02:18 09/08/2017

Thank you Kevin Hart for the littiest night out man. All the comedy Gods came out and that was my first time seeing #DaveChappelle live. I'm grateful and humbled brother. Sorry I got so drunk lol. It's #Vegas man, what you want me to do 😂 💃🏾🕺🏾

945 reactions 18 comments
The illuminati JOIN THE GREAT ILLUMINATI BROTHER HOOD TODAY AND LIVE A BETTER AND HAPPY LIFE. WELCOME TO THE GREAT TEMPLE OF RICHES AND FAME. Are you a businessman or woman, politician, musical, student,footballer,f­ashion designer,Pastors,Mod­el,upcoming artist,...
Jugg Missin Torey https://youtu.be/n5VYkIfCMsw
Jermell Harrison 💯
Kimberley Bass Awwww
Dwayne Janeiro All the best
George Lopez
17:30 09/05/2017

Incredible performance Bruno and more impressive the hospitality 💯👌🏽 great audience ( maybe the left side could of been 10 percent better 🤣🤣 love you and the #hooligans #chingon #Repost @brunomars ・・・ #Vegas George Lopez, Anthony Anderson, Cedric The Entertainer and The Sex Dragon

1.3k reactions 29 comments
Peter Sanchez Claudia Elena Sanchez, did you see this?
Denise Lanzer-Lerma ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Raymond Chavira ✌️😎
Jeffrey Peterson Great Pic
MaryJayne Perez WINNERS!!!!
Bruno Mars
00:12 09/05/2017

#Vegas George Lopez, Anthony Anderson, Cedric The Entertainer and The Sex Dragon

30.6k reactions 232 comments
Paola Sotelo Aprovechando que ahí anda el Sex Dragon pues un #AskTheDragon Por qué estás tan bueno??? I Love U Brunz!!!
Alicia Davis Bring #24kmagicworldtour to ST LOUIS MO Please Bruno!!
Penny PK Gray Holcomb I thought old George ws leaving the country.
Victoria Bankole i want to date him, i am so in love with him❤️❤️❤️
Mony Rodriguez I need to see you in concert Bruno Mars !!!
Bruno Mars
00:12 09/05/2017

#Mood #Vegas

89.6k reactions 2203 comments
Vanessa Valentine Okay...I was hoping for some Karate moves. I always tell ppl, I will Jackie Chan 'em. I don't mess around and I have a beginner's belt in Karate
Lisette Guzman I'm so sorry Bruno. I will not able to see next february in GDL You know I really want to, but there's no money
Yumi Nagatomo Wow! You wear Japanese ''Happi''! We wear it on a festival day!! Kanfoo is a Chinese martial arts though, it's OK(^^) Now, I applied for your Japanese concert tickets!! But it's a lottery. I wish I could go there!!
Kimberley Morrison i went to see Bruno Mars in concert in Montreal last Wednesday night for his 24k tour. What an amazing and awesome show. He sang and played for 90 minutes and did 2 encores. People from all ages were there and he did not disappoint. I would ...
Wendy Michael Salmon Liesegang So, Bruno, are you covering this 1974 one-hit wonder in your tour? Thank you for making this 53 year old laugh! I remember this song from waaaaaaaay before you were a twinkle in your mama's eye.
Mariah Carey
03:54 08/26/2017

Celebrate the wrap of #1toInfinity in #Vegas with limited edition merch now available on my official store!

2.2k reactions 73 comments
Mauro AndradeWenk * M.C. ♥ ...! *
Shaban Magala CUTE
Alexander Jackson I want to be celebrating a new album from MC ❤️
Michael Bartholomew very Nice Look...
Ryan Rub I bought the key chain!
Shaquille O' Neal
21:24 08/09/2017

#DJDiesel and ShaqFu Radio are jumping in head first this sunday 🎧 #VEGAS BABY! Get your tickets Rehab Las Vegas and tune into to ShaqFuRadio.com to WIN VIP 📲🎥 📸 @theglitch.og - Buy your tickets @ https://goo.gl/tKSZdY

329 reactions 11 comments
Michael Howard Dear friend: I'm sending this email for the utmost importance: to reveal and share the NOTABLE individual’s pertaining to “biblical end times”. My intention to make you aware and to forewarn you of the inevitability of these end times, as written in ...
MG Trivv Check us out Shaq!! "Shaq & Penny" https://www.facebook.com/Trivvlife/videos/1740158132951680/
Colin Woolgar Cassandra Woolgar we need to go
Marcus Macio Mason I see u still got it Shaquille O' Neal
Alessio Mugnaini Daniele Pastori oooooooooooo
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
13:06 07/31/2017

TONIGHT at 10pm on HBO. I'm not a gambler, but when it comes to my own two hands and effort... I'll always take that bet. #Ballers #Vegas #BuildIt Join us TONIGHT on HBO.

12.1k reactions 282 comments
Yolaides Molina Alvarado Éxitos y mis mejores deseos para tu nuevo proyecto, saludos desde Colombia
Jeff Thompson I loved the Boston song, am a friend Sibby's and also a drummer. He was the best.
Tammy Valence Dwayne The ROCK Johnson why did you request to be My Facebook Friend and when I agreed you deleted Yourself as My Friend. I don't understand?! Is someone else possibly doing that?!
Maggie Heller Great show. Love that you are highlighting the NFL coming to Vegas. #gonnahappen #2018
Jacquelyn Elizabeth Why and how is he so handsome and funny and just wonderful lol. Uuuhhhh dreaming lol
Tim McGraw
12:18 07/17/2017

Had fun backstage before the show last night in #Vegas with the new #TimMcGrawSlot and new friends from Caesars Entertainment #LIVEatTMA

2.1k reactions 83 comments
Babs Lake ❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙. Can I play????💋💋💋
Marsha Ralph Have fun, it's having fun, makes you young!
Jordan Pawelkiewicz Paul time to go back
Karen Franks Did you take a turn on it, Tim? Did you win anything? Love ya!!❤💋❤💋
Christopher Maltas Stephen Bull i need to play this
Dita Von Teese
18:30 07/12/2017

Well, from the looks of the ticket counts this is going to be a raucous Monday night in #Vegas !! I've just released the last 50 tickets for tonight's show at House of Blues at Mandalay Bay, so get them fast! Call the box office if they don't show up at https://concerts1.livenation.com/event/170052A4E56A2B2B Artoftheteese.com #cosmoprof 💅🏻💄#burlesque

Ticketmaster: Buy Verified Tickets for Concerts, Sports, Theater and Events
Ticketmaster: Buy Verified Tickets for Concerts, Sports, Theater and Events

Buy tickets concerts, sports, arts, theater and other events. Find more tickets in store than ever before directly from venue and other fans with the guarantee the seat you buy is the seat you get only at Ticketmaster.com.

203 reactions 6 comments
عبدالودود فیضی س
Zara Kazmi Queen
Zara Kazmi Goddess
Ana Garcia-Rivera Would you ever come to Orlando?
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️
Mariah Carey
00:36 07/09/2017

Back in Vegas, baby! Back tonight & through July 18, see you at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace 🦋 #1toInfinity #Vegas

2.1k reactions 161 comments
Nicola Gaspa Mariah Carey, you can not do it with these bad vocal conditions. I'm doing poor voice performance. Your voice is wicked, inaccurate, stoned.Other than with the usual lip sync passages.You have to take serious care of your voice, put it to rest and ...
Christina Bowen Liriano I just missed you. 😢 I wanted to see your show but you weren't there on Thursday.
Tracy Demars Still pissed that Detroit show with Lionel never got rescheduled! 😠😠😠
Alek Fisher I can't wait to see you Friday the 14th Mariah!! I've waited damn near my entire life for this, I love you until the end of time!!
Allan Esteban Carey Mariah Carey I'm so proud of you. 😍😘 I love you so much 😍😘 Thanks to you dhhaling
DJ Pauly D
21:12 07/09/2017

4th Of July Weekend Looked "Something Just Like This" #4th #4thOfJuly #DJPaulyD #PaulyD #Vegas #FoxWoods

665 reactions 29 comments
Dejan Brajovic https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEJLS0ImniZd0LhUtQ join the group if u wanna grow your IG
Lee Barrett Lori Bull Dani Marie lets go!!!
Connie Aispuro 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤
Desiree Rodriguez 😍😍😍
Bobbi Vasquez 💪❤
Dita Von Teese
05:42 07/10/2017

Captivating @zeliarose all the way from Australia for the #artoftheteese #burlesque tour! 📷by Frank Roderick Next stop: #anaheim and #vegas artoftheteese.com for ticket info, and email [email protected] to reserve the limited-capacity meet & greet photo opportunity after the show

1.9k reactions 24 comments
Noelia Balastegui Sandra López Barbeiro 😉
Josie Darling Zelia Rose is DIVINE 💕💕💕
Gloria E Parra Sofia Flores
Carlee Arnold Bagnall Sabrina Tafalla
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️
18:06 07/06/2017

#KISSARMYROCKS! Good luck, Anthony! First slot machine I ever played in #Vegas! - Anthony Mezler

1.4k reactions 57 comments
John Wilson Gene gets 75% of your winnings....lmao
Jorge Muñoz Karim Benzema???
Monte Henrie Jr. Kool..kiss army!!
Anthony Aguilera Same here! Won $30 on a bonus spin.
Jonathan J Breter Good Bro !
Bob Saget
02:24 05/28/2017

LOVED playin' tonight at Brooklyn Bowl Vegas with my brother Mike Young - Such a great audience and I needed that - A 90 minute release. Haven't had one like that in weeks. Thanks #Vegas

100 reactions 5 comments
Rich Burchfield What happened to Drake?
Sarah Hamburg Hi BOB Saget I'm here so much I love you so much and do you love me remember me Sarah Kate hamburg remember you all the time
Casey Fleming Thank you for the change of pace and bringing in the laughs to a rock venue!! And as always a pleasure working with you!!
Marissa Wheeler Amazing show last night. Thanks for the laughs! Nick Wheeler
Sandy Rogers You were amazing Bob!
DJ Pauly D
06:18 05/25/2017

LAS VEGAS THIS SATURDAY !!! Palms Casino Resort Palms Pool & Dayclub !!! Grab Ur Tix @ Palms.com And Meet Me There !! #MDW2017 #MDW #Vegas #DJPaulyD #PaulyD

334 reactions 18 comments
Valérie Roy Esteban Rousseau-Tardif
Dominico Paretto Samuel Gravel
Sophia Rodriguez Victor Hermida
Siobhan Marie Day Chris DelVecchio
Tina Mehok Jin Jinn Jess Graf
Paris Hilton
19:12 05/19/2017

Back when I was 13 in #Vegas & decided to go an to exotic pet store to buy a ferret & name her #FerretFawcett. 👱🏼‍♀️❤ #FBF

5.2k reactions 335 comments
Jacob Kimaryo You look almost the same today!!!!..Incredible natural beauty!!!!!
John Hendry Oh Ferret so lovely with you and were shi's now still with you <3 ? I loved and likes.
Robert Fouch Were r is u bike trainer rob ride an daily pict exersize or gym im sure looking good
Amy Lyóns Justice for Chelsey .com protesting 10thJune Sunderland THIS GIRL DESERVES A COURT TRIAL !
DJ Pauly D
04:42 05/20/2017

So Excited For My Return To Palms Casino Resort Palms Pool & Dayclub SATURDAY MAY 27th !!! Grab Ur Tix Now @ Palms.com And Meet Me There To Join The Party !!! #DJPaulyD #PaulyD #MDW #MDW2017 #Vegas #PalmsPool #LasVegas

896 reactions 49 comments
Kristina C Michelle DelBove you were 2 weeks early
Lilypad Shentobox Oswaldo Ortega ur weekend
Shana Claire Rozowsky Doiron Davin Rozowsky Anton Rozowsky Gerry Doiron looks like a week too early!
Kaylyn Grams McKenna Fortner I need to go!
Katie Loux Diana Beth Allie Mitrovic Alisa Hills Emily Corbett Felicia Lauren Ann Rokosky Vegas reunion???
Dita Von Teese
22:48 05/12/2017

On sale today! Visit artoftheteese.com for quick ticket links and info. #burlesque #losangeles #sandiego #riverside #denver #vegas #anaheim #seattle #sanfrancisco #ditavonteese

623 reactions 32 comments
Duncan Carter Come to the UK!
Francesco Semeraro Fabiola e noi in Italia 🇮🇹 ...
Courtney Robertson Junior Rolando Canales
Kimberleigh Marshall Love this woman
Robert Blandford So when are you coming to New Zealand.....?
George Strait
17:12 04/09/2017

30 #1's last night, the other 30 tonight! #straittovegas #straitcountry #vegas @tmobilearena

25.4k reactions 601 comments
Kris Bennett Omg I love him so much!!!!! I'll never get to go to one of your concerts but I've always dreamed I would. My dreams never come true , but I'll keep praying.
Eli Fitz Everyone who's there this weekend....have a wonderful time. I was blessed to be able to see him in one of his Dec. shows in Vegas. I'd go back in a heartbeat if I could afford it again!
JoJo Guerra Last night was absolutely amazing... just a man and his guitar! 😎😍 Loved being able to hear his 1st 30 #1 hits, took me back to when I was a child! Still the king and always will be! Love you Mr. George Strait!
Angie Colgrove George, your show was AMAZING! You and I sang over 30 duets together and I remembered every single word! THANK YOU for sharing your God given talent with the world!! I so love your music....I always have!
Bruce Wildman your the most awesome role model and inspiration to young country artist's , you have been a great positive influence with my son who plays your music at the jamborees around ky and also in the country showdowns ,since he was 15, he still loves your ...
22:24 03/29/2017

#Vegas is always lit and it's forever a good thing to be around good ppl like @djerock and @mr_abdi702 @thelightvegas we doin it again real real soon. #THANX

368 reactions 8 comments
Aldo Bento Follow my soundcloud and vibe. Enjoy quality music.® 🎵🎸🎹 www.soundcloud.com/young_ab_battlecircle
Euphonious Clef 👼Devil Can't Stop Me I'm God's Property https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=683951131807768&id=100005786625726
Rose Maurer Williams Kelly Whitaker
Борче Музуроски daj be cigara mochko
Jessica Snyder ☺،🌸 ... 💛`))
09:36 03/27/2017

Never ending story #THANX #ClearPort #Vegas to #Miami

1.7k reactions 12 comments
Retro Willo https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=672419049611173&id=100005292521420
Peter Smith https://SoundCloud.com/lov3nloyalty/you-me
ওবামা বিন লাদেন তকী তাহমিদ তানিম
Euphonious Clef 👼Devil Can't Stop Me I'm God Property https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=683951131807768&id=100005786625726
ReDa MeStari منور يا غالي اقسم بالله أحلا مسا🌸💜🌍 👑Mi-Na.TK👑
09:54 03/09/2017

Back in #Vegas at @TheLIGHTVegas on Saturday 3/18! Get your tickets now at thelightvegas.com.

678 reactions 21 comments
Chris Lopez Www.soundcloud.com/chris-lopez-151/tracks
Peter Smith https://SoundCloud.com/lov3nloyalty/you-me
Panita Sirsoongsong มึงหยุดตอแหล สีแดงกับวันสตรีสากลโลก กับสีแดงมันทำสนตีน
Panita Sirsoongsong มึงนั้นน้าจะฟ้องมันกลับรู้ข้อมูลสีแดงชาติหมาทุกเรื่อง
Mirror Perz Ayo
Reba McEntire
06:42 03/05/2017

Look who I had fun with last night after our show in Las Vegas! @dustinlynchmusic #dustinlynch #vegas #caesarspalace

16.0k reactions 309 comments
Randall Newsom One of Louisiana's greatest products! Jamie is HEEElarious ... That is Jamie Wax ... yes?
Marla Miskell Tonight the night! Can't wait to see her!
Linda Ellison I love Dustin's face it's so sincere but I think he is a bigger fan of yours 😉 And the honor is his. 😘.
Irene Freer Loved the show last night! Thank you Reba, Kix and Ronnie for a wonderful evening! It was everything I expected and more!
Bethany Ennis Reba is the best I would love to meet her one day, but it won't happened but so happy for you. God bless you both.
Paris Hilton
23:48 02/09/2017

#SelfieTime in #Vegas with my girls #MandiiCakes & #DianeBuzzetta. 🔥

24.4k reactions 513 comments
Jacek Krzystof Zona Paris Hilton numer 5 Przyszla Scen4714170181 W sumie to musze Jeszcze do liczyc czas bedzie chyba sprawiedliwie policze moj czas I prace I wszystko
Jacek Krzystof Gdzie ja zgubilem tyle pieniedzy Napewno kolo milion waluty polskiej
Jacek Krzystof A w sumie jeszcze dwoch innych tez nie policzylem dwa razy po pol Roku To daje30000 euro ×2 Co pracowalem a teraz mam nie odzyskac wiecej
Jacek Krzystof Molesta policze bedzie sporo wiecej niz Bylo pisane wykorzystali mnie kiedy Bylem slaby I po plastyce nosa moja dobroc Molesta
Jacek Krzystof Pije Alcohol Tak dzis malo Z marzenia sinzinger Mamas pewnie ze Cie kocham Othello Sce4714170181
Paris Hilton
11:00 02/07/2017

Love the view from my #SkyVilla at the Palms Casino Resort. 🔥 #LitAF #Vegas

18.8k reactions 435 comments
Boen Rory Honestly, I have someone on my mind, and when I figure out the "4 a wedding..." tone.
Boen Rory I really like your dress by the way, it reminds me of models...
Ibrahiim Harb I dream ...... Paris is a life for me i'am little but i reve for beautiful future Like me please
Kevinividivici Louis IMPRESSIVE VIEW.... : ) THE KLASS LADY PARIS HILTON...!!!
Rascal Flatts
16:18 01/18/2017

Day two... #vegas #boystrip #sotired #help #Instagram -> @JayDeMarcusOfficial

1.7k reactions 43 comments
Michelle Stellinga Hello :)
Sheryl Lapointe Awesome pics be safe
Melissa Domeier Hey jay
Sandra Gail Pilotte Enjoy and get some rest!
Brandon Richardson They look different
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