Petra Nemcova - Official
10 hours ago

Last #Tuesday @chopard sparkled during the day at #chopard boutique opening in #Miami. #Jewelry

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Tamàs Mànfai )))
Tdo Gosshi Beautiful ! (^_^)/♥
Charlie Floyd Absolutely fabulous
Petr Kafka krasna sexy žena na fotce
Christopher Robson stunning
System of a Down
10:54 11/30/2017

Let’s see your #systemofadown tattoos. #tattoo #tuesday #atwa 🎨: @david.ensutintaestudio

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Israël Ouellet All the world are.... *gastly chill* oh man, i hope to see them one day...
Christian Van Hohenheim Studd air, trees, water, animals....
Kitty Corner Gah, I wanted to share my tattoo but it won't allow me to. 🤔
Jelani Ashuamaru So anyways you think that the real system of a down cares? .... probably not
Lucas Turini Fuck U Serj...if u r not ready for an album, give up...Daron will certainly do u job, JUST FINE
Alicia Keys
00:24 11/10/2017

#tuesday #vibes Caption this for me....

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Charlene Barreto The vibes are working through me to make beautiful music for this world to hear. I am Girl On Fire. Signing off Alicia Keys.
Yvette That camo .... I looked for half-remembered quotations relating to war, that seem to fit your approach to life. "Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories." Sun Tzu "I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love ...
Alfred Gnass sitting as you are, you are surely tired life is a fight standing army lieutenant war is over. BIG UP and good luck§§!
Linda Ontheside Clayton I'm just thinking,🎤 I never did hook up with Michael! And!! 😕 He never called me by my real name. 😯😢
Sharon Wilford You are real talent with your hands playing the notes on that piano and you seem so peaceful and mellowed in your corner
Alicia Fox
18:12 10/17/2017

Dear #Tuesday... show us whatcha got... 🌈✨ (like) #home #love #sunshine #daydreams #lisafrank and #aliceinwonderland 🤸🏾‍♂️💕✨#crazylikeme

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Michael Donalds Alicia foxx
Anthony Schuch Crazy hole
Zâhéër Jãñí Hi
Belinda Mug 💐💐🌻🌻🙂🙂🌷💖☘🌻
Michael Bales Hi foxy you are so sexy girl.
Alicia Fox
16:36 10/12/2017

Happy #juicy #Tuesday #enoughsaid #teamwork #boss #foxyladies #raw #aboutlastnight

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Natasha Bob wow
Howard Laucella Who's hair is who?
Dave Martin Unbeweavable!!
Aryan Eddgar alicia beatiful...!
Derian Carlos Cruz Miranda Alicia fox
Alicia Fox
22:54 08/17/2017

#riseandgrind 🌍✨ I see you #Tuesday 😘 #fancy #foxyladies #workhard #strutharder #thatswhatwedo #ootdstyle #nashville 🦊✨

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Shannon Brown 😀😀
Levita Benjamin Maldonado Beautiful
Michael Brant What wrong sweet ❤
Luis Robledo very sexy
David Gabbard I want you,you are beautiful
Alicia Fox
18:06 08/02/2017

Oh TUESDAY.... ur #sweetascandy 🍦✨🍭 #flirt ✨🦊#foxyladies #ootdstyle #foxin #tuesday 🎂#loveherwild @atticuspoetry

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Michael Brant Good picture
Scott Wolfe Very beautiful lady
Sean Ford So bummed I missed you at the casino on friday!!
Antwone Fisher What up foxy
James Welch SWEET
Conor McGregor
17:06 12/09/2016

Another city another suite another stack #tuesday

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Jen McKee Love ya Conor, but who is the guy on the other end?!? ❤️❤️❤️
Sidneyy MakaVeli His beard is perfect I swear. LoL. I'm in love with McGregor 🇮🇪
Mick O Neill His real pals that ar wit him from the start sound as well ur all little pricks don't follow if if u hate him u fucking silly bastards all tho most of u ar right about the beer it's 4 chicks
Cathal Fegan 'Steven Dennison mcgregor trying be you still. Check what's not in his drink
Adam Zalmat Cool. What are you doing in the gym these days? I don't give a fuck about how pampered you are.

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