Jeff Dunham
22:48 01/12/2018

Hey Green Bay! It was 20Β° last night, but you guys were on FIRE! Our 4th sellout at 8400 folks! Thank YOU!! #jeffdunhamlive #jeffdunham

1.3k reactions 147 comments
Loree Mercier Viau Awesome picture and YOU were on fire!! Best show I have ever seen, non stop laughing the entire show!!
Michael Semenas It was an awesome show! I laughed so hard I hurt myself... BTW where should I send the doctor bill? πŸ˜‚
Corey Ver Haagh Loved the amazing show you put on last night! I was celebrating my 12 yr anniversary. Thanks for the memories πŸ˜‚
Tracy Sabel This is was our first time to see you. We had an amazing time! Looking forward to you being back in Wisconsin again!
Jesse Lockner My 1st time seeing him live will be tomorrow! Was it a good show?! Did peanut close the show?! Please say yes lol
Jeff Dunham
06:48 12/31/2017

A second killer night on my #PassivelyAggressiveTour, this time in the slightly chilly, yet always hot and happening town of Hamilton, Ontario! 8300+ folks and what a night! Thanks you guys!! #jeffdunhamlive

1.9k reactions 168 comments
Linda Blaney 11 days and we will see you in Green Bay!! Can't wait 😝 Jamie Neuman Hope your brother and his fiancé will be joining us. We can celebrate a couple of birthdays too!!
Beata Kozierowska OMG it was so funny my face is still hurting from all that laughter. You're THE BEST Jeff. Thank you πŸ’•πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
Bill Rumley I had been waiting for last night since my mom got us the tickets in October. It was well worth the wait. Loved every minute of it. Loved the fact that you used new and old material. Worth the wait worth the laughter and I hope yoy come back soon Jeff. ...
Alfons Putzeys Looking forward to see you live again, i couldn't afford to come to vegas :( The end of the world may occur on may 21st but i swear i will be there when you hit Belgium :) (y) hope you enjoy our little country :P there is more to see than only the ...
Sherry Hall Was an excellent show. was first time I had seen him. I hope to see him again. Loved the new character. I am sore today from laughing but oh so worth it.
Jeff Dunham
06:48 12/31/2017

Kicked off the new arena tour last night in Indy with 8000+ awesome folks! Thanks for making it a blast, you guys! #jeffdunhamlive #passivelyaggressive

5.0k reactions 300 comments
Christy Quesnell Loved the show awesome hope your head is better an hope peanut is good to wonderful night ty for the laughs loved the free time
Fred Chinn I was there with my wife. This was the second time we have seen Jeff live. I hope your forehead is ok. The show was awesome!!!!
Angie Choate I wanted to go so bad but I just couldn't afford it and I asked Santa for the ticket but I guess I was just to naughty. But you Jeff are on my bucket list😊
Robert D Walker Jeff Dunham.. i was there at your show in indy. First time seeing you live and in person. Loved your show cant wait to see you again sometime just loved it. You had me and my two friends busting out lauphing. Keep up the good work
Michael Nadolski That's a great pic! Love to watch you and the guys. You always make me laugh. Need it with the bad 6 months I've had. Thanks always for a lift in spirits.
Jeff Dunham
09:12 04/19/2017

Headed to one of our upcoming shows? Upload your photos with friends and family before the show with #JeffDunhamLive to be featured on my website! http://bit.ly/Jeff_Dunham_Live!

1.4k reactions 77 comments
Christine Phillips Ha Ha I Like the Picture of Jeff Dunham Live with Peanut I Like Jeff Dunham He is a Funny Guy Peanut is my Favorite #JEFFDUNHAMLIVE
Babs van Nuil Hey Jeff and friends, Are there shows in The Netherlands soon? :)
Billy R. Wilson Happy Birthday πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚
Zach Mowers He not even coming to pittsburgh this year I love Jeff Dunham and I never been to his show yet I been wating for him to come to Pittsburgh
Rebekah Tucker Can't wait to see him tomorrow night in Savannah!!
Jeff Dunham
18:48 04/11/2017

Hey Trenton, New Jersey! 6500 and sold out... Again! Love you guys! See you next time!! #jeffdunhamlive

1.9k reactions 61 comments
James Langan great show when are we going to meet walters wife
Jeannine Darwin Great show
AnneMarie Lucrezio Brown I've never laughed so hard in my life!! GREAT show😊
Elizabeth Chang McFarland Loved your show in Trenton. You were absolutely phenomenal Jeff. So happy for your success after decades of work!
Deborah Theriault Saw your show in htfd., ct. You are truly amazing. Congrats on new family! By the way my stomach & jaw is still sore from laughing so much. You are the best, no one will ever, ever come close to being you !!
Jeff Dunham
05:54 04/09/2017

8500 great folks in Raleigh tonight! Thanks you guys! Rockin' the house in Raleigh!! #jeffdunhamlive

2.9k reactions 190 comments
Sara Fowler my sister and I have been fans since we saw you in the late 80's / 90's and this many years later we're still laughing so hard our sides hurt. Our families (spouses & kids)are now fans and coming to the shows with us . Thank you for another great night ...
Pat Dominick Holder Lost my husband and my mom in the past 10 months. This is exactly what my son and I needed. Thanks for such a fun evening and for the laughs Jeff. It was spectacular!!!!
Amy Musiker Lehrman You Rocked Raleigh Mr.Jeff Dunham!❀ So glad you chose our, area, to perform! Can't wait to see another one of your shows! Your kids & family are beautiful! Best of luck with your daughter's upcoming wedding! It would be great to see your character's ...
Gregory Bowles Had a great time! Family came from Virginia to hang out with us and see your show!! Thanks for a great time, and Godspeed with your twins!! I hope Peanut recovers from his mishap. And by the way ... I DID see the uncanny family resemblance between you ...
William Jenkins The first time seeing you live, wow I've never laughed and coughed and laughed so much in my life! Thanks for coming close to home #thatsgood!
Jeff Dunham
17:06 04/06/2017

Headed to one of our upcoming shows? Upload your photos with friends and family before the show with #JeffDunhamLive to be featured on my website! http://bit.ly/Jeff_Dunham_Live!

3.6k reactions 116 comments
Jayson Prent That's a lie I try that already when you were at niagra falls a while back
Vicki Fife Would love to go to the show in Huntington WV tomorrow night but can't afford to do so.
Sandra Abney Saw you in Lincoln Nebraska I could see you everyday laughter is what is all about love ya
Allie Smith It's the pictures after the show that will be more interesting!
Jeff Moore We are coming to see Jeff Dunham tomorrow evening in Huntington, WV !! We are so excited !!
Jeff Dunham
09:06 03/12/2017

During the OJ trial in 1995, I was chosen by Judge Ito to do a private show for the sequestered jurors. In the time leading up to the performance, I made this Judge Ito dummy, and used it in comedy clubs getting ready for the show. My show for them went well, but Little Ito was barred from my act that day! #TBT #jeffdunhamlive

9.0k reactions 176 comments
Susan Kennedy You haven't change much over the years! I mean the dummy HaHa
Joseph Elakrah Why does the dummy look a little like Bill Hicks?? Lol!
Alec Coleman That's Kim Jong Nam. The assassinated half brother of our glorious North Korean leader.
Gary Brown could double up as a pavarotti or david guest dummy too...!
Ethan Schott WOW! That's a resume fact I never knew about you, Jeff! The OJ trial! Dang!
Jeff Dunham
01:06 02/15/2017

It doesn't get much better than being back home in Dallas in front of 10,000 friends and family at American Airlines Center!! Thanks for a fantastic time once again, everyone!! #jeffdunhamlive

5.1k reactions 218 comments
Kimberly Engstrom We were there! Amazing show! You definitely know how to show your fans a great time!
Mark Schoener I had a great time time! I was there with my brother, his wife, and my nephew. We all had favorite characters. My brother likes Walter, Peanut is my favorite. Great show!!
Michelyne Nicole Kesterson-Wright First time ever my family seen you in Dallas tx it was a birthday present to my husband from his daughter was a awsome show and you boys are adorable
Blair R. Simcox Jr Great show as we were there celebrating my 50th Birthday! Thanks for the great laughs and entertainment! Your an awesome twisted fun loving kinda guy with the humor that's the right mix !
Robert Millner Thanks for the laughs and great show Jeff! Loved it once again! I was at the Dallas show 3 years ago and will see you again when you seeing back through the area again! Thanks for the laughs!
Jeff Dunham
15:24 01/15/2017

Well... Just got to Bismarck on the bus for our show later tonight (Friday)... Good thing I brought a wind-breaker. June or July in North Dakota? Screw that! #jeffdunhamlive or #jeffdunhamandhisfrozenbuddies

6.0k reactions 699 comments
Tammi Draheim Sorry Jeff....even though us fans are freaking cold here in Midwest, we fans shall always luv you!! *also....are any of your tours on dvd that we can buy? Would luv to purchase this show/location one because have friends that live in Bismark.
Jason Lee Well you know if y'all came back home to the Big D ,you and the frozen buddies would be in shorts and a wife beater Bubba Ray got a hole trunk full of them if you need one a nice 51 in the BigD Jeff come on home
Robert Young The temperature gauge on the dashboard of my semi trailer on Friday 13 here in Western Sydney AUSTRALIA.... that's over 120 Fahrenheit for my overseas friends ...
Nolan Val And Jeff what did you expect IT'S WINTER!!!!Where did you think photographers went to take all those winter pictures to put on post cards that people buy to send to you. Ask Walter he'll tell you in his own fashionable languageπŸ™ƒ
Sharon Stebner Prowal You obviously don't pack like some of us women...pull out & pack your complete wardrobe for the last 10 years & you're set...oh, that isn't the way you're supposed to pack...silly me!
Jeff Dunham
10:36 11/23/2016

Thanks New Orleans! The Big Easy is always a fantastic crowd!... Just like today! And now... Time for beignets! #jeffdunhamlive

3.5k reactions 164 comments
Peggy Cortez Thibodaux Awesome job we made laughing believers out of my hubby and brother in law tonight they were crying laughing
Kristen O'Rourke Boyer Thanks Jeff and company great show! Irish baby!
Becky Charrier Brown Thanks for the great show. We enjoyed our selfs
Benjamin Prugh Great show. One of the best live shows I've ever seen. Thanks Jeff
Mark Bruce That was my first going to anything like that. It was amazing.thanks Jeff dunham.
Jeff Dunham
21:48 11/20/2016

Pensacola, you guys were rockin' the house tonight!... Along with Ben & Joe in the front row! Thanks to all of you! See you next time around! #jeffdunhamlive

1.8k reactions 79 comments
Kathleen Murphy Thanks Jeff it was great!
Chris Conway Awesome show
Debedeb Wilson My home. Not a great place anymore Obama destroyed the economy
Sam Liddy Kyransaleigh Come back to Roanoke again Jeff! I didn't get to see you last time you were here.
Michael Lang Our first time seeing you live. It was great, our favorite comiadian
Jeff Dunham
21:48 11/20/2016

Hey Atlanta! What an awesome crowd last night! Thanks for the hospitality!! See you next time! #jeffdunhamlive

3.4k reactions 81 comments
Cindy Holt When you coming to Daytona Beach Florida
Ma Rina I love that pic! Awesome ! Come to Oahu!!'🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴
Applionia Montenegro Jeff Dunham how was Mississippi at Landers?
Denise Payne Swanson Kendra Harris do I see u in the pic?????
Betty Webb Gann It was greaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!floor seats
Jeff Dunham
17:20 10/23/2016

To all who came to the show at Carnegie Hall last night, THANK YOU! I had NO idea that place could ROCK like THAT! What a crowd and what a show! New York, you're the BEST!! #jeffdunhamlive

9.1k reactions 193 comments
Jessica Martin Awesome show Jeff, thank you for a great night of laughter! Can't wait to see you in New York again soon!!
Damien McKay We can hold approximately 14,000+ at Blundstone arena and approximately 5000 + at the Derwent entertainment centre in Hobart Tasmania/ Australia love to have you down under
James J Walsh It was an Awesome Show... Was in the 1rst row, Just behind Jeff and His wife in the picture...
Cindy Schubert Moylan We will see you in Charlotte NC in a few weeks. Cannot wait!! Saw you in Vegas two years ago, and my stomach hurt so bad from laughing. :-) :-) But it was worth it
Bajram Selmanovic Me and my son Edin Selmanovic were there last night! It was an amazing show! The funniest part when you dropped peanut.
Jeff Dunham
11:29 09/12/2016

Hey Verona, NY and @turningstonecasino !You guys were on fire! Thanks for a killer night! And Shhhhhhh! Remember?? #jeffdunhamlive

4.1k reactions 175 comments
Deborah Seeber Great show, love the new stuff but most of all could not stop laughing when you threw peanut on the floor, priceless
Carrie Knight Thanks, it was definitely a great show. I haven't laughed that hard in a while ?
William Espinosa Hey Jeff, bring your best to the OC Fair on the 28th of July. Especially Mr. JalapeΓ±o on a stick.
Mike Regan Hey Jeff...you are really talented. Can you make this Dummy talk and sound smart ???
Amanda McDermott Amazing as always! My husband has never seen you before. He loves you now!!
Jeff Dunham
11:29 09/12/2016

Hey everyone at the Delaware State Fair! Thanks for being awesome! And Shhhhhhh!! See you next time! #jeffdunhamlive

2.0k reactions 179 comments
Chelsea A. Hoffner loved it, had a blast; thank you for coming, Jeff Dunham ღ
Amy Deere Thank you for coming to DE!! You were awesome! Enjoyed it!!
Cristy Venerio Can't wait to see you this Thursday at the OC Fair... So excited it's my first time seeing you live!!!!
Kristy Drexel What a awesome show I laughed so hard I cried if u look real close u can c us in the 5th row
Robbie Presley As a father of twin boys that are now 5 years old it's just the beginning...great show as always got my money worth and some
Jeff Dunham
11:29 09/12/2016

A great night at the Calgary Stampede! Thanks for coming out tonight everyone! Even RICK the GAS FIELD GUY! #jeffdunhamlive

5.8k reactions 160 comments
Donna Roode Had a good time. Thanks for putting on a good show. Please come see us again.
Kim Thornton We loved the show tonight. We laughed the whole way through. (We sat beside Rick the oilfield guy!)
James Alexander Awesome to have the opportunity to see Jeff-fa-fa live st the Calgary Stampede! BUT.....the 45 mins late start because everyone being harassed to check their stuff after only opening the doors 30 mins before the show......then listening to Jeff become ...
Nancy Greenhalgh Fabulous show!!! Thanks for coming back to Calgary and we hope to see you again soon!!
Kim Thornton Can you see us? Front row centre baby! I'm wearing the black cowboy hat. With Bob and Yvonne Gendre. Absolutely fabulous show. One of the best we've seen!
Jeff Dunham
11:29 09/12/2016

Thanks BB&T Arena, NKU, and everyone at tonight's show... And all my friends at the Ventriloquist Convention! Awesome night! #jeffdunhamlive

3.0k reactions 187 comments
Shauna G. Jones Smith I laughed so hard I cried I had tears rolling down my face you guys are awesome! Oh I mean you are awesome!!!!! Thanks for the selfie!!! Christopher Channel and I had a great time!!!
Paula Cole I've always watched you on tv & have several of your DVDs! First time ever seeing a live show! It was AWESOME
Treece Yetter Had such an awesome time tonight....loved when I hollered "I love you Peanut!" And he said "Keep drinking!" Lmao....I was stone sober...just love your comedy! Thanks for making my whole family laugh! ???
John Savale That was so neat! Thanks a bunch,Jeff! We loved it!
Diane Alspaugh Kielman I have never laughed so hard! Thanks for a great show
Jeff Dunham
11:29 09/12/2016

Thanks for coming to the show and for posting your shot, you guys! Lubbock rocked! #JeffDunhamLive

3.2k reactions 43 comments
Lars Wedel Storm Please do a scandinavian Tour With a visit in Denmark?
Emily Dunigan Blaire Elbert LUBBOCK!!!
Sharmin Haque baby peanut!!!!
John Fredrick Bossow Jr. Lol peanut
Michael Sullivan He looks like the joker without the makeup
Jeff Dunham
11:29 09/12/2016

Thanks for coming out @JamieJohnson0011! The crowd in Austin was awesome! #JeffDunhamLive

7.1k reactions 130 comments
Vickie A Stiteler hello PEANUT.. i love you..come back to Tucson AZ so i can see you again
Rebekah Lewis Jeff, do you ever go to Wichita ks???
Jim McElroy New president of the Jamie Johnson fan club......me!
Brook Beatty I know that was Peanut making baby James laugh like that!
Bridget Tidwell One of my favorite Jeff Dunhams friends-I love him then walter then the jalepeno then the other ones lol
Jeff Dunham
11:29 09/12/2016

Thanks for sharing @nicolereneeatx! It looks like Achmed had a great view for the show! #JeffDunhamLive

4.8k reactions 67 comments
Diane Savage My favorite :)
John Jr Corey Silence I'll kill you
Linda C. Jones Achmed, I kill you! lol
Dawn Carver I want an Achmed!!!
Debbie Jacobs Luv Achmed
Jeff Dunham
11:29 09/12/2016

Yay, Rapid City, South Dakota! Super cool crowd on a Sunday afternoon! Thanks to all you guys and Mike the builder in the front row! We'll be back!! #JeffDunhamLive

13.8k reactions 461 comments
Wanda Fochtman It was awesome! Had fun with Tony Courtni Kirk and Dani had a great time with all of you what a GREAT time at the Jeff Dunham show. Awesome I laughed so had my ribs hurt!
Pat Gatenby Winter Thanks for another great show in Rapid City, South Dakota.! Loved it. My face hurt after your show from laughing so much.!
Mark Wiswell Thanks Jeff, what a great show!
Nancy Olson Hiller Thanks for all the laughs! We all had a great time!!!
Kelly Brown Thanks so much to you and the boys!!! Absolutely loved the show! :)
Jeff Dunham
11:29 09/12/2016

Colorado Springs on a Thursday night! What a crowd! Thanks for a KICKASSNIGHT you guys! Can't wait to come back! #JeffDunhamLive

10.8k reactions 340 comments
Danette Sheron Me and my mom loved the show! We're so glad you came to Colorado Springs so we could finally see you live for the first time!
Alicia Archer Show was amazing. Thank you for the great night!!!
Jeanette Golden Elliott You were amazing!!! Thanks for a night full of laughs!!!
Amanda Kruse Awesome show, laughed so hard I cried!! Thanks for a great night!
Carolyn Partl Musgrave Thanks Jeff for an awesome night! My mouth and sides still hurt this morning! Can't wait to see you again! I'll make sure we have some tissues for you!

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