Avenged Sevenfold
13:54 04/21/2017

"I'm a-walkin' in the rain, tears are fallin' and I feel the pain, wishin' you were here by me, to end this misery and I wonder...." Another oh so "Precious Exploit" available now at Deathbat Nation. #thestageworldtour

7.4k reactions 235 comments
Sammani Nisansala This is freaking guys😍
Sharon Rotchford 😍❤ it 👌
Jess Viola Sandrine lui aussi il chante des trucs chelou au karaoké 😂😂
John Goldsmith Shadows sings Abba Gold...I would pay to hear it
Dan Milzarski They are so fucking cooolll Alyssa Gardner
Avenged Sevenfold
21:48 04/08/2017

When in Helsinki… The “Town Drunks” sing all the hits. DEATHBAT NATION - fanclub.avengedsevenfold.com #thestageworldtour 🎥: Rafa Alcantara

2.9k reactions 188 comments
Jessie Wu Kevin Huang man I love these guys
Elvert Osbron What were they singing XD
Ozzy Van Garret Junior Diaz ur boys drunk doing karaoke lol 🤘🏻
Sarah Addams So fucking precious ❤
Carrie Adams Manning Got a good laugh from this 😂
Avenged Sevenfold
21:48 04/08/2017

Thanks for coming out to #Vienna A7X Israel. See you at the next one. 🤘🏼🇮🇱 #thestageworldtour

3.0k reactions 92 comments
Rotem Ginzburg Rinat Katan אין עליהם איןןןן😍
Or Siboni-Tal Thank you! It's time for the Holy Land 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱 הבאת אהבאת אוונג'ד סבנפולד לישראל | Bring Avenged Sevenfold to Israel
Megan Atkinson Jordan Citron there's your people! You shoulda been there!!!!
Matan Kisus YES
Karin Jubani Can't believe what my eyes are seeing right now. It was the night of our lives, please let us have you in our home land. You are the love of my life <3
Avenged Sevenfold
21:48 04/08/2017

Part 2 of 3: Check out another video snippet from our most recent journey through Europe on #thestageworldtour - If you want access to the full video now, as well as all future DEATHBAT NATION exclusives, head over to fanclub.avengedsevenfold.com and sign up now! What are you waiting for? 🎥: Rafa Alcantara

11.9k reactions 148 comments
Traci Bares Becky Higgins what is that beard hahahaha
Mike Stanghellini Speak for yourself without Metallica there would be no Avenged
Tony Guarro Miss Milan, miss Milan, miss Milan, miss Milan, miss Milan.. sorry, i am still sad..
Andrea Federici We're waiting for the show in Milan!!
Chelsea Jennings See you boys in July! July 5th Orlando! Be safe! Love you 5 to the moon and back! <3 <3 <3 Travel safe till then! :)
Avenged Sevenfold
09:00 04/06/2017

Planets. Zurich, Switzerland 🇨🇭 #thestageworldtour 📷: Rafa Alcantara

23.7k reactions 127 comments
Anurag Kothare Synyster Fuckin Gates
Liam Short ... And just like that, my playlist for today is set
Ana Oliveira lindos
Rick Cedillo See you soon, Fuckers!
BàBái D Châmp evergreen band 😍😍😍
Avenged Sevenfold
07:24 04/01/2017

With the United States shows just around the corner we take a look back on our most exciting European Tour yet! Head over to DEATHBAT NATION at fanclub.avengedsevenfold.com to watch the full video! #thestageworldtour 🎥: Rafa Alcantara

6.4k reactions 131 comments
Sarah Burja Come back soon 😊 greetings from Slovenia 😊
Alexandre Leblanc I'll be there for the next show! See you in 3 weeks!
Charlene Valseth Thank you! It was an absolute dream come true to see you guys in Norway ❤❤❤
Margot Furlanis What about Italy guys? :(
Maytaporn Kaewyayos I want you come back to Thailand again. Pls A7X me very loveyou
Avenged Sevenfold
01:00 03/12/2017

Home sweet home. #thestageworldtour 📷: Rafa Alcantara

5.8k reactions 100 comments
David Amp Its a barely nice world where you can featured a videogame with your fav band in I woke today grateful for that
Jeremy Lee Parker You forgot to put Alabama after that. But. Whatever. See you soon!
Andrew Holden You guys gotta come to Belfast northern Ireland on your next tour instead of shitty Dublin!
Agnieszka Mimoza Godziszewska thank you for the awesome concert in Vienna and for the entire route in Europe, you are the best.
Noor Ashraff Ghazali Get a good rest... and come back to Malaysia for Asia's tour... it's been 2yrs now ... miss you guys... \m/
Avenged Sevenfold
01:00 03/12/2017

Oslo, you were incredible tonight. It was a perfect way to close out this first European run on #thestageworldtour. 🇳🇴 Now we can send Daddy Christ back home to reunite with his newborn baby boy! #avengedsevenfold 📷: Rafa Alcantara

18.4k reactions 110 comments
Joachim Grann This was in fact my first A7X concert and it will not be my last. Can't wait to the next tour
Jessica Mottet The first European tour ? See you soon for a second ??? 😍
Jen Derycke Congrats on the new baby! Can't wait to finally catch you guys in concert back here in the states!
Mikhaela Ysabel Ong Nicole Sung Johnny Christ's mohawk completes my existence
Josh Skit Landrum Can't hate that man in just ready for the States baby!!
Avenged Sevenfold
01:00 03/12/2017

Pre-flight, breakfast of champions 🥂🍊Quote this photo ⬆️ #thestageworldtour 📷: Rafa Alcantara

11.7k reactions 115 comments
Tomas Fagerlind Thank you so much for an epic show last night in Stockholm. Best ever!!!
Kyle PenguinBass Hall Brooks: -On phone- Alright, Looks like we have a lot to do this morning. So we have to be tip top and sharp. That means no alc... -Looks up from his phone-
Will Warren Waiter could you please keep pouring so we can forget about that last album we wrote.
Oliver Howard Do you like bucks fizz? Yeah, I mean they did some catchy songs Dick...
Holli Glaser Put the Orange Orange Juice and the Wine in the Glass or else you'll get the hose again!
Avenged Sevenfold
01:00 03/12/2017

Stockholm we had a great night with you, tack så mycket! #thestageworldtour 📷: Rafa Alcantara

19.6k reactions 127 comments
Jeanette Sandelin It was lovely and amazing <3 Thank you! Anna Sandelin
Daniel Magill Love this shot! Can't wait to see you guys live this year for the first time!!!2017 is the year to rock!
Romain Speck Synyster the great! France want to see you again. We love you Avenged Sevenfold ♡♡
Manu Ranny When the hell are you coming to Brazil??? I need a show of yours🖤🤘🏻
Daniel Grånäs Wiker Fredrik Hammarbäck Fredrik Serlachius Emil Fagerström wow, trodde aldrig jag skulle se gates o fugelsang i samma bild!
Avenged Sevenfold
12:12 03/09/2017

Finland most certainly love their heavy metal. Kiitos paljon, Helsinki! 🇫🇮 #thestageworldtour 🎥: Rafa Alcantara

14.0k reactions 297 comments
Zach Archambault Except for the Hard Rock Café apparently 😂😂
Irma Inu Virtanen Thank you guys, once again you were awesome :-) !!
Reetta Valjakka Thank you for last night! It was awesome<3
Sari Helppi Thank you!
Mona Lahdelma Kiitos paljon!!! 😍 It was totally worth of all the 7 hours freezing, you guys were amazing! Come back soon please! 👊 rock🤘
Avenged Sevenfold
23:24 03/06/2017

After arriving in Helsinki yesterday we decided to head to the local Hard Rock Cafe Helsinki and grace the customers with some sweet tunes. Unfortunately, as the patrons fled for the exits we were cut off after only half of Nightmare was played. Maybe better luck tomorrow. #thestageworldtour 🎥: Rafa Alcantara

9.5k reactions 383 comments
Sanna Koskinen Otto Ikonen onks autoo? Lähetääks ettii äijii??
Ida-Maria Paananen Laura ois pitäny lähtee vissii jo tänää🤔🙈😱😍
Ellie Griffin You guys never fail to amuse me 😂New live DVD? Haha
Satu Ilmarinen Wellcome to Helsinki 🤘🏻
Joonas Korhonen Can't wait tomorrow..
Avenged Sevenfold
23:24 03/06/2017

Almost showtime Copenhagen. #thestageworldtour 📷: Rafa Alcantara

26.9k reactions 142 comments
Victor Howe Meimoun You were great in Paris but you should play Roman Sky 😉
Bálint Szücs The moment when you realize you have the same shoes, what someone wears in the Avenged Sevenfold! :D
Lea Kehlet Jönsson thanks for a fantastic night and amazing show, hope to see you soon 💜
Augusto Gomes Hey Guys my name is Augusto and I'm very fan of the band, my dream was to be her third guitarist rsrs March 16 is it my birthday you would not like to do a show in Brazil? I would like to participate in a song. Please give me a chance to play with ...
Ario Dean Wirawan Can't wait to be at the show in Stockholm next week 👍👍👍
Avenged Sevenfold
10:36 03/04/2017

Check out a glimpse of what It's like to construct & tear down "The Stage" everyday. If you'd like access to even more exclusive content like this, go now and sign up for the OFFICIAL AVENGED SEVENFOLD FAN CLUB. This fan club was built as a way to say “Thank You” to you, the fans, for your years of loyalty. Membership is completely FREE! More info at: FANCLUB.AVENGEDSEVENFOLD.COM #thestageworldtour 🎥: Rafa Alcantara

11.5k reactions 223 comments
Sa'rah Vive Emeline Robert-Chanal Faut qu'on essaye de nous trouver Haha
Mateus Marques Could you guys upload the full Hail to the King album on Spotify? Like this comment if you want that as well
Peter Karhatsu Cool, no seating! Don't see that too often at a show this size.
Joseph Neal Moenigmann The road crew and the sound engineers... They're basically extensions of the band.
Fabiankraut Salami For real 11 seconds of show and 33 seconds of constructing and tearing down.
Avenged Sevenfold
10:36 03/04/2017

Paris, the energy in the arena was off the charts tonight! Hands down one of the craziest crowds of #thestageworldtour thus far. Thank you. 🇫🇷 📷: Rafa Alcantara

20.0k reactions 210 comments
Eric Vauchel Amazing show guys yesterday evening in France at Bercy ! Go on Again & Again !!! Thanksssss
Killian Monetik Cetais génial !! Disturbed était hyper chaud, A7X aussi, et même Chevelle que j'ai découvert au concert ! Superbe concert, merci à vous !! 🤘🤘🤘
Olivier German Bonjour, entre fan du groupe pouvons nous partager nos photos communes sur le concert d'hier soir si bien-sûr vous en avez prises s.v.p contacté moi.
Kevin Lebel Thank you for the show, it was fucking awesome😵😵😵. See you next time guys😉🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷
Cassandra Eiras Thank u a7x the show was perfect, i will remember this a long long time, à la prochaine on vous aime ❤️
Avenged Sevenfold
10:36 03/04/2017

Thank you Luxembourg 🇱🇺! We had a fantastic night with you. #thestageworldtour 📷: Rafa Alcantara

25.4k reactions 192 comments
Hervé Béq It was so great in Lille , the day before !!!thanks a lot A7X
Domenic Diener Thank you so fcking much!!!! I love A7X!!! I'm not a simple Fan. I'm a fcking Deathbat!!!
Cyrille Barbenson J y etais....:-D
Florence Ejankowski Hugo Delire 🙆 C'était parfait!!!!! Mais le réveil un peu difficile pour ma part 😵
Boka Ayeh Heaven might sound well coz it's hell down here........the 'rev'.😖😖😖
Avenged Sevenfold
21:48 03/01/2017

The ultimate jigsaw puzzle that is "The Stage" being reconstructed for tonight's show in Luxembourg. #thestageworldtour 📷: Rafa Alcantara

3.3k reactions 76 comments
Thomas Ryan Ford When in the hell you guys gonna play the states...geez
Fabrizio Tazzioli Milan awaits you Guys!!! 😉😉😉
Mike Mike Wohl Amazing show in luxembourg thank you :)
Lucy Valkyrie I hope the show and the stage prep goes well, enjoy the show 💜
Dominique Fuenzalida Valenzuela Vengan a Chile po giles culiaos estoy cansá de comentarles todas las weás de publicaciones con lo mismo y ni dan fechas para latino américa, ya pueh despavilen que somos los mejores fans 💔 eso, chao.
Avenged Sevenfold
21:48 03/01/2017

Lille, while not the largest show of the tour that didn't stop you from quite possibly being the loudest crowd of the entire European run! 🇫🇷 #thestageworldtour 📸: Rafa Alcantara

13.3k reactions 199 comments
Anthony Demerval It's awesome, thanks guys 😊🤘 Ps: si vous trouvez ma voix merci de me la retourner 😂
Samuele Da Silva Concert was fucking awesome guys, hope we gave u enough to freak out ! Thanks a7x 🤘🤘
Valentin Ramette The north remember ;) see you at the next concert Avenged Sevenfold ;)
Agnes Hansen saturday in Denmark, i can't wait<3
Maxime Deranty Maxence, ils étaient à côté de chez toi et pendant ce temps là tu préférais t'acheter une ps4 !!!
Avenged Sevenfold
21:48 03/01/2017

Security meeting before tonight's show in Lille, France. 🇫🇷#thestageworldtour 📸: Rafa Alcantara

12.5k reactions 106 comments
Saif AlDeen AlRefaie Stay safe guys!
Kaitlyn Marie Ragland So sad this tour isn't in the states
Matthew StVengeance Dawley Shouldve left chevelle at home
Julie Fvs Eloise A LILLE 😢
Davina Stone Taylor Vogels Imagine a concert like this in NZ omggg
Avenged Sevenfold
09:00 02/27/2017

Zürich it was great to be back, your energy was incredible tonight! #thestageworldtour #brookswackerman 📸: Rafa Alcantara

9.4k reactions 74 comments
Jojok Wahyu Aprilia Cool men
Diego Vernille Essa bateria tá boa pra vc Alefe Oliveira? Kkkkk
Manny Germany See you in Dallas tx
Hugo Rezende Badass brooks as always
Susanna Roth It was a great show!
Avenged Sevenfold
09:00 02/27/2017

Tonight's show topped off two amazing days here in Münich! 🍻Danke schoen! #thestageworldtour #deathbat 📸: Rafa Alcantara

22.4k reactions 152 comments
Hervé Béq J-2 pour le Zénith de Lille......si ça se trouve ils ne me laisseront pas rentrer...trop vieux !!! Mdrrrr
Ashley Mcghee Can you guys please come to Oregon, Washington, or California? That would be great.
Christina Perez I have a Deathbat chest piece too...the big deal isssss????
Simon Egainz This guy looks like he is giving the chick in front a bit of sevenfold lol
Alexis Allouche She totally looks like you Hala Allouche Helstien! Haha
Avenged Sevenfold
09:00 02/27/2017

A festive "Family Dinner" last night at the original Hofbräuhaus München #thestageworldtour #disturbed 📸: Rafa Alcantara

11.8k reactions 75 comments
Adam Owen Is that a Queen lion?
Alessandra Giannetti And Milan?
Tina Bosso Great fam photo!! ❤
Yolanda Rivera Ramirez Prost!! \m/
Mélanie Michellod Where is M Shadows ?
Avenged Sevenfold
20:12 02/24/2017

Vienna! We are very much looking forward to getting back out on the stage to play for all of you tonight. #thestageworldtour 📸: Rafa Alcantara

15.6k reactions 186 comments
Matteo Pinaffo I love you guys. I hope to see you in milan , pls don't forget us :ccc
Daniel Boone Oxenford Look at that crowd, holy hell.... apparently they didn't get the memo that rock is dead, lmao
Christine Gallineri Surely you already know, but I beg you: I swear that not all Italians are stupid assholes!
Jen Derycke Can't wait for you guys to be touring back in the USA!!!
Sarah Vieting Yeeeaaahhh Ramøna and I can't wait to rock again with you guys on Tuesday in Lille! 😍
Avenged Sevenfold
07:24 02/22/2017

Front row, representing the "Love It or Die" Avenged Sevenfold flag in ‪Stuttgart‬! 🇩🇪 Almost showtime. #thestageworldtour 📸: Rafa Alcantara

10.7k reactions 68 comments
Andrea Marie Vasquez Cant wait till guys come to San Antonio this summer
Zachary Strouse I'll have mine in Detroit this Summer!
Kristina Franklin 💙💙
Anni Holtsoi It's barely 12:20Pm here in NM
Lorenzo Pasquarella Guys can you explain what is going on ?
Avenged Sevenfold
07:24 02/22/2017

DEUTSCHLAND 20.2.17 Stuttgart 🇩🇪 Exclusive Tour T-Shirt available at the merchandise booth. See you tonight. #thestageworldtour

8.9k reactions 76 comments
Gustavo Marin Urrutia Upload a new official video :c
Khempry Ispriyanto kapan ya saya bisa ke jerman. makan bang
Estee Pyaesone Cool! I LOVE IT.💖
Mark Bornschein Was it in Berlin available? Than i would be like shot myself
Marcelo Rafael Arruma a foto da direita pra gente fazer uma camisa, Rosielio;
Avenged Sevenfold
18:36 02/19/2017

It's been a great couple days in Amsterdam with our tour family. Onward we go... #standanddeliver #thestageworldtour #avengedsevenfold #a7x #disturbed 📸: @adrock99

12.6k reactions 187 comments
Jelle Spelt Thanks for thema great night! Have a nice trip!
Hermie Mietus Thanks for the great show!
Ver Godfrey Rafa 💜
Brian Anderson Your music on the latest is seriously high quality. You've dived far deeper than most others have ever gone.
Kerry Foster Saw you guys in Sheffield. Totally amazing thanks for another kick ass tour x
Avenged Sevenfold
18:36 02/19/2017

SOLD OUT tonight in Amsterdam! #thestageworldtour 🎥: Rafa Alcantara

11.7k reactions 287 comments
Jarrod Kerr You see Sevenfold when you were in Amsterdam last night Ainsley Kerr?
Juliën Fluit Stefan Gerritsen kijk hoe tering druk t was had k niet eens door in die rij
Charlie de Vreede Hahahaha Nina de Bruijn check dit dan!! 😂😂 Beter dat we die effe geskipt hebben!!!!
Patrick Haaksema Jeroen de Lange En jij dacht dat wij slecht stonden
Avenged Sevenfold
18:36 02/19/2017

"Town Drunks," a day off in Amsterdam. "Keep pokin' and you'll find something loose." - JC #thestageworldtour 📸: Rafa Alcantara

16.3k reactions 140 comments
Anthony Franchio "Take the shot"
Casadie Rolstad Was it Amsterdam Jimmy hit the pigeon out the sky and got pepper sprayed!!? Still went on stage with it still on him 🤘 Lmao #towndrunks
Huub de Weerd Where's the story about the 70-year old? 😂
Hoàng Đỗ Nguyệt Thư Was this the place for the story of the hooker ;-) ?
Yaminah Graaman Huib im crying again
Avenged Sevenfold
05:48 02/17/2017

What a night Düsseldorf. We could barely hear ourselves on stage. #thestageworldtour 🎥: Rafa Alcantara

10.5k reactions 671 comments
Vivien Flavia Isabelle Padar next time I'll go to Düsseldorf. Look at that crowd holy moly
Arian Mikulas y sad that the acoustic in frankfurt was crap..
Steffi Griesbach That was such an awesome show!!! You made me so happy. Thank you so much and see you next time ❤️🔥
Birgit Kirschke The best show EVER!!!!! It was so epic. You guys are fucking awesome ❤
Vanessa Behr It was so amazing!! Thank you Guys for this awesome Concert..
Avenged Sevenfold
05:48 02/17/2017

Almost time to take "The Stage" Düsseldorf. See you soon. #thestageworldtour 📸: Rafa Alcantara

11.9k reactions 83 comments
Robert U Covello Seeing you guys for the first time May 12th! Sofa king stoked!
Hurrned Jacksson Good Luck!!!! Handsome
Janney Burton DennyPinkman 😑
Ariel Vengenz BABE. 💘💋
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