Lady Gaga
04:54 12/05/2017

#HAUS #HausEditorial Photographer Hannah Khymych Hair Frederic Aspiras Makeup Sarah Tanno Styled by Tom Eerebout and Sandra Amador Dress is Esteban Cortazar Choker Ambush Earrings Vintage #ladygaga #gaga #beauty #makeup #hair #fashion #hairpainting #styling #metallic

50.4k reactions 803 comments
San Jay Don't be a drag just be a queen! ILY Lady Gaga XD
Darren Di Lorenzo Thank you for everything you do mother monster and for the kids :)
Luis Enrique Sanchez Rodriguez It's the new era 😍❤ I can feel it
Cindy Wojcik Just beautiful as always lady gaga reminds me of rose gold for some reason
Josh Gooding Gaga lools like a wood elf from skyrim =D ❤❤
Lady Gaga
16:06 12/02/2017

Bye bye Miami 😭 last nights show was KILLER! On the #joanneworldtour next Stop Tampa for a show tonight! #ladygaga #music #fashion #beauty #makeup #hair #curls #blonde

17.5k reactions 296 comments
Joseph Waite Hey my mother monster I love this picture
Maria Esposito Atlanta was awesome! Thank you Mother Monster 💖
Jerry Blizzard I used to stay with a friend in Tampa just a couple blocks away from Bush Gardens & Brewery. The Schlitz Brewery kinda North of them used to let me have free beer for my lunchtime from working at another job. Best Wishes for a happy visit. Lady Gaga!
Dadi Puzzangara Argentina needs JOANNE WORLD TOUR 🙏🏻
Heather Potwin So ready for tonights show!
Lady Gaga
16:06 12/02/2017

Knit Separates but it’s a cardigan & panty!!! Veronique Leroy #fashion #beauty #hair #makeup #ladygaga #gaga

23.2k reactions 290 comments
Joetta Risner Every time I see you your more beautiful than the time before!!
Luka K. Lucas Saw Gaga in Atlanta on the 28th and I’m still SHOOK 💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤
Elsa Ruggiero I love you so much. I can’t wait to see you next week in Dallas!!!
Cahlienxo Diaz Wow!!!! Love the look, with all due respect, hot and sexy..#ladygaga
Johansson Albert Lady Gaga you shine in this picture You glow like a beautiful star I wish you a great weekend with joy and happines . Greetings from Abel Zorin
Lady Gaga
16:06 12/02/2017

Blond silver and gold curls with a dark blond root, makeup a feline flick with a metallic rose mouth. #beauty #eyeliner #lipstick #hair #curls #hairstyles #ladygaga #gaga #earrings by Karen Wolf

25.1k reactions 756 comments
Tim Durden Steph??????? i need you to send me a friends request so...i can give you my new #. gotta ? 4 ya.
Adam Ray You were amazing in Atlanta on Tues!!! ❤️❤️
Elizabeth Du Wearing makeup too often is not good for your skin, GaGa.😮
John Tuck I think Lady gaga understand what going on. What I saying , with that one particular photography we all know that is a rapest son
Aramis Baynard Very Pretty, I can not believe you will be 30 mins away from Me in TAMPA tomo night and I work until 9pm and have no ticket. HAVE A GREAT SHOW AND WE LOVE YOU HERE IN TAMPA BAY ❤
Alicia Fox
19:54 11/29/2017

‘I whip my #hair back and forth’... 🦊🙌🏾 #mondayfunday #foxin #knoxville 🤩 #sassy #classy #women of the @wwe #crazytrain #teamraw #crazylikeafox #fox

450 reactions 18 comments
Jill Ethington Foxy woman here!
Fernando Freitas Queen 👑
Belinda Mug My friend ✌🙂💐💐💐💐💐💐💐🙂🙂❤❤
Ariele May Gorgeous!!
Ben Lazones Beautiful. <3
Alicia Fox
16:42 11/19/2017

‘Oh child....’ #doingwhatgirlsdobest #hair and #makeup #love @dolledbydoxa 💕 @laidbynish 🦊

455 reactions 20 comments
Tony Kelley Too Fine!!
Mariofiveaces Villarreal Beautiful
Nitin Rajput Nitin I love you
Arturo Pastrana Pas Mi morena te amo y eres una gran mujer
Matthew Herrera 💕💕💕
Alicia Fox
16:42 11/19/2017

‘Oh child....’ #doingwhatgirlsdobest #hair and #makeup #love @dolledbydoxa 💕 @laidbynish 🦊

299 reactions 12 comments
Ben Lazones Beautiful. <3
Craig Kieselmann You guys are so Beautiful.
Luis Alberto Gutierrez R u sisters both very very pretty
LeBron Jenkins 🔥🔥❤❤😍😍😘😘💋💋
Dorathy William You look beautiful my big fan I love you
14:42 11/02/2017

“Symmetry is for Pussies🐱🐱🐱😻 #beauty #life #makeup #hair #mdnaskin #lookatme #nextlevel #wtffacts #gorgeousness #lol” -Madonna

6.3k reactions 457 comments
Leonard Spicer I love your face, Madonna. It is perfection. Everyone should wear Madonn s shoes before they graduate from this life.
Garry Bolsworth It's the 'magic' of MDNA skin products Erika, you don't think she'd put her name to it if it didn't work...
Cristiano Montanha Hello Madonna! Your coming here in Brazil was a great surprise. Because I would also like to meet you in person. Happy halloween kisses
Anthony Vasquez 👍❤️. Your music is part of the soundtrack of my life! You are a true gifted artist and an inspiration to others. Thank you!
Thomas Andersson I shall change the world Whit u in my heart ❤ as i will Whit all off u my Child. But u have a speciell room in my heart 💜👍
Alicia Fox
10:18 10/30/2017

💂🏾✨ #hair #muffin #foxyladies #crazylikeafox #studmood #friday #halloween #boo 👻✨🦊 #selfie

858 reactions 36 comments
Anthony Schuch Bang her
Octavius Lee so pretty
Otoniel Adames Very beautiful
Earl Cleary Beautiful
01:00 10/26/2017

Good hair day! Secret: avocado+olive oil mask for 30 minutes. 😉 #organic #natural #hair #shine 🔥🔥 Así queda el cabello después de apapacharlo naturalmente. Secreto: aguacate y aceite de oliva, simple y nunca falla. ;-)

6.4k reactions 196 comments
Miguel Perez Alarcon Una grandes
Johan Bird 🔥🌺 Mar Mar Xque Le diste la Rezeta a Thalia???🌺 😌✌️😌🌺
Mauro AndradeWenk * Thalia. < 3 ...! *
Michel Gonzalez Gracias hermosa <3
Marco Cruz Deschamps Y extensiones jiji
Petra Nemcova - Official
11:54 10/09/2017

We need to change our old ways. 🙌 Take the #GreenCarpetChallenge and start taking conscious choices and go with #SustainableFashion & ECO AGE By: @culpritfilms #makeup: @mihomakeup #hair: @michaelduenas #styling: Sarah Kreutz, Clothing Stylist

590 reactions 15 comments
Aaron Kaggie ❤️very sexy❤️
Zura Zurazura wow
Lenny Bollingham You have my attention totally! :)
Zoran Nývlt Moc moc jste krásnou petra němcová <3
Dong Ang do you see a moster shadow behind this sexy woman ?
Alicia Fox
21:18 08/12/2017

#aboutlastnight @lbn_beauty_room 🕺🏽✨ thank you @laidbynish @dolledbydoxa #foxyladies 🦊🙌🏾✨#sassysaturday #hair

318 reactions 12 comments
Demetrick Brown #Foxyladies https://youtu.be/HL1UzIK-flA
Belinda Mug 💐💐💐💐💐💐😃
Etim Etido looking foxy
James Welch CUTIE
David Moberg looking good hon
Kristin Davis
01:54 06/27/2017

I am so excited to share an new partnership I have, we have a new product that gives fuller,healthy hair. It's called Volaire. I found it about a year ago when I was having a hair crisis, it truly helped the first time I used it. Check it out, I think you"ll love it as much as I do #styledbyme #fullerhair #sp #hair voltaire.com

1.1k reactions 125 comments
Marielle Peru You look gorgeous 😍
Leandro Silva Charlotte love you
Stephanie Hammond Lebsack My hair is so so thin, I may need to try this stuff!
Barbara Douglas Please don't do this. It's so unbecoming of you.
Michelle Duerre Does Voliare contain animal products or products tested on animals?
Petra Nemcova - Official
13:18 06/22/2017

The #RedCarpet for the @happyheartsfund gala. Thank you @Chopard for my stunning earrings with hearts and thank you @eliesaabworld for this stunning dress and shoes which made me feel so empowered for this important night and of course #makeup and #hair by amaizng @alexarodulfo. Styled by: @joanneblackofficial ❤️❤️❤️#happyschools

407 reactions 24 comments
Dong Ang a woman in red. hmmm !
Saul Flores Angulo Wwwwwoooooowwwwww.... Pretty woman...!!!!! 😍
Idris Ohrid ❤❤❤
Sam Pirrello ***************WOW*******************
19:18 04/03/2017

Tenía tantas ganas de hacer esto! Finalmente ayer tome valor💖🌈💕#hair #colors #fun #music

34.8k reactions 1970 comments
Noelia Acosta La parte rosa no me gusta Thalí...la otra si...igual,lo q mas llamo ni atención fue la parte de atrás...q manera de tener calzado!😱
Toño Orquiz "Las palabras siempre seran el reflejo del interior de cada persona. Si se esta mal, nada bueno saldra de ti, si eres feliz puedes comprender la felicidad en los demas..." bien por ti Thalia como bien lo dijeron por ahi, nunca hay que quedarse con la ...
Luisina Torres Jamás me lo haría. Te destruye el cabello. Obvio vos tenes plata para hacerte tratamientos capilares. Si te gusta...sé feliz haciéndotelo 😊
Luis Maldonado Atrevida!!! Te amo o o o!! Siempre de impredecible y brillante como siempre.. Besos a la. Mexicana más famosa bella y talentosa de todos los tiempos 👑💓💓💞💜😘😘😘😘😘😘
Tere Delgado A quien le importa lo que ella, lo que tu Haga, lo que yo. A nadie!! La vida solo Se vive 1 vez... se le ve padre. Lo que dure 1 dia 1 semana 1 mes. Pero se atrevio!!💇🏼💆🏼
Ivete Sangalo
16:18 03/09/2017

Obrigada minha diretora❤️#Repost @gillalmeida with @repostapp ・・・ Emoção, Força e Superação!👊🏼 @ivetesangalo ❤ I Love You! #hair #gillalmeida #make @henriquem85 #figurino @michellyx @_claralima @granderio #carnaval2017

36.7k reactions 828 comments
Terezinha Moura A escola mais linda e animada! A Ivete foi sucesso no carnaval 2017!
Danilo Farias Gente ela esta empoderada , mulher q força nesse olhar e q força de vontade .... eu amei ver isso mulher guerreira e de fibra q nao desisti nunca do q faz e que da o seu sangue para fazer o melhor ..... parabéns veveta eu amei ter assistido vc dar um ...
Luciano Delfino A mulher símbolo da mulher brasileira. Q não vive de mimimi, vai lá e faz. Parabens!
Rosangela Felicidade Você é simplesmente maravilhosa. Um brilho, uma luz, pura emoção!!!!! Como te admiro, parabéns 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 amo demais
Idilma Doria E show arrasou e Ivete SAngalo nossa Rainha para todo sempre .
Paris Hilton
22:12 12/28/2016

Check out my interview and get to know all of my beauty secrets. Try my new collection Lidl Deutschland #herecomesparis #beauty #blonde #hair #parishilton

14.4k reactions 457 comments
Stefan Pistorius Christoph Ha brauchst du ein neues Glätteisen? Ab morgen bei Lidl Deutschland
Elodie Shalya Shaÿs Quentin Carla Ths elle fait l puer pour c accessoires de sa Marque à elle pour sa chez lidl c je sa coûtera pas cher !
Hanna Hoffmann Alexander, you'll never have a bad hair day again!
Stephan Sikiric Megan Drucker when I die and go to heaven, her voice will be the voice of God ☺
Hamo Khalil You are amazing and beautiful woman in the world.. :-D :-D
Paris Hilton
07:48 12/21/2016

I‘m so excited to share my new collection from Lidl Deutschland with you! Be the first to get it here: Lidl Deutschland #HereComesParis #Hair #BTS #Blonde #Beauty

5.6k reactions 742 comments
Inês Nycity Raquel Rodrigues a serio que a Paris Hilton vai fazer uma coleçao de roupa para o Lidl? Estou chocada. 😄
Bill Hilton What's my response, perfume or trap I think you know where Duetschland is???
Ane Caroline Malchau Nielsen Just admit you have hit rock bottom, when you launch a clothing line with Lidl!!! Emilie Petersen
Gareth Ciccone Love Rosh Scott I love her, but I don't know how I can deal with this shenanigans. I can't even go into the shop!
Pilie Ga Angel tu que preguntabas ayer que había sido de París :p
22:24 11/12/2016

Early morning #hair and #makeup! Blessings to all! ⭐️ Trabajando desde súper temprano con @jennifermatoshair y @makeupbyanely. ¡Día de bendiciones para todos! 💋💖❤️

17.6k reactions 317 comments
Nell Joe RamGar Saludos mi hemosura pura jeje. Mi thalis bellicina. Dios te bendiga
Susana Jasso Saludos como siempre hermosa desde un rinconcito de Cd. Valles S.L.P la puerta grande de la huasteca potosina!!!♡♥♡♥♡
Andres Romero thalia eres una bella persona Dios te bendiga,gracias por este videito y por vivir.te saludo desde bogota-colombia
Alberto Santos Oye Thalía regresa A Aser Novelas Como En Los Viejos Tiempos Aka En México Te Extraña La Jente
Maria De Lourdes Fñores Thalis te mando muchos besos? Me encanta saber que eres una persona sencilla y cuando terminen de maquillate.la sigas pasado chevere Saludosssss?
Petra Nemcova - Official
17:40 10/11/2016

I loved my golden & warm look! ??? #VelvetDress by: @gennyofficial, #HighJewlery by: Chopard, #Makeup & #Hair: @libertyshawmakeup. Artists For Peace #BrilliantIsBeautiful gala #London

407 reactions 27 comments
James McCaffery Wow Petra Nemcova - Official you are a goddess ? ❤️ LY ? ? ❤️
Carlos Navas Joyanes ?
Christopher Robson great dress,looking stunning Petra
Robert Balogh Beautiful angel!
Aaron Kaggie very lovely
Petra Nemcova - Official
14:52 09/19/2016

No, the #Campaign is NOT shot in #Mexico. I always do my #MakeUp & #Hair with a Mariachi band! ?

262 reactions 37 comments
Robert Aranburu sure?
Mira Hanáček Moc Ti to sluší :-)
Carsten Schumann Petra nyní musí zpívat. ??
Roldan de Roncesvalles Glad to know that you're visiting Veracruz!!!?????? (they are NOT mariachis!)??????
Triantafyllia Fyta Gorgeous!!???????✨??????????????????????????
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