Russell Brand
00:48 01/13/2018

Are you? #Recovery https://www.amazon.co.uk/Recovery-Freedom-Addictions-Russell-Brand/dp/1509844945 …

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Lisa E Ebarb yes....I am accepting it and moving on now..lol
Litz Butcher Aren’t we all to a greater or lesser extent 🤔
Gabrielle Marshall most are, many are not in enough pain to be willing to do the hard work to change.
Natty B Burgess Much less fucked thanks to meditation friends and great books like yours. Many thanks for helping me get unfucked bit by bit
Dennis Scully Why does the sage never reply personally, too fucked?
Russell Brand
04:00 11/08/2017

Everyone knows there's an addiction problem. It's the disease of our time. There is a solution. #Recovery

Why One Rehab Group Says We Should Address Internet Use Like Alcoholism
Why One Rehab Group Says We Should Address Internet Use Like Alcoholism

Binge-watching and endless scrolling may come with a greater cost.

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Gene Lmao-reaux huh... would you make it into a video and make it available on netflix please? :P bet you get better saturation... haha
Blair Achurch Theeso Panther seeee your an addict!
Amanda Dewit Ken Johnston remember we were talking about this!
Euan McBurnie Everything is a disease according to you. Nobody is ever responsible for themselves.
Dane Wheeler The irony of sharing a message through the very source you criticising... 🤔
Russell Brand
13:24 08/16/2017

Unf*ck yourself from chocolate and sugar addiction with my new book #Recovery Pre-order your copy here http://amzn.to/2vWIrsU

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Samuel Foston I've been working off the principle that desire, pride, and fear are ego's weapons of choice when leading us away from growth and being real. These 3 things are what lead us to become addicted as we fall deeper into the illusion the ego builds for us. ...
Rebecca Louise I currently live in McDonald's Ben Connor this just came up in my newsfeed and I think my phone is trying to save me from myself 😂
Natalia Soledad Love from Chile, dear Russell! Keep up the good work! You'll leave a trace of kindness on earth. That's what life is all about :*
Jade McGlinchey Jane Gillon I'm getting this book xx
Doug Rosenbarger Kudos to you Russell, and your Amazing willpower... And thank you for speaking up against Government, for us many little minnons who don't think we have a voice... I'm proud to be on the Awakened tribe !
Rafa Nadal
12:24 01/25/2017

Seguimos con el #recovery // keep recovering! 😉 👍

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Aleksandra Vujnovic Vamos Rafa - all the way to the finals and let's get that trophy. Peak performance requires fully functioning NS without interference, I hope your chiropractor is keeping you subluxation free.
Salvador Pardo Gómez has estado estupendo , has jugado muy bien y me encanta seguir viendo que sigues siendo el mejor y unico RAFAEL NADAL , FELICIDADES , a por el siguiente, porque tu lo vales , un abrazo! y todas mi fuerza para que puedas conseguir tu proximo objetivo!
María Jesús Pacho Zurdo Eres increíble Rafa!!!... Siempre con lucha y tesón resurges una y otra vez... En los momentos buenos y en los malos no nos defraudas nunca, siempre nos das lecciones de sencillez y humildad para seguir animandote a seguir compitiendo... Eres único!!! ...
Pierre Kehoe Confidence isn't an on/off switch. It'll take time for Nadal to erase from his mind certain images of 2016. Each game won after a game lost will help.
Jochen Höfer Congratulations Rafa. What a focussed play against the powerful showman Monfils with your great 1st serve rate and your awesome performance. Keep on preparing for breaking Raonics powerful services and recover well.
Russell Westbrook
01:59 09/20/2016

Six Star keeping me recovered before we head into training camp. Big things coming this season! #ad #recovery #greatnessisearned

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Milos Milosevic that dude be using that crap to wash his dirty socks :)))
Milos Milosevic the dude be using who knows what , that detergent be 4 mass consumption,ain't it so : )
Christophe Cariou O'Neal Jérôme vas y de la whey pour le basket negro
Yo Sae Lor Lol they probably don't even use those brand lol
Martin Hrabovský Honza Křivánek sežeň to prosím
Russell Westbrook
11:49 09/12/2016

Feelin recovered thanks to this slow-release Casein Protein #ad #casein #recovery

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Matt Keck Cynthia Stewart Keck
Joe Meyer Haha yall are crazy. What makes you think that your 80 dollar protein is better than the 20 dollar protein? Six star has and does work.
Matt James How much they paying you for this one Russ?
Justin Johnson I have some already
Xiiao Jie Zhaoting Ng
Cesar Cielo
12:00 09/12/2016

Time to recover! Hora de recuperar! @ntrecovery #recovery #compression #bestsystem #Normatec

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Lili Domine Christe we love you
Sonia Moreira Lindo!
Anne Bindá Isso aí!!! ????????????
Fernando Nogueira Pensamento positivo sempre... Acredite no seu potencial que a vitoria é certa...
Rafaela Ribeiro ???
Victoria Azarenka
11:55 09/12/2016

After the match #recovery #icebath #itellmyselfilikeit#butidontthinkso#itsgoodformetho#changinghabits#myeyeslookhuge

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Brahim London Nember one in the world
TeReweti Poutawa I didn't c da game but well done, lets go win final
Felix Ernesto Chapinal Martin Feliz año. Muchos exitos deportivos pero sobre todo se muy feliz.
Ajay Kumar Please don't worry! You can! You have ability! Good luck for Australian open.
Michael R. Eskridge Do what it takes to make you ready for your next match.

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