George Lopez
22:30 01/12/2018

This fool is a stone cold bigot #valeverde #worthweiner ! And if you voted for him β€œ I hope your grandma falls and can’t get up πŸ™€

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Karina Romero Sad thing is that the whole world is hurt about Haiti and they don’t give an eff about the rest of the countries on that list smh πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
Saturnino Ayala In his book it says he was an abortion that somehow survived, and it's him. I believe it. There was also a prediction that anything that came out of his mouth would be faeces, and that he would crawl.
Charlie Alaniz Speak for yourself fool! Real Mexicans / Latinos / Hispanics be like we got your back Trump! #latinosunidos #latinosfortrump
Melissa Bowman Bailey And if these places are so grand, and he is so wrong, then you should have no objection staying there...Why are they all so desperate to come and stay in a place where they don't even like the president???
Drew Bello Look I'm a celebrity look how much more morally developed I am. (Also morally advanced celebrity) I hope your grandmother falls. Pos

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