DJ Pauly D
06:18 05/25/2017

LAS VEGAS THIS SATURDAY !!! Palms Casino Resort Palms Pool & Dayclub !!! Grab Ur Tix @ Palms.com And Meet Me There !! #MDW2017 #MDW #Vegas #DJPaulyD #PaulyD

334 reactions 18 comments
Valérie Roy Esteban Rousseau-Tardif
Dominico Paretto Samuel Gravel
Sophia Rodriguez Victor Hermida
Siobhan Marie Day Chris DelVecchio
Tina Mehok Jin Jinn Jess Graf
Paris Hilton
19:12 05/19/2017

Back when I was 13 in #Vegas & decided to go an to exotic pet store to buy a ferret & name her #FerretFawcett. 👱🏼‍♀️❤ #FBF

5.2k reactions 335 comments
Jacob Kimaryo You look almost the same today!!!!..Incredible natural beauty!!!!!
John Hendry Oh Ferret so lovely with you and were shi's now still with you <3 ? I loved and likes.
Robert Fouch Were r is u bike trainer rob ride an daily pict exersize or gym im sure looking good
Amy Lyóns Justice for Chelsey .com protesting 10thJune Sunderland THIS GIRL DESERVES A COURT TRIAL !
DJ Pauly D
04:42 05/20/2017

So Excited For My Return To Palms Casino Resort Palms Pool & Dayclub SATURDAY MAY 27th !!! Grab Ur Tix Now @ Palms.com And Meet Me There To Join The Party !!! #DJPaulyD #PaulyD #MDW #MDW2017 #Vegas #PalmsPool #LasVegas

896 reactions 49 comments
Kristina C Michelle DelBove you were 2 weeks early
Lilypad Shentobox Oswaldo Ortega ur weekend
Shana Claire Rozowsky Doiron Davin Rozowsky Anton Rozowsky Gerry Doiron looks like a week too early!
Kaylyn Grams McKenna Fortner I need to go!
Katie Loux Diana Beth Allie Mitrovic Alisa Hills Emily Corbett Felicia Lauren Ann Rokosky Vegas reunion???
Dita Von Teese
22:48 05/12/2017

On sale today! Visit artoftheteese.com for quick ticket links and info. #burlesque #losangeles #sandiego #riverside #denver #vegas #anaheim #seattle #sanfrancisco #ditavonteese

623 reactions 32 comments
Duncan Carter Come to the UK!
Francesco Semeraro Fabiola e noi in Italia 🇮🇹 ...
Courtney Robertson Junior Rolando Canales
Kimberleigh Marshall Love this woman
Robert Blandford So when are you coming to New Zealand.....?
George Strait
17:12 04/09/2017

30 #1's last night, the other 30 tonight! #straittovegas #straitcountry #vegas @tmobilearena

25.4k reactions 601 comments
Kris Bennett Omg I love him so much!!!!! I'll never get to go to one of your concerts but I've always dreamed I would. My dreams never come true , but I'll keep praying.
Eli Fitz Everyone who's there this weekend....have a wonderful time. I was blessed to be able to see him in one of his Dec. shows in Vegas. I'd go back in a heartbeat if I could afford it again!
JoJo Guerra Last night was absolutely amazing... just a man and his guitar! 😎😍 Loved being able to hear his 1st 30 #1 hits, took me back to when I was a child! Still the king and always will be! Love you Mr. George Strait!
Angie Colgrove George, your show was AMAZING! You and I sang over 30 duets together and I remembered every single word! THANK YOU for sharing your God given talent with the world!! I so love your music....I always have!
Bruce Wildman your the most awesome role model and inspiration to young country artist's , you have been a great positive influence with my son who plays your music at the jamborees around ky and also in the country showdowns ,since he was 15, he still loves your ...
22:24 03/29/2017

#Vegas is always lit and it's forever a good thing to be around good ppl like @djerock and @mr_abdi702 @thelightvegas we doin it again real real soon. #THANX

368 reactions 8 comments
Aldo Bento Follow my soundcloud and vibe. Enjoy quality music.® 🎵🎸🎹 www.soundcloud.com/young_ab_battlecircle
Euphonious Clef 👼Devil Can't Stop Me I'm God's Property https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=683951131807768&id=100005786625726
Rose Maurer Williams Kelly Whitaker
Борче Музуроски daj be cigara mochko
Jessica Snyder ☺،🌸 ... 💛`))
09:36 03/27/2017

Never ending story #THANX #ClearPort #Vegas to #Miami

1.7k reactions 12 comments
Retro Willo https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=672419049611173&id=100005292521420
Peter Smith https://SoundCloud.com/lov3nloyalty/you-me
ওবামা বিন লাদেন তকী তাহমিদ তানিম
Euphonious Clef 👼Devil Can't Stop Me I'm God Property https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=683951131807768&id=100005786625726
ReDa MeStari منور يا غالي اقسم بالله أحلا مسا🌸💜🌍 👑Mi-Na.TK👑
09:54 03/09/2017

Back in #Vegas at @TheLIGHTVegas on Saturday 3/18! Get your tickets now at thelightvegas.com.

678 reactions 21 comments
Chris Lopez Www.soundcloud.com/chris-lopez-151/tracks
Peter Smith https://SoundCloud.com/lov3nloyalty/you-me
Panita Sirsoongsong มึงหยุดตอแหล สีแดงกับวันสตรีสากลโลก กับสีแดงมันทำสนตีน
Panita Sirsoongsong มึงนั้นน้าจะฟ้องมันกลับรู้ข้อมูลสีแดงชาติหมาทุกเรื่อง
Mirror Perz Ayo
Reba McEntire
06:42 03/05/2017

Look who I had fun with last night after our show in Las Vegas! @dustinlynchmusic #dustinlynch #vegas #caesarspalace

16.0k reactions 309 comments
Randall Newsom One of Louisiana's greatest products! Jamie is HEEElarious ... That is Jamie Wax ... yes?
Marla Miskell Tonight the night! Can't wait to see her!
Linda Ellison I love Dustin's face it's so sincere but I think he is a bigger fan of yours 😉 And the honor is his. 😘.
Irene Freer Loved the show last night! Thank you Reba, Kix and Ronnie for a wonderful evening! It was everything I expected and more!
Bethany Ennis Reba is the best I would love to meet her one day, but it won't happened but so happy for you. God bless you both.
Paris Hilton
23:48 02/09/2017

#SelfieTime in #Vegas with my girls #MandiiCakes & #DianeBuzzetta. 🔥

24.4k reactions 513 comments
Jacek Krzystof Zona Paris Hilton numer 5 Przyszla Scen4714170181 W sumie to musze Jeszcze do liczyc czas bedzie chyba sprawiedliwie policze moj czas I prace I wszystko
Jacek Krzystof Gdzie ja zgubilem tyle pieniedzy Napewno kolo milion waluty polskiej
Jacek Krzystof A w sumie jeszcze dwoch innych tez nie policzylem dwa razy po pol Roku To daje30000 euro ×2 Co pracowalem a teraz mam nie odzyskac wiecej
Jacek Krzystof Molesta policze bedzie sporo wiecej niz Bylo pisane wykorzystali mnie kiedy Bylem slaby I po plastyce nosa moja dobroc Molesta
Jacek Krzystof Pije Alcohol Tak dzis malo Z marzenia sinzinger Mamas pewnie ze Cie kocham Othello Sce4714170181
Paris Hilton
11:00 02/07/2017

Love the view from my #SkyVilla at the Palms Casino Resort. 🔥 #LitAF #Vegas

18.8k reactions 435 comments
Boen Rory Honestly, I have someone on my mind, and when I figure out the "4 a wedding..." tone.
Boen Rory I really like your dress by the way, it reminds me of models...
Ibrahiim Harb I dream ...... Paris is a life for me i'am little but i reve for beautiful future Like me please
Kevinividivici Louis IMPRESSIVE VIEW.... : ) THE KLASS LADY PARIS HILTON...!!!
Rascal Flatts
16:18 01/18/2017

Day two... #vegas #boystrip #sotired #help #Instagram -> @JayDeMarcusOfficial

1.7k reactions 43 comments
Michelle Stellinga Hello :)
Sheryl Lapointe Awesome pics be safe
Melissa Domeier Hey jay
Sandra Gail Pilotte Enjoy and get some rest!
Brandon Richardson They look different
Anne V
07:00 01/06/2017

Waking up like this #vegas 😵

918 reactions 29 comments
Olawale Miguel Michael <3
Mia J Marry :) Watch & Download fullmovies.com HD (Y) (Y) Fifty Shades Darker (2017) Full Movie Play: http://new-entertainment-20.blogspot.co.id/2016/12/fifty-shades-darker.html Fast & Furious 8 (2017) Full Movie Play: http://new-entertainment-20.blogspot.co....
David Hanovic <3 <3!!!!! :-* :-* :-* :-* :P :P :P :P :P :P ;) :D :D
David Hanovic Gorgeous!!!!! <3 <3!!!!! :-* :-* :-* :-* :P :P :P :P :P ;) :D :D
علي سامي الدلوي Abdulla Mohamed
Anne V
07:00 01/06/2017

New Year's resolution... not needed. Happy Birthday @toddkramer1 🎉 #vegas

440 reactions 10 comments
Mauro AndradeWenk * #vegas<3. ...! *
Kevin Perelman Aubrey Fisher sent After me by Police, Family, Friends, Government to end my life - KevinPerelmanTarget com
María Angélica We Yesica Charry
Mohamed Riyhaen Chwdury nice friends
Åsa Tällgård 😍
01:54 01/01/2017

#letsgo #vegas #cirocTheNewYeat @frenchmontana #cirocBOYZ

1.0k reactions 69 comments
Harper Sherie You are correct Love makes life worth living
Obrian Parchment Real talk big up yourself p daddy
France Lubisi Word life
Alexis Fleck Speights I'm loving the beard! #grownmanbusiness
Ayii Rukmana Kabar Apik !!! Found the Original link to watch movie Gan.... Fifty Shades Darker http://one-monvies.hol.es/
Enrique Iglesias
05:00 11/20/2016

landing in #LasVegas! Nos vemos pronto! See you soon! #LatinGrammy #vegas

23.2k reactions 433 comments
Ginger Tylor enrique what part of private is confusing to you are u like retarded or something?when i say private i mean private if u dont want private messages u are free to tell me but im locked all up thinking im using a secure adress and u are using another and ...
Cristina Fernandes Good luck tonight. Crossing my fingers for you to win both categories. Xoxoxo
Raedawn Mason I am not interested. Enrique hasn't visited South Africa in years. I am not waiting anymore.
Nazaret Arizmendi Lago Enrique te amo gracias por estar en mi vida ...tú eres lo más valioso que tengo en mi corazón💜😍😍😍😍My king beautiful TQM😍😍😍😍bebé
كاتب كلمات I am Ahmed from Morocco. .I want to do a friendships with different people in the world
15:35 10/30/2016

MOOD 😂😂 #CirocMango #Halloween #Vegas

534 reactions 63 comments
Justin King 💰 ain't a thing!
Charlette Rodgers ALL YOU DO IS PLAY.......!
Linda Lemos Kung fu puff? Dear, put down the Ciroc 💁🏻😂🤓
Shasha Bonita He happy!
Anika Emmanuel I KNOW exactly!!!
Miesha Tate
01:35 10/29/2016

Did you catch this last #MieshaMonday episode?! I had the pleasure of sitting down with @cirquedusoleil's #MJone star guitarist @ginagleasongtr. Those of you who have seen Michael Jackson ONE at the #MandalayBay here in #Vegas know exactly who I'm talking about! If you haven't seen it, GO!! Seriously!! Her story is fun and fascinating! Give it a listen on my website www.mieshatate.com/podcast or you can simply search #TheMieshaTateShow" on #Itunes or #Stitcher! The show is going to take a break until the new year so we can revamp and give you an even more amazing product! Thanks for listening!

291 reactions 23 comments
Alif Zulkhilmi 💋 Saksiknlah 🎬 🎬 💻 💻 💻 Film popular U$A <3This movie popular on this week , have you watched _2016 .. __ HD.com __💅👫 ☕Suicide Squad 🍁🍂🍎🍩☕️ www.caberawit.motorku.site/streaming-film/suicide-squad-297761.html Boo! A Madea Halloween http://caberawit....
HalLiza Santoso <3 <3 YES! I finally found the Official link to watch Movies.. The Accountant http://124ml.mahatkayu.site/streaming-film/the-accountant-302946.html Max Steel http://124ml.mahatkayu.site/streaming-film/max-steel-286567.html Suicide Squad http://124ml....
Billy Seidel Wicked show
Sam Isalas Nice going Miesha have a wonderful weekend
Tara Rai Yap Miesha
07:10 10/02/2016

Only at the #BadBoyFamilyReunionTour #vegas !!!

229 reactions 141 comments
LaVerne Holman With you ....it's alwayz a good time Bae!
Dwayne Skeete Its love playa
Dwayne Skeete Cheese cake .....im out
Jason Williams Yo diddy
Ken Karen Nelly
Alicia Fox
13:54 10/02/2016

✨? #Vegas baby ♥️?

1.0k reactions 14 comments
Niam Ndablek HAY FRIENDS ,, IF YOU Interested WITH LATEST FILM PLEASE CLICK LINK BELOW The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years http://kesuwunyaangmotivasine.blogspot.com/2016/09/the-beatles-eight-days-week-touring.html The Magnificent Seven http:...
Salvatore Coi Buon Giorno Dal'Italy
Jay Bonilla Very nice picture of you two
Garcia Danny-ganny i like the photo
Mary Rose Awesomeness
02:28 10/01/2016

What a view ? #Vegas

43.4k reactions 310 comments
Alessio Mariano Sébastien Blanc Diego Medolago Marco Stegmaier anche Tiësto ammira la nostra camera! Cazzo raga che viaggio :)
Semih Bulut Dostlar paraya ihtiyacı olan herkesin bana ulaşmasını temenni ediyorum elimden geldiğince iddaa yöntemi ile hem ben kazanıyorum hem sizler kazanıyorsunuz üç yıldır kazandırdıklarım teminatımdır takip etmekten bir şey kaybetmezsiniz dostlar hayırlı ...
Leandro Ceballos Qué raro que no estás tocando vos ahí en el agua ? arriba de una plataforma con con fantástica música
Suzan Knip Ha Lisette, Koen en Jasper...ook al gestaan ??
Susan Dundas Samantha Hutcheson Tiesto is sharing the same view as you! ?xx
Bill Maher
14:58 09/30/2016

#BacktoBack LIVE shows HBO #RealTime & #Vegas at The Mirage Hotel and Casino! #FridayNight

498 reactions 57 comments
Linda Dean Just finished watching Bills show tonight....I have one plea. Please don't have a Trump spokesman. I don't mind a republican but not the vapid Trump spokesman that will not listen nor let anyone else talk. I laughed but honestly can't stand listening ...
Ryan Hall New Orleans, Bill. New Orleans!
Brian Shy And liberals think Hillary is so good for us . What a joke
Cheryl Schlueter Oh i will be watching.
Lisa Billie When are you coming to Louisville, Kentucky?? ? ? ?
Enrique Iglesias
03:56 09/30/2016




22.5k reactions 382 comments
Jose Miguel Vicente Ramos Hola A [email protected] se que es un poco difícil que la gente se tome un momento de su tiempo para ayudarme con escuchar y dar su opinión respecto a mi trabajo,pero puedes ayudarme a ir creciendo como artista con visitar mis canciones y escucharlas, todos tenemos ...
Cristina Moreno Las Vagas,Turquía Miami,Mexico todo,todo el mundo te quiere todos los escenarios donde te presentes están llenos y seguramente agotadas las entradas,eres el más bello del mundo y tu cuerpo es perfecto como un maniquí
Ann Sevilla hi!ur name too family jst the same mr.enrique'the livin la vida loca'has bn.r u his son?ur pretty too.do u sing moreover?where is he?
Tara Tiff Enrique fans please help Montreal save the pitt bull! They plan to murder all pitt bulls and mix breeds who resemble pitt bulls that do not have a license or/and who are not adopted in the city on Monday, October 3rd. Please sign and share: https://www....
Orfelinda Barrera Cortina Love your music Enrique best concert everrrrrr??❤️?
Enrique Iglesias
22:36 09/25/2016

#thankyou #vegas again for two incredible shows last weekend!!!

#thankyou #vegas again for two incredible shows last weekend!!!
#thankyou #vegas again for two incredible shows last weekend!!!

#thankyou #vegas again for two incredible shows last weekend!!!

2.5k reactions 455 comments
Ade Carrasco Felicidades #21 años! ?? you are the best singer ever . Aparte de sexy guapo lindo sencillo !!!
Fuentes Magaly Que lindo el si es humilde sencillo mundialmente conocido y no se le ha subido la fama a la cabeza como maluma
Inez Marques Incrível, mesmo depois de 21 anos de carreira e ainda trata os fãs com tanto carimbo, unicooooooooooo, Deus te abençoe sempre !!!!!!!
Henri Morin What a nice artist. You deserve all your success. May it last as long as you want it. Love from Canada.
Debbie Keller Enrique, you are so awesome to this old woman of 66 years.
Enrique Iglesias
08:48 09/19/2016

Best #Vegas show so far!!! Gracias!! thank you love you guys!!!

Best #Vegas show so far!!! Gracias!! thank you love you guys!!!
Best #Vegas show so far!!! Gracias!! thank you love you guys!!!

Best #Vegas show so far!!! Gracias!! thank you love you guys!!!

15.6k reactions 383 comments
Bilma Martinez Can you come to Chicago soon so I can see you in concert too.I would love to see and hear you live .I listen to you everyday.Hope to see you in person for the first time.
Giuliana Camino Para mi eres el paquette completo, sexy, seductivo, talentoso, jugueton, sencillo....;)
Longbird Pal Enriqul please make sure that maney pp... love your songs,and i really love your songs alot.God be with you where ever you are God well be.....Enrique
Martin Llewellyn Kruger Beautiful Enrique, so happy for you. Fantastic Monday to you. Be safe, be blessed.
Ortiz Deysita enrique friend, hoping utter a warning that will come to Atlanta to go to see you again, do it again please????plzzz plzzz plzz!!
Enrique Iglesias
20:00 09/16/2016

That feeling of being on stage... Can't wait to feel it tonight #Vegas!

That feeling of being on stage... Can
That feeling of being on stage... Can't wait to feel it tonight #Vegas!

That feeling of being on stage... Can't wait to feel it tonight #Vegas!

16.9k reactions 541 comments
Wendy Magallanes One day I'll get to meet you in person or at least in my dreams.
Betyy Ruiz Martinez Mi chulo otra ves no podré ir???? pero el año q entra sin falta iré Dios te bendiga siempre mi hermoso ???????❤?????
Patricia Marie I wish I could be there. I wanna meet you so bad!
Diana Hernández Te amo Enriquee eres muy guapo muy joven siempre seras mi amor incondicional ?????
Karen Wong The thrill and excitement! Wish I was there! Have a great show this weekend!
23:34 09/15/2016

Blessed to be back in Vegas at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino #Vegas #WHHSH #Dale

17.2k reactions 367 comments
Ruby Ramos When are you going to be there papi chulo in Las Vegas
Jerasp Heimen http://www.mentura.info/2016/09/photo-lionel-messis-dog-is-as-big-as-him.html?m=1
Clifton Bowers thanx for appearing on AGT or was dat dancing with the stars..? love ya
Roisin Oneill Omg now if this was two weeks from now id b so pissed lol Shauna O Neill Shannon O'Neill
Lydia Pardo Wish i was there your shows are so awesome have fun Armando !!!!
Bill Maher
11:43 09/12/2016

Very excited to be heading out to The Mirage Hotel and Casino tomorrow for shows Saturday and Sunday night! There might be a few Trump jokes... #SquadUp #Vegas

4.5k reactions 398 comments
Stephen Johnson The great thing about trump jokes is they write themselves!! Really this clown is worse then any fictional character ever created!!
Irene M Howard I wanted to go but things got in the way for your October 1st show. I really would have loved to see you then, I'm sure it's a great show!
Jean Hampleman NO ... Trump jokes ... I DON'T believe it ! Wish I was there to see your show, have a beer. and play one of my fav slots ... I don't do casinos often .. but it's fun sometimes.
Rob Monte Do some hillary jokes..Just came out today in her fbi interview sge said 37 times she does not recall due to head injury and blood clots...Either shes unfit to be president or lying .Your choice!!!!
Douglas Stone Get this folks. Trump is coming to my city Detroit to speak at a black church. He has already received the questions, it will be taped, so they can edit it before the public views it. And the audience has been strictly vetted. This reminds me of the ...
Bill Maher
11:43 09/12/2016

#SquadUp #Vegas Saturday & Sunday! The Mirage Hotel and Casino

982 reactions 72 comments
Marc J. Metivier In Chicago, a big city beset by "universal deceit," more than 3,500 Americans have been killed since Obama was inaugurated in 2009. ///// ///// But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword ...
Margie Garcia-Hermes Bill, ❤️ come to Washington State:)
Alexandria Woods I can't make the Vegas show this time, but I will see you in a couple of weeks.
Christina Sorensen Love to hear your comments on this one http://www.cbc.ca/radio/asithappens/as-it-happens-thursday-edition-1.3753202/canadian-barred-from-u-s-for-life-because-he-admitted-he-smokes-pot-1.3753205
Paul Cousins Who are you warming up for?
Mariah Carey
11:20 09/12/2016

Last looks before showtime ??? #Vegas #1toInfinity

61.2k reactions 1664 comments
Gontier David She looks like Beyonce here, but she still unique and uncomparable. Love both :) Go Mariah :)
Simone Cameron Showing off your ass 'cause your thinking it's a trend Girlfriend, let me break it down for you again You know I only say it 'cause I'm truly genuine Don't be a hard rock, when you really are a gem
Rudi Meyer Mariah looks FABULOUS!!!! no particular other diva owns this look
Ashley Marie Hardy ??? i wish i could go so bad. Wishes dont come true in the real world anymore. For months i planned for this Event and even planned to Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour but apparently April-September 2016 can be repeated but i cant seem to be able to see you in ...
Iulia Pârvu Whenever someone comments (pro or against) others feel the need to call that person stupid. What disagrees with your opinion is not necessarily stupid, it's just different. I used to love Mariah for being unique, but now she's just a sheep in the flock, ...
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