Maria Sharapova
06:18 09/28/2017

Remembering that exciting early morning prepping for the #unstoppable book tour at the The St. Regis New York #StRegisNY #LiveExquisite #Partner

16.4k reactions 345 comments
Tyler Carta She is so pretty and super awesome!
Sultan Karim Only i can see u on tv when u r playing maria. Prays for ur sucsess with warmth loves.
Dar Sajad Bed tea of morning refresh your mind,memory
Edward Starman Ready to go! Most exciting, yes. You did excellent, Maria. B|
Jonathan Robert Ian Barnes So beautiful sophisticated...a wild Flower 💚
Maria Sharapova
17:30 09/25/2017

Thrilled to not only learn that #UNSTOPPABLE is on the NYT Bestsellers List, but is also included in this book review. (P.S. This is all still SO surreal!!) 🍾🥂 😱 https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/09/24/books/review/maria-sharapova-unstoppable-book.html?referer=https://www.google.com/

Tell Us 5 Things About Your Book: Maria Sharapova on ‘Unstoppable’
Tell Us 5 Things About Your Book: Maria Sharapova on ‘Unstoppable’

The tennis star discusses why she wrote her new memoir, the struggles her father faced during her childhood and more.

3.7k reactions 149 comments
Ian Lang Neat article sweetheart.. I'm glad to see, that you seem to be.. enjoying the tide. :-) <3
Said Benmakhlouf Sure your book dear maria Weill ne one of thé best-sellers tkanks To your great fame love you strong
Rajendran Cp My love and when coming to India
Mirlinda Lluka I was so happy to get my copy today 😆😇
Julio Mateus É melhor se ir habituando a ideia de seres uma Diva do Ténis e como tal o entusiamo de saber a tua história como Mulher e como Desportista ! <3 It is better if you get used to the idea of being a Tennis Diva and as such the enthusiasm of knowing ...
Maria Sharapova
15:54 09/20/2017

Went to buy a cook book at pages: a bookstore and walked into this!! 😢So surreal! Got to share the moment with my dad 😊#UNSTOPPABLE

30.6k reactions 449 comments
Jatin Shukla hay u no champ u r out stending queen for eaver
Quique S. Alegre The King and his princess 😊
Sara Bouguetof I am sure your dad is Very proud of you #mariasharapova
Daniela Hyo Your Dad is so cute i'm sure his so proud of you Maria.🎾💖👍
Yogendrakumar Sharma All love their children, father is also a God gift, we should respect all, parents always are like shadow of tree, maria.
Maria Sharapova
03:06 09/18/2017

Don’t forget -- my Live Book Signing is today! You still have time to purchase your signed copy of #Unstoppable and ask me a question at SharapovaBook.com

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Enrique Mora Fuster Greetings Maria Iurevna, I was surfing a web page and accidentaly close the window. From my personal point of view, you are an extraordinary woman, not only very beautiful, but very intelligent as well. I am your fan, you know. May I be your friend? ...
Paul Ogilvie Unstoppable.....what was.....you taking drugs?
Frederic Ferrier Bonsoir Maria, J'espère que tu es en forme, car aujourd'hui, c'est vendredi ! Et vendredi, c'est soirée détente , Maria, avec RFM night fever sur 103.9 mhz de 22 heures a 1 heure du matin, suivi de Extravadance sur NRJ Paris sur 100.3 Mhz ou club FG ...
Alberto Preziuso .. hey, it' s not occours that you come and carry it!!!😊😊😊
Tanmay Bharadwaj Want to order delivery charges a lot
Maria Sharapova
14:18 09/15/2017

From this morning with SiriusXM Radio talking #Unstoppable

47.6k reactions 721 comments
Carlos Sosa Puga Wow, you are living in the material Worl! You are a beautiful women. I love you mmm María Sharapova
Abde Rahim You look very beautiful as you always do <3 I feel very exhaust infront of your eyes i <3 u
Rene Coffa You're marvelous my beautiful Russian princess....the world love u...
Alberto Preziuso ...this is an example of multitasking
中村翔子 You are the best Maria 💙,congrats about your.book !!!
Maria Sharapova
14:18 09/15/2017

Looking forward to sitting down tonight with Katie Couric at 92nd Street Y to talk about #Unstoppable

14.9k reactions 259 comments
Jeff Carlson Couric is a pig, I wouldn't want her stinking up the room if I were you.
Mustapha Khiati Ur Book (y) , Good luck , U are the best dear.
Pov Hawj You are my first favourite Tennis player. I saw you play in thailand Huahin.
Steffen Crist Be careful during the interview! Couric has been known to bully people she has a grudge against.
Maria Sharapova
14:18 09/15/2017

Ending an incredible launch day for #Unstoppable with my Hamptons Magazine cover party. #HamptonsMagazine #Sugarpova #HAMPTONSxUNSTOPPABLE

10.0k reactions 197 comments
Carlos Andrés Mosquera Arria Can't deny it, the drugs have made her prettier!
Hamza Malik Madam you are an elegant and regal woman...❤️❤️❤️
Carlos Alberto Gonzalez Ramos Tuviste un hermoso y encantador día 📒✨😀 María Sharapova. Que mejor manera de cerrar con broche de oro con tu portada en la Revista 📰✨👸☑️. Buenas Noches 🌕💫😘. Bellisima 🌺 !!!
Robert Perkins you're a wonderful combination of intelligence, grace, and beauty.
Roberto Torres Éxitos Maria!! Ojalá q llegue a la Argentina así tenga q traducirlo letra por letra
Maria Sharapova
01:30 09/13/2017

Thank you, thank you to the hundreds of you who came out to see me today at Barnes & Noble Fifth Avenue Appreciate your support of #Unstoppable ❤️

10.2k reactions 337 comments
Tony Basset Thank you Maria for the gift order of your book,they will be here soon.All the best to you.⚘
Laura Monestel Я хочу копию вашей книги. Надеюсь, я смогу получить ее здесь ... Но я бы хотел автограф для вас!!😉😢
Siyabonga Kubeka Tel phephe to come now I missed her we will sleep together ?
Lupoirpino Roberto Dobrjy djen krassivaja roza meravigliosa Maria splendida e professionale privet FORZA MARIAAA
Abdelhafid Farzouli ياعمري ويكتاه نشوفك راني توحشتك وماتقوليليش سكايب وووو نحوس نشوفك مبباشر توحشتك يا المهبولة ♥
Maria Sharapova
01:30 09/13/2017

Talking really hush hush so driver doesn't think I'm crazy but WOW, the day has finally come and #UNSTOPPABLE IS HERE!! I ❤️you guys!!

60.9k reactions 3044 comments
Ronald Reed I'm so encouraged by the fine example of endurance not to give up....A fine example for my daughters, nieces and grandaughter...to learn the truth of life and purpose..."A true champion"
Victor Hugo Apóstolo You're such a beautiful woman Maria. God bless u always!! I wish u have this beauty and this vitality to be unstoppable for a long long time...
Jorge Santana I wish book you book ! But, I lived in Ensenada baja mexico ! Sendme one adreest to can sen d the money please ! Theacher tennis maria !!! +15+30+40+ to you point !!!
Jacob Vinterberg Erring,,, but haer, love, som things in the mittel nose¿ hmmm eyes!! year god.. still kiss thos lips.. yarrr!!!! ;) bes of love your frend!!!!!!
Houari Jano Hello how you go you slept well I send you a hello warmer than the sun more beautiful than the sea brighter than the moon cooler than the morning breeze I woke up this morning smiling, because I know that somewhere you think of me I send you a basket ...
Maria Sharapova
01:30 09/13/2017

New Podcast up with Lewis Howes School Of Greatness itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the… #UNSTOPPABLE

7.1k reactions 173 comments
Giorgio Anastasia Who is that lucky guy, and why can't that be me ? :(
Abbas Rehmat I want to talk with u and share with u something. I want to contect with u from some month. Plz contect with me
Kumar Anil Shrivastava That's the right choice;-)
Maria Sharapova
01:30 09/13/2017

Hey everyone! I'm going to be doing a Virtual Book Signing for #Unstoppable on Friday, 9/15 (pretty cool, right?!) I don’t want you to miss out on your chance to grab a signed copy and have the chance to ask me a question. Get your copy now at SharapovaBook.com

24.5k reactions 445 comments
James Millward Troll get a life , you come across as incredibly jealous and angry for some strange reason. Hating on some one elses success...shame on you!!
Kobus Johannes Koster Hello Maria! Wich you can pop in one day here in S.Africa.. So many supporters wane meet you! You by far the most beautiful woman tennis player!! ;-)
Julia Shpak Just pre-ordered mine!!!!!! Unfortunately couldn`t visit an autograph session today in NYC, but will receive one after online session <3 Thank you, Masha!!!! (Y)
Олег Арнольдович Чистяков Сударыня, я теперь понялъ, почему небо въ г. Кимры было такое Божественное, Ложв Невесты Агнца! Ничего и я не могу поделать! Вы опубликовали здесь, Они мне въ Небе! Смартфонъ преступники уже три раза сейчасъ у меня отключили, а включаю, ваша публиквция ...
Kini Wobo I just think you should be ashamed of yourself for focusing on Serena and all that hatred you wrote........
Maria Sharapova
12:42 09/10/2017

I’m back in LA on 9/15 – who will I see at my Barnes & Noble Events, The Grove appearance & signing? 🙋🏼 #Unstoppable https://stores.barnesandnoble.com/event/9780061866681-0

7.6k reactions 188 comments
Srikanth Madikanti Hi maria I am live in India how the meet u
Christine Barron how can one buy your book online for delivery to Australia and are signed copies available please?
Vishwajeet Ghodke Would love to meet her 💓💓
Madine Milano Dear Maria . I really missed to see you again playing tennis . Because in this world there is no person can take your place . I swear . To me you are number on and you will stay forever number on in this game . We are all with you by our hearts . . I ...
Tomas Reyes My beautiful Queen 👑 hope you come to Houston love you always ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👸😘😘😘
Maria Sharapova
12:42 09/10/2017

A sweet interview with Daily Front Row ox #Unstoppable #Sugarpova🍭🍫 https://fashionweekdaily.com/maria-sharapova-comeback-kid-tennis-pro-talks-return-court-sugarpova/

Maria Sharapova, Comeback Kid! The Tennis Pro Talks Her Return to the Court and Sugarpova - Daily Front Row
Maria Sharapova, Comeback Kid! The Tennis Pro Talks Her Return to the Court and Sugarpova - Daily Front Row

Maria Sharapova is in world domination mode! After a brief hiatus, the tennis legend continues to ace at life—both on and off the court—staging a thrilling comeback at the US Open, penning a new memoir, and growing her budding candy empire, Sugarpova. Sharapova shows us her sweet side! Congrats on a...

15.7k reactions 202 comments
Gopal Chakraborty Our tenis queen is back with lots energy and in devastated mood
Randy Heller When is your agent going to cut you a Hollywood contract? Would love to see you on the big screen.
Carlos Sosa Puga Oh you very hard women. Congratulations María Sharapova!
Eduardo Moreno A tenacious champion, a successful businesswoman, and a beauty. Fare thee well, m'lady.
Michael Mateeff Let's talk about Sloany's return. A different kind of uplifting story
Maria Sharapova
23:48 09/07/2017

My ‪9/12‬ Barnes & Noble appearance is coming up! Excited to be signing books for my amazing fans. Thanks for your continued support of #Unstoppable xo https://stores.barnesandnoble.com/event/9780061866680-0

7.2k reactions 264 comments
Craig Lennox in Canada wished could meet you Maria
Kamal Raga hve a wonderful night to you my bedt friends..miss u so much.trey.
Димитър Стойков "All people are looking for happiness, but those who find it are a bit !!!" - Pascal
Roy Torres I'm so excited that I have that day off from work and I will meet you and pick up your book <3
Dennis T Cook Would love to be there but isn't possible. Hugs Maria.
Maria Sharapova
23:48 09/07/2017

It was so great to see Katie Couric in the stands at US Open Tennis Championships last week. I’m very much looking forward to sitting down with her on 9/13 at the 92nd Street Y to talk about #Unstoppable https://www.92y.org/event/maria-sharapova‬

9.8k reactions 202 comments
Maria Masha you are the best masha i love you so mush
Anouar Kharroubi I wish everything good for dear Maria.i love you my pure Angel
Miguel Alvarez love maria you always be happy
Jeff Carlson Chelsea Handler and now Katie Couric.....you need help choosing friends
Ali Asghar Solangi Maria you are looking as dream girl.natural Beauty of Nature.
Maria Sharapova
23:48 09/07/2017

We’re exactly 1 week away from the official release of my memoir. I cannot believe the time has finally come – are you ready for #Unstoppable?! http://www.mariasharapova.com/unstoppable/

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Sameer Samandar we want to read ur MEMOIR . can u send your MEMOIR FREE to us plz............... . i personally want you always as tennis superstar as " russi sundari " headline in news papers of all over the world .
Yogendrakumar Sharma The basic instincts, all goes within a framework of life, memories of past,quibbles of present, demands from Supreme Creator, isn't it like a frame of life ? maria.
An Dinh Masha ..! I am disappointed and sad because of your failure .. But i still support you untill you success. Hope and love so much ...
Dixon Berry Super brilliant first set against Sevastova. Sorry you got a blister, but I guess that was the risk you took. You deserve the WC because you are the pulse of tennis after Serena. An army of blonde tennis-playing wannabes can't be wrong. I loved that ...
Magdy Magar You are only 30 years old maria when you came to life i finished my university and the period of the army ! You are too young pretty maria . Life is wide and waiting for you ! Wishing all the best dear maria .😚
Maria Sharapova
07:48 08/26/2017

Hey LA! Join me at Barnes & Noble Events, The Grove on 9/15 when I'll be making an appearance and signing books. #Unstoppable https://stores.barnesandnoble.com/event/9780061866681-0

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Tony Konnoff Borat! http://gothamist.com/2017/08/24/rat_city_baby.php Where your going to live 5, 10, 15 and much worse 25 year from now due to global warming. Plants watch us plants seeds and plants. Everyone can't write movies and move to Ghana so I would plant ...
Tony Konnoff Here what I was able to find in the 'massive' way to use nukes to reduce global warming. I was able to find it would reduce rainfall and put greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?...
Tony Konnoff https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/09/120924145143.htm "In the last 20 years we've almost gotten to the point where we've reversed that ratio," Yackel says, predicting the ice extent that covers the Arctic Ocean "is likely to be gone in the ...
Tony Konnoff https://climate.nasa.gov/news/2617/study-finds-drought-recoveries-taking-longer/ "Data from our 'eyes' in space allow us to verify our simulations of past and current climate, which, in turn, helps us reduce uncertainties in projections of future ...
Luke Davies Markos Danoudis she's getting closer to Aus😅
Maria Sharapova
06:12 08/21/2017

I’m kicking off my #Unstoppable book tour in New York in just a few short weeks. Come see me at Barnes & Noble for my book launch on Sept. 12 -- I'll be reading an excerpt and signing copies. Hope to see you there! https://stores.barnesandnoble.com/event/9780061866680-0

10.6k reactions 317 comments
Ada Taimouri Will there be a stop in Boston, Maria? Мой босс жесток.
Edward Appuhamy Maria where are you realy worried about you when you comeback to play
Rajesh Sharma Hum! How this is possible! I wanna to meet my all time favourite Sharapova...!
Saanjay Jangra Ohh no I'm not you meet you, becouse, you are not coming India. I wait you.
Maria Sharapova
17:24 08/18/2017

I’ll sit down with Katie Couric on September 13th at 92nd Street Y for a discussion about #Unstoppable. Be part of the dialogue and get your tickets here: https://www.92y.org/event/maria-sharapova

9.6k reactions 184 comments
Mohamed Ismail Best wishes for Dimitrov
Mauro AndradeWenk * #Unstoppable. ♥ ...! *
Rudolf Kovács All the best, much success , good conversation !
Elmezayien Mustafa Albbana متع عنيك يسطاااااااا. :D
Frederic Ferrier Bonsoir Maria, Comment tu vas ? Bien j'espère ! Ton avant bras, ça va aussi ? Tu te fait soigner, comme il faut, j'espère ! :-) :-) :-) Pas un jour j'ai mal, un jour j'ai pas mal! :-) :-) :-) Ça ! Ça marche ,Maria ! :-) :-) :-) D'accord ?:-) :-) :-) ...
Maria Sharapova
17:24 08/18/2017

My cover and story in Hamptons Magazine Photo credit: John Russo Photography https://hamptons-magazine.com/maria-sharapova-opens-up-about-her-autobiography #Unstoppable

29.2k reactions 578 comments
Abu Vahora So beautiful So cute
Carlos Ocaña Lo mas bonito de todo María es que te voy a ver de nuevo jugando tenis de Gran Slam el de los Estados Unidos muchos éxitos
Edward Starman Excellent! Maria, looks STUNNING! Sunshine Smile.... Sunshine BEAUTY!
Detlev Greb A star is a star and that is the angel of heart. Maria #Sharapova💫❤️
Guillermito Baquerizo bueno esto esta increible, sueño con que vuelva a ser la # 1 del ranking, tienes que tener fe, que vas a ganar, jugar tu fantastico juego, tu juego acelerado pero con punteria, que no da lugar a la rival a retornar exitoso, con tiros invertidos ...
Maria Sharapova
15:48 08/13/2017

Let the countdown begin...One month until my book comes out -- is it really time?! It's been an incredible journey putting my life story, my heart, my soul onto these pages and I can’t wait to share #Unstoppable with you soon. ❤️ http://www.mariasharapova.com/unstoppable/

From five-time Grand Slam winner Maria Sharapova, the candid, captivating story of her rise to tennis stardom | Maria Sharapova Official Website
From five-time Grand Slam winner Maria Sharapova, the candid, captivating story of her rise to tennis stardom | Maria Sharapova Official Website

“I’ve often asked myself: Why write a book? In part, it’s to tell my story, and it’s also to understand it. In many ways, my childhood is a mystery, even to me

4.5k reactions 182 comments
Christian Aug Can't wait to read it and meet you at the book singing the day it comes out. 🙂
Sebastijan Šmic You anonymously reported Angela Merkel for harassment. PRIJAVA PREGLEDANA ACTIVITY Read 1 Previous Message Thanks for your feedback Danes ob 15:50 Thanks for your report - you did the right thing by letting us know about this. We looked over the Page ...
Tom Van Campenhout ...i think it kinda is Maria Sharapova...time i mean...
Danny Lim Can't wait for your book launch.. I love you, Maria Sharapova
Frederic Ferrier Bonsoir Maria, Tu vas bien ? Car moi, je suis en pleine forme ! Ton avant bras , ça va? Je l'espère pour toi, ma chérie ! Tu as bien dance, hier soir, moi j'ai dance jusqu'à 4 heures du matin( pas trop mal) on se maintien. Alors, pour ce soir, j'ai ...
Maria Sharapova
03:00 08/11/2017

Sneak preview of #UNSTOPPABLE, As Seen in People

8.1k reactions 390 comments
Karampal Kaur Khaira I m ur great fan man...I don't care what people say...for me u r the best...I love ur game..
Edward Ris Zelo dobro izgledaš takole,bom rekel,da si zelo naravna, lepa,.. podpiram to in tebe ,...😉
Gerardo Vasquez Ortiz Te amo...!!! Cásate conmigo...!!! Te juro, que te dejo ganar...!!! Jajajaaaa
Thierry Mpunga I wish you succes in your book , i'm still waiting to see in the court playing your best tennis
Othmane Ramhane You are not like them....you are not like them....hadadayday not like them...oh my god not like them...❤
LeBron James
22:18 08/10/2017

My queen - Mrs. James strikes again 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🏾💯💼👑 get'em while you can https://whereimfrom.com/product-category/savannah-james-collection/ #unstoppable #damnproud #jamesgang #striveforgreatness

15.6k reactions 246 comments
Tamara Morrison-Sabitina Once again, what is not to love about this dynamic family from Akron!
Keisha Williams Savannah, congrats on the t shirts. You and your family make Ohioans proud.
Linda Jackson Wilson Beth Menz ...this is a perfect shirt for you!
Jason Alonzo Ohio Proud? I thought she was headed to Los Angeles next year Haha y'all be playin to much
Albert Boadi The precious queen on earth. Mrs savanna king James LeBron the best talented athlete ever and the best nba legend all the time. The real goat
Maria Sharapova
03:00 08/11/2017

I'm looking forward to a day of inspiration and empowerment at The Summit of Greatness on 9/14 in Columbus, where I'll be talking about #Unstoppable with Lewis Howes. As a special thank you to my fans -- use discount code MARIA to buy tickets here: http://www.summitofgreatness.com #Summitofgreatness

5.0k reactions 141 comments
Keshav Sharma Like if you want sharapova to win US open
SH Arko Why Lewis Howes???
Greg Bekkers awesome, lewis howes is great
Nikola Ralev THank God, you have me... Iand I don't know should I thank because I have you
Nikola Ralev Now everybody van beat you - you are easy, and that is a huge problem
Maria Sharapova
01:24 08/06/2017

I'll be doing a series of book signings and speaking engagements around my book launch in September. My upcoming events in New York, LA and Columbus have just been posted to my website. Thank you so much to my fans for your continued support -- I hope to see you at one of these events! xo #Unstoppable http://www.mariasharapova.com/unstoppable-tour/

10.2k reactions 391 comments
Miguel Gadobra I wist I could be there in the presentación oficial your Book. Successes
Vico Vix The most best strongest beauty lady in the world
Said Benmakhlouf Gorgeous..dear.maria..your..success.is.mine..im Proud.To..support.you.my.champion...great love
Chris Skone-Roberts You or big Dave again. I am still not convinced but i still do live-in hope ha ha ha
Lupoirpino Roberto Dobryj vjecer krassivaja roza meravigliosa stupenda professionale Maria ciao principessa privet
Maria Sharapova
01:24 08/06/2017

Amazed and grateful for the response #UNSTOPPABLE has received so far. #FlashBackFriday to all the thousands of book sheets I have signed! The signed versions are available for pre order in link below: https://m.barnesandnoble.com/w/unstoppable-maria-sharapova/1126053794?ean=9780374537593

9.2k reactions 201 comments
Ann Eley Maria Sharapova I have ordered mine in the UK, my birthday present to myself but I guess it won't be a signed copy 😒
Carlos Estupinan L'humanité ..........des siècles d'évolution............son accomplissement maximum.........MARIA SHARAPOVA The Humanity........centuries of evolution........its maximum achievement........MARIA SHARAPOVA La Humanidad........siglos y siglos de ...
Oufkir Hakim Thanks.....avant j'aime bien lire que les livres et j'aimerais bien routourne à cette époque pour ce liver j'espère vraiment ça fait longtemps merci pour les bon amie
Alan Bolyard Just ordered my copy!! It should be good... can't wait!!
Yulia Khan Thanks for the heads up! Have ordered my book and can't wait to read it! All the best from New Zealand ;-)
Maria Sharapova
22:12 07/26/2017

Thank you @PubWeekly https://www.publishersweekly.com/978-0-374-27979-0 #Unstoppable

Nonfiction Book Review: Unstoppable: My Life So Far by Maria Sharapova. FSG/Crichton, $28 (304p) ISBN 978-0-374-27979-0
Nonfiction Book Review: Unstoppable: My Life So Far by Maria Sharapova. FSG/Crichton, $28 (304p) ISBN 978-0-374-27979-0

In this insightful memoir, 30-year-old tennis star Sharapova details her life from her earliest memories to the present day. Her father, Yuri, whisked six-year-old Maria from Russia to Florida because

8.7k reactions 228 comments
Dimo Tirkov Tia e ocarovatelna gena ,mila ,vnnimatelna ,otdadena i predi vsichko poznala po-dobroto mi ,az ,koeto presledva i ulavia mechtite si ,bezrezervno otdadeno na negnata si polovina.Predi da napisha poredniat naruchnik po lubov, tia shte me obica ....Zashto ...
Adri Ferent A book, very important step for you! But a book about yourself it is not an easy book to write. My first book: https://itunes.apple.com/au/book/i-am-creating-god/id445507762?mt=11
Amanda Chidiac I can't wait to get the book. I preordered it a few months ago.
Said Benmakhlouf Happy..To.see.that..my.dear.maria..wish.all..success..yours.faithfully..my greetings.To.your.dad
Alf Schunke When I ve red your book I think we are both Unstoppable 4 ever @
Maria Sharapova
01:18 06/29/2017

Over the last 3 days, in 20 hours, I recorded the audiobook of #Unstoppable. The ☺️says it all. amzn.to/2oc7elf

35.6k reactions 595 comments
Thomas Price Geeze girl I thought l had been through the mill. Do NOT over train...listen to your physio
William Marot 20 hours in 3 days, it must have been tiring, congratulations Maria, this is a great news !! :-*
Robert Stevens Probably will buy that too. You are literally my hero.
Chris Skone-Roberts So my mates still do not know if I actually chatted to you or your comms team ha ha ha
Adam Armbruster Ready to hear someone else's voice for a while? (Welcome to business consulting world!)
Maria Sharapova
07:12 05/04/2017

At the end of 2015, I decided to write a memoir. This September, those pages will finally be published. It's not easy to be the judge of your own work, but I can proudly say I have poured everything into it. It's strong, yet it's filled with vulnerability I didn't know I was willing to share. Life is a tricky thing! There's no right or wrong answer to any of it...best exam ever! All the things I share inside the pages of my book. I can’t believe how many of you have already preordered the book. Thank you so much!! ❤️ #UNSTOPPABLE Out September 12. Preorder now: Amazon - http://amzn.to/2oc7elf B&N - http://bit.ly/2ouCqx9 iBooks - http://apple.co/2nN0aiV Google Play - http://bit.ly/2oeYs5s BAM - http://bit.ly/2ouCDQX Indiebound - http://bit.ly/2ofjLE1 Read more about Unstoppable: http://bit.ly/SharapovaUnstoppableFB

34.1k reactions 758 comments
Antenor Nicolau Your generosity with the children of Chernobyl was what caught my attention on you, first of all I did not even like tennis, and after that I changed my mind and I've come to like and to watch and cheer for you in any situation. Maria I love you for the ...
Romain Albertini I ' LL read it in autumn 🍂 2017 . But, I think I will buy it in a France book 📚 seller. Some people encourages me to write my life, my story.... . Maybe one day or not .
Laurance Marvin Well Maria...enjoy this moment it is a great indicator of how people who you will never see feel about your career and personal life. High Five....how's the candy company doing?
Nancy Baird Thanks for having the courage to share Maria and thank you for traveling so much to meet so many of us fans that love you. 🌹❤🌹❤
Eddy Randall I look forward to reading the bits where you took performance enhancing drugs, and yet still couldn't beat Serena Williams 🤔
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