David Villa Sánchez
17:54 08/18/2017

Thanks for the visit, my friend! Good luck for the rest of the season! #Yankees ⚾

NY Yankees Coach Joe Girardi visits NYCFC practice!
NY Yankees Coach Joe Girardi visits NYCFC practice!

Great seeing you today at practice, coach! Always fun talking baseball with you!

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Lyov Agek Best
ابراهيم ڤيا 😍😍
Margarita Campins Torrens GRANDE VILLAAA
Ndong Alieu KING WE ALWAYS LOVE you can
Alankar Choudhary Come Barcelona Villa
Jimmie Johnson
05:24 06/23/2017

The girls first ⚾️ game. #yankees

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Mark Jones Wish I was there with you brother don't care much for baseball but would like to hang out
Shelly Bond Hope you all have a great time. I'm a Phillie fan but no matter what you are spending precious time with your family
Christian Balogh Sorry JJ, this is where I draw the line lol...Go Halos..!!
James Brackeen Glad you caught a game with the kids.
Linda Nykaza When in Chicagoland.. take the girls to a real ballpark!!.. Wrigleyfield is the best.. oh, and grab some ivy. !!

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