Daddy Yankee
5 hours ago

#Virginia Thank you for the love! Next stop #NYC Long Island!

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Leslie García Diste un gran show jefe 🙌💃🔥
Rj Jones When are you coming to Oregon.
Maria Gzz Raul Ahi estuve presente despues d 8 hrs d viaje (Alcanze a saludarte d mano junto con mis niñas 😘 )
Laluna Del Cielo Papi😍😍😍esos poses me enamoran aun maasss❤👑 TE AMO IDOLO ❤❤❤ Te Espera de nuevo México ❤💕🙈 #Saludos Love😘
Gladys Ochoa Ayala El mejor show libra por libra 💪😎💪😎 Daddy Yankee te esperamos pronto en Perú tu DYMFC Perú... Siempre felices por todo lo q logras 😍😍😍
Petra Nemcova - Official
05:30 09/19/2017

Such a joy to see this incredible soul and designer of this stunning dress @andresacosta in #NYC. Your presence is always divine. Save travels 🙌#TheDivinePresence

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Aaron Kaggie 😚
Jose Luis Perseo Luna Petra Nemcova love"
Christopher Robson stunning
Ondřej Němec Moc moc si krásnou ❤😚😍😉😁
Lucy Newlands Gorgeous dress!
Gwyneth Paltrow
12:18 09/13/2017

It was an honor to narrate this powerful documentary about the short and meaningful life of Welles Crowther, a trader who worked on the 104th floor of the south tower of the World Trade Center. Welles died saving lives 16 years ago today: http://bit.ly/2wTEcP7 #wewillneverforget #NYC

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Dave Hall how a miss read can change ones view i thought that said the man in the red banana how do you put on a banana did you see angelinas site they killed my father because, she was born man and they called her mother do you think this eviedence that she has ...
Roberto Lee Iron man will protect 🇺🇸
Alessandra Sala ❤️
Lucy Wylie Commie much
Scott Whitt Neato :) 💓
Paris Hilton
19:54 09/10/2017

Chilling at home in #NYC in my Juicy Couture. 💕🌈👱🏼‍♀️🌈💕

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Kerry Miles This real Paris like your proper page?
Roberto Amati I really like your mise...when is thr first flight to NYC?
Stephen Schmitz Actual shot of me rn Kathryne Jim Adam
Julie Carrillo Chill goals! lol I'm almost there Paris! right behind ya! 😀😁
Efrain Ibarra I've never seen a picture of you ...you're hot....Paris....I like the face.its..barbie ish
Pamela Anderson
00:12 09/11/2017

It’s been 16 years since September 11. We’ll be commemorating this anniversary by participating in BGC Charity Day in #NYC. #BGCCharityDay is an incredible event that supports charities worldwide through the Cantor Fitzgerald Charity Day Relief Fund and helps turn a mournful day into a positive rememberance of those lost. Find out more at www.bgcpartners.com/charity-day/

Charity Day - BGC Partners
Charity Day - BGC Partners

Every year on September 11th, in conjunction with the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund, we remember our 658 friends and colleagues and the 61 Eurobrokers employees who were tragically killed by distributing 100% of our global revenues to the Relief Fund and many other charities around the world.

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Rafa Nadal
22:48 09/02/2017

Segunda ronda esta noche. Leaving the hotel to the tournament site for the second round #USOpen 2017 #nightsession #NYC #vamos

36.8k reactions 1090 comments
Rod Parajon Rafa despues de ganar esta noche di algo de la pobre gente en Texas y te ganaras el publico aun mas..?
Elizabeth Gallagher What is happening. The seeds are dropping like flies. Good luck rafa. Vamos xx
Ginita Angulo Dalence Fuerzaaaaaaaaa Rafa Nadal te mandamos muchas buenas vibras desde Bolivia......
Deb Ruppert Go Rafa Go!! will be cheering you on from California!
Amanda Daly CR Cämpbell......tagging u so ul open fb just for Rafa 😂😂😂😊😊
Pamela Anderson
08:06 08/29/2017

It’s been 16 years since September 11. We’ll be commemorating this anniversary by participating in BGC Charity Day in #NYC. #BGCCharityDay is an incredible event that supports charities worldwide through the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund and helps turn a mournful day into a positive rememberance of those lost. Find out more at www.bgcpartners.com/charity-day/

Charity Day - BGC Partners

Every year on September 11th, in conjunction with the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund, we remember our 658 friends and colleagues and the 61 Eurobrokers employees who were tragically killed by distributing 100% of our global revenues to the Relief Fund and many other charities around the world.

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Zeki Aslanoğlu ABD YAPTI
Caroline Wozniacki
10:42 08/25/2017

Had fun on the Today Show this morning! #NBC #NYC

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José Martín Iturriaga Tan hermosa como buena tenista.
Vivian V Nguyen 👍🏻😘🌹
János Keczán Ha Isten is ughy akarja ez a szezon végre jo lesz ! Gratulálok !
Mauro AndradeWenk * Caroline W. < 3 ...! *
An A Nt Ormiga am jealous of today show
David Villa Sánchez
08:18 08/26/2017

A great place to shop and take some pictures! 😉 #FifthAve #Manhattan #NYC

My favorite places in NYC: 5th Ave
My favorite places in NYC: 5th Ave

5th Ave: A great place to shop and take some pictures in Manhattan!

1.2k reactions 16 comments
Samuel Minick Lydia Hongamata
茹王 啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊
Piedad Martinez ❤❤❤😍😍😍😉😘
Teresa Vicente Lopetegui le llama!!! Oleee!!!
Riggs Ac Better than hartford connecticut right?
Daddy Yankee
01:18 08/26/2017

Next stops! #NYC #VA #IL #CT

11.8k reactions 308 comments
Cynthia Kary Medina Éxitos y bendiciones Daddy Yankee eres el mejor vayas donde vayas. Te amo. ❤❤✋😘😘
Florr Caro @daddyyankee Arentina te extraña esperamos verte pronto #DYMFCBUENOSAIRES ♡
Khriiss DY Sentirán el fuego del caribe!⚡❤ Te amo precioso,saludos!😍
Nancy Cabrera Ojala pronto vengas por Paraguay que ya te extrañamos bastante 😣💔
Estefany Castillo El Fuego del Caribe 😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Te Amo Boss! 😘 saludos desde Monterrey MX.
Andy Murray
04:00 08/25/2017

Dinner with friends and family...Can anyone guess who got relegated from our fantasy football league? #nyc #tightfit

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Cha Sutherland It looks like you still have a tennis ball 🎾 in you're left pocket Andy
Jacqui Clark Good to see Jamies smiling, after your last selfie Andy! 😁
Neil Kirkpatrick The guy in the middle is the menu ....mussels and frog's legs :D
Jackie Bain Great picture, hello Alan MacDonald, not seen you at Craiglockhart Tennis Centre for a while, any chance of a signed t shirt for our MacMillan Coffee Morning at the end of September? I am Sure we could raise lots of money for MacMillan by raffling ...
Marc Gill Kieran Carruthers Don't know who has the more awkward smile between you and Andy Murray
Andy Murray
15:12 08/22/2017

Nice night hanging out with my big Bro in NYC.. Doesn't he look like he's really enjoying it? @jamie__murray #nyc #bigbrother #family

24.1k reactions 496 comments
Fay Cockburn Great photo guys. Good luck in U S. Hope you get your health problems sorted Andy. Tennis is not the same for me if your not playing. Best wishes to you both. 👍👍👍
Robin Conner so special Andy, brothers are for life and the rest thank you for reminding us and arguments can rest. best wishes to you and hope to see you on the telly soon X
Chrissy Varey-Brown .......LOL, his face says, "One more annoying jibe little bro and your head goes down the toilet pan, and you can scream 'I'm telling Mum' all you want!!
Michael Ward Just chill out and get back to playing when you're ready. 😀 Hey who would have thought not so much a World No 1 at Tennis But a Scott as world No 1 at Tennis. BRILLIANT 😀👍👍
Julie Thomas Alright boys, hope you both have a great u s open. Andy I hope you are doing much better with your hip. I will be here in Wales shouting at the telly through the night, so wishing you both lots of luck boyo's xxxx
Mariah Carey
02:18 08/21/2017

#mysquad #curlyhaircrew #newark @Prudential Center #AllTheHitsTour getting ready for you #nyc @The Garden!! 🎶💝🦋💝🎶

45.5k reactions 990 comments
Roosevelt Wells Beautiful kids. Beautiful woman. Nice black and white ensemble. . "The Star" will undoubtedly be a successful movie. I'd be surprised if it were not. Have a great concert at the Garden. Also, I hope that you like the "Midnight Special", love.
Adrian Jamal Thomas Mariah's out here looking amazing and singing beautifully. I saw the show in Houston a couple of weeks ago and it was really good. That voice is phenomenal still to this day.
Exel James Recta Pls. Have a duet with @Xtina, I love u both! TC.. <3
Francisco Agüero @mariahcarey CAn you sing endless love With the great Lionel richie? Please!! That be a wonderfull gift from the fans all around the world. A lot of love, a lot of bless.
Roland Plummer Mariah, you are still a Legend, you are a very talented beautiful artist singer. Just ignore the negative people. Let those comments role off you like a ducks feathers!! I loved that song you did with Whitney Houston " Miracle " Also Butterfly, Love ...
Molly Sims
06:42 08/17/2017

Back in #NYC! Loved spending the afternoon at the MitoQ - Mitochondrial Science luncheon in my new 😻 dress! 💗 #spon

65 reactions 8 comments
Fadia Issa Chango Nathaly M Mardini
Ronnie Angel Elegant Lovely <3
Srecko Arsic Montesito :)
Todd Parker Beautiful pic.
Kristi Kaylor So loved spending the afternoon with you! xo
Green Day
02:06 07/24/2017

Listen up #NYC — @eastbaypunk opens 07/28 at @IFCCenter. Grab a ticket and experience the origins of #EastBayPunk (LINK IN BIO @greenday) http://ift.tt/2uq3MYj Follow The Official Green Day on Instagram - @greenday

1.5k reactions 15 comments
Matthew Lee Moore https://youtu.be/F14oXA6yBnI
Lea Houston Caity Timms
Ron Ido Zion Came to israel 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
Catherine Lana Speed Is there a way people can see it in Canada?! western Canada no less.
Shiva Ramani Jaideep Gill i gotta trap at the East Bay
Alicia Keys
01:42 07/24/2017

#views #nyc

32.2k reactions 757 comments
María Poulain Wisfere La Lara Larita mira que trenzas
Debbie Velez Wowwwwww! Absolutely lovin ur new look. Very spunky 🤗🤗🤗
Vanessa Amaral Thairiny Tiburcio olha essas tranças, que linda!
Chanice Jacobs Alicia, You such an Amazing , Talented , incredible person, I love youuuu ♡
Coniya Butler Those braids 😍😍 you can rock anything including you amazing smile and personality
23:42 07/03/2017

Coming for you #NYC. Get ready to party for 4th of July! 🇺🇸

1.9k reactions 49 comments
Kris Promagan Should be a blast. Wish I were going.
Yasser Liatim Hadi ta3ak anouch mafia
Stephan Lamar Go tiesto 😘
Manuel Otazu Winner...!!!👍👍👍 alla voy ilove NYC💘 #Paraguay
Bruno Romero Yo quiero ir !!!!
Priyanka Chopra
20:54 06/28/2017

Congratulations to you #JimmyIovine and Dr Dre for this incredibly inspiring show! The world will love your story! Jimmy Iovine was one of the first people to push me to explore boundaries internationally... I will always remember your faith and belief in me..even when I didn't have any..So proud of you...And #DrDre as we all know, is the boss and beginning of hip hop. My introduction to music as a teenager. This gave me major feels.. ! #thedefiantones HBO #NYC

29.4k reactions 373 comments
Rajat Kumar Beautiful
Ashraf Najafi you are great Queen of Bollywood i love you so much
Yusuf Hajj Apart from Quantico series ingine Kali ya perish ni gani
Laddakhisharma Sharma I congratulate u for bringing the intl assets of my love priyanka to the audience that too via so loving a story and music
Panku Thakur 💥JOBS.....JOBS...💥 Android यूजर के लिए ..JOBS..अब अपने ही मोबाइल📲 से बिना पैसा💵 लगाए... 10000₹/20000₹..हज़ार हर महीने 💲कमा सकते हैं । वो भी अपने घर पर ही 1-2 hour काम कर के।join करने के लिए प्ले स्टोर👜 से (Champcas money free)application install करो ...
Carmen Electra
21:48 06/26/2017

Early morning set life #nyc ❤️

4.8k reactions 299 comments
Carmelo Di Mauro you're beautiful
Edward Lawrence Bourke PRETTY
Вячеслав Акулин Не Нерничай Милая Скоро Прилечу Бириги Себя Дааааааааа Я Тоже По Тебе Скучаю Твой Вячеслав
Вячеслав Акулин Не Нерничай Не Росходись Всё Будит Крута Держись Да Мне Тоже Плохо Без Тебя Цилую Твой Котя
Вячеслав Акулин Доброе Утро Кармен Хорошего Дня И Творческих Успехов Я Люблю Тебя Моя Королева Крепко Обнимаю Тебя Цилую В Губки Твои Твой Вячеслав
Steve Nash
10:00 06/25/2017

TODAY'S THE DAY, #NYC! Mention the The Steve Nash Foundation when you're checking out at any Chipotle Mexican Grill in any borough, and #chipotle will donate 50% back to SNF! Find a Chipotle near you (they're all over), take a few buddies with you, and make a big assist. Any food, drink, or catering order counts! Just be sure to show this post, or mention the Steve Nash Foundation when you check-out. Awesome assist - thanks NYC! Find your Chipotle now: https://www.chipotle.com/locations/#/?address=New%20York%20City&radius=250

93 reactions 6 comments
Michael Bermudez June Ramos
Patrick Doran https://youtu.be/0D1G0Fm5wJA
Michael Bermudez Your two loves lmaoo nash and chipotle
Nam-soo Mike Jo I want 50% off
The Steve Nash Foundation Thanks, Steve! Do this, #NYC - let's break a Chipotle Mexican Grill record! Find your nearest Chipotle, and tell 'em Steve sent you: https://www.chipotle.com/locations/#/?address=New%20York%20City&radius=250
21:54 06/24/2017


4.9k reactions 115 comments
Williams B Kris Hope your feeling better!!
David Holt Luh ya Bran!
Mariam Rashad Long time
Rodney Brown Hi Brandy love your look and glad to see you are ok.
Steve Singer Hope you are well.
Priyanka Chopra
17:42 06/18/2017

Reunited. #DianaChopra ❤️❤️❤️ #nyc

82.6k reactions 900 comments
Mohinderjit Singh Khurana Very unfortunate. People are dying to kiss you and you are getting licked by a dog
M Aris Aris I love you diana copra this is ferfect ......"
Chanakya Bhati Father day pr kutty ke sath
David Hanovic Such a sweet and adorable picture baby!!!! <3 <3!!!! :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* ;) :D :D :) :)
Amoure Lblan Dog kiss you not the animal
David Henrie
02:18 06/09/2017

How can you tell we're from Los Angeles question mark #nyc #didntbringajacket

7.2k reactions 15 comments
Kiara Prevost Pierina Vasquez Valverde walking in the street🔜❤️
Maurer Desuacido Dynara ❤❤❤
Fabiana Gil Te Amo ❤😻
Mehdi Mimouni 💪❤
Lisa Scuch I love the photo two. Brothers. NYC
14:36 06/03/2017

‎Having fun at yesterday's in-store at Macy's in #NYC with all of the people I love! Thank you so much for coming to celebrate the #ThaliaSodiCollection with me! Mariale, it was lovely meeting you! See you soon! 🌟🌟🌟 ¡Disfrutando muchísimo en el evento de ayer en #Macys #HeraldSquare con mi gente! ¡Gracias a todos por asistir! #Mariale me encantó conocerte. ¡Nos vemos pronto! #SoyFandeMisFans

15.3k reactions 183 comments
Karla Martinez Gonzalez Bendiciones thalia desde cosa rica saludos eres una gran mujer excelente persona y hermosa llena de mucha cualidades y ejemplo y tu familia bendiciones. 😀😀😀😙😙😙🙏🙏🙏👌👌👍👍👍
Pepi Bolorino Muchas felicidades,y que sigas con ese encanto que tienes para ganar el cariño de todos!!!saludos
Andrea Cristinziano Mi vidaaaaa que perfección de mujer !!!! Te amooooooo !!!!!!! Te comeria a besossss !!!!! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Gabriela López Hubiera preferido que estuviera Jackie Hernández Makeup By JH mexicanas exitosas
Thaemelis Campos Mariale es la mejor youtuber que honor que este contigo #orgullovenezolano <3
14:36 06/03/2017

I'll see you tomorrow #NYC! I'll be at Macy's Herald Square at 6pm with Mariale to show the newest items in my #ThaliaSodiCollection! Starting at 10am, be one of the first 150 guests to make a $50 or more purchase from the #ThaliaSodiCollection to receive a meet-and-greet pass. For more information visit: http://mcys.co/2rjKUZx 🌟🌟🌟 ¡Nos vemos en #Macys de #HeraldSquare en #NuevaYork mañana a las 6pm!

15.3k reactions 241 comments
Carlos Contrera Miamor imposible
Mauro AndradeWenk * #Thalia. < 3 ...! *
Sam Isalas I love Macy's and Taly
Sah Cahyono ✨ All ❤️❤️✨🔝 Only here you can get the original link alternative, to Watch BOX OFFICE MOVIE (2017) 🔰 ™Full Movie HD ! 👍 Visit ➡ The Movies channel ⬅ 🗽[email protected]======= 🗽
Lucy Lpp Mirar tus fotos es como regresar a mi niñez. Mi papá era fans tuyo. Pero ahora él ya no está. Tienes un ángel dentro de ti. Un abrazote desde Perú.
13:00 05/29/2017

If you will be in #NYC on June 8th, go see #TommyMottola in Conversation with @GayleKing at 8pm‼️ Tickets and additional event info here: http://www.92y.org/event/tommy-mottola-in-conversation

1.1k reactions 25 comments
Clicia Siqueira 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Carolina Garcés Felicidades
Miguel Angel Perez no me agrada ni siyiera ningun poco
Miguel Angel Perez unos galanes tommy mottorola para mi un mejor esposo
Miguel Angel Perez unos de perdedores es novela mejor espero rosalinda es mejores
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