Shaquille O' Neal
08:48 01/06/2018

Y’all think I could’ve played in the NFL ? #fullback or #lineman ? #nfl

5.6k reactions 543 comments
Shaun Bowman I think if you would had hit Charles really as hard as you could he would be on the other side of that wall!
Lelia Jackson-Burch No Shaq, they would have made it against the law soon as you put your name in my friend Lol.
Justin Davis Always thought about what if Shaq was DT or OL.
Pam Toms Moore I think Shaq can do anything, and do it well.
Бојан В. Ljupco Ivanov meet the new fullback/running-back of Seattle sea-hawks :D :D :D
Larry King
01:06 11/14/2017

My #NFL @NFL pick this week is the Pittsburgh Steelers laying 9 points at the Indianapolis Colts. Thoughts?

16 reactions 3 comments
Linda Fix Wood Burchett Not watching none of them still.
Robin Colosimo Yay Steelers !!! Sloppy beginning but an ok ending
Alan Ana Kennedy I feel bad for the Colts; Steelers should win by more than 9 points. Again the Steelers appear the only team which can beat the Pats in an AFC Champ game. ... We will see. How are you, Larry?
Larry King
12:18 11/11/2017

I'm now 3-6 w/ my #NFL NFL picks this season...I guess you could say I'm on the comeback trail, folks! I'll have this weekend's pick tomorrow! Stay tuned....

11 reactions 2 comments
Tonya Brown dear larry king I need your help getting out of here right now this house is a mess please help me out of here larry king
Tonya Brown I need a foundation right now please help me out of here please lsrry king is cool in this house I need to go where is warm at this house is clod all the way throw this house that's why I need to get of here I need a dissent house to go right now larry ...
Rob Riggle
20:30 11/05/2017

#RigglesPicks #StrangerThings #SkyOctopus #NFL https://www.facebook.com/NFLonFOX/videos/1643708129000654/

24 reactions 3 comments
Chris Willeford Ginger Ann Case
Collin Carper Rachel Cemper
Mary Ranieri Nelson Thank you for your service Lieutenent Colonel Riggle. That being said, I have a question for you. Are you in any way related to Ron Burgundy??? LOL! Just kidding. I enjoy your comedy and your very handsome eyes and smile. God bless.
Larry King
15:24 10/14/2017

My #NFL pick this week is the Washington Redskins laying 8 over the San Francisco 49ers! Thoughts, gang?

9 reactions 5 comments
Rick DeLisa I would say that's an easy bet but I also lost on the USA vs Trinidad and Tobago game...🤔
Thomas Joyce Yepa
Carlos Villalpando Let's go Dodgers!!!!!!!!
Calvin Pokorny No way Larry you're out of your mind
Joozy Jwidz I think it is time to trust the Jaguars. Perhaps I like roller coaster rides.
Larry King
10:36 09/29/2017

Faithfuls, I'm off to a poor start with my #NFL picks! 0-3! But I'll keep trying. This week — Dallas Cowboys laying 6 over the Los Angeles Rams...

22 reactions 2 comments
Clements Kovi If it was madicine one would recover there and there
Howard Jaffe like the old Mutual radio show....... why do I make these.....
Naomi Campbell
03:48 09/26/2017

‪#TAKEAKNEE 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👊🏾🙏🏾#NFL‬

1.3k reactions 21 comments
Galash Galash --- EPHESIANS 6 : 10 - 17. --- 2 TIMOTHY 3 : 1 - 9. ??? --- PRIDE --- ??? (it’s the devil issue – ISAIAH 14 \ EZEKIEL 28 ) --- PSALM 103:14- For He knows our frame; He remembers that we are dust. --- JAMES 4:14- whereas you do not know what will happen ...
Antonio Di Re DEAR NAOMI CAMPBELL ! ! ! PICK ANY PLAY/MUSICAL PLAY. YOU CAN GET THE LAST UPDATED VERSIONS OF EACH PLAY/MUSICAL PLAY ONLY FROM ME. DEAR NAOMI CAMPBELL, I wish you to live till 113. There are two things in life that you cannot avoid: taxes and death. ...
Collette Luvilla Martin Luther King
Daniela Rodallega ❤💪
Kahoul Sofiane Abdelhakim 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
LL Cool J
02:00 09/26/2017

#takeaknee #Taketheknee #nfl #prayers

34.1k reactions 1634 comments
MrTerrell Roberson Yep I believe in what LL just said.... Don't just take a knee take two knees and pray.... Pray for one another... Pray for your fellow man and your neighbor and your family and this country.... Ask God for understanding and strength because this country ...
Kiesha Marie Frauley Mr. Smith is not trying to disrespect anyone who has served in the military or anyone who has ever held office. He is trying to say if players want to use the knee they have the right but PRAY while they are down there on 2 knees for your country to ...
Therese Temaui Even Stevie Wonder took a knee and also both knees in last night's music festival in New York! I may be a devout patriot and will always stand for my flag, but I support players who take a knee, it is their right! Trump needs to shut the hell up! He ...
DuShawn Luttery To all who have never played sports, you can look at taking a knee two different ways, good sportsmanship or discipline from a coach, but neither is used in matter of disrespect. When I was playing baseball, when a player would get hurt during the game ...
Rasheeda Amarillas Trump was very quick to say on Twitter, "If NFL fans refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our Flag & Country, you will see change take place fast. Fire or suspend!" Be careful what you wish for, Trump. You will see change, but it ...
Larry King
09:00 09/24/2017

This week, I'm picking the Green Bay Packers laying 7 over the Cincinnati Bengals. I'm 0-2 thus far in 2017! Hope to turn it around. Thoughts, guys? #NFL

31 reactions 7 comments
Denise Brereton Hummmmmmmmmmm
Rob Smith First coach fired....Lewis
Dave Stoney That was a gimme pick
Ted F. Rouge DUH RAIDUHS...!
Austin Uzim I got your back buddy
Mike Vick
00:30 09/12/2017

Yessir!! #NFL #Fox

Yessir!! #NFL #Fox
Yessir!! #NFL #Fox


32 reactions 3 comments
Charles Daniel YOU WATCH IT.
Kristopher McComas Vic....Dez Bryant or Michael Crabtree?
Mike Vick
19:36 08/27/2017

God is good! ✊🏿 thankful #Fox #NFL #lovethegame

5.2k reactions 435 comments
Jeffrey Harvey-Bishop Good for you, Mike! I look forward to seeing you on Sundays. God can truly redeem those who make mistakes. Behind you and the family 100%.
Mikey Smith Eh, gods not that great. Just go to a children's hospital and walk down a cancer ward. You'll see he's kind of a dick. But hey congrats bro.
Sheri Copeland Congratulations!!!!!!!!! Ignore all negativity! Some folks just wanna be in your shoes....pray for them. #VICKFAN4LIFE
Gena Cummings Just know when God favors you he will restore you double what was taken. So proud of all your accomplishments. Stay prayed up. Blessings to you and your family
Tee Taylor God is Awesome!!!! May He continue to bless you and your family!!!!🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Bow Wow
01:30 08/22/2017

#NFL could be getting major pressure now...

Colin Kaepernick: Dozens Of NYPD Officers Raise Fists And Kneel In Support, Including Frank Serpico
Colin Kaepernick: Dozens Of NYPD Officers Raise Fists And Kneel In Support, Including Frank Serpico

Colin Kaepernick has the support of several NYPD officers. This is pure awesomeness. #ImWithKaepernick.

794 reactions 13 comments
Ashley Jones ⚠️Hey If Any Ladies Are 👀 For A Way To Earn Fast Cash With No Bs Or Scams Inbox Me 📥ASAP Or 📲Text Me At 224-999-4048 Serious Inquiries Only!!
Cynthia Fabela Jeff Quintana, this what u were taking bout?
Ramus Mwan Grin or smile?... #not that way,wanton.
Ramus Mwan Grin or smile?... #not that way,wanton.
Kathryn ShawBey Good Job I hope they Come around
Bob Marley
00:12 05/19/2017

Rohan Marley's son Nico Marley has just signed with the Washington Redskins! Bless up young lion 🦁✍🏾🏈💯🇯🇲🇭🇹💪🏾 #HTTR #NFL

10.3k reactions 165 comments
Olanike Laosebikan Congratulations to you Nico!!
Kath Fraser Awesomeness!
Karen Harold Hayden Congratulations Nico! Can't wait to watch you play!
Lynette Fennell I know Bob is smiling in Paradise. ONE LOVE 🇯🇲💛🖤❤️💚🇯🇲
Diana Torres Congratulations and so handsome too
Bob Marley
08:12 05/06/2017

Rohan Marley's son Nico heading to D.C. this summer for mini-camp with the Washington Redskins! Bless up young lion 💪🏾🏈 #NFL #marleyfamily #legacy #LIONORDER

1.9k reactions 39 comments
Leary Peel Need adrenaline rush, Check this out http://apple.co/2eRjwPa
Borundaorta Hector Not bad
Natu Solanki Nice
Pearl Kingcappela Thanks for sharing
Reddie Knox thanks for the share
Rio Ferdinand
10:42 02/08/2017

What a comeback... unreal being there to witness greatness... big thanks to NFL for their hospitality! Congrats to Tom Brady & co... 🖐🏽 FIVE times champion! #patriots #nfl #SuperBowl

7.5k reactions 44 comments
Tobias Seidler The Game reminded me of the 1999 CL Finale ;)
Damjan Markovic Dusan Papulic i legende vas vole?
དཔལ་ལྡན་ བཀྲ་ཤིས Brady is trump's dog and bigotry.
Stephen James ''Twas defo rio that was there Michael Francis
Piero Arellano Grande Vidic :v
Rio Ferdinand
21:54 02/05/2017

Manchester United v LCFC.....#SuperBowl #nfl

6.3k reactions 1188 comments
Mark Williams United 2nd
Bradley Flanagan Chelsea spurs Arsenal united
Trisha Mason Redarmy
Nick Tash Chelsea, arsenal city spurs
Roubesh Woodhoo Loserkools fighting hard to steal united 's place! Hahaha
Larry Fitzgerald
09:36 02/06/2017

I almost dropped the trophy!! #moty #nfl

18.4k reactions 937 comments
Naomi Valerie A huge congratulations and thank you for all the amazingly humble things you do for us here in the community. Glad you chose to stay and play as well.
Linda Bergevin Congratulations. ....well deserved. What a truly motivational acceptance speech...Your Mother is smiling upon you from Heaven.
Cheryl Hunt woohooo! Congratulations....great thank u speech...i cried like a baby! Another reason to be proud to be from arizona....an athlete who cares and gives back to his community and is recognized for his extreme goodness. Congratulations again!!!
Jeanette Rhone The AZ Cards fans are very lucky to have such a role model within our community. Thank you Larry Fitzgerald for your efforts on & off the field!
Daniel Blackwell Congratulations. I am a die hard Falcons fans my whole life but you are one of my favorite NFL players because i see all the things you do off the field and the way you represent yourself as a role model. Keep up the great work and RISE UP
Dwight Howard
22:42 02/05/2017

#SuperBowl !!! Let's Go Falcons !!! #GAMEUP #inbrotherhood #NBA #NFL Atlanta FalconsAtlanta Hawks #SB51

361 reactions 13 comments
Scofield Michael Hope you can back to Houston !!!!!!!!
Aurel Yurag Inot How are u howard
Michael Moore Wassup D
Ricky Miranda #inbrotherhoodwetrust
Andrej Kovacic Go Falcons!
Dwight Howard
22:42 02/05/2017

#SuperBowl Weekend Has Arrived !! Our Very Own ATLANTA FALCONS Representing the ATL at #SB51 #Inbrotherhood #TrueToAtlanta #BeGr8 Julio Jones #NBA #NFL

737 reactions 16 comments
Alexander Belkot Marco Menne 😀😀
Miguel Hernandez Jay Tee
Philipp Stein Tobi Kröck
Rafael Teixeira TOPPP!
Bertrand Astora Dwight Jones?? or Julio Howard...
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
01:24 02/03/2017

Tonight! #ForHonor #CluelessGamer with a mere 5 #NFL superstars. #SuperBowl

335 reactions 59 comments
Adam Luke Kevin Sun, ill check it out
El León YUS
Nate Schneider #fytb
Julie Mangione Brady wins again 🐐🐐🐐
William Reed Think I threw up a little.
Hines Ward
14:06 01/24/2017

#Repost @solohour ・・・ And here we are! #steelers #steelersnation #steelersnationunite #nfl #PITvsNE #playoffs #hineswardshow #unemployable #solopreneur #entrepreneur #lifestyledesign #entrepreneurs #travel #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurlifestyle #entrepreneurial #homebusiness #timefreedom #financialfreedom #onlinebusiness #podcast #podcasts #success #successful #coaching #training #business

752 reactions 10 comments
Lynn Neff #herewego!!❤ Steelers !!
Angie Ramirez 🖤💛🖤💛
Marjorie Pyle Wearing my #86 too Barbara Bright. Go STEELERS
Wendy Buffa Fill the stadium and the parking lot steelers fans
Jos J Ramirez Hace a nice day and #herewego from México Hines Ward !!! #aquivamos
Hines Ward
01:18 01/22/2017

My new podcast episode has dropped. Click link in bio to listen! #steelers #nfl #steelersnation #steelersnationunite #playoffs #pitvsne #NEvsPIT #podcast

461 reactions 6 comments
Ronnie Allega On it! Our time 86! #steelersnation #Family #Believe
Wendy Buffa Go Steelers
Clayton McDaniel SEVEN will bring home SEVEN !!!
Kathy Blowers Lamoreau What does dropped mean? Better not mean canceled!!!! I love listening to the podcast!
Dwight Howard
03:30 01/14/2017

Brothers of the ATL - We Stand Together #INBROTHERHOOD #TruetoAtlanta #NBA #NFL Atlanta Falcons

197 reactions 74 comments
Bubba Almony Dwight Howard #NBAVote
Sania Prasala #nbavote dwight howard
Bubba Almony Dwight Howard #NBAVote
Furkan Emre Er #NBAVote Dwight Howard
Luke Byrge Dwight Howard #NBAVote
Hines Ward
07:42 01/04/2017

What's your prediction for the game? #steelers #steelersnation #herewego #playoffs #nfl

1.7k reactions 324 comments
Lynnette Collier That there focus is getting that 7th ring. I believe!!! Lets go Steelers...its redemption time...
Justin Hornick Don't talk about who's favored or expected to win Miami humiliated us last time RETRIBUTION
Matty K Keegan Steelers win, who cares about the rest of the games.
Tyler Rodgers Steelers 35 - Dolphins 17 - Big Ben throws for 3 TD passes, no picks , Bell will have 115 rush yards for 2 TD's.
Roy Wasbotten The dolphins have no quarterback and we have the killer b's!!
Dwight Howard
05:06 12/12/2016

Jason Brown, Former #NFL Player is Truly Following His Path, A "Life of Service" was his Calling and He Followed, Humbles us all. #BeGr8 #NBACares Please Share/LIKE This Message, as it shares the good in the World and the work of a honorable man.

Why a star football player traded NFL career for a tractor
Why a star football player traded NFL career for a tractor

In the latest "On the Road" Steve Hartman meets Jason Brown, who walked away from a lucrative pro football career to farm

254 reactions 8 comments
Firnanda Aglis Cahya Cek siapa saja yg mengunjungi fb kamu. Yang melihat facebookku adalah: Farid Asfarony, Adie Tiyyaan, Dendi Satrio. Buktikan sendiri di => www. SeringKepo .com
Rachel Johnson Love this! We need more men in this world like him. May God continue to bless him! <3
Aurel Yurag Inot Hi yuo a star
Caroline Goyette Allie Ritchie I love this guy. Haha
Gavin Jacobs now thats a real role model ppl, why dont ppl like this get more media time?
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