Herman Cain
14:51 04/20/2017

What did they expect? If you're going to run a factory in Chavez-land, don't be surprised when the jackboots come a-knockin'!

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Greg Silva
That's what happens when you move your Corp to a 3rd world country, way too unstable, that's the price you pay for sweat labor
Mike Rutledge
Sorry about your bad luck you pathetic, stupid, idiots. Build a plant in America and that won't happen. LMFAO!!! 😅😅😅😅😅😅
Dave R Entrot
What does Venezuela think their going to do with the factory now that they have it? Even if they build vehicles they won't be able to get parts and sell them.
Joel Zivic
I attended a meeting, as a Boeing employee(now former) that was held by a Commercial Div. V.P and Sen. Patty Murray and had to listen to why we should buy into the plans to build parts in OTHER COUNTRIES...as we sat here a 45 minute flight away..and at that time, about 250 of us faced a Springtime layoff due to the 9/11 attack... Thats a tough one to swallow. Give THEM jobs so they'll buy your planes? Wow. Time for a change yeah?...
Bryan Gordon
Even with Ford writing off $800 million, that is $800 million that they didn't have to pay taxes on. GM will write off this loss too.
Annette Villalobos
I don't understand how Sean Penn, Naomi Campbell, Susan Sarandon, Michael Moore & other Celebrities .. endorsed & supported Hugo Chavez & Maduro!!! Shameful .., total tyranny, starvation, suppression, they need to stay out of what they no nothing about !!! Socialism =Venezuela
James Miller
GM never seems to learn. They have a short term profitability fixation. As long as executives receive their bonuses . Venezuela has been shaky for decades --- GM should have known better.
Dan Maidment
This should pose no problem internationally when the U.S. chooses to nationalize steel, auto, electronics, food production and processing, transportation, energy generation, medical supplies and pharmaceuticals, healthcare...
Hugo Tbrga
He seized the oil platforms from BP. Kicked out the English b/4 his engineers were up to par. My US company had to go down & repair items. Got out as they seized a glass manufacturing plant.
Ken Nation
Communists are notorious murderers and thieves, no matter where they are located. They justify their evils to themselves and to the useful idiots who allow them to continue their misdeeds. Venezuela is no exception.
Randy Monnin
They took Total's oil platforms, held a jackup rig hostage until they literally could not make it run anymore so were forced to let owners back on to operate it lol. Nothing new here with taking things down there.
Nona Alessio
Maybe they can get the educators, Hollywood types, Hillary, Nancy, Maxine, Soros, Moore and Obama to move there and help fix the mess they've been trying to create here.
Mike Griffin
How is this illegal? Venezuela is a sovereign (albeit deeply-flawed) nation. It may be unconscionable, but that doesn't make it illegal. American companies who choose to operate in such environments do not do so with impunity, and just because they're "our guys" doesn't give them any special rights. P.S. - "....to cover *its *losses.....".
Stephen Tenhet
The media is completely ignoring the implosion of their socialist paradise. Now the master is arming his supporters and disarming everyone else. This is going to get worse before it gets better.
Randy Johnson
Glad to see it. The unions destroyed GM in the states, then Bush/Obama bailed them out and then let the same unions run GM. You can also bet the unions did not let Venezuelan workers have a union, since more profits were needed there to help pay for union retirement plans in the States. Unions of every kind in our country need to be cut off at the knees. Sick of them destroying everything they touch.

Other newsfeed from Herman Cain

Beware any bill we simply have to pass right away, because any time that happens, it's going to get larded up like this:

Found: Real Reason "Bump Stock Bill" Is Being Pushed Through Unread
Found: Real Reason "Bump Stock Bill" Is Being Pushed Through Unread

Is YOUR rifle banned under this proposed bill?

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Gary Glaser Beware, indeed!
Steven Moshlak Pass HR 38, already!!!
Lorraine Grant Smith Gun owners call your Congressmen.
Monte Nelson A bunch of hidden bs. Beware b
Terryd VanKirk Remember last time liberal democrats passed anything we got obamacare.

Is this why they seem so detached from reality?

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Greg Girtman Well this might explain a lot
Jamie Robert Potlock Too old to make decisions for us all.
Mac McLaughlin I know there's many that sound like retards especially John Lewis
Mac McLaughlin Elizabeth Warren is goofy as hell she shouldn't be making decisions for anyone including herself
Jo Lavigne We are paying for that so I want to know!

Thank God things turned out better for them than for Kayla Mueller when Obama ignored her.

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Joyce Poer God bless PRESIDENT Trump
Cynthia Vasquez Sad for Kayla family
Silvia Medina-Ventura Thank you President Trump. God bless you.
Kitty Shane Koina Both liars these two, I would've left them there.

If you see these two, contact the good guys - the ones Colin Kaepernick thinks are pigs.

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Jan Stein Disgusting
Walter Lauinger Hunt them down.
Bill Klone Bows, good poaching tool, no noise.
Carol A Eck They protect the very football players that criticize them?
Greg Barnes Yeah, these guys are thugs. Lock them up.

Aw . . . we miss you too.

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Dennis Madsen Michael, we are glad you gone, finally. Eight years of hell.
Madeleine Mulanix This picture and others like it, are how I always remember her. She looks very mean and hateful.
Joan Secrest The Obamas are just so sick.
Becky Flowers Yikes ~ that face is scary!!! I'm so glad we're FREE of the Obamas too!!!
Camille Seymour America couldn’t be happier that the racist SKANK is out of the White House too!

We're no longer pretending these people are anything but the anti-Semitic creeps they are.

Breaking: Trump Proves to UN He
Breaking: Trump Proves to UN He's Not Obama, Pulls Out of Commission

Trump just showed the world how a real leader stands up for its allies ...

614 reactions 27 comments
Jimmy Winters Rhonda J Winters
Marlene Eyre Yes indeed!
Diane Marie Davidson Goodson Shared
Annie Oakley exactly...
Gabriella Kantor ANTI SEMETIC jerks indeed!

"I'm shocked that this story appears to be getting even worse," said no one.

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Samantha Miller A lot of people are blaming these ones coming out finally. I know we can't stand Hollywood but We shouldn't chastise those that finally come out with the truth, like so many have. There's more to come and they need to keep the courage to call out other ...
Teresa Green bet he did Julie......maybe someone will come out about that......too......that'said why they'really not opening their mouth
Ronnie Van Humphries Well, a lot of times these stories start, and perhaps some of the initial ones are true, but then all the false allegations start, and you gotta take most all with a grain of salt. Have a suspicions the child allegation stories will probably turn out ...
Mindy Meeks I'm sure we'll find out he was on Epstein island with Bill. Amazing the power to squash that news story!
Dale McGeorge Finally beginning to reveal the bottom of the pit but will the connection to our "Servants" in Washington be made? As I have explained for more than 2 years, this is not just Hollywood, it is International and connects to Congress and other ...

Probably poetic justice.

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Haley Chace You reap what you sow
Frank Woodman Jr You do the crime you spend the time.
Carol Lighty Disrespect......breeds disrespect!!!
Amy Quiggins Had it coming

He's writing checks his bowl cut can't cash.

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Arlene Brown Is he the only fat person in N Korea?
Alan Zluticky 👍👍👍👍
Angie Baker N.Y.
Ray Jasper Don't do it NOKO man.
Joseph Baker You got that right

Really . . .

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James Elliott Support
Lorraine Clelland Weak man Obama
Melanie Philip I gave my opinion a while back that all others have tried to talk to the dough boy diplomatically but what I did say was that Trump hasn't spoken to him.. apparently Rex has but we are not privy to how that went, did anyone see a report.? I am a ...
Kevin Houghtaling Obama’s toughest decisions were apparently about golf courses and vacation destinations.
Mike Harris Wouldn't give Obummer the toilet paper to wipe his behind with .

Or he could just do his job, but since he refuses to do that . . .

1.8k reactions 154 comments
Peg Reutzel He needs to go. Along with some (many?) of others. They have been of no use to us.
Gary Williams Don't ask, replace him!
Joe Mercer Mitch McConnell is the poster boy for what is wrong with Washington
Cathy Gonzalez All dinosaurs must retire....
Joan Colby With that many failures working in a corporation--you would be FIRED. Corporations are not going to pay leadership for no accomplishments. We absolutely need TERM LIMITS for all political personnel.

We saw this exact scenario play out with another President McCain didn't care for. ...So, tax relief be damned, OF COURSE he'll try to stop reform.

2.6k reactions 1465 comments
Judy Carter History will not be kind to this man. He has shamed himself all the while thinking he is patriot - he is not. His hate for Trump has overpowered his logic for what is best for America. He has become an obstructionist. He needs to go home and spend ...
John Capobianco Jr If he screws this up, he should be removed from all committees and then recalled by the AZ Gov. for medical issues . He is out of control
Harry Rhodes McCain is a hateful, jealous, vindictive, non-hero of the Vietnam War who does not care for the American citizens. He needs to tuck is tail between his legs and go home, so someone can take his seat in politics who will do something good for Americans.
Barbara Gingenbach You can be angry and still do your job. Traitor McCain is too busy with personal vendettas to do his job. He is the poster child for going back to States choosing their Senatorial Representatives at the Federal level. McCain is a has been Senator whose ...
Robert Hinshaw This old fool should be under investigation for his connections to Soros and other anti American organizations. Just another obstructionist who needs to go.

In other words, we're going to stop pretending not to notice what everyone knows is true.

Trump speech today will certify Iran
Trump speech today will certify Iran's non-compliance with nuclear deal

He will also designate Iran's Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization, which has the mad mullahs promising a "crushing" response. It's hardly news that Iran in not in complia

837 reactions 42 comments
Mark Colwell Sounds like more winning to me.
Janice Smith Trump don't play....
Linda Maciolek Being them DOWN to there KNEES
Mark Reiff Would love to look at your article but, Facebook will never let me open them
Don Raymond Kensil Herman, given your demonstrated lack of knowledge of world affairs, I'd stick to spinning pizzas

No Obamacare repeal? No tax reform this year? No substantive federal cuts? Yeah, 'cynical' is one way to put it. VIDEO

Ted Cruz:
Ted Cruz: 'You have good reason to be cynical' about our do-nothing Senate

No tax reform this year? Ted Cruz knows how angry you are. He gets that you're frustrated with do-nothing Republicans - particularly those in the Senate - who spent years promising an Oba

2.0k reactions 221 comments
Scott Ormiston I CAN wait till the new Senate election of nov 2018, where the Republican Senate Establishment will have no place and will be shut out by our new Senate Republican Majority who will pass a real tax cut (not reform or revenue neutrality) but something ...
Sandy Doran Our goverment is overtaken with globalists and they are blocking Trump from any actions that help Americans the overthrow would of happened already had Hillary been elected and in my opinion Cruz isn't fooling me for one minute he is a Goldman Sachs ...
Jon Quinn They all campaign and say one thing, then once elected protect their personal investments, lobbies and the big donor corporations. They are such hypocrites in that during campaigns they can point out everything other candidates do, then jump right ...
Kerry Leist ACA Insurer Fee. Remove it. Not Fair. Taking money from Medicare participants to fund Obamacare. How could you ever think this was okay?!
Emy Lytle I think if u want to stay in office u should do what ur constituents expect u to do because they're the ones who elected u and do what's right but if ur just going to sit there and get paid for nothing I think people should not re elect u and get ...

Developments overnight. Senate Republicans may not be willing to get rid of ObamaCare, but President Donald J. Trump isn't letting that stop him.

Overnight, Trump took a second chunk out of ObamaCare . . . slashing insurer subsidies
Overnight, Trump took a second chunk out of ObamaCare . . . slashing insurer subsidies

Taxpayers will no longer bail out insurers losing money on high-cost patients, and that's got ObamaCare's defenders in a total panic. Apparently President Trump was just getting started wit

3.3k reactions 165 comments
Bob Shank if this is ok with you, then you're just as much of a maggot as he is. when we get to the point in our society to where we deny healthcare to our children and seniors, then we have become worse than uncivilized.
Arlene Brown The courts had already found the subsidies to be illegal something Obama's administration kept challenging. If the government is going to pay subsidies (we all know that every dollar the government is spending came from a workers paycheck and cuts into ...
Michael Smith If the Federal Government will get COMPLETELY out of the healthcare business, the healthcare business will stabilize itself. I doubt you will see many doctors changing jobs to drive a truck. I doubt you will see any big pharmaceutical companies ...
Craig Durham Insurers are stuck with pre-existing condition coverage, and now no subsidies. More massive premium hikes and insurers exiting the market in 3...2...1... These moves seem designed to *collapse* 0-Care, not repeal it on the installment plan. A collapse ...
Kim Colyer The only way we get FAIR healthcare is to put all government employees on the same plan! Insurance company profits from our tax payer $ is simply CRAZY!

Yeah I think we're kind of figuring this out, Matt.

Matt Lauer Comes Clean On NBC Weinstein Cover-Up
Matt Lauer Comes Clean On NBC Weinstein Cover-Up

This is going to be very bad for NBC.

663 reactions 65 comments
Claudia Hernandez The trouble with news and entertainment conglomerate is that they aim at uniformity.
Barbara Anderson Surprised? But if he had been a conservative / then 24/7 coverage. Karma
John Thime The old saying, “money talks, everything else walks”👎😤
Lance Young Kinda look alike. Didn't matter get in trouble with women?
Tracy Trahan Don't forget what Scandal Matt was in a couple years ago about having an affair with women why he's married

We feel for you, Cleveland, and now the geniuses at Newsweek know just who you should blame:

Newsweek: The Indians might have lost because one of their pitchers supports Trump
Newsweek: The Indians might have lost because one of their pitchers supports Trump

Yeah. We know. As my son Tony so astutely put it, "Didi Gregorius cost the Indians the ALDS, not Trump." But this is Newsweek, so you know what they're going to do. Indians pitcher

733 reactions 145 comments
Carol Corpus I really think it was Ex-Pres. George W. Bush's fault!
Russ Todaro The MSM is starting to rival Mad Magazine for content!!
Victor Bare II They should go with Crooked on her 2017 Excuse Tour. Hillary writes a book of excuses. Chelsea writes a children’s book telling young girls and women to ‘persist’ - unless you’re a female Trump supporter according to her mom. What’s next? Slick Willy ...
Melanie Philip Trump gets credit for everything bad that happens to the losers...rings a bell doesn't it...poor Hillary lost because of Trump and when no one was buying it she found others to blame. Anyway good piece...and I did notice Charlie Sheen...and I took that ...
Pam Mosley Eskue No they win when they support President Trump because God if for President Trump and so is patriotic Americans

What did he ask?

1.8k reactions 35 comments
James Elliott Liberal Trash!!
Laura Petree Epic answer!
Carol Stickel SHARED
Haley Chace Love it! 330 mil plus one
Corinn Elizabeth We are blessed.

Wait . . . what did she just inadvertently reveal?

647 reactions 99 comments
Craig Dieffenbach Anti white, anti American liberal racists
Crev Carrillo so stop watching CNN like everybody else already has.
Diane Griffin She hates white people simply because they are white! Now who is racist here?
Debbi Patten Wonder why you do not care about the amount of black on black crime, which kills most blacks?
Teresa Shott She is definitely a racist. Just wants to shut down any conversation not approved by her.

This is what you get, ESPN, when you try to pull something like this.

7.1k reactions 343 comments
Paul A. Lucier I am pretty much done with ESPN. Disney / ABC seems only to have an agenda to cover radical nonsense (.e.g. the leftist “cause” du jour). Until they get their crap together, I refuse to spend time or money on these entities.
Mike Whitcomb ESPN might be spiraling downward in their ratings faster than the NFL. Too bad, always enjoyed and watched them until their leftist leanings took away from the events.
Sharon Breyer Stever So many emotions... thank you #KayaJones for this tribute and standing up to espn (small letters intentional). Sad for our country and the victims of Las Vegas... MAD at espn - ESPN - Exceptionally Stupid Pathetic Network...
Micheal Duryea ESPN needs to change there name to CNN. Jr. There no longer a sports channel they seem to care more about political issues than covering sports. It's very easy to see there politics are way left of center and they don't even try to hide it.
Jon Edlund i think this is fake news. why would they release 58 balloons when there were 59 victims, 60 counting the shooter. yes do turn off espn they are getting too much like cnn which is getting to be too much like snl. snl was great when they picked on ...

We're still waiting for the Senate to get its act together and give us real repeal, but in the meantime what happened today will be very good for a lot of people - probably including you. Here's why:

Trump's executive order doesn't repeal ObamaCare, but here's how it helps a lot of people

You know better than the government what you need. This should make it possible for you to make the choice. In case this is news to you, a president can't repeal an existing law with an executi

2.6k reactions 70 comments
Donna Yost I want an insurance policy that does not have CDC recommendations attached to it to boost vaccination sales.
Tena Lammers What about those of us in individual plans, not employer plans?
Yolanda Bial Corzine I'm sooooo happy thank you pres Trump
Olivia Hester Goodwin Well he at least does something.....
Vinnie Peluso The President doesn't sleep...he's on the go 24-7

I'm sure you're as shocked as I am that this goes on at the New York Times.

692 reactions 73 comments
Marlyn Moore not surprised at all since they have no journalists, all they can do is spout hatred and lies -
Linda Osborne NTY is the dump fu**!! We love our President and his entire family!!!
Jan Stein So he's illiterate as well what a perfect fit for the nyt 💩💩💩
Valerie Beltrano Burtch They call themself journalists ? Really ?
Barbara Anderson There are limits, but not for NYT

I guess he doesn't think you're angry enough at what they're doing, so he wants to take it up a notch.

1.6k reactions 560 comments
Maggie Franer Buechel I certainly hope the rest of NFL players have more common sense than this guy. They are paid to play football only. If they don’t want to do that there are plenty of people who will do it
Debi Renaud What is sad, is noone has gotten these players together and using a level head shown them they would have true power to make changes off the field. An organization formed that could go to the inner cities do some one on one with relationship with people ...
Christy Breedlove It's cute that he thinks football fans give a rat's butt what he believes. News flash!! You're an entertainer.
Jeff Riblet They still don't get it. Their constitutional rights have not been violated they have the right to take a knee just not at their place of work. I say keep taking a knee let the NFL implode. I haven't missed it one bit.
Beverly Kugler Uproar? That's pretty lame. What specifically do you plan to do - stamp your feet or stick out your tongue? What CAN you do? You can refuse to play in which case you'll probably be fined or suspended by your own team. You really don't have any ...

Take your time. No big rush. Not that important. Not when he raised millions for you.

279 reactions 121 comments
Caralluzzi Sabatino Gary Brick by brick they all fall down. The 2017 Great Hollywood Meltdown.
Chet Hugger Remember the Left also didn't like Trump taking two days to denounce the White Supremeist. They'll have nothing to say about Michelle or Barack. Libs care nothing about honesty or integrity.
Donnie Bell Took Obama’s 5 days to come up with their line of BS lies, must have worked with Hillary on this one!!!
Dennis Schleis now that everyone knows Weinstein was all along a sick pervert - the liberal leftists are turning on their cash cow...
Mack Szymanski now when Weinstein asaulted Moochell === now that's a crime and he already recieved his punishment. Hang him for the other asaults

Stories too long to be written in a lifetime.

141 reactions 57 comments
Linda G Trotter Can these two sexual predators please leave the Country with Harvey Weinstein??!!
James Elliott Liberal Traitors, Who Cares!!
Dan Holte He threw it out because there was no Penthouse Letters section at the front?
Carol Wilson They give new meaning to the term P C. One is a pervert the other is a criminal.
Jerome Marks Amazing anyone with half a brain would want to read it! Although some do get brain tumors.

Oh good Lord, don't let him "help".

228 reactions 237 comments
Samuel Power I read what Jimmy C thinks which gives me concern......I am sure that Jimmy C does not understand that Kimmy is the aggressor in this world problem and not Trump...............Kimmy has THREATENED ..... FIRST STRIKE ......Trump has PROMISED .........
Toni Donahue all these former presidents need to retire and leave our country alone...they created this mess and participating at this point will only make it worse.
Jimmy Richoux This is the idiot that blessed the deal when Clinton gave them a nuclear power plant that was supposed to be used for peaceful purposes. we all saw this coming now he has nukes
Jerry Park Just sit down, shut up, and be grateful Barrack Obama took that "Worst President" mantle from you !"
Jackie Godwin Oh dear God no! No! These ex-presidents need to retire! Stay out of things. Back to the peanut farm or habitat for humanity. No!

I think everyone will see it now.

282 reactions 7 comments
Tracy Trahan It's time to do something for American get the money to the people not the NFL
Dale Wilkins While it’s pretty silly to think the NFL it gonna Loses a great amount of money over this The VP drama queen just bought tickets. You will know if you really had any effect because if the games don’t sellouts. They don’t put them on TV. Oh no ...
Mike Watson I has disc 100's of fields I can't believe that anyone can do that with a tractor of that size and not run over/distort the letters. I'm calling foul here or he's a much better operator than I ever was.
John Crump Nice Job... My problem now is the preception of "Forced Patriotism". If you can't or won't stand for the National Anthem without being told. Wants the use... The nfl has shown their true colors with this crap. You can't force people to Respect the ...

The next time Jimmy Kimmel lectures the rest of us on health care, or guns, or anything . . . yeah:

VIDEO: Moral scold of the nation Jimmy Kimmel channels his inner Weinstein
VIDEO: Moral scold of the nation Jimmy Kimmel channels his inner Weinstein

"I think you should put your mouth on it." Since Jimmy Kimmel thinks its his job to lecture the nation on the morality of health insurance law and gun laws - even to the point where he fe

3.1k reactions 749 comments
Brian Jarrells Wow, i suppose he is above the law or atleast the moral compass of most. Obviously this type of behavior is accepted by some and isnt considered sick and unusual at all. I for one think its "nasty" and doesnt make for great tv at all.
Marc Criscitelli All of Hollywood lives in glass houses...but they love to throw stones...most of them are either naive, ignorant or just plain stupid...they need to remember they are not insightful enough to get on soap boxes...they are talented entertainers whose ...
Jose Diaz Jimmy kimmel is a punk. That little piece of crap is lucky he is on TV. I won't watch that righteous SOB on tv. I stopped watching him a long time ago.
Kathy Ann Hollywood promotes Fantasy: the Product of Imagination which is Impossible...casting couch defiles male youth and female youth... violence and sex are glorified in film and on late night shows... even commercials...derogatory stunts words and deeds for ...
Christine Curtis Marshall yeah - he is so morally superior ...... and he (and every other hollywood idiot) wants to lecture us on how bad trump is for saying something a decade ago... whatever. pink hats please....

They don't know squat about the Constitution or this Amendment, but they know they like it! And Morning Joe agrees! VIDEO

CA Dem Ted Lieu: Trump will be removed from office ...thanks to the framers ...who gave us the 25th Amendment ...in 1967. ...Or something.
CA Dem Ted Lieu: Trump will be removed from office ...thanks to the framers ...who gave us the 25th Amendment ...in 1967. ...Or something.

Civics 101. Recently, Vanity Fair ran a piece which alleges that President Trump hates his job so much that it's basically driving him insane. We've heard some version of this tale almost s

1.0k reactions 400 comments
Susan Apperson KEEP talking, you all are guaranteeing his re election every day!!! You all keep proving your ignorance of the Constitution, proving you're not qualified to do your job!!! You might want to rethink your hallucinogenics!!??
Robert Marlena Leeders We have so many incompetent politicians BUT Trump is not a politician he is a businessman. If the snowflakes don't stop and they try something STUPID they will be awakening ANOTHER sleeping giant.
Wayne Mckune They need to remember that we have the right to KILL every last one of them for Violating the Constitution, when they signed the Bills for the NAFTA, UN Small weapons treaty, and the TPP, the violated their oaths and our sidestepped our constitution, ...
Larry Paxson Pray for courage? Really? From leftists who think religion is a weakness and that it shouldn't influence political decisions? Theyse are the most hypocritical people on the face of the planet.
Dennis Heinz They obviously grew up attending public schools in CA .. they can't read ... "Vice President and a majority" .. hummm .. So they think that Pence will invoke this amendment for them ? .. Some Seriously Stupid People living in CA and holding public office

If you want to beat the swamp and see the president's agenda - which is the people's agenda - become reality, then here's what we need to do:

Rise up and raise C.A.I.N.
Rise up and raise C.A.I.N.

It's the only way to implement the people's agenda. President Trump's agenda is the people's agenda, but he is meeting resistance from Congressional Democrats, RINOs and the negativ

1.6k reactions 66 comments
Becky Schuyler How do you find the proper #'s to call to reach your representative?
Bonnie Osborne You Mr. Cain are exactly the leader we need to lead the charge.
John Tinkler I'll stand up, and with you Mr. Cain, sir, as long as you stand with the POTUS. I'll also stand for this great nation.
Ann Eaves Parker I am willing to walk up the steps of the capitol and start vacating these traitors to our country
Donna McElroy Illinois has Durbin and Duckworth, so you know the problem.
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