Paris Hilton
23:12 01/12/2018

Nothing is sexier than a man who is madly in love with with you & does anything & everything he can, to have & to keep you... 💖 #Goals

5.8k reactions 357 comments
Habib Farhoudi Is he really, madly in love with you? ..or is it lust??..
Frankies Young Dang surprised he don't have a leash on ;)
Sevan Kuyumcuoglu I love a women who appreciates that !!
Johnny Bones You're a great person, Paris, you deserve the best. Love you lots too, but someone swept you off your feet first. Whoever he is, he better take good care of you. Love you. 💕💋🌹💋💕
Maria Carmen Haro Castillo Lol in other words a little puppet
Alicia Fox
21:30 01/11/2018

‘#love could be labeled #poison and we’d #drink it anyways’ @atticuspoetry #art #poetry 🧠✨#mind #body #soul #goals 🌟 #wordswag #foxyladies 🦊 #fox #mood

219 reactions 7 comments
Toby Bromm Nice Alicia Fox
Frederick Cole So Loving Ms fox
Darren Stroud I live at my sister's house
Guilherme Rocha Alicia Fox Queen Of WWE Y love you very much baby
Michael Williams Love is the best feeling ever
Josie Maran Cosmetics
16:42 01/08/2018

Instead of setting resolutions for myself this year, I want to live my life as intentionally as possible. Being mindful and aware in every step I take. #ArganLove #2018Goals

236 reactions 15 comments
Anette Sinn So do i.💝
Larry E Micek Happy new year!
Claire Kanner Right on love this picture
Nikiyah Promise Morning Josie
Hamid Hashemi Beautiful Like Every Time
Josie Maran Cosmetics
03:54 01/06/2018

It's the first weekend of the new year. Get your glow on with my Argan Moonstone Drops and celebrate! #2018Goals #ArganGlow http://bit.ly/2hzYqI5 Prime and highlight with a potion of Argan-powered essential nutrients and soft-focus radiance pearls. These multitasking priming, highlighting, and enhancing drops smooth and illuminate for makeup-ready, luminous skin. Easily transform any look with these iridescent drops: mix with your foundation for a perfectly dewy look, add a few to your lips for a glowing pout, or bring extra light to cheekbones with one single drop.

119 reactions 5 comments
Tiffany Gibson-Keeping Josie Maran Cosmetics I love the Moonstone Drops!
Brenda Decker i have used this for a few months...its nog worth rebuying..sparkles settle no matter how much i shake it and glow doesnt last on face..illuminating wand waaaayyyyyyy better
Brenda Brown Check out JM on QVC this coming Monday. I saw last night, that they will be reviling a new product. This might be it.
Cindi Phillips Groskreutz Pretty to look at but the chemical smell is horrible, smells like you could light it up with a match. I am not sure I want that on my face.
Jessica Katz Orton When will qvc have?
Josie Maran Cosmetics
03:54 01/06/2018

SHARE for a chance to #WinMeWednesday my powerhouse multi-tasking 100% Pure Argan Oil, and simplify your beauty routine in 2018. It's all you need for radiant, nourished, healthy looking skin, from your head to your toes. http://bit.ly/2fzOnhH #ArganLove #2018Goals #JosieMaran #ArganOil

307 reactions 108 comments
Yasmin Poyser #WinMeWednesday fantastic giveaway what a lovely treat 💝🍀😊💝🍀😊
Megan Scarfone Stiltner Loved and shared #winmewednesday i need a new bottle, LOVE this stuff
April Walrath #WinMeWednesday would love to win
Christine Margrif McDougall Would love to win. Liked and shared. Thank you for this opportunity!
Vickie Virt Let's make this the best year yet!
22:24 12/05/2017

The fact that she can rock tight dresses while preggo is serious #GOALS

Chrissy Teigen Shows Off The Cutest Baby Bump Of All Time In Latest Instagram Post
Chrissy Teigen Shows Off The Cutest Baby Bump Of All Time In Latest Instagram Post

Here’s the newest accolade to Chrissy Teigen’s resume: looking gorgeous with a baby bump! The model recently posted another pregnancy pic to Instagram, once again proving that she can rock any outf...

335 reactions 2 comments
Robert Ferro O God!!!!!! Next,not interested
00:48 12/04/2017

#goals in different #area #codes #grateful #blessed 🙏🏾

550 reactions 19 comments
José Guillermo Peña Renteria tim esuchame cantar y producir https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c69sw9ayV8Q
Brandon Lee https://youtu.be/xkXl0m-Iy90
Frances Mae Malanum ❤️❤️
Apolly'u Lutau Love you Timothy !!
Fabricio Petser Pereira Aaliyah love Forever
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
03:36 10/17/2017

Pink and Carey may have their ups and downs, but this couple is #goals

305 reactions 3 comments
Gema Mendoza Cute couple.....
Terri Renna Keeney She is one if the best singers and person out there
Jennifer Ehr I like her and she has an awesome singing voice
Rey Mysterio
12:12 10/13/2017

#Goals @nutritionsolutions #Squad #TampaFL #WeHere #6:45a:mStart @dominik_35 @chriscavallini

1.2k reactions 14 comments
Rene Antonio Oviedo Linares Undertaker
Carlos Iglesias i miss crash holly
हरि डसाल I am ur best fan Ray uncle
Faith Danielle Pelino Hi
Rene Antonio Oviedo Linares Batista
Ronaldinho Gaúcho
19:24 09/17/2017

⚽⚽ #soccer #football #goals Ronaldinho Globe Street Team

16.0k reactions 110 comments
Mamadou Kone Fort comme d'habitude
Fernando Chaves O cara !!
Anderson Lima O melhor
Ismail Türkdönmez Hak An er spielt immer noch gut
رزاق موسى مذيوب شاركني لا تضوج هاذ بوت حمبي <3 VipFB. Vn <3
Carmen Electra
02:42 08/19/2017

it's time to get back in the gym 💪🏼 #fitness #workout #health #goals

8.9k reactions 393 comments
Paul Kindelan Yes you are so right, thats my problem Gym love you Carmen motivation i done it for 10 years than stoped
Brian Fansler Something tells me you will get lots of volunteers to join you there.
Joey Rada Yes it is I need to! Just wonder if it's going to take moving back to Cali to do it?
Don Jon Sexy hot beautiful
Cory Wells Uve had the best ass on tv since i was a teen. Im 39 now. Rock it!!!!
15:12 08/05/2017


Inside The Closets Of Chris Brown To See His Massive Sneaker Collection - akonkonnected.com
Inside The Closets Of Chris Brown To See His Massive Sneaker Collection - akonkonnected.com

Music, fashion, and basketball all go together, with each genre complementing each other. They seem like an unlikely grouping from the jump, but dig a little deeper and it will be clear as crystal how all of these tie in together. It will be as clear as Kevin Durant driving the lane during …

169 reactions 13 comments
Abhishek Gandhi Fuk u chris..
Puck van Marwijk Matthijs Vd Burgt
Monali Vakil Dhaval Vakil
Ilesanmi Olugbeje One love
Lazeni Coulibaly Saper j'aime
Ronaldinho Gaúcho
04:54 08/03/2017

😂😂 #soccer #football #goals

69.4k reactions 1725 comments
Nicolas Nguon Nordine Akel quel incroyable geste !!! meilleur footballeur au monde mdrrrrrrr
Johan Cruz Dinho existirán Miles de jugadores pero como tú ninguno, magia, sonrisa, calidad, coraje. Si estuviéramos en los tiempos de los Mayas tu fueras el Dios del Fútbol.
Maico Velani Everton Souza olha a dificuldade!!!
Arya Sohrabi Rani Gabriël kan je niet maaaake maaaaaan 😂😂
Hedilberto Martinez Gracias por ponerte la camisa de mis amores dinho ,saludos y abrazos desde Honduras.
Ronaldinho Gaúcho
12:48 07/21/2017

⚽⚽ #soccer #football #goals

63.4k reactions 455 comments
Haydee Arias No te vayás a enredar en la pelota y te caigas Rodolfo 'fito' Zelaya!!!...
Emmanuel Mejia Aún recuerdo cuando te llevaron esos botines en una maletita y reventaste como 4 veces el travesaño.
Youssef Silva Ronaldinho gaúcho o futebol já não é o mesmo de antes sem vc. Pow cara volta a joga o futebol brasileiro precisa de vc
Souleymane Sadio I was always ready to watch Dinho playing even at 4 a.m. Became world class player at Barca
Moisés Trindade Bandeira Boaaaaaaa noiteeeeeee gauchadaaaaaa medonhaaaaaaaa deste rioooooo grande dos gaúchos série A A A A A A A A 😎😎😎😂😂😂👏👏👏👏👏👏
Gucci Mane
23:36 07/14/2017

#goals #standbyyourman

Pic Of Teen Holding Her Boyfriend
Pic Of Teen Holding Her Boyfriend's Head While He Slept, People Are Flipping Out

Awww, how sweet is this? There's a simple photo that has sparked conversation and excitement for all the "lovers" or those who want to be loved! A simple photo of a 19-year-old literally holding up …

557 reactions 20 comments
Dee Nice If you have account with chase,pnc,wells fargo,usaa, us bank, navy federal,bofa tcf citi bank capital one 5/3rd bank Mazuma bank TD bank ETC and Any credit union inbox me i can help you make some money and no i dnt need your card only thing you need too ...
Nautie Sumseriouz Hill Asia Munn K
Hassan Hijazi Melisa Urrutia
Marc-andre Martin Fake
Mike Cyr If Gucci says it it has to be true
Gucci Mane
04:24 06/22/2017


WOW! Snoop Dogg & Wife, Shante, Celebrate 21 Years Of Marriage, Still Goin
WOW! Snoop Dogg & Wife, Shante, Celebrate 21 Years Of Marriage, Still Goin' Strong

When Snoop Dogg rose to stardom back in the early 90s, he did so with a special woman by his side - Shante Taylor; his high school sweetheart who soon became his wife. Now, here …

1.4k reactions 27 comments
Muhammad Perwira Hadi Putra Bitch, there a people picture this is mmhhmmmm 😣😣😣😣
Heather Saunders Lmao.
Heather Saunders Who fucking cares
Deterrion L Turner Don't lose what you found
Mike Miles Carter II for real
Rey Mysterio
23:12 06/18/2017

Positivity, Knowledge & Influential status passed on to @jindermahal from the homie @chriscavallini & @nutritionsolutions #Goals #Mindset #DoYou #Change

366 reactions 14 comments
انا الزعيم https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHRgMLhvMXM&feature=youtu.be
İsmail Çakır never gıve up
Hairul Ardi Pertamina Bsvhabjek ..?..
Ibrahim Ali RkO is coming
LO BO This s my respect fr u ...! Lobo 6 1 9
Priyanka Chopra
16:06 06/13/2017

#goals #dad #MadhuChopra ❤️ miss u dad

79.9k reactions 298 comments
Manish Mishra Nice beutiful
Ashik Ihsan This precious mother and the precious father created a precious girl and the queen of beauties in the world Priyanka Chopra
Abhisek Srivastav Aap miss docter ki baat samajwadi parti main drispute ke liye raha ,baat film making ki hai
Sandeep Kumar Actually right now is everything after time nothing life like love your family other nothing's
Aahok Sveta Jab hamne kalam ki shaise dad or mom ka nam likha to kalam khauti bas ho gye charo dam
Rey Mysterio
08:48 06/11/2017

#TbT Like Father Like Son! Once my Lil one & now the one who will be taking over! #Attitude #SOAK #SonOfAKing #HijoDelRey #Daredevil2002 #Goals

5.2k reactions 63 comments
Linda Potts Gorgeous
Carmen Davis Wow like father like son lol
Matheus Lindemeyer Nunes igual a o rey mysterio
Eduardo Miranda Idarraga Un saludo desde Colombia amigo
Sammy Rodriguez What would his name be Ray Ray jr.
22:36 05/08/2017

#goals or nah?

This $2.3 Billion Personal Submarine Yacht Is What Dreams Are Made Of...
This $2.3 Billion Personal Submarine Yacht Is What Dreams Are Made Of...

This amazing $2.3 billion dollar boat is the personal submarine yacht that the rich, famous, and villainous are all looking for.

757 reactions 28 comments
Miguel Angel Hernanz Cantero Sara González Andreea Alexandra Albu
Santiago Fornell Siena Del Mastro
Diya Sharma https://youtu.be/LKVgjKbbTpM 😂😂😂
Kashayi Kennedy Love it I wish I could ride on it
Cisse Akon Moustapha Waw
Khloé Kardashian
07:00 05/09/2017

This woman is my real life super hero! #GOALS!

70-year-old refuses to let her age define her, runs 7 marathons in 7 days
70-year-old refuses to let her age define her, runs 7 marathons in 7 days

Running over 70 marathons in her lifetime, this 70-year-old woman is undoubtedly inspiring and age-defying, as she continues to challenge herself to new heights — recently accomplishing a quest of 7 marathons, over 7 days, in 7 different countries. Kansas City resident, Chau Smith, redefines stereot...

2.7k reactions 48 comments
Norman Applewaite Everybody know that's Your Mother.
Maria Villarreal ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ may we all grow stronger, better...wiser
Khadim Badiane Ha oui l'sport mailleur surigie de tous les temps
Ilyas Mirza Nice
Louisa Cheok Tanya Cheok this will be you
Kim Kardashian West
23:18 04/28/2017

THIS is relationship #goals! LOVE this!

13 beautiful photos that prove love knows no age limits
13 beautiful photos that prove love knows no age limits

True love is timeless. Once you have found the person you love, you will love him or her for the rest of your life. Couples who love each other stay together no matter how old they grow. These photos prove that love knows no age limits. They aren’t out climbing trees anymore, but this couple …

6.4k reactions 202 comments
Juanita Fuller Willy Joe & Margaret, bless ...
Nadia Ramirez hahahaha! 😂
Rich Dominguez Tag <3
Cesar Rodriguez No mames le estaba checando El pañal y ya estaba lleno...
Sandra Gail Gross 😠
06:36 04/26/2017


Wanna Survive The Apocalypse In Style: This $2 Million Bunker Is The Answer
Wanna Survive The Apocalypse In Style: This $2 Million Bunker Is The Answer

It seems like, every time you turn around, there’s another portent of doom and gloom on the horizon. North Korea threatening to nuke the California coast line. The Middle East flaring up in yet another sickening display of people poisoning (and mass murder). Suicide bombers. Rogue individuals with s...

1.4k reactions 48 comments
Crissie Robert Adam
Faty Asli 😲
Solomon Jackson Arhins Hollywood movie can be acted here. I swear
Deborah Beysthefield Well
Thierno Joulde Barry What this
DJ Pauly D
07:54 04/22/2017


82-Year-Old Makes Dumplings By Day, And DJs At Night — And Only Got Started In Her 70s
82-Year-Old Makes Dumplings By Day, And DJs At Night — And Only Got Started In Her 70s

"The best thing is for my audience to enjoy themselves."

142 reactions 12 comments
Emily Anne Chris Hullihen
Isela Wiley Abel Hernandez
Leia Dunshea Sacha Joseph
Josiah Barrett Diego Felix
Jessica Gruber Jermaine Robinson
Kim Kardashian West
20:06 04/18/2017

#Goals is so many ways!

Sexy Forever: It
Sexy Forever: It's Always Springtime For Kris

Here's Kris Jenner at her springtime sexiest. She's reached the point where staying beautiful is a choice. A choice that has to be reconfirmed every day.

9.8k reactions 189 comments
Brandan Kelly No definitely never sexy
Mia Isabelle Mastopietro You mean staying under the knife heheh
Kristopher John Kalani The biggest pimp in the world
Rafael Rodrigo Silva Essa foto Eduardo Mendes, essa piscina?
Mary Okoro Too many surgeries for Kriss looks.
Taio Cruz
05:48 04/14/2017


Elderly couple stand in the center, stun everyone with their incredible
Elderly couple stand in the center, stun everyone with their incredible 'boogie woogie' dance

A retired couple from the German city Durmersheim has not only stolen the show in a dancing competition, but they also stole the hearts of millions of viewers around the world. The 70-year old Dietmar Ehrentraut and his 64-year old wife Nellia competed in a dance competition a number of weeks ago in...

76 reactions 0 comments
Alicia Fox
12:36 03/26/2017

No more messin around.... 🙅🏽 setting new #fitness #life #savings #fashion #friendship #Goals NOW

1.2k reactions 23 comments
Jeremy Harrelson #gorillas in gym
Vee Teller Boss
Bizax Baxx #fit
Joe Deluna Wow Cool camera skills
Jonathan Guzman Love your abs and belly button so sexy
Khloé Kardashian
05:18 03/27/2017

LOL! Yes! These Queens are #GOALS!!!

hese Grandmas Have Decided To Be Bigger Badasses Than You
hese Grandmas Have Decided To Be Bigger Badasses Than You

Why should anybody turn into a little old bitty if they were never little young bitties to begin with? It doesn't really make sense, does it? Badassedness isn't like chins or breasts.

2.1k reactions 29 comments
Sonya Blade https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcOxhH8N3Bo
Paramahamsa Yogananda https://youtu.be/GyLkg3uDe1c
Sonya Blade https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivFYVAntpw0
Sonya Blade https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHzkiCpE8vY
Karla Patriz ♥♥♥
LL Cool J
01:12 03/20/2017

Never done settin’ #GOALS #FOCUS #FridayFeeling 💪💯

2.4k reactions 32 comments
Yana Mawaloon ❤❤❤
Stephanie Rose-Feldmann ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Atu Louaki Lasitani Amen
Donna Rio Ingoditrust
Donna Rio Yes 👍
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