Naomi Campbell
18:00 07/19/2017

#GianniVersace #tribute #backstage #92 Ritz hotel Paris Couture ❤️🙏🏾

3.0k reactions 70 comments
James McKinley Chambers Thanks for sharing the backstage energy 💞
Barbara Fortuna Come voi nessuno! 🔝
Donna Louise Davies beautiful xxd
Andrea Minto 🌎❤️️👑
George Logan Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
Naomi Campbell
05:12 07/17/2017

‪#GianniVersace #tribute paying #homage to our beloved Versace Christy Turlington Burns #lindaevangelista #trinity #gianni'sGirls ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾🦋🦋‬

3.4k reactions 47 comments
Mara Botsinyan Amazing girls and the legend😍😍😍
Andrea Suardi Bellissimi!
Gerardo Mendoza Mendez The original super models 😍👑❤
Charly Schumacher 3 sisters....haha...
Koki Alvarez I love noami end christie turlington
Naomi Campbell
05:12 07/17/2017

‪#repost #donatellaversace #GianniVersace #tribute #electricsmile I miss you so ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾#no other #legend‬

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Deborah Reese Naomi his spirit is with you. RIP Gianno Versace
Tiffany Diamond Loving you 4ever❤
Richard Arthur Painting a Versace tribute in Amsterdam right now
Charly Schumacher My Nao, I thinked that you had me forgotten... Kisses.
George Gay Versace the Legend
14:30 02/27/2017

Thank You Munich! #disturbedtour2017 Dan Donegan Mike Wengren John Moyer #vulgardisplayofpower 👊🏻#25yranniversary #tribute 📸: Adam Cook

17.5k reactions 178 comments
Joe Delong Did they do any covers? I'm still waiting for a 90's metal cover band.
Bernd Staudemeyer Well done, thx 4 the music
Jelle van der Linden Lol Jimmy Etman Hans Vlieland he gave him the five finger death punch
Antoinette Hart Great show!!! We loved it you guys were the best!
Nail Cehic It was awesom 😍

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