System of a Down
20:30 12/30/2017

#FanArtFriday #talent #fanlove #systemofadown 🎨: @luzzy_sargabarack @greta.p.art @im_sack @mpizanskaya

11.8k reactions 67 comments
Mostafa KHalid WAKE UP PEOPLE! #SOAD won't make another album, Their music career is simply over! They're just touring with their old stuff and posting dump things on facebook and instagram πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ That is a fact, isn't it?
Diego Noestress new albun . Sujered the regresion !
Π›Π΅Π½Π° ΠšΡƒΡ€Ρ† Wow!
Eko Putra Alvero ByobπŸ‘
Manon Bombardier love it!
Conor McGregor
03:42 12/17/2017

Waiting in the snow, that's love! Thank you to the fans everyday! #fanlove ❀️

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Keith Gantt Nice to hear you want to fight mma again.
Patrick Campos Connor i want to see you and diaz fight again.. 😊😊
Deirdre Kearney I waited for ya for hours in Liffey valley πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚fair play you apologize for me missing strictly πŸ’‹πŸ•ΊπŸ˜‚
Clive Reynolds That'll be the maximum amount of fans you'll have left if you don't defend a title soon.
Bryan Johnson We would love you more if you handed out some of your cash to us.
System of a Down
04:18 08/26/2017

#fanartfriday #systemofadown #fanlove #art #talent 🎨: 1 - Junior De Melo Tatuador 2 - Kattavandeheck 3 & 4 - @we.are.on.drugs 5 - @araxix 6 - @rexored

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Roberto Gast When will the new album be released?
Maxime Taborda Toxicity le best...
Rahmah Agustina New album ??
Alfredo Neto we're fucked up in brazil! come and make us happy!
Beatriz Pacheco Santos Quero um desenho ... Bruno Maciel Olha Carolina Costa πŸ’“
System of a Down
13:54 08/18/2017

#systemofadown #fanlove #bestfans πŸ“·: Greg Watermann

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Chris Camm Hypnosoad
Laucha Morales Anda a lavarte el orto
Jason Bayierl Best fans deserve new album.... Just sayin'
Maria Vera I'm your biggest fan :(
Syech Ollied Satriaji In your eyes forsakenme
System of a Down
01:06 08/16/2017

Love our fans. #systemtour2017 #systemofadown #bestfans #thankyou #fanlove πŸ“·: Greg Watermann

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Ylva Sommer Jan was geht ab? :D
Travis Fisher Ricky Graves Dude, when did you grow your hair back out? Lol
Zach Beaulieu Why is that dude doing the Spider-Man hands at the camera?
Lauren Elisse Allen What about your U.S. fans though? And by U.S. I mean all over, not just LA. Come to Dallas!
Scott LaFerriere I guess you love your European fans I'm sure this is probably trumps fault too. Time to make system great again

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