Eva Longoria Baston
00:06 01/13/2018

And it begins again....#DirectingMode #BossLady #Blackish 🎬🎬🎬

2.7k reactions 61 comments
Everett Flores You go Eva!
Cece Muñoz Great Job! Youre an inspiration!
Tina Ikome-Likambi What abt Devious Maids 😭😭
Mary Lopez 👍👏👏👏🙏
Michele Golding One of my favourite shows!
Snoop Dogg
22:30 12/12/2017

Live now on Vogue Special dedication music vid to my one & only ❤️💍❤️ #LastName #BossLady

164 reactions 10 comments
Ruben Emea @@smookeweed.com🌲🌲🌲
Saddam Bah R
Chris Carey Snoop Dogg
Yolanda Raymond Congratulations S.D but Diz ish rite here nigga I got da stick cum smoke dat ish
Michael Vest Jr. Snoop thought it ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none
Eva Longoria Baston
09:42 11/28/2017

Ok Monday, let’s do this!!!! 💪🏽 #Mood #BossLady (📸 by German Najera + Ivan Flores for Quién magazine)

5.1k reactions 112 comments
Harper Sherie stunning
Giorgio Cini Ogni giorno che passa Eva diventa sempre più bella.
Mickey Rivera Verdadera Belleza!!!
Sabrina Rotondi Lisa ti sta bene sto vestito
Jocelyne Pérez La más hermosa. ❤❤❤
Eva Longoria Baston
16:06 11/10/2017

And......... action 🎬 Day 4 on set! #Directing #LAtoVegas #WorkWorkWork #BossLady

2.3k reactions 48 comments
Shirley Medaly Félix Guapa😘🤗🇵🇪
Praise Huguette Tembo Work hard my sweetie
Tom Moresi Hello Beautiful!!!!!
Robert Garriott I never saw your ear before🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣
Greg George Much <3
Melissa Joan Hart
13:54 10/26/2017

#Repost @hartbreakfilms ・・・ Our dynamic duo killed it with #WatcherintheWoods this weekend. The ratings were awesome and we are over the moon here at #HartbreakFilms with the reactions from fans! Melissa’s commentary will play on the movie when it re-airs on #Halloween. #bosslady #girlboss

613 reactions 26 comments
Enrique Menendez Congrats Melissa Joan Hart and Paula Hart!
Stephanie Macci Love. Love. Love.
David William Pristupa Assume pair
Simon Thomas Williams How can we see it in the uk?
John Haferkamp Look good
Carmen Electra
11:31 09/12/2016

#NYC #bosslady kind of #fashion #versace #tb ?

3.5k reactions 67 comments
Roger Fulton Smokin ?
Gareth Woods Yes love
Quinn Harlenn Love u carmen xx
Candelario Dominguez Q princesa tan hermosa besosss
Quinn Harlenn Ahhhh mate she is perfect xx
Trish Stratus
11:53 09/12/2016

Sat down w/ #wwenetwork & dished on the divas! Stay tuned! Makeup by the amazing @muavee, love working with this talented #bosslady! Lashes on point thanks to her lash line, check them out at @bymuavee #ohwaittheyarenotcalleddivasanymore #wwe #womenswrestling #interview #staytuned

7.7k reactions 209 comments
Leanne Murphy Your hair is fab Trish
Giuseppe Tulimiero Beautrishful....
Sandra Stahnke well...Trish when I see other "Divas" after their time with WWE I´m schocked...but you..the older you get..the more beautiful you will :) be proud of you every day :D
David Gallant So sexy I love you
Tammy Kljajevich Way to go trish

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