Herman Cain
20:13 05/18/2017

Can't beat cops.

Cop-Hating Waitress Gets Special Tip on Receipt From Group of Police

Cop-Hating Waitress Gets Special Tip on Receipt From Group of Police

Cop-hating didn't end well for this waitress...

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Nancy Pienkosky
Two cents
Martendelon Amore
She must be Liberal, Obamas team.
Robert Xavier Rios
Post was deleted
Norma Jean Ulrich
Would not have left her a cent!
Richard McElwain
Cops do have more education so...
Joshua Earl Heath
A $5.00 tip isn't bad, it's 15%, pretty standard.
Charlene Luedtke
That's the best tip I've heard all day!
Jon Applegate
Did anyone notice that Officer Daniels is a comedian. That is from his Facebook page.
Pam Glass
If nothing else, RESPECT.
Pavol Smolinsky
I would give her zero. Cops were too generous.
John Adams
Yes people that hate cops should be taught to go ride along with cops three months and see how they are treated by the people.
Alice Noel
Everyone is apparently less of a c**t than Ms. Gray who I hope never needs help from a peace officer in her lifetime.
LaVon Walker
do not frequent anyplace that is "rude or obnoxious" - no $$ for food will eliminate the business that hires or promotes "rude"!
Amy Quiggins
should have given nothing$ 0.00 stiff the dumb but clown
Don Oliver
I would have left nothing. Or a note saying call someone else if you need a cop.

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Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't see this because I'm not dumb enough to watch ESPN.

ESPN Anchor Launches Ugly Attack Against Viewers Who Boycotted Network over NFL Protests
ESPN Anchor Launches Ugly Attack Against Viewers Who Boycotted Network over NFL Protests

I would try to educate people, but it’s pointless to educate people who don’t care to be educated.

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Rus Sever Rule #1) Democrats LIE to themselves on a daily basis and after much practice, LIE to everyone else. The 33rd NFL franchise: The National Kneelers They only stand for anthems of the nations that they visit (England or Mexico).
Mark Herman Van Pelt your show sucks and so does ESPN. I stopped watching completely after I saw your show. Try getting out of your elitist bubble and reality will find you and explain itself to you. Good luck.
Glenn Barrett When are you jerk going to stop telling others how they should act and think if some point disagrees with yours. If you are employed by a news service, a sports service or an entertainment service keep your personal spin out and just stick to the ...
Todd Gibson Get off your high horse Van Pelt. I bet your a joy to live with, arrogant idiot. ESPN will never be the same without guys like Berman and Jackson, humble and knowledgeable. I would rather watch Ditka and Keyshawn.
Heidi Peterson-Olsen Nobody comes up face to face to him and says anything, like when he is out in a bar or airport or whatever? That is because nobody has a clue who he is!🤣 Nobody says anything, yet they are dumb and he tries to educate them, but they don’t want to ...

Yeah . . . I think I'll just leave this right here. No need for a comment.

Hillary's Newest Gig Is Editing for a Teen Sex Magazine

Teen Vogue, a leftist magazine known lately for teaching teen girls how to be “safely sodomized,” is bragging that failed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton guest-edited a “special issue” slated to be released in December. “Hillary Rodham Clinton is the guest-editor of our Volume IV issue...

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Brian Klepac Just once.....it would be nice to hear that this scoundrel started a soup kitchen in the slums of anywhere USA, or sponsored a safe haven home for battered women, or anything that indicates a desire to help the less fortunate. Just once.
Sharon Rojas What does she know about normal sex or abstinence, which is what teenagers should be practicing (although I know they don't).
Heather Sisler What a bunch of manure!!! 1. She is not a 'champion of women' and you would know that if you saw how she eviscerated the women who (truthfully) accused her husband of sexual abuse and harassment. She didn't just 'stand by her man'--she was an all out ...
Terry Moshier Yeah a "teen" magazine promoting homosexual activities, complete with pictures and step by step instructions on sodomy. Yeah she'll fit right in!
Victor Dolan Will Hilliaryous author articles on proper placement of CIGARS ?, sex with the boss (sexual harassment) in the workplace on work time (theft of service, lose your job) , or - great for teens - how to destroy other women's reputations and lives?

They're actually right, but not in the way they think. We already know enough to bum rush him out of there.

Left Circles Wagons Around "Frankenstein," CNN Says No Need for Investigation
Left Circles Wagons Around "Frankenstein," CNN Says No Need for Investigation

The mainstream media pretends to be balanced and nonpartisan, but one look at their response to different sexual harassment allegations makes it painfully obvious that they have a double standard. On Friday, CNN’s hypocrisy was on full display after host John Berman seemed to shrug off Sen. Al Frank...

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Danny Crowe As soon as I read "CNN Says" I knew it was nothing but lies piled on top of lies so I didn't waste my time reading it.
Nina Williams Locker and it drives CNN people crazy....now Trump talked about Moore today...so now they can cut Trump down....
Marolyn Bean Gray Well, Franken has admitted what he has done and Moore has not. So, there is a difference. Do you get it or not?
George Couts So waht are you trying to say'?? Frankenstein, is a Sentor, Moore's not, you Take on one at a time,🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Molly Brunner Freakie Frankin can step down all he has been is vulgar about everyone else when he should be looking in a mirror.

Time for an end to the Al Franken Decade.

Al Franken Responds To Calls For Resignation... Claims He
Al Franken Responds To Calls For Resignation... Claims He'll "Reflect" Over Holidays

A spokesperson for embattled Sen. Al Franken says the Minnesota Democrat won’t resign over the sexual harassment scandal that a rebarbative photo and a first-person account of the encounter have unleashed, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. Instead, the spokesperson said the senator will be doing...

1.6k reactions 456 comments
Barb Coyner This summer I listened to an NPR interview with Franken on Obamacare and one caller queried about the real costs her family was incurring under ACA. She was sincere in her questioning, yet he totally talked over her, never addressing her questions. Even ...
Charlie Payne Pervert & a pig. If I was Ms Tweeden’s big brother pervert Franken would be reflecting over what I just did to him with a baseball bat.
Julia Jones Fire him. To all the sex accusations I want to say, 1. How do these old out of shape men really think the women working in their organizations really want them. Really? Come on, look in the freaking mirror. 2. I am outraged that 15 million of ...
Donald Jenkins Can you imagine if he was VP. As with Clinton, there is so much evidence of wrong doing that it is impossible to ignore, unless you are a brain dead democratic zombie. We continue to waste taxpayer money on investigations that after much time and ...
James Beitman If it were a Republican, Mr. Franken would be one of the liberals screaming for them to resign. The Leftist hypocrisy is real.

Horrible. And one of the reasons we need the wall.

Trump Issues Immediate Statement After Border Patrol Agent Is Killed
Trump Issues Immediate Statement After Border Patrol Agent Is Killed

Just hours after a Border Patrol agent was pronounced dead over injuries suffered in an apparent attack, President Trump reiterated his pledge for a border wall and promised “to bring to justice those responsible.” According to a statement by U.S. Customs and Border Protection Sunday, two agents wer...

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Joyce Blanchard-Murray Build that wall! RIP Martinez
Elaine Baggett BUILD THAT WALL!
Jermon Churchill A wall not gonna stop nothing!!
Dave Heffner Time to build a wall around liberals
Paulette Tarabrella did you say $125.00 per household for the wall? check or money order ?

Would it kill them to know the slightest bit of what they're talking about?

Reporter Thinks Shotgun Is AR-15, Humiliates Herself on Air
Reporter Thinks Shotgun Is AR-15, Humiliates Herself on Air

It is a well known and indisputable fact that the bulk of the mainstream media are opposed to the Second Amendment and firearms in general. Whether this is because they are predisposed to oppose guns by being predominantly left-wing liberals, or are simply just ignorant of firearms in general, is so...

2.0k reactions 132 comments
Alan Schaffer Reporter??? Reporters are supposed to understand what they report. That's no reporter. That's an idiot.
Jerry Bender Most reporters really don't know their butt from a hole in the ground
Sandra Perdue They have a vendetta against guns...they are all ignorant about guns.Being from a gun family..we cringe when their ignorance shows
Keith Wood You can't really blame her -- she's working for NBC, which makes the imagery and narrative fit the agenda.
Tony Marshburn I believe it is entirely possible to be so completely stupid as to be oblivious to ridicule and humiliation.


2.3k reactions 95 comments
Garry L. Templeton Just remember, to the left, that is not a hunting rifle, but a military sniper rifle...just sayin...
Erik Nielsen Why would you give civilians miltary hardware? Why not allow them to purchase grenade launchers, since under your logic, the weapon isn't part of the problem? You won't care until you lose someone you love to this nonsense.
Piotr Syguda it is sad to see how American freedom is slowly killed by communists (democrats, leftists, fascist, etc...)
Judy Sherman It's the right to 'bear arms', not just go hunting. The citizens need to be able to protect themselves from the socialists.
Robert Shaver It's not about the gun it's about the democrat terrorist party trying to take away our rights and that I will not abide

Apparently, no, he couldn't.

Taliban Thought He Could Outrun 30mm Autocannon, USAF Brought Him to Reality
Taliban Thought He Could Outrun 30mm Autocannon, USAF Brought Him to Reality

A Taliban fighter thought he could outrun the U.S. Air Force until reality hit him in the face in the form of an explosion. A video, posted by Funker 530, shows the view from an AC-130 gunship as it tries takes down a Taliban fighter. It can be viewed here, but we do want to warn…

1.3k reactions 42 comments
Liane Barker BAM!!!!
Jeremy Morlas Send the hurt.
Sandra Wilson Cameron U,S.A. At its best....
Greg L. Davis Not AF, but a good job by an Army AH-65.
Glenn Haigler Hope they got them all!

This is going to be challenging for a lot of people. It's challenging for me! But as much as you want to argue with it, you can't.

Wanting Charles Manson to
Wanting Charles Manson to 'rot in Hell' would put you at odds with God

It's probably his fate, but if you're rooting for it, that grieves God every bit as much as the soul that's been lost. It doesn't seem very likely that Charles Manson is headed anyw

2.7k reactions 1400 comments
Diane Perry Stevely I said to myself this morning-“The good Lord will be the final judge...I do not have to worry about that and I won’t judge where he is going.” I trust the Lord. All I can say is that I am glad the earth is finally rid of him-he who inflicted so much ...
Mark Lawrence Rather, I pray God will swiftly judge this soul. Knowing I cannot apply anything God has in mind, which could be horrific beyond all imagining, I pray that God’s judgement be swift and pure. Perfect justice.
Nancy Ellis i am sorry he is such a sorry soul......satan hates anyone who follows God and Jesus, he is out to get us too.....stay armoured so we can fight against Satan.
Lucinda McCann I think we can be reasonably certain he is exactly where he thought he wanted to be, worshipping his idol, no longer from afar.
Paula Jo Scott Manning I was just having this conversation with my 16 yr old daughter this morning.... As humans, we can see no way to to forgive such evil acts, but to God, who knows us, and loves us in spite of ourselves, he wants us all with him... As humans, we don't ...

Any reason is a good reason as far as I'm concerned.

Tucker Carlson Explains Why It
Tucker Carlson Explains Why It's the 'End of the Clinton Era, Finally and Completely'

They and their acolytes have ruthlessly stamped out numerous charges of sexual harassment and assault brought against Bill Clinton.

1.3k reactions 103 comments
Jim Thompson Bill is pooping....his wife is bringing his downfall and we are all cheering...........
Christine Clark The first happiest day was when Trump was elected. The second happiest day will be when the Clintons go down.
Thomas Wysocki It won’t be over till they pay for their criminality.
Cindy Wight Bryant They will not go away quietly. Kicking and screaming more like it.
Ellen Louise About time! They both are corrupt & have gotten away with so much over the years. Good riddance!

That's about as close as politicians come to saying "he's guilty" without actually saying the words.... VIDEO.

White House Legislative Affairs Director: Trump would be campaigning for Moore ...if he didn
White House Legislative Affairs Director: Trump would be campaigning for Moore ...if he didn't think the accusations were credible

'Uncomfortable with the explanations' White House Legislative Affairs Director Marc Short appeared Sunday on This Week with George Stephanopoulos, where he faced a mild grilling over the Pr

139 reactions 65 comments
Christine Guttilla OH but nobodies "uncomfortable" with the fact that Beverly Young Nelson conveniently forgot that Judge Moore presided over her 1999 Divorce. Or uncomfortable that Gloria Allred won't allow the Yearbook to be forensically examined. Or uncomfortable ...
Brenda Koontz-Gula Trump has said he will let Alabama decide. Its not that Trump thinks Roy is guilty!! RNC pulling out was a big mistake. Its what libtards wanted and what they wanted from other Republicans pulling away...but Alabama is smarter and wont give their staye ...
Edward Spain As Trump said.. Let the Voters Decide. and he is right, it is not his job but the dam Media keeps trying to make it his job.. Tell the Media to Shut up...none OF us were there.. So every one else needs to Shut up as well.....Arm Chair pukes drive me ...
Robert Tuffree Just a hunch here, but seems the right hand is not knowing what the left hand is doing with some of these contributers.
Janet Lowery Palmer Trump is smart to stay out of this......


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Janet Griffin Double Trouble for this pervert that calls himself a Senator.
Keith Wood Franken says that he is going to "reflect." I dunno about that, does he show up in mirrors?
Carolyn Detry is his one of the millions of dollars that was spent to hush up the abuse in the senate?
Lisa Saxon Cleveland Can we please quit showing this photo. It's disgusting.

You'd think, at some point, her party would pull her aside and tell her to stop.

Hillary brags that Bill Clinton didn
Hillary brags that Bill Clinton didn't use Twitter when he was President ...Twitter didn't exist until 2006.

Keep talking Hillary! Her party has abandoned her, her voters are sick of her, and pretty much everyone wishes she'd just go away. That would be enough to silence any normal politician. But, as

6.0k reactions 2110 comments
Sue Mordecai Bless her heart. The entire point is people voted for her. That is the major problem. I have tremendous respect for you Mr. 9-9-9
Terri Gray Johnson Her constituents won't know this little fact. Sad that she counts on her constituents to be clueless and they accommodate her.
Marion Reeves No! They are starting to pull away from the Clinton's. Let her just keep on rattling off crap as it does the right a favor. We said they crooked and crazy years ago! Now people are finally seeing them for who they are.
Ronnie Hudspeth You are a dumb as a box of rocks. They did not have twitter then and if they did he would not have had time to use twitter because of his extra activities with women other than you.
Mike Stevens I think the only way to get The Sea Hag to shut up is to have the Democrat hired thugs to kidnap her, put her in a straight jacket, and have her committed. It would be easy to sell. She's obsessed with pretending she's still relevant.

Gauntlet. Thrown. Down.

There is no such thing as
There is no such thing as 'social justice'

The term doesn't even make any sense, and the people who claim to be demanding it don't understand society or the nature of life as a human. The AP recently published an awful story in whic

1.1k reactions 138 comments
Ann Hancock One question: Why are they still living in America? They have millions and can move to wherever they want to.
Shirley Fraser Todd NFL players have ruined the game. Look around the league. So many teams including the Broncos suck this year.
Paul Grow Don,t that picture want to just make you anti racial?.If anything it pisses me off even more...no more NFL !
Lee McCord Why not fire these boys and get new ones to play with the little ball ? We are giving these low-life way to much importance. My dog can play with a little ball, ya want to hire her....this whole thing is disgraceful and so meaningless when you look at ...
Laurie Davis Fuller They certainly have every right to move to a country that they have respect for if they don't like it here...they grew up with no respect for our country or anyone

Every day I like Sarah more.

Reporter Tries to Say Trump Hasn
Reporter Tries to Say Trump Hasn't 'Weighed In' on Roy Moore - That's When Sarah Sanders Steps In

It’s just a simply inaccurate statement to make about the president.

1.3k reactions 61 comments
Jan Holland She is awesome. She rips them a new a**hole and then some
Eileen Marousek Yay Sarah! You Kelly Ann and Nikki are so impressive!
Daniel F Stinson Sarah Sanders for President 2024
Kelly Holthusen Ever notice that the liberals are like herpes? Just when you think your rid of them they come back.
Sandra Terry Gallaway Love her...a no nonsense woman and she not going to put up with them...always keeps on point.

If you haven't seen these two videos together . . . you need to see these two videos together! LOL

Hillary in 2016: Questioning the election legitimacy is horrifying; Hillary now: The election outcome was illegitimate!
Hillary in 2016: Questioning the election legitimacy is horrifying; Hillary now: The election outcome was illegitimate!

Change you can believe in. I know it will shock you to learn that Hillary Clinton will say anything if she thinks it's in her best interests, and then will totally abandon or contradict what sh

2.7k reactions 501 comments
Deanna Zeisloft Treesh She is use to things going her way, had to be a shock !! Just can't get over it, needs to bring down Trump !!! Then she will be happy !!
Colleen Simmons-Thompson And she said all of that with a straight and Botox face! If her nose were to have grown every time she lied, it would have grown to WAY OFF the set. IF ONLY there would be justice and she was held accountable for all her crimes against individuals and ...
Kate Lenn what ever way the wind blows, is how hillary positions her tongue. Will she ever be held accountable for her actions?????? there is no more truth and justice in the USA. good people good to jail criminals do not
Connie Latham She just doesn't get it. WE the American people DID NOT WANT her for president. Why? Because she is a liar and a traitor.
Wanda Herbert I agree with one thing Old Hills believes, says whatever is needed to be said at the time that will serve her purpose. Forget the common man, right or wrong. Old Hills has never been a fan since her first job at a law firm.

This is amazing.

Marines Use Drone to Capture Beautiful Footage of US Artillery in Action
Marines Use Drone to Capture Beautiful Footage of US Artillery in Action

In Operation Inherent Resolve, the U.S. military has been working to stabilize the Middle East by collaborating with regional partners to defeat the Islamic State group. To get an idea of what that means on the ground, check out this drone footage of U.S. Marines conducting artillery strikes against...

1.3k reactions 19 comments
Jason Toy Rogers Rickey
Scott Swannie Justin Swannie
Donna McCoskey McWhorter Jack Stiles#
Nette Davis Justin Askey
Linda Baldner WOW!!

Why do you think I call it the Unaffordable Care Act? Because of this:

"Policy of the People"- 80% of Obamacare Mandate Paid by Sub $50K Households
"Policy of the People"- 80% of Obamacare Mandate Paid by Sub $50K Households

Barack Obama ran as a hero for the common American, promising “hope and change” for the nation’s downtrodden. It’s no surprise that his signature legislation, Obamacare, was also marketed as an amazing benefit for the middle class and poor Americans. However, a new report reveals that Obama’s true l...

3.8k reactions 246 comments
Randall Hodo I scanned the ACA when it was being passed. The implementaion plan was obvious. All the sexy stuff in play before re-election. Slow phasing of requirements during the second term. In 8 years from inception, not my problem. Peace out!
Ted Duarte thankfully, i have been able to avoid it, but I agree the surtax is targeting the lower middle class who can't afford the premiums. it is totally backwards!! I couldn't afford the premium when it first came out, never mind what the premiums are now...
Cynthia Whiteman And what is even worse they don't recognize co-ops or other group insurance where you are better covered and you have to pay the fine and yes it is over 300 dollars! So not fair, we should all be paid back with interest...
Joel Dickinson and when called on to serve us, the republicans turn tail and run. the President says "you guys told me for 8 years you'd do something, and i told you i'd sign something as soon as you sent it over." Republicans who point at the President are pointing ...
Scott Stephens I interact with people who have a hard time paying rent and buying food. I’ve always wondered how the libs thought they could buy insurance. Most can’t pay the fine/tax either.

Pray for him. I am. And be nice. This is not the time.

Jesse Jackson Suffering From Deadly, Wasting Disease
Jesse Jackson Suffering From Deadly, Wasting Disease

In a world where everything is made to be political, it’s easy to lose sight of the things that truly matter in life. Civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson announced on Friday that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. As noted by the Daily Caller, Jackson released an emotional statemen...

6.4k reactions 2628 comments
Regina Murphy Awtry This isn't a recent onset, he has been unable to speak clearly for years. Every human, is worthy of our prayers and I hope as he gets ready to meet his maker he reflects on his behavior and earns the grace of forgiveness and peace.
Denise Haskins My mother suffered and died from this awful disease. It’s impossible for me to wish this on anyone, let alone exult in their affliction with it. Jesse Jackson is not a good man. He’s sown strife and division when as someone who calls himself a ...
Kim Jordan You wasted your life feigning "racism" all the time and dividing people. For what? Only one life will soon be passed, only what's done for Christ will last. Very sad. I will pray for your comfort and for your family.
Rich Richard Herman since you asked for kind prayers for the Reverend Jesse Jackson I pray that his time on earth is time well spent with God and his family! 😇
Charlene Low Namie Even though I’m not crazy about this man, I would not wish this disease on anyone, or any disease on anyone. I will pray for him.

Do we really trust our lovely friends the Saudis? Or is Trump using leverage to get them to do this?

Trump's Middle East: Saudis to Give Billions to Israel, Utterly Crush Hezbollah

When it comes to the Middle East, this is the kind of change President Donald Trump supporters have been waiting for. According to the U.K. Daily Mail, a source close to Saudi Arabia’s royal family said this week that the nation’s king, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, intends to step down next week an...

1.9k reactions 135 comments
Jim May My stepfather told me a long time ago of a saying Beware of Greeks bearing gifts and I have tried to follow it through life.
Richard Robbins Trust them as far as I can throw them ---- WTG President Trump - use them
Margaret Horn This is a giant step forward in the Middle East. More of our President's good work .
Mike Marsack Be very careful Israel about alliances. Keep your trust in God.

You know why the left doesn't want this? Because if they work for it, they might realize that they can.

Developing: Trump Admin Eyes Forcing Medicaid Recipients to Work for Welfare
Developing: Trump Admin Eyes Forcing Medicaid Recipients to Work for Welfare

In yet another effort to roll back the Obama administration’s legacy of increasing Americans’ dependence on the government, the Trump administration is looking toward allowing states to impose work requirements on Medicaid recipients. In remarks this week before the National Association of Medicaid…

4.1k reactions 308 comments
Esther Whatley The oppressed have voted for their oppressors over and over again. The lefties absolutely do not want them to taste success or pride or prosperity. It will take a lot of illegals and deceased to make up for losing those votes.
Karen Hanna The left would rather have illegal aliens take the jobs that should be filled by Americans. They want a built in electorate and know if the people accepting welfare can work, they become more confident and can learn how to support themselves. It may be ...
Juanita Miller Heck I am a diabetic. And would love to work for Medicaid services.right now I am disabled and can't work and have no insurance. I would gladly answer phones or stuff envelopes or something.
Debbie Bigos This is a great idea. I know of people that are perfectly capable of working but chose not to. It's a life-style for some families. It's meant to be a temporary assistance to get people back on their feet....not a life long career
Irenee Shubert Certain people will be exempt. There are some people like myself who is permanently tied to assisting someone who cannot take care of themselves. If I didn't have that, I would work.

Be careful about jumping to conclusions.

'Normal Looking' Woman Publicly Shamed for Parking in Handicapped Spot

It was legally parked, but numerous brightly colored papers shared a stranger's opinion on Baskin's decision to park in a handicapped spot.

169 reactions 199 comments
Jim Farnsworth Most people would look at me and think, "Wow he's just lazy". The truth? Though I look healthy I have been in heart failure for over 15 years and have had three back surgeries. I try to avoid the motorized chairs in the stores but I have even had to ...
Nicole Bush It's the people that get out of their corvettes and practically run into the grocery store that get me angry. The spaces should be reserved for people who cannot walk long distances period!!! I have a friend in a wheelchair and she needs theses spaces ...
Millie Warner Corder I had a hip replaced and had a temporary handicapped permit which I never renewed after I was well but...... I got in my car to go to work shortly after my replacement and the battery was dead so I got in one of the other cars. Forgot the permit. We ...
Alex Stelling I think we do have a problem of too many permits being distributed and misuse and whatnot, but shouldn’t jump to conclusions about certain individuals. Good reminder to not judge. Another problem is too many handicapped spaces. I swear every Walmart ...
Leonard Anderson There is no mention of her HANDICAPPED PLACKARD that is to hang on the rear view mirror....did she have one?....if not she is illegally parked.....if she had it hung properly, the people or person who put the notes on the vehicle is some scum bag......

Of course.

345 reactions 111 comments
LaVon Walker S Varney has a very clear view of the US - he is a recent citizen and does an excellent job analyzing "what" is happening
Diane Gibson Raimey They hate him because he knows all their ugly secrets and they know it’s a matter of time before they’re going to be exposed.
Mary Kay No one can control President Trump. And all of them hate that. President Trump is not a politician, and that's who we need!
Robert Ramos I just saw the call for impeachment. They have nothing and they know they have nothing, they were stumbling over their words like they weren't sure what they were going to try him for. Bit they know that, even though it will be a waste of time and our ...
Gail Ebrahimi Trump is everything they hate and they know he is interrupting their plans to push socialism and remain fat cats.

Why am I not surprised this was Handsy Joe's answer?

Joe Biden Gets Asked to Name a Trump Accomplishment, That
Joe Biden Gets Asked to Name a Trump Accomplishment, That's When He Brings up Melania

What is one thing if any you believe he's doing well as president?

188 reactions 77 comments
Stan Chubinski Well you can't say he is wrong......
PM Mack Bite me biden is a close relative of Chester the molester!
Saharea Ovnite joe biden is a perve, the way he is so touchy touchy with woman and young girls he creeps me out
Judith Green He won't answer correctly because he's an Obama suck A- $$!
Shannon Leigh What did Biden accomplish when he was VP except be a creepy pervert to women and young girls?

You vill speak zee propaganda!

Taylor Swift Refused to Give Her Political Opinion and Now the Media is Attacking Her for it
Taylor Swift Refused to Give Her Political Opinion and Now the Media is Attacking Her for it

This is not the first time people have openly pondered about Swift's political opinion.

916 reactions 353 comments
Joe DeSua Good for her and media idiots, Go To Hell she doesn’t owe you an explanation on anything. A select few entertainers know when to shut their mouths. Very refreshing!
Donnie Brown Good.... Entertainers are out of touch with the majority of the country. Just saying hearing the opinion from people who don't know what they are talking about or can't relate to just pisses most people off. Including myself. Good job Taylor
Julie Harris Thank you to level headed celebrities like Taylor whom is extremely talented but at the same time is humble in her realization that her vote and opinion matters no more than any other citizen. Unlike other celebrities whom are so far removed from ...
Deanna Boadwine Class act ... others should be so classy ... Her platform of entertainment is worldwide... thankful this gal knows her position of views can make or break ya ... and making difference isn't taking political sides ... class act ! Rules I grew up with .. ...
Greg Scott Great, looks like she is one of the smartest entertainers out there. Screw the media for giving her a hard time. Only goes to prove that the media stir up problems in America.

I can think of lots of words for them.

Sarah Sanders Only Needs One Word to Describe the Six Dems Trying to Impeach Trump
Sarah Sanders Only Needs One Word to Describe the Six Dems Trying to Impeach Trump

It's disappointing that extremists in Congress still refuse to accept the President's decisive victory in last year's election.

461 reactions 68 comments
Kirk Jensen Impeach the six for wasting everyone's time and insider trading.
Rose Iamdone Can't remember the link however, saw commercial this am to impeach.
Larry Sager Who are these demonic demon crats .....put their names out there so we can contact them.....
Barbara Duke Losers. Trying to make name for themselves.
Mike R Bonge Waste of my tax dollars. I do not appreciate it.

The real news should be what this is doing to the other 315 million of us.

Much ado about a jump in ObamaCare signups, but it
Much ado about a jump in ObamaCare signups, but it's a tiny sliver of the population

And shoehorning them into this insane system is ruining health care for the other 315 million people in this country. To listen to the media this week, you'd think it was an ObamaCare triumph!

455 reactions 89 comments
Margie Bailey Key word.."small sliver", as usual media tries to embellish the facts, if they even bother with the truth!! This is why we need Herman to keep us informed! 😊
Tim Randolph I am so sick of the beating that I’ve taken in my healthcare since they forced the ACA upon us!!! It’s time to repeal this horrible legislation!!
Pamela Burchfield Well, weather or not people want insurance they still HAVE to sign up or be penalized. This is the open enrollment sign up period from Nov. 1 til Dec. 15...so why is this a big deal? Even if Obamacare is repealed none of the new insurance laws will be ...
Philip Simpson I'm still confused as to why everyone is so concerned about the loss of insurance for the republican tax bill. 13 million will lose insurance because of the repeal of the mandate? Sounds more like they didn't want it.
Mary Jo Piotrowicz-Barbosa They're only signing up because the IRS said it wold not accept tax returns next April without that information. If you're expecting a refund, then you better be able to fill in the blanks on your tax return.

Quick! Delete it! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Black Lives Matter Group Releases Trump Poll, Unexpected Results Force Them to Immediately Delete It
Black Lives Matter Group Releases Trump Poll, Unexpected Results Force Them to Immediately Delete It

“The public is sympathetic to the problem of police using too much force but overall are unsympathetic to the Black Lives Matter movement."

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Jim Cramer Once again, BLM (aka, Black Losers are Miserable) shoots itself in the foot. Frankly, I find it entertaining.
Christopher R Taylor They've run two of them. Both ended up the same.
Buddy McNeill You never ask that kind of question unless you’re pretty sure of the answer. Hilarious!!!
Cheryl Hasty There's US black,brown,yellow,grey,green,rainbow,AMERICANS they didn't take into account!
Glen Miller Well how Stupid don't o you look.dont Like the poll results so you pulled it. Too Late it all over the Internet

You can always count on our media to cover the stories that really matter!

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Gale Jones It's pretty bad, when they criticize, our president, for drinking water! Really???? We miss Eric, wish he was back!
Jill Lafleur Feeney The left: “Trump is using two hands to drink water he has no stamina” Me: “Hillary went to Costco annnd now she’s paralyzed”
Michael Turner they are mocking him for mocking Rubio because he had a drink during the response to the State of The Union speech. they couldn't care less about it but a little payback is fine.
Louise Waller Parker Doesn't everyone take a drink of water when they are thirsty? Is this the best the Liberal Media can come up with? Can't believe how stupid they all are!!!!!!
Shannon Leigh Good to know. First they tell us he likes his steak well done and made fun of him for that. Then he had 2 scoops of ice cream while everyone else had one. They couldn't figure that out. So now they make fun of him because he drinks the same water a lot ...

They could listen to worse people! :)

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Melanie Philip Great advice...they should take heed.
Marcea Reid I hope they are being prosecuted here for those crimes.
Terri Murphy Thurik Those three boys are not done getting in trouble I promise you that because if there are not any consequences they will do it again
Claudia Terry Dawson Not all of them thanked the president. Some ignored the entire effort by the president.
Ricky Pierotti 6 months from now they will be bashing trump
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