Serge Ibaka
03:12 05/21/2017

Ma fuzzy, Friday vibe #blessed🙏 #avecclasse

1.8k reactions 89 comments
Pamela Brown Rhonda -Happy Friday #yourewelcome 😂😂😂
Ebey Myk Mafuzzi eza na Mpifo
Gwendolyn Swindall It should be against the law.......
Mary Coleman-woolslayer Love!
Shelly Mcdaniels SING IT, IBAKA!!!!
Alicia Fox
04:42 05/16/2017

Hello #monday.... I #blessed to see you!! ✨🤸🏾‍♂️✨ #raw #mondayfunday #newark #ootd

646 reactions 19 comments
Michael Donalds AWESOME Alicia Fox!!
Lê Nguyễn Phúc Huy TTT <3
Wiliam Luciano Beautyful bb.....
Michael Brant Picture perfect.
Mark Day Sexy
Heidi Montag
13:30 05/15/2017

#happymothersday ! So excited to celebrate my first Mother's Day!🤰🏼 #blessed 🙏🏼 Thank you to all… https://t.co/SGKbfpc3rM

494 reactions 17 comments
Benjamín Córdova Tapia Esteban Andres Quintana Orellana por eso la entretenida no saca disco jajajaja
Monet Braafheid Happy Mothers day
Krystal TheVampier Keenan How far along are u heidi
Trine Refer Happy mothers day too you :)
Brittany Gilliam Congratulations Heidi happy mothers day
Usain Bolt
20:06 05/16/2017

Happy Mother's Day to my Mommy and all Mothers around the world #MyMommy #Love #Blessed #MsJ

27.9k reactions 359 comments
Kaye Mar Happy mothers day Mrs Bolt. You are a legend. God bless and keep your family.
Cashley Rho Happy mothers day from the Waldensia primary family to you Mrs. Bolt
Ver Thomas Happy Mother's Day miss Jennifer God bless you always and you family
Gladys Cuscona Un Feliz Cumple para tu mama, que tenga un feliz y lindo Cumple. Un besote enorme mio y de mama.
Bobsy Mcgowan Happy Mother's Day to a Queen who brought the King into this World.
Alicia Fox
01:30 05/06/2017

✨🤘🏽🦊✌🏽✨HAPPY 11th year 'Alicia Fox' 🤡✌🏽 there would be no 🦊 without YOU!! THANK YOU #wweuniverse, my colleagues, my struggles, and breakthroughs. 🤸🏾‍♂️ #oldschool #littlefox #thankful #blessed LETS #keepthispartygoing

889 reactions 51 comments
Maria Trinidad Jara Celedon Feliz 11 Aniversario Foxxy Foxxy 💕😘🎉💕
Mark Downs congrats foxy....happy wishes for another 11 years
Marcus Darrell Haskins You need another push and stay on top when it's over
Melissa Williams Davis Congratulations
Mark Hunter Keep rocking it Foxy
Serge Ibaka
08:00 04/28/2017

#wethenorth #mafuzzy #avecclasse #blessed🙏

847 reactions 28 comments
Arian Thusoo Fatima Rashidi
Joey Cliff Chadwell Fuzzy off to the next round
Bresheiona Brown 🤗🤗🤗🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽😻😻😻
Vivien Nzaba Ah ibaka je vais jamais me fatigue à aime té photos mn proférer ya pas✌
Alicia Fox
11:06 04/28/2017

Be #blessed... be YOU..... On my way Kitty cats 🐯🐯#HOME #meow

1.4k reactions 38 comments
Mohamed Belbekhouche meow
Buhle Nxuba Mqhaba Wow!
Scott Wolfe Very beautiful lady
Nikki Bella - WWE <--- Like Official Nikki Bella Fan Page Please (y) <3 :*
Brian Pelish You need a title
Alicia Fox
20:42 04/20/2017

'..... for to have faith is to have wings.' J.M. Barrie #blessed to be home 😜 #freebirds WELCOME thank u @delta

757 reactions 21 comments
Kevin Perelman Traci Anna Koval Frame Job - Golden State Sports Medical Discrimination and Stalking to keep me quiet - https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2017/04/12/golden-state-sports-medical-discrimination-and-stalking-to-keep-me-quiet-about-what-i-know/
Rj Faizan Khan <3
Scott Wolfe Very beautiful lady
Sahil Manni Looking nic
Garry Shindler Everyone believes in you
LL Cool J
22:06 04/16/2017

Happy Easter to you and yours!!! #Blessed #Grateful

1.5k reactions 257 comments
Oran J. Jones Thank you, sir and happy Easter, LL!!!
Kathleen York Happy Easter to you and your family
Sharon Perry Happy Easter to you and your family
Antionette Howard Happy Easter!!
Jackie Hart Thank you ! Happy Easter 🐰🐇
Serge Ibaka
04:48 04/18/2017

Mood... #Gameday #playoffs #blessed🙏

3.2k reactions 51 comments
Kiefer Li He is amazing so far in first game
Cynthia Humeniuk You Got This!!
Mike Martinetti Bucks dominated u and the raptors love it
Dany Ray Sambo Blocka 🖐🏾🖐🏾
Toni Woodrel Let's go Serge! We will be watching you if possible!
Russell Westbrook
09:06 04/15/2017

Big thanks to Ebony for putting this kid from LA on the cover!!! I have been getting this magazine since I was a kid and now I am on the cover...crazy!!! #whynot #gaplife #fashionking #blessed

28.4k reactions 400 comments
Luann Watkins I'm so happy for you.
Νίκος Ανδρομιδάς Γεωργιος Χαμοσφακιδης κοιτα μια γιδα
Neo Malapane Great Pic man...Congratulations brother...Keep at it and Keep God first
Stephannie Phelps-Jordan Love you Russell
Ambot Ni Mo #fashionking 😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️😙
Alicia Fox
06:18 04/13/2017

A bit late BUT happy #natuonalsiblingday #truelove #blessed

2.0k reactions 40 comments
Felix Pesina Beautiful
Panch Martinez Pretty
Leoe Kar Hoe Wow Alicia fox you are so very very beautiful girl
William Paradysz Pretty lady's there
Wiliam Luciano Both are Beautyful.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sean Kingston
03:30 04/12/2017

Life is 10% What happens to you and 90% How u handle it.. #seankingston #Blessed #madeinjamaica #comingsoon

572 reactions 12 comments
Sidhant Mehra Alex Paneris
Muhamamd Faizan •------» xXx—K I N G B O T T E A M—xXx ______________________________________________________________│★│ WAQAS BABAR ❤ || AHO-AHO.TK │★│________________________________________________________________│★│
Bayawonn Léveillé lets go legend #pow3tooyou!
Zea NiCole Folk I will be there June 10th
Heather Nichole Schrembs Truth
Sean Kingston
14:36 04/09/2017

Learned from my trials and tribulations... now the future looks to bright from here... #blessed #seankingston

556 reactions 9 comments
Joaokid Mondla my niggah
Sadate Wassara Mon idol se kingston
Monique Latasha Young Handsome man💋💋💋
Onyekaba Michael Oluchuku u r gifted
Frĕch Hśp Gãssãmã Scf
Jeremy Renner
09:00 04/09/2017

ICYMI: "Some days start better than others. I wish you all a beautiful day! #canne #knightfall #historychannel #pressday #blessed" http://www.whosay.com/l/zSWc8Sk?wsref=fb

1.1k reactions 33 comments
Audrey Waggoner Bright Nice
Brandy Marie Page Right back at you
Anne Garland So true.
Nora Purto Hana Tell me about it.
Sonja Kück Thank you! Have a nice day!
Jeremy Renner
20:12 04/06/2017

Some days start better than others. I wish you all a beautiful day! #canne #knightfall #historychannel #pressday #blessed http://www.whosay.com/l/ukOc8Oa

12.4k reactions 184 comments
Holly Dean Nice scenery.. wishing you a beautiful day as well Jeremy !!!
Amargit Pinzon Muy buenos dias...JRenner espero igual que tengas un hermoso dia...a igual que todos !*
Jackie Potton Simply stunning - such a beautiful view to enjoy thank you!! Have an awesome day too! Love your new look 😘😍🙌
Terrell Quentin Rogers I hope your month is going well so far Jeremy Renner
Debbie Sanders You be cool, love the shades, suit,hair, what a beautiful day.
Alicia Fox
04:36 04/08/2017

Current doing/mood: #blessed thank u @brianjamesphoto #createmovement ✌🏽📸✨

506 reactions 11 comments
Scott Wolfe Very beautiful lady
Sal Alvino What's up
Jill Ethington Foxy girl
Steven Siegel So. Cool. Hi
Vincent Ramirez Beautiful beautiful picture
Russell Westbrook
18:36 04/07/2017

Love the fans and my teammates! #Blessed #WhyNot

37.4k reactions 475 comments
Eric Da Mann So proud of you. Keep up the hard work!!
Grant Engels Brenden Engels
Alex Hannafius Keep doing the unthinkable Russ #MVP
Angela S Medina Love YOU
Bruno Linham You deserve the best, Russ!
Carrie Underwood
01:18 04/04/2017

These are the moments... Mike giving a puck to the little man while Papa holds on tight. #blessed

116.2k reactions 773 comments
Dianne Carman Not interested in daddy at all - only the puck!! lol Such a beautiful family!
Jessica Henman Melanie Hannah if that's not the cutest thing in the whole world idk what is
Irene Dex How adorable need more great people like them. God bless them all.
Betty Romard Beautiful.. love how you share/show Mike and his family. I'm sure this means a lot to Mike. Very impotent!!'
Kirsten Waters Carrie Underwood u are an awesome singer love you sence u started hope I get to go to a concert or yours one day 😘 I love how u put god in your music ur a very inspiring and beautiful person and mother
Dwight Howard
14:48 03/28/2017

#Blessed in this Journey. Never Possible without Teammates, Coaches, Family, Friends, My Fans, and Most Importantly God !! #TrulyGrateful #NBA #More2Come #BeGr8 4them

1.1k reactions 82 comments
Andrew Daniels Congrats Big D!!!
Oscar Garcia To bad you left Orlando
Adrine Marquetta Molette Congratulations 🎉 Dwight Howard blessings blessings blessings
Adam Jay Jaso You're missed in Houston!
Naomi Campbell
15:48 03/22/2017

Love of my life the One & Only Azzedine Alaia #genius #unique #oneofakind . I love you Papa . Checkout 🎥 by #joemckenna . #grateful #blessed ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🙏🏾 www.joesfilm.com

1.1k reactions 19 comments
Jermick Wawoe Ella Kuijpers
Grace M. Sha Charlotte Laizet ❤😍
Arthur Fickenstein Lotrec
Ivan van Faassen Wow guided tour in fashion fabric Naomi COOL
Francesca Casillo Azzadine Alaia genio indiscusso
Dwight Howard
00:24 03/21/2017

#BLESSED, #Grateful But, I still feel like I have a lot more work to do. #BeGr8 4them "Journey Versus Destination

Dwight Howard moving into elite company
Dwight Howard moving into elite company

Dwight Howard is climbing two ladders.

268 reactions 16 comments
Daniel Burnison Quinton Mccloud Jonathan Naimi Kenny Mccants 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
Kunle Alli Still can't set a pick Mohammed Ehimeakhe
Ernest Parham Congratulations Dwight!
Rafael Teixeira Keep up Dwight!!
Mun Jean Pierre Citizen Go on. We are still together!!!!!!!
Sean Kingston
19:24 03/17/2017

Never question yourself... If u dream it... it can happen... have faith and go get it 🙏🏽🙌🏾💯 #Blessed #striveforgreatness #madeinjamaica

198 reactions 8 comments
Ebrahim Orrie You should like and share this page here at: https://facebook.com/ebithagenius/
Darvesh Kumar Dhir https://youtu.be/TWEijV3fzlU
Grassel Aurelio http://mypaystuff.com/?refcode=20165
Sébastien Charlebois-Chouinard Marjorie Leblanc .... fuck you y'est vivant as fuck
Nector Nector Like no need to tell others -
Sean Kingston
06:36 03/15/2017

Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful. #Asiatour #Blessed

174 reactions 12 comments
Er-Niy Dwii 💕 Logan Full Movie Streaming Playnow 🎬 #PLAYgarpuLOGAN3315342
Larry Wingfield Can you send me a $5000 check?
Inde Pen DT Wish I could model in one of your songs.. Lol bro
Send U To Sky Waiting for you in Bkk
Kaskit Keif Andrew I see dem shooters with you SHOUTS OUT BOWEJACK
Paulina Rubio
12:54 03/15/2017

Así el #sunset que me tocó hoy!☀️bueno a descansar, mañana los espero por aquí! 😬 #goodnight #blessed🙏 #magia #wow #raysoflight #paurubiotour2017 #rubiapeligrosa #paurubio #paupowers

1.1k reactions 31 comments
Ernie Hernandez Luna Y el disco????? Es lo k nos interesa puro engaño
Alexander Andrade ¿Y el concierto en CDMX para cuando?
Mony Rojas 👍💛❤
Rosendo Gonbec Saludos pau preciosa
Irma Patricia Garcia Chavez buenas noches q descanses pau
Sean Kingston
06:36 03/15/2017

Just touched down in Malaysia 🇲🇾!!! 1stop off the tour... 🌎✈️ #Blessed #madeinjamaica #striveforgreatness

663 reactions 17 comments
Mitchell Freeman Teespring.com/pipe-it-up-cartoon-series-t
Omar Nusseibeh Taha Abdulrazak
Shaun Richards Joe Milo Abbott Sam Bithell my inspiration
Rashad Collins ✌🏽️
Jo'burg Man Alif Br sean is there any conection of freemason with u?
Dwight Howard
21:12 03/10/2017

My Friend Tim Tebow is Everywhere Sharing God's Word. He is Truly #Example2LiveBy #Blessed #NBACARES #BeGr8 4 them Watch this clip with Harry Connick Jr

296 reactions 16 comments
James Hong I said all free 全免費
Judi Conway Please watch all these Their great
Joyce Webner I love Harry, watch him every day.
Susan Broughton For God so loved the world, yesterday, today and forever!
Shawn Hewitt Probably should take a few notes from him and apply it to yourself...
Dwyane Wade
17:36 03/09/2017

Always great to meet true fans. You all keep me smiling! #blessed

7.0k reactions 130 comments
Ferdaous Kira Benchekroun D wade !!!! Legend
Andrea Robinson Love me some D Wade. You handled that like a gentleman. 😂🤗😁😬
Stephanie Taylor Teal My #1 of all time! All day baby!
Missy Mary Big Zoe😉 ! Yup we love D-Wade
Melissa A. Allen My MVP....Love You & What You Do For The Community ❤
Sean Kingston
03:24 03/05/2017

New Song "CRAZY" w/ @JenaRoseMusic is OUT 🔥🔥 http://smarturl.it/JRCrazySp *video coming next week* #CRAZY #JenaRose #Vibes #Blessed

394 reactions 7 comments
Law of Attraction - Thoughts become things. In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you. – Buddha
Joey Harris Jena Rose 🙌🏾
Rudder Alexander Scott Sean Kingston ; Shit for brains...
Putra Senk Have a nice day!!, Great 2017 FILM 😄 LOGAN 2017 Fullmovie 🇺🇸 HERE: #loganmovie2017straight 🇺🇸
Zach Braff
20:42 02/27/2017

Arkin, Freeman, Caine. "Going In Style" April 7th. (Regarding the boots; it was pouring rain outside and they were framed above my waist. #blessed)

3.2k reactions 49 comments
Phil Davis Youngest = scruffiest.
Emily Fay Gorman Wow
Benoit Hauschild wtf are those... shoes !?
Giorgio Salesi Nice shoes Zach!
Mikko Sairanen Those boots are just perfect!!
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