Audrina Patridge
12:12 11/23/2017

When you're a mom... every minute counts! Getting my night workout on with Kirra and CALIA by Carrie. Check my insta stories to see more! #ad #CALIAbyCarrie #StayThePath

307 reactions 9 comments
Sonu Kumar So cute
Scott Visneski Hi super photo
Anni Cruz Audrina 😍😍😍
Billy R Randolph Who tha daddy??
Garrett Murrow I'm sure Kirra adores her mamma ❤
Carrie Underwood
10:12 11/05/2017

The boys went to DICK'S Sporting Goods and Isaiah just had to give Mama a hug! 📷 by Mike Fisher #StayThePath #BigHug CALIA by Carrie

24.3k reactions 348 comments
Angela Boyd Miller Corbin hopefully you don't have this poster to distract you at work
Theresa Tee Nelson Blair How sweet!! He is getting so big and growing up too fast!
Lynn Kath This is beyond precious!💕😊
Holly Flagor Holy crud ! Baby is growing up so quickly .precious little man .
Deborah Every That is so cute, you need to come home to Checotah more often, Carrie.
Carrie Underwood
05:18 10/21/2017

Ok...I will! ☀️ Love this sweatshirt! Sooooo comfy! CALIA by Carrie #StayThePath #KeepMeWarm #BePositive

2.4k reactions 51 comments
Susan Buttermore Love this
Francisco Romano Beautiful i love this
Paul Jackson Too cool😊
Denis Bleishwitz Made my day. Love me some Carrie Underwood. 😍❤️😇
Diane Burgan-Franciosi I love Calia
Audrina Patridge
13:42 10/21/2017

​Afternoon workouts in CALIA by Carrie are the best when you have a furry friend to keep you company! #ad #CALIAbyCarrie #StayThePath

139 reactions 5 comments
Scott Visneski Hi super photo have a good weekend
Wayne Little Stay strong, Drina
Celia Ann Genereux lol your dog wants to workout to
Emily Caterham I think the pup is in protest lol.
Gary Fox I have a beard......i would love to be your furry friend!! 😉😂😚
Carrie Underwood
13:12 08/31/2017

It's here!!! The new #FleuriaCollection from CALIA by Carrie !!! I love love love these prints! So excited to share them with you! #StayThePath

2.4k reactions 52 comments
Bobby Predmore Love you carrie
Michael Meza Yeah baby Yeah! LoL!!!
Alvin Schuster Beautiful
Valerie Laster Lawrence Your great in whatever you where!
Erie Lippert Lovely
Carrie Underwood
17:24 05/24/2017

Had the best time with all these ladies getting ready for the arrival of summer in Malibu this past weekend! Eve Overland kicked our butts and everyone looked great in all of their new Spring/Summer CALIA by Carrie. #StayThePath

2.3k reactions 42 comments
Rachel Edge nice
Jennifer Granda Love my Calia too
Kathi Brennan Scharnikow Go Carrie!
Yooper At Heart What ever happened to that Stay the Path sign ?
Rose Luthi Plus size please. Not everyone starts at a size 6
Carrie Underwood
12:30 04/01/2017

Never underestimate the importance of comfy socks! #StayThePath

5.6k reactions 126 comments
Jeff Allair very nice biggest fan
Bonny Hansen I never do. Can't have enough of them.
Dangelino Ochoa Get your feet out of my face.
Francis Morhet I"m rockin the socks too and pj's.
Giang Tien Mai Rosalie Lavoie I think you can relate
Carrie Underwood
22:06 03/24/2017

My workout buddy...mama's in CALIA by Carrie and the big man is in his fire truck PJs...whatever works! #StayThePath PS, please excuse my yoga form...I don't do much yoga, but like to stretch...

125.4k reactions 2850 comments
Donna Fooks I think that's wonderful Carrie! When my children were younger. We did exercises together abd dancing around when I was cleaning the house and they dud their chores. We would all be singing the 80's songs. We had a blast. They still talk about to this ...
Anna Reynolds Susan Wolk Courtney Wheeler Knowles Heather Rose Koenig y'all should spend some quality yoga time with your kiddos! Catch it on camera! ❤
Olivia Bentley This is going to be us with our kids... Kaitlyn Barlow. Also I need to get some compression shorts like she has on!!
Katelyn Bruno Lamirande Whenever I try to do that with my kiddos they crawl underneath me and act silly- kudos for your little guy doing it with you! 🙃😉
Jacqueline Jaskulek Isaiah is following in my footsteps. It is so important to teach children early the importance of physical activity. Go Carrie and Isaiah
Carrie Underwood
17:18 03/09/2017

Loved this shoot with besties Ivey Childers & Jennifer Herman and trainer Eve Overland!!! These ladies do it all and I'm so proud I got them involved with this amazing CALIA by Carrie campaign!!! #StayThePath #JumpAround #Fitness

4.6k reactions 83 comments
Lizzy Dahlstrom Love love [email protected]!
Linda Ouimet Love your clothing but are alittle exspensive❤
Erie Lippert 🤸🏻‍♂️🤸🏻‍♀️
Jeffrey Briscoe :)
Lizzy Dahlstrom Are these clothes available now?
Carrie Underwood
14:00 01/20/2017

Yay! Thanks for having me Today Show !!! It was fun!!! CALIA by Carrie #StayThePath

20.7k reactions 190 comments
Cate Gasses from the moment of discovery on A.I. . . . the world wasn't ready . . . thank you . . for going from mainstreet to greatness . . . and being great
Sherry Christmas Y Have such a light of God in ur eyes..Kepp passing him on girl :)
Rusty Shackefer GOD broke the mold after he made u! Ur absolutely b-e-a uuutiful!!!!
Gary Conner Carrie you are a promoter stay strong!
Cay Ann Gibson i did not see the show.. but carrie is the best.. kind.. smart, beautiful...and a christian person..like her music alot..
Carrie Underwood
01:12 01/18/2017

Get. It. Girl! Love that the amazing Lindsay Ell loves working out 💪 and love that she's rocking some CALIA by Carrie ! #MusclesArePretty #StayThePath

1.7k reactions 32 comments
Scott Lowery McKenzie Blaine Benefield
Eric Roberts Eric
Damon Smith Sexy Carrie
Jose Farias 🍒💀💪
Damon Smith Both sexy
Carrie Underwood
12:24 01/15/2017

#FBF to what I feel like was the last sunny day in Nashville...I'm about done with this gloomy weather. It makes me tired. And I miss playing on the slides at the park 😳...I mean...my son misses playing on the slides at the park. 😝 Hat and jacket are, of course, CALIA by Carrie ❤️❤️❤️#StayThePath

86.0k reactions 1134 comments
Kathy Chaffee Our daughter is thinking of moving to the area of Franklin/Nashville. She is a 4 year Electrical Apprentice will finish in may. What is your area like? Jobs? She would like her career in HVAC Controls/ Building automation or Fire alarm and security, she ...
Kaila Marie Woody I grew up in arizona. I have heard too many horror stories about babies and water. I'm sorry if I come off as a "perfect parent" but it's scary. The child does appear to be running towards the water. It doesn't matter HOW many people she has with her, ...
Rick Corbin come to florida it is warm and sunny , lake placid area , very laid back miles of cattle ranches reminds me of my home in iowa . of course during the summer. lol
Brenda Jones Smith The one thing that I hate about Facebook anymore is just like we are seeing here. Post a picture or even a comment and the cruel comments start. Would love to see what he looks like though.
Sue Grimm Hey Carrie, if you would ever get into this neck of the woods, stop in, you & your Son would just love meeting my Grand Daughter, Haley, she is only 3 but can dance up a storm!
Carrie Underwood
23:36 12/05/2016

Stayin’ cozy & stylish in New Zealand in my CALIA by Carrie wrap #staythepath

23.6k reactions 265 comments
Blakeney Fielder I should make you an afghan to take on the road with you and have Jennifer give it to you :)
Jess Chuck Wish I could sip coffee there with u son rice animal noises and talk
Tracy Wirkus Kutch The line is cute but totally unaffordable for me and many like me so I won't be purchasing any of it any time soon
Bob Ahrendt Carrie, you would look fabulous, even wearing a potato sack.... God Bless you
Amandy HutchieLew Ryan McCauley will you and Brooke please get a selfie with Carrie!? #besties
Carrie Underwood
00:20 10/30/2016

Awwww...look what Eve Overland did for Halloween! An orange, 🎃-filled workout trailer & session filled with 31 reps of about a million different exercises (at least, it felt that way)! I'm super sore, yet feeling festive! #StayThePath #halloween #strong #makingroomforthecandy

5.4k reactions 82 comments
Shannon Driscoll Cohen So upset...was supposed to be going to your concert tonight and bringing my cousin to her first concert and I am experiencing another miscarriage
Judy Terpstra Tamura We can't wait to see you tonight in uncasville! It's my daughters Kylie's first concert and she's a huge fan!
Lori Monell We enjoyed your show last night in Albany.
Barbara Buzzi Graham You were amazing tonight Carrie!!
Kimberly Sue Clink I know how that feels went to the gym over did it then paid for it u deserve a hot bubble bath take care
Carrie Underwood
11:26 09/12/2016

Love this swimsuit! #vacation #ocean CALIA by Carrie #staythepath

102.0k reactions 2309 comments
Pennie Horton Carrie your one of the stars that don't dress like a call girl. You are the best Love your singing.
Alyse Tarrant Don't fall off the back of that boat ROSE!!! Haha love u Carrie ❤️
Sherry Lynn Bryson Carrie you look amazing!! If you ever see this comment could you let me know what sunglasses these are!! Love them!
Diane Malinovsky You do look amazing Carrie Underwood and your husband has to be so proud of you .
Angie Sullivan Foster Gorgeous Lady! Our All American Girl! We love you Carrie! ?⚪?⛵???????⛅??????

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