Jimmie Johnson
15:18 11/14/2017

A huge thank you to all of Hendrick Motorsports, Team Lowe's Racing and my fans. I'm sorry #chasing8 came to an end today. We will be back.

5.3k reactions 576 comments
Vickie Hudson-Stanley My number one driver!!! I won't be watching the last race as I don't really care who wins!! No Hendrick drivers in the running!!!#48FanForever
Marie Vaughan Time for a shake up, because I certainly saw a driver trying extremely hard, and enthusiastically, but crew chief and gang seemed lackluster. Love Chad, but it’s time for a change to someone who bikes 75 miles then leads an entire race. πŸ’™βœŒοΈπŸ™‹πŸ€”
Bonnie Haines-Fink I was a little disappointed, but at least you did not get hurt. Keep your head up high, you are still the best driver on the track. It was not your fault, your equipment failed you. You will come back next year and get the 8th championship. #48🏁 you are ...
Luis F Garcia Crew Chief Chad Knaus has to take some of the responsibility for not putting together a car fast enough to compete - the second half of the race schedule had the Toyota's leading in most races - the #42 and the #24 competed as well some of the Ford ...
Brandan Davis I can't help but to think you are getting paid to preform this way... I really think higher up didn't want you to win this year. NASCAR has become money hungry. It's not a sport anymore. It's now who can bring in the most money for the sport. I find it ...
Jimmie Johnson
21:36 09/19/2017

You guys are seriously the best!! #chasing8

3.9k reactions 422 comments
Vicki Kinnett Your not old Jimmie your as young as feel have a awesome birthday !! Now good luck with the race !! πŸ’—πŸ
Kimberlee Dufresne Mauldin It takes one ..to know one JJ!! Happy Birthday...show them how it's done! #socalalltheway #allhendrickallthetime
Susan McGlasson Jimmie You can still Rock this Win Today. You are definitely not old and can still Whip that Field. Happy Birthday!!!
Judy Bunner You are so welcome. Enjoy your day! Bring home the checkered flag from Chicagoland Jimmie. 48racing84chasing8 πŸπŸ’™πŸ
Judy Lamica Happy Birthday Jimmie Johnson. Beautiful day we have here in Northern New York. Come visit our ADIRONDACK Mountains, for some great hicking. Right in the heart of Lake Placid.
Jimmie Johnson
20:00 09/14/2017

We're ready. Let’s make history. #chasing8

3.3k reactions 195 comments
Angela Parker Ramsey It's officially fall when Starbucks rolls out the pumpkin spice lattes... which means the summer slump is over!
Diane Rotchford # chasing 8 will be gr8at!!! Jimmie you are the best driver and a great family man. Go get it's yours.
Barbara Gray Hope Hendrick has been holding back. Getting so tired of Truex, Kyle and Kyle every single week. Boring!
Norma Sue Glausier I know you can do it again. I got this I know. You have a great attitude about everything. A you are a great role model for kids unlike some others I want mention. Just stay focused. I have been on your team since I started watching racing.
Richard Jensen Git r dun Jimmie! Big fan for many years. Good luck, God bless, and God speed in becoming an 8 time champion!
Jimmie Johnson
03:48 07/26/2017

IG TAKEOVER: This team is so focused, so dedicated . They are ready to kiss the bricks today ! - @dannybones64 #NASCAR #Brickyard400 #JimmieJohnson #dannyclinch #chasing8

1.1k reactions 57 comments
Rene Reed Great photo Danny
Darlene Hodges Go Jimmie I hope you win
Suzanne Zenk You go Jimmie! Win this!! πŸ’™
Sarah Verdon GO JIMMIE!!
Vildy Santana Nawracaj Good bless you all. Team#48
Jimmie Johnson
15:00 07/23/2017

Today Jimmie takes on one of the most historic racetracks in NASCAR and the Brickyard 400 ! Personally I'm am super exited to even stand on this track ! Go get it @jimmiejohnson ! - @dannybones64 #NASCAR #Brickyard400 #lowes48 #dannyclinch #chasing8 #JimmieJohnson

761 reactions 60 comments
Lucia Mellema Godspeed Superman!
Jo Liner Go for the win, Jimmie.
Angela Lamonica Go Jimmie Go!
Joanne Burns Jacobs #ei8ht
SebastienCheyenne Pru Nier Kiss those bricks?.......... #48JIMMIEJOHNSON
Jimmie Johnson
15:00 07/23/2017

INSTAGRAM TAKEOVER: Sun sets on a great day at Indy . Ready for the Brickyard tomorrow ! - @dannybones64 #NASCAR #Brickyard400 #JimmieJohnson #lowes48 #dannyclinch #chasing8

396 reactions 10 comments
Rob Powers LOVE Jimmie Johnson
Eugene Davenport ##8
Robert Pnut Goodwin U won't win this one
Lucia Mellema Sweet sunset!
Chris Cramer-Sfetku Awesome pic! Kick some butt tomorrow!!!
Jimmie Johnson
15:00 07/23/2017

INSTAGRAM TAKEOVER: Alright ! Top 5 in Brickyard 400 qualifying . I'm so impressed with this team and the work they've done together to get the 48 starting P4 tomorrow ! - @dannybones64 #NASCAR #Brickyard400 #JimmieJohnson #lowes48 #dannyclinch #chasing8

1.3k reactions 55 comments
이쀀범 Jimmie is really Best friend foreverπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ‘^^
Tonia Jo Hart Roberts Excellent..blessings sent for the WIN
Ben Stoots 7 time
Kenny D Harper Get done tomorrow Champ!
Florence Kunze Good luck tomorrow Jimmie🏁
Jimmie Johnson
15:00 07/23/2017

INSTAGRAM TAKEOVER: Qualifying. Happening now. This guy is focused and I'm pretty damn excited - @dannybones64 #NASCAR #Brickyard400 #lowes48 #JimmieJohnson #dannyclinch #chasing8

376 reactions 20 comments
Brian Cooper Go Jimmie
Julie Harpis Woohoo go jimmie!!😍!
Doris Dowers Go Jimmie make it five.
Mark Raynor Good work on photo courtesy on our Jimmie πŸ™‚
Kenny Gurley Can't wait to see the pics that you are gonna take tomorrow Danny!
Jimmie Johnson
15:00 07/23/2017

INSTAGRAM TAKEOVER: It's been such an educational experience for me getting to see Team Lowe's Racing making adjustments on the car ! Crazy energy and teamwork , I love it . #NASCAR #Brickyard400 #JimmieJohnson #chasing8 #dannyclinch - Danny Clinch Photography

773 reactions 17 comments
Christopher C Johnson Get off at late and get on it early
Sherry White great job 48 team
Nathan Brown Go win us one Jimmie!!!!
Nancy Robinson Yes jimmies race team is great
Mark Raynor Time for a win tomorrow Jimmie 🏁🏎
Jimmie Johnson
18:12 06/25/2017

Studying laps. Talking strategy. These two are #chasing8. - @vec_photo_

2.1k reactions 72 comments
Jennifer Honeycutt Look what I found might be some tools in it chad can use
Ryan Martin We don't want that paper to get stolen too
Jennifer Ashburn Go get em champ!! You've got this you're number one in my book!
Chris Duerksen That's a picture of the lake, they talking about camping. Haha
Kris Bennett Okay Jimmie, since you've got you're "Where's Waldo" shirt on, this is where I want you to hide on the track.
Jimmie Johnson
03:48 06/18/2017

A 3 year contract extension hopefully means more cool trophies. #Chasing8 Hendrick Motorsports

11.8k reactions 280 comments
Jeremy Harstad You need a pic with Richard and his 7 championship trophies
Jay Taube Thank goodness. To many of my fav's retiring way to early.
Casey Jones with his record it truely shows he is the best of all time winning 5 championships in a row im sure no other driver will ever do again
Richard Conboy I guess Lowe's will send a few hundred more jobs to India to keep sponsoring a millionaire race car driver.
Donna Seibert Cool...was wondering when it would happen....now to concentrate on #Chasing8
Jimmie Johnson
02:12 06/13/2017

Definitely not the finish we were all hoping for but SO THANKFUL to see Jimmie ok after such a hard hit πŸ™πŸΌ #chasing8 will continue next week. -Niko J Kallianiotis

2.2k reactions 148 comments
Roseann Nockideneh Whew!!! That was one hard lick!!! So grateful JJ is ok....that is all that matters right now
Patricia Biddle Very glad to have seen that Jimmie is not injured. Sad that he crashed.
Valoree Borowski I wish at least people would spell his first name correctly. It's Jimmie not Jimmy
Cheryl Johnson Thank God you're OK take care and have a Happy Fathers Day.
Rose Daly McNay That was tough to watch, hope you are feeling ok! πŸ€•
Jimmie Johnson
22:30 06/02/2017

Last year was #se7en, this year we're #chasing8. Dover International Speedway - I'm ready for another 🏁

1.7k reactions 98 comments
Diane Souza Go home crybaby 2
Brenda Jenkins You will make it jimmy
Donna Andersen Cole Good Luck Jimmie!!! Love Ya! God Bless!
Ibanez Basso and FURTHER !!! 🍾
Linda Redforth #chasing8
Jimmie Johnson
22:30 04/25/2017

82! #chasing8

16.1k reactions 373 comments
Susan Porter Appling I was there ! My first NASCAR race and my man took first !! Congrats Jimmy ! What an awesome experience ... thanks for making it great for me ...🏁🏁🏁
Randy Johnson Congrats on two in a row! Keep up the good work guys!! 🏁🏁
Lacy Joslin Wooo hooo you won for my daughter Bristol's 1st birthday !!β€οΈβ€οΈοΈπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ
Connor Gibson I guess this year is the year John Cena beats Ric Flair's title record to make 8 then go out in huge fanfare. SHABADOO!!
Bonnie L. Olson Terrific! You need to make it to at least 84 this year! Pass some people!
Jimmie Johnson
22:30 04/25/2017

82 wins and 7 championships. #Chasing8

9.0k reactions 188 comments
Janice Phillips-Jordan Such a cutie...and one helluva driver! Wow what a drive to the finish!πŸ‘Œ
Beth Smith Right on "baby". Thumbs up for J.J. and the whole 48 crew and of course Chad. 82 wins and counting
Shawn Shenah He'll be the new King once he gets 8 and passes Pettys 200 wins πŸ˜ƒ
Donnie Wilson Great job Jimmie Johnson Superman love your biggest fan Patricia Wilson
Kyle Tuck Lowe how to call a NASCAR race, "Here they come.....there they go" repeat every lap.
Jimmie Johnson
17:36 04/10/2017

Got the cowboy hat today! #chasing8

16.1k reactions 630 comments
Vic Hall Even the commentators had negative things to say about the beard. To quote them, " Well he won, so I guess we have to live with the beard for now" the they laughed.
Carol Dunlap CONGRATULATIONS on a great race !! You did an awesome job !!Coming from 40th to Victory Lane !! I knew you could do it !! The #48 was on the move !! You had a great clean race, no mistakes on pit road , or on the track . Lets keep 4thh he winning ...
Joel Youngs Congratulations Jimmie Johnson! But dude! Lose the beard? It doesn't look good on you. Sorry to say that. Are you and Dale Jr having a beard growing contest with each other?
Vic Hall Jimmie, bro, the beard makes you look so much older. Great Job at Texas! Not saying you should not have a beard, just the long beard does not look fitting on you. but you do what you think is best, it is your face.
Kurt Wilson I have to say after criticizing the team for their setup mainly. Jimmy driving great as usual. The engineers seem too have the chassis. Working quite well. Good luck next week Kurt in Carlsbad.
Jimmie Johnson
01:36 03/29/2017

This was a first for me... a frustrating day for sure, bring on Martinsville. #NeverQuit #Chasing8

2.1k reactions 128 comments
Russell Charles Win some, ya lose some, but them boys in blue got your back!
Jennifer Honeycutt Hey jimmie did you know Kyle Larson was in an car accident after the race not injured lucky
Denise Schoon I think it's the beard really it's weighing you down. Shave it and you will do better
Jennifer Honeycutt Yeah that didn't work out to well did it you will get there just keep the faith
Derek D-Roc Brovont So no speed this year or what? This is terrible to watch to say the least. Not even competing out there at all.
Jimmie Johnson
11:12 03/21/2017

A decent finishing... we lacked short run speed but had a solid car. We will keep busting arse it and get better. #Chasing8

1.6k reactions 50 comments
Diane Taylor GO JIMMIE!!!
Joanne Burns Jacobs #ei8ht
LaDonna Balzer We'll hold you to that promise!
Tony Speratos Better go skiing...
Andrew Sier I'll take a top 10 finish any day! #Chasing8
Jimmie Johnson
20:48 03/13/2017

And that's a wrap. The Team Lowe's Racing Kobalt Chevy is in the garage for the night and ready to tear it up on the track tomorrow πŸ™ŒπŸΌ #Chasing8 #Kobalt400

3.2k reactions 76 comments
Spence Judd If only he could qualify once in awhile?
Shelane Arechiga Good luck tomorrow!
Ben Henson #48 jj go
Tony Caufield See you at 4 😁
Cris L Pedersen-Guy I'll be there to watch team #48!!! Good luck Jimmie!!!
Jimmie Johnson
06:24 03/06/2017

We kept fighting all day long... just too many mistakes and confusion. Bring on Vegas! #Chasing8

1.2k reactions 123 comments
Danielle Deichert Didn't matter to me what place you finished. I was just happy to see you at my first ever race today😁😁😁
Sue Marie Allen Once a fan always..luv ya Jimmie n the 48 crew..I second the change in NASCAR, ..it's bogus. But o well ..48 rules always!,
Debbie Rowell Good job hun ....Your awesome your the best I've been a fan since you started and always will be your fan love you hun ...Win don't win your all aces to me Hugz and many many more blessings always....Love you go 48 !!!!!!
Jennifer Honeycutt I think you should have gotten that lucky dog listened to your scanner the whole race you did great just no more speeding please
Carol Stinson I do not like the rule system they have going on, I wish they would leave things alone & let you guys just race. Better Luck Next Week
Jimmie Johnson
04:48 03/01/2017

/ #chasing8 on a gorgeous day in Daytona. Stage two complete - and the track is fast 🀘

2.2k reactions 179 comments
Mark Raynor No worries Jimmie it's going to be better luck for this Sunday 🏁🏎🏎🏎 go 48!!!
Kevin Polan From the duel and today it looks like there out to wreck you gonna be a long year good luck I'm fighting for ya
Denise Byrd Teuscher You looked good out there, Jimmy! Dog gone! That wreck should have not happened at Daytona. You are still the man!
Helen Mary Stop making excuses for Jimmie! He's a Champion and his skill will win his 8th championship 😁😁
Tony King I Poop in stages now and I'm having the same results as NASCAR stage racing...
Jimmie Johnson
04:48 03/01/2017

/ the @lowesracing team is on point today - already earning spots on the track #Daytona500 #chasing8 #48

2.4k reactions 51 comments
Kim Babcock Go four 8 jimmie
Cecilia Barry Yaay Team 48...
Lacy Joslin Wooo hooo go Jimmy !!! You got this !
Karen Kovach Go, team, Go!!
Mary Bartosh Jamison πŸ’‹
Jimmie Johnson
04:48 03/01/2017

/ fans are awesome #48 #chasing8

3.0k reactions 80 comments
Jude Bardeen I love Jimmie, but. Oh
Dennis Daddyd Pool DO NOT GET THAT
Mark Raynor Good try yesterday Jimmie ;-)
Tom Murray Straight 4 8!
Renee Elliott Love it
Jimmie Johnson
16:00 02/26/2017

/ A little behind-the-scenes of Seven Time's creative process - found Jimmie's notes that show the path to #chasing8

443 reactions 55 comments
Charles Omley Jimmie - Run Four 8
Celio O. Mzw 4chasing8
Mark Reed #Drivefour8
Stephen Lusk #8ight #48/4,8
Clayton Butt GO 48 GO. MAKE The LOGO THE GREAT 48/8
Jimmie Johnson
16:00 02/26/2017

Today's the day. #chasing8 FOX | 2pmET

1.8k reactions 77 comments
Walter Patterson Have a good race and a safe one
Ann Marie Bridy Let's Go Get It!!!!!!!!!! #EIGHT
Brenda Witt You got this...safe driving.
Roe Jordan Joe... here we go!
Jennifer LaBelle Warne Go kick ass Jimmie! #48πŸ†
Jimmie Johnson
16:00 02/26/2017

/ today is the big day - #Daytona500 and the beginning of the NASCAR season, thanks everyone who follows Jimmies social media feeds - your support has been inspiring. It's been a tremendous weekend documenting Team Johnson and showing you a bit of Jimmie's life off the track - stay tuned, today will be a lot more from the five hundred ! Go @teamhendrick #chasing8 ( portrait by @lyleowerko )

3.1k reactions 224 comments
Susan SteMarie go get em Jimmie! Stay out if the crashes!! #chasing8
Cheryl Card Yatsonsky Good luck, I know you can make it to the front for a win, you are the best
Javid D Mcgire Good luck 7 time, enjoy the day stay safe and Godspeed.
Leah Conner Dale Frasier I thought you would appreciate this picture 😊😊
Donald Christian Jr. Lets go racing boys and girls! grab your Beers and plug ya ears! crank up the sound its NASCAR TIME AGAIN!
Jimmie Johnson
16:00 02/26/2017

/ g'night from Team Johnson - see you all at the Daytona 500 tomorrow #chasing8

5.4k reactions 161 comments
Darlene Bearden I'll be there
Linda Loiselle King Sleep well..Go Jimmie!
Chrissy Koval Love Jimmie and Dale Jr
Vicky Cordell Go Jimmie #Chasing8
Maureen Scranton Good luck Jimmie~ we'll be watching!!
Jimmie Johnson
16:00 02/26/2017

/ end of day family time - Jimmie out with his daughter Lydia for a final lap around the track before the race on Sunday #chasing8

1.9k reactions 33 comments
Linda Reynolds He never stops
Max Bean Good luck to all HMS, 1234
Kerry Shrake Good Luck tomorrow!! Stay safe πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβ€οΈ
Bobby Powers Good luck Jimmie show em how its done son!!πŸ˜‰πŸπŸπŸπŸ
Jennifer Honeycutt Beautiful evening for a bike ride
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