Jeff Gordon
20:54 08/12/2017

Spectacular diving on this trip. All of these videos were from one dive! 🐠🐠🐠 #Diving #Indonesia

2.3k reactions 90 comments
Tracey Peters Awesome
Robert D'Orazio You found Nemo. Lol
Paul Doyle Beautiful videos .
Tricia Mink Barnes Gorgeous
Donna Radcliffe Beautiful
Rodrigo [Minotauro] Nogueira
11:54 09/12/2016

Look the ocean In Phi Phi Le Tayland !! Olha a cor do mar em Phi Phi Le , Tailandia !! #familia #tailandia #tayland #pipilee #mergulho #diving #fun #amigos #friends #paraiso #paradise

3.0k reactions 64 comments
Matias Alberto Charrua Charrua Pessoal onde Γ© este lugar
Erikka Alessandra Maravilhoso a foto ficou muito boa
Ana Cristina Tina Cena quase perfeita!
Rui Silva Espetacular! Oss
Tom Daley
11:51 09/12/2016

The @teamgb #diving boys ??????, taking over the rings ??????

32.7k reactions 272 comments
Stephen Baldock I know you will all do us proud and have a good time, stay safe I'll be watching xx
Barrie Dixon Cullen I'm sure you will do us proud guys, bring back them medals ????
William Hayman You will do us proud no matter what. All the best. We are behind you 100%. Good luck. Bill and Gary Gardner
Eren SakallΔ± Good luck tom daley red
Md Nizam Azlan Wishing you all the best Tom Daley

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