Herman Cain
15:18 04/20/2017

Hmmmm . . .

Just In: Major Development About US Navy Warships Completely Changes The Story

Just In: Major Development About US Navy Warships Completely Changes The Story

"... reckless, irresponsible, and destabilizing program ..."

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Pamela K. Zeedyk
It is normal procedure not to be specific regarding Navy Vessels.
Harold Logan
We have a carrier and task force always their based in Japan. Chill..........
Randy Starkey
I'm w/ Trump ... the less the evil press knows what's going on the better.
Lyle Thorne
CNN and MSNBC ,, miss the Presidents point,, ON PURPOSE,, who are they actually rooting for, here ?????
Danh Nguyen
We don't to tell anyone where we are going, smart leader.
Talon Trevor MacDonald
So... Are we on the Liberal bandwagon now? I PREFER that the Military is not broadcasting all of it's locations and moves
Pugnacious Smith
With several air bases in South Korea and Japan, naval bases, marine bases, and the ability to send B1, B2 and B52 bombers globally, there's really no strategic or tactical reason to have a carrier strike group in the sea of Japan.
Glenn Muehlhausen
Glad our media and everyone else doesn't know what our military is doing. You're not supposed to
Vickie Jones
if the navy was going to do anything the media, talks too much, you don't tell the enemy what you plan to do, like obama did, you do what president trump did, you don't reveal your plans
Hugh Hartsell
Who in the world ever heard of giving out information that might be confusing to the enemy. Now, let's see how many cell phone numbers and addresses we can find and publish of the mainstream media. We can surely help with their cause and we want to personally invite all of the Islam lovers and potential illegal aliens that need a place to shack up for the next 8 years.
Vickie Jones
if president was sitting around doing nothing they would complain, but america has a hard working president that cares for us and will fight for us. man is never happy
Roy McHone
Indonesia is south of North Korea by 2000 miles, give or take. How long would it take fighter aircraft to be over Korea? The warships were headed West were they not?
Alan Rabideau
Okay, here's an absolutely idiotic statement from this article, "The issue was that the ships were not going where the White House and the rest of the nation thought they were." I served for nearly 10 years. I know military protocol. It is absolutely impossible for the White House and the JCS, to not know, at all times, precisely where every single one of our Carrier Battle Groups are every single minute of every single day and what their missions are at all times. To make a claim otherwise is absolutely false.
Richard McKenney
Buckle up. When they start sayin " what carrier battle group? ".....like the boxer drawling your attention to their left hand.
Bob Sather
First of all Trump never said he was sending aircraft carriers, he actually indicated SUBMARINES. From CNN article: "That night, in an interview with Fox News Business, US President Donald Trump said he was sending an "armada" to North Korea. "Very powerful, we have submarines, very powerful, far more powerful than the aircraft carrier, that I can tell you," he told the program." http://www.cnn.com/2017/04/19/asia/uss-carl-vinson-north-korea-timeline/

Other newsfeed from Herman Cain

As if they don't have enough problems.

California Officially Declares State Of Emergency Over Deadly Outbreak
California Officially Declares State Of Emergency Over Deadly Outbreak

Anyone working with individuals is at high risk of contracting the disease.

554 reactions 406 comments
Jesse Cole Disease ridden fuzz buckets! Stop focking everybody... and clean up your water... Geeze! How long does it take to cure hepatitis A? Lifestyle and home remedies 1.Avoid sexual activity. Avoid all sexual activity if you have hepatitis A, since many kinds ...
Sherry Vargo CA's real problems are bad govt. and Hollywood. Every time Jerry Brown picks up a pen, their problems get worse. He doesn't care about the healthy people, much less the sick and homeless.
Jeff F. King That is what happens when you allow so many people in the country and you have no clue what immunizations they have or have not had!
David Ketzenberger "Hepatitis A is most commonly transmitted through contaminated food, but the California outbreak is spreading from person to person, mostly among the homeless and those in unsanitary conditions." Plants are gonna grow when you supply the manure for the ...
Ann Matteson Saglin Our fearless leaders love homeless encampments. These encampments are mostly comprised of druggies who love to poop on the ground. Drugs+💩=Hepatitis outbreak. I’m not even that good at math, but even I, with my California public school education, can ...

BOMBSHELL: The Russians were helping someone, all right. ...No wonder the FBI won't tell Congress what it knows.

Report: FBI knew of Russian racketeering, including routing
Report: FBI knew of Russian racketeering, including routing 'millions of dollars to benefit the Clinton Foundation' prior to nuke deals

Collusion Classic. "Russia, Russia, Russia, collusion, Russia, Putin, Russia." That's pretty much all we've heard from the left since the planned ascension of Queen Hillary the Fi

7.3k reactions 506 comments
Paul Villecco With all the corruption- the lying the collusion thru the FBI Comey,Obamas and the Clintons the snake will eventually bite back...
Timothy Beining So tell me about the current and on going Justice Department Investigation!! OR Is Jeff Sessions weak, as president Trump has suggested? HELLO! The people are waiting for that law and order we’ve been told to expect!
Paul Peter No investigation was done about the real corruption. The Clintons have always operated like the Mafia for financial gain and against the interests of America.
Joyce Miller Butler of course Hillary is in it up to her ears...she is really good at deflecting and getting her buddies and criminals in Congress to work with her to cloud the water.....every thing she touches turns into a criminal activity
Tina Keith Zibragos Is there really any surprise here?! The louder the left cries means they are hiding something. Glass houses!

It's astounding how much time these people spend on things that are not the slightest bit important. Just this week, in fact . . .

Just because something is in the news doesn
Just because something is in the news doesn't make it news

Time to refocus on things that actually matter. President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell having a great lunch meeting and a kumbaya moment is not news to me. I'm glad they pre

412 reactions 66 comments
Steve Zimmerman His judgement day is coming!
Mary Rankin Can’t stand Chuck Todd. He’s not good enough to lick to Tim Russert shoes.
Hayward Granberry He is a joke...enough said. I never watch him...I had rather read a book.
Rus Sever This guy's so dumb, he probably works at NBC.
Tanya Pierot MANY IDIOTS THINK that all news is true. They are called sheeple

But Hillary said it's "all been litigated" or something.

800 reactions 69 comments
Ginna Thomas Both killary and slick willys are LIBTARD PERVERTS
Rose Iamdone No he wasn't, Hillary condoned his actions. Those harlots tried to hurt her Willy. 😊
Joe Revelle This guy won't be around long after this
Marj Sutherlin She means these women were bought off!!!I hope they soaked the clintons for a bundle!!!😡
Jackie Notjacky She is the definition of narcissism. Truly a pure sociopath.

You want to know the real reason the Beltway crowd is freaking out over Donald J. Trump? It's not the stuff they talk about. It's this:

Trump is disturbing the peace by refusing to pretend awful things are fine
Trump is disturbing the peace by refusing to pretend awful things are fine

The first step is admitting you have a problem. Normal Americans with basic common sense understand things like this. They understand it's not fine to run up $20 trillion in debt. They understa

4.0k reactions 168 comments
Kathleen Fox And this sums up why Hillary lost. She lied, cheated, & played those same games that Trump is trying to shut down.
Peggy Love So very true. In the age of BS wrapped in gold & glitter, a straight shooter - unrefined & rough around the edges - feels uniquely real and comforting... I'm willing to risk the occasional bloody scratch from his rough edges just to know that what I see ...
Sandra Howell Yes it's getting bumpy But the real TRUTH must be told and the rotten and corrupt DC Swamp rats need to be flushed out and removed.
John Blakely I've been seeing this right along. I'm also beginning to see that some of our representatives are getting some fresh air to their brains and are waking up. I don't mean McCain or Schumer or Pelosi but I believe that they may see their time in Washington ...
Terri Rohde Young That’s right, Congress, -spend our money, waste ALOT of it with fraud, run up the national debt, take umpteen vacation days, don’t balance the budget, don’t pass any laws so you can get re-elected, briberies and corruption, tax us to death to pay for it ...

We don't actually want him to have a heart attack. But metaphorically, this is the big one.

Watch: 58 Seconds Guaranteed to Give Obama a Heart Attack
Watch: 58 Seconds Guaranteed to Give Obama a Heart Attack

They just silenced anyone insulting the American flag....

945 reactions 58 comments
Linda Graham Actually we DO want him to have a heart attack and die from it.
Jermon Churchill https://www.democracynow.org/2017/10/16/headlines/donald_trumps_campaign_subpoenaed_over_sexual_assault_charges
Dale Ramsperger WHO'S "WE"? That PATHETIC CFM POS LOSER Should Have Been Shipped Off to GITMO, a LONG Time [email protected]
Robb Ridgway Outstanding and good to see these guys going back to work.
Mary D. Kronemeyer Years ago a piece of coal was worth more than gold !!!

Why do they do this? Oh well. They got what they deserved in this instance.

2.0k reactions 64 comments
Joanne Flowers Love, love,love her!!!!!
Becky Zrudsky Sytsma Love Sarah!
Ollabelle Dahlstrom Hall I love her!
Steve McDowell Satan is still active among us...
Elis Flowers So you so called christians GOD won't look the other way the way you look the other way finding excuse for politicians

This probably didn't help things any.

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Dan Truff So he quits!! So then what does he do for a pay check?
Gary Callahan His word is not even good just like the celebrities.
Phil Bruning Of course he's not going to give up the gravy train!
Janice Wood Jordan Sad he thinks what his brother gave his life for is irrelevant.
Debbie Attanasio So sad, I thank him for his service, R. I. P Why can they not see that we stand for our troops.

I'll just leave this right here.

Janet Jackson Breaks Silence... What Marriage to a Muslim Was Really Like
Janet Jackson Breaks Silence... What Marriage to a Muslim Was Really Like

Michael Jackson's famous sister ended up "like a prisoner..."

4.9k reactions 305 comments
Lisa Henry She didn’t say anything in this article....it’s reported by her brothers.... get back to me when she talks. And if he’s so rich, how did he let her walk away with their son???
Rosemarie Wood I am shocked that she would but so effected by this. I hope she is or will be divorced ASAP... Hey Libs listen to Miss Jackson this is how the illegals will treat us WHEN YOU allow them into this country. It is not that we hate them we hate the bad ...
Sharon Bennett Is she that naive .She had to know what her muslim husband expected of her before she even married him.She married him cos this man is filthy rich and regardless she herself is rich she want more
Carol McDonald There you have it. Sue Barney, agree..Ashley Judd so naive. I bet she wouldn't live in the middle east if you paid her. Apparently she's clueless.
Ange Lina She was raised with the bible. She knew better! I guess all her millions weren't enough for her, she had to go for the billions. I don't feel sorry for her, i hope she learned her lesson.

If his victims had been Vietnamese communists then she would have spoken up.

Shock: Top Actress Makes Dramatic 1-Year Admission About Weinstein... Cue the Outrage
Shock: Top Actress Makes Dramatic 1-Year Admission About Weinstein... Cue the Outrage

This well-known liberal actress just made a shocking admission about Harvey Weinstein and what she has to say will blow you away. Wow!

451 reactions 82 comments
Darren Griffin When Amanpour pressed Fonda about why she held onto such a damning secret, claiming that Fonda is known as being “so bold,” the Hollywood veteran said that she didn’t feel it was her place to speak out. “I – I don’t,” Fonda stuttered, “I was not that ...
Blaine Nelson Exactly. Hanoi Jane made no reservations about joining the Viet Cong in verbally denigrating our U.S. soldiers.
Laura Dierking Just say every actress has been his victim and lets move on to other news. At least it wasn't little boys he was messing with.
Gwendolyn R Purifoy Ok Jane, STOP the BS! You knew and you didn't say anything because you all protect each other! You know you sick Hollywood liberals! God forbid tarnish the Hollywood liberals!
Joy Wu It seems this predator gave another predator some $10,000 to help him fight his impeachment when his interactions with a gal named Lewinsky became public.

This is what good people do.

252 reactions 9 comments
Scott Phillips Nice article but fake all staged
Joyce Johnson Luedke Bless his heart.
Tom Escobar Best post ever
Andre Pelletier woaw! what a nice kidm all is not lost there are kids with a heart and compation certainly a futr republican (i hope)

Here we go again?

551 reactions 36 comments
Samantha Rose Not again
Kath Fox G Hutch oh man not again
Stephen Michael Adams It already hit U.K.
Alyson Frost Ugh
Billy Owens Here we go again? You become Irish Herman Cain? Fake news

Now this is rich. And not in a married-into-the-Heinz-ketchup-fortune sort of way either.

Sanctimonious, dictator-loving jerk: How dare Trump change the sweet deal we gave Iran?
Sanctimonious, dictator-loving jerk: How dare Trump change the sweet deal we gave Iran?

Friend of tyrants very upset. John Kerry is a disgusting, vile human being. I just thought I should mention that. He sold out his fellow Vietnam veterans as the so-called Winter Soldier hearings

2.8k reactions 453 comments
Richard Bundy This American Citizen wants to know what all these people are hiding and when they are going to be investigated and charged with their crimes against the American people.
Gary Godejohn I've always found it . . . ahem . . . RICH that liberals claim the GOP is the party of the wealthy, when John Kerry, the Kennedys, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Jeffrey Immelt, and several dozen others of their ilk are all Democrats.
George Harrison Lurch, a certified member of the Left, loves evil. That is why he believes the Iran deal is good for America. He doesn't care about America. He's a globalist. He is a vile human being.
Richard A Reedy Shut up Herman. You need to worry about the 9 million you gave your daughter from Styate Department funds.
Ruth Van Haitsma funny ,I was just wonderin where that pathetic piece of human trash went ,silence was good ,obviously to good to last !!

Excellent. This man knows what a real hero is.

Cop Targeted For Viral Video Calling Out Kneeling NFL Players Just Got A New Job
Cop Targeted For Viral Video Calling Out Kneeling NFL Players Just Got A New Job

'In the real world, real heroes, when they lose games they don’t come back.'

1.5k reactions 43 comments
Regenia Seeman I like this guys thinking
Rick Clowers Tatum for President!
Greg Bradley Words from a righteous man
Marci Dulier love this guy !!!!!!!!!
Tonja Stradley I love Brandon ♥️❤️💕

Looks like the networks have decided football needs to be about . . . football. Will the players get the hint?

881 reactions 428 comments
Fran Coberley McNelly We shouldn't be robbed of the anthem. Hey, TV -- how about using your cameras to focus on the flag and the fans that are standing. Where is it written that you can only film the players. Use your heads!
Joyce Miller Butler time to continue with the boycott and Let Roger Goddell and they players find out the hard way...about how the American people feel about their shucking and jiving and their bobbing and weaving on this matter....stand up for the Anthem and keep your ...
Michael Gulley I haven't watched a single game this season, nor will I unless and until these brats acknowledge that the workplace is not the appropriate place for such behavior. Do NOT act like this and then expect me to subsidize your spoiled little agenda. That ...
Hymen Capsuto What idiots are head of these networks? There minds are as warped as the kneelers. They .must think absence makes the heart grows fonder There profits are diving so they are goibg to antagonize more viewers. They haven't a clue how the people are ...
Jimmy Henegar How can skipping the National Anthem even be a choice. This IS the U.S.A.! Idiots truly are missing the point of all the fans that are exercising their right to not watch! Only gets worse for them.

Apparently, this is what passes for 'edgy humor' on the network that tried to protect Harvey Weinstein. VIDEO

2.9k reactions 2070 comments
Jaime Ann Taylor So funny and cutting edge... no ones ever done this kind of stuff before😂😂😂. Behold the beginning of the end for late night talk shows
Jacki Engel Volz Cry baby! Lame flip off too! The true colors of their party are shining bright these days. Lots of hate....good way to share your opinion and lack of class. Share away...you just look ignorant and vile!
Joyce Miller Butler another late night Trump basher....nothing new, nothing innovative, and nothing funny.....these so called comedians take the easy way out...liberals do not know what a sense of humor is....to them it is full blown lunacy
Gretchen Clayson Lovely. What happened to all that "When they go low, we go high?" crap? It just solidifies my position as an Independent voter to NEVER vote for a Democrat again. EVER. Congratulations leftists, your true colors have been noted.
Minerva Marie Velasco Oh.....so uber enlightened Mr. Meyers is going to flip off Trump supporters......but not all those hundreds of people that enabled Harvey Weinstein for decades, including the Clintons, the Obamas, and scores of his pals in Hollywood land? ...

One of the best kept secrets about ObamaCare is that there are very good economic models that allow you to get around its insanity. And the swamp doesn't want you to know about them, but I gathered information on a bunch of them this weekend. So let's get started!

Doctors are finding economic models to get around ObamaCare
Doctors are finding economic models to get around ObamaCare

But the swamp doesn't want you to know about them. So naturally, we're going to tell you. I attended a conference last Friday in Orlando, where there were 250 doctors in the house. I was th

3.0k reactions 71 comments
Denise Kinchen Thank you for the timely article! Now would you PLEASE change that creepy photo!?
Debbie Cronin Then why did the AMA support Obamacare and the liberals?
Jackie Kelley Peale Get around what??? I paid into Medicare for 32+ years...I now have a huge bill every year...FOR MY MEDICARE COVERAGE. (THAT"S MY GOV WINDFALL)....AND I HAVE TO BUY HEALTH INSURANCE OUT OF MY RETIREMENT MONIES....THIS was done ON PURPOSE....it's a form ...
Junjun Reyes one reason healthare is so unaffordable in this country is because the doctors charges wayyyyyyy too much.
Steven Green one moron Dem, on Sunday talk show, says canceling the subsidies increases the deficit, then goes on to explain how we spend the money, either way

Pop the corn, everyone! The left is tearing itself apart. VIDEO.

Maxine Waters: The DNC should give back all that filthy money donated by Harvey Weinstein
Maxine Waters: The DNC should give back all that filthy money donated by Harvey Weinstein

Pop the corn! The Democrats have a Harvey Weinstein problem. Despite screaming about the "War on Women" for the last few years, it seems that some of the country's most pro

3.6k reactions 503 comments
James P Degnan WOW! I'm in agreement with Maxine Waters! Now if she would insist that Al Sharpton pay his taxes and have Michael Bennett of the Seahawks apologize for being a liar then maybe I could find some real value in her. I'll be waiting right ...
James Millring How about this? Give all money back to ALL black people for imposing slavery on their ancestors? Think about this. Democrats will have no money to pay for campaigns in elections and we will never have a Democrat as President of United States of America ...
Camille Verruso Bood Then she'll say "Oh wait, we already spent it!" Just like Hillary said. Have you ever noticed? Every picture of this pig her mouth is wide open. Blah blah blah.
Steven Kurcik Can not believe I agree with Maxine Waters on anything. It should be given to charity. And not the stinking no good evil good for nothing lying cheating stealing totally corrupt Clinton foundation.
Marian Schum All but Hillary she's not giving a cent back bc she said she already spent it, probably on her daughters wedding.

If you're a Republican who no longer watches Jimmy Kimmel, he wants you to know he doesn't really want you around anyway.

2.3k reactions 1420 comments
Kimberly Pearson What these head up the butts Hollywood elites don’t understand is that all the young liberals don’t have jobs to buy tickets to his show or watch his show. And that those elites are less than 1% of American voters. Us old, fly-over-states folk are the ...
Ricky Hall Quit watching when he started his Trump bashing, jimmy fallon, says he won't bash Trump, But I Quit watching him a while back , his whole monologue his bashing Trump , boycott both shows !!
Mary L. Davis Well after so much hate, people who have your mindset will get tired of that as well, so keep doing what you're doing, before long your show will be cancelled and you won't have a job.Then please don't be hillary and blame everyone but yourself
Vicki McComis Does he really think we give a rats behind about his agenda. NEWS FLASH you self-righteous dip wad. Your nothing. Actually beyond nothing. If you think your so informed then run for office an do something constructive for all. Not the few.
Mike Okeeffe This guy is nothing but a POS. Let's have an honest chat about you telling young girls to grab your crotch with both hands AND to put their mouths on it. You, kimmel, are a plastic low life and POS of the highest degree.

Now they tell us. Well don't keep us in suspense. What's in it?

FBI: Oh, by the way, we just found 30 pages of information about the Clinton/Lynch tarmac meeting
FBI: Oh, by the way, we just found 30 pages of information about the Clinton/Lynch tarmac meeting

And they want six weeks before they have to release them. What does the FBI know about the infamous tarmac meeting last year between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch? She was their boss at the time,

1.9k reactions 183 comments
Brian Mack First they gotta work up talking points and implement more false flags to take focus off it. #corrupt
Gregory Bowen Everyone is bought off by the Clinton's we all know this so why worry with it. Nothing will be done just all talk.
Donna Hipp Correct me if I'm wrong they were the only two on that plane besides the pilot so how the hell could there be documentation on the conversations?
Gunny Thompson My Brother, at this point in time, the "tarmac" issue is a "False Flag." What must be investigated and prosecuted are the suppression of corruption committed by political parties in violating the Constitution's Separation of Powers prohibition by ...
Debbie Schofield Liar.....someone needs to go to jail...let's start with Comey, then Loretta, then HIllary and Susan Rice and all the leakers.

In the culture of diversity, there is only one acceptable way to think, as Denise Young Smith found out.

Apple 'head of diversity' apologizes for saying white men are not all exactly the same

Thoughtcrime. Pretty delicious irony here: If your job is "head of diversity," you don't have to design computers or software or anything like that. But you can fail at your job, and

1.6k reactions 241 comments
Brent Norman I just sold ALL of my Apple stock. I am currently dumping all Ford stock as well. I have zero tolerance for large corporations openly being in the political game. They can go the way of the NFL!
Cory Crider I am curious one can find 12 people who look very similar yet their own personal backgrounds can be so different that it can be called diverse yet one can grab 12 people who all look different including have different ages and all have the same point of ...
Chris Reinking She's not wrong... I understood what she said as simply saying being diverse is recognizing and appreciating that we are all different and we can all bring something good to the table.. whether we are white, black, gay, straight, LGBT.. I think she ...
Jeanie Curtis Bow How sad that so many have been brainwashed into believing there's only "one acceptable way to think." A different perspective/viewpoint is no longer wanted OR tolerated...and anyone expressing such often suffers consequences. I suppose absolute truth ...
John Blakely Another example of a person who has a valid grip on a subject, trying to make more people aware, and getting blasted by the less informed. Denise Young Smith seems to be a rising star too me. I hope her star isn't extinguished before it has a chance to ...

Does someone need to explain to Bowl Cut Jr. how these things actually work?

1.4k reactions 88 comments
Matthew Kinser Nope Thats a Darwin Award ...They Get What they Allow
Iris E. Spekczynski This has to be bad for the environment....
Gerald Newborn Jr. Talk about shooting ur self in your own foot
Carol Rhoads The people are so oppressed by this evil man. That is so sad.
Dan Rizzo Perfect we should drop the biggest nuke we have there, and blame it on a N. Korean test.

This is so shocking, said no one.

Morning Joe Finally Does It, What We Have Been Waiting for Years...
Morning Joe Finally Does It, What We Have Been Waiting for Years...

This guy needs to go ... far, far, far away, preferably.

501 reactions 200 comments
Justin Hamlin "Independent" is code for "I'm a Democrat, but I don't want to openly say that because people hate Democrats."
Dennis Eckie Boy...will he really be bummed out when they officially say Obama WAS NOT born in the US......ask his brother..😂😂😂😂😂😂
Vera Davis Thanks Joe. But it would have been more honest to join the left world socialist group. Glad your gone from my party🐀
Jeremiah Twentynine Anyone who watches and listens to this MoJo is not smart at all. Waste of time in allowing this guy to brainwash them.
Jo Lavigne Scarborough is. P***y whipped because Mika is a Democrat but he needs to point to something as a fall back guy. He is delusional due to his brain retaining water. Anyone notice his oversized head?

Sheldon Whitehouse will want to investigate the editors for racketeering or something.

987 reactions 19 comments
Elyea Redmond lmaooooo u are included in this... lmaoooo https://www.facebook.com/melanatedmultiverse/videos/494276590947230/
Myra Jane I'm going out to buy one.
Sandy Burns Roberts They Are buffoons
Phyllis Agee Farmers Almanac over Al Gore any day or year.
Betty Hernandez I buy it every year!

This is what heroes are like. It's why we need them, and we love them.

370 reactions 16 comments
Eddie Beane No . That cop is under the gun ..
Don Rogers White on white crime is getting out of control
Sherry Jones Weers Can you ask him how many shooters there were because most of do not think one guy did this
Ed Caden Someone needs to make sure the sheriff is getting support. He obviously is deeply concerned with his staff and making sure he's checking on their mental status. But the leader is oftentimes the one in most need and who conceals it.
Samantha Miller The sheriff is seemly under duress. His FBI handler in the video on his right that's slightly behind his view line can't keep his eyes off sheriff while he's talking. Normally in that standing position a person would be looking at crowd. Just so happens ...

This is weird.

726 reactions 88 comments
Diane Griffin I hope he is safe. Afraid he was taken against his will.
Andy D Elia He's out in the desert 6 feet under
Robert Schultz More and more funny stuff happening here
Michael Neil Maybe he is illegal and didn't want to be deported.
Jerry OConnor Maybe because the other “witness” wound up dead !!! WTF is our government hiding ??!

No one wants this. But we're ready.

763 reactions 161 comments
Tammie Khula I went to read this and got a loud buzzing noise with a big warning sign...I thought my computer was being hacked and quickly shut it back down....good grief!!
Steve Dunn BS it would only cover a percentage of an large area it would take a bunch not just one. To cause massive chaos. IMO and I know nothing.
David Konold what about the star wars program, military grade lasers weapons?? Will these not be used to stop the missiles at light speed. I want to know why these missiles were not lasered down in the 1st place on the test launches to show the world and NK that ...
Kathy Tripp Perhaps an explanation other than 90% of the population will die in a year would be more beneficial, don't you think?
Brian Jones I call BS... NK couldn't get a missle 600 miles off its launch pad before it would be turned to shrapnel. Then.... NK would be turned to a barren landscape.

As we suspected . . .

2.6k reactions 361 comments
Michael Johannes Dolly's comment is no better than people who knew Weinstein was assaulting women and did nothing to stop it but walked away! Dolly knew what was happening and chose to give up her values. Dolly has power and influence to protect herself but chose not ...
Dana Drewry Hollingsworth Standing there quietly and holding the arm of the one who was the most disrespectful to our President made it look as though she was supportive of what was happening. Not a good idea!!!
Patricia McCafferty Haeuser She's absolutely right. Smart woman. When I go to a show, concert or play, I don't want to hear anything about politics. I just want to enjoy the show and forget about everything for at least a little while.
Jackie Miner “A lot of people are mad at me because I didn’t say something to defend the president or whatever,” Parton said. The way I looked at it, you said your entertainer and you don't like mixing politic into it. That is what you should of said, instead of ...
Kim Allison Robison I still have lost a lot of respect for her. I think she knew what they were going to say. By remaining quiet, it was as if she agreed. Knowing before hand, she should have not gone out or disagreed.

Even a stopped clock . . .

841 reactions 112 comments
Harriet Wilkes She's just against Trump no matter what he does, good or not. It's not about the issue; it's about hating Trump.
PM Mack This senile old hag has no idea about what she is talking about. As usual. But then again she is the one that stated " you have to sign it to see what's in it"! Yeah
Don Rogers Fox News announced that they weren't going to show the National Anthem, where's your outrage, Herman?
Doc Bateman Talk about delusional and out touch with reality. I think it is time for Pelosi to retire to whatever fantasy world she is from.
Robert Brescia She is a complete idiot . It should be required for congress to actual read bills and all executive orders otherwise they cannot vote.

By all means, speak your mind.

1.7k reactions 83 comments
Nick Harrison This might just be me, but I am thinking I wouldn't procreate when held hostage.
Amanda Walker Too many questions with these two.
Candace Hirsch Well, maybe they released this family because the guy is a spy. I don't trust this husband one bit.
Tara Edwards I heard they originally went there to join one of those terrorist groups and it went terribly wrong.
Erik Grimm Why is she still wearing those Islamic type clothes ?
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