Herman Cain
14:51 04/20/2017

What did they expect? If you're going to run a factory in Chavez-land, don't be surprised when the jackboots come a-knockin'!

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Greg Silva
That's what happens when you move your Corp to a 3rd world country, way too unstable, that's the price you pay for sweat labor
Mike Rutledge
Sorry about your bad luck you pathetic, stupid, idiots. Build a plant in America and that won't happen. LMFAO!!! πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
Dave R Entrot
What does Venezuela think their going to do with the factory now that they have it? Even if they build vehicles they won't be able to get parts and sell them.
Joel Zivic
I attended a meeting, as a Boeing employee(now former) that was held by a Commercial Div. V.P and Sen. Patty Murray and had to listen to why we should buy into the plans to build parts in OTHER COUNTRIES...as we sat here a 45 minute flight away..and at that time, about 250 of us faced a Springtime layoff due to the 9/11 attack... Thats a tough one to swallow. Give THEM jobs so they'll buy your planes? Wow. Time for a change yeah?...
Bryan Gordon
Even with Ford writing off $800 million, that is $800 million that they didn't have to pay taxes on. GM will write off this loss too.
Annette Villalobos
I don't understand how Sean Penn, Naomi Campbell, Susan Sarandon, Michael Moore & other Celebrities .. endorsed & supported Hugo Chavez & Maduro!!! Shameful .., total tyranny, starvation, suppression, they need to stay out of what they no nothing about !!! Socialism =Venezuela
James Miller
GM never seems to learn. They have a short term profitability fixation. As long as executives receive their bonuses . Venezuela has been shaky for decades --- GM should have known better.
Dan Maidment
This should pose no problem internationally when the U.S. chooses to nationalize steel, auto, electronics, food production and processing, transportation, energy generation, medical supplies and pharmaceuticals, healthcare...
Hugo Tbrga
He seized the oil platforms from BP. Kicked out the English b/4 his engineers were up to par. My US company had to go down & repair items. Got out as they seized a glass manufacturing plant.
Ken Nation
Communists are notorious murderers and thieves, no matter where they are located. They justify their evils to themselves and to the useful idiots who allow them to continue their misdeeds. Venezuela is no exception.
Randy Monnin
They took Total's oil platforms, held a jackup rig hostage until they literally could not make it run anymore so were forced to let owners back on to operate it lol. Nothing new here with taking things down there.
Nona Alessio
Maybe they can get the educators, Hollywood types, Hillary, Nancy, Maxine, Soros, Moore and Obama to move there and help fix the mess they've been trying to create here.
Mike Griffin
How is this illegal? Venezuela is a sovereign (albeit deeply-flawed) nation. It may be unconscionable, but that doesn't make it illegal. American companies who choose to operate in such environments do not do so with impunity, and just because they're "our guys" doesn't give them any special rights. P.S. - "....to cover *its *losses.....".
Stephen Tenhet
The media is completely ignoring the implosion of their socialist paradise. Now the master is arming his supporters and disarming everyone else. This is going to get worse before it gets better.
Randy Johnson
Glad to see it. The unions destroyed GM in the states, then Bush/Obama bailed them out and then let the same unions run GM. You can also bet the unions did not let Venezuelan workers have a union, since more profits were needed there to help pay for union retirement plans in the States. Unions of every kind in our country need to be cut off at the knees. Sick of them destroying everything they touch.

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It probably doesn't look like it, until you realize what it actually is.

Woman Busted in Texas Airport With Contraband... But It Wasn
Woman Busted in Texas Airport With Contraband... But It Wasn't Drugs

Though it's worth about as much as some drugs!

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Lea Arcidiacono Ewwww
Jaime Smith Dried mushrooms
Cedric Ian Anthony what is it?
Linda Bailey Gomila Well, ugh.
Denise Miller Rorabaugh Ewwwww! 😱😷

The food chain always goes higher than you think.

Watch: Lion Thinks It
Watch: Lion Thinks It's King of the Savanna... Then Runs Into the Real King

The lion better check itself because it wrecks itself.

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Jermon Churchill https://thinkprogress.org/organizer-charlottesville-protest-calls-murder-victim-a-fat-disgusting-communist-c16296e96b9e/
Dianne Sanderson Carden I heard the lion later died of its injuries.
Walter Lauinger We should take notes. Lol
Horace Hall Jr That's a good 1.. LOL
Julie Stanton Lesson of the day...Don't screw with hippos...

So, are we alone? Oh, not that mystery . . .

Woman Looks in Trash, Instantly Solves Decades-Old NASA Mystery
Woman Looks in Trash, Instantly Solves Decades-Old NASA Mystery

You will not believe the important NASA discovery this woman found in a neighbor's trash... it's a good thing she noticed these!

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Stan Pethel https://youtu.be/OJ1elZ__IT0
Jermon Churchill https://mobile.twitter.com/BradWGME/status/898944921226407936?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fthinkprogress.org%2Fupdates-white-supremacist-rally-in-boston-87c7cf465404%2F
Jaime Smith Hillery?
Janet Petrucci Ferrante We are Not alone in the universe!! Seen it!!
Eric Trevilian And this is one of the groups we trust to tell us about climate change...SMH

As if there was any doubt, but still, this is good stuff.

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Dale Wilkins Really not all that complicated. If you start your car up in your garage with all the doors closed what happens?? The earth isn't much bigger than your garage when you consider how much crap were dumping into it. My son is not planning on having any ...
Sharon Crouse Before the ice age, caused by a meteor, the earth was tropical. Ever since then, the earth has been slowly warming back up which (news flash) causes the ice to melt. Eventually we will be back to tropical.
Louie Busalacchi Nothing but a "Snake Oil" salesman, who is getting rich at the expense of "We The People" and Our Enviornmentally Strangled Economy.
James Fletcher I live on the south shore of lake Erie one of the 5 Great Lakes. The Great Lakes were formed by glaciers 20,000 years ago. Trust me there are NO glaciers here today. What man made activity caused them to melt? Now we are to believe 100% of climate ...
Dale Emanuel Interesting if not inconvenient for the "global warming" .....oops can't say that anymore ....oh yes "climate change" since the climate always changes with the season.

As we've been saying here all week.

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Doug Tucker right! ugh!
Donalee Dotson Well said!
Tristan Erik Davies Remarkable ideological differences between the brothers
Judie VanDalsem Bam
Neil McGarva Spot on

Well what do you know?

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Lorraine Modzelewski A colonoscopy of Washington DC will net you many cancerous democrats.
Robert Mccool The whole protest was set up and paid for by Democrats
Ray Shank yep, just what i said from the start. "This whole thing was a democrat setup funded by soros."
Nancy Uhrich Herman ...thanks for all your good work on this issue. We conservatives appreciate you very much. Keep on keeping on ...!!!
Roy Head Omg Hermie, maybe you might want to go take a look at Trump and his past thoughts and beliefs? Trying to blame the rally on the left is as sad as cheating on ones wife, spending your families money on her, setting her up in an apartment and making ...

Outsmarting regulators is probably not that difficult, but this . . . is genius.

Genius Bar-Owner Destroys Fed Regulations With 1 Maze
Genius Bar-Owner Destroys Fed Regulations With 1 Maze

The owner of the bar figured out a clever way to work around the regulation.

2.2k reactions 54 comments
Ramona Inglett That's someone using their noodle!!
Teresa Shott Brilliant!
Michael Golieb Brilliant!!!
Martin Meaders The people will always outsmart the government.
Tim Foss Joshua Douglas Moore you know what I'm thinking ;0)

Apparently Americans would rather focus on more substantive matters. Sorry, PBS.

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Jun Roman Who are the antifa? Historically they were a group in Germany who fought Hitler and Fascism. You could say based on their roots that they had noble cause back in the day. Today in the US they’re just a bunch of skinheads marching under a different flag ...
Philip Simpson This is what actually gives me hope. The majority of Americans are still more even minded than the media would have you believe.
Dk Smith-Busch Take them down, slavery never happened nor did oppression it's all a lie blm and antifa can can get over themselves now. No more of the bull crap of giving anyone priority of anything. No more college funds, no more all black colleges, nothing take ...
Michael Martin Interesting bit of info concerning the "outrage" over all these Confederate monuments. Who knew they are protected by federal law? Why is this law not enforced?? These Confederate Monuments are protected FEDERALLY by the Antiquities Act...they ...
LaVorna Tester Further evidence that our President is better "in touch" with We the People than the media, a majority of the beltway politicians, or the wacko leftist groups who are making so much noise lately.

Like we wouldn't anticipate this.

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Andrew Morrison Hey fucktards, tanks don't need roads to travel on!
Eric Broda It's a TRAP!!!
Bruce Hubble Belongs on Game of Thrones.
Daniel Bates Crude weapons still kill
James Harris Not surprised.

I'm posting this mainly because the headline is a classic.

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Sonia Negron I love Judge Judy!
Regina Whitlam Judge Judy for Supreme Court !! Common sense WISDOM !!!!
Cynthia Wigner Snyder Bless you Judge Judy!!
Wilma Armstrong Awesome!
Robert Miller How beautiful was that.

The American Prospect interview was the last straw.

Steve Bannon fired . . . and it needed to happen, but not for the reason you
Steve Bannon fired . . . and it needed to happen, but not for the reason you're probably thinking

Out. Wall Street Journal reporter Michael C. Bender just reported that Steve Bannon has been fired from his role as White House strategist. Good. Bannon was toxic to the White House. But the

868 reactions 192 comments
Vernon J Black Oh doubt that he was. Trump and Bannon have been running a Rope a Dope campaign on the Leftist's Media. Dancing like a butterfly and stinging like a bee! Bannon is now waging WAR FOR TRUMP!
Debbie Deborah Pass Sanders β€œIf there’s any confusion out there, let me clear it up: I’m leaving the White House and going to war for Trump against his opponents β€” on Capitol Hill, in the media, and in corporate America,” Bannon told Bloomberg Businessweek’s Joshua Green.
Joanna Meyer Tobin Drake the more polished people are exactly what we voted against. Sure Trump is raw and untrained. That's a huge selling point. He ain't bought or controlled by any group other than those of us that voted him in!!
Jamie Cooper I love President Trump, but do you think they play the song, "Another One Bites The Dust" every time this happens?? That's what runs through my mind, no matter which side it happens to. I'm waiting for it to happen with McConnell, Pelosi, Ryan, ...
Joel Clary Actually I have NOT seen a real message that Bannon was fired. He resigned because the media scrutiny was unbending and he was becoming a distraction. With that Trump also realized the same truth and accepted his resignation. The media is winning in ...

He must support the alt-right!

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Rick Rithmire Herman.....the best thing you can do is never mention this guy again....
Alan Schaffer He is hugely insignificant and utterly irrelevant...like Clinton and Bush.
Forrest Clyde Baccus Obama and his bosses want chaos. Does not matter who causes it.

This is not how you win an argument, but then, that's not the motivation of people who do idiotic things like this.

Someone tarred and feathered the Jefferson Davis memorial in Arizona, because it
Someone tarred and feathered the Jefferson Davis memorial in Arizona, because it's briefly socially acceptable to do so

Unleash the mob. Let's talk a little bit about human behavior. Some people try to do the right thing because their hearts incline to what's good, and because it's important to them to a

1.3k reactions 192 comments
Dave Kim How about let us old vets sit by these memorials and monuments. Let these thugs know that they are free to protest in this manner. What's the worst that could happen?
Barbara Berube Lefevers Lord, please have mercy on this country and save it from those seeking to destroy from within. This insanity must stop. History is history good or bad and should not be destroyed. It reminds us of things to do again or things not to do again. The ...
Jody L Smithson Wilson If you don't want to look at it, don't look! Put a sheet over it, turn your head. Vandalism is a crime. Your shortsightedness and selfishness have made you a criminal.
Penny Scarboro Scratching my head over people like Mitt Romney trying to say that ANTIFA/BLM (the groups that have been Looting/Burning, attacking Citizens & Killing our Law Enforcement Officials) have the Moral High Ground when compared to the KKK/NAZIS. OUTRAGEOUS! ...
Roy Brewer This has nothing to do with race, it's about trying to overthrow our government and consume the power. It's about hate and destruction. It has nothing to do with race.

It did what? When?

White Box Fell From Sky 55 Years Ago... CIA Docs Finally Reveal the Truth
White Box Fell From Sky 55 Years Ago... CIA Docs Finally Reveal the Truth

This white box had quite a history behind it...

259 reactions 19 comments
Mark Roy www.gofundme.com/trump-generosity-statue
Bill Jenkins We are all living in The Truman Show
Nancy Plunkett Trudy Robertson Show this to Dad!
Michelle Jones 😁😁😁😁
Matthew Juntunen Definitely looks like an old TARP.

It's horrific to think that we force minorities to live in a country where one of the two major political parties tried to undo the Republican effort to eliminate slavery.

The Democratic Party is a painful reminder of the Democrats
The Democratic Party is a painful reminder of the Democrats' 1864 plan to allow the re-instatement of slavery - and it must be dismantled

The Chicago Platform This week, we've learned that Democrats favor dismantling any and every visible vestige of America's ugly past. Specifically, public reminders of anyone that part

4.6k reactions 188 comments
Michael Bush At what table will we sit in Chicago?............................................................................................................... I say to you today, my friends, so ...
Glenda Sears Stephani Falasha Masego, you are saying that the division of races and the hatred that goes with this division is what you want? I really don't care who was first on the planet, or who's babies look like who. We had a time of slavery in this country. ...
Michael Warren I guess when you stop reading history as it gets to the parts you don't want to hear you miss a few things. The parties switched sides. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_strategy
Dawn Dickerson-Velez Democrats- George Soros- Sorry GOP Senators! can take our statues! take them all!! As God be my witness, they will never take our country. Every Trump Supporters will see to that! We will not stand by and let America become a Open Society!! Ruled ...
James Rozman The despicable Democrats, mainstream media, and Hollywood elitists have duped Americans into believing the alt-left groups, BLM, Antifa, KKK, White Supremacists, White Nationalists, Occupy, Move On, and Media Matters did not originate with them and are ...

I am so sick of this nonsense. Actual racism is a serious thing, and should be dealt with seriously. What is a nonserious way to deal with it? Redefining it to make everyone a racist, the way USA Today has tried to do today. This deserved a complete and utter takedown, so we offer one here:

Oh for crying out loud: USA Today redefines
Oh for crying out loud: USA Today redefines 'racist' so it applies to pretty much everyone

With the help of a gay Republican who explains that I'm a racist, you're a racist, wouldn't you like to be a racist too . . . Racism is a serious thing. Racism is a horrible thing. Raci

3.3k reactions 302 comments
Judy Handres I call it "Other-ist", and I know very few people (ok, none actually) who are not Other-ist. We instinctively react favorably to people who think like we do, whether that's based on where we grew up, what church we do or don't attend, or what color we ...
Teresa Shott There is only one actual 'race' on the planet; it's called human race. There are four groups, not races. So if you are 'racist' you are against all humans. That word is thrown around like Halloween candy.
Del Volpi Let's kill the endless cycle once and for all! First the Democrats use Blacks as slaves. They are confronted and challenged by abolitionist Republicans, go to war, and lose. The Democratic Party gave birth to the KKK, Segregation, ... ! It's policies ...
Corey Kurisu We all have tendencies that could be described as racist, nobody is exempt. Anytime you make a judgement based on race, good or bad, you are being racist. That said, most of us have enough morality and decency not to act upon it and give that person a ...
Pat Hyson Seems this calling everyone a racist at the drop of a hat, started with the Obama presidency.........so quick was the MSM and the left to call anyone who disagreed with him or didn't vote for him a racist. It was ridiculous then and it's even more so ...

Weird. Back when Pelosi was Speaker, the Dems controlled both houses of Congress and the Presidency. They could have done this then. ...Yet the only statue they managed to move was a bust of Winston Churchill.

Pelosi calls on Paul Ryan to remove all confederate statues from Capitol - but they weren
Pelosi calls on Paul Ryan to remove all confederate statues from Capitol - but they weren't a problem when she was speaker?

But they sure moved that Churchill bust! At one time, Nancy Pelosi was a very powerful Speaker of the House. Her tenure ended as her party decided to embrace its worst instincts - a move that

11.9k reactions 2430 comments
Sherry Allgood Varriale Nor or they a problem today. This is pure idiocy thinking taking them away does anything. Just as in our personal lives , we learn from our past it makes us better when we take the lesson and learn . If we don't then we fail and repeat till we learn. We ...
Elle Laurent There is no pain involved for someone named deshawn or lebron to look at a bronze statue of something that happened over a Century and a half ago anymore than anyone reading this post "feels any pain" for anything their ancestors endured over 150 ...
Michael Walker So TYPICAL of Democratic behavior - and responses. THEY didn't do it when they could have, easily, but now there's all hell to pay because YOU'RE not doing it. And people actually listen to them?
Mari Albrecht Too bad we can't remove her and rest of the kangaroo congress who agree with her? I don't like them, blm, kkk, nazis, confederates, yankees, homos, tran, whites, blacks, browns, reds, yellows. If I missed anyone, I apologize, so just go ahead and add ...
Alberta Gould Pelosi, needs to work ,she is wasting our tax dollars. Her party is bad for the black people. Soon the black people will figure that out.

Since it's science, the left will be quick to agree, correct? Oh. They're not? Wonder why!

626 reactions 28 comments
Nancy Fay Ellis Jesse Ellis
James Shirley BECAUSE ITS A CIRCUS !!!
Stephen Atkinson She blinded me with science
Winston Jones Wipe out everything Obama!!!
Roy Head You are a Sad person Hermie, VERY SAD!

Dear Democrats, thank you for overplaying your hand so, so, badly. The more you do this, the less likely it is is that we'll see another one of your statist goons in the White House. VIDEO

CNN Comentator Angela Rye: Jeffseron, Washington statues
CNN Comentator Angela Rye: Jeffseron, Washington statues 'all need to come down'

Teach about Washington "so it doesn't happen again." Meet CNN comentator Angela Rye. According to her bio, she's "US attorney and the Principal and CEO of IMPACT Strategies,

3.0k reactions 438 comments
Susan Townsend Schroeder Please send me all your $1, $20, $50, and $100 bills to dispose of. You're a hypocrite if you use these bills and want our historical monuments taken down. I'll gladly dispose of them properly. Oh, might want to look at all your loose change too. I'll ...
Joseph Troxler If these people hate slavery this much, then they need to reject everything African. Over 300 years ago, Europeans tapped into existing African slave markets. When the West decided to end the slave trade in an attempt to eventually end slavery, Africa ...
Christine Jones Ok, so we remove every statue, monument, park bench, etc in this country today. You're telling me that we wake up tomorrow and hate goes away? That's the fix for what's wrong with this country??? As long as we continue to define people by what separates ...
Lesli Casal History is how you gage how far we've come in spite of obstacles that should have prevented us from moving forward. Instead of progressing forward you've stepped 50 years backwards. You can tear down every statue..and nothing will change you'll just ...
Dianne McClain Epps If these people have such a problem with all of the President's that owned or were okay with slavery, then how about sending back all your money you make, since everyone of them have these people on them. I can set up a fund for them to send me all ...

We're mobilizing with incredible efficiency to do, er . . . this. Oh well.

A solemn nation bravely focuses on its most urgent challenge . . . statues
A solemn nation bravely focuses on its most urgent challenge . . . statues

We had a good run, America. Start. Link. A longstanding national debate over Confederate statues, street names and other markers intensified this week following deadly clashes between white su

933 reactions 183 comments
Teri Schroeder Kolesnick Just for the record Confederate soldiers sailors and Marines of the Civil War were made US veterans by the act of Congress in 1957. US. Public law – 85–425 sec. 410 Approved May 23, 1958 This made all Confederate Army Navy and Marines veterans, equal to ...
Susan Dyar Forget tax reform, healthcare and infrastructure. It's easier for Congress to jump on the Statute removal than tackle these important issues, especially the do nothing Senate.
Candace Kane Several people are reporting this so il share it Had to share from someone else. Yes, it was funded by Soros. There was an ad placed in Craigslist. Called them myself. They specifically wanted protesters to protest against the white nationalists. $25 ...
Mark Welker 95 plus percent of ancient world structures including statues were built with slave labor as was the Whitehouse. Should the entire world stop and destroy all the remains of that history? What madness when enslavement rides again in the minds of those ...
Joan Marsch Robert E. Lee never owned slaves. Slavery was in the world long before the Civil War and still exists today. Slavery has been in every country, skin color doesn't matter, African tribes sold each other to Muslim and British slave traders. Britain ...

I'm no defender of the Confederacy or anything associated with it. But if the left wants to go after everyone who's said something not consistent with the orthodoxy, they can start here.

Here's the FDR Quote About Robert E. Lee That Libs Want to Erase

Liberals will be furious when they see this.

1.2k reactions 159 comments
Mark Welker Here is everything you need to know about the Civil War statue controversy : 1) New polls reveal 67% of Americans do not favor destruction of statues and 27% do. 2) Since the Charlottesville incident four of five congressional races are trending towards ...
Stacy Kuta Save cotton and the railroads! Charlottesville was probably another psyop, playing people like a string orchestra. We know Soros is funding groups to create chaos. Lots of players involved. People better wake up and start thinking about Freedom vs ...
Mary Ann Wirz Robert E Lee was an honorable man. He didn't own slaves. All this hate filled agitation and destruction has everything to do with destroying America.
Marilyn von Kuhlberg President Roosevelt's comments are perfectly true. Gen Lee worked hard to heal the wounds of war. He was an exemplary role model. Indeed a humble, Christian gentleman.
Ken Richards I find it really frustrating that the majority of today's generation seems to know nothen about our country's history. Are we not teaching history in our schools any more? Most of the comments you read in the posts on social media are completely false. ...

Yes sir.

590 reactions 44 comments
Don Rogers Herman Cain I'm sure that you and Rush are good friends, he invites you over all the time, right? Don't get caught in his neighborhood after dark
Dale Booth Let's get this race war on and over with once 10 thousand liberals are killed we can get on with life.
Pamela Penning Andersen Ask Robert E Lees family what they think.
Laura Arnett Should all Martin Luther King statues be taken down?? Just sayin.
Mary Eileen Gardner Well, what are they going to do with all of us who had ancestors that never came here until after the Civil War and never owned slaves? Can we still stay here?

You're damn right it's not such a good idea to attack Guam.

558 reactions 21 comments
Charlie Payne Dave Hankwitz. Awesome.
Ronald Petersen Go mr. Cain
Chris Dugas He was never going to
Daniel Padilla WOW
James Harris Yup

Well . . . this is not your everyday sight.

352 reactions 45 comments
Carole Lee Campbell Mackey The music scared me just as bad as the poor pig
Damien Wells Sweet video
Todd Rufe Who doesn't like bacon!
Monica Marie terrifying
Becky Taylor Dempsey Poor piggy 🐷

They don't like to admit this, but it happens every time.

758 reactions 34 comments
Joshua Dameron Political cartoon. Not a meme. Just saying
Dana Clague And the other one will lose his job as soon as they are completely converted to automation.
Pat Phelps True.
Jon Mattingly Jr Perfect
John Atkinson Unintended consequences.

Real results! This is why we elected Donald J. Trump, and this is the news that actually impacts your life.

While you
While you're freaking out about statues and Nazis, Trump is bringing back America's coal industry

Exports are rising and the economic impact are significant, but keep wasting your time. The media may think President Trump's job is to make comments about race riots, but it's actually to

8.0k reactions 247 comments
Shirley Abercrombie This is what people should be interested in.. jobs and being to make a living for your families!!!! OH YES but that's not FREE you have to WORK!!!
Carol Mote Phillips I'm beginning to think that all this craziest that's been going on is those who don't like President Trump are trying to make everyone forget about all the good that he is doing, and then try to use all the craziness to convince people not to vote for ...
Greg Hess And that is why the left and some of the right want him gone. They don't want him bringing America back. That would ruin their plans.
Katherine Heid thank you so much Herman for showing how great the American people are for placing their trust in President Trump. This President will NEVER disappoint, he will NEVER quit, he will NEVER lose his focus, and we are blessed without merit for having the ...
Jeff Graham Lance Shaw, fake or real? πŸ™€πŸ˜˜

Well this seems like kind of an important detail.

1.8k reactions 168 comments
Merle Burbaugh Jr Remember, honesty is not a liberal trait.
Chad Suter This is where our media and journalist are failing us. Nobody is digging deep enough. My guess....Soros is at the end of this path
Peter Savasta Sessions can make big moves on these people who sponsor these people who cause terrorism in our country. Who does he proscute? He's not active like Loretta Lynch.
Ed Wright What we are seeing is an open conflict that started in the early 1900s. And it is real simple - Socialism/Communism against Nazis/National Socialism. Just do some research or listen those who speak about freedom and liberalism.
Michael Sabbeth I am curious: what occurred in the last seven months or so that so enlightened leftists about the evil nature of these statues? Why were they not removed five years ago?

What in the world?

135 reactions 20 comments
Eric Breed too much tarmac around that tree killed the roots
Mark Warner Democrat government saving money. Sue the DNC
Thom Atchley If a tree falls in the park is it still a racist?
MV Kemp Trees fall on the wrong people.
Carol Lewis That was a day or two ago.

I already knew liberals don't run cities very well, but dang.

576 reactions 78 comments
Gary Griffith Move them to the Mayors house!
Rachel Watts Sounds like we need some cleaning up in New York.
Gordon Schutz Hi TRAITOR Bill DEBLASIO
Burton Caruthers The dead bodies are just future Democrat voters.
Tish Mines Boyd Herman Cain, nor Ben Carson will be joining the hate team anytime soon!

Props to NBC. They reported this honestly and accurately . . . and it completely vindicates everything President Trump has said about Charlottesville - even though they had a hard time quite admitting that. Still. Good job.

Trump was right that left-wing protesters contributed to the Charlottesville violence, says . . . NBC?
Trump was right that left-wing protesters contributed to the Charlottesville violence, says . . . NBC?

Alternative headline: Most morally repugnant, awful, disgusting, Nazi-sympathizing thing a president ever said turns out to be completely accurate. Props to NBC. You probably know we're general

24.9k reactions 1067 comments
Jake Jacobi two hate groups violently fight each other only one side gets blamed for the incident by the media . why? . because the media is PART of the other group.
Jason Parrott The one lady is incorrect in saying "Donald Trump is wrong, there are no good Nazis". He never said that! Not all people protesting the removal of the Confederate statue are Nazis ffs.
Angela A. Martin Question: After all the monuments come down and all of our history is erased, what does that mean? That means that slavery never happened? That means that ppl never had anything to overcome, never had to fight for anything? We cant be proud of how far ...
Diane Bierhorst Trammell Both sides were at fault. Does not mean the white supremacy group, KKK or the Neo-nazi groups are good. Just means they were both there to fight. They didn't fight themselves.
Isabel Martinez I would not be surprised to find out that the Sores empire is behind both sides of this story. Typical MO to destabilize a nation. It is definitely the responsibility of each and every America to not allow globalism interlopers to destroy us.
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