Dwight Howard
14:48 03/28/2017

#Blessed in this Journey. Never Possible without Teammates, Coaches, Family, Friends, My Fans, and Most Importantly God !! #TrulyGrateful #NBA #More2Come #BeGr8 4them

1.1k reactions 82 comments
Andrew Daniels Congrats Big D!!!
Oscar Garcia To bad you left Orlando
Adrine Marquetta Molette Congratulations 🎉 Dwight Howard blessings blessings blessings
Adam Jay Jaso You're missed in Houston!
Naomi Campbell
15:48 03/22/2017

Love of my life the One & Only Azzedine Alaia #genius #unique #oneofakind . I love you Papa . Checkout 🎥 by #joemckenna . #grateful #blessed ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🙏🏾 www.joesfilm.com

1.1k reactions 19 comments
Jermick Wawoe Ella Kuijpers
Grace M. Sha Charlotte Laizet ❤😍
Arthur Fickenstein Lotrec
Ivan van Faassen Wow guided tour in fashion fabric Naomi COOL
Francesca Casillo Azzadine Alaia genio indiscusso
Dwight Howard
00:24 03/21/2017

#BLESSED, #Grateful But, I still feel like I have a lot more work to do. #BeGr8 4them "Journey Versus Destination

Dwight Howard moving into elite company
Dwight Howard moving into elite company

Dwight Howard is climbing two ladders.

268 reactions 16 comments
Daniel Burnison Quinton Mccloud Jonathan Naimi Kenny Mccants 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
Kunle Alli Still can't set a pick Mohammed Ehimeakhe
Ernest Parham Congratulations Dwight!
Rafael Teixeira Keep up Dwight!!
Mun Jean Pierre Citizen Go on. We are still together!!!!!!!
Sean Kingston
19:24 03/17/2017

Never question yourself... If u dream it... it can happen... have faith and go get it 🙏🏽🙌🏾💯 #Blessed #striveforgreatness #madeinjamaica

198 reactions 8 comments
Ebrahim Orrie You should like and share this page here at: https://facebook.com/ebithagenius/
Darvesh Kumar Dhir https://youtu.be/TWEijV3fzlU
Grassel Aurelio http://mypaystuff.com/?refcode=20165
Sébastien Charlebois-Chouinard Marjorie Leblanc .... fuck you y'est vivant as fuck
Nector Nector Like no need to tell others -
Sean Kingston
06:36 03/15/2017

Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful. #Asiatour #Blessed

174 reactions 12 comments
Er-Niy Dwii 💕 Logan Full Movie Streaming Playnow 🎬 #PLAYgarpuLOGAN3315342
Larry Wingfield Can you send me a $5000 check?
Inde Pen DT Wish I could model in one of your songs.. Lol bro
Send U To Sky Waiting for you in Bkk
Kaskit Keif Andrew I see dem shooters with you SHOUTS OUT BOWEJACK
Paulina Rubio
12:54 03/15/2017

Así el #sunset que me tocó hoy!☀️bueno a descansar, mañana los espero por aquí! 😬 #goodnight #blessed🙏 #magia #wow #raysoflight #paurubiotour2017 #rubiapeligrosa #paurubio #paupowers

1.1k reactions 31 comments
Ernie Hernandez Luna Y el disco????? Es lo k nos interesa puro engaño
Alexander Andrade ¿Y el concierto en CDMX para cuando?
Mony Rojas 👍💛❤
Rosendo Gonbec Saludos pau preciosa
Irma Patricia Garcia Chavez buenas noches q descanses pau
Sean Kingston
06:36 03/15/2017

Just touched down in Malaysia 🇲🇾!!! 1stop off the tour... 🌎✈️ #Blessed #madeinjamaica #striveforgreatness

663 reactions 17 comments
Mitchell Freeman Teespring.com/pipe-it-up-cartoon-series-t
Omar Nusseibeh Taha Abdulrazak
Shaun Richards Joe Milo Abbott Sam Bithell my inspiration
Rashad Collins ✌🏽️
Jo'burg Man Alif Br sean is there any conection of freemason with u?
Dwight Howard
21:12 03/10/2017

My Friend Tim Tebow is Everywhere Sharing God's Word. He is Truly #Example2LiveBy #Blessed #NBACARES #BeGr8 4 them Watch this clip with Harry Connick Jr

296 reactions 16 comments
James Hong I said all free 全免費
Judi Conway Please watch all these Their great
Joyce Webner I love Harry, watch him every day.
Susan Broughton For God so loved the world, yesterday, today and forever!
Shawn Hewitt Probably should take a few notes from him and apply it to yourself...
Dwyane Wade
17:36 03/09/2017

Always great to meet true fans. You all keep me smiling! #blessed

7.0k reactions 130 comments
Ferdaous Kira Benchekroun D wade !!!! Legend
Andrea Robinson Love me some D Wade. You handled that like a gentleman. 😂🤗😁😬
Stephanie Taylor Teal My #1 of all time! All day baby!
Missy Mary Big Zoe😉 ! Yup we love D-Wade
Melissa A. Allen My MVP....Love You & What You Do For The Community ❤
Sean Kingston
03:24 03/05/2017

New Song "CRAZY" w/ @JenaRoseMusic is OUT 🔥🔥 http://smarturl.it/JRCrazySp *video coming next week* #CRAZY #JenaRose #Vibes #Blessed

394 reactions 7 comments
Law of Attraction - Thoughts become things. In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you. – Buddha
Joey Harris Jena Rose 🙌🏾
Rudder Alexander Scott Sean Kingston ; Shit for brains...
Putra Senk Have a nice day!!, Great 2017 FILM 😄 LOGAN 2017 Fullmovie 🇺🇸 HERE: #loganmovie2017straight 🇺🇸
Zach Braff
20:42 02/27/2017

Arkin, Freeman, Caine. "Going In Style" April 7th. (Regarding the boots; it was pouring rain outside and they were framed above my waist. #blessed)

3.2k reactions 49 comments
Phil Davis Youngest = scruffiest.
Emily Fay Gorman Wow
Benoit Hauschild wtf are those... shoes !?
Giorgio Salesi Nice shoes Zach!
Mikko Sairanen Those boots are just perfect!!
Alicia Fox
15:48 02/26/2017

#blessed loading up for #greenbay 😽✨

1.1k reactions 24 comments
Ibrahim Ahmad Greetings from Lebanon
Garry Shindler Good mor ing foxy from calgary alberta canada
Jon Betty beautiful
Priscilla Beth Beautiful
Johnny Glover Nice Crib
Rascal Flatts
16:24 02/25/2017

#goodtimes in Oklahoma! So blessed some of my family were able to come along for the experience this week. #blessed #southernchristmas 🎄#Instagram -> @JoeDonRooney

1.4k reactions 20 comments
Michael Poindexter Jr Very cool! Next time?
Sharon Brown Lov the truck
Deborah-Lynn Senger Kool sunglasses!
Terry L. Stewart Cool picture 📷, like truck also 🙂
Sean Kingston
13:00 02/25/2017

These haters prayed on my downfall.. On all Ten Ya I stood Tall.. Time to Show these haters how to ball.. my brother @bowejackk wit me for life.. #Timeismoney #Blessed

743 reactions 33 comments
Chevy Sanders https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=VkeKMJGw2yE
Chevy Sanders Intweview at www.youtube.com/chevydtv
Tiga Maine SA # Watch & # Share Tiga Maine - Won't Letcha Gow Official Video . http://youtu.be/8y3Ss-P9xdA
Chevy Sanders https://youtu.be/3HKTBr5UPXQ
Chevy Sanders https://youtu.be/SwHGCvDN4zs
Lewis Hamilton
17:30 02/23/2017

Here it is. The winning helmet design, a creation by Raí Caldato from Brazil. Raí evolves my layout by adding new stripe elements on the sides. As a tribute to my hero, Ayrton Senna the helmet features the colours of Brazil - green, yellow and blue. These are accompanied with the 3 stars that represent my Championship wins. There's yellow throughout that reminds me of my helmets in the past. The candy apple red balances with the yellow very well. Raí, I look forward to meeting you in person to present you with your prize! Thank you all for entering this competition, I'm taken back by your creativity. 🙌🏽 #LH44Design #TeamLH #Blessed Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport BELL Racing Europe T&C’s: http://lewis.social/TCs

23.3k reactions 1011 comments
Lesley Taylor Wow! What a beautiful design. Very colourful - like your personality ;) Congratulations to Raí Caldato. Bet he can't wait to see you wearing his 'creation', as do I. #TeamLH forever
Laurie M. Coppola Fabulous! Congrats to Rai', and I'm looking forward to seeing you in this helmet when you win your 4th championship this year 💙💛❤💚💜
Durval Alves Katia Reis Do Nascimento, Lucas Nascimento Alves. O design do capacete dessa temporada é de um Campineiro (SP). Congratulations Rai!! Good season Hamilton! 😊👍
Klaude Maistry Maybe the designer could be a fan of racing and wanted to participate too??? Can't hate just cos he has design skills and you don't ...
Cyrille Htc Can't wait to see you and Bottas in action. You know the Fin can be fierce, all he needed is a faster car.
Jason Aldean
22:54 02/17/2017

Pretty cool waking up to this news today! 🤙🏼 Thank You Fans, Country Radio and ACM - Academy of Country Music! #Entertainer #MaleVocalist #blessed

2.6k reactions 137 comments
Todd Steele Whitfield Hopefully you can get these this year, so, so tired of Luke!
Jacqueline Waldron Let's hope they don't give it to someone that has done nothing recently to deserve it.
Kelly Dodson Yes, you deserve it, Jason! You got this! Being nominated is such an honor!
Sharon Molle Really hard to choise. I like them all and think their song ate all great
Laura Boismier I love you Jason Aldean I wanna meet you sometime if I can and see your show I'm up in Minnesota
Christina Milian
05:06 02/18/2017

It's your world nephew 👶🏽 you are precious in every way! #blessed #babyboy @layvin_meets_world @lizmilian_ @iamdomthefrench

1.3k reactions 36 comments
Nikita Murtika Shazza Qu 😍
David Boyd Awwwwwwwww
Øûssãmâ Goumih Nice ☻Tol-me.tk☻
Benjamin Hooks ...Precious Stuff!...Stay Prayed Up!....
Blackie Norton (:
Sean Kingston
08:06 02/10/2017

They talked bad about GOD... smh never let them get to u... focus.. grind hard and worry less... #Blessed

404 reactions 16 comments
Mos Kay 🐶 Awesome😷 Pic❕ 👤Sean Kingston, нανє α ℓσνєℓу Friday 8| ℓιĸe ßacĸ :-) Sean Kingston :3 βσт вү ▶ Mos Kay ♨ BotBoss.Tk 🔛 Server 2
Michael Steele Blessed King!!!
Lucas Leandro Amazing
DA Yhung Valentino Realers are here OG
Joel Eze For Real Man God Overall
Sean Kingston
08:06 02/10/2017

Beat the odds and remain humble.. #Blessed #Madeinjamaica

563 reactions 20 comments
Mos Kay 💂 Awesome👄 Pic❕ 👤Sean Kingston, нανє α ℓσνєℓу Friday 8| ¢ℓσѕє fαѕт <3 Sean Kingston :3 ғв ℓσvεя ▶ Mos Kay ♨ BotBoss.Tk 🔛 Server 2
Aulia Shifa Nanda HI GUYS!!!I finally found the Official link to watch Movies for FREE without register!! <º))))>< (y) (y) Fifty Shades Darker http://tomatoo-stream.tk/filem/free.php?movie=tt4465564&sub=tomatoo_streamtt4465564
DA Yhung Valentino Boss
Kacm Kiongozi yes
Jo ELy My good guy
Daddy Yankee
08:30 02/04/2017

Celebrando un año más de vida. Gracias Dios por tu misericordia. Gracias por regalarme una familia especial. Gracias a todos los que me han felicitado, deseándome lo mejor. Gracias a todos mis colegas, y a los medios de comunicación, por compartir un año más junto a este servidor. En especial, a mi #dyarmy, a nivel mundial, por su apoyo incondicional. Salud y vida, son mis mayores deseos, para todo aquel que lea este mensaje. De parte de, Raymond Ayala. @daddyyankee 🎂🎈🎉🎊🍾 #bendecido #blessed

179.0k reactions 12972 comments
Soledad Guerra Velasco Te deseo todo lo más grandes y bellos deseos de mi ❤ para ti en éste y todos los días de tu vida....Que Dios te llene de bendiciones, felicidad, salud y más éxitos...Eres el más dulce y hermoso ser que el mundo puede tener y gracias a eso eres capaz de ...
Veronica E Andrada ¡¡¡☆Feliz cumple maestro ☆!!!te adoramos en Argentina Córdoba capital mi hijo te admira y yo también amo tu música felicidades y que Dios te siga alumbrando y bendiciendo¡¡¡☆ feliz cumpleaños Daddy yankee
Géne Rivas Siempreee mi boss t deseo lo mejor pero mas n est dia especial q Dios t llene d millon bniiods y mas exitoos.. Salud y vida dsd Ecuador!! Amart x siempre mi cangriiii!!! ☺😍😘
Jorge Andres San Martin Muy feliz cumpleaños daddy yankee,mucho exito en todos tus proyectos,que lo pases bien junto a tu familia,eres el mejor exponente del genero urbano,el big bos ,saludos desde chile!!!!
Jhenny Lorena Vargas Navia Felisidades una persona sencilla como tu se merese todo lo q t esta pasando t admiro muchimo por ser como eres y no olvidas de como yegaste asta donde estas ahora bendisiones para ti y tu familia daddyyankee saludito desde bolivia
Robert Griffin III
08:24 02/01/2017

Just on a mission #Grind #Blessed #ThanksMyLove

1.8k reactions 189 comments
Silvanus Beckley Maybe you should be a personal trainer cause football not for you
Ron Fox Missed you in the Pro Bowl last night. I guess you were busy training.
Derek Adams I saw this exercise online the other day. I call it the bowling ball return. Looking good bro.
Joan Harris Duncan God bless you RGIII!!!!! Keep up the good work. Disregard rude comments
Mikal Noble That's NOT going to keep you from getting concussions bruh! #ImJusSayin #SicEmBears
Robert Griffin III
08:24 02/01/2017

The world wants to bring you to your knees. That's why I start there every day and give praise to God for everything #Blessed

3.3k reactions 120 comments
Michael Mattingly You should go back to your wife.. Just sayin
Carol Lacombe I don't understand, if you do not like RG3, don't get on his page and post hateful , degrading comments about him or question his faith. Move on and get a life. Some of these comments are pathetic!
Blerim Rexhepi You should you made millions for nothing. Now you know your career is over Jackson has not endorsed you at all you will be cut again. Count it down you have less than 2 months left. How you like our number 2 qb kirk cousins pro bowl baby. Sit on that ...
Ferahiwt Berhanu Hi RG3 how are you? It is ok to pray for what you believe. God always see what is in your heart. You are a good person. I love you
Jack Campbell So pathetic that you pose for a prayer pic, praying isnt done for attention
Alicia Fox
18:54 01/29/2017

Yes.... #blessed

2.9k reactions 45 comments
Ravinder Bains Amazing
Ty Cordova Beautiful picture
Arlez Castillo Beautiful!
Jamell Riding Solo Fisher Very beautiful picture of you ladies and Alicia Fox your Amazing Lady
Gary Hartman All Beautiful
22:24 01/27/2017

Beautiful sunrise! Paint your day with the color that makes you smile! ⭐ ¡Qué amanecer tan hermoso me regala la vida HOY! ¡Cada día tiene un color diferente, pero si por alguna razón del destino sientes que el tuyo es gris, píntalo TÚ del color que te haga sonreír! 💖🌈🌸🐻🦄 #felizdia #happy #blessed #notetoself

8.0k reactions 180 comments
Mimie Martinez Gracias Thalía,pero como ser,lo que está pasando con U.S.A.
Susy Rod Sigan sorriendo como a ella no la deportaran adonde está un mensaje para su publico latino que siempre la apoya en Estados Unidos. Les digo es una petsona supetficial Solo le importa salir en los medios a su linda thalia
Adrian Bastida Qué lindo amanecer el sol 🌞sale pásalo bien👍 el viernes terapia de risas Te mando besos 😘Thalia
Zulay Rodríguez Que belleza de panorama.. Siempre compartiendonos lo mejor.. Saludos belleza..
Juank Ordeñana Pacheco Amen mi amanecer es muy hermoso porque tengo a Dios en mi vida
Dez Bryant
04:00 01/27/2017

S/O to my big dog @inkaffiliated for coming to Dallas then flying to Orlando on his on expense to tattoo me and my family.. respect the grind so much I had to take care of him...#blessed true definition of a grinder and appreciate the @fruitoftheloom long sleeve #x

3.9k reactions 117 comments
Cheryl Taitt Jackson Most of the women who talking all that negative shit would still fuck him with that same nail if they could so stfu. Go Dez! Go Dallas! C4life.
Rollin Sanders Clean your nails
Jonathan Gruszka I'm sayin' cut yo nails bruh lmao 🙅🏻‍♂️🙅🏻‍♂️🙅🏻‍♂️
Alex Schooler Bro cut them nails! Lol
Dagoberto Hernandez 🙅🏽🙌🏽💙📣
22:24 01/27/2017

See God's blessings in the beauty that surrounds us. ⭐ Ve las bendiciones en los regalos diarios de Dios. 🌈🙏🏻💖 #notetoself #blessed

7.0k reactions 90 comments
Mario Tequila Mi querida thalia te deseo una deliciosa noche saludos preciosa mujer
Luis Aguilar Y yo también todo
Kenny Cornejo saludos sr Talia felisitasiones
Maria Ibanez Chulada
Maria Irani Boa noite princesa
Alicia Fox
06:06 01/27/2017

'Besties be like.....' 'I'm *** #brennanReed.... 😜 #blessed to be w the best 🖐🏾🤡✨#wednesdayallday

951 reactions 19 comments
Shubham Jackson where are you Girl come back to WWE #Bailey needs you
Cesar Villalpando Gola como estas
Him An Shu Your b f
Vicki Lynch Beautiful
Beyl Moreland Great pic from a Beautiful and intelligent Diva enjoy your day
Dez Bryant
04:00 01/27/2017

@ezekielelliott always trying me lol #blessed #probowl17 #dallascowboys

25.3k reactions 403 comments
Sherilyn Jones Dez got them jumps. lol Zeke testing you, better feed him.
Keith Weibe Congrats boys on your pro bowl bid! Bright future in Big D! High Hopes!
Cecelia Rutherford He should know better, you are part of that "88 Club"!!
Angelo Love I'm so proud of these guys ....I'm proud of the entire Dallas organization.....#proudfan
Jon Gerrard Damn should of made catches like that in the Playoffs Hahahah Just Sin Baby Raider Nation
Dez Bryant
04:00 01/27/2017

Like I said you will know the name @followofficial I watched the growth lil bro it's yo TIME #Blessed verified by @hollyhoodbaybay #witme

844 reactions 16 comments
Sean Burke Griffin Dunne
Rodney Jones-Bey Markel Banks-Bey
Darius DeeMoney Chisholm Vo Leimon Tethran Banks
Jacoby Deon Edwards MrMake A Mill Moee Edwards
Garland Wady 🙊💯
Dez Bryant
15:12 01/24/2017

Watched him Grow and I'm going to watch him Blow up go follow @followofficial #Blessed.. 💯on 🎤 🎤

1.1k reactions 48 comments
Patrick Johnson Throw up the X #COWBOYSNATION!!!
Cynthia Malone Brown Luv you Dez!!!
Eva Navarro #GOCOWBOYS💙🏈💙🏈
Wanda Smith James Proud of you Dez!
Cris Wood Cowboys rock, fan forever
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