Herman Cain
20:13 05/18/2017

Can't beat cops.

Cop-Hating Waitress Gets Special Tip on Receipt From Group of Police

Cop-Hating Waitress Gets Special Tip on Receipt From Group of Police

Cop-hating didn't end well for this waitress...

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Nancy Pienkosky
Two cents
Martendelon Amore
She must be Liberal, Obamas team.
Robert Xavier Rios
Post was deleted
Norma Jean Ulrich
Would not have left her a cent!
Richard McElwain
Cops do have more education so...
Joshua Earl Heath
A $5.00 tip isn't bad, it's 15%, pretty standard.
Charlene Luedtke
That's the best tip I've heard all day!
Jon Applegate
Did anyone notice that Officer Daniels is a comedian. That is from his Facebook page.
Pam Glass
If nothing else, RESPECT.
Pavol Smolinsky
I would give her zero. Cops were too generous.
John Adams
Yes people that hate cops should be taught to go ride along with cops three months and see how they are treated by the people.
Alice Noel
Everyone is apparently less of a c**t than Ms. Gray who I hope never needs help from a peace officer in her lifetime.
LaVon Walker
do not frequent anyplace that is "rude or obnoxious" - no $$ for food will eliminate the business that hires or promotes "rude"!
Amy Quiggins
should have given nothing$ 0.00 stiff the dumb but clown
Don Oliver
I would have left nothing. Or a note saying call someone else if you need a cop.

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Are you kidding me?

1 reactions 39 comments
Joe Poe WOW !
Collette Myers Wow! See This!
S Elif Esposito It's all about the sport...
Thomas Wayne Jacobs Saved their lives...
Dorian Cain Good job guys 👍

Nothing that's not good news should really be shocking where this guy is concerned.

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Sandra Methonen Americans may not love him, but a lot of the Russian people do.
Ed Ambros All dictators say that no news
Jp Vilke Interesting...
Andrew Morrison What a schmuck!
Mary Eileen Gardner MEH...so this is a surprise?....

NFL scouts heading to this hospital as we speak.

747 reactions 186 comments
Vicky Shinnick Daniels With today's ability to predict a baby's birth weight, i dont understand how the doctor wouldnt have been aware of this before delivery.
Walter Montidoro that is stupid cause real nurses know how to weigh on other scales...not the first nor last fat baby...that is the point of the article...they just use other words to say baby be fat... ;-)
Jerry Diekhoff Not funny, this child may have major health issues in the future because of what this child's mother did not do to keep her weight under control.
Kristin Littleton Poor kid. I hope he doesn't have diabetes later in life.
Annette Gonzales He's soooo precious!!! 💙💙💙 He has a beautiful head of hair just like my babies all did. God bless him💕

You had one job, Republicans. You haven't done it yet. Do it.

1.3k reactions 250 comments
Vance Wood They will never replace it. The one great thing about Obama Care is the pre existing conditions clause. You can't take that away and the Insurance Companies can't live with it unless they charge more money. As long as the Prescription Companies are ...
Anne Lahrs Phillips They all act worse then little kids that don't get there way. If they do not step up and do something about health care and taxes no one will be voting Republican come next election so them having both houses and the White House will not be anymore.
Bobby Towe Sr. Mitch McConnell several years ago brought up the correct fix for health care, but no longer has the stomach or the gonads to do it, and that's price controls and regulation. The health care system its self is the root cause of problems with health ...
Steve Smith President Trump appointed an honest Supreme Court Justice. That was job #1. It would be nice if the dishonest partisan judges would be impeached for violating their oath of office to support and defend the Constitution.
Kevin Nichols They've had all those years to come up with something after Pelosi said vote for it to see it. They never wanted Trump to succeed and they don't like the idea of him being president so they're going to stall to make him look bad. They don't want him ...

Well. The rest of us have always thought you got away with murder.

497 reactions 323 comments
Mary L. Davis Oh but wait, trial is over, OJ gets away with murder, claims he will seek the person who did that horrible crime....stays on golf course, until he robs someone ..at gunpoint...
George Williams They twist their logic to suit the circumstance both before and after. In their own mind they always have a good reason why the do the things they do even if it's a lie. They have no conscious thus are very happy and outgoing!
Karen Stinson I have a different opinion. OJ took a gamble. The son did it. He covered. It was the sons glove. That would be their logic for statement "if it doesnt fit you must aquitt" In my opinion only...and yes he is still a poc. He is a domestic violent abuser. ...
Pamela Kramer I don't....I think his son Jason did it and he's been covering for him all these years. His son knows knives, has a temper problem, almost killed his girlfriend, does drugs, shared the same house, used to visit Nicole, shared same drug dealer, wore OJs ...
Marilyn Benson The outcome of the murder trial may have been different if Mark Furhman hadn't used racial language and lied about it during the trial. Once he was a proven racist how can you believe what he said? I think OJ probably did it but the racist detective ...

Looks like he was really the director of leaks.

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Solomon Specter Hailu He is protected by the deep state just like his friend Hillary. It is a circus show to entertain us. The system is corrupted.
Jan Seward Who is surprised? This guy is evil - like his twin brother now in charge!
Wanda Twilleager Mueller was appointed because he was considered unbiased???? All Hillarys attorneys assisting?? mueller's donations to DNC. Who's kidding who
Joe Strader Don't you hate it when you think a man is honest and does the right thing and does the opposite.
Margie Carmichael it is none of meuller buseness to be investating trumps personal finences.comey was probley the leaker all the time

Many of us are feeling you, sir.

880 reactions 51 comments
Mark Rothschild Caption should have read' ... Former US Leader".
Barbara Karnowski Not surprising, since Obama treated him so badly.
Michele Hawkins #ImWithHim
Doug Bonebrake Bibi nailed it.
Christine Hood Why show a picture of President Trump when the article is about the former Israel hating president.

I am post this solely because I want to ask this question: When did garbage like this become news?

740 reactions 319 comments
Kimberlee Dawn Topp I don't pay any attention to "celebrity" gossip...and don't believe nething in the media...people pick and choose what they want to believe these days neway fact or fiction...
Ed Norris Exactly who cares what Monica Lewinsky has to say? She has already shown anyone who has any sense exactly what she is about. And to glamorize what two people who would sell their souls for money? Yes, that is refreshing. Not.
Sandie Vale Shafer Herman Cain, stuff like this became news when the press ran out of Russian collusion leads and were left grasping for any straw they could.
Carole Hogue Yeah Herman, when did this become news? Stopped reading after the first paragraph. So sick of celebrities and hearing about their trashy lifestyles.
Pearl Espinoza Oh brother what a bunch of hypocrites who cares..they're all screwing each other in more ways than one

Because they knew why they were doing it in the first place.

Breaking: Trump Just Woke Up To Some Of The Best News Possible - Nearly 90 Percent
Breaking: Trump Just Woke Up To Some Of The Best News Possible - Nearly 90 Percent

"... they were fearful of what was gonna happen ..."

926 reactions 64 comments
Tommy Demoneris The 4 percent are weak minded , they can't stand on their own!!!
Richard Wagner I vote trump. The pole does not include people like me who hang up on polsters or give the opposite information.
Walter Erbaugh I'm one right here. Never regretted voting for the man and would again.
William Vaughan YEAH, ALL OF THE "FAKE" POLLS SAY IT`S NOT TRUE!!!! STILL BEHIND HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jonathan Bower Shouldn't surprise anyone. The Democrat party of hate has but one message - hate.

Maybe if they treat the president with a little more respect in the future, he'll accept.

2.3k reactions 361 comments
David Holland People are pist because we are finally seeing there has been voter fraud all along. Liberal politicians has strongly stated "nothing to see here"... in reality there is massive fraud and corruption.
Linda Elaine Simply avoiding a "set-up" by these militants who despise anything and everything the administration is trying to do to advance the entire Country irrespective of race, gender, orientation. He has more important things to do than to endure their "base" ...
Gary Maze The NAACP IS Racism!!! plain and simple!! People need to come together as human beings trying to make the planet better as a whole!! Not trying to put someone down or sue someone into acting the way they think they should act!! END RACISM start with ...
Mitch Gavin Is this a big surprise? trump has made new precedence not hosting or talking to many important groups do to fear of being asked realistic questions. He turned his back on the LGBT community, American Muslims and basically almost all Americans. But ...
Gale Gravois That's a lie! It has always and I guess continue to amaze me the different versions of the truth! It seems to me it's me that it's mostly opinions. This truth , to me, remains, what actually IS!! FACT AND IN PLAN SIGHT BY MORE THAN A FEW....opinions.....

If it will stop an AR-15, it will obviously stop water. Right? Hmmmm . . .

289 reactions 12 comments
Jermon Churchill https://thinkprogress.org/sessions-russia-kislyak-intelligence-b2c536b88d24
Susan Padilla Very cool.
Shaun Lams That's far from a "souped up" water gun.
Tony Dicapo I'm sure companies like Armormax will adapt when bad guys start carrying water jets.
Don Moel Nope........I've seen hydro-cutters that cut 10" thick steel using only water pressure.......

Nice work, ladies and gentlemen!

1.7k reactions 34 comments
Jody Smith I got 15 of them next door!
Anne Marie God Bless are dauntless ICE officers.
Stephen Atkinson ICE ICE Baby.
Al Draheim Good job, bet you can do better next time?
Sandra Wilson Cameron Bye Bye.

These guys are going to learn the hard way not to pull crap like this.

720 reactions 69 comments
Kenny Henderson Time to take there money away from them from every place we can. Including here in America.
Stirling Shippey Turkey was never really an ally. They are a muslim nation is an appeasement deal with the US and has no sincerity in maintaining a real ally's agreements.
Cr Bo Sooo...if some of the bases and troops were "SECRET" then how did Turkey know? Donald J. Trump Herman Cain
Gerald Bailey DT should expeditiously, further Turkey's education,about such dastardly actions.

I guess he doesn't like us.

561 reactions 256 comments
Sharon Holden Your not in control of that my all mighy GOD said thats my children and if anyone harms one hair you will answer to him.
Charlotte Kern How is it that in today's world, it is okay for emotionally unbalanced liberals to call for the deaths of a certain group of people?
Mark Spears Well, there's fake new media and TV show scientists. Sure he does. Get rid of those that know better and aren't brainwashed
Wayne Wienholz This guy is a disgusting pervert. Wait till you see his new show for kids. If you have even a modicum of morality you will be horrified.
Timothy Crump He is delusional if he thinks young people buy his BS....

I can't even believe I'm posting this, but the liberal meltdown over it was too good to ignore.

Jenner Posts Photo With Rock Legend... Libs Furious Over Caption
Jenner Posts Photo With Rock Legend... Libs Furious Over Caption

Who know a transgender person could insult transgender people everywhere!

3.9k reactions 584 comments
April Thurkill Hilarious! If it's so taboo for a dude to wear a dress then perhaps he should just try embracing what he ACTUALLY is. Because it doesn't matter how you feel or what you change, you will NEVER change the pair of chromosomes that scream "you are a man". ...
Cassy Phelps Why do people keep believing articles like this with no substance, all their sources are "an instagram user" "an instagram post". Isn't anybody tired of reading crap like this?
Billy Gilson Ok, I call BS on this, transgender can say it, like black can use the n word and gays can use the f word, but if they do the duet, I'm assuming there will be blood in the streets. Now why it's BS: they only see the sin of a republican, not a ...
Cora Diane Baker She's proud to be a woman and realizes being open about being transgendered doesnt mean she cannot have fun. The song brought about acceptance to so many people who were secretly suffering long before so many liberal were born. Ms. Jenner should be free ...
Jamie Robert Potlock They BOTH look like old middle-aged women who have totally let themselves go and watched waaaay too much Dr. Phil and soap operas. Its pitiful and scary all at the same time. Dude DOES look like a lady!

The biggest story of the day doesn't affect your life at all, and I'm guessing almost none of you really care.

920 reactions 122 comments
Karen Bennett Lewis Spicer rocked! He was a pro and deserved the top job. What a shame.
Robert W. Cook But.....but.....what about Russia? Or are they to blame? Please tell me they are so I can sleep well tonight!!!
Bee Gendron All I care about is that dreamy man that was on with Sarah....Anthony was his first name and that's all I remember about that but what I do remember? Wanting to see him in a tool belt, jeans and no shirt....that's one sexy man!!!!
Randall Ford Sager The job is not important. Not even when Obozo was in office A D.C. area hooker could do the job of White House Press Secretary.
George Wilhelm WE CARE, Herman ... We want a Press Secretary who has Ambulances parked outside the building after every Press Conference!!!

Whatever she thought she was accomplishing by doing this . . . yeah, she failed.

213 reactions 82 comments
Kathy Tobin What is going on with her???? She's acting more weird than usual!
Carol Lewis What is this hold that phones have on everyone? The Amish got it right.
Michael Sanders You know what was the most striking. Apparently all of them had jobs outside of their political career. Ha ha 😂😂😂😂😂
Bobby Cullari Whatever, at least Nancy is trying to be patriotic. "E" for effort....just like outcome based education.
Ken Szorosy Her hubby wanted to know if congress was informed of any upcoming hot investments. Notsolol

Sounds about right.

898 reactions 104 comments
Davis Brink Brutus Sessions and the Senate needs to be stopped from their political ideology.. go to Washington and get Rich by screwing the taxpayers...
Shelley Marie Berry Rush is 100% right; this has been the issue from the beginning and unless he gets rid of the RINOS like Paul Ryan & McConnel, among others; he's screwed!! The Establishment has always been against Trump and they will NOT change! The Republican Party are ...
Frankie Whitecalf Jones Goes all the way back to Kruschev when he took off his shoe and was banging on the podeum and pointing at the american ambassador, shouting We Will Bury You...we will infiltrate your federal govt, we will take over your education and media, we will ...
Cameron Loffelmacher I would not count Trump out, he has a way of turning the table to his advantage, winners, usually keep winning, seemingly against all the odds. Trump will succeed!
Ronald Hunter It's time for the people to rise and take this country back.these losers in the house and Senate must be removed immediately.they have no respect for are President our are country.time for war in the streets.we will rise up

You won't have Spicey to kick around anymore.

1.2k reactions 186 comments
Opal Chappell I really like him & like listening to him. I don't see anyone keeping that position too long, though. It's got to be difficult to keep your cool with the press being so messed up. But listening to the radio, I heard an interview with his replacement & ...
Elle Laurent Sara is doing a much better job. Good man but not strong enough. We don't need Golden Retrievers, we need Pitbulls to deal with the Luciferian left
Greg Brixey Personally I wanted the President to hire Laura Ingraham as press secretary. Sean Spicer was surprisingly very good at the job. I enjoyed watching him in action. I am happy for Sean that he no longer is subject to being abused by the WH press corp any ...
Robert Lee Wasn't a big fan to start out with.... POTUS needs to cut back on these briefs and put the MSM on notice that their attendance is a privilege.
Mark Arnold We will just wait for the next one....don't see this happening with past presidencies...all these people either resigning or getting fired. Geeeee...who is the common denominator?????

As he should.

Breaking: Trump Is Officially Shutting It Down
Breaking: Trump Is Officially Shutting It Down

'...during the Obama administration'

605 reactions 28 comments
Holland K Smith http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/donald-trump-white-house-correspondents-dinner-dropped-out-twitter-2011-roasting-barack-obama-seth-a7600156.html
Jude Martinez Syrian rebels = Isis
Nancy Bates 👍
Nehea Midd killing America. Anything to destroy .

Well this will be . . . something.

213 reactions 155 comments
Nancy Zarcone Should have term limits for them as well it's time for her to enjoy life
Dave Speller I wonder who will play her in her current state, as a wrinkled up nasty old crone?
Teresa Shott Well that movie will be right up there on my 'what not to watch list. '
Amanda Weeden These comments are far better than the article. Thanks, guys!
David Duncan Can't wait for this to come out on DVD. On nights I have trouble falling asleep I think this just might do the trick.


226 reactions 81 comments
Marcia Price Awe just keep putting it in your pockets guys....we expect no more
Sharon Rojas Yep. And get back the money Obama stole when he left office.
Ben Derrick DemocRATS & L💩berals are such a complete joke, they are in full meltdown mode, focusing on bringing President Trump down & peddling all sorts of nonsensical conspiracies about Russia all while ignoring their consitituents. This will result in them ...
Edna Gamble If Ocare is gone why would taxes still be collected on it?
John Thomas Medicaid needs to be returned to its original purpose it's the right way to go. Easing the transition of some while that's done is necessary for a period of time.

If Democrats are this upset, it has to be good. And it is.

773 reactions 64 comments
Liz Martin DC should never be allowed to change things in the dead of night. Although, they have been doing just that for at least the last 100 years.
Bob Sporka If it "deserves" debate, the rule should stand on its own. Not snuck onto an appropriations package.
Marc Farris It is unconstitution to continue all of these desperate military actions base on the authorization from 2001. Listen to Rand Paul.
Jesse Church You mean Ryan pulled a Democrat on ya' .
Cindy Van Mater Its your job to get what we sent you and the others there to do, not waste time and money making money for your own pockets. Get the job done! Or you all are FIRED!

Agreeing with a Republican? Trashing ObamaCare? ...Uh-oh. Hope the resume is all polished up. This is a big no-no over on MSNBC. VIDEO included.

1.1k reactions 58 comments
Debbi Patten How can it help, when the deductible is so high, that one has to pay out of pocket to see the doctor?
Christy Drach The truth will set you free. Too bad MSNBC takes that to a new level. Telling the truth will free you from employment!
John Irwin Stewart They say this because they think the Republicans won't repeal it.
Richard Bailey Where is it written that the government OWES you healthcare?
Bea Oviedo Uh, oh! This is a no-no on MSNBC! There was a day when I used to watch MSNBC!

Does she think we've forgotten a certain incident? Well, let's remind everyone right now:

3.6k reactions 395 comments
Patricia Hicks Well, I view it as some of them waking up to the fact, they, MSM, thinks it's opinion is fact, causing a divided America. That can't be that bad, now if more of them snap out if it, that will be even better.
Georges Boutz Another multi millionaire hypocrite from the Main Slime Media....This one is totally irrelevant. STOP watching this crap, people! Because the more you watch this, the more their ratings go up.
James Crawford People like her thinks American's are stupid and not on her level. She is the queen of fake news. That is why people rather watch Yogi Bear and Boo Boo reruns
Dennis Hatfield I'm beginning to think these lying liberal newspeople actually believe the lies they push on the American people. That to them liberal opinion is the only truth. That anything less than liberal opinion is false. It could be they genuinely believe the ...
Linda Turner Globalist! She is a globalist through and through! She cares NOTHING for the working people in this country. Is is quite astonishing to see these people showing their true colors. She has no integrity.

Young people, lend me your ears. I'm too old to be of value to Maxine Waters. You have to do this for us. This is your time. You must carry this torch! VIDEO

Rep. Maxine Waters will run for President. ...If millennials demand it.
Rep. Maxine Waters will run for President. ...If millennials demand it.

Please, please, please millennials, demand it.

2.5k reactions 787 comments
James Fletcher That would be the most amazing thing ever if she ran and won. First woman president Hillary would go crazy. This Congress person said that 700 billion people would lose their health insurance under Trump, there are only 7.5 billion on earth. She is 100% ...
Russell Kirkpatrick OMG.... she can't even make a complete sentence...she even butchered contemptible..pronounced it comtible... and get Pelosi to be your running mate...so they can bash Bush...I mean Trump...lol
Carl Wood Her campaign bumper stickers go on the front bumper. They say, "Run Maxine, Run". Her running mate will be Nancy Pelosi. Just like Thelma and Louise, they will take the country right off the cliff at a high rate of speed.
Marilyn Benson OMG. That would be the best joke of the century. I don't see why her voters keep voting for her. She thinks she is too good to live in the same place they do. She lives high on the hog while expecting votes to keep up her lifestyle.
Barbara Berube Lefevers Lord help us. Maxine is crying the loudest about Russia collusion, impeachment and obstruction of justice. She has something to hide. She wants to go after Dr. Carson who found missing funds from HUD. Is Maxine involved? No WH for Maxine, jail ...

Not so fast, dude.

Developing: Deputy AG Unleashes Massive Bad News on Comey
Developing: Deputy AG Unleashes Massive Bad News on Comey

James Comey probably won't like to hear what the deputy AG had to say.

239 reactions 14 comments
M.j. Swanson So Comey was colluding with the brit. spy to do opposition research against Trump. The brit guy gets paid by hillary and co. to dream up acid trip type stories of Trump as some type of double spy...then Comey tries to warn the president before his ...
Pamila Gardener Clean your eyeglasses then, Rosenstein, to be better able to see the now-occurring conflicts right under your nose!!! 😡
John Keys I'll believe it when I see it. They're all swamp dwellers who warrant constant scrutiny.
Cheryl Gregory He's teflon just like lynch, holder, bill, Obama and killary.
Kathy Tripp Massive Bad News??? Sensational title for a nothing piece- C'mon Herman Cain!!!!

Wait . . . there are people looking to buy "racist wig caps"?

191 reactions 101 comments
Denis Wotton No one would have complained if they sold Cracker Caps, though. Buy a Cracker Cap and a box of Cracker Jacks.
Jamie Ruth What's the issue?
Tom Link Looks like Walmart has a "deep state" problem, just like the President.
Mandi J Seaborn What's a "wig cap" anyway?
Rosemarie Wood Oh for God's sake. It was a typo. Apologize and let it go. This is our problem today. You all make mountains out of molehills. Fire someone over this? That is outrageous. If I (and all of you) got fired for every dumb mistake we would have ...

Judges who rule according to the law are a huge problem for liberals, especially when there's no one above them that you can appeal to.

Breaking: Supreme Court Just Gave Trump Incredible News
Breaking: Supreme Court Just Gave Trump Incredible News

The Supreme Court made a decision regarding President Trump's travel ban and it is great news!

1.3k reactions 27 comments
Helena Ward We new a new honest government.
Carolyn Kaufman UUUUUUGH problem to libs
Todd Christian You mean the constitution
SteveandBrenda Permar Amen to that Brother Cain. Amen to that sir.
Connie Sullivan Awesome

Maybe next time, just get away from it. Yikes.

366 reactions 66 comments
Michael Getty It is just a snake. If poisonous and in your yard kill it, otherwise leave it alone.
Emerson Thomas Old wives tale says that a snake doesn't die until sundown.
Gwen Schakett Bury the head deep so poison doesn't hurt something like a dog.
Jim Pickard The head keeps trying to bite for a while after decapitation.
Patti Jo Let the PETA remarks begin....
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