George Lopez
11:18 01/15/2018

Pelos has been surrounded by #immigrants his entire life , his mother Mary MacLeod born in #scotland migrated to the #unitedstates #respect ... but, Trump has kids from 3 different women , 2 from #shitholecountries , one currently that would be deported by his own immigration policies , hey @ice go over there 🙋🏻😱😱#Gacho #anchorbaby living in the who’re house , and kids he doesn’t talk, he’s racially insensitive .. a theory could be , he doesn’t hate #latinos , he is #latino 👏🏾👏🏾 @undocumedia @benballer @boxerbray10 @alyshadelvalle @mariolopezextra @mrwupass @comedygetdown @realdlhughley @cedtheentertainer @eddiegriffin @arseniohall @roxarroyo58 @bigboy @bigcitric @momorodriguez

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William Ibison Too hilarious, Anyone with any knowledge of immigration and citizenship should know that if you marry an American citizen you become one yourself through that marriage. I know a Pakistani, whose visa expired in the early 70's, and instead of going back ...
Michael King In 2001, she obtained a green card and became a lawful permanent resident of the United States. She married Donald Trump in 2005 and obtained U.S. citizenship in 2006.She is the first naturalized U.S. citizen to become First Lady of the United States.
Donald Flowers Speaking of shithole countries...guess there's a reason why you don't take your comedy tours into Mexico.
Erik Thor Bronstad My girlfriend looks up to Melania because she is kind of like her she came to this country as an immigrant and did not know english but she learned and yes she makes mistakes in English but she tries. Her mom who is only fluent in Spanish tries to speak ...
Juan A. Coba Let's the Trump investigation run its course....we will see Trump Jr and Jared go down for lying and money laundering.at the moment American is 2 for 4 on Guilty plead. #Boom. #RealTalk
George Lopez
12:54 12/13/2017

Wait a minute , wait a cotton picking minute .. It was a scam ? Just as we were opening our hearts to white supremacy #quechingows #quemelapelan ( resume to our respective corners #hillbilly shit " bush league SEGA shit , laughable man #HaHa #biglebowski qoute #Repost @hitzzonelosangeles ・・・ #Repost @ tmz_tv (@ get_repost) ・・・ Should celebs and others reconsider their sympathy for Keaton Jones’ mother? 🤔 #tmz #losangeles #music #newyork #unitedstates #viralvideo #standwithkeaton #kimberlyjones #bullying #keatonjones

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Suamy Argueta Olvin Nasralla Salum Moreno no todo es real en este tiempo maje la mamá la llamaron para apoyar sobre el bulling y lo que quería era billete usando su hijo con ese vídeo y es más racista
Jadira Bermeo Why was he bullied,??? Did he do anything that would start others to bully him?. Yea the boy needs support if he actually was bullied, but the parents are wrong for taking advantage of this situation to start afundraiser. Their kid doesn't need money, ...
Erika Susana she could be an crazy woman but that kid was crying for real, she's not mother of the year but he is a nice boy.
Nãomî LãTashã ÐeMontê Its not the child fault his mom is messed up and greedy... Poor kid not only has to deal with the bullying at school but he also has to deal with his selfish mother... Poor kid and also where is the poof he used the N word? Bullying is still not right ...
Mary Romero No kid should be bullied, not his fault what his mothers beliefs and views are. If the mother is a damaged person doesn’t mean he needs suffer because of it.How many people have parents out there who are damaged and evil. Wouldn’t want to be treated bad ...
Enrique Iglesias
14:00 10/12/2016

There are so many people suffering from the effects of #HurricaneMatthew! Please consider donating to @SaveTheChildren to support children and families who are affected and suffering. You can donate at: http://bit.ly/2dqp160 If you are in the #UnitedStates you can also just text “HURRICANE” to 20222 & donate $25. It’s times like this that we can inspire one another for a good cause. #ThankYou #OneLove – EI

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Anil Patter Binder danoda dancing in marrige party on dj laad…: http://youtu.be/b7z5krHHwZ0 हो सके तो चैनल को subscribe जरुर करे
Aj Mimi So sorry for your loss and my prayer and good thoughts with ppl from the storm affected area... Be safe Enrique, good wishes to you and family.
Theresia Blom May God bless you by all the things that you do,your good!
Mirique Snap You are a man with a big heart my dear? I will donate every month to this charity #SAVETHECHILDREN! #Onelove!❤❤❤
Maria Cynthia @enriqueiglesias @SavetheChildren Imposible no conmoverse con lo que están viviendo estos niños ? sin duda Fans Club "SOLO ME IMPORTAS TU" de Enrique Iglesias en ARGENTINA dice presente

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