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« Afternoon Recital............. David plays a family favorite! 🖤🎵🖤🎶🖤🎹🖤🎤Elton John Jeremy SCOTT adidas Originals #music #family #sing #play #life #love♥️ » -Madonna

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Jeff Hm I'm sure Elton John will see this and so maybe David will get a chance to play with him. :)
Ian Macey Can he play Devil Wouldn't Recognise You
Andrew Phillips Iconic just like his outstanding mother xxx
Eugene Lazarev Amazing David!!!🎹🎹🎹 Again and again. I'm very happy for you my dear Mama Madonna. Your kids is very talented.🎶🎨🎭📷🎬✒📝🌟👑 My respect to you for your beautiful and talented childs. Artists and musicians make our world better every day. My dear Mad. I want ...
Andry Martínez Omg she tagged Elton John 😂😂😂 so diplomatic my dear Madonna 😘😘😘
05:36 12/13/2017

#TatTuesday #TattoosDay Do you have any Aerosmith tattoos? Post with the hashtag #AeroTattoos and/or tag @Aerosmith on Instagram or Twitter for a chance to be featured in our next TatTuesday. #Aerosmith #Music #StevenTyler #JoePerry #JoeyKramer #TomHamilton #BradWhitford #BadBoysOfBoston #BlueArmy #tattoo #tattootuesday

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Mari Cé Parda Vé Cooming soon ☺☺☺
Mark D'Ettore Steven Tyler seen this !!!!
Denise Parker Have Rollins Stone tatty but no Aerosmith. Yet 😎
Joshua Charpentier Mendez Dryan, Amanda igualito al de Aharon :v
Claudia Muñoz L Yo tambien quiero el mio...solo necesito money 😢😢😢
George Lopez
12:54 12/13/2017

Wait a minute , wait a cotton picking minute .. It was a scam ? Just as we were opening our hearts to white supremacy #quechingows #quemelapelan ( resume to our respective corners #hillbilly shit " bush league SEGA shit , laughable man #HaHa #biglebowski qoute #Repost @hitzzonelosangeles ・・・ #Repost @ tmz_tv (@ get_repost) ・・・ Should celebs and others reconsider their sympathy for Keaton Jones’ mother? 🤔 #tmz #losangeles #music #newyork #unitedstates #viralvideo #standwithkeaton #kimberlyjones #bullying #keatonjones

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Suamy Argueta Olvin Nasralla Salum Moreno no todo es real en este tiempo maje la mamá la llamaron para apoyar sobre el bulling y lo que quería era billete usando su hijo con ese vídeo y es más racista
Jadira Bermeo Why was he bullied,??? Did he do anything that would start others to bully him?. Yea the boy needs support if he actually was bullied, but the parents are wrong for taking advantage of this situation to start afundraiser. Their kid doesn't need money, ...
Erika Susana she could be an crazy woman but that kid was crying for real, she's not mother of the year but he is a nice boy.
Nãomî LãTashã ÐeMontê Its not the child fault his mom is messed up and greedy... Poor kid not only has to deal with the bullying at school but he also has to deal with his selfish mother... Poor kid and also where is the poof he used the N word? Bullying is still not right ...
Mary Romero No kid should be bullied, not his fault what his mothers beliefs and views are. If the mother is a damaged person doesn’t mean he needs suffer because of it.How many people have parents out there who are damaged and evil. Wouldn’t want to be treated bad ...
Gwen Stefani
21:06 12/03/2017

Wow can’t believe I had such an incredible time here in Dubai thank you so much to Cleatus, The hotels amazing navigator- Who set up some incredible local experiences today -performing tomorrow night at the grand opening of renaissance Dubai thank you so much @renhotels gx #travelingmakesyourheartgrow #culture #grateful #music

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Michael Guerino Blowjob in a hijab?
Nancy Calhoun Threm Brandi McKee Durden... look who is in your neck of the woods...
Amanda Kuhns I am glad you are having a great time I am sure Blake is missing you
Michael John Greski You collaborating with Kygo?
Ingrid Patrick Hi Mr sexy, how r u, know u r missing your honey but hold tight, one more stop and she be back in your arms
Lady Gaga
16:06 12/02/2017

Bye bye Miami 😭 last nights show was KILLER! On the #joanneworldtour next Stop Tampa for a show tonight! #ladygaga #music #fashion #beauty #makeup #hair #curls #blonde

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Joseph Waite Hey my mother monster I love this picture
Maria Esposito Atlanta was awesome! Thank you Mother Monster 💖
Jerry Blizzard I used to stay with a friend in Tampa just a couple blocks away from Bush Gardens & Brewery. The Schlitz Brewery kinda North of them used to let me have free beer for my lunchtime from working at another job. Best Wishes for a happy visit. Lady Gaga!
Dadi Puzzangara Argentina needs JOANNE WORLD TOUR 🙏🏻
Heather Potwin So ready for tonights show!
Jimi Hendrix
15:12 11/18/2017

Celebrate #JimiHendrix's 75th #Birthday in his hometown of #Seattle on Monday, November 27 (6pm-9pm) at the Hard Rock Cafe Seattle. #Buffet #dinner, #live #music, and more. Get #tickets today at http://birthday.jimihendrix.com/

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Marco Lanza O maior de todos
Lynda Thibeault J'aurais tellement aimé te voir en show , un manque dans ma vie ! Rip Jimmi xx
Alberto Vicente Victor Antonini Trindade
Bob Savage ...so don’t be late, don’t be late
Alexander Wiebe 2
19:30 11/17/2017

« MDNA SKIN makes me go Up🖤. And Down! 🖤 about the New Finishing Creme!! 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑💕💕 #love #music #life #skin #gratitude #fans #dance #neverforget #facts 💃🏿💃🏿♥️ » -Madonna

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Berno Juchniewicz I LOOOVE YOU WITH DARK HAIR !!!
Salvatore Cozzella You are the best of the world ....no you are the world
Marvin Bradford I've always loved that remix
Juergen Arnold Frank, jetzt denken wieder alle, es gibt ein neues Lied. 😂
Gian Carlo This is a remix of "Goodbye to inoccence" a non include song from Erotica álbum ... look in Youtube
05:48 11/10/2017

Felicidades @carlosvives por tu nuevo disco #VIVES que sale hoy! Ame nuestra canción #todomegusta A buscarlo ya ;-) #music #musica #carlosvivesftthalia #carlosvivesftthaliatodomegusta #ahahah #hit

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PL Samir Great song and like we used to ..The wonderful voice of the Queen Thalia & Carlos too ♥
Ricardo David Bonito continua com corpo de uma adolescente - 25 anos - Divulgue mais seu trabalho - são só para poucos
Kenija Aquino Wow ang ganda. Sana mag concert sya ulit s pilipinas for the third time
Lisbeth Lorena Chaves Campos Lo siento Thalía ,pero una canción muy tonta.Te admiro y su vídeo con Maluma excepcional,pero este, para mí nada que ver
Jorge Luis Jimenez Carrillo Es Fuego, es ternura, es Sexy!!! Que rica canción mi Thalis hermosa !! Te amo 💞😍👑🎼🎵
07:12 11/10/2017

#TatTuesday #TattoosDay Do you have any Aerosmith tattoos? Post with the hashtag #AeroTattoos and/or tag @Aerosmith on Instagram or Twitter for a chance to be featured in our next TatTuesday. #Aerosmith #Music #StevenTyler #JoePerry #JoeyKramer #TomHamilton #BradWhitford #BadBoysOfBoston #BlueArmy #tattoo #tattootuesday

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Eric McCoy I don't have a tattoo, but I'm forever in Aerosmith immortality. I'm on A LITTLE SOUTH OF SANITY album.
Windham Wren Not yet but possibly in the future
Carol Maceno Liliane Maceno olha essa do nine lives 😱
Arturo Negreiros Samanéz You never post up My Tattoo 💔💔💔
Cynthia Renee Forester #Aerosmith
03:30 11/05/2017

“Hallway Jam Sessions with Ciccone Youth 🎤🎹🎼🎧😂🌈🎉🎉🎉💕💕💕💕#gottastartsomewhere #lovesongs #music #myreality #inspiration #creativity #family #wtffacts 💘 #igistooshort” -Madonna

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Raymond Negron That's beautiful! Growing up and learning music from one of the greatest musical stars in music history. P.S. - I love you Madonna. ❤
Peter Dufour Il y avais les jackson five et leur tyrannique père, maintenant il y a les Ciccone five et leur bienveillante mère. ... great Family .... Les gamins grandisse a vus d'oeil. ...
Norma Lujan My queen, your such a Awesome mother, what is it that you cant do..you are such a inspiration in every direction...❤❤
Velto Silva Madonna the days are passing and I wanted you to come true my dream. I know that many people ask you the same, but I'm a special person. Invite me to go!
RM Reveles Thank you Madonna for the wonderful videos you are so inspiring! Blessings to you and family I love ❤️ you !
13:48 10/28/2017

¡500 millones de reproducciones!!!! 500 million views!!! 🎉🎉🎉 ¡#DesdeEsaNoche en #PremioLoNuestro... una noche inolvidable!!! ¡Gracias amores! Sigamos reproduciendo. ¡Vamos por más! Let’s go for more!! Thank you loves! 🎉💃🏼💕 #music #video MALUMA #Maluma Vevo #Vevo VIDEO: https://youtu.be/6C_s56iscpQ

8.4k reactions 155 comments
Manuel Barrera Realmente estuvo excelente la presentación!! Los felicitamos a MALUMA y a ti por todos los views!!! Nos gusta mucho el tema y por eso meses atrás hicimos un mashup donde incluimos tu canción, esperamos te guste https://youtu.be/m1qq00YuADM
Joe Sy You know why ..because you are lovely and you have beautiful soul ..
Elhizza Iguiron Maravilla Congrats Thalia y Maluma..the best video..perfect combination..
Juan Aguilera No entiendo porque thalia Latina no fue considerado en Los Latin grammy....decepcionado
Michelle Marquez Maldonado Amo esa canción Thalía es pegadisima que sigas teniendo éxitos eres la mejor!!!!! Y todos lo saben
13:48 10/28/2017

#DesdeEsaNoche... ¡500 millones de reproducciones en Vevo!!!! 500 million views on #Vevo!!! 🎉🎉🎉 Este fue el día en el que nos conocimos y fue el primer video que grabamos juntos. Y hoy estamos celebrando el éxito de #DesdeEsaNoche y las reproducciones que ustedes le han dado a los dos videos. ¿Quién iba a pensar que desde ese día en el que nos conocimos íbamos a seguir celebrando por tanto tiempo con nuestra gente esta canción que nos une a todos?! ⭐️ ¡Gracias amores! ¡Vamos por más! Let’s go for more!! Thank you loves! MALUMA #Maluma #music #video #tbt #behindthescenes

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Mendoza Flor Es una puta que se revuelca con el y otros pero tomy lo sabe y le vale por que ella es un cero a la izquierda el tiene amantes mas bonitas y con cuerpo no como esta lombriz para que se engaña no es feliz solo le importa la fama y el dinero algo que ...
Luis Manuel Martinez Rodriguez Amo la música y de lo que diga la gente de México Nooo pues por culpa de la mayoría el país esta en pique por tantos comentarios tontos y absurdos ahí demuestran el ego que tienen y la mala educación, con esa mentalidad nunca avanzaremos.
Casaverde Amadeo Con la fama barata muchos se les sube el humo ala cabeza como que sus cancion fueran algo productivos para la juventud pues pura basura que induce al sexo barato canta maluma y algunos reguetoneros la musica buena ya no se escucha sino solo este ...
Carlos Padilla Indignante que una mujer pueda defender a semejante personaje.después de las asquerosidades de sus letras y el desprecio que siente hacia la mujer en si.desen a respetar mujeres.desen a respetar.
Elena Ontiveros Sinceramente. No soporto a maluma .... es. Una persona k no. Tolera alos fans. ... y Thalia. Siendo tan bella ... no se k Ase con ese caballero. Mi opinión. ... Thalia. }I😍u{
02:24 10/26/2017

#TatTuesday #TattoosDay Do you have any Aerosmith tattoos? Post with the hashtag #AeroTattoos and/or tag @Aerosmith on Instagram or Twitter for a chance to be featured in our next TatTuesday. #Aerosmith #Music #StevenTyler #JoePerry #JoeyKramer #TomHamilton #BradWhitford #BadBoysOfBoston #BlueArmy #tattoo #tattootuesday

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Caroline Oliveira Jordan Chun passou da hora já kkkk
Eric Pote That aerosmith tattoo says 15.10.16? How much did you spend on that joke art?
Vivi Ferlin Já mandaram/marcaram as de vocês Ivany Yvy Mary Marianna Da Silva Barreto ? ❤
Regina Arnold Amanda Marie you have an Aerosmith tattoo....
Giuliano A. Trondoli Cunha My first tattoo
11:54 10/18/2017

#TatTuesday #TattoosDay Do you have any Aerosmith tattoos? Post with the hashtag #AeroTattoos and/or tag @Aerosmith on Instagram or Twitter for a chance to be featured in our next TatTuesday. #Aerosmith #Music #StevenTyler #JoePerry #JoeyKramer #TomHamilton #BradWhitford #BadBoysOfBoston #BlueArmy #tattoo #tattootuesday

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Kathryn Wolfe Maybe one day.
Deanna Harris Why can’t I post a picture ?
Samuel Bobinger If you're not getting paid for the advertising, why do it ?
Shane Swartz Brad Daley
Annabelle Dumas i dont have one right now, but the day i meet steven, i wil have him sign on my body and get it a tattoo of it after
21:30 10/10/2017

#TatTuesday #TattoosDay Do you have any Aerosmith tattoos? Post with the hashtag #AeroTattoos and/or tag @Aerosmith on Instagram or Twitter for a chance to be featured in our next TatTuesday. #Aerosmith #Music #StevenTyler #JoePerry #JoeyKramer #TomHamilton #BradWhitford #BadBoysOfBoston #BlueArmy #tattoo #tattootuesday

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Joaquín Garcia Luisa Turrubiates
Caroline Oliveira Jordan Chun minha chance chegou e eu tô gritando ❤ amanhã vc vai fotografar minhas tattoos bj de luz
Sayonara Pires Cristiano Sousa
Jason Hardie If i get one it will have the aerosmith logo
Maike Muniz Ae Edu Gunner incentiva a Katia Monteiro kkkk Sou louco pra fazer uma com esse símbolo deles kkkk
Avril Lavigne
10:24 10/05/2017

Time to make ROCK #music #Album6 #AL6 #fenderguitar

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Tom Lock How can we conquer evil with good? 1) On the other hand, the fruitage of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, self control… - Galatians 5:22,23 2) And let us consider one another so as to incite to love and ...
Tom Lock All of these things have to happen. Nothing we do can stop them from taking place. People are being lead to believe that our political votes have the potential to improve things or even curtail these things from happening. This is not the case. These ...
Herick Zamudio Avril lavigne gracias por volver, espero y te vaya super bien en este álbum♡♥
Tom Lock PLEASE READ THIS COMMENT… Contrary to what most churches teach, God does not rule the world... 1) We know that we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one. - 1st John 5:19 2) So down the great dragon was hurled, ...
Tom Lock What the world portrays as love and goodness is not Jehovah’s definition of love and goodness. We can learn the true meaning of love and goodness from Jehovah himself in his word, the bible. Drawing close to him will help us do this. 1) Whoever does ...
19:54 10/05/2017

#TatTuesday #TattoosDay Do you have any Aerosmith tattoos? Post with the hashtag #AeroTattoos and/or tag @Aerosmith on Instagram or Twitter for a chance to be featured in our next TatTuesday. #Aerosmith #Music #StevenTyler #JoePerry #JoeyKramer #TomHamilton #BradWhitford #BadBoysOfBoston #BlueArmy #tattoo #tattootuesday

2.6k reactions 50 comments
Lorenita Curiante Contreras :(
Tamara Bastos Mayara Bastos olha essa primeira das guitarras!!! Genteee! Linda!
Brenda Owen oh I need to get my wings fixed - new tatoo someday soon!!
Paul Oliver Love Aerosmith but hate dirty, unattractive, unhealthy tattoos, which means all of them.
Christina Zhukovskaya Why only in Instagram or Twitter? Why not in Facebook?
Enrique Iglesias
07:30 09/25/2017

Good times with my friends at @iheartradio 😀 #Repost @sharondastur (@get_repost) ・・・ As we prepare for another amazing #iHeartFestival 2017, let's #TBT to the one in 2012 when #enriqueiglesias planted a big 💋 on me in front of 18,000 people. #greatstory #vegas #music

15.7k reactions 360 comments
Gulperi Caliskan Cok Güzel görüyoruz hepimiz ne kadar Güzel zaman Lariniz in oldugunu !!!!!!!!!!!!!:)öpme hasta si ENRIQUE IGLESIAS :)
Roxana Caro Ojala vinieras a presentar unos de tus conciertos una vez mas en Chiapas #EnriqueIglesias
Seema U r a good human with a good heart n pure soul n loving too I like this Go ahead m gain sucess i wish for u dear
Maria Love Sweet soul recognizes another sweet soul !!!!!!!!!!!! Bendiciones mi alma
Guiseppe Calabro Do you even reply to anyone Enrique Iglesias
00:42 09/19/2017

Let the #music 🎶 #play 🎶 #imwiththesmoke 💨

595 reactions 23 comments
Rich Taormina There's the man Timbaland.
David Sellem Want to work with you https://youtu.be/j83a8LQeeTw
Nada Edeep <3
Natalie Saban when are you coming to Israel?
Joy Bennett 😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️
00:42 09/13/2017

#TatTuesday #TattoosDay Do you have any Aerosmith tattoos? Post with the hashtag #AeroTattoos and tag @Aerosmith on Instagram or Twitter for a chance to be featured in our next TatTuesday. #Aerosmith #Music #StevenTyler #JoePerry #JoeyKramer #TomHamilton #BradWhitford #BadBoysOfBoston #BlueArmy #tattoo #tattootuesday

817 reactions 18 comments
Robin Reed Joe Lopez
Javier Neri Karen Arreola mira Men
Wayne Gamble Perfect. Just happened to be listening to Aerosmith when I saw this post.
Giuliana Ochoa Why you have to come to Ecuador when I have tests 😭
Lorenita Curiante Contreras :(
Gwen Stefani
17:48 09/08/2017

OMG! 😱 Check out 👀 these #AMAZING 👏🏻new Kuu Kuu Harajuku ✌🏻✨🎀 #fashiondolls! #YesPlease 🙏🏻 #Love 💘 #Angel 👼 #Music 🎤🎶 #Baby 🍼 #G 👄 #kuukuuharajuku #kuukuuharajukudolls #hj5 #dollphotography, http://bit.ly/2wMbizo

2.6k reactions 94 comments
Maiiu Negrete Lo Mira Dave Ramone para que se las regales a Mariana
Toni Morris Jeff Morris Olivia wants them already!
Rachel Blomerth Katie Elizabeth Feinman im buying these for zooey. But mostly so i can play with them in november
Gaby Yataco Obed Josue Yataco Your daughters need this in their life's!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Pamela Pettersen Melissa, have you seen these 😃
08:36 08/31/2017

#TatTuesday #TattoosDay Do you have any Aerosmith tattoos? Post with the hashtag #AeroTattoos and tag @Aerosmith on Instagram or Twitter for a chance to be featured in our next TatTuesday. #Aerosmith #Music #StevenTyler #JoePerry #JoeyKramer #TomHamilton #BradWhitford #BadBoysOfBoston #BlueArmy #tattoo #tattootuesday

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Fern Berkley-Parrington really nice
Deb Formica I have 27 Aerosmith signatures INKED..have submitted a few times, not gonna bother anymore because they are ignored.....11 of the 27 are ST...
Gloria Chavez They are some nice tattoos
Julie E Simmons Next tattoo:F.I.N.E.
Edmar Lima Uaaaaaau 😱😱😱
18:12 08/23/2017

#TatTuesday #TattoosDay Do you have any Aerosmith tattoos? Post with the hashtag #AeroTattoos and tag @Aerosmith on Instagram or Twitter for a chance to be featured in our next TatTuesday. #Aerosmith #Music #StevenTyler #JoePerry #JoeyKramer #TomHamilton #BradWhitford #BadBoysOfBoston #BlueArmy #tattoo #tattootuesday Photo by: Ross Halfin Photography

1.5k reactions 56 comments
Christian Arias What was Steven Wilson doing there?
Lewis Almanza Es un tatuaje de cálidas Es un tatuaje de calidad!!!
Claire Maria We are unable to post a picture on this site. All we can do is post an emoji or a sticker :)
Heidi Lauridsen Khorooshi 🇩🇰💜🤘
Missy Kennedy-Phegley Ya the words to each song are tattooed in my brain....
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