Herman Cain
14:51 04/20/2017

What did they expect? If you're going to run a factory in Chavez-land, don't be surprised when the jackboots come a-knockin'!

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Greg Silva
That's what happens when you move your Corp to a 3rd world country, way too unstable, that's the price you pay for sweat labor
Mike Rutledge
Sorry about your bad luck you pathetic, stupid, idiots. Build a plant in America and that won't happen. LMFAO!!! 😅😅😅😅😅😅
Dave R Entrot
What does Venezuela think their going to do with the factory now that they have it? Even if they build vehicles they won't be able to get parts and sell them.
Joel Zivic
I attended a meeting, as a Boeing employee(now former) that was held by a Commercial Div. V.P and Sen. Patty Murray and had to listen to why we should buy into the plans to build parts in OTHER COUNTRIES...as we sat here a 45 minute flight away..and at that time, about 250 of us faced a Springtime layoff due to the 9/11 attack... Thats a tough one to swallow. Give THEM jobs so they'll buy your planes? Wow. Time for a change yeah?...
Bryan Gordon
Even with Ford writing off $800 million, that is $800 million that they didn't have to pay taxes on. GM will write off this loss too.
Annette Villalobos
I don't understand how Sean Penn, Naomi Campbell, Susan Sarandon, Michael Moore & other Celebrities .. endorsed & supported Hugo Chavez & Maduro!!! Shameful .., total tyranny, starvation, suppression, they need to stay out of what they no nothing about !!! Socialism =Venezuela
James Miller
GM never seems to learn. They have a short term profitability fixation. As long as executives receive their bonuses . Venezuela has been shaky for decades --- GM should have known better.
Dan Maidment
This should pose no problem internationally when the U.S. chooses to nationalize steel, auto, electronics, food production and processing, transportation, energy generation, medical supplies and pharmaceuticals, healthcare...
Hugo Tbrga
He seized the oil platforms from BP. Kicked out the English b/4 his engineers were up to par. My US company had to go down & repair items. Got out as they seized a glass manufacturing plant.
Ken Nation
Communists are notorious murderers and thieves, no matter where they are located. They justify their evils to themselves and to the useful idiots who allow them to continue their misdeeds. Venezuela is no exception.
Randy Monnin
They took Total's oil platforms, held a jackup rig hostage until they literally could not make it run anymore so were forced to let owners back on to operate it lol. Nothing new here with taking things down there.
Nona Alessio
Maybe they can get the educators, Hollywood types, Hillary, Nancy, Maxine, Soros, Moore and Obama to move there and help fix the mess they've been trying to create here.
Mike Griffin
How is this illegal? Venezuela is a sovereign (albeit deeply-flawed) nation. It may be unconscionable, but that doesn't make it illegal. American companies who choose to operate in such environments do not do so with impunity, and just because they're "our guys" doesn't give them any special rights. P.S. - "....to cover *its *losses.....".
Stephen Tenhet
The media is completely ignoring the implosion of their socialist paradise. Now the master is arming his supporters and disarming everyone else. This is going to get worse before it gets better.
Randy Johnson
Glad to see it. The unions destroyed GM in the states, then Bush/Obama bailed them out and then let the same unions run GM. You can also bet the unions did not let Venezuelan workers have a union, since more profits were needed there to help pay for union retirement plans in the States. Unions of every kind in our country need to be cut off at the knees. Sick of them destroying everything they touch.

Other newsfeed from Herman Cain

He wasn't really grateful to the man who got him out of prison for shoplifting. And he wants you to know that for some reason.

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Tennis Hatfield Mr President, your actions speak of your character. You have a heart for people. I'm grateful for your service to our nation. As for the likes of the undesirables our nation protects, they weren't raised with anything that resembles principles ...
Dwayne Burkitt I’m sick of seeing & hearing about this family of thugs & thieves. I don’t know why anyone is surprised by anything this family does or says. They’re liars & thieves & they always will be. So shut the mikes off, put the cameras down & this circus will ...
Steven Cleary Who cares why u did anything creep u can't play baseball u have no morals u have no loyalty to anyone your a loser son despite what u and your backwards family thinks. Ball shoes lol save your money lol
Judy Vargas-Wooten The three should have been left to suffer the consequences. Maybe when they got out, they would have been more grateful for the freedom they have in Ameruca. I doubt it, but maybe.
Jeff Howard Mr. Cain please stop reporting on Lavar Ball, we really could care less about him, or his opinions. And this ungrateful brat of his is even further down on our list.

I wonder if this means they'll buy my books. They might learn something. #CainBooksMatter :)

BLM Threatens to Boycott White, Capitalist Christmas... Sounds Good to Us!
BLM Threatens to Boycott White, Capitalist Christmas... Sounds Good to Us!

Black Lives Matter is calling for a boycott of “white nationalism” this Christmas, demanding members to only purchase from or donate to black organizations and businesses. On its website, Black Lives Matter called on members to not spend money on “white corporations” between Nov. 24, 2017 an...

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Mandy Martin Mr Cain, we appreciate you. It is sad that so many young people think this is ok. They all need a J O B!!!
Victor Lafrank Learn something? They're here to instruct, not to learn. On the other hand, most of the footage I've seen of black lives being taken looks like murder by another (?) name. Just sayin'...........
Colleen Anderson Good maybe the snowflakes will use their EBT cards on food instead of bling. Their Pell grants on education instead of new cars and tats and their child support on putting a roof over their kids heads.
Arlene Brown I'm so tired of one group thinking they deserve special. Spend less time crying and more time working.
Patricia Balciunas So o am wondering, and maybe I am missing something but where are they going to shop while they boycott?

I'm reading a book my foot wrote. It's called on the road to 5.0 percent economic growth.

Whew! Conference report on tax reform is (mostly) as good or better the originals
Whew! Conference report on tax reform is (mostly) as good or better the originals

The only question now is whether everyone who needs to vote for it will be able to show up. The highest rate is not as high. There are still seven brackets, which is six too many, but at least the

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Rodney Boles A flat tax would be better for everyone. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=sW85ZcswiqM
Margaret Brunner Audrey
Dennis Kearns Right on ! Red
Maureen Dillon LaNoue Thank you for an honest perspective. Unlike others that I’ve read
LaVon Walker Get it voted on and signed - before some one dies!

Joe, meet Lois, Peter and Hillary.

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Cal Leary They all seem to have now believed there own lies as truth ,, we had so do many scandals under obama , from holder , to Enron , solyndra , holder ice and lying to congress twice , benghazi , the Iran deal of billions of our tax dollars in cash , to ...
Mike Spears All these crooks were appoint by him. How about the Tarmac meeting? Benghazi? fast and furious? IRS targeting conservative non profits
Phil Graham As you read though these post not everyone lists all the corrupt things the previous administration did put them all together and the previous administration should have impeached countless times it is so sad.
George Wong Who does he think is going to believe that? Obama is a scandal himself, CORRUPT and still trying to bring Trump down. They were afraid of these scandals that will come out. The worst corrupt administration in history and more scandals are coming out ...
Eugene Piatek It is very sad that there people who vote who will believe this only because it is said today and no one will dispute it because it is said by a former vice president. They do forget everything that has been said in the past because it makes them feel ...

It no longer matters if it's a fine or a tax. It's going bye-bye.

Trump Tax Bill Guts Obamacare Mandate... Let Freedom Ring
Trump Tax Bill Guts Obamacare Mandate... Let Freedom Ring

The worst part of Obamacare is about to be gone, as soon as Republicans pass their tax reform bill.

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Maryann Hill at time of death they appraise property the person leaves and it is a big amount but the business like a treefarm that is left to the children to run but they don't have cash but the irs will take and say maybe like they owe a million dollars but they ...
John Ploxa The mandate is designed to be a tax free income for Obama said he owns the rights to Ocare. That's one way he came into office broke and left a BILLIONAIRE. This is a fact!
Char Hagy Thank God.. Among all the crappy things Obama did that was the crappiest. My kids, just starting out in life with 2 little kids, don't even make enough to live on their own much less buy health insurance yet every year they had to pay a huge fine.
Dennis Kearns Don’t worry king Hussein, you still have your legacy of creating racism and lawlessness and a failed healthcare system! Thank you!
Lorenzo Trujillo The essence of Obamacare: “There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him.” ~Robert A. Heinlein

Because no one represents unbiased justice like Eric Holder.

Eric Holder Issues Warning to Trump Administration About Mueller
Eric Holder Issues Warning to Trump Administration About Mueller

"Speaking on behalf of the vast majority of the American people..."

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Rod Bridgers Eric Holder has never spoken on behalf of the vast majority. He is the same nitwit that armed Mexican cartels with guns later traced to the murder of American Border Patroil agents
Scott Stephens He doesn’t speak for the “vast majority” not even a simple majority. This is the reason his party keeps losing. They keep trying to tell us what we think.
Mark Osier Trump speaks for the majority of Americans....Eric Holder is panty waste, and should be in prison next to his homie Obama!
Joyce Miller Butler they must be getting close to the real hot truth ...so Holder issues his warning....lol this man does not speak for anyone but himself and he does not do that very well either....how arrogant and entitled lol.....and Joe Finn I love your comment...his ...
Nancy Pringle Warner Nine of the 15 lawyers on Mueller’s team have reportedly made campaign contributions to Democrats, which many Republicans say creates an appearance of bias against Trump.

It's amazing that this actually exists, let alone that this random guy captured video of it. To think that for more than 30 years Democrats have objected to America having this.

Man on Street Happens to Capture Missile Defense System in Action, Lighting Up Sky
Man on Street Happens to Capture Missile Defense System in Action, Lighting Up Sky

Stunning video footage recorded in Israel sometime Wednesday shows the moment the Israeli Defense Forces’ Iron Dome air defense system intercepted a series of rockets fired from Hamas terrorists in Gaza. “Two rockets were intercepted over Sderot and a third rocket landed in open territory in Esh...

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Peter Strals You know that it is a Republican saying this.
Karin Schoonmaker Fullam Heavens, we don't want the ability to decisively and effectively defend ourselves!
Peggy Hathaway If we were to get attacked, the idiots wouldn’t oppose us having them, then.
Rodney Boles This is what will happen to bowl cut jrs missiles if he tries to attack the U.S.
Susan Stubbs Might be useful if NK carries out its threats.

Just in case you thought otherwise, Franken's departure doesn't actually make anything better.

Franken Replacement
Franken Replacement's Past Confirms She'll Be 10x Worse Than He Ever Was

Embattled and disgraced Minnesota Sen. Al Franken recently announced he would be resigning — at some unspecified date — due to several allegations of sexual harassment and impropriety lodged against him. On Wednesday, CNN reported that Minnesota Lieutenant Governor, Tina Smith, was chosen by Dem...

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Dennis Zeimet What did I read this right 10X worse, worse then what. Is she saying she will be a bigger slime ball then him.
David Owens Jeffcoat The Democrats called for Franken to resign because they knew the Democratic governor would appoint another Democrat but they did not call for Menendez, who's also been accused of sexual misconduct in New Jersey to resign because there's a Republican ...
Bob Jimenez So she is going to be pinching guys and gals in her office and playing holier than thou in front of the cameras?
Marilyn Benson Some will be run out of town and some won’t. This is dragging up old stuff from the past that should stay in the past.
Melanie Philip Isn't that really what the Democrats were gearing up for? They will eat their own if they have to, to make room for newer troublemakers to freshen up their fight for seats...

Well, I think our texter may have just done the anatomically impossible to himself.

Mueller Team Leak: "Trump Should Go F*** Himself"
Mueller Team Leak: "Trump Should Go F*** Himself"

More than 10,000 text messages between two senior FBI officials reveal numerous disparaging comments about President Donald Trump from the 2016 campaign season, including one saying that Trump can go “F*** himself.” Peter Strzok, a former top counterintelligence agent at the FBI, was fired over ...

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Mary Gimelli Ray The entire premise of said investigation is based on a fake dossier which was conceived and paid for by Shrillary and her team of criminals! The entire thing is a SHAM!
Nona Alessio Comey leaked a note to the New York Times saying he did it so that a special investigator would be hired, Mueller! Comey called the shots on this and we are tolerating it even though the people he has in place are bitter enemy’s to the investigated.
Valerie DeLise Bet that so called "stench of Trump supporters at Wal-Mart" will smell like roses when your elite communist a$$ is rotting in prison. The traitors should be lined up and shot to save our tax dollars.
Linda Schalabba Bombik From reading the content of those emails, I believe they were quite fanatical. That makes me frightened. When you are that obcessed, what do you do to change what you are upset about? And these people had it in theeir power to make big changes in their ...
Ernest McDaniel Trump would make a great poker player he could ended this investigation on himself but by letting them dig they are burying themselves and the Hillary lemmings. TRUMP proved what my momma always said if you have nothing to hide the real truth will ...

Also: Sheryl Crowe is country?

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Ted Eisenman Anyone who thinks that "gun control" will keep guns out of the hands of Criminals or potential Criminals is three bricks short of a brain. Didn't work in England, France, or Australia...won't work here. People who intend or causing harm to others, or ...
Chuck Hewitt She is neither country, nor a superstar.
Cathy Bennett Amonette She moved to Nashville...middle Tennessee when she became irrelevant in rock music. Now, she is trying to be relevant again with this stand.
Hymen Capsuto The thing with all these liberal celebrities that are clueless is that influence young peoples minds who are already mindless. They will believe anything their idols preach.
Robert Wytchur Why does this country always boycott things that I don't care about already? Some examples: Crowe, Madonna, Eminem, NFL, Target, and Chick Fil A. Let's boycott some things that I can get behind. Let's boycott the FCC, WalMart, Comcast, and Verizon. Oh ...

Religion of peace update.

5 Miles from Failed NYC Bombing, Imam Calls for Deaths, "To the Very Last One"
5 Miles from Failed NYC Bombing, Imam Calls for Deaths, "To the Very Last One"

There was a failed attempt at a mass casualty terrorist attack in New York City on Monday, when 27-year-old Bangladeshi immigrant Akayed Ullah tried to detonate a homemade explosive device but succeeded only in severely wounding himself while causing minor injuries to a few other people. While the l...

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Myra Speich Toms Throw him OUT of our country! We deserve to be safe from radicals, such as this!
Robert Humphrey He should be arrested and thrown out of this country.
Robert Maffitt Herman Cain ~ Got to Love His Views. Having been in business and now a V.P., he has a realistic views and it would be great to see him on the Trump Train. I do understand why he is a successful person I admire and respect. Merry Christmas Brother....
Ann Hancock I am sure if you look closer into the photo, several of the audience members in this Mosque and you will notice their most devoted attendees....Cuomo and de Blasio.
Judy-Lynne Feilden Turn the building into a strip club with 9 year old strippers (since they're considered adults in the Qur'an) and back rooms with goats and sheep to rent by the hour.

Bring this kind of nonsense before Trey Gowdy, you're not going to have a pleasant time.

Trey Gowdy Unloads on Deputy AG, Teaches Him the Meaning of "Interest Free" Counsels
Trey Gowdy Unloads on Deputy AG, Teaches Him the Meaning of "Interest Free" Counsels

If you want to get to the bottom of a scandal, send in Trey Gowdy. The fiery congressman from South Carolina has a well-earned reputation as somebody who can cut through the bull — well, the manure — and get right to the core of a problem. That’s exactly what he did this week, after…

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Ira Townsend I wish I could physically see a meter above people heads as to their level of dread when answering Gowdy's questions. He absolutely needs to replace Sessions.
Sean DeDanaan So much corruption in the F.B.I. and the DOJ. It's disgusting. Anyone who believes either organization has the slightest bit of integrity is completely delusional.
Rich Jenkins Although I'm as frustrated as everyone else !!!!!! Be patient and let Jeff sessions do his job !!!!! Its the slow movers who do the best job !!!! Remember the hare and the tortuous !!!!! Rosenstein needs to be fired !!!!!! Where s spell check when you ...
Thomas V. Provenzano Trey Gowdy for Attorney General babyyyyy..... Been saying this since the election.... Sessions needs to go!
Peggy Williamson It's entertaining, but when was the last time Congress sought grand jury indictments? They let Eric Holder get by with many purjeries.

Oh, but there's nothing wrong at the FBI. Not at all.

Explosive FBI Text Messages Show Agent Planning to Change Outcome of 2016 Election
Explosive FBI Text Messages Show Agent Planning to Change Outcome of 2016 Election

Two FBI officials who previously took part in special counsel Robert Mueller’s widely panned Russia investigation exchanged text messages during the summer of 2016 in which they appeared to discuss ways to prevent then-GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump from being elected president. “I want t...

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Mimi Knight Now, this was one person and how many Americans think the same. People are making a big issue of ☝️ person, that was terminated from the investigation.
Sharon Tryon Everybody on here start calling Washington and ask Jeff sessions do his job so we can get him to do the job or he needs to be fired
Kenny Henderson GOD made that fail. GODs way only. TRUMP is GODs chosen one. Nothing will ever change that. All that try will be destroyed badly.
Richard McCrea I have a question, if the DOJ and the FBI are corrupt then why can't the American people hire the necessary lawyers and sue these departments all the way to the supreme Court.?
Bill Freeman Is it just me or is Sessions more worried about a bunch of tattooed Mexican gang members then taking care of business at home?!?!? Can't multi task...

When you hear stories about how horrible cops are, keep in mind what happens in this video. This is what they have to deal with.

Bodycam Shows Entitled NFL Punk Adding to League
Bodycam Shows Entitled NFL Punk Adding to League's Already Huge PR Problems

The NFL’s problems are continuing to get worse, thanks to players who cannot seem to conduct themselves in an orderly manner. TMZ Sports reported that Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman Malik McDowell was arrested Sunday morning in Atlanta for disorderly conduct. Bodycam footage of the incident is...

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Dennis McCleskey That's the problem. The worthless athletes that get paid to much money and think they are just great. They are owed nothing. Should of used the tazer on him, maybe he would learn to keep his mouth shut. The worthless NFL will probably just slap his hand!
Janet A Nunn Nobody should talk to anyone in that manner. He seems to think if he pays millions in taxes he’s entitled to talk to people this way. Sad 😜
Holly L Wells Yes, this is the kind of behavior they pay millions of dollars to for entertainment. WRong....no wonder kids today show no respect
Aries Lynn The arresting officer was highly professional. With the exception of forgetting to search this dude, and the female cursing at the offender,I’m 100% sure they’ll be showing a lot of this video in Police Academies.
Adam Locher It doesn’t matter what standards the NFL tires to put in place. These “players” have enough money to get out from under everything from DUI to Murder. They are a perfect example of what’s wrong with this country.

Watch the video of the play the NFL now claims was clean. You don't think they're afraid to fine this guy because of his habit of crying racism, do you?

NFL Makes Absurd Determination On Michael Bennett
NFL Makes Absurd Determination On Michael Bennett's Dirty Play

Apparently, it's only a dirty play when it happens to Bennett.

803 reactions 263 comments
David Splawn I'm a Seahawks fan, but even I agree Bennett should have been fined for that, maybe even suspended a game.
Robert Gaglione Unfortunately think trump is correct there scared of these NFL players especially social justice wannabe Michelle cheap-shot Bennett
Dan Harrigan The NFL may of decided it was "Clean" I guess the fans reaction as Bennett was leaving the field is justified. I don't support it at all but at least he knows some one besides the refs didnt like the move.
Dave Kelsey Looks like a racially motivated attack. Bennett is an ugly thug who couldn't earn a living any other way. He will probably get shot when he crosses the wrong person
Joyce Miller Butler guess the NFL is crumbling under the weight of their own players misdeeds....so let them sink....we have had two seasons of the crap...and these players will be the death of the NFL...and with over half of the players 869 of them felons....maybe that's ...

Who knows more about basketball? Magic Johnson? Or the mouth that never stops?

Magic Johnson Reportedly Forced To Step In, Shut Down LaVar Ball
Magic Johnson Reportedly Forced To Step In, Shut Down LaVar Ball

LaVar has criticized how the Lakers are handling son Lonzo.

1.5k reactions 162 comments
Pam McDaniel Cox Why do you keep giving attention? He is not worth it and no one cares!!
Flora D'Arcy If he wants the best for Lonzo, he should concentrate on his education and not basketball
Ayla Hawthorne LaVar is feeding his ego off the media coverage he's getting. PERIOD! Stop covering him, he'll go away! lol
Ann Hancock I hope Mr. LaVar will continue in his idiocy because sooner or later, he will be left only with his idiocy.
Brandon Jones Please leave this man to his ramblings and quit making news of it. The media is giving him what he wants. He is nothing but a fool.

Oh did she now?

Well well . . . Lisa Bloom asked donors for cash to pay Trump accusers
Well well . . . Lisa Bloom asked donors for cash to pay Trump accusers

The going rate on slander? We didn't pay much attention to the big press conference last week featuring President Trump's sexual-misbehavior accusers because a) there was nothing new; b) th

4.8k reactions 668 comments
Allan Cornia What happens when a defense attorney pays someone to say they are a witness in a crime? In a Courtroom, that would be a mistrial and the Attorney would be fined, jailed, and probably disbarred.
Leanne Nicholson MacNeil They hate Trump so much that they'd do this! Anger to the highest level! I don't hate anyone this bad! What is wrong with people?
Joyce Miller Butler she is asking for cash to pay the women to tell their story....seems like bribery and collusion to fabricate a fairytale ....and this is a lawyer....stinks to high heaven of being paid to lie and slander....I think she had better understand she will be ...
Marti Erickson I certainly loved it when her heifer of a client was trying to sue the singer Usher for giving her herpes.. even went on national TV with this crap ..come to find out she never went to his room he never slept with her and he wasn't the one to give her ...
William Puddy So you wonder why the need to offer money. (1) To convince the wronged person to speak out. (2) To pay someone to lie about a made-up offense (3) To encourage non-affected persons to invent accusations.

I notice Miss Israel didn't have a similar problem. Interesting.

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Esther Morehead According to her own account, broadcast during the Ms Universe 2018 contest, she'd already had to "flee Iraq" because she'd worked as a Translator for the US Military, while it was in Iraq. So, maybe it was just her family that had to Flee now.
Nancy Lisitza Herman, I love your radio show!
Steve Smith I hope Miss Iraq can receive asylum in the United States.
Rich Jenkins Pretty ladies !!!! I don t care where their from !!!!!!

Some people need it explained to them how the government actually works.

Gowdy Gets Asked to Investigate Accusations Against Trump and He Had an Immediate Answer
Gowdy Gets Asked to Investigate Accusations Against Trump and He Had an Immediate Answer

"This is true for many reasons but especially true in crimes of this serious nature."

710 reactions 63 comments
Keith Johnson They won't take it to the DOJ or file charges, because they don't have anything. They are all liars.
Arlene Chomiuk It seems that there should be some type of educational standards for elected officials. Perhaps university graduation and a job in the public sector for a minimum of ten years before they can even run for office. This would give them a better basis for ...
Brian Holley Looks like the left is on a new attack plan, seeing as how the Russian collusion narrative is blowing up in their face.
Tanya Nosler That's understandableb) but my question is - what is treys job? Just to bark at people and do nothing?
Karen Wilson Anderson And after at least one woman admitting she was paid to say he molested her, it brings the other claims into question.

Things are, allegedly, back on track.

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Don L Singleton This guy never was going to vote no on this bill. Many people should leave office in 2018/2020 and Rubio should be one of the first.
Joyce Miller Butler well the issue is now settled it is a win/win....hope Rubio does not think that this is going to become a habit or his new tradition....cause I think he is now one and done
Dorie Kay True conservatives would be eliminating these welfare moves, not in increasing them. FAIR TAX IS THE BEST TAX POLICY. All have a stake in the country and no one gets “special deals”. This individual tax plan is a joke. Almost as bad as current.
Bruce Brown Rubio represents Florida which has about 70% of children born out of wedlock which result in many file for financial assistance. Maybe that's where training is needed not to have children TILL YOU CAN SUPPORT THEM!
Christine Wise Not a peep about the medical expense deduction being eliminated BUT hell let's blackmail the entire country into increasing that child welfare payment disguised as a 'tax refund' to people who don't pay any taxes!! Shame on you Sen Rubio!!

He must be trying out for a job with CNN.

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Laura A Herzo When are they going to stop saying this stuff on TV and on here? Perverts. Kids don't need to hear your lies.
Alan Kuhlman I dont believe the "President" did that. Those were accusations BEFORE he was President so you cant say "BY" the President. ;) Facts you know....
Melanie Philip I stopped watching after that...no need, the hearing had nothing to do with Trump, I just keep getting more disgusted every day... Also wasn't this man the one leading the charge for Impeachment. Dumb as a rock and not sure how he got elected and why he ...
Ray Shank it's now been proven that Trumps accusers were paid to make sexual misconduct allegations against Donald Trump. Lisa Bloom is taking donations to pay them.
Toni Donahue if the taxpayers are paying for a hearing about the corruption in the FBI, then these people who went off subject, owe the taxpayers a refund.

Democrats are going to need to bring a lot more illegal aliens across the border before they can pull this one off.

768 reactions 215 comments
Ann Lack Is Juliana planning on finding more women to pay off and lie about Cruz like the women in Alabama? Women who come forth only at times of elections should have to speak under oath before a court or take a lie detector test before they smear someone!!!!! ...
John Blakely He raised 2.8M? Does that equate to a lot of votes? I think it does within DNC or at least a move toward a lot of votes. Time will tell but after Nov 2016 why are they so sure of themselves? Seems like they're listening to the same lies out of the same ...
Zenobia Nln The senior Obama official still has a job? Come on someone, didn't he harass someone etc. years ago? Maybe the right needs to start fighting fire with accusations.
Barbara Dearman Castro uttered a threat directly to named candidate. Alabama’s election outcome was the result of fraudulent voting...illegals and bussing people over the state line to vote. Those two major items is a crime. Our DOJ in Washington should be ...
Tim Baughman Well, as is typical of the loony left, Crux can't be labeled as a sexual predator. And they may have to ask themselves if their creation of the "ME TOO" group has been so successful. especially since it has caused so many on the left to resign or to be ...

If you're one of the people who thinks the end is nigh because net neutrality regulations were repealed, please calm down and read this.

Left loses its mind over net-neutrality repeal, will be awfully surprised when nothing bad happens
Left loses its mind over net-neutrality repeal, will be awfully surprised when nothing bad happens

Meltdown. The Internet is no longer free! Variations of that filled social media yesterday as left-wing activists and normal people who don't know any better bought into the notion that the

5.5k reactions 407 comments
John Casey Usually I agree with you Herman Cain, but this not this time. This time you are on the wrong side of history. Sorry, Net Neutrality has been in place since dialup. Obama's portion has been since 2015. The lack of Net Neutrality would be the equivalent ...
Bruce Haynes My only concern is being stuck in a monopolistic service location. That said, I was against it when it was being proposed initially, and I'll shed no tears with it's demise.
Janet Cabezud Net neutrality, which is a very misleading name, but we expect that from liberals who like to redefine everything to sound like your getting something good or more freedom when in fact you are getting less, was passed by Obama and his ilk specifically ...
Joe Corona They won’t be surprised when nothing bad happens. They won’t say anything when nothing bad happens.... just like with Obamacare
Dan Shan I think that this , "oversight of internet protections will shift from the FCC to the Federal Trade Commission.", is a bigger issue than internet speed. The FCC regulates "communications". The Federal Trade Commission regulates "commerce" and is ...

Probably not going to work, but I like it anyway. He should sue them for Bountygate too.

NFL Team Hit With Lawsuit, Courtesy of Flag-Loving Americans
NFL Team Hit With Lawsuit, Courtesy of Flag-Loving Americans

Fed up with the NFL’s ongoing national anthem protests, one fan has attempted to strike back by filing a suit against the New Orleans Saints in the hopes of recouping the thousands of dollars he spent on season tickets to the team’s games. Louisiana resident Lee Dragna filed a suit in a district...

510 reactions 122 comments
Brett Hancock This is funny ! These activist are strong not smart and soom be able to make $16 or $17 dollars an hour,
John Walsh Hopefully other season ticket holders of all teams join in and make this a class action lawsuit against the teams and NFL.
Scott Jenkins I literally have not watched a single NFL game in over 2 years, now if college football kids start doing this stuff I'm going to be in trouble
Chris Feeley If you're going to write the article at least use a photo of them protesting, not praying in the end zone!
Janet Albrecht Should do a when he called a class action suit! That's probably why they won't give his 8,000 back because it'll be a lot of $8,000 refunds it will start it.

Apparently sometimes it's OK to smack the president, and this was one of them.

Pastor Smacks Trump in Oval Office and Secret Service Absolutely Love It
Pastor Smacks Trump in Oval Office and Secret Service Absolutely Love It

Evangelical Christian Pastor John Mark Burns of the Harvest Praise & Worship Center in South Carolina reportedly smacked President Donald Trump on the back during a visit Tuesday to the Oval Office, but not because he sought to hurt the president. Rather, Burns reportedly smacked Trump on the back t...

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Dana Page Just where did he smack him? It could have been sexual harassment if he slapped him on the butt.
Keith Wood Apropos of absolutely nothing, has anyone seen Chuck Schemer today . . ?
Ray Exline *Sarcastically said, "Ahhh, an Obama plant?!!"...
Renee Antaya God sure stepped in. We know who protects our President.
Rosalia Lugo No calls on Sexual harassment? Oh wait they all republicans... U know what I mean?? Lol

Some fleet Bowl Cut Jr.s' got there.

New "Ghost Ships" From KJU Signal the Implosion of NK
New "Ghost Ships" From KJU Signal the Implosion of NK

It’s no secret that North Korea is an extremely strange place… but the Hermit Kingdom just got even more bizarre. A spike in the number of so-called “ghost ships” being found washed up on Japan’s coast are an eerie clue that the regime may be teetering on the brink of collapse. The name �...

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Edward Hughart roflao
John Smith Sounds like he is experiment i
Ed Ambros this country si making nuclear subs ))))hahahahah
Phillip Sullivan Bring it on Fat Man!
Barbara Al-Faisal I wonder how it stays afloat!

There are lawyers who do this? I can't believe it. Wait. Yes I can.

Report: Lawyer Caught Offering Woman $200,000 to Accuse Trump of Sex Assault
Report: Lawyer Caught Offering Woman $200,000 to Accuse Trump of Sex Assault

Two months ago former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly revealed the existence of a tape that he claims shows what he described as “an anti-Trump attorney” offering a woman $200,000 during the presidential election last year to issue false sexual harassment claims against then-GOP nominee Donald Tru...

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Jack Hagerman The lawyer profession has some of the most sociopathic, narcissistic people and alot become politicians. It will be our downfall.
Pat Blann This is so awful. Our President doesn't deserve this. I've always been fairly tolerant of liberals, but I've had enough of them.
Michael Smith Until the tape is released, this is nothing more than supposition, much like the accusations againt the President. Think about that for a minute.
Adam Christopher Jones A very interesting read. Although, I will be honest what drew me in was the picture of the man. I was like, " is... is that Kevin Spacey? Is Kevin Spacey a lawyer and bribin' people know, what's going on here?"
Jennifer Basgall Cox Is it Alred??? On Hillary's behalf? LOL...They should b very sure they r accurate charges cuz the entire trump family don't play...they haul your butt to court! #proveit #payup #tellthetruth

Attention package thieves: If I were you I'd stay off this guy's porch.

Sick of Package Thieves, Man Employs Special Ammo
Sick of Package Thieves, Man Employs Special Ammo

During the holiday season, there’s almost nothing worse than a thief. Gifts sent through the mail are often left out in the open. Thoughtful presents bought with hard-earned money can disappear in seconds under these conditions. With 11 million package thefts happening every year, the situation se...

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Frank Cheesman Use the real thing, if u start taking them out won't have this problem.
Joel Foltz Rock salt leaves a lasting impression too..............
Danna Britton I should buy this for my Son he has had several packages stolen!
Nick Prezzato Notice the woman hada a nice suv, she wasn't poor
Dave Loomis Play stupid games get what you have coming.

The rumor mill has shifted into high gear over the course of the last 24 hours. ...So we just wanted to let you know what people in D.C. are talking about.

Rampant rumors suggest Paul Ryan will resign as Speaker after the 2018 midterms
Rampant rumors suggest Paul Ryan will resign as Speaker after the 2018 midterms

Hmmmmmm..... This will make some conservatives very happy and others, not so much. Personally, I'm of the opinion that Mitch McConnell has been much more of a problem than Ryan - but

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Mary Eileen Gardner Ryan's seat in the House is not secure in 2018
Simione Gusuivalu He wants to run in 2020 that's all. He's an undocumented democrats.
Mike McBeath What exactly has he accomplished as speaker? Not much.
Shawn McNelis Another rhino down the drain. The swamp gets two foot shallower with him gone.
Shirley Coogan He may not be rejected no way he a jerk, liar, thief and much much more. I would trust him one bit ever.

What the . . . ?

Oof: Rubio says he
Oof: Rubio says he'll vote no on the tax bill unless child tax credit is expanded

Dumb. Oh for crying out loud. The guy talks a good game on a lot of things but he's showing us more by the day that he's fundamentally clueless about growth and markets. To think I once tho

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Mark Couch Yes we all know how bad the kids need a huge tax return check so they can run to Walmart and buy up 60 inch TV's and the can be big rollers for a month.
Keri Hanke Come on Marco.....you are smarter than this. Even Reagan said ' if I can't get 100%, I'll settle for 80 and come back for the other 20 later...Payroll taxes are what you pay so that when you retire you have money!!!! why should having a child offset ...
John Weibel #DONEWITHTHEGOP about done with these establishment #asshats If their lack of a spine means they don't represent me. If I am to be in the political wilderness, then I will join the #libertarian party.
Connie Nelson I can't believe he is the first Presidential candidate I donated to and actively supported. Yikes, I'm totally, totally glad he didn't win because he shows repeatedly he is incompentent as a senator.
Mary Easterling Jackson If you don't work and pay 0 taxes you shouldn't be having babies you can't afford to receive a tax credit. I will ever understand why people have babies when they can even support themselves.
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