Herman Cain
15:18 04/20/2017

Hmmmm . . .

Just In: Major Development About US Navy Warships Completely Changes The Story

Just In: Major Development About US Navy Warships Completely Changes The Story

"... reckless, irresponsible, and destabilizing program ..."

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Pamela K. Zeedyk
It is normal procedure not to be specific regarding Navy Vessels.
Harold Logan
We have a carrier and task force always their based in Japan. Chill..........
Randy Starkey
I'm w/ Trump ... the less the evil press knows what's going on the better.
Lyle Thorne
CNN and MSNBC ,, miss the Presidents point,, ON PURPOSE,, who are they actually rooting for, here ?????
Danh Nguyen
We don't to tell anyone where we are going, smart leader.
Talon Trevor MacDonald
So... Are we on the Liberal bandwagon now? I PREFER that the Military is not broadcasting all of it's locations and moves
Pugnacious Smith
With several air bases in South Korea and Japan, naval bases, marine bases, and the ability to send B1, B2 and B52 bombers globally, there's really no strategic or tactical reason to have a carrier strike group in the sea of Japan.
Glenn Muehlhausen
Glad our media and everyone else doesn't know what our military is doing. You're not supposed to
Vickie Jones
if the navy was going to do anything the media, talks too much, you don't tell the enemy what you plan to do, like obama did, you do what president trump did, you don't reveal your plans
Hugh Hartsell
Who in the world ever heard of giving out information that might be confusing to the enemy. Now, let's see how many cell phone numbers and addresses we can find and publish of the mainstream media. We can surely help with their cause and we want to personally invite all of the Islam lovers and potential illegal aliens that need a place to shack up for the next 8 years.
Vickie Jones
if president was sitting around doing nothing they would complain, but america has a hard working president that cares for us and will fight for us. man is never happy
Roy McHone
Indonesia is south of North Korea by 2000 miles, give or take. How long would it take fighter aircraft to be over Korea? The warships were headed West were they not?
Alan Rabideau
Okay, here's an absolutely idiotic statement from this article, "The issue was that the ships were not going where the White House and the rest of the nation thought they were." I served for nearly 10 years. I know military protocol. It is absolutely impossible for the White House and the JCS, to not know, at all times, precisely where every single one of our Carrier Battle Groups are every single minute of every single day and what their missions are at all times. To make a claim otherwise is absolutely false.
Richard McKenney
Buckle up. When they start sayin " what carrier battle group? ".....like the boxer drawling your attention to their left hand.
Bob Sather
First of all Trump never said he was sending aircraft carriers, he actually indicated SUBMARINES. From CNN article: "That night, in an interview with Fox News Business, US President Donald Trump said he was sending an "armada" to North Korea. "Very powerful, we have submarines, very powerful, far more powerful than the aircraft carrier, that I can tell you," he told the program." http://www.cnn.com/2017/04/19/asia/uss-carl-vinson-north-korea-timeline/

Other newsfeed from Herman Cain

To a Democrat, being strong always equals being weak. Night is day. Black is white. But they don't usually get answered quite like this:

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Rachel Nutt She lives in a dream world, totally ignorant.
Stephen Holben Shes' from San Francisco. Google what has happened to Kate Steinle's family.. Kate Steinle??? She the young woman who was shot in San Francisco by an illegal with alooong criminal history, including using a stolen gun. Really google what happened to ...
Kathleen Groebe Pelosi and all leftists only say what they're told to say. Everything is directed towards destroying the Trump admin. If Trump says up they say down, if he says white the left all says black. It's not about what they really think is good for America, ...
Barbara Swart Nancy Pelosi needs to retire while she still remembers where she lives...and take Maxine Waters with her. I'm so sick of them and their misrepresentations they are two women who give women a bad name!!!! These two ranchers were great.
Nikki Lala Pelosi is either so delusional that she actually believes that or she thinks her followers are. I think it's the latter. I'd love for her to explain this conclusion, but that will never happen. There is absolutely nothing immoral about securing our ...

You'd think this would lead to some self-examination, especially because the 88 percent are 100 percent right. We have examples!

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James Nichiniello The press is the reflection of the tainted heart of the American people. Inertia is now propelling our media automatically into a further left mind set all stemming from our Inate human desire to find pleasure and juatification in everything but God. ...
Florence Tedesco yes there is a explanation the left is loud...an the 20, stand back to back.. sorry I think the left sucks but truth is truth.. THE MESSAGE IS VERY VERY OLD....THO..NOTICE when cops try to arrest them the 10 leftist come a running to the one...thats why ...
Roger Johnson If ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN etc figure this out all that will happen is their management will direct them to make the news more center right leaning for a few years then go back to where they are now
Virginia Lindsey All these "journalism" yahoos want is what they think is resume enhancements. They don't care who they hurt or what the actual truth is!
William Lee Absolutely they are. How come we can't put some teeth in the FCC? First yank the libs who are sitting on their hands in the FCC, put in someone LIKE Trey Gowdy and start handing down massive fines. Then put that money with El Chapo and bam the wall is ...

Guard your money!

Red Alert: Congress Looks at 401(k) Retirement Plans for Quick Cash
Red Alert: Congress Looks at 401(k) Retirement Plans for Quick Cash

Every American needs to know about this ...

1.8k reactions 364 comments
Misty Dawn Willis No worries for me. 8 years of Obama=no 401k. Husband got laid off when Obama got elected the first time. We ended up having to cash out to save our house until he found a new job. We are basically starting over...12 years from retirement age.
Mark Eberhardt It will end up just like Social Security GONE !!! - Next will be getting away from cash and going 100% electronic exchanges. Then they can track your every purchase so they can tax them. Then they will tell us that your Accounts are now worth 1/10 of ...
Anne Lentz Harrison I'm just waiting for these politicians to go after my VA benefits! Not good!! I'm 43 and I sure hope that when I retire, there will be something left.
Pat Kline That has got to be against every law in the book!!! They could take their own retirement plans, reduce them down to what ours are and still have plenty of cash....they had better not touch the retirement plans!!
Jack L Naylor After retirement and drawing out of my 401 I wish many times that I had paid taxes on that money up front and then it be tax free during retirement. Just saying.

He didn't exactly "lose," but he didn't get the outright majority he was after. He's probably toast in the runoff. And he has this certain vibe . . . if you catch it, you'll know exactly what I mean.

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John Emiht One more for the village idiots convention πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
Dawn Eichhorst What a Loser!!!!!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
Sylvia Garcia De Vita A loss is a loss... no trophy for this cat!
Judy Carter In the psychology of human behavior, Denialism is a person's choice to deny reality, as a way to avoid a psychologically uncomfortable truth. Seek help!
Mike Robinson if wackywood can muster millions for this idiot, they can muster up for their performance arts grifting scheme β„οΈπŸ’©β„οΈπŸ’©β„οΈπŸ’©β„οΈ

Actually it's probably unfair to single her out. All the Democrats help the terrorists.

1.5k reactions 165 comments
Mike Gurba It's great to see more diversity in the people who represent us. Good for her, if some people here would just listen to what she says, maybe two or three of you could stop posting a bunch of anti-Muslim garbage on Facebook.
Celia Martinez NOW we know what #democrats really are??? Communist traitors!
Ronald Henderson For here are the problems and dangers of liberal politics in America.
Brian Huggins The world we now live in: Christians are terrorists and terrorists are a peaceful loving religion. End times baby.

"Obama never did stuff like this. I think we might be in trouble." You think?

Breaking: Trump
Breaking: Trump's Nuclear Surprise Just Surfaced In Korean Port

The U.S. just made a HUGE show of force near the Korean peninsula...

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Kit Rowley Where do you think the other 13 Ohio Class Subs are (they can stay under for a full tour) :)
Peter Mandel It's none of our business. Don't concern yourself with United States military activity. It's in all our best interest.
Frank Green CNN False News even if it were true. They have no integity
Justin Cook I think Obama was a pussy
Rob Schumacher Obama was the biggest disaster in the history of Presidents.

Who strikes fear now, Bowl Cut Jr.?

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Beit Shahla Get out of the nuke mentality! Don forget M. A. D.
Ramazon Ako Pokoraija Yeah, look at what they did on Marshal island
Michael Ball Absolutely but very scary
Karl Scott He is brilliant and smart. I saw him shoot a pistol. Wow.
Leon Drew BFRB!

Treasure map on the back?

Second Copy Of Declaration Of Independence Just Found, And There
Second Copy Of Declaration Of Independence Just Found, And There's 1 Big Difference [Video]

"The list of names was intentionally scrambled, we believe ..."

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Hank Hustus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTA7KR9-9lM
Betty Maradik BS
Chris Eddings UNITY?
Christy Stevenson Sipes AND... this matters BECAUSE????
William Ball Its as phony as the paper its forged on

I guess your "fighters" lose confidence when you start getting dusted by pigs.

ISIS 'fighters' abandoning their overlords as the caliphate collapses

Because sometimes the gig just doesn't work out.

2.3k reactions 135 comments
John Michael Wood We should go to Texas and live trap thousands of wild hogs ,then let them loose on the terrorists.
Sagele Filipo The blood of righteous will never go in vain...isis killed by boar...thats a good news...more boar Lord on earth i pray.
Jim Reilly No Barry in charge for sympathy. And God must e beyond pissed if He's letting boars have at ISIS.
Rich George And when the us president stops funding your cause...
Elizabeth Chapman i have a few hogs i would be willing to send over there and help do the job.

I don't care what anyone said. Mad Dog was never going to be anything but tough on this issue . . . like his boss.

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Em Bailey HC: I don't care what anyone said. Mad Dog was never going to be anything but tough on this issue . . . like his boss.
Tim Delos No body better for the job, Trump showed his pure genius getting general Mattis,
Colin Campbell β€œFor example, any weapons being funneled here from a foreign country would be a violation of international law,” Uh - no. It would be a violation of neutrality (making that country a party to the conflict). Russia cannot supply weapons and remain ...

Might as well panic about this too.

1.4k reactions 174 comments
Dolores Cox I think the people are tried of the Democrats way of trying to get rid of Trump and the Republican and the people do not approve of the way it's being done.
Robert Brescia It's about time there is a democrat that realizes it dems have lost over a 1000 state and local seats . Wait to see what's going to happen in the next election . S human and polosi are going to take down the remainder of what's left of the Republican ...
Vincenzo Colacino-ponz Out of touch senile old people. They rant and rave to cover up their misdeeds such as the turd on the left shown here. He is nothing but a blow hard and is trying to avoid going to jail soon. Go get them President TRUMP.
Daniel Peterson The fault with the democrat party besides being out of touch. Is they are adopting what Republicans did during Obama Presidency: obstruction. They think doing this will help them win in 2018 ,but it won't and here's why. From 2009 - 2016 Obama was ...
Joyce Miller Butler the next sound you hear is the imploding of the Democratic Party.....and the dust and dirt from that implosion is going to get the Dems very soiled and stained....and look for this party to disintegrate before our very eyes....they are to foolish to ...

Don't believe the way the media are reporting this. The Democrats are trying to turn your pastor into a criminal. Here's what this bill would actually do:

5.1k reactions 1006 comments
Kelly Bradley Hudspeth I. Just. Can't. This is so blatantly illogical, unconstitutional, and unbelievable that someone would actually introduce such nonsense---worse is that it was introduced last year with zero attention. May this bill die AGAIN.
Dan Hennessy I thought these liberals were all about supporting the 1st amendment. You know the one guaranteeing the RIGHT to Free Speech. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging ...
Emerson Thomas Why do the gays and lesbians have to brag about their sexual acts? Can't they just get laid and shut up about it? Why does it have to be publicized? I have no problem if what your sexual preference is. Some guy like big boobs, some like smaller ones. ...
Suzanne Serratore As usual, the Liberals want to eliminate Christ and God from our lives. If a person wants to seek out a pastor for counciling then they should be able to without government interference.
Andrew Pond If you are a believer, you hold that God cares for everyone. The subtext with this effort is that these Democrats believe their own views are correct over what scripture teaches. They do not know how God designed mankind or why some people are ...

She will do a great job.

Just In: Popular Fox News Anchor Chosen As The New State Dept Spokeperson
Just In: Popular Fox News Anchor Chosen As The New State Dept Spokeperson

"... long interest in international affairs will be invaluable ..."

752 reactions 24 comments
Larry Buckner very good !
Pugnacious Smith This was announced months ago
Joe WesleyJr Really?
Bob Berry Always liked her
Roy Head Omg Hermie, get a fking life.

"Sorry you're going to have to find a new job, but please enjoy these feminist poems while you clean out your desk!"

While firing 100 sports-related employees, ESPN runs
While firing 100 sports-related employees, ESPN runs 'Five poets on the new feminism'

Read these feminist poems while you clean out your desk!

811 reactions 119 comments
John Heavener It is clear that the management at ESPN hasn't got a clue. What is this world coming to?
Jason Fleis Barely touched their SEC staff... another reason I stopped watching.
Zachary Keen This is why I only watch Football and basketball games on ESPN, with the audio muted
Doug Schneider About only time I watch is when my college football team is on...other than that I can't stand the screaming!!!
Terri Watts Thomas I before E except after C Drop the E and add ING yep-happens to the best of us...

Sean handled this nonsense perfectly. And boy, did she back down quickly.

2.1k reactions 193 comments
Roger Zelinsky Sean will not let them do to him what was done to O'Reilly. Fox is now being run by Progressives in the form of the young Murdochs. They would just as soon destroy the last bastion of Conservative news/opinion (Fox News) as not. I hope Sean's ...
Jan Rigotti Finally, I am so happy Hannity is fighting back. Conservatives need to fight back against everything false and about personal destruction. The leftist ACLU sues everyone for everything so it's about time the conservatives start using the courts to fight ...
Stephen Tenhet Actually looking at this woman's picture makes me uncomfortable... she looks "creepy and weird". The left thinks they have found an opening to destroy FNC and the people who built it. You can expect more lies and hoaxes as a result.
Christy Kubovcik Young Why can't he press sexual harassment charges or stalking charges if she has had a history of this pattern with him??? Flip the script on her!! Karma's a biotch!
Katt Vaughan So the false accuser walks it back! It may be to late for her though. What a shame that she would be so ugly on inside that she would stoop so low. This is not a game lady! You are messing with people's lives and that's not okay! Don't try to cover your ...

Whoa. This is a major truth-bomb from an unexpected source. Levin absolutely rips the old media and elements withing the Democrat movement. You'll want to see this video...

7.4k reactions 219 comments
Cynthia Martinez Wyatt Because people like Levin can't ignore what's going on! It's crazy! The bias the twisting the fascists who call us fascists yet we are not blocking freedoms. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌβ€οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’ͺ🏻
Patricia Perales Good morning America is another show that's gonna hit the skids if they don't start changing their way of reporting. George is like a bulldog when Interviewing people. He is so bias I can hardly watch anymore.
Bill Radcliff I happen to find this man's interview pretty amazing!!! He spoke with the highest degree of common sense of many that I've recently heard speak!!!!
Richard Chambers Sr. Like Levin,TMZ,He,it's entertaining,but now I have respect for him that goes beyond just entertaining!People like him with fair, common sense need to stand up to bullies,where ever they are! Good job Harvey!πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
Clint Fawkes Libs hide behind their CNN, MSNBC and HuffPo "facts"/figures/lies all the time. Fake news, hatred, violence, cowardice, obstruction... that's the goal of the pitiful losers of the November election. Sad, pathetic people and party.

The details are in, and there is so much here to like:

3.8k reactions 111 comments
Michael Turner Like Reagan's "tax cuts", these will mostly benefit the rich, encourage HUGE Deficits, raise the national debt. Eliminating the estate tax will encourage the creation and expansion of a small social overclass of rich people who control the country. ...
Dena Tarkington Why won't they just do the simple and sensible?? FAIR TAX-- abolish the IRS!!
Gail Casucci Don Ripley...should the stonewallers let this pass it's going to really help American taxpayers. Since you hate our POTUS so much I think you should decline any tax breaks.
Ann Bush Little attention paid by the White House press corps to the extraordinarly detailed explanations by Secretary Mnuchin and Gary Cohn of the tax structure. The end of the estate tax is a magnificent step.
Kathryn Gooch With this plan, a couple with two kids making $100K will get deductions and exemptions of about $40K, that means your federal tax would be $15K because you lose your cafeteria plan deductions. Currently at $65K one would pay just over $12K! Sound right? ...

If he does, it will be the last one he ever does.

Breaking: Reports Say NK Nuke Detonation Could Happen Within the Week
Breaking: Reports Say NK Nuke Detonation Could Happen Within the Week

The world is waiting to see what Kim Jong Un will do next...

1.2k reactions 123 comments
Jo Lavigne That fat Ching Ching is looking to get *Oinked* into his grave.
Ted Poulos Little Fat Fukker is going to be killed off by his own military. Wait and see!
Laura Prince You'd think he would care about the citizens of his country. He's playing a foolish game that could result in dire consequences.
Richard Brod And when it doesn't I'll be here to remind folks that this was #ClickBait and #FakeNews
Colleen Clancy Herold We just need to get this mad man. Free the people who living in NK is one be workers camp.

No mercy. Not for this.

2.1k reactions 355 comments
Pamela Gray They learn this behavior socially--from their community, their family. It's cultural. It's totally on them.
Shelley Kugel Praying for the woman injured that she has a complete recovery. Once caught they should be made to pay for all her medical expenses, for all the damage and items they ruined, and then jailed to work in the laundry area for as long as it takes for the ...
Mary Leonesio I hope they get the maximum sentence AFTER they clean the store and pay for the damages. However, the manager should've known better than to chase after them. She should've called the cops the second they started trouble.
Carol Lewis Used to be death sentences all over the place for the really heinous crimes and very long, hard sentences til liberalism said "that's mean" and started making shows showing how "cool" it was to go to prison. I believe some liberals need to start paying ...
Blaine Burton This is unbelievable. They should be made to pay for the store damages. Then the medical bills, then do 20 years in prison. And I'm being lenient.

We didn't elect him to keep things the same.

1.9k reactions 54 comments
Terry Ingersoll We now have a LEARED in the White House !
Janet Hill Like ovomit never existed. Never.
Susan Ault Love it
Debbie Dutcher Riley Awesome!
Michael Parrack Is that Bears Ears or Barry Big Ears National Monument

OK, kids. I'd think about that one.

625 reactions 103 comments
Judy-Lynne Feilden Crazy Fat Kid better realize he's not dealing with the muslime p*ssy that used to try to run this country. The new guy in the White House doesn't suffer fools gladly and doesn't roll over to empty threats.
Tom West I'll make popcorn and bring the lawn chairs. This is going to be fun.
Earl Bredenburg I'd love to own a life insurance policy on this A hole!
Don Franco Capo Send your row boats loaded with Korean slaves and a bunch of rocks and start sinking our carrier.
John Smith The iceberg effect: What you see above the surface pails in comparison to what below the surface.

Unlike Obama red lines . . .

Alert: Trump
Alert: Trump's NK Red Line Revealed by UN Amb... Kim Is Going Down

Will this be the final straw that compels Trump to take action?

534 reactions 10 comments
Teressa Ryan Bye-bye Donut Boy.
Dolores Cox So why is she going Down? she said nothing wrong.
Grant Morrison Barracks red lines, are like building a house on sand
Judy-Lynne Feilden Bowl Cut Boy should take a lesson from Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

BREAKING: The House conservatives who torpedoed the first ObamaCare repeal/replace plan have endorsed the latest version.

1.6k reactions 99 comments
Carl Fischer Stop the dog and pony show. Learn from how obamacare was put together. It did not happen overnight. Repeal the whole thing. Delete it from America. Is that hard
Nehea Midd They had 8yrs to make it better. Now people are going to see how this would and will effect you.
Julie Kilday The right needs to stick together for now. The swamp is deep and long and we need unity to drain it.
Ron Allen STOP! There is no REPEAL and REPLACE plan. It's AMEND and MAINTAIN. That's not what the GOP promised us. Please stop lying and give us the truth.
Kathy Gattis Juneau Government just needs to get out of it. Can see it's helping the peoples pocket as far as money.

No wonder we've accomplished so little there in 16 years. Geez.

2.4k reactions 193 comments
Marion Poldoian Tierney Wow what a crook and traitor obozo was. Why hasn't he been locked up yet for treason. He's evil. They could fill up the prisons just with Democrats. They are so crooked.
Katherine Trupo Good! Did YA know he was paid $ 4 00. million by stockmarket, for a 1 hrs speech! Thats outrageous ,he's trying the Clinton thing ,speak & get paid... out regions amts! Stock markets cheese just SLIPED off their cracker!
Louise La Jeone Makes you wonder if this isn't also happening here in the U.S. with welfare recipients. What is stopping people who live near the border of two or more states from applying for welfare benefits in each state? Or within the same state with different ...
Pamela Penning Andersen Now trump can spend it on golf. Trump hasn't accomplished anything much. No travel ban, sanctuary cities get funding after all, he's not leaving NAFTA, no erasing Obamacare. He's going to looking to the monuments from the last 21 years, but he can't ...
Carol Davidson No wonder Obama worked so hard to get Hillary elected. I hope we follow the money trails one by one.

Uh oh . . .

3.4k reactions 184 comments
Lee B Langer Too bad this wasn't a battleship. Would have loved them turn tail as a triple barrel turned to aim.
Joe Anidjar Blow iran out of the water...who would dare mess with a US destroyer...obamas gone iran...
Steven Gardner C'mon, Mr. Cain... you're better than this clickbait.
Don Mcclure "We don't call them destroyers because we ran out of names. We call them destroyers because they destroy stuff" Rob O'Neill
Thomas Wulf Not only do we have a commander in chief that won't surrender, but Rex will actually send back up and protect good Americans

Whatever marbles he had to begin with have been thrown into the streets of Faber.

225 reactions 46 comments
Joe Sheridan Take him out
Joe Burden Knowledge is good.
Billy Stude Sniper crosshairs?
Ross Pursifull His bio says he has never,repeat never pooped.
Dave Simko Somebody needs to kill the Korean pig!!

Oh. Now Joy Behar is concerned about "reverence." Got it.

763 reactions 266 comments
Edith Anderson Reese Reverence for "first lady" Hillary Clinton!? Um....not so much!!! Do you realize that the Clintons have had two more people killed just yesterday? Two warrant servers to the Clinton Library in Arkansas were tortured and murdered the day they were ...
Dixie Eastman Where was she when the Clinton's were letting out the Lincoln bedroom. Danny DiVito thought it was hilarious how he and Rhea trashed it.
Kent Flaherty She's just another member of the "over the hill club". Who in their properly functioning mind would ever waste their precious time viewing or listening to this large steaming pile of merde.
Shelley Green but sex in the WH is okay. Propping feet up on Oval office desk, praying to ALLAH in the Islam praying room, removing historical gifts (Churchill), destroying world wide relationships, bowing to enemies, giving free stuff for black votes on taxpayer ...
Rick Frayne I'm totally shocked...that none of them took the opportunity to pull out a Sharpie and make a speech bubble or a moustache and horns. Maybe DT will complete the Clinton family gallery and put up a picture of Danney Williams?

Best news you'll see all day! Nice work, Porky!

ISIS monsters killed by . . . rampaging wild boars?
ISIS monsters killed by . . . rampaging wild boars?

Th-th-th-th-th-th-that's all folks!

6.8k reactions 565 comments
Tom Coughran They don't stand a chance iPod ever seeing their 72 virgins let alone conjugal visits. And with pig blood and slop all over them, it'll be Yahoo out the back door.
Wayne Lanier Why don't we trap our wild pigs and release them in ISIS areas. Triple win - we get rid of problem pigs, ISIS fighters get new enemies, and Allah doesn't have to receive ISIS fighters.
William T Nuckles God's magic creatures, turn oats into bacon. Only the chosen few may not know this pleasure. The rest happily eat low on the hog and praise the flavor.
Marc A. Ouellette Tell me that's not Biblical shtuff right there. Muslims killed by pigs. Do I see another chapter in 2017????? Lori Peter Lisa Embry Bethany Ouellette. If that's not the hand of God I don't know what is
Ka Sebert "Sheikh al-Assi said it took place on Sunday moments after ISIS had killed 25 people in Hawija." Rooting for the boars, not ISIS.

We've been waiting for this news, and it didn't disappoint. Let us explain just how good this proposal really is!

3.0k reactions 96 comments
Debbie Pressley This is awesome, high taxes ran our businesses to other nations, cut employee benefits....a total disaster....this is the fix.
Matthew Dumas That's insane, but awesome only if 8th trickles down to the American people. I would also like to see a massive tax cut for the average worker, oops I guess they forgot about the working class again.
Stormy rants on Reality Nice to finally have someone in office who actually knows how business and money works instead of punishing the job creators for "being rich."
Tom Haney I was never hired by a bankrupt company or a poor person. If the corporations cannot make a significant profit, all of the jobs will go away!
Brandon Hathaway Trump needs to campaign on this and go all around the Country. He would surely get buy in this way and force Democrats to vote for it.

How's that "more politics" plan working out for you, ESPN?

8.8k reactions 815 comments
Michael Wendell Please fire Scott Van Pelt.....so tired of his personal views all of the time....have to turn the sound off when he's on....just give me us sports information.....no more Scott Van Pelt segments.....
Timothy Livingston This has everything to do with ESPN severely overpaying for NCAA Football, Monday Night Football, and NBA broadcasting rights and very little to do with on air commentary, sports or otherwise, but why let facts get in your way, Herman?
Mark Lacy Left or Right; keep the politricks out of sports. There's enough built into sports that they don't have to fabricate it. The only decision I want to make when watching ESPN is which team I want to win or which team I want to lose; not which reporter I ...
Louis Merick ESPN gets no attention from me they can disappear and I would not care, Disney lost me too when they started moving away from family values, it too can go away as far as I am concerned. So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye. Goodbye, goodbye, ...
Frederick Clark Whether you watch or not had no impact on this. It's all millennial cord cutting. Like it or not everyone of us with the cable bill secretly pays seven dollars a month to ESPN. That's the approximate cost of passes on the cable companies in order to ...
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