whole thing just misdirection?

While the World Was Distracted By Manchester, ISIS Made Big Move
While the World Was Distracted By Manchester, ISIS Made Big Move

This was a brazen decision by the jihadists...

1.0k reactions 48 comments
Katherine Baldridge Karen, any word from Michael Reyes?
Scott Neil Foster Wow !!!
Carole Mullen It's all a distraction
Cyndi Marie They have got to be stopped!
Nancy Bates Seems likely

Do these people really think it's a good idea to mess with us like this? Do they think Obama is still president?

New Huge Player Buzzed US Plane... Not Russia
New Huge Player Buzzed US Plane... Not Russia

This could get serious VERY fast...

681 reactions 45 comments
Mark Woods One Raptor could have taken them both out.
Linda Anderson Redding Calif has flight school here for Chinese pilots
Lyndol S Redwine The dragon and the bear takes out the eagle. I just hope it's not happening yet
Ronald Duehring Don't play with the end fools!!!! Ron God has this relax!!!!
Dawn Scott Murphy Nah, they just don't want to be left out of the headlines.........it's all crazy.

I wouldn't trust Assange as far as I could throw him, but we'll keep an eye on this and see what he's actually got.

883 reactions 188 comments
Robert Brescia I just don't understand the cat and mouse game . We all ready know why he was killed hello . No wallet stolen? Really let's either bring it all out and prosecute the people responsible . Let's stop protecting these criminals . If there is no evidence ...
Corey Railey So because he isn't on anyone's side you wouldn't trust him? So far everything thing he has reported on and released publicly he has been 100% correct. I can name one politician that has done that ever. Get over yourself and get with the people instead ...
Steve Brown have you known assange to lie about something? i don't know if kim dotcom has an agenda or not, but i sure as hell know bauman does
Judith Redman Kirk Not a bit surprised. ...One thing about Assange is he is always armed will solid detailed info and proof when he decides to surface and straighten out a hyper media in hysterics madness with fact..
David Mathews I have a lot more confidence in his trustworthiness than I do the trustworthiness of our politicians. What reason do you have to doubt him?

You don't apologize when you didn't do anything wrong, no matter what the media says.

Right After Leaving Saudi Arabia, Tillerson Makes Surprise Move Aboard Air Force One
Right After Leaving Saudi Arabia, Tillerson Makes Surprise Move Aboard Air Force One

“To the extent the Israelis have any questions, or clarification, I’m sure we’re happy to provide that."

527 reactions 13 comments
American Insanity: The Genocide of Reality Somebody needs to get this story straight. ISIS using laptop bombs was reported in the media a month before Trump supposedly mentioned it to the Russians or anyone else. This is such a non-story that needs a non-apology. In fact, it's the media that ...
Ronald Richardson I like this real man!
Jill Hubert I like this man...period
Pat Williams Always looking for something to complain about
Thomas Wulf Don't you see, Democrats have no idea how to win a real WAR

Johnny Enlow is an Atlanta pastor, and this morning He heard something about Donald J. Trump and the fate of this nation. Something from God. Yes. Really. You will want to read this.

God tells Johnny Enlow:
God tells Johnny Enlow: 'I am neither Republican nor Democrat,' and Trump will be fine because I know what I'm doing

"I chose Trump for purposes you must yet be patient to watch for." Well now Dan's lost it, you're thinking. He thinks he can quote God himself. Actually it's Johnny Enlow w

14.1k reactions 836 comments
Jacki Dreas Is his seven mountain renassaince the same as the seven mountain dominionism which is a false teaching? If it is, I wouldn't believe what he has to say but...I do believe God is using President Trump and He has a plan...a very good plan...already in ...
Sharon Benjamin Herman Cain, I do believe Trump presidency is God ordained but I do not believe in dominion theology or their eschatology. Very unbiblical. No where in the Bible does it say Christians will bring about Christ's kingdom on earth. Don't listen to Lance ...
Elizabeth Tanquiamco Green Yes, God choose the person , he see in his heart that President Trump is genuine, and has a big heart and also to put back to God whats happening in our country thats in a big mess and also he see in his heart that he will try to promote PEACE ...
Leisina Jefferson The Almighty God sees all things and knows all things. Have no fear the battle of good and evil belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ who is the Captain of the Host.The Almighty God is looking down from His Holy habitation shifting and sifting everything ...
Judy Leslie Should we listen to every man or woman who says they have heard from God? If we did, we would have headed for the caves with those who said the world was going to end on a particular day. I have heard pastors prophesy from the pulpit and the events did ...

Alternate headline: Stuff foreign leaders say that won't be reported on CNN and MSNBC.

1.3k reactions 27 comments
Dan Bruce It's call respect.
Eric Peter That's why America voted for him.
James Jasaki Trump's obsession with dictators is disturbing
Monty Smith Add these words to it HE IS UTTERLY FEARLESS.
John Henke So do we have a pic of those shoes ? Lol

If he's so good at being a prisoner, why change a thing?

Just In: Parole Board Makes Sudden OJ Simpson Announcement
Just In: Parole Board Makes Sudden OJ Simpson Announcement

"...by all accounts a model prisoner."

599 reactions 134 comments
Drew Galas You're still gonna have to stand before God for murdering Nicole
Jordan Randal Cunningham I know, right? Maybe you should get a room with him. Y'know, for flashing employees.
Tania Sanabria Gallman If he gets out it won't last long. He can't keep his nose clean.
Ron Pursel I just want to be able to say "the juice is loose!" again.
Molly Ahumada Well, hopefully if released, he is struck by lightening, a car or his next girlfriend while he sleeps!

FAKE NEWS ALERT: This is all over the media this morning, and they've got it totally wrong. We explain:

No, Trump
No, Trump's budget does not contain a $2 trillion 'math error'

The media fools telling you that simply don't know how the tax code works. Or they're just lying.

4.0k reactions 183 comments
Stan Randall Is there an omission in the budget regarding the promised rebuilding of our military? It has been reported that this may have been left out?
Joyce Miller Butler it is early days ..it will sort ii's self out....but the biased MSM never intends to make things easy.....for anyone....and then there are those pesky Democratic liberal lunatics and the off the wall RHINOS and then there is cranky John McCain an his ...
Brian Tomaltach Patton-Laughlin Just pass the bill please. The only math that needs to be known is that republicans control both the Senate and House and there's no excuse for not passing anything. Herman, it should be rocketed through.
Eve Nyitray Sherrer The Lrft has no integrity and if it wasn't for 'poor' and 'low' they would have no character at all. They can't all be this stupid, but they can all be this evil, knowingly publishing lies and lying on camera just to keep their jobs? Payday will come ...

We like Gowdy as much as the next guy, but we have some thoughts...

3.3k reactions 209 comments
Patrice Sinatra-Fruscione I hope it will be different and he will get down to brass tacks and do what needs to be done for the American people who want law and order restored and to prove that no one is above the law!!!!
Annette Morgan Repectfully Mr. Cain, No hearing we've ever followed on C-Span over the years has appeared to have a result no matter who is on the committees. That aside, we love Gowdy!
Theresa Ferrara Praying he will finally get to and finish these claims. Want to BRAVO, Mr . Cain, saw you on Out Numbered today,you were amazing,so smart,funny and right on. So glad to hear President Trump is getting a lawyer and a group together to handle all the ...
Brandon Boone Im all for it if anyone makes strides it gowdy comapare him agianst the other senators in even the john brennan hearing yesterday only one to ask hard hittimg questions only one to get anything worth merrit out of brennan
Lillie Davis I totally agree he never gets anything done. He's all bark and no bite. I once had respect for Gowdy but when he defended Comey I lost all respect for him. He's not a full fledged republican. He could be dangerous for the Republican Party.

OK, he's not wearing Birkenstocks. But the man follows the law, not a party line. That's why we like him.

Breaking: Clarence Thomas Switches Sides
Breaking: Clarence Thomas Switches Sides

“A precedent of this Court should not be treated like..."

1.8k reactions 79 comments
LaVon Walker SCOTUS is not supposed to be political and vote "party lines" - they are to THINK and make decisions based on each individual case! 8 years of doing what the WH wanted has got to stop!
Richard Dikeman Great! Now apply that decision to the Maryland gerrymandered districts.
Jami Whitley He is such an incredible judge. We are so blessed to have his wisdom. 👍
Kathy Tobin Why is it that ONLY CONSERVATIVES follow the law. Liberals blindly stick together for their own good while republicans throw all under the bus
Jim Thompson Ginsberg needs to retire.........give her a bottle of Scotch and send her home.

Even a Red Sox fan has to appreciate this.

6.4k reactions 224 comments
Julie Braunschweig WTH? Seriously? May as well honor Bin Laden, free Manson, apologize to Bundy and celebrate Gary Ridgeway. The world truly is upside down! Go Yankees!
Roberto Tamayo Viverito is a dumb communist sympathizer. Why would she want a well known terrorist whom was pardon by an incompetent President to March in the Puerto Rican parade?. Is beyond my comprehension.
Ilia Salgado Manso As a Puerto Rican, I have never heard of this guy until now.. He is NOT a hero in my book for sure, and the majority of the people in the island do not back up this terrorist. I can tell you that socialists, liberals and anti-American backers represent ...
Frank Ray Rodriguez Go Yankees! Go Goya! Go JetBlue! and Go FDNY! Which is the next sponsor to leave? Who pledges not to support the puertorican day parade this year? I will not go to it and I won't watch it either. People who commit Terroism or who sponsor such acts ...
Peter Rios Puerto Rican born and bred, and I for one am glad they're losing support from sponsors. Viveritto thinks she speaks for all Boricuas, yet she's condescending to her own people if we don't agree with her. Screw her, Mayor Lurch, the pos terrorist, and ...
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