George Lopez
12:54 12/13/2017

Wait , Wait , Hold your horses , this speech is from the 50's #colortv wasn't invented until the 6O's #shesmadderthanawethen #hater #Repost @energy_is_my_1st_language ・・・ Ass backward cracker devils. 🙈🤮 #Repost @fyodorplath ・・・ Things racists say...... 🤔 #cringe #nomoore #roymoore #alabama #govote @Regranned from @mrs_tzedek_warrior_girl - "We have many Black friends." "We know some Jews. We're not afraid of them. We actually let them…

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Nicolle Eddie Cunningham When you have to explain who is in your circle.. not a good thing
Tim Rodriguez i bet that blonde ...was juicier than a fresh water clam when she was 14
Joi Brethauer you do know his wife was 15 years old when he started banging her
Leah Ciccolella "We're not racist, we have ______ friends/attorneys/etc!" That's always a big excuse they use 😂
Greg Doucette Really?? Color television had its beginnings in the late 1940s alongside black and white television. It was not a commercially viable until the early 1950s. At that time, two competing color mechanisms were being championed separately by CBS and RCA ...

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