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15:18 04/20/2017

Hmmmm . . .

Just In: Major Development About US Navy Warships Completely Changes The Story

Just In: Major Development About US Navy Warships Completely Changes The Story

"... reckless, irresponsible, and destabilizing program ..."

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Pamela K. Zeedyk
It is normal procedure not to be specific regarding Navy Vessels.
Harold Logan
We have a carrier and task force always their based in Japan. Chill..........
Randy Starkey
I'm w/ Trump ... the less the evil press knows what's going on the better.
Lyle Thorne
CNN and MSNBC ,, miss the Presidents point,, ON PURPOSE,, who are they actually rooting for, here ?????
Danh Nguyen
We don't to tell anyone where we are going, smart leader.
Talon Trevor MacDonald
So... Are we on the Liberal bandwagon now? I PREFER that the Military is not broadcasting all of it's locations and moves
Pugnacious Smith
With several air bases in South Korea and Japan, naval bases, marine bases, and the ability to send B1, B2 and B52 bombers globally, there's really no strategic or tactical reason to have a carrier strike group in the sea of Japan.
Glenn Muehlhausen
Glad our media and everyone else doesn't know what our military is doing. You're not supposed to
Vickie Jones
if the navy was going to do anything the media, talks too much, you don't tell the enemy what you plan to do, like obama did, you do what president trump did, you don't reveal your plans
Hugh Hartsell
Who in the world ever heard of giving out information that might be confusing to the enemy. Now, let's see how many cell phone numbers and addresses we can find and publish of the mainstream media. We can surely help with their cause and we want to personally invite all of the Islam lovers and potential illegal aliens that need a place to shack up for the next 8 years.
Vickie Jones
if president was sitting around doing nothing they would complain, but america has a hard working president that cares for us and will fight for us. man is never happy
Roy McHone
Indonesia is south of North Korea by 2000 miles, give or take. How long would it take fighter aircraft to be over Korea? The warships were headed West were they not?
Alan Rabideau
Okay, here's an absolutely idiotic statement from this article, "The issue was that the ships were not going where the White House and the rest of the nation thought they were." I served for nearly 10 years. I know military protocol. It is absolutely impossible for the White House and the JCS, to not know, at all times, precisely where every single one of our Carrier Battle Groups are every single minute of every single day and what their missions are at all times. To make a claim otherwise is absolutely false.
Richard McKenney
Buckle up. When they start sayin " what carrier battle group? ".....like the boxer drawling your attention to their left hand.
Bob Sather
First of all Trump never said he was sending aircraft carriers, he actually indicated SUBMARINES. From CNN article: "That night, in an interview with Fox News Business, US President Donald Trump said he was sending an "armada" to North Korea. "Very powerful, we have submarines, very powerful, far more powerful than the aircraft carrier, that I can tell you," he told the program." http://www.cnn.com/2017/04/19/asia/uss-carl-vinson-north-korea-timeline/

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He did *not* need to do this.

Democrats Threaten to Boycott NAACP Museum Opening, So Trump Makes a Classy Accommodation
Democrats Threaten to Boycott NAACP Museum Opening, So Trump Makes a Classy Accommodation

"I think this was a diplomatic effort that will help solve this issue."

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Judy Bazen These civil rights leaders have so much hate for Trump, I'm afraid for their soul when they leave this world. They just can't put it aside for the sake of the country
Dina Rimer Not sure how any of this builds unity? Do they want to keep acting like babies or work on a solution to bring our nation together??
Bob D'Alessio I know of any member of Congress who has as much seething anger and pure hatred burned into his face than does this supposed "icon," John Lewis. 👹
Ninie Kirkpatrick It’s not their fault they don’t even realize what they are fighting against. It’s a spirit that’s in the world God is going to undo it
Sally Rouch He joined the very group that beat him bloody on that bridge years ago, Democrats. So what is he? Certainly not a hero of the civil rights movement, he started out fighting for rights then joined the ones that took his rights in the first place?

If at some point, NFL, you decide to stop the nonsense and do the right thing again, this is a reminder of how that's done.

This is How People Responded to the National Anthem at the Army-Navy Game
This is How People Responded to the National Anthem at the Army-Navy Game

"The National Anthem at yesterday's Army-Navy Game will give you chills."

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Jane Meznar You tell them Herman!! And Merry XMAS to you!!
Harris Bonnell This is how a game of football should be played!
WilliamJoe N Greta Daniel No more of the No fun league for me. Joe
Earl E Shaffer Jr This is class personified. NFL is put to shame by this.

Style-wise, he's not like him, but substantively? Hmm . . .

Trump Brings Down the House With Reagan-Style Declaration About God
Trump Brings Down the House With Reagan-Style Declaration About God

President Donald Trump has been compared to former President Ronald Reagan on several key issues, but what Trump said on Friday night really had supporters fired up. During a campaign-style rally in Pensacola, Florida, Trump brought down the house with a Reagan-esque declaration about God and big go...

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Kristi Kerbs Love
Ray William why not, they are both adulterers... Reagan cheated on his first wife with Nancy and Trump cheated on his TWO former wives....GOP "family values"....SUCH "Christians".....
Michele Fitzgerald Would have had my vote many years ago
Ben Whitten The rich get richer, the poor get ignored
Clifton Crawley Lol at this "human" being anything more than evil.

What a trainwreck that place is. Someone should buy it.

CNN in Chaos, Massively Violates Dem
CNN in Chaos, Massively Violates Dem's Talking Points With Praise for Trump

Donald Trump has a contentious relationship with most of the mainstream media. It’s clear that with a few exceptions, he sees establishment outlets as merely mouthpieces for his opponents. The media, in turn, seems to be no fan of the president… but Trump just received surprising praise from an ...

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Casey Roberts There is still an obvious liberal bias in this article.
Dwight Rider I'd say it is worth "about a buck, buck and a half..."
Randy Hart Dont hold your breath. Im sure it wont last long. Hope Im wrong!!!
Mila Joy Milliorn Trump should buy a media outlet so we could have one source of real news.
Bruce Patrick CNN used to be a good news source. Be great to receive news without bias.

But that's different. They didn't actually mean it. Which is exactly the point.

Trump Humiliates Dems, Releases Footage of Clinton, Obama Supporting His Decisions
Trump Humiliates Dems, Releases Footage of Clinton, Obama Supporting His Decisions

Not long after liberals hyperventilated over President Donald Trump’s decision to officially recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city, the president released footage fully exposing their hypocrisy. Trump made history Wednesday by announcing that the U.S. would be moving its embassy from Tel ...

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Melanie Ann Denicourt Absolutely not. He's MY PRESIDENT! They could've come out during the primaries, the election but no, they chose now. Zero credibility. Period.
Derek Layne The Senate, just 6 short months ago voted unanimously on a resolution recognizing #Jerusalem as the capital of #Israel. Gotta love #liberalhypocrisy. http://thefreethoughtproject....
Genevieve B Johannessen First lady supports Jerusalem as capital of Israel July 9, 1999 WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, July 9) -- First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton says she considers Jerusalem to be the "eternal and indivisible capital of Israel" and will be an active advocate -- if ...
Bobby Cabral Best way to defeat Democrats is to replay their own words which contradicts their politics and expose them as the sniveling liars and hypocrites that they are. Hang them with their own words.
Michele Pirich Can the Obamas & the Clintons just go away !!! We’ve seen more of these disruptors now, than when they were in Office.

For the record, Don Lemon is the guy who wondered if a black hole swallowed that missing airplane. VIDEO

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Mary Erwin Idk about the dumbest, a politician wondered if island of Guam would tip over if it became overpopulated, idk what could beat that stupidity.
Debi Bender Well, it turns out, when a point is argued and President Trump voices his insight..well, President Trump is, most often, overwhelmingly right.
Philip Byrd When the media lies about someone, isn't that a sort of bullying too? It's the classic thing anymore where the villain plays like they are the victim.
David Hickey The media and the democrats have done nothing but try to remove this President, you would think a sane solution would be to offer something better then what the current President is bringing to the table...The democrats have nothing, no plan, no ideas, ...
Diane Marsolais Silva So they say children will learn to bully because of Trump's example. What about their lying , bullying his children and wife, and acting like a bunch of idiots. What does that teach them? That it's OK for some people to act in this way while he calls ...

Sorry. Internet is forever, bro.

Obama Wishes This Video of Him Mocking Trump
Obama Wishes This Video of Him Mocking Trump's Promise on Jobs Never Existed

During a town hall event hosted by PBS in the middle of the presidential election last year, then-President Barack Obama mocked then-GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s vision of bringing jobs back to America. “(W)hen somebody says … that he’s going to bring all these jobs back, well how...

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Eugen Holenstein See how he admits knowing nothing about business, the community organizer, but he does hit the top spot for lying to himself and everybody ells.
Allen Blackledge Better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are an idiot than to open it and prove to the world that you are (excluding dim-o-crags)
David F Buske President Trump is getting the job done. Obama did nothing but give money to his cronies in democratic states!
El Wick Zul So course I click on this article thinking I'm going to see the video but instead I have to sit through a commercial video which then starts the video that has music and text to it. Well I could have read the text without watching the commercial. This ...
Ninie Kirkpatrick Trump is the VICTOR Obama is the loser Trump has integrity Obama is a destroyer of a country. Thank God America is coming into a glorious time. Make America great again

What a difference a year makes.

Nobody Realized Trump Made Jerusalem Decision Exactly 1 Year After Obama Gave Holy Sites to Islam
Nobody Realized Trump Made Jerusalem Decision Exactly 1 Year After Obama Gave Holy Sites to Islam

President Donald Trump’s historic announcement on Jerusalem last week is even more special when Americans remember how former President Barack Obama stabbed Israel in the back this time last year. In 2011, Obama began taking part in further escalating the tensions between the Israeli’s and Pales...

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Lorie Rogan May he undo and erase every evil thing obama did in his attempt to destroy America.
Soss T De Marco That gets a Sheldon, Bazinga! It's payback time for all the sedition!
Jeanne Williams Can someone explain to me how tearing down offensive statues is allowed but we have not torn down one mosque over 9-11?
Stephanie Powell Obama is the enemy of civilized society.
Scott Walter Thank you Jesus for giving us Trump!! So thankful the muslim in chief Obummer is gone!!

Science must never be questioned in any way! :)

Archaeological Discovery Is Nightmare for Devout Muslims
Archaeological Discovery Is Nightmare for Devout Muslims

There has been a lot of talk about Jerusalem in recent days, following President Donald Trump’s recognition of the city as the true capital of Israel. This decision has reignited the debate over which major religious faith lays a true claim to the ancient city — Jews, Christians or Muslims. Obvi...

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Dennis Foster science should always be questioned. That's how we learn. Otherwise, good story.
W.D. Red Wolf Golleher http://www.answering-islam.org/Authors/JR/Future/ch11_the_dark_nature.htm
Steve Lincke What, no picture of the coin?

We've always been at war with Eastasia.

Minnesota Public Radio disappears everything Garrison Keillor ever did . . . like it was never there
Minnesota Public Radio disappears everything Garrison Keillor ever did . . . like it was never there

1984. This is now taking on the characteristics of a moral panic. It's no longer enough to just fire or otherwise disassociate yourself with the sexual harasser. You now have to try to pretend

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Diana Jane Kurth I had forgotten this quotation from George Orwell’s “1984”. I’m still disappointed with MPR, for totally erasing everything about Garrison Keillor. I should have expected this of any public radio organization.
Robert Beltz Yup. This is what the left does. Remove all historical documentation. Wait a while. Then backfill with what they want you to believe.
Stephen Edens Garrison Keillor is terrific... back in the eighties i had a very long drive and i listened to cassettes of Garrison Keillor in the car... He sure is funny...
Carrie Lee Hammer Has this man been proven of misdeeds or is it just accusations....he said..she said thing....they should wzit until it is proven..
Deborah Rhoades They should be just as ashamed to be the home of the freedom from religion idiots who are traveling the country filing lawsuits against Christians.

Victory is a lot more plausible when you're actually trying to win.

Less Than 1 Year After Trump Took Office, Iraq Declares Victory Over ISIS
Less Than 1 Year After Trump Took Office, Iraq Declares Victory Over ISIS

For a major chunk of the past administration, Barack Obama struggled with trying to defeat the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria. In less than one year after Donald Trump has taken office, the nation of Iraq has declared victory over the terrorist group. According to The Washington Post, Iraqi P...

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Thomas Giudice It's hard to defeat someone/something when you're supplying them with weapons and money.
Diana Marie He wasn't capable, even though he said, ISIS was the JV team!! Thank you President Donald J. Trump!
Chris Wood Obama wasn’t on our side...he wanted the jihdis to win, because he’s one of them
Rosemary Edwards And it has really not been a full year from when Trump took office!
Jay Peay They are easier to beat when you stop giving them money.

Woe to the politician who, like London's Sadiq Khan, tells U.S. citizens that these sorts of attacks are "part and parcel" of life in the big city. VIDEO

New York: Suicide bomber survives, is in police custody
New York: Suicide bomber survives, is in police custody

Part and Parcel? No thanks. By now, you've most likely seen the news. This morning, a man in New York strapped a bomb to himself and entered one of the city's busiest transit locations, int

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Donald Bridges False. This is all fake news. The Politicians both Republican and libercrat say there are no terrorist in this country. Stop the hate hug a tallibanian.
Jeanne Williams What the hell. Why isn't he dead? This is why Healthcare us so expensive. He should have died at the curb.
Judy Wagner Biondi New Yorkers just re-elected the guy who is allowing all this.
Jeff Talbut Democrat Gov. in Calif. when fires hit.."New Normal", in NY when terrorists hit..."New Normal"...Dem. President when growth averages 1.4%.."New Normal". All ran on "Change". Methinks it's about time for a change....
Bridges Termite Robert Wait a minute here !im confused !here is a man that passed the ultimate test ,as said by Richard Pryor ,for any of you that remembers Richard Pryor. I'll,elaborate for you Richard Pryor,s ultimate test was Whether or not you can survive death!!Now no ...

Did anyone REALLY think we were going to skip this to coddle Bowl Cut Jr.?

Haley: Yes, we
Haley: Yes, we're sending a full Olympic team to the South Korea games

As expected. I'm not sure who, exactly, thought we were going to ignore the Olympics to coddle Kim Jong Un. I mean, if Hitler didn't keep us away from the games, Bowl Cut Jr. certainly isn&

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Bill Freeman Why wouldn't we go!?!?
Carol Marek Yes We will have super protection 🙏🇺🇸
JD Ellis Hmmm what womans event could I win???
Tom Kallevang But Vonn won't be going ...
Mark Miller Minus one big mouth skier!!!

Yeah, you can express your opinion, Lindsey Vonn. So can other people.

After Trashing Trump, Lindsey Vonn Gets Message From Team Captain She Won
After Trashing Trump, Lindsey Vonn Gets Message From Team Captain She Won't Like

Days after saying she wouldn’t be competing for President Trump, U.S. Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn was trashed by Mike Eruzione, captain of the 1980 “Miracle on Ice” U.S. men’s hockey team. Vonn made the comments in an interview with CNN. “Well, I hope to represent the people of the United S...

2.5k reactions 310 comments
Don Bowden When I first saw her remarks last week, I said to myself, "... then don't go to The Olympics! Who gives a crap whether you go or not." The self-importance some of these people place on themselves is just uncanny.
Mike Bean I thought she took it seriously.. you rep the country as a whole..not the President.. again an athlete thinking we give a rip about anything but their athletic ability... and again she gets hurt.. so an athlete that can't perform has even less value..
Karen Hodgens-Lott lmao, after making sure your porn pics made the internet, no one cares about your opinions. Stay trashy, girl, you'll never be respected again and you'll never reach fame like Kim K did. We don't want you repping the USA.
Tricia Richardson Just likes thousands of us have told the NFL our opinions of letting the kneeling players still collect their big salaries. We have boycotted you and you still don't get it. These athletes think they are above us all. Well we have news for you all We ...
Mike Giese 1,000’s of competitive athletes and 90+% not drawing negative press because they are smart enough to shut their mouth. Every time some athlete opens their mouth to hate on Trump or the country the fan base places hate back on the athlete. Just what ...

We support the police and hate when they are falsely accused of wrongdoing, which happens far too often. We also have to be honest and tell you when something simply can't be defended.

There's no defending the shooting of Daniel Shaver

Police officers are often attacked without justification and we stick up for them. This time, we can't. I'm not going to dispute the jury's verdict that Philip Brailsford was not guilty

3.0k reactions 746 comments
Jason Poe One equally as bad is the officer who shot the man sitting in his car after he told him he was Concealed Carry. The problem with the militarization of police forces is that, while 99% are good people, that 1% of scared or trigger-happy officers are ...
David Petrelli The jury on this case had to be relatives of the police officer in order for them to find him not guilty. I am a retired Police and this officer should be in jail for murder. They could have handcuffed the guy when he was laying face down on the floor. ...
Thorpe Schoenle That cop needs to be put in jail for life. They could have cuffed that guy way earlier...his tone didn't substantiate the evidence. Sure he was responding to a possible gun toting psycho...I get that but this guy is crying and following every order. ...
Martin Mix One of the issues here is that police training has put a devoted focus on threat perception. Police are shown videos of officers who lost their lives at "routine" traffic stops or minor domestic disputes. This training paints every individual as a ...
Donovan Walker The LEOs should've conducted this arrest as if it were a felony traffic stop. It would've avoided the Monday quarterbacking & the "could've should've would've" BS we see now. That being said, they didn't....and we see EVERYBODY second guessing this ...

This is a mismatch.

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Phyllis Kurtzman Trey has to HAVE EVERYTHING before anything can be done. We do not see behind the scene.
Angel Hughes Jackson Gowdy is the best period. I'd vote for him for president
Jon Bowles Gowdy is like a snapping turtle...won't let go until it thunders!
Jocelyn Pearson We love Trey Gowdy, but does he actually ever accomplish anything? Seems like all talk, no action.
Carol Jameston mueller has been dishonest with the American people..He needs to STOP....this waste of taxpayers money


1.7k reactions 37 comments
Ronnie Bshaw https://www.theatlantic.com/amp/article/534615/
Peter Nation 👌
James Elliott Support!!
Alan Toon Making him Secretary of War....
Donn Baca Now have him crush North Korea!

Stunner: Political ad might not be completely true.

Alabama Officials Respond to
Alabama Officials Respond to 'False' Ad Discovery in Senate Race

"The team at Google felt the ad should be 'disapproved' ..."

624 reactions 83 comments
Steve Bergstrom What? Liberals lying in a political ad?? Nooo, say it ain't so... 😝
Maureen Wiggins LOL As a non-Alabaman, I see how frantic the Culture of Death Party/the Democratic Party is to not let Pres. Trump gain an ally for his draining the swamp of crooked politicians. Wow.
Fred Miller Doesn't matter people now see through the distracting adds😠
Brooks Nichols I have always thought Democrats were liars, the more they do, the more I believe it.
Bill Gage Boy the democrats think the people of Alabama are really dumb ! For putting an add like that

Just one?

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Steven Potkanski he's a little whiney
Robert Brescia He is a clown
Kevin E Lambrechts pawn...optics...bullarky....demonrats...losers

Well this dopey narrative didn't last long.

479 reactions 59 comments
Doreen Rod But he doesn't drink or smoke (like His predecessor )
Adam Coulter Obama stuttered a lot nobody in the media seemed to think he was in bad health.
Kathleen Ann Why? Why even acknowledge this liberal bull crap?
Casey Levrich What’s wrong with liking fast food as a president? Come on now people...
David Crawford We're still awaiting the results of Obama's rectal tissue exam.

So Scarborough thinks running for president is lucrative? He should have checked with me before he spewed that idiocy.

1.8k reactions 700 comments
Je'an Lee Howe Money Wise...Running for and thus becoming President for Donald Trump was a step down in the making money realm. Many Congress men and women and of course Barack Obama made bank off of being in office. So if your a Democrat and play your cards right ...
Darlene Brackett Couch I swear I read this stuff some of these idiots say and I think they were dropped on their heads as kids way to many times. what an idiot! I don't watch this jerk and wonder why any one does
Connie Chapman-Shafer I honestly try very hard to not call anyone a name. What they may say could be ignorant, or out of touch, or a lie; but, rarely, if ever do I call that person a name. This guy is pushing my limits!
Gary Morris Regardless of what anyone thinks, republican, democrat or other, I assure you Trump did not run for the money - now that is just plain ignorance for anybody to claim that of a multi-billionaire that is the 1st president ever who opted ont to receive the ...
Brenda Macurik Stupid. Joe is just stupid ! Trump spent a fortune. His own money! Used his own jet. Trump was already super rich so he didn't need all the grief that he gets from the media now to be even richer . He knows how to make money. So Joe......... ...

All right, friends . . . get him!

2.0k reactions 112 comments
Richard Griswold When they find them set the dogs loose
Patricia Marie Berry You know, this Us is continuing to trash. By the time I die, I won't guess.
Elizabeth Anne Killian That's despicable....hope they catch him.
Vita Barretto Boyle Interesting how the criminals are always WHITE.
Alvin Crofts Well fed thug...he ain't starving...

Someone was sneaky . . . and generous!

Salvation Army Opens Red Kettle to Count Donations, Find $10,000 Cash Pile Inside
Salvation Army Opens Red Kettle to Count Donations, Find $10,000 Cash Pile Inside

But they were not expecting to see wads of cash just sitting there inside the red pot.

1.4k reactions 60 comments
Betty Foster They are the only one i will contribute to, google the salaries of the other ceos of the other charities
Tony Alt Fake news?? None of the $100 bills are folded. Impossible unless they had a key for the master lock on the side.
Jim Haney Gotta love them. They just had themselves a wonderful Christmas.
Dolores Weaver Wow !, that will warm your ❤️May God Bless the giver abundantly.
Brian Morrison Salvation Army is one charity I give the most to because it gives the most back to the poor and not paying for over priced administration.

The man says many words. Just not many true ones.

New Details About Shoplifting Incident Emerge That Look Way Worse For Ball Family
New Details About Shoplifting Incident Emerge That Look Way Worse For Ball Family

Their account is "not remotely accurate," a new report says.

2.4k reactions 529 comments
Julia Jones Like I said, this man has and is destroying his sons Lives. I feel sorry for them because with this dude as their father they do not have much of a chance.
Darlene Driscoll I see these guys going no where because of there dad ! He is not helping them he is hurting them !! Needs to butt out !!
Lisa Smith Trump really stuck his neck out for these guys... extremely poor decisions made by the "Ballers"... they ruined their own brand.
Carolyn Schaab Koos Father raised his sons to be punks per the disrespectful society that is in the entertainment and some sports arenas.
George Key Milner Jr. “I know from a highly, highly reliable source that LiAngelo’s credit card was declined,” Whitlock said. “That’s what triggered the shoplifting, and so this whole thing of, ‘Oh, people just started taking things, and I kind of fell in behind,’ that is ...

Wait . . . people are re-entering the workforce? This is huge.

Wow: The real unemployment rate - the one that counts workforce refugees - is dropping like a stone
Wow: The real unemployment rate - the one that counts workforce refugees - is dropping like a stone

Is the Trump economy pulling people back into the workforce? The Wall Street Journal had a surprising bit of information the other day, one that probably escaped the notice of most people but is in

1.9k reactions 40 comments
Loren Lyon Bush’s policies finally paying off😎
Brian Shipley And Barack Obama had NOTHING to do with it, contrary to what he might think!
Lee Hanson Foreign citizens should return to THEIR countries.
Mark Parra The sign of a healthy economy is when people have choices. Stuck in a dead end job ? Take a chance. The President wanted to create the atmosphere where the losers in life , like ANTIFA, have options other than food service jobs.
Kelley Vestal Looking for an employee email [email protected] ..

Joe Pisarcik is next on the depth chart.

Freshly Demoted Giants Backup QB Takes Issue With Eli Manning Starting Again
Freshly Demoted Giants Backup QB Takes Issue With Eli Manning Starting Again

Everyone in New York is happy Eli is starting again. Well, almost everyone.

439 reactions 148 comments
Carlos Sagaro I've watched little to no football this year and I am better for it.
Joyce Miller Butler it was the coaches decision and he made it....nothing to be upset about....if Smith has talent he has not shown much on the field....it happens every day in the sports world
Michael Carmody Gino should be grateful he is still in the NFL. Dear God he sucks
Hal Elliott Smith stunk at the Jets. Would be no better and is not the Giants long term solution. Or short term.
Rus Sever One of them has a resume' of success. The other has a grudge. You can figure out which is which, if you have a brain.

Pray for him.

NFLPA Dr. Releases Scary Update On Injured Steeler Shazier -
NFLPA Dr. Releases Scary Update On Injured Steeler Shazier - 'It's Not Good...'

The linebacker was carried off the field on a stretcher Monday night.

632 reactions 217 comments
Michael Ball Too bad about this stranger's injury, don't care about the NFL.
Al Derose Young man, much to do after football. Stay strong.
Tony Morgan Omg, is he still going to be able to take a knee? I don't feel sorry for him.
Elvis Carden Do more for them then they do for our Veterans and Military Prayers for healing and comfort Amen Praise God Amen Jesus Name Amen
Dan Mortensen I feel bad for him and I hope he makes a full recovery, but in the end he has no one to blame but himself. If you watch the tackle he purposely lowered his head and went helmet first. You never do that. He tried to make a unnesacary massive showboat hit ...

This sounds about right considering his performance level in recent years. I wonder how many people remember that in addition to the anthem-kneeling, he stunk.

Colin Kaepernick Receives Offer To Return To Professional Football
Colin Kaepernick Receives Offer To Return To Professional Football

One team owner is enthusiastic about signing Kaepernick.

740 reactions 433 comments
Cynthia Geer Sounds about right. He doesn’t have a job in the NFL because he sucks as a QB. If he was great, no one would care if he knelt or not.
Kathleen Koors If somebody wants to waste their money on Kaepernick more power to them. It won't include any of my money because the NFL will never get another dime from me.
Don Bull Didn't even know Arena football was still around, and after watching a few games, had no interest. He should fit right in. ;-)
Jo Dutton Seriously going to just start unliking and deleting every feed that shows does face or talks about him anymore I'm done with him
Karen Barkle Does anyone even watch arena football, let Kaperdick go play there. That’s the kind of venue he deserves.

What school would want them knowing that dad and his mouth are part of the deal?

1.8k reactions 763 comments
Betty Lamoreaux Berry Feel sorry for the boys. Creep for a dad, drawing off his children’s ability. He’s ruining their lives. Probably why the kid shop lifted to start with, never taught right from wrong.
Larry Hunt This guy is so full of crap! He doesn't care about the money....LOL! He's going to let Harrison handle everything.....LOL again! He is going to make Harrisons life a living hell! Smh, I feel bad for anyone who has to deal with this lunatic, including ...
Kiki Gee Sounds like a liability having these two kids at ones school in fear of a bogus lawsuit. I feel bad for his sons.
Sue Lange And they will be uneducated fools when their careers are over. So sad that this father cannot look outside the box to what is really important. Nothing is promised to us. What happens if one of his son's gets hurt permanently? The other brother then ...
Brandon Rains His ego has just dealt a major blow to his sons chances of successfully making it to the NBA. And if he doesn't learn to shut his mouth and stop talking trash, then you will probably start to see Lonzo targeted by other NBA teams as retribution.

If you come downstairs and find this on top of your Christmas tree, just light a match, throw it down and run. Nothing is worth saving.

Hillary Just Won
Hillary Just Won't Go Away, Now She's a Christmas Tree Topper

If you thought that Hillary Clinton supporters were just going to accept her epic defeat in the 2016 presidential election and move on, think again. A United Kingdom-based company — Women To Look Up To — has released a Christmas tree topper in the image of the former secretary of state. Yes, you...

2.4k reactions 971 comments
Randall Kunkleman 2Co 11:14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. 2Co 11:15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.
Tamra Renee What have the Christmas trees done to deserve this? First the cats climb all through them, knocking them down and tearing off the ornaments, that's forgiveable. But this......
Janice Spence It's a good thing they didn't make those hips the size they really are, that monster wouldn't even stay on an artificial tree.
Mary Jackson She's got on the wrong attire, somebody is lying or this is wishful thinking at its best. I was thinking red, pitchfork and horns!!!
Robert Kruman "If you come downstairs and find this on top of your Christmas tree, just light a match, throw it down and run. Nothing is worth saving." That was hysterical!
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