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Good enough to eat. My original, 100% pure, all natural, cold pressed, organic Argan Oil is just plain good for you, body and soul. What's your favorite way to use Argan Oil? #ArganLove #BeautyDoesntGetAnyPurerThanThis

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Gabrielle Gratefulgirl Carbonneau creepy
Hector Castro Omg hehe I love it!! Josie Maran Cosmetics #ArganDoesaBodyGood #ArganLove #GoodEnoughtoEat
Cindy Young lol dont eat it jose lollllllllllll although you can because of the omegas right lololllllllllll
Jodie Bryant I use it on my face and heels of my feet and my hair and the cubbie and color sticks and my elbows and body butter
DeAnna Chapman Kinney I love to brush it through the ends of my hair. It has made a big difference.
Josie Maran Cosmetics
00:42 11/19/2017

Want to know my secret to living a vibrant life? Live it with a little help from my Vibrancy Foundation of course! #ArganLove and #GlowOn #JosieMaran #Saturday 📷 SEPHORA

63 reactions 6 comments
Ida Tremmel Mary Jo
Dawn Shankman I love this foundation
Adrienne Zaro I also use this foundation daily 💕 it
Cara JS I have this foundation. Love it.
Valerie Ann My favorite foundation <3 I look forward to trying Moonstone Drops soon.
Josie Maran Cosmetics
00:42 11/19/2017

I started my company from the ground up and put every penny I had into the business. There were some scary times at the beginning where my business manager would call and basically tell me that I had two more weeks before going bankrupt and losing my house. Fast forward 10 years, and now here I am! I had a dream to create a beauty company that would be whole-heartedly committed to being a force for good in every way. I wanted to create products that were good for you, good for the planet, and made you feel like the best version of yourself. I remind myself of that purpose and dream every single day. We’ve been learning and growing as a company for 10 years and now for the next 10 years, I’m ready for Josie Maran Cosmetics to become social change leaders in the business community through the platform of beauty. #FBF #ArganDreams #10YearsofArgan #ArganLove Photo credit: Lianna Tarantin @Sakara Life

392 reactions 38 comments
Selina Mooneyham Congratulations Josie I love your products and have supported you from the begging on qvc !
Regino Adkins Wow what is with the left knee being exposed, she must be hard up for attention thank you enjoy your Friday
Jennifer Paul So grateful this business took off! I never thought I’d find products I was in love with! I have quite the stockpile too!!😂😉💖🎉
Diana Kennedy And now she has a mansion . With the people that buy her oil that some elderly lady had in some foreign country the same story a thousand times and greases herself up ever presentation. Just enjoy your mansion. Cause we people just live in normal ...
Michelle Sevens Gorgeous products 👌
Josie Maran Cosmetics
00:42 11/19/2017

My definition of beauty is really healthy skin that glows from the inside out. What's your definition of beauty? Share with us, then see what a little moonlit magic does to your glow. #MoonstoneMagic #ArganLove — Products shown: Argan Moonstone Drops.

155 reactions 10 comments
Erin Marie
Laura Wells Josie Maran cosmetics have the best foundations too ! 💖
Steven Dominie Totally wow Omgoddess hello gorgeous lovealotta thanxalotta
Montserrat González Tostado I can’t find your products in Sephora Mexico anymore 😭😭😭
Michelle Mial Hey Josie
Josie Maran Cosmetics
11:54 11/16/2017

SHARE for a chance to #WinMeWednesday a wash of radiance for a truly lit-from-within glow with my Holiday Illuminating Duo. Featuring my Argan Enlightenment Illuminizing Wand and Argan Enlightenment Illuminizing Powder Veil, this dynamic duo brings your inner glow to the surface of your skin in one effortless sweep. See all my Holiday Duos here: #ArganLove #ArganGlow #JosieMaran

407 reactions 203 comments
Christina Thompson Shared. Love the illuminizing wand! Thank you.
Sue Barney Sounds Fantastic! Thx for the chance! #WinMeWednesday
Jenny Essen I wear the wand every day!!
Lolita Hestand I never see winners announced for these giveaways.
Tiffany Kimmel Thanks for the chance 😍❤
Josie Maran Cosmetics
23:06 11/13/2017

As we age, self-kindness is more important than ever. Our bodies change, our abilities change, and our wisdom grows in unexpected ways. As you grow, try to do something every day to nourish your skin, your mind, your spirit, and your body. The practice may change with time, but the ritual of caring for yourself is lifelong. #SelfLove #ArganLove #SundayRitual Ritual

189 reactions 11 comments
Éric Giguère C’est beau cet endroit
Kathy Leners Thank you for the inspiration
Debby McDonald Josie, love your spirit, you are an inspiration!!
Claire Kanner Love this sentiment!
Josie Maran Cosmetics
10:18 11/11/2017

I believe we can live gracefully by taking good care of our skin, our minds, our bodies, and our souls. When you feel really good and are living a life of truth and goodness, the beauty part of the equation is easy. You radiate so much light that you become ageless. To get the ageless effect, I do light meditations and constantly feed my skin with rejuvenating Argan Oil products. I find that I’m looking and feeling younger or just more radiant – or what I like to call timeless or ageless. #ArganLove #JosieMaran #Ageless Photo credit: Lianna Tarantin Sakara Life

90 reactions 5 comments
Jerome LeCroy Lovely underarms
Dolly Kaech Love everything
Amy Prenger I want more peppermint bark body butter!
Maria May I love your products. I wish that you would release Strawberries n' cream in the super size 19 ounce for the spring. I love and miss that scent. Please consider this.
Tammi Traylor Love your products. I just received the milk and it really has made a difference. Morning and evening I follow your lead - milk, face butter then oil.
Josie Maran Cosmetics
10:18 11/11/2017

I hope to see the beauty industry expand its definition of what beauty truly is as well as find ways to help women live a more holistic, beautiful life that embraces all the things that make us beautiful — like being vulnerable and not perfect. #ArganLove #ArganBeauty Sakara Life

140 reactions 9 comments
Princess Tiffany Frazier 💗
Jerome LeCroy Beautiful toes
Sandra Paul I use my box”s over 🎁
Lolita Hestand I love this. ❤️❤️❤️
Louisa Gismonde Calcaterra I love her products and I LOVE how the gift boxes are packaged. No writing on the box but the nice label wrapped around it. You can actually re-use the box!
Josie Maran Cosmetics
21:30 11/08/2017

SHARE for a chance to #WinMeWednesday my Argan Body Bliss Collection. A four-piece set that exfoliates, hydrates, nourishes and soothes for blissfully radiant skin. ($40, a $73 value) Check out all of my holiday collections here: #ArganLove #ArganHoliday #ArganBliss

287 reactions 206 comments
Wanda Vazquez Banks Thank you for the opportunity! #WinMeWednesday
Judie Nelson Shared..I have wanted to try this..Argan Oil is the best
Amy Duran Love, Shared for #WinMeWednesday
Silvia Bilotto would really love to try them
Wendy Carter Loved Shared would love to win this #winmewednesday
Josie Maran Cosmetics
08:42 11/06/2017

It's game time. Only 2 scents left of my Supersize Today's Special Value, Vanilla Pear and Unscented. Let's do this Argan ladies! Today only QVC #A307202 #ArganLove #TSV

188 reactions 27 comments
Erin Marie Hi All, please check out my new Josie Maran FANatics Page
Tekin Aslan :D
Jerome LeCroy What a body
Stacey Thomas Issa mood 😀💕
Marianne Hess-levine I already received mine!!
Josie Maran Cosmetics
08:42 11/06/2017

This Supersize #TSV is my gift of gratitude to each and every one of you! Get it midnight tonight on QVC for $79.95 (a $261 value). The supersize Argan Milk is $112 alone, so your'e basically getting suuuppa dupppa size Argan Oil and Body Butter for freeeeee!! ❤️ #A307202 #ArganLove #TSV #JosieMaran

399 reactions 53 comments
Jill Bristow Morgan I would love to have the body butter in a pine/balsam scent or rosemary. ❤️
Sherry G. Pope Got the anniversary scent
Allison Henderson Wow FANTASTIC products for every day women ❤
Dena Saunders Love your products, my skin looks amazing
Josie Maran Cosmetics
19:54 11/03/2017

My first SUPERSIZE #TSV ever. This is what's in the box, Argan lovers. $79.85 ($261 if sold separately) and a choice of three delicious body butter scents, for ONE day only. Celebrate the last ten years with me 💛 Exclusively on QVC, going live in 12 hours. #A300866 #OneDayOnly#ArganLove #SupersizedLove

89 reactions 11 comments
Svetlana Tarasovna W Ordered!
Tammi Traylor I got mine !!
Brenda Decker i already ordered it
Emily Curtis Ordered mine in Unscented last night!
PeterKarin HagenClausen Please let it be avalebel in Sephora Denmark ❤️
Josie Maran Cosmetics
19:54 11/03/2017

What's in the box?✨ Any guesses? #TSV #Soon QVC #ArganLove

137 reactions 20 comments
Jerome LeCroy Argan oil
Renee Tilton-Mills Ordered mine! ❤️
Yolanda Lerma Already ordered mine yesterday!
Marianne Hess-levine I also Ordered already!
Argelia Palacio Already ordered!!
Josie Maran Cosmetics
19:54 11/03/2017

Wake up. Be kind. Kick butt. Repeat. One of my favorite mottos. Share with your loved ones this holiday season! 🎁 Available exclusively at SEPHORA. #ArganLove #JosieMaran

149 reactions 9 comments
Millie Harrison Griffiths I lost 23 pounds and my partner lost 28 pounds. I and that he did precisely the same quick weight loss diet. The dietary plan we did is on this website here DIETAG . COM
Shryl Quintane What is the size of the 100% Argan Oil?
Ari Zaragoza How's her shirt!! Lol
Kathy FishMunoz What sz morning s the 100% argan oil?
Karla Phinney Is this going to be on QVC?
Josie Maran Cosmetics
19:54 11/03/2017

SHARE for a chance to #WinMeWednesday this instant beauty classic and customer favorite, my Argan Reserve Healthy Skin Concentrate. It transform your skin’s health with three most vital elements of the Argan tree. Reserve your right to age beautifully! Read more here: #ArganLove #ReserveYourRight #ArganReserve

298 reactions 125 comments
Maria Elena Fratangeli Omg I want to try this so bad would love to win #ArganLove #ArganReserve #ReserveYourRight #WinMeWednesday 💙💙💙 SHARED
Joan Colandrea Love this product, when is it coming back to the Q? I'm on my last bottle!
Nicole Margrif #WinMeWednesday thank you for a chance to win. Shared this post
Sunya Mehmood #WinItWednesday What a fab prize. I would love to win this amazing prize. Liked and Shared.
Melinda Palo Would love to try. Thanks for the chance. Liked and Shared.
Josie Maran Cosmetics
18:18 10/29/2017

Back in stock! What's your favorite Argan bath buddy? #ArganLove #ArganClean

17 reactions 3 comments
Marilyn Knecht The Sugar Scrub. It's the best thing ever. :)
Claire Kanner I love the Argan sugar scrub!
Heather Gasol Best ever. Josie DOES NOT do #AnimalTesting!!!
Josie Maran Cosmetics
05:30 10/27/2017

SHARE for a chance to #WinMeWednesday my exclusive holiday beauty set for smooth, glowing skin. Features must-have Argan Moonstone Drops and Argan Lip Sting Plumping Butter in limited-edition shade: Be It Boysenberry. Hydrate. Smooth. Radiate. Let your love glow. Don't you love Wednesdays? #ArganLove #HolidaySet #LimitedEdition

508 reactions 257 comments
Tabetha Tlili Thanks for the chance liked and shared
Erin Denise Moriarty liked & shared, of course I love Wednesdays even more if it's a WinItWednesday
LoLa Dlo Rodriguez Shared! I would love to try the new moonstone drops! 💧💧
Mary Miatke I also love your Argan light face oil, I use it everyday. Beautiful set. #WinMeWednesday #ArganLove #HolidaySet #LimitedEdition
Josie Maran Cosmetics
05:30 10/27/2017

My #TuesdayTip for flawless foundation for glowing skin. Hint, add a little moonlit Argan magic. 💫 #ArganMoonstoneDrops: #ArganLove #ArganGlow #ArganMagic

244 reactions 19 comments
Rebecca Moran-Golk Chrissy Majewski Waide Judy-louise Majewski
Diane Eukovich Garabedian Debbie Babcock I must try
Cindy Young cant wait to try it
Betty Scygiel Does QVC HAVE this?
Pat Hartley Glasscock It has a scent! Not for us sensitive ladys.
Josie Maran Cosmetics
16:42 10/24/2017

Who's with me? #ForceforGoodMovement #ArganLove #VotewithYourWallet #MondayMotivation

73 reactions 4 comments
Nick Spivak Me olweys whith you_)
Lolita Hestand I completely agree! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Kim O'Connor I am in and trying to do the same
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