20:18 10/25/2017

#Repost @emrysina 💖🌈 ・・・ Hubby and I got our Kesha tats done today before your Kansas City concert Monday! Mine is my Kesha/Bi tat combined on my arm. Can't wait to see you! #Kesha #animals #rainbowtour ❤️❤️❤️❤️

2.2k reactions 38 comments
Vyntz Herrera Jayson Lolling
Kyle McEwen Jesse Paul
Madison Massier Brandon Korol
Jasmine Michelle Pusheck We be slackin Alyssa Hurst Alejandra Gonzalez Hayley Borth Haley Marie Shriver
Kyle Brady What’s good?
02:24 07/24/2017

my #family my #animals my #rainbow babes❤️🌈 coming soon are many things, amongst them is a song called hymn for the hymnless - a song for anyone who ever didn't have a squad or a group or a place- or a hymn. ❤️❤️ it's for all of us because you guys are my family and this can be our hymn !!! love all my animals !!!! i hope you love all the surprises coming soon👻👻👻👻👻👻👻

3.3k reactions 82 comments
Amir Gholamy WoWonderful News For Every Animals All Around The World To Got Loudest Bark From me For Third Single Of Your Amazing #Rainbow To Make Everyone All Around The World Counting Moments Till Hearing Your Next Surprise And Rocking Out With It All Day Long, ...
Gene Wagner so proud of you
John Wood Unkie Your show was amazing last night !!!!!
Fernando C. Santos They are so lucky! Maybe one day... ❤
Robert Klimov Dilley Made this cross myself with a plasma wallpaper picsart and glitch
Jean-Claude Van Damme
11:21 09/12/2016

Visiting my friends at Taronga Zoo. The building of Noah's Ark has started! #JCVD #ArkOfNoah #animals

77.4k reactions 740 comments
Fernanda Flor You are the best love you Jean Van Dammi
Otto Soto Nice picture jean claude van damme
Eric Jackson Jean Claude Van Johnson.
Catherine Platt Great photos, lovely seeing you getting close to the Giraffe like that. Not been to a zoo in ages. Love animals.xx??
Steven Cvitkovic Can't wait to meet you tomorrow. Much love and respect. You are the best.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
11:21 09/12/2016

A big thank you for supporting our auction to help Animals Australia to continue to be the voice of the animals! #JCVD #Sydney #animals

66.0k reactions 704 comments
Karen Mcentee True Kindhearted Love for beautiful Animals and family true family friends So Loved all Over The World. Our true movie Champions movie long life family friends.. Love you're beautiful Big Smiles Handsome Legend 4 ever love from your Fans Love ya #JCVD! <...
Petra Jones You are the best. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts...we love you!!!!!
Rob Calam Thank you for your amazing donation to Animals Australia. You have always been my hero.....a hero with a huge heart.
Leonie Lyall Thank you so much for your wonderful support of the fabulous Animals Australia
Amanda Hanley Thank you for your generous donation to Animals Australia. You have showed yourself to be a man not only of quality but one willing lead by example as caretakers of our planet. Again, thank you.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
11:21 09/12/2016

Today, my friends, i would like to share with you a rarely seen picture of me, behind the scenes of Kickboxer in Thailand with my friend Michel Qissi aka Tong Po. Do you remember when you saw Kickboxer for the first time? I want you to share your memories of this classic movie with me. All of Love - JCVD “ The White Warrior” #NukSuKow #Kickboxer #JCVD #FeelinSoGoodToday #TeamJCVD #Thailand #Animals

141.9k reactions 3691 comments
Paul Courts My brother and I skipped school to see it in Melbourne and got caught by our father...needless to say we copped the strap...maybe you can tell him he should have let us off when youre in town soon Jean-Claude lol
Bri Henderson My handmade birthday card from my sisters!! Because they know I'm a huge Jean-Claude Van Damme fan since I was 7 years old .. And wanted to kick a tree after I saw Kickboxer... But no palm trees in New Mexico US :)
Andrew Hinkins Man I love your films. You are a legend to my lil brother and I. He has downsydrome and I have said this before on one of your other posts. My lil brother would literally imatate every seen in kickboxing and every other martial arts films you made. No ...
Kyle DePew The first time I saw this movie I was about 8 years old and I watched it with my grandfather. He is the reason I have been a fan of yours all of my life. If it wasn't for the memories I shared with him watching your movies who knows if I would have ...
Pablo Antony In those days i was in school and all my mates including me were absolutely mind-blown with this special one. We used to fight each other in the middle of the class and everywhere... Fond memories!
Jean-Claude Van Damme
11:21 09/12/2016

Fans, you have a chance to win my Ark Of Noah Contest, Please answer all the questions listed in the video and I will select a winner! Thank you everybody #TeamJCVD #MegaPositive #JCVD #Animals

14.7k reactions 643 comments
Marisa Woods It's so hard to pick favorites, because the Father created such beautiful and wonderful things....but if I had to pick I would pick.... Weeping willow Ladybug Panther Lily Guava Elephant Dove Iguana Angelfish Humans ( created in the Fathers image)
Demir Emir 1) en sevdiğim ağaç bir çam ağacı çünkü harika kokuyor ve bunlar sıradan evimde devlet minnesota 2) en sevdiğim böcek karıncalar çünkü onlar güçlü ve 10 x kendi ağırlığı 3) etobur, aslan çünkü onlar ormanların kralı aslan yürekli ve harika bir film 4) ...
Jacob Jepsen 1: Acacia tree - Elephants eat them... 2:Carrots - Elephants eat them... 3: Acacia seeds - They grow into trees for the Elephants to eat... 4: Banana - Elephants love them... 5: Cheetah - They dont eat the Elephants... 6: Elephants - Because, just look ...
Rossana Prelle Mi verdura favorita: zanahorias porque revitalizan la sangre; mi planta favorita: la flor favorita: el trigo produce harina vida; mi favorita fruta: los damascos: los puedo plantar con su cuesco; mi animalito favorito es elefante con su hijito por la ...
Amira Kukic My favorite type of tree is a cherry blossom tree because it represents clouds nature of blooming My favorite vegetable should be tomatoes they are sweet in taste My favorite seeds are those of flowers. Brids and bees bringing life to the flowers ...

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