Dwayne The Rock Johnson
05:18 10/28/2017

Don’t judge this sweet lookin’ book by its cover - lethality comes in all sizes. Pleasure working with this woman Hannah Quinlivan and can’t wait for the world to see her in our movie. Wonderful energy she has. Great job Hannah! 🙌🏾 #ShesDangerousAndDeadly #TheWayILikeEm #SkyscraperMovie #Vancouver #HongKong SUMMER 2018

45.0k reactions 398 comments
Christina Stine Hello Dwayne the rock Johnson!!!
Dan Seguin I feel like the rock is the nicest guy in the world. Keep up the good work buddy
Joshen Zu Xian Will JayChou be in it or write a song for it?!
Andy Lloyd Rock vs TRIPLE H at WrestleMania 34.Book it vince
Patricia Solis can you use a fat chick in your movies...lol i just want a picture with you to have in my bucket list
Jean-Claude Van Damme
20:24 10/10/2017

Hi friends! Having a quick bite in Hong Kong before traveling again... #JCVD #HongKong

80.2k reactions 2086 comments
Kofi Eshun In fact ,growing old is not good at all but there is nothing to do to cheat the nature,,,, #LOVE u bunch
Collette Aiken That doesn't look like you from here..I love your movies..I watched as many as I could in one day...I fell in love..Awww..
Rodica Radu What else I can say everyone is loving you and leave so many comments well be well my friend and God bless you Where ever you go we really miss you
Rahman Deen I trust you very much Jean Claude. 😜 you & I travel to HK together, big brother. ok, talk soon My friend. Got to watch your balls over there cause it's no mans land. 👍😝
Jaime Hryciuk Wishing you very safe travels! 🛫Happy "Canadian" Thanksgiving! 🍗🥙🍞😋 I appreciate your posts and pictures Jean! 😊
Jean-Claude Van Damme
18:48 10/05/2017

'I'm still kicking. I must be on Broadway!' #JCVD #HongKong #MovieQuote #GuessTheMovie

17.8k reactions 1976 comments
Stefan Zahn It s Better when you kicked in Movie , but in last Movies like kill Em all where Kicking the Body Doubles !!!
Linda Leach looking good ,love the Coors adverts been life long uk fan have nearly all ur dvds still a few missing from my list THATS WHAT I CALL FLEXABLE
אורי קנוש I tell you what. Life is short. Do another blood sport with the same cast. It's going to be amazing
Sid Ahmed Belarbi he still got it. I remember how exited we used to be when we hear that we were going to watch a Van Damme film
Norbert Kolano Amazing, sp many years, jean is so good, hugs from Tarnobrzeg,south of Poland....when You will come?)
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
00:18 09/05/2017

1am. On set of #SKYSCRAPER. Minutes away from me scaling the world's tallest building in what will be insanely rad stunt and breathtaking scene in our movie. Our Director of Photography, Robert Elswit won an Oscar for one of my favorite movies - THERE WILL BE BLOOD. The man knows how to calm a set before all hell breaks loose.. thus the beautiful jazz music of the iconic Sonny Collins in the background. I may be a little crazy but it keeps me from goin' insane. #CalmBeforeTheChaos #ALittleSonnyCollins #SKYSCRAPER #HongKong

47.7k reactions 806 comments
Natalie Cupp Pfft at this point you could make a 2 hour movie of you just standing there with no shirt on and I would totally watch 🤣
Ricardo Campaña After entering a ring with Brock Lesnar that should be kids thing ...... talking about that would not you like to repeat the experience at the next WrestleMania ??
Regina Nguyen I'm glad that you have your harness on, please be safe at all times while your working on a movie or show. Your biggest fan Gina!! xoxoxoxox :D
Marissa Wagus God bless. Keep safe Rock. Love your movie🎥🎬 Moana. You should make another cartoon movie🎥 🎬 Thumbelina. We all love you 😘😘
Mike Nodistortionaudio Holt Sorry but due to social media I was lead to believe you had died filming stunts on the next fast and furious set Glad your ok though
Queen Latifah
19:18 05/19/2017

Don’t forget! Back to back eps today of #BestPlaceToBe on Travel Channel 9am/8c explore #HongKong with #JasonBiggs #Rio with me and #Barcelona with Anthony Anderson

839 reactions 17 comments
Suyan Suyan Hello my lady . I am Sofian . I am the author of stories and novels. I would like to talk to you about something important that is an emergency. Please respond to my message. Give me just 10 minutes of your time on Facebook. I beg you .
Suyan Suyan Hello my lady . I am Sofian . I am the author of stories and novels. I would like to talk to you about something important that is an emergency. Please respond to my message. Give me just 10 minutes of your time on Facebook. I beg you .
John Townsend beautiful
Lisa Brewer ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Suyan Suyan Please my lady Pleaee
Queen Latifah
04:54 05/12/2017

Can't wait for the 3rd episode of our Flavor Unit production #BestPlaceToBe on Travel Channel tomorrow at 12pm|11c. Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen Biggs are showing you their favorite spots in #HongKong.

289 reactions 15 comments
Triumphant Caesar Queen can you please add me?
Suyan Suyan Hello my lady . I am Sofian . I am the author of stories and novels. I would like to talk to you about something important that is an emergency. Please respond to my message. Give me just 10 minutes of your time on Facebook. I beg you .
Suyan Suyan Hello my lady . I am Sofian . I am the author of stories and novels. I would like to talk to you about something important that is an emergency. Please respond to my message. Give me just 10 minutes of your time on Facebook. I beg you .
Suyan Suyan Please
Kalista Mlilile pole sana
Ronaldinho Gaúcho
13:48 02/24/2017

FC Barcelona Roberto De Assis Moreira #china #🇨🇳 #hongkong #🇭🇰

53.0k reactions 114 comments
Gagan Singh best best
Humberto Valderrama Gonzalez Eres el numero 1 elmejor
Eliana Lenil Grande campeao!!!
Shimaa Radwan 💜💜
Felipe Oliveira Que mooooral kkk 👍✔ ! #Merecedor 👌
Ronaldinho Gaúcho
13:48 02/24/2017

Quem lembra dessa taça? kkkk Visita às instalações do FC Barcelona em Hong Kong. Legal demais!! #china #🇨🇳 #hongkong #🇭🇰

154.8k reactions 532 comments
Roberto Robles Montesinos Cuando subirás una foto en un campo de fútbol, pues todos te admiramos por ello , por lo qué haces en el fútbol , no por tus viajes 😔
Isaiah Walkes so many flashbacks of you holding up that trophy and shaking it back in 2006
Cristian Souza Jogo muito levo o time nas costas nessa champios legue, so não fez chover
Gabriel Freitas Algum tatuador vendo os comentários? Quanto custa pra fechar as costas com essa imagem?
Isaak Serour That one was in egypt its too old more than20years. Ronaldinho Gaúcho
Eddie Izzard
03:30 01/01/2017

#HongKong! Eddie is coming 23rd February to AC Hall. Tickets here: http://bit.ly/2hGFphO - The Beekeepers

312 reactions 25 comments
Nicky Davison Australia????
Marianna Fountouki Yannis Tipota 😢
Julian Burdzik Garrett Tardrew
Aleah Forrest Lucy Cant
Rachael Wheeler Hannah Jane x
David Villa Sánchez
21:54 12/10/2016

What an amazing views from #thepeak #hongkong 🇭🇰

40.9k reactions 273 comments
Peña Cervera 😍😍
Carlos Cobelo Oh que bonito camisa
Eeva Jalkanen Que guapo eres ❤😍😚!!!
Davi Garcia Pulido Que foto más guapa , paed una postal
Eva Loredo Menéndez Guapo!!!! Y asturiano!!!!!!⚽👍
Rio Ferdinand
12:18 11/29/2016

Tired as hell after that long flight to #hongkong bed looks too nice to mess up tho 🔙🔜

3.3k reactions 26 comments
Slimani Abdellah thats probably another advertising post from you ,
Sebastian Trump Semwija Wow nice #Rio Your welcome #Tanzanian💝💝
Nay Phyo Kyaw Bro new funeral for is time of service 4 hours most cost around £6500 ..
Varisara Ppk Welcome to Thailand <> {*_*}<>
Salma Latif Mess it wid da pillows...😅😅😃
Rio Ferdinand
12:18 11/29/2016

Just boarded... Got my music, movies and pillow ready for flight to Hong Kong.. can't wait to get there!!!! #hongkong

2.8k reactions 70 comments
Matarr Manchester Bon vovaye grand
Gary Lane Sully is a great movie.
Ian Hay Flying easyjet I see Rio?
Jack Lee Hello
Joe Martin Is that business or first fam?
Saina Nehwal
22:24 11/26/2016

Another big victory today against world number 11 from Japan ...Sayaka sato .Happy to see that I m improving every match 👍#Hongkong open 2016 😊😊

83.1k reactions 1299 comments
Sajid Kv You are the number one For us saina..you will lift the trophy...
Suvajit Dan U proved u r the best well done saina and I am always with u
Lalit Pandey I wish for your victory every time...go get First in every match Saina...
Rejeesh Pakkath Congratulations... U can... If u not thinking 'cant'... beat them.... Allllllll...
Azmathulla Khan Congrats Saina, wishing you many more victories ahead..
Jeremy Renner
08:20 11/03/2016

On set ... daddy needs a shower hehe @studiobaby @paris_libby #legend #arrivalmovie #presstour #hongkong http://www.whosay.com/l/HsMc2D4

2.5k reactions 58 comments
Maria Miller Oh my.... Daddy looks good....
Chivis Hiddles Renner Sexy 😍😍😄👍🏻😘
Laetitia Lhermittedubois Je veux bien venir vous laver le dos !!!!! 😙😘
Francesca Fera Da morsi!
Jea Eline Briese Oh please let us enjoy this dirty for a few longer ❤😊
Caroline Wozniacki
10:05 10/16/2016

Excited to be in to another finals tomorrow! One more to go! #HongKong #finalno42

13.9k reactions 326 comments
Anass Azaz You will win but you must concentrate for this match . If you dream it , you can achieve it .
Donna Lucas You are playing so well these days, so happy for you Sunshin
Rico Baltazar Save some energy for our first GS Title in Oz Good luck sweet Caroline !
Kent Pedersen du mangler bare at lave lidt serve esser så vil du være der hvor du var før Nummer 1
Carmine Ferrara Good job Caroline...let's go further and get the trophy!!!
Caroline Wozniacki
04:45 10/12/2016

On my way to the players party tonight! #hongkong #strikeapose

32.0k reactions 645 comments
Dave Biedron Ha Caroline Hope you have a great week i like to know is there a way of getting a photo i have of you sign Thanks
Renato Schuck Saraiva So beautiful as my wife! I wish you all hapiness in the world.
Jannie Arildsen Du er smuk og jeg tror stadig på dig ??. Held og lykke i fremtiden ???????
Michael Painter Beautiful, would be nice to be by your side. God bless you always
David Vincent Gunther I love that dress very much...maybe more so than your ? dress but your legs are the cherry!

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