Green Day
13:36 11/12/2017

One more week until God’s Favorite Band is out. Get ready to feel #blessed https://greenday.lnk.to/gfb

24.0k reactions 291 comments
Kelan Moore Owen Hearne you heard it here first, they are god's favourite band
パパドプロス イリアス can't wait to receive my GOD'S CD BUNDLE!
Audrey Lively That's not Billy in front...😏
Zoe Cooper Really want gods package but think I’ll have to settle for just the cd for now!
Aybe Nahos one ok rock, tokio hotel, super junior and now... greenday!
Don Omar
15:06 11/07/2017

Este fin de semana tuve el honor de recorrer la montaña llevando artículos de primera necesidad, alimentos y sonrisas que tanta falta nos hacen... lo que ustedes no saben es que ellos me llenaron de amor, alegría y ganas de seguir trabajando por mi isla. #Blessed #heroesanonimos + 500 familias #barranquitas #utuado #adjuntas #jayuya

10.3k reactions 230 comments
Idany Ivette Quiñones Gracias por la ayuda que muchos necesitan y el Gobierno los han olvidado. DTB
El Flow del Bori Me alegro mucho de don omar el si quiere alos de la isla dios te bendiga
Maria Delgado Zambrana Que Dios te siga bendiciendo para que sigas bendiciendo a los demás en especial a los niños y ancianos. Te bendigo mi hijo.
Amparo Camarillo Carrillo Muy bien, a los lugares lejanos muy poca ayuda llega. Ánimo mi Don, se le quiere
Ivana Usatequi Te felicito, Yo soy boricua de corazon, Panamena de nacimiento. Pero vivi en mi P.R.
Serge Ibaka
20:00 11/01/2017

Ma fuzzy life #blessed

119 reactions 8 comments
Christelle Esperancia Ah yaya j'adore ça
Tường Vân Kết bạn với em đi <3 <3
Carol Simpson That’s good. Goodnight
Sam Okongo The legend. #team242
Yuroka Edwards Outstanding job and stay inspired and focus on the change ...
Don Omar
11:54 10/28/2017

La lealtad te llevará a grandes lugares desconocidos por ti, pero deseados por otros. #Loyalty #Gratitude #Blessed _________________________________ © Photo Credits to the Respective Owner.

5.7k reactions 94 comments
Tania Turcios Don Omar de ahora y de siempre bendiciones y exitos
Norma Rivera Mi bello savache! 😘🌹🌴
Paula Lorena López García Te amo don omar
Juan David Hincapié Valencia El rey !
Clément David Gamba Verdad
Dez Bryant
17:42 10/22/2017

Shift gears.... game day #blessed #cowboysnation #throwupthex

2.9k reactions 123 comments
Kyle Stagg Dak has worst game of career today ... Call Tony
Ray Martinez When u do a touchdown say this is for Ray plz
Wesley Kemp Congratulations on the record. Cowboys Forever X
Jesus Gonzalez Let's play some great football today!!!
Lisa BMe Don't throw any passes to Williams 😡
Rey Mysterio
15:30 10/23/2017

GR8 TeaM! It was an absolute Privilege & Honor to have spent 3 productive days with these men! @pilouasbaek thank you for sporting that FlashSterio T! #Blessed #NewFriends

1.6k reactions 36 comments
Jorge Vachino Genio rey!!
Spring Man Eli Kay I need Rey Mysterious.
Jessie Herrera Avalos Love it
Razaq Razaq Nice looking
Kanye Kenya 619 africa. Can you train me to wrestle
Rey Mysterio
15:30 10/23/2017

GR8 TeaM! It was an absolute Privilege & Honor to have spent 3 productive days with these men! @pilouasbaek thank you for sporting that FlashSterio T! #Blessed #NewFriends

949 reactions 14 comments
Faith Danielle Pelino Hi
Muhammed Shahad add fast qlbe
Faith Danielle Pelino Rey mysterio 619
Lesley Drurey Also safe flights! 😊
Afiavi Oblado Kapou 👍👍
Conor McGregor
21:12 10/19/2017

A great day for my little man! #Blessed

91.2k reactions 1294 comments
Jack McKeon @notoriousmma I have been a fan since I was 13 years old and I love what you do in the octagon and when Jose Aldo fight came my prediction was you will knock him out in 13 seconds and I was right right I am proud to be an Irishmen and my birthday is ...
Mesut Karakelle I wish you dispatched your son to quran course..This was bad for him..Inşallah Allah guide you and your son the truth path MoruQ
ShaunLeanne Madden Keep spending like u r & u will b poor in 10yrs..... just like Balboa in Rocky 5.... now HE was fookin' boxing!!!!! Hahaha!!! Ya flog
Macca Mackay Either Dana is going to put Conor against a nobody in his next fight or Conor will be taken apart and defeated by an accomplished fighter. Which way is Dana going to play the money train?
Anas Nissou He doesn't give a foook about this park. save this money for later or give it to people who needs it..
Green Day
03:54 10/13/2017

God’s Favorite Band Shout out to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert 20 biggest hits 2 new songs 1 new music vid And a partridge in a pear tree From God’s Favorite Band to the world’s best fans, Christmas comes early. November 17 worldwide #Blessed - Billie, Mike and Tré http://www.greenday.com/

44.5k reactions 1995 comments
Jake Brown Green Day’s catalogue is filled with too many good songs man, no dos or tres songs. Missing tons of great songs that should be there
Josh Shepherd The Asylum Street Spankers are sorry, but they must dispute Green Day's assertion. https://asylumstreetspankers.bandcamp.com/album/gods-favorite-band.
Juan Perez Q In Peru there is controversy because the date of presentation of the band is crossed with an international soccer match (World) in the stadium where they are presented. The commentators believe that the band will expose to the Peruvian citizens, whistle ...
Cesar Ivan Pizarro Bautista Por favor cambien de estadio para el 15 de nov , el 14 juega mi selección 🇵🇪
Steve Gallagher Just one question. Why isnt East Jesus Nowhere on here? That's without a doubt greatest hit. Guess they're just putting out the most mainstream tracks
12:42 10/10/2017

Worked out with Usher V. #blessed

5.6k reactions 175 comments
Jene'e Brown U R his superman....look at the way he is looking at you....he really loves you. Thats so Beautiful...
Tamika Riley I need to get back into shape flattening my tummy. And tone my arms and legs
Lynette Walker Look at the way your son looks at you. You can see how much he loves you. #dadsonbond. The way a son is suppose to look at his dad
Sequita Malonescott Hello Usher, family time is everything. God bless your whole family.
Coreen Smith You are an amazing Dad. Your son is so adorable handsome young man 😘
Lewis Hamilton
05:30 10/07/2017

Stevenage to Suzuka #Blessed Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport

16.4k reactions 308 comments
Joscilene Laura 🤘✌👏👏👏👏🌏🌎🌍🕊 💪 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 para o dia começar feliz!!! Desejo sorte!!! Eu sou parte de uma equipe. Então, quando venço, não sou eu apenas quem vence. De certa forma termino o trabalho de um grupo enorme de pessoas! ( Ayrton Senna )
Yvonne Kent From Stevenage to Chabrillan in France #mysonborninsamehospitalasyou❤️ good luck on Sunday - #behindyoualltheway44
Eric Haskett For those saying politics stop talking because you know nothing about equality. 😤 I hate when I see people say don’t do anything just so they can watch sports to please Their little hour of comfort. You don’t see what Lewis had to go through or any ...
Doris Graciela Carcamán Silva This weekend has to be Tour lgr Valteri help jou.Jour Car os better he had impecable fast fast.I hope rain because is better for jou.Sebastián is a great piloto but jou are better focus in this racer y win.All jour fans in the World support jou.Go ...
Lisa Granger Good Luck Lewis but you left me in Stevenage!!! :)
Alicia Fox
02:12 10/05/2017

'The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance' -Alan Watts #mood #sistership @christina_tampabay #blessed #homesweethome #foxyladies

314 reactions 7 comments
Van Mccall Hey my beautiful foxy
Cường Hi hello Alicia fox
Ben Lazones Beautiful. <3
Andony Ybarra You're my spirit animal. :-)
Becky Comer We got to see you wrestle on Monday night Raw
Mike Vick
18:06 09/29/2017

Everyone help me wish Mr Authur Blank a BIG HAPPY Birthday 🎈🎁🎊🎉🎂Thanks for giving me the opportunity & having faith in a 20 year kid. #Thankful #Blessed

2.8k reactions 204 comments
Doe DaCosta Wish your master happy birthday you clown 🤡
Morgan Anderson Happy birthday Big Arthur (in biggie smalls voice) much love from Tha A
Bernice Newbey Happy Birthday Make God continue bless you
Marquis Crowder Happy birthday
Mike Vick
16:30 09/24/2017

Virginia Tech Hokies Football ...class of 17 Hall of Fame! #blessed #thankyou #myschoolmyhome

1.0k reactions 56 comments
Johnnie Beverly Congratulations Mike
Terry Deerman The original dual threat QB!!
Yolanda Helm Congratulations!
Michelle Zeigler Strickland Congratulations Mike!!! You deserve it
David Harte Congratulations, Mike Vick.
Serge Ibaka
18:18 09/19/2017

Birthday vibes in NY... always #mafuzzystyle #virgoseason #avecclasse #blessed🙏

2.3k reactions 188 comments
Marni Jo Maybe Serge you need to be on DWTS
Keisa Williams Damn this man is fine. Happy birthday Serge.
Justine Kabeya Gloria Kabamba Abby Ngalakulondi Tatiana Muyuka Ronelle Kayembe Tshiela Christelle Kayiba This congolese finest !! tata mwana!
Rebecca Waliallah Happy Birthday Baka Baby.. My Virgo Brutha(9-13).. With Your Fine Ass . 🎂🎂🎈🎈🎈My Birthday pic.. Love U Baka!!!
Suzy Ndona Bon annif bana septembre goût na goût. Sukali, sukali🍾
Alicia Fox
19:48 09/14/2017

I'm #blessed that #Florida stayed on the map... when I can finally return to #904 I'm here for volunteering!!! I'll find you... #help is on the way!! 🙌🏾🦊 #hurricaneirma #mylot 😘

288 reactions 13 comments
Michael Brant God bless foxy
Czarina Lorein Bayot oh No...
Robert Dobler Are you ok?
Ben Lazones Glad you're ok Alicia. Keep safe girl. <3
Becky Comer Glad your ok
Mike Vick
00:30 09/12/2017

Family over everything. #blessed

2.2k reactions 77 comments
Jeanette Sanders Beautiful family and pic. God bless
Lakeisha Allen Beautiful family and picture!!!
Berenda Pride Beautiful Family God Blessings Upon U.
Ivy Adams Is the baby here, yet?
MizAnn Joyland Amen.
Dolph Ziggler
14:12 09/09/2017

So bored by all of you, yet brave enough to still get paid! #blessed #PhoneItIn 📞😴💰(slumber filter, obvs)

1.9k reactions 56 comments
Shayla Gerry I love you Dolph Ziggler
Stacy Mae You are amazing!!!
Renee Stefanoni I love u
Sumit Singh Hey Dolph What Happened Where Is Of Ziggler
Nikki B Singh O no dolph why are you changed
Serge Ibaka
00:36 09/02/2017

#TBT young fuzzy #blessed🙏

924 reactions 32 comments
Alexandra Vida Vicentic Katarina Vicentic
Lashawn Campbell Natacha Metayer
Phyllis Hunter 😋
Holly Rimer Wow!
Montae Gayles Look poor af
Trish Stratus
23:00 09/01/2017

💞 m a x + m a d i . . . . . . . . . . #maxstratus #madisonpatricia #3yearsold #7monthsold #maxandmadi #cottagelife #beachlife #georgianbay #thatsdarling #toddlersofinstagram #babiesofinstagram #justbaby #candidchildhood #blessed #mybabies

752 reactions 11 comments
Román Gutierrez Lopez Respect
Terry Hammers Matthews lovely pic xx
Jordan Nichols # i love. Fishing....m
Mary Rakovalis So precious! xoxo
Francisco Batista Linda foto
Stephanie McMahon - WWE
20:36 09/01/2017

‪Candyland with my girls & cuddles with my boy. What a great way to start the morning! #Blessed‬

27.5k reactions 519 comments
Irene Simpson Jamie Simpson anything in this pic look familiar ? Xx
Ron Swantek thats a great photo someone who loves there kids awesome mom
Abbey Weston That's awsome! Great way to start the morning 🙂 love seeing pictures of you just being a mom
Jack Owen Jones Sarah Finnerty x
Ashley Mason Steph Working Good Businesses Women Always Be Business Women Nice And Strong So Wonderful Things Lean Become Businesses Always Looking Pounds wonderful Photo And TV Sky Channel Make YouTube Channel Congregation Stephanie McMahon So Pound Indeed Well Done
Amar'e Stoudemire
13:12 08/25/2017

Duane McLaughlin building his collection 🎨 #jeanmichelbasquiat #Blessed 👑 Love u brother

88 reactions 7 comments
Nomar Añames the BOSS!
אסף פרץ come to hpoel amere
אסף פרץ come to hpoel amere
Zane McGhee Trying not to say anything rude
Dennis Minuti Sweet!!!
Alicia Fox
00:30 08/23/2017

#aliceinwonderland #ootd #gypsy #teaparty 🌍✨🙌🏾🦊#blessed #904 #local

73 reactions 7 comments
Michael Brant U keep up the good work
James Welch NICE
Alicia Nakyejwe clear
Rick Ross
13:12 08/24/2017

I pray for my friends AND my enemies! #blessed 💯

22.0k reactions 419 comments
Walipa Sanza Bbosa ClaudE'el Iyzcs I Know U Gonna Try Out This Caption 👆👆👆🙌🏻
Babs Timberlake boss boss
Bleck Ahoussinou I like that
Manvixed Mantri By any means all that lord is working on it ,still the bigest boss
Paschal Pepper More life to your hustle boss and more winning to your team bless up.
Alicia Fox
08:30 08/10/2017

'She was afraid of heights but she was much more afraid of never flying'. @atticuspoetry .... only the sweetest for the #foxyladies 🦊🍦#braincandy #morningbrew #america #iaintscaredofanearlyflight #blessed #homebound

391 reactions 9 comments
James Welch NICE
Levita Benjamin Maldonado Beautiful baby
Bill Clayton Keep Soaring Baby
Jeff Rawlins FOXY......the total WWE package......beauty and talent ♡
Beyl Moreland Simply a Beautiful and Amazing Diva
Dez Bryant
17:36 08/07/2017

You know you made whenever you got @papajohns throwing up the X #throwupthex #blessed

1.9k reactions 37 comments
Jes Uss hi dez
Satina Cotton People love you, pookie.
Melissa Scott Shit for real
Adam Fetter X cfh
Gary Burke John Schnatter is a dick.
Alicia Fox
06:54 08/05/2017

....the 'tude!! #blessed #nashville 🌪

856 reactions 27 comments
Kevin Perelman Fox news sending Helicopters and ground crew to try to thug me quiet at the park for taking walks https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2013/08/22/world-mobbing-and-murder-tactics-fox-news-using-helicopters-and-employees-to-make-me-mentally-ill/
Jermaine Spencer I miss u Alicia Fox
Belinda Mug 💐💐💐💐💐💙
Scott Wolfe Very beautiful lady
Pranjal Pratim Das Nice
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