Pau Gasol
02:18 03/26/2017

#GameDay at home against the Memphis Grizzlies of my brother Marc Gasol #GoSpursGo #DiaDePartido en casa contra los #Grizzlies de mi hermano #MarcGasol! #GoSpursGo

9.1k reactions 65 comments
Javier Martinez Ibañez de Azagra No hay un solo Español que no os admire!!! Grande Familia
Patty Mayer Love watching you both! Two fierce competitors.
Joe Rangel Nothing but brother love
Youssef Hsiba Bassim Grandes.
Stanley Antonio IDOLS
Pau Gasol
00:42 03/21/2017

‪#GameDay SASxSAC‬ ‪#GoSpursGo ‬

1.5k reactions 7 comments
Jhon Andre Maleniza Kyla Mijares
Bobby S. Martinez Go Spurs Go!!!
Helena Nogueira começo de jogo e eperdendo, só vou ver o resultado.
Nicole Cervantes PAUPAU👊🏼👊🏼💪🏼
Monica Valle Win SOL
Pau Gasol
23:06 03/15/2017

‪#GameDay ⚪⚫‬ ‪#GoSpursGo ‬

92 reactions 16 comments
Víctor Gil Aparicio Benoît Cyprien Primault
Colin Fung Bryan Ba-Pe
Monica Valle Love u sol
Milos Zvezdas Radonjic #FuckSpursFuck
John Conrad I want to see the game.....//www.gofundme.com/johns-vision-fund
Deron Williams
08:06 03/16/2017

#Gameday #ALLinORANGE #CavsHWC

918 reactions 16 comments
Dane Dumalagan Go bro beat them
Mark Christian P Pasajol 13 minutes in play 13 points go deron...
Roberto Gianati Maiale
Larrianne Jordan Go Deron
David Crawford Cav.s coming to Denver We will be there
Pau Gasol
10:18 03/13/2017

#GameDay #SASxGSW ph: San Antonio Spurs

3.0k reactions 45 comments
Claudia Peraza Paredes Que buena foto!
Dorothy Rolfstad Have a great game, Pau. Hope you make all your shots.
Josel Kam 💪🏻
Gabriel Barreiro Vamos arriba,tío!! Por ese primer lugar en el oeste!!!!
Luis Utor Pepinazo Fabian
Pau Gasol
08:42 03/08/2017

#GameDay ⚪⚫ SASxHOU #GoSpursGo

2.9k reactions 32 comments
Michael Right Brandon Baldazo
Mula Jflow Hell fuking yea spurs all day block all hardens layups no easy buckets
Emilio Vicens Deee-fense!!!! Grande Pau👍😉 #GoSpursGo
Michel Montoya Martinez Crack!!!🙉
Letra Escarlata Increíble!
Pau Gasol
19:54 03/05/2017

#GameDay ⚫⚪ SASxMIN #GoSpursGo

2.3k reactions 19 comments
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Adrian Tamayo Julien Le Tohic
JurGa Kuzavaite !!!!!:)))))
JurGa Kuzavaite yes yes... good luck my love 100 points....!!!!:)))))))
Monica Valle I LOVE U SOL
Pau Gasol
07:06 03/03/2017

#GameDay at our house ⚪⚫ #SASxIND San Antonio Spurs

2.0k reactions 19 comments
Israel Arranz Gonzalez ENORME
Ligita Semenec Good luck Pau!!! #GoSpurs
Jan Claros Goodluck Pau!
Bobby S. Martinez Looking forward to the game! Go Spurs Go!!
Mary Grace Loyao Garlito You're the best!!! Go Pau,,Go Spurs,,,love u always Pau!!!
Pau Gasol
16:36 01/16/2017

#GameDay en Ciudad de México contra #Phoenix !!! #NBAGlobalGames #VivaMexico 🇲🇽 #NBAMexico

4.6k reactions 62 comments
Marko Filja Filipovic Nikola Jokic #NBAVote
Isabel Palazon Y sin estar en el partido?.....en fin...ya me enteraré....
Debra Martin Franks Nice
Dorothy Rolfstad Have a great game. Love watching you play.
Pau Gasol
03:48 01/14/2017

#DiadePartido Vamoooooosss!!! #GameDay Let's gooooooooo!!! #NBA #GoSpursGo

6.5k reactions 103 comments
Ron Alfonso Go Pau Gasol!
Solofo Razafitsialonina Pau Gasol #NBAVOTE
Ibsen Peralta Buen juego Grande Pau
Manuel Salvador Martínez Pau eres el mejor #NBAVOTE
Diego Ramos Valle Pau Gasol #NBAVOTE queremos a Pau otra vez en el ALL STARS!!! 😎
Thierry Henry
23:18 01/08/2017

Good luck to my man @JayTrain23 @MiamiDolphins 🐬 at @Steelers #gameday @NFL #wildcard #historybeckons 🏈

532 reactions 12 comments
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صور جميلة أنا فلسطيني من غزة ،، أعشق #الجزائر من كل قلبي ،، أنا اعملت صفحة لأقول لكل العالم الجزائر وفلسطين بلد واحد فرق بينهم الحدود ،، وأنشأت صفحة منذ عام 2010 ولحتى الأن الصفحة قليل فيها للعلم كنت اتمنى ان اجد ملياااار واحد فيها ليعلم العالم ولتصل رسالتي لكل ...
Alex Preuß Moritz Peschke Kev Pirags 🐬 ❤️
Mehmet Saka #14
Yakubu Usman My best 14
Serge Ibaka
07:48 01/04/2017

Came up short last night in Indiana but tonight in NY there's another opportunity to get the first win of 2017. #GameDay #LetsGoMagic #PureMagic

462 reactions 10 comments
Deon Brown Quick cash no cash needed to start http://CashForInvite.com/?ref=71554
Sigurica Ajde Ibaka brate večeras preko 17.5 moraš.
Heidi Rubin Go Magic. Please beat the Knicks
Toni Woodrel Hey Serge! You guys get a W tonight! OK? Go Magic!!!
Cynthia Goldman Serge Ibaka #NBAVOTE
Pau Gasol
23:00 12/29/2016

‪#GameDay against the #Suns at home! #GoSpursGo #NBA‬

4.5k reactions 23 comments
Ρωμανός Πικάσης Κωστας Πουλος
Emeralp Agcanas Jordan Clarkson #NBAVote
Mi Arpeg Moda #GoSpursGo #España que grande es Pau.
Jayson Callejo Pau Gasol #NBAVote
Alicia Mahosky Go spurs go
Pau Gasol
15:00 12/04/2016

#GoSpursGo #GameDay

3.6k reactions 36 comments
Alfon Galán Easy jajaja
Víctor Gil Aparicio Gran es Pic de los viejos!!
Pilar Lopez Garcia Pues GO, VAMOS PAU
Jesus Sitch Juuuugooon
Antonio Lois Que fácil lo haces, grande Pau!
Rob Gronkowski -Gronk
21:48 11/29/2016

Let's get it #PatsNation #Gameday

13.3k reactions 150 comments
Drew Busa Can you stay on the field for a game ?
Dennis Brown Gronk is active for the game.
Cameron Dickey Hate to talk shit but damn man, can you stay healthy?
Pamela Mello thank god we have gronk back we have a good chance now
Jamie Mcpherson Too bad gronks playing I can't stand the cry baby just quit already
Serge Ibaka
07:48 11/27/2016


2.3k reactions 18 comments
LM Soldat http://talents2kin.com/wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/download.php?id=449
Janit Wooth I agree with u Serge! Everyday not just Thanksgiving.
Scott Engel We sure miss you here in Okc! I wish you nothing but good things.
Bresheiona Brown 😍😍😍😍
Beni Bakundanga Dunk
Pau Gasol
23:00 11/21/2016

#GoSpursGo #GameDay San Antonio Spurs

2.8k reactions 33 comments
Eunice Marie Molina Tan SAS #16❤
Ana Sofia Vela de Aguilar Guapoooooo
Anthea Iu #GoSpursGo
Patrick Velasquez GO PG GO SA GO LOS SPURRRS 🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀
Mohammad Sami Kh #GoSpursGo ✊👊🔨
Serge Ibaka
06:12 11/22/2016


2.9k reactions 47 comments
Paupaul Lavodrama We miss you in OKC
Natacha Bidiki Gooaall
Caleb Booker Good luck serge!
Christina Jones Chancellor Miss you in OKC!!
Gera Samuels Great bro
Serge Ibaka
04:36 11/17/2016

#GameDay #PureMagic #LetsGoMagic

1.8k reactions 28 comments
Andry Hermawan no need to go to the cinema to watch the lastest movie you've never seen even before....!!! here you can click the link and get the movie...!!!thanks and enjoy watching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016) http://www.gagandulan.ga/filmx/fullx....
Rglody Ngoma Yes man
Nidol Logoni Ibaka nice job
Connie Drinkard OKC still LOVES you Serge!
Isaac Ibaka dieu est grand
Pau Gasol
21:24 11/16/2016

#GameDay #GoSpursGo #NBA

10.7k reactions 61 comments
Ana Sofia Vela de Aguilar Pau el mejor el mas grande de los deportistas, besos
Enrique Plaza Marin Grande Pau
Raul Garcia Crack PAUUUUUUU
Denys Souza Cara que agasalho top!!!
Laureen Foat Let's go beat the Heat!
Pau Gasol
19:48 11/11/2016

#GameDay #GoSpursGo #HappyVeteransDay #ProtectOurHouse

2.1k reactions 62 comments
Jose Antonio Poncelas Gutiérrez Tú casa? Esos?
Fabiola Raquel Marco bebé 😍 ¡hay que comprarla! 💪🏀
Jolan Iar Advincula Gas all!
Debra Martin Franks Ok, I want one of those shirts
Anthony Rodriguez GO SPURS GO Omy to see my spurs play
Serge Ibaka
01:24 11/07/2016

New uniforms #AvecClasse #GameDay

6.2k reactions 61 comments
Millie Perez We Love You here in Okc❤️
Dorsa Ahlefeld Miss you, Serge
Katherine Lagunes I missed u
Diane Hauser McCray Love and miss you Serge, here in OKC...🏀🏀🏀
Steve Edwards They look like practice jerseys lol
Serge Ibaka
00:30 10/27/2016

#GameDay #MagicTipOff #PureMagic

2.5k reactions 103 comments
Sam Okongo good luck serge ibaka , national heroes .the pride of congo Brazzaville. #team242 .mwana mboka
BreAnne Hajny I'm sad about the jersey he's wearing, but damn....Whitney Renae Arbaugh 😍😍😍
Beverly J Rogalsky We will really miss you Serge...Best of luck with your new team...
Nikki Baker Everything you doing in Orlando, you should have been doing in OKC.
Diane Abla Hurts my heart you're not with us anymore here in OKC. Wishing only good things for you!!
Hines Ward
20:15 10/24/2016

What's your prediction? #steelers #steelersnation #patriots #nfl #gameday

575 reactions 271 comments
Michael Antal With 7 important players out, it's gonna be a slaughter, the CHEATRIOTS better be thankful for the gift they are about to receive
Jereme Keough The D held their own today but Landry can't get the offense going like Big Ben...we'll take the loss and see NE again in the playoffs.
Krystal Ranshaw We have some key players out but I won't count the steelers out. I think they can pull it off. Never underestimate what the steelers are capable of.
Kane South Love ya Hines and I respect the Steelers but Brady's on a revenge tour and he ain't stopping until goodell hands him the Lombardi
Jean Brown I would be delighted with a win today, however, that doesn't seem to be realistic. I am and will always be a STEELER fan. But today just doesn't seem realistic . I pray no one, either side, gets hurt.
Ricardo Kakà
08:15 10/25/2016

It's always a pleasure to play soccer #SoccerSunday #gameday Orlando City Soccer Club

65.3k reactions 350 comments
Ini Udeme Udoaka Ricardo izecson dos-santos leite aka kaka' you're the best! #ThumbsUpBro
Dan Silva Volta pro São Paulo ano que vem sua casa te espera ?⚪⚫
Ananias Kantyra Esse sim é meu ídolo admiro muito, em todos os aspectos
Shinn AnhĐức I love him, he is the No. 1 player, I wanted to see him and his autograph <3 <3 <3
Yo Januçia God bless you today.... I hope u all the best in your life..... I love you....
Rob Gronkowski -Gronk
21:20 10/24/2016


7.0k reactions 97 comments
Ethan Barnett #gronkspike
Joseph P. Hildebrandt #1 reason; Show up.
Susan Fisher This is My sweet boy Gronk. He gets a hotdog for each gronkowski touchdown. Go Pats!
Alex Walsh Pujitha Ganni you'll actually get to watch this game
Joshua Faucher And so far I won't even be able to watch the game because cbs is out!!!!!
Rob Gronkowski -Gronk
21:20 10/24/2016

#Gameday #LetsGo #Patsnation

31.1k reactions 282 comments
Dave Hoffmann Steelers have the 29th ranked pass D. This should be Napalm Bombing!
Quintin Penne Beat pits ass plz. ? since I'm a Brown's fan and they can't shove the W in my face lol.
Judy Stalus i hope we can watch, WBZ is down for many of us. So upset.
Karen Cross Jorgensen Gronk, bring home a win.... It's my birthday!! ?
Heather Young Geaux Pat's...#patsnation..best qb in the league..in the games right now...gronk..knows his role..an is best at his position..great team...#ilovetombrady...
Pau Gasol
03:40 10/16/2016

#GameDay! Tonight at home against #Miami #GoSpursGo #Preseason

6.9k reactions 31 comments
Eunice Marie Molina Tan Go Spurs ? ❤16
Filipe Wade Miami Heat ????
Virginia Barron lo maximo cn el gugador pau.G
Marisöl Rodz Go Spurs Go!!!
David Patricio Guardo Puertas lengend
Pau Gasol
01:00 10/14/2016

#GameDay #Spurs vs #Magic #GoSpursGo

5.6k reactions 28 comments
Isabel Palazon And the Spurts también...jiiii...
Aurel Yurag Inot Its easy to yup
Melinda Fontenette Go Pau!!
Pedro Miguel Zamora Jimenez Que vaya bien la temporada ?
19:00 10/10/2016

#Repost Joe Perry ・・・ Welcome back Tom Brady #NewEnglandPatriots #Patriots New England Patriots #NFL #GameDay #TB12 #Aerosmith #TomBrady

3.6k reactions 58 comments
Dan Dani Alves Silva Please, play Angel, Fly Away From Here and What It Takes in Sao Paulo.
Matt Garner Julie
Ashley Weaver Welcome back Tom Brady ?
Brian St Arnauld Glad 2see u looking healthy again Joe, met u In Fall River Mass 93ish Thanks for all your great years n dedicated to the band n the Kick-ass RnR all these years!?
Laura Acuña Hermoso viejo!!!
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