Mark Ruffalo
01:24 01/13/2018

Divest and reinvest in the future of Clean Energy... better jobs, more jobs, safer jobs, better pay, cleaner water, air and land. Harvest store and sell your own energy as you see fit. Keep energy dollars in local economy. #100isNow.

NYC Sues, Divests From Oil Firms Over Climate Change
NYC Sues, Divests From Oil Firms Over Climate Change

New York City is taking on the oil industry on two fronts, announcing a lawsuit Wednesday that blames the top five oil companies for contributing to global warming and saying the city will sell off billions in fossil fuel investments from the city's pension funds.

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Teresa Surroca I love this!!!💚💚💚👏👏👏👏👏
Mukesh Babu Hello sir im from nepal south asia...im your fan i like your acting mivies all...
Pepper Oceanna Lewis I am proud to be a New Yorker right now. I very recently divested myself. Divested from Chase for funding the Dakota Access Pipeline and Private Prisons. Recently opened a savings with Amalgamated at your suggestion, Mark Ruffalo. I opened a checking ...
Josh Karsjens I would love for green energy to be viable and cost effective. Its not so this movement dies under it's own weight. Please understand it's storage and transmission we need to improve.
Diana Elizabeth Flores Espinal We can't stop this movement, we must on going , coes this it the way to save not only the planet but humanity. A lot of people have lost there humanity, they don't care about each other, they don't care about nature, the have become #HomusEconomicus and ...
Mark Ruffalo
03:00 12/11/2017

‪As 'Superhero for Earth,' I share my spotlight with young people giving their 100% to create a planet that works for all of us. ‬ ‪Give it up for Gabriella Logan and Aniyla Gainor with Greening Youth Foundation! #CPFgala2017 #100isNow‬

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Aseel A. Al-Ani Congratulations Mark ..
Hulk and Associates Well done! You make us proud!
Arely Osorio Congrats Mark❤. I love you 😍
Eduardo Mercado I do not believe ti ONG.
Blanca Estela Arzola Cabrera Te amoooooo!!!! Felicidades!!!!!😘😘😘😘
Leonardo DiCaprio
17:42 05/01/2017

Today’s #ClimateMarch leaves me inspired and hopeful for our future on this planet. We must continue to work together and fight for #climatejustice. The time is now. #100by50 #NoDAPL #KeepItInTheGround #100isNow #NoKXL Photo credit: Indigenous Rising Media

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Richard Andre Why is this image have only native americans? Does this matter to all human beings? I would love for the World to change to non earth harming fuels. So, how about someone make a 30 year plan! Cause the do it now plans will not work. Thousands of ...
Randolph Scott Stewart Looking at long term graphs, one notices the same bumps attributed to man-made emissions have happened throughout history. The overall rise attributed to man-made emissions has been a consistent slope...since the last ice age. EVERY projection based on ...
Brenda Bunnell I'm all for the cause but speaking realistically, almost all plastics, whether soft or hard, like those sunglasses Leonardo has on, and those buttons on his shirt, nylons, synthetics, rubber, beauty products, oils and oil products have a petrol base. ...
Teresa Allen On behalf of humans everywhere and all those yet unborn, thank you for making the future of our planet a personal priority ... and, ultimately, your legacy. You have done so much to lend voice and visibility to an issue of great weight and severity for ...
Robbie Downey Thank you to all who gathered in DC today. I see my friend Mati Waiya from Wishtoyo was there representing the Chumash. Safe travels to him and everyone going home. Keep fighting the good fight. ✌🏼❤️🌎
Leonardo DiCaprio
17:42 05/01/2017

Today, we march to keep fossil fuels in the ground, to fight for a transition to 100% clean energy by 2050, for climate justice and so much more. Join me in standing with Indigenous leaders and native peoples as we march together to protect our planet. #ClimateMarch #100isnow #ClimateJustice #KeepItIntheGround #100by50 #NoDAPL

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Remy Fiorenzo 👤Mayor Cities - IO STO CON RAZ DEGAN ~ 12,700 MEMBERS ~ join us so that ⭐Raz⭐ Can make this wonderful project. The documentary THE LAST SHAMAN There are only a few days left
Thomas Strohecker As a french, I'm really glad we voted for a guy who put transition to clean energy as a upmost importance. Oh wait, we actually didn't.
Wen Fei Lu I'm so grateful for all the effort you're putting to help our planet. I'm glad that you care and I'm glad that you don't just chose to ignore.
Mark Robinson Won't happen in your life time Leo as you just like everyone else enjoys there private jets and all that other stuff that uses or is made from oil the very thing you want to keep in the ground.
Anjani Bhardwaj Thank god he called them Natives, not Indians or else the keyboard warriors from India would go to an all out war. Great endeavor by the way. Just hoping we survive till 2050. Peace.
Mark Ruffalo
02:20 10/28/2016

Join me on FB LIVE: 8-10pm CST, 6 pm PST, 9pm EST! #100isNow #NoDAPL

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Stephanie King ❤✊✌👏
Rico A Cauba make a new video
Rita Doolin Sacco Thank you for your support for the people
Juanita Vela #NoDAPL
Catherine Rothfusz Thank you for being a voice and standing up for what's right ✊ ✌ 🌎

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