Gwen Stefani
Yesterday 16:18

Meet & greet + signing at Target #NYC 11/20 ❤️ Details at Gwenstefani.com #YouMakeItFeelLikeChristmas

1.1k reactions 115 comments
Shiloh Hoffmeister Toni Watner-Sekunda Go say hi to her for me, please! 😂❤️
Anastasia Sullivan Audrey Griego get me a signature!! haha
Ry Maloney Of course my flight out of NY is that morning 😩
Hillary Lawrence Love you Gwen❤️ You are so amazing! And so is your new album can’t get enough of it!
Carol Martin Bought your Christmas CD today. Great addition to my Christmas collection.
David Villa Sánchez
10:06 11/15/2017

Enjoying New York!👌😃👌🍎🗽 #NYC #Manhattan


Cloudy day but I love spending time in the city!

687 reactions 13 comments
ندى الزهر Syria was more pretty
Shannon Solomons Me Amor
Damián Díaz Moreno Disfruta guaje lo mereces 👌
Regina Gorgees Hi 👋 God bless you
ندى الزهر Love you
Layla - WWE Universe
11:42 11/14/2017

Miss you & Love ya poooopsssss ❤️❤️ @thebarbieblank #nyc #wwe #2008 #goodolddays .....

980 reactions 31 comments
Cenk Sever Barbie Blank is awesome.
Magnolia Guile Vickers 👌🏻
Ubur Ubur Laycool?
Bob Moore Beautiful
Chris Brown
11:36 11/12/2017

#TeamBreezy! Relive my exclusive #NYC pop-up show with TIDAL on demand on TIDAL.com/ChrisBrown 💔🌕

6.7k reactions 87 comments
Tamika Riley Do your thing baby
Orlando Chukwu Ebuka Junior Boom💥🌟🔥
Michele Tvedt So Happy to see u happy! God Bless Child! Love From NY💖
Loubna Breezy Khatiri Awwww I wanna be there ❤️❤️❤️❤️💘💘💘❤️🙏
Laburu Baroine The best music
David Villa Sánchez
08:30 11/10/2017

Luca found me in the city!!! 😜🍎🗽 #NYC #NYCFC

Luca NYC
Luca NYC

This little guy thinks it’s funny to see posters of me in the city!

673 reactions 23 comments
Tombou Mahlalela hy D#7V... d.v forever
Nadeen Thaer Obaid Cute😊😊😊
Abeer Hasan 😍😍😍
Mariluz Pérez Villa Es un mini Guaje pequeñito😍😍😍😍😍 me encantais!
Abeer Hasan Super luca
Petra Nemcova - Official
21:36 11/08/2017

Blushing so I can match my @agnonaofficial dress & purse. ☺️😁😉 #NYC

615 reactions 27 comments
Tdo Gosshi Beautiful ! (^_^)/♥
Aaron Kaggie ❤️😉❤️
John Rossi Smith Bellissima!
Leroy Perkins Hello lovely y
David Solanki Mr. David Joseph Solanki (Raju) Actor/Director Digital Photographer Movies DANARAAL NETWORK TV&FILMS PRODUCTIONS Great.....
Chris Brown
06:48 10/28/2017

#TeamBreezy! You can watch my exclusive #NYC pop-up show on TIDAL.com/ChrisBrown via livestream tonight! 💔🌕

12.6k reactions 197 comments
Olivia Farley #TeamMuthaFucknBreezy !!! You're so multi talented & my fave artist EVER!! Nice performance as usual👍👍 Can't wait for #HOAFM to drop!! I appreciate all you do👍♥️
Diamōnd French Ayye Jay can you see how much this is please please
Orisca Moses okey! We get u strong man chris breez and we love u so mwaaah! good work.
JuscallMe Arnez NeNey 😂😂😂😂😂 let me go on head and get my free month in to support my boo 😍😍😍😍
Mbd-Raj El'saoudianő you do a lot of advertising I wanted to know your brand, I want it!
Mariah Carey
23:18 10/25/2017

Honoring the incomparable Karl Lagerfeld tonight in #NYC V Magazine

28.5k reactions 1099 comments
Cletus Chike I really love you, your music has been making me feel better whenever I'm depressed. It's makes me feel stronger especially "touch my body"
Pantius Majodo She is the most beautiful and intelligent artist ever. You are the queen of music and everything. The butterfly!!!
Avalon Andris I love you since 1987 ... I don't wanna cry ... getting tto know in Orlando, the very best song, you ever did perform !
Marría Catchy Mariahhhhhhhh, girl, pleeeeease come to Buenos Aires. We'll make sure to have Ceci Acosta make enough pizzas
Toby Smith That there is having no money problems what so ever and being able to do. And have what ever one wants. Its called life is the greatest thing. Happyness
Keyshia Cole
18:42 10/21/2017

Room 112 where the playa dwell! Make ya feel good like Toni tony tone 😩❤️🤦🏻‍♀️#NYC #ALBUM OUT TONIGHT @ MIDNIGHT

8.3k reactions 97 comments
Rodney Cooley Amazing team
Emenike Nzute Love you guys 😍
Amare Johnson Got it
Rasheed Bee Slim ain't so slim anymore! 😅 😅 😅 😅
Libra Gang Do I smell collabo
Larry King
17:00 10/19/2017

The last guest I'll be interviewing on my #NYC trip is Sean Avery! Q's for the former NHL star?

What would you ask Sean Avery?
What would you ask Sean Avery?

Larry King will be welcoming Sean Avery to our studio soon & we want your questions!

7 reactions 5 comments
Chris Galvan Who are you. I've never heard of you.
Austin Mallar What the hell were you thinking reverse screening Brodeur?
Robert Lindblad What is your work out schedule and what is it
Steve Burden were you always an idiot or did it happen later in life?
Carl Monroe Was he really involved with Andy Cohen?
Priyanka Chopra
17:54 10/10/2017

Baby #diariesofdiana will miss u.. #nyc to #italy 🇮🇹

29.1k reactions 510 comments
Sachin Bansode There is nothing in this video to get 1700 likes and comments :)
Bijan Biswas But why sadness.plz smile us.
Gajanan Shinde Madham you to India 1st bueitiful girl
Sadbhawna Chauhan Jinki shaadi samay par nahi hoti wo kutte billiyon se khelte huay hi marte hain.remember rekha.shaadi kar ghar basaa.
Daddy Yankee
14:12 10/05/2017

More food heading to #PuertoRico from #NYC. We’re currently working with @CityHarvestNYC, @Feeding America, and @Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico to coordinate hurricane relief efforts between New York City and Puerto Rico. We’re working hard to transport water, food and other supplies to Puerto Rico as quickly as possible. Thank you! Puerto Rican Family Institute, National Puerto Rican Day Parade, Hispanic Federation , my fans and the volunteers at Positive Workforce Find out how you can get involved in New York City atwww.cityharvest.org/relief.

4.0k reactions 327 comments
Sebastian Martinez Saludos a nuestros Hermanos en Puerto Rico desde Cali Colombia.. Daddy Yankee tu eres una gran persona con un corazón inmenso, Mi Dios esta Feliz de tu labor, Eres un ejemplo para el mundo.... Bendiciones..
Flor Oliva Daddy Yankee, tienes un corazón que no te cabe dentro del pecho, eres un ser humano maravilloso. Dios te bendiga y te proteja a ti y a tu familia. Un abrazo desde la distancia.
Arantxa Gs Existen Corazones que ayudan sin pedir nada a cambio y por su nobleza encuentran en el progreso a diario 👏👏👏👑👑👑 eres mi ejemplo siempre Jefe.. Bendiciones desde México
Vane CH Gracias 😊 recuerda no estás solo estamos contigo en esta jornada y aunque nos tome tiempo juntos vamos a levantar la isla. #PuertoRicoSeLevanta
Yolivette Malave Tienes un Grande corazon 💜 DY! Porfavor llegen a San lorenzo hay esta ubicada mi familia y no se de mi papa☹️😭. Grasias, Bendiciones para todos y sus familias. #PRselevanta #Somosguererros
Paris Hilton
03:54 10/06/2017

This adorable puppy was rescued from #HurricaneMaria in #PuertoRico. He + his 4 siblings are available for #Adoption now at Animal Haven in #NYC. 🐶 #AdoptDontShop

4.4k reactions 160 comments
Richard Schuurman Cute and sweet so kind this one 😀
Mounir Collo Good morning Paris Hilton How are you I love you I want to challenge you I like you marry me
Edgar Jensen Awe...how cute that puppy is!
Karathanassi Joanna tall mezor should blue native savor.
Kenneth Smart Great about the dog but t your pregnant? Holysht Paris Hilton the finest lady in the city wat what what
Jason Derulo
16:36 09/30/2017

E m p i r e S t a t e O f M i n d #NYC #lvlxiii

8.1k reactions 136 comments
Brianna Hoage DADDY MATERIAL 😂😍😍😍😍 Tonya Berry Jayda Powell
Jul Jenn Jenny Bae
Marissa Swain Such a beautiful Man
Lidia Marin Sara Marin y pensar k he estado ahí hace unos días y no me lo he cruzado jajajajaj mierda!
Frances Malanum Awesome picture!! :)
Molly Sims
21:12 10/01/2017

Today on the blog I'm sharing my favorite places in New York City! It's full of my recommendations on where to shop, where to stay, where to eat with some fall fashion must haves, of course! Check out my #NYC Travel Guide!!

New York City
New York City

Molly Sims shares all of my secret spots she loves in New York City as well as my favorite tourist attractions! Check out the latest blog post on MollySims.com for her favorite shops, restaurants,…

12 reactions 0 comments
22:48 09/30/2017

issa look #nyc

2.4k reactions 32 comments
Teodora Stancheva Wooow woow woooow
Fael L Guedes 😍
Marco Rodriguez Flawless💎
Rodrigo Montagnini Duquesa ❤
Roy O. Coffey Jr. I love all your photos Fergie, damn?😎
Bruno Mars
06:42 09/25/2017

Maddison Square Garden Tonight! #NYC #24kmagicworldtour

40.6k reactions 489 comments
Sue Sinopoli See you tomorrow!! Look for me in the skybox .. I'll be the girl dancing lol SO EXCITED!! ❤️
Diane Girardi Lauritsen Oooo don't we look good together....!
Cindy Rogers Queen Kyle Queen i thought us seeing the circus at MSG was cool - this woukd be off the chart #ilikeitlikethat
Daisy Larson Just my wish for my son Brruno i hope if your in our town pls see my son i be happiest mother in the earth.
Michele Wyllie Can anyone tell me if balloons are released I have a severe latex allergy and won't be able to see him in Barclays in Oct if there are balloons
David Henrie
12:36 09/23/2017

It was an el oh el day. Having fun w/ our friends @baumeetmercier and my bro @lorenzohenrie in #NYC #gentlesportsmen #cliftonclub #nyc #baumeetmercier!!!

1.4k reactions 10 comments
Neha Deopa David Henrie 😍😍😍
Anna Okrój Yeah ! 😎👌
Ana Caroline 😱❤
Khipbhan Baghel Superb...
Lisa Scuch love you guys
Daddy Yankee
22:12 09/22/2017

Thank you #NYC this is the beginning rebuilding 🇵🇷 Puerto Rico! I'm overwhelmed with all the support! Thanks to all volunteers you are the real heroes and the fans and the community of New York for your donations! #Chicago! Tonight you can drop off at the gate entrance at my concert at the Aragon Ballroom...we need also to support our friends in Mexico!

34.0k reactions 1442 comments
Luisa Hernandez Daddy Yankee, vivo En connecticut y quisiera donar cuando asista El concierto manana en la noche, foxwoods no nos pudo dar informacion sobre a donde llevamos los articulos.. A donde Lo llevamos??
Yeni Cureza Eres grande y tienes un corazón enorme siempre buscando la manera de ayudar a los demás ,hay que dar gracias a todos los que pusieron su granito de arena a ese gran colectivo de voluntarios llenando el camión para hacerle llegar lo más rápido posible la ...
Rose Stewart Wowwww great job Y'all are doing thank you Daddy Yankee your priority your Love ❤️ for Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 im very proud to all of you God Bless you 🙏
Isabel Rosario Baez All our respect and gratitude and thanks to all for the help that's been given to our people of Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 thank u, thank u and God bless u all
Joseline Orfanos-Ramos I wish you can do this in all five boroughs! There are people that couldn't make it to Brooklyn from the Bronx and upper Manhattan! #DaddyYankee #PRselevanta
Daddy Yankee
09:24 09/20/2017

#Virginia Thank you for the love! Next stop #NYC Long Island!

22.7k reactions 275 comments
Leslie García Diste un gran show jefe 🙌💃🔥
Rj Jones When are you coming to Oregon.
Maria Gzz Raul Ahi estuve presente despues d 8 hrs d viaje (Alcanze a saludarte d mano junto con mis niñas 😘 )
Laluna Del Cielo Papi😍😍😍esos poses me enamoran aun maasss❤👑 TE AMO IDOLO ❤❤❤ Te Espera de nuevo México ❤💕🙈 #Saludos Love😘
Gladys Ochoa Ayala El mejor show libra por libra 💪😎💪😎 Daddy Yankee te esperamos pronto en Perú tu DYMFC Perú... Siempre felices por todo lo q logras 😍😍😍
Petra Nemcova - Official
05:30 09/19/2017

Such a joy to see this incredible soul and designer of this stunning dress @andresacosta in #NYC. Your presence is always divine. Save travels 🙌#TheDivinePresence

248 reactions 7 comments
Aaron Kaggie 😚
Jose Luis Perseo Luna Petra Nemcova love"
Christopher Robson stunning
Ondřej Němec Moc moc si krásnou ❤😚😍😉😁
Lucy Newlands Gorgeous dress!
Gwyneth Paltrow
12:18 09/13/2017

It was an honor to narrate this powerful documentary about the short and meaningful life of Welles Crowther, a trader who worked on the 104th floor of the south tower of the World Trade Center. Welles died saving lives 16 years ago today: http://bit.ly/2wTEcP7 #wewillneverforget #NYC

360 reactions 11 comments
Dave Hall how a miss read can change ones view i thought that said the man in the red banana how do you put on a banana did you see angelinas site they killed my father because, she was born man and they called her mother do you think this eviedence that she has ...
Roberto Lee Iron man will protect 🇺🇸
Alessandra Sala ❤️
Lucy Wylie Commie much
Scott Whitt Neato :) 💓
Paris Hilton
19:54 09/10/2017

Chilling at home in #NYC in my Juicy Couture. 💕🌈👱🏼‍♀️🌈💕

1.8k reactions 712 comments
Kerry Miles This real Paris like your proper page?
Roberto Amati I really like your mise...when is thr first flight to NYC?
Stephen Schmitz Actual shot of me rn Kathryne Jim Adam
Julie Carrillo Chill goals! lol I'm almost there Paris! right behind ya! 😀😁
Efrain Ibarra I've never seen a picture of you ...you're hot....Paris....I like the face.its..barbie ish
Pamela Anderson
00:12 09/11/2017

It’s been 16 years since September 11. We’ll be commemorating this anniversary by participating in BGC Charity Day in #NYC. #BGCCharityDay is an incredible event that supports charities worldwide through the Cantor Fitzgerald Charity Day Relief Fund and helps turn a mournful day into a positive rememberance of those lost. Find out more at www.bgcpartners.com/charity-day/

Charity Day - BGC Partners
Charity Day - BGC Partners

Every year on September 11th, in conjunction with the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund, we remember our 658 friends and colleagues and the 61 Eurobrokers employees who were tragically killed by distributing 100% of our global revenues to the Relief Fund and many other charities around the world.

11 reactions 0 comments
Rafa Nadal
22:48 09/02/2017

Segunda ronda esta noche. Leaving the hotel to the tournament site for the second round #USOpen 2017 #nightsession #NYC #vamos

36.8k reactions 1090 comments
Rod Parajon Rafa despues de ganar esta noche di algo de la pobre gente en Texas y te ganaras el publico aun mas..?
Elizabeth Gallagher What is happening. The seeds are dropping like flies. Good luck rafa. Vamos xx
Ginita Angulo Dalence Fuerzaaaaaaaaa Rafa Nadal te mandamos muchas buenas vibras desde Bolivia......
Deb Ruppert Go Rafa Go!! will be cheering you on from California!
Amanda Daly CR Cämpbell......tagging u so ul open fb just for Rafa 😂😂😂😊😊
Pamela Anderson
08:06 08/29/2017

It’s been 16 years since September 11. We’ll be commemorating this anniversary by participating in BGC Charity Day in #NYC. #BGCCharityDay is an incredible event that supports charities worldwide through the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund and helps turn a mournful day into a positive rememberance of those lost. Find out more at www.bgcpartners.com/charity-day/

Charity Day - BGC Partners

Every year on September 11th, in conjunction with the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund, we remember our 658 friends and colleagues and the 61 Eurobrokers employees who were tragically killed by distributing 100% of our global revenues to the Relief Fund and many other charities around the world.

32 reactions 1 comments
Zeki Aslanoğlu ABD YAPTI
Caroline Wozniacki
10:42 08/25/2017

Had fun on the Today Show this morning! #NBC #NYC

9.5k reactions 180 comments
José Martín Iturriaga Tan hermosa como buena tenista.
Vivian V Nguyen 👍🏻😘🌹
János Keczán Ha Isten is ughy akarja ez a szezon végre jo lesz ! Gratulálok !
Mauro AndradeWenk * Caroline W. < 3 ...! *
An A Nt Ormiga am jealous of today show
David Villa Sánchez
08:18 08/26/2017

A great place to shop and take some pictures! 😉 #FifthAve #Manhattan #NYC

My favorite places in NYC: 5th Ave
My favorite places in NYC: 5th Ave

5th Ave: A great place to shop and take some pictures in Manhattan!

1.2k reactions 16 comments
Samuel Minick Lydia Hongamata
茹王 啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊
Piedad Martinez ❤❤❤😍😍😍😉😘
Teresa Vicente Lopetegui le llama!!! Oleee!!!
Riggs Ac Better than hartford connecticut right?
Daddy Yankee
01:18 08/26/2017

Next stops! #NYC #VA #IL #CT

11.8k reactions 308 comments
Cynthia Kary Medina Éxitos y bendiciones Daddy Yankee eres el mejor vayas donde vayas. Te amo. ❤❤✋😘😘
Florr Caro @daddyyankee Arentina te extraña esperamos verte pronto #DYMFCBUENOSAIRES ♡
Khriiss DY Sentirán el fuego del caribe!⚡❤ Te amo precioso,saludos!😍
Nancy Cabrera Ojala pronto vengas por Paraguay que ya te extrañamos bastante 😣💔
Estefany Castillo El Fuego del Caribe 😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Te Amo Boss! 😘 saludos desde Monterrey MX.
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