Alicia Fox
16:36 10/12/2017

I promise to always lift my friends up and keep near to those that inspire me... based on my experiences great friends are made of #gold #mentalhealthawareness ‘You must be the change you want to see in the world.’ -Gandhi

607 reactions 28 comments
Sani Umar That's awesome
Jessiê Lucas 😍😍😍
Belinda Mug 💗💗😃😃💐💐🌻🌻❤❤✌✌❣❣😃💕💕💕💕💕
Omran Wali bomb
Jesus Alberto Bonilla B. Dp se te quiere mucho fosy i love you
Rick Ross
18:06 09/08/2017

celebrate LIFE in style #BELAIRE #GOLD #WHITE #ROSÉ #BRUT

1.9k reactions 32 comments
Nas Cash Gold
Faïçal Kaboré cool
Yamba Anthony Gold life drink
David Molefi Khoabane I LIKE THE BLACK BOTTLE
Kyle DeAngelo Walker 📷🎥📹NEW VIDEO ALERT📢📢📢👀👀👀🔥🔥
Bob Marley
20:00 08/25/2017

Limited edition ≠ "do not touch"... the #Exodus40 gold record plays crisp sound the way only vinyl can deliver! Get your copy today at smarturl.it/exodus40shop ・・・ #repost @jocheemm: Spinning the gold Exodus vinyl! #bobmarley #exodus40 #vinyl #gold @bobmarley

5.7k reactions 105 comments
Denna Farai Yah Love!
María Elena Galarza hermoso me encanta desde argentina!!
Erick Agade I have fond memories of LPs.
Claude Maealiuaki Guiltiness !! Pressed on their conscience , oh yeahhhhh !!
Jerry Choate I dig it
Andy Murray
00:48 08/15/2017

#onthisday one year ago! 😊🥇 @olympics #teamGB #gold #olympics #goodday #riodejaneiro

4.1k reactions 229 comments
Jean Phillips Phew! My son and I st up until the early hours watching you battle why DelPo! You both looked exhausted and we certainly felt it! Another great achievement Andy. Hope lid rehab is going well.
Kim Mallis That tennis match was total amazing, I was physically and emotionally exhausted watching it. Fabulous tennis played by you and Delpo but you deserved the gold medal 😳😱🎾💪❤️x
Denise Connington An amazing match stayed up to watch all if it. Only got about 3 hrs sleep then got up for work but it was worth it. You have given me lots of tennis memories. Get well soon. Xx
Evelyn Wiggins I remember it well. I was watching the match and it wasn't over here till 2am but was so worth it! Hope training is going well and you're feeling better. Looking forward to when you feel ready to come back to the Tour.
Christine F Pratt We are proud of you and my fantastic Dr wants your autograph, we are in the USA but My nephew Ben Haran knows where I live, it would make his day and he saved me
Andy Murray
10:24 08/07/2017

Can't believe it's been five years! 🏅🇬🇧 🥈#london #gold #olympics Olympic

17.7k reactions 256 comments
Moira Darroch Yes indeed, hard to imagine the time has passed so quickly. You are absolutely a tennis legend with what you have won Andy - and that's all your's no matter how much time passes! Good luck with the recovery.
Cath Lewis Always so proud of everything you achieve Andy, thank you so much for all you've done - so much hard work, sacrifice & time away from your family. You're an amazing human being & we love you - hope to see you at tour finals in November :)
Margaret Duffy We are so proud that you won that you deserve to win you work so hard, and you will come back to us stronger than ever but you have to rest first and get fitter, we will still be here waiting fir the one and only true tennis player that is Andy Murray ...
Liz Cassels Yes Andy I can't believe 5 years have passed since winning Olympic Gold watched your match that day you were fantastic and when you beat federer felt that win was so sweet after Wimbledon felt so ecststatic for you and then you went on to win the US ...
Cathy Pugsley Nice memories Andy, time has flown by, 5year's since the London Olympics, where has that gone!!!!. Supported you all the way during your single's matches. Watched the gold medal match on t.v. on that Sunday. And supported you all the way, and got so ...
Julie Ordon
10:42 06/17/2017

#getready for the #summer with the #bodychains #angelwings #hippiedreamers @hippiedreamers #julieordon #diamond #gold #amethyst

193 reactions 10 comments
Rahul Jha Manav Malhotra
Joa Riche What a rich ass. My penis wants that vagina.
Hugo Eduardo Esquivel 😘😘
Jacques Sow Sava Julie😊?
David Varney Very hot wish I was there
Don Omar
19:00 04/08/2017

Esto no es solo mío, esto es también un logro de mis hermanitos Zion & Lennox, productores y todos nuestros fanáticos que han apoyado años de carrera en el género. "TE QUIERO PA' MÍ" Feat. Zion & Lennox recibió certificación #GOLD por la #RIAA The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) con más de 80 MILLONES de #Views en Vevo.

1.2k reactions 27 comments
Rodry Rma Alonso Hola gente, voy a dejar esto sin niguna obligación, pero quien quiera le da clik al enlace y escucha mi nuevo tema😄 #Trap_Po' #Trap_Urbano Muchas gracias! https://youtu.be/6mYlH8XF3jc
Nely Saldaña 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Aver Apolinar El número 1 Papi don Omar
David Buitrago Jaramillo No cabe duda q es el rey del regeton
Cristiano Ronaldo
15:00 02/06/2017

You got La Silver? I got La Gold. Want to argue? 😎 #am97 #gold

1.4m reactions 24750 comments
Jhon Jaider Salazar Garcia RONALDO : si la envidia toca tu puerta , abrele e invitale a entrar para que vea con sus propios ojos lo que se logra con esfuerzo ......mientras ella solo mira como te puede criticar . DIOS TE BENDIGA SIEMPRE C R 7 .
Rosalina Aguiar Please Mr. Anil K. I respectfully ask you.Please do not think like that, the Buddha is far away in the back and beautifully respected adorn with flowers.If anything his foot is in front of his car.Please look again Thanks.He is just trying to sell the ...
Carlos Alberto Fernandes Camacho Boas tenho uma notícia para ti neste teu dia de anos, sabes que é que sabias que ias ser grande em tudo? Como homem como atleta, como jogador craque como és, sabes, sabes? Teu querido pai sim esse sim, sempre te acompanhou quando eras miúdo, tanto no ...
Arelys Rojas Quesada Hola buenas tardes Cristiano Ronaldo tu eres un excelente jugador, que les valla súper bien en el siguiente partido, eres un buen muchacho, le ayudas mucho a las personas, tocas muy bien el balón en la cancha, demuestras cátedras de buen fútbol, luchar ...
Namoraya Belg I love my Prophet Mohammed.I love the people whom yust try to follow his footstep. But Cristiano Ronaldo does a lot good he take cares off the womens in his life(mother,sisters,)he feeds the poor helps the needy. I think he believs a lot in God as the ...
22:24 11/12/2016

Amazing dress from my long time friend @charbelzoecouture! Details Details Details 👑 Vestido impresionante de mi amiga Charbel Zoe (Fashion Designer). ✨😍 #glamour #gold #inlove #couture

16.9k reactions 429 comments
Yo Soy Jorge Espectacular!! El mejor vestido que has usado en años!! Sexy,elegante,elaborado sin ser demasiado, TE VEIAS ESPECTACULAR!
Dicla Guerrero Divino, the picaba x so acaso o fue caluroso, no se t enredaba el cabello n las piedritas??
Francisco Torres Digno de una gran reyna. Disfrutalo mi preciosa Thalia!
Cintia Marisol Ibañez hola hermosa adime que de verdad hay con lo que estan publicando en las redes sociales sobre tu muerte... porfaa que alguien me diga que es mentira!!
09:36 11/10/2016

Today's tires ;-) ⭐️ Llantas de hoy ;-) #lv #gold #metallic #fun

18.6k reactions 227 comments
Cavleb Victoria Bellos
Isaí Abraham Lara Soto Llantas?????
Maria Puebla Serge no tiene que preocuparse ella sabe y tranquila va a salir Hillary
Muhammad Andika OFFICIAL MOVIE STREAMING, without going to the cinema, just click and play (y) <3 (y) The Accountant http://www.sink-payuatuuuh-zd.ga/momok/komariah.php?movie=tt2140479&sub=Accountant_payu4 (y) Arrival http://www.sink-payuatuuuh-zd.ga/momok/komariah....
Heriberto Caballero A mostrar las zapatillas mmmmmm.....no tiene sentido......esto demuestra lo vanidosa que es... no la creía así... consumista....
Carrie Underwood
03:15 11/03/2016

Last #CMAawards50 decade-inspired look...representing today! The great thing about Country Music fashion is that #fringe works in any era! ❤️#CarrieByTheDecades #gold #RhinestoneCowgirl

4.8k reactions 57 comments
Agnes Kimber LOv It, Lov it!!!!
Darlene Campbell Garton Best awards show ever :)
Cindi Miller Good Luck Carrie tonight! You are so fabulous!
Kent Stewart Beautiful!
Kathy Ann Tobin Norton You look beautiful as always !
Carrie Underwood
00:50 11/01/2016

Sneak peek at my decade-inspired wardrobe for the #CMAawards50 #70s #fringe #Gold #CarrieByTheDecades

7.1k reactions 58 comments
Jessica Gazin So much sparkle 😍😍😍
Joe Assante I hope it covers your legs,(ugh).
Daniel Labrecque I can't wait to see what she wears to the CMAS
Juan Alonso Super beautiful Carrie Underwood
Mary Kozeny Stunning as always
Josie Maran Cosmetics
22:55 10/15/2016

Thank you Natalie Woo for the glowing review and gorgeous water color. We are infintely pleased! What's your favorite way to use my Argan Infinity Cream? xo, JMC Josie Maran's Infinity Cream is a lifesaver from moisturizing hands from washing countless baby bottles to hydrating your lips and face. I keep two with me at home and in my purse always ❤️ Shimmering gold with inspiration from roses in my garden #liveauthentic #pregnancytips #pregnancy #postpartumjourney #postpartum #selfcare #spa #josiemaran #lifesaver #beauty #gold — Products shown: Argan Infinity Cream Intensive Creamy Oil.

69 reactions 6 comments
Jacquelyn Ramirez De Arellano I have this item, I love it!...and I own so many of her products..it's pretty much all I use!
Adam Rinker This has been my favorite product for such a long time now! Infinity for Infinite possibilities!
Tammy Prior Brennan I have that product but, face milk face butter and argan oil is awesome
Amy Duran I love all her products, but when it gets cold and windy up here in the High Desert of CA this and the balm are my go to products..love love!!
Lori Kirkman I love this product.
Cristiano Ronaldo
11:13 09/12/2016

Madeira did it again! Gold for my homeland as Europe’s Leading Island Destination. That’s my Madeira! @visitmadeiraofficial #hometown #proud #myisland #madeiraislands #gold #europe #sea #amazing #experiences #nature #exploremadeira #visitmadeira #madeiraisgold #discovermadeira

109.6k reactions 1124 comments
اكرم الطائي انه براسي مضيف وبعقلي كومه شيوخ زحمه براسي احطك ونته ابن شارع حييييبل مقصودة الك رونالدو ???
Heinro Kuyt Your fellow teammates are wishing Luka a happy birthday but being a typical arrogant dickhead you are ofcourse you wouldn't Penaldo ?
Gull Marria Ronaldo is loved by most people in the world and he is the symbol of humanism... Ronaldo spent more than 50 $ million dollars on hospitals, schools and helping poor people Ronaldo deserves this year's balon'dor with no doubt ?.And definitely he would be ...
Maro Precious The Season has Started, Do u want to win Big in Sports betting this season? Join Us and get access to our everyday tips and be the winner with our service! You can Make up to 50k - 200k per week in sports betting. Join Us and start winning Call us :...
Cristi Pestana Também é a minha terra natal... estamos orgulhos por sermos madeirenses ;-) Parabéns :* <3
11:21 09/12/2016

Llanta nueva??? #shoelover #glitter #stones #gold #sweet

8.8k reactions 150 comments
Lucila Hinayrail Que feos los zapatos,sorry pero es la verdad son FEOS ;)
Melissa Simpson Fatales
Michaello Kulik Šnirer Son de abuela... feos... la verdad.. no nos engañemos...☺
Rebeca Bravo Arias No me gustan tienen mucha pedreria
Ana Cazares Nochebuena Estan feos
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
11:46 09/12/2016

Kiiara chilling with our #GOLD mic in studio today ?

75 reactions 5 comments
Richard Hillson <3 BOT ON FIR3 POW3RED BY <3 AQIB NAZIR ORAKZAI <3 <3 FOR PERSONAL BOT CONTACT #03319010857 <3 <3
Present Pavilion look at that good
Roger Alexander Bustos You know I got the papers.
Sarah Modzelewski Ryan, your so fun! I love listening to you and you make my day! ?
Irina Shayk
11:44 09/12/2016

Congrats #TeamRussia!‼️??❤️ #Gold #Rio2016 #Olympics

31.8k reactions 320 comments
Romeo Meitei U r famouse because of cr7 .. cr7 will always b a legend .. who will remember u when u r dead ...
Francois Lamaz many gold medals but should pass an examination before they can be and give them chocolate medals?
Ciao Ciao the problem is the doping, oficial doping what is amazing in russian, evem sharapova, and you darling? no doping?
Donald Rugama No Ronaldo no gold medal for you....Just kidding I wish you the best!
Cathy Rita Ubom Yes, #team doping # team beautiful, # team success, like you
Rafa Nadal
11:23 09/12/2016

Muchas felicidades a todo el equipo de #SelFem por la #plata! Y a la increíble Ruth Beitia por el #oro! #Rio2016 Congrats to Spain's women national basketball team for the silver and to the amazing Ruth Beitia for the #gold #Rio2016

16.3k reactions 139 comments
Suely França Felicidades a todo #team#ESPAÑA en #OlimpíadasRio2016???❤ Suerte em US Open mi campeón ?? VAMOSRAFA ??✊❤
Maria Antondeandromeda Lo mismo le deseo a las chicas de baloncesto y a ti también que eres un gran campeón un beso María
Ahmed Fouad VaMosssssssssssssssssssssssssssS RaFa ? the best in the world ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Juliette Westbrook-finch Hope you're rested and refreshed and raring to go and ready for the US Open Rafa * ??? x
Yamileth Usma Que bien nadal sigue asi te felicuto
Rafa Nadal
11:23 09/12/2016

Enorme Carolina!!! Felicidades por el #oro tan merecido!!! #Rio2016 #badminton Great Carolina!!! Congrats for the deserved #gold!!! #Rio2016

39.3k reactions 397 comments
Alicia Fernández Sande Enhorabuena a Carolina, que es de las nuestras, una nadalista de pro y además es una máquina con la raqueta de Badmington. Insuperable esta niña¡¡¡
Nati Gonzalez Herrero Grande Carolina!!! Y ole tú, Rafa y todos los ESPAÑOLES que amais el deporte!!!
Jose Sanz CAROLINA es muy grande pero RAFA NADAL tambien un saludo para los dos.Seguir asi
Piluchi Pituca La verdad es q me ha recordado un montón a ti Nadal....q suerte poder contar con tan buenos deportistas...q luchan hasta el final...y no se rinden jamas...ENHORABUENA CAROLINA MARIN
Mari Carmen Camacho Fernández Grande Nadal y grande Carolina!!!! Dos luchadores. Q sigáis cosechando triunfos. Enhorabuena a los dos!!!!!
Usain Bolt
11:20 09/12/2016

Another One #Gold #Rio2016

776.0k reactions 10641 comments
Winston Hill The 100 m. And 200 m. Should named the usain bolt sprint from now on, the man own the race, the best the world will ever see, I rest my case.
Mark Anthony Smith I am happy that I have witnessed some of the Greatest in Track &Field Carl Lewis,Michael Johnson,and the incompatible Usain Bolt wishing the best on Tomorrow
Deswill Willemse Thank you very much Usain bolt for all the entertainment and hard work. There never was and never will be an athlete like you. Not only were all the training difficult but also to please all your fans, but may i say as a fan that i am more than pleased ...
Rizwan Siddiqui #congratulations bolt ?? My Roll modal ? techer -- Can any catch usain bolt ? Boy -- bawri ho gyi h ke Ulte shidhe sawal puchti rhti hai No one catch usain bolt ???
Nicki Nicki Well done Usain Bolt!!! You are brilliant, a true champion. Jamaicans and Jamaica gave birth to a legend. Congratulations! We are truly proud.
Trish Stratus
11:53 09/12/2016

So if this 7x WWEchamp decided to return for a tag match, I'm bringing Erica Wiebe #WomensWrestling #Rio2016 TeamCanada #bewiebe #GOLD

1.0k reactions 23 comments
Fatima Gonzalez de Ambrose WOOOO
Alex Daniel Moore Please return trish with lita
Dudley Parks Awesome. That's. GreAt
Christopher Holfeld You left for your kid right? You aren't unable to compete so it would be nice to see you back. They finally starting to treat the girls right with the women's title being back
Armandito Suarez Canada's Golden Girls!!! ?
Rafa Nadal
11:23 09/12/2016

Felicidades Craviotto y Toro, campeones olímpicos! Qué grandes sois #oro #piragüismo #Rio2016 Congrats to Craviotto & Toro, olympic champions! #gold #TeamSpain #Rio2016

16.9k reactions 170 comments
Mariam Nadalista Felicidades a Craviotto y Toro! <3 Buena suerte a ti en Cincinnati campeon, has jugado un gran partido ayer! <3 VAMOS RAFA <3 <3 <3 :3
Jiem Mangussad Congratulations, Rafa Nadal, you tennis legend, you. ❤️
Leticia Cuevas Felicidades a todos los españoles por sus medallas , son grandes competidores!
Maria J Elena Martinez ¡ Y qué grande eres tú , Rafa ! Siempre celebrando los éxitos de los demás ! Campeón !
Bejaoui Mehdi Rafa you played the worst match in your carreer.your serve is your big problem.why you don't serve faster why i don't know.serve faster and you are the best player ever.and show US the real rafa in the US open .
Pau Gasol
11:49 09/12/2016

Enorme el duo español de #piragüismo! Enhorabuena #Craviotto y #Toro por ese #oro tan merecido! #Rio2016 Great Spanish duo in #canoeing! Congrats to #Craviotto & #Toro for their well-deserved #gold! #Rio2016

2.7k reactions 37 comments
Emilio Ramos Garcia sois los Mejores
Emilio Ramos Garcia los mas grandes,
Alfredo Simón Merino Grandes
Ivan Rodriguez Hernandez https://youtu.be/ke1aCDqRH4c
Joel Cabello Gonzalez No marca ni un tiro....No se ni como esta en la NBA
Rafa Nadal
11:23 09/12/2016

Enhorabuena #MarcusWalz por tu medalla de #oro! Una más para España! #Rio2016 #TeamEsp Congrats #MarcusWalz for your #gold medal! Another one for Spain! #Rio2016 #TeamSpain

20.5k reactions 347 comments
Lucía Quintanilla Sacristán Me quedé a medias, dicen que traes una medalla de oro para mi traes dos, estuviste a punto de ganar a Del Potro, ese gran jugador también, desde luego si no hubieras tenido esa paliza que traías del día anterior, no me cabe la menor duda hubieras traído ...
Nieves Rodriguez P Rafa gracias,!!! por este fin de semana! ! He de reconocer que siempre quiero verte ganar, pero sé que eso es Imposible, ... Verte como te he visto en estos días, lo que has hecho , como te levantas y ganas cuando ya todos lo damos por perdido....y ...
Pilar Enrile Enhorabuena Rafa!!! El mejor deportista de todos los tiempos en todos los sentidos, demuestras educación, clase..... siempre estás a la altura en cada situación.... No cambies nunca. Vamos Rafaaaaaaaa
Lucía Quintanilla Sacristán Dicen que has traído una medalla de oro de ese fantástico partido de dobles que seguí desde la cama, me hizo vibrar, que partidazo, después de la paliza de tu anterior partido individual parecía que tenías un motorín, ja, ja, como mi silla de ruedas, ...
María Luisa Hervás Enhorabuena por esa medalla de oro junto a Marc, pero sobre todo por tu pundonor, tu esfuerzo, te pusieron los partidos seguidos (fue una zancadilla) hay una medalla que se llama RAFA NADAL-TENISTA
Pau Gasol
11:49 09/12/2016

Muy GRANDES Rafa Nadal y #MarcLopez!! Muchísimas felicidades por darnos otra Gran medalla de #oro! #Rio2016 Huge congrats to Rafa and Marc for winning another #gold for #TeamSpain! #Proud #Rio2016

20.4k reactions 129 comments
José Manuel Sappino Saludos desde Uruguay. Y Suerte contra Lituania hoy Pau
Luis Carlos Rivera Chio Pria la primera de Nadal en Río!
Jesus Agarrado Mora Un poko gilipollas nadal Con el tema de la estelada!
Eugenia Ramis Muchas felicidades pau Gasol
Cristian Laredo Madrazo Hoy le dais la vuelta a esto, a por Lituania!!
Pau Gasol
11:49 09/12/2016

Grande Maialen Chourraut! Campeona olímpica! Felicidades por el #oro! Great Maialen Chourraut! Olympic champion! Congrats on getting the #gold medal! #Rio2016

3.0k reactions 29 comments
Eugenia Ramis Vamos Espanha e brasil
Eugenia Ramis Agora Espanha Brasil perdeu ontem
Eugenia Ramis Hola flor
Viche RH Vamos Pau a por todas, que os sobra talento para llegar al menos a la final...!!
Raxzen DelosReyes Muy vien! ????
Rafa Nadal
11:23 09/12/2016

Enhorabuena a Maialen Chourraut por la medalla de #oro!! Otra para #TeamEsp! #Campeona Congrats to Maialen Chourraut for her #gold medal! Another one for #TeamEsp! #Champion

19.8k reactions 452 comments
María Valsordo Robledo Gil Gracias Rafa ,eres un gran deportista,muchísima emoción en tus partidos. Te debemos muchas horas de ilusiones hechas realidad, pero que par de . h...tienes!!!!!!!
Eva Blanco Tu sí que eres un campeón, Rafa! Eres el mejor GRACIAS por lo que nos haces disfrutar con tu tenis. Gracias por darlo todo siempre y gracias por participar en los JJOO. El mejor abanderado, luciendo con orgullo la bandera. Eres un crack
Luis Miguel Berlanga Enhorabuena!!!!! Todo un ejemplo de superación!!!! A las Semis individuales. Gracias por el ejemplo que nos das a todos. Un saludo y a seguir luchando contra Del Potro. Grandísimo, NADAL
Asun Antiñolo Hola Rafa... quiero que sepas que me he quedado sin uñas viendo tu partido contra Brasil... muchas felicidades campeón... y toda mi admiración que orgullo tan grande... gracias.... un abrazo desde Asturias
Mariam Nadalista Michisimas felicidades a Maialen por la medalla de oro, y te deseo todo lo mejor a ti RAFA en dobles y en individuales tambien, puedes hacer todo e imposible es nada para ti <3 <3 <3 <3 #Vamos <3 <3 <3 <3
Pau Gasol
11:49 09/12/2016

Muy #GRANDE Mireia! Muchísimas felicidades por el #oro! #Rio2016 #Orgulloso #CampeonaOlímpica Mireia Belmonte Comité Olímpico Español (COE) #GREAT Mireia! Huge congrats on winning the #gold medal! #Rio2016 #OlympicChampion #Winner #Proud

4.2k reactions 45 comments
Maria Teresa Prol Sanchez Felicidades Mireia . mucha suerte para vosotros soy lo mejores!!!!!
Jorge Villacañas Carrillo ...y de Maialen Chourraut...en aguas bravas...
Lisa McGurk Belcher #hugsandaheartforbraedan WTG!!!!
Isabel Palazon Rico "pero capasao con la chorrau....jaaaa...
Maria Rios Grande Pao con campeones así uno se enorgullece de ser Español
Hope Solo
11:53 09/12/2016

#LetTheGamesBegin #Gold

20.0k reactions 243 comments
Kim Koglin Yeah ladies!! Kill it ♡♡
Freddy Walter Alfonzo Parrales Beiaaaa
Rodrigo Santos Olá Hope Solo, Tenho 37 anos, sou tetraplégico há 16 anos. Moro com minha família, Mãe, que é quem cuida mim e com meu Padrasto no interior da Bahia, e moramos em uma casa alugada. Peço a você que através do programa realize meu Sonho e/ou melhor uma ...
Hugo Zuim Zika kills unless serial killers and other problems that the US has. Culture is one of them...
Danielle Croft Keenan Fenna-Croft thought you might like this haha!! ???
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