Russell Brand
02:24 01/18/2018

#UnderTheSkin with the excellent Professor Barry Smith is now on YouTube. You can watch it here: https://youtu.be/9XjYr8DwSGs

59 reactions 3 comments
Natalie Raulo A good read: The 12 Senses, based on the work, insights and lectures of Dr Rudolf Steiner. We actually have 12 senses but some people think we're cooky when we say that :)
Sara Pinto A smart man/woman makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. But a wise man/woman finds a smart man/woman and learns from him/her how to avoid the mistake altogether.
Jen Koerner Thank you for the good work you're doing in the world Russell.
Russell Brand
13:36 01/15/2018

Interesting how much common ground there is between 'atheism' & 'faith' when both parties believe in love. #UnderTheSkin with Prof Brian Cox Listen on iTunes, your preferred podcast app or here: https://t.co/KmbtTtyY47

756 reactions 75 comments
Samuel Foston Getting the big names now lad. Try and get the Dali Lama on and ask if he ever has a bad day?
Alexander Ross Carl Fredrik Lystad I haven’t listened yet, but once my thesis is done I am absolutely going to!
Amanda Dellow I would love to be in the room 👍
Mark Asmus Theists want Athiests to have faith as so they dont feel so alone.
Anna Canavan The act of doing science is a natural response to understanding the universe 👊
Russell Brand
12:00 01/10/2018

In case you missed it - the latest #UnderTheSkin is out NOW discussing The 5 Senses Myth with Prof Barry Smith Listen here or on your respective podcast app: https://www.russellbrand.com/podcast/ep-42-senses-consciousness-beyond-5-senses-myth-prof-barry-smith/ …

212 reactions 17 comments
Sara Pinto https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcSNTspXGYk
Garry Lydon Eoin Crean
Kayla-Rose Nelson Kurt Jensen
Matt Ramadam Disingenuous
Oskar Górniak Hell yeah !!!!!!!!!!
Russell Brand
12:00 01/10/2018

Shakespeare And Power! #UnderTheSkin with Professor Tony Howard is now on YouTube! Watch it here: https://youtu.be/nSPWz8zw-1I

Shakespeare And Power! | #41 Under The Skin with Russell Brand & Tony Howard - YouTube
Shakespeare And Power! | #41 Under The Skin with Russell Brand & Tony Howard - YouTube

Is Shakespeare still at the heart of British culture? Tony Howard discusses Shakespeare’s continued relevance in reflecting the shifts in British society; th...

103 reactions 6 comments
Sara Pinto https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10bIbch7fYg
Fiona Dunwoodie Awesome, Shakespeare as Shaman, can't wait to watch this in its entirety <3
Gina Marie Damiano My favorite Brand is.... Russell! Hehe! 😊😊😊😊
Sara Pinto Your lights are on, but you're not home Your mind is not your own Your heart sweats, your body shakes Another kiss is what it takes You can't sleep, you can't eat There's no doubt, you're in deep Your throat is tight, you can't breathe Another kiss is ...
Russell Brand
18:24 12/23/2017

NEW #UnderTheSkin podcast out TODAY! "Shakespeare and Power!" with Professor Tony Howard Listen on iTunes / Android or here: https://www.russellbrand.com/…/ep-41-shakespeare-power-pro…/ …

55 reactions 11 comments
Murphy George Nice!
Melody Doff Absolutely loved it!
Gemma Dean Hi Russell, please can you reconnect me with your Auntie Angela? I would love to speak to her on Christmas Eve. 07950 325614. Thanks, Gemma Dean x
Nev Culleton Russell I think I might actually properly love you. ❤
Lee Moro Looking forward to this New episode of #UnderTheSkin #RussellBrand 😇🙏🔆🎉✨👍🎄👼🎅🏻 #MerryChristMassConcsiousness Ah, #Shakespeare ✨🤗#LifeIsButADream 🔆✨😂🌌
Russell Brand
04:00 12/16/2017

Tomorrow's guest on #UnderTheSkin is the fantastic psychologist Emma Kenny It's a good one! You can listen to it tomorrow on iTunes / Stitcher or there's a link in the comments below.

303 reactions 37 comments
Courtney Rainbow Xxx
Maria Garcia-Siñeriz FANTASTIC MEANS SCIENCEFICTION dont mention it...
Amanda Lee Morgan Can’t wait!
Mary Anne Witgen-Ireland Love him ❤️
Catherine Bergeron I like that bun that’s what I like
Russell Brand
12:00 12/03/2017

Tomorrow's guest on #UnderTheSkin is the excellent Pankaj Mishra! Check out his video on why are people so angry?

384 reactions 20 comments
How To Think Like God Russell Brand - check out "the most dangerous and enlightening book of the century"! HowToThinkLikeGodBook.com (the media is very scared of this one)
Bennett Junior It's beta cucks like this that stir up the anger, dragging up history and telling us how bad things allegedly are and who we should blame - usually a hyperbole filled ether of psycho-political jargon involving some form of mental gymnastics. In an age ...
Sara Pinto This is myself 101%. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SioaIZ6mr0
Ilaria Airali Vivienne
Jo Howard Joe Woodward
Russell Brand
08:48 11/23/2017

#UnderTheSkin with Jacques Peretti is now out on YouTube - discussing the secret billion dollar deals that we never hear about but which are changing our world and revolutionising everything we do.

194 reactions 12 comments
Elonor Rigby I see.
Daniel Clemmett Paradise for grunches
Ruby Jah Buddha Oh Russell, you silly one.
Sara Pinto Very Good... I will watch later
Food for mood swaps Psychiatry is a scam. Yep, psychiatry is pseudo science, no science no cures. Psychiatry is to medicine what astrology is to astronomy. A placebo. Labelling an adult with a mental disorder is stigmatisation not diagnosis and labelling a Childs behaviour ...
Russell Brand
20:00 11/20/2017

Beyond Conspiracy - The Terrifying Truth Of Corporate Power Check out the latest episode of #UnderTheSkin with investigative journalist Jacques Peretti. Listen on iTunes / Stitcher or there's a link in the comments.

202 reactions 42 comments
Barro Kessler Christian Overklift Vaupel Kleijn must listen
Croix Frick Tristen Henning Peter Rich touching on yestidoo
Andre Johnson Russell Brand should have Peter Joseph on the program
Brandi Lee I want u
Tzet Ting good
Russell Brand
18:24 11/15/2017

You can watch the latest episode of #UnderTheSkin with Ruby Wax tomorrow on YouTube In the mean time you can listen to it on iTunes / Stitcher or the link in the comments.

204 reactions 20 comments
Jacqui Henderson Lisa Beaumont
Andrea Smeaton Scott Rowbotham ❤
Hikmah Muhammad Saleha Begum
Basty Fischer Chris Fischer😮🤗
Gabriel Botet Loved it
Russell Brand
02:24 11/03/2017

Our next guest on #UnderTheSkin this Saturday is Rupert Sheldrake Watch his talk on "The Science Delusion" here

159 reactions 45 comments
Cory Burton dude, love sheldrake. nice.
Adam Luke Johnson Just in time for the full moon :D
Sue Faulkner why was it banned ? Whar was th thinking ,do you know ?
Marta Cherrill Majolica Whisker what do you think about this ?
Robert Mattsson It was a really mind blowing book to read.
Russell Brand
12:00 10/26/2017

#UnderTheSkin will be out on Saturday from now on because we're changing our schedule. The next one is with Kehinde Andrews on race. Send questions!

0 reactions 28 comments
Sara Pinto O meu Hino, so meu Hino! Me, Myself and I Hymn! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvjQFJi3fUM
Nik Down Egg and spoon or sack? Which is harder?
Ogi Wan Kenogi H E L P me
Daniel Clemmett Cut or uncut? 😜🐓
Stephanie Noelle Lambert Isn't race a social construct
Russell Brand
10:18 10/21/2017

Gender Fluidity - Is It Time To Abandon All Labels? #UnderTheSkin w/ Mae Martin is now on YouTube Like if you agree or if you don't tell us why in the comments below!

316 reactions 217 comments
Flow Ryan hormonal imbalance due to engeneered food and other intake(drinks, creams, shampoo,etc)hundreds of chemicals, GMO's, oestrogen female hormones they feed the animals in order to grow them bigger in a short period of time (industrial farming), all these ...
Stubbs Zoe Yawn, I want my kids to relax not get caught up in b*** s*** labels. I want them to say I am what I am, take my simple friendship or leave it and stop pretending to be some thing that a marketing exec came up with to make neutral clothes and double ...
Kyle Morrison Must abandon hair color as a way to describe a person as well? "Hello, I'm here to meet Sam." "Who is Sam?" "Uh...Sam is the person who looks like...uh...uh...how do I describe Sam without using something that might offend someone?"
Amir Epstein And how long before we decide to apply non label LABELS (like you are doing with ‘gender fluidity’) to cause confusion regarding race and which species we belong to? For example “race fluidity” or “species fluidity”? Don’t fucking call me human, I’m ...
Marko Martinović Trying to make subjective fiction real on objective scale. Just stupid and futile.Identifying as anything will not change reality. This is just forcing your own larp on others. It will fail completely eventually. BTW social construct argument is ...
Russell Brand
19:54 10/13/2017

Listen to today's #UnderTheSkin with Mae Martin. (It's on iTunes & Android apps too) If you relate to any of it, like it and if you think someone would enjoy it share it! Leave your comments on it below.

#031 Gender Fluidity - Is It Time To Abandon All Labels? (with Mae Martin)
#031 Gender Fluidity - Is It Time To Abandon All Labels? (with Mae Martin)

Comedian Mae Martin joins me to discuss gender fluidity, breaking down barriers and the compelling statistic that 40% of people under 25 don't identify as gay or straight. Plus, we discuss her experiences with addiction and an intriguing obsession with Bette Midler.

70 reactions 21 comments
Rosie Keogh Andy Melhuish
Sara Pinto Agree
Brett Kreidberg Please go on chapo trap house🖤🙏🏼
Russell DS Bridge How’s about a contact?!? Pay me some money dude, you rich BITCH!!!!
LeAnne Stedman Megan Loveless ... might be useful for your dissertation? Xx
Russell Brand
05:30 10/06/2017

Does The Establishment Know Anarchy Is The Answer? #UnderTheSkin with CARNEROSS watch it on YouTube.

225 reactions 58 comments
Sam Badham anarchy is not the answer it is the problem. You're a post modernist POS.
Blake McIntyre Anarchy?? Spend some time in syria and tell me how well anarchy is going
Rose Daddona Anarchy ask Sid vicious..oh thats right you can't..
Spencer Low Neither complete anarchy or complete government will ever work.
Samantha Pierrepont Hussey I agree 100% the original tenets of Anarchy is aware individualism....people need to read the actual tenets of Anarchy https://librivox.org/anarchy-by-errico-malatesta/
Russell Brand
05:30 10/06/2017

Tomorrow on #UnderTheSkin Gary Younge discussing his book, child gun deaths, violence and race. Not to be missed - available on iTunes and Android.

113 reactions 7 comments
Sara Pinto TElephaty again...
Dawn Clifton Amazing.. .
Melinda Canavan You are so bloody amazing
Matty Houghton Ruby remember Gary Younge from the radio show in Liverpool we went to
Sara Pinto Quote of Today and very special one: “Every Warrior of the Light has felt afraid of going into battle. Every Warrior of the Light has, at some time in the past, lied or betrayed someone. Every Warrior of the Light has trodden a path that was not his....
Russell Brand
16:42 10/03/2017

Check out the last two episodes of #UnderTheSkin to illuminate this great passage https://art19.com/shows/under-the-skin

809 reactions 89 comments
Tim Betterthanexpected Funkatron Stone put a shadow on that text overlay for the love of god
Tony Lovell That's a bit tricky to read with that background. :(
Chris Billings The exact same can be argued about the left
Callum Mullac McGilloway I can't take anybody who says left wing/right wing seriously.
Paul Adamson Right wing..left wing..all the same bird
Russell Brand
03:54 10/01/2017

Amazing #UnderTheSkin we learn about Anarchism from diplomat (matrix escapee) Carne Ross Listen here or on iTunes / Android.

#029 Does Even The Establishment Know Anarchy Is The Answer? (with Carne Ross)
#029 Does Even The Establishment Know Anarchy Is The Answer? (with Carne Ross)

This week I'm joined by Carne Ross, a former high-flying diplomat and Middle East adviser who lost his faith in western democracy but put his trust in people power and is now putting forward the case for anarchism.

44 reactions 14 comments
John Elliott https://youtu.be/0_aISlokc50
David Highmore https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fv6VCX565gI&t=474s
Pamela Reid https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1500760316628713&id=506785286026226
Shanti Beach https://www.facebook.com/shelli.lawler/posts/10155913918257042?notif_id=1506753711923963¬if_t=like&ref=notif#
Sara Pinto Do it... With Love and Compassion and Evidence! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNEkBWq5C1g
Russell Brand
15:06 09/28/2017

New #UnderTheSkin podcast out all about ANARCHY with the brilliant Carne Ross - a former high-flying diplomat and Middle East adviser who lost his faith in western democracy but put his trust in people power and is now putting forward the case for anarchism. Listen and comment below!

#029 Does Even The Establishment Know Anarchy Is The Answer? (with Carne Ross)
#029 Does Even The Establishment Know Anarchy Is The Answer? (with Carne Ross)

This week I'm joined by Carne Ross, a former high-flying diplomat and Middle East adviser who lost his faith in western democracy but put his trust in people power and is now putting forward the case for anarchism.

87 reactions 19 comments
Cory Burton Josh Vincent
Kailyn Allen Mary Lou seeeeee
Paul Siebenthal Very good interview
Coty Zoso Borst .
Rob Jenkins Just in time for lunchtime listening! 😍😍
Russell Brand
15:06 09/28/2017

Tomorrow's guest on #UnderTheSkin is former British diplomat and anarchist Carne Ross. An exceptional guest you won't want to miss this tomorrow.

199 reactions 22 comments
Antonio Pasquale https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Mflc9O2aw8
Bobsy Mann https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=sadhguru%20rally%20for%20rivers
Alex Bowkett Roy WP
Joseph Cederwall Tim Gregory
Melissa Bakker <3
Russell Brand
15:06 09/28/2017

What is anarchy?! Check out tomorrow's #UnderTheSkin guest Carne Ross in action.

713 reactions 73 comments
Brandon Clobes I prefer Murray Rothbards definition of anarchy, but I don't mind getting rid of the gov.
Thilo Schneider It only works if there is commitment about living without criminality.
Ned Kelley He says some great things about anarchy, but then advocates democracy.
Dominic Munroe This guy has got a good head on his shoulders meanwhile in Canada... Gang Gang😂😂😂😂
Max Saint Harris Give easily offended special snowflakes power? Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Russell Brand
13:30 09/23/2017

MARXISM ON THE RISE - CAN IT REALLY DEFEAT CAPITALISM? A New #UnderTheSkin podcast with Prof David Harvey (iTunes/Android)

#028 Marxism On The Rise - Can It Really Defeat Capitalism? (with David Harvey)
#028 Marxism On The Rise - Can It Really Defeat Capitalism? (with David Harvey)

The world's leading Marxist thinker joins me to discuss the contradictions at the heart of capitalism, Marxism’s recent rise in popularity, and why it resonates more today than ever.

187 reactions 54 comments
Brent Tiefenbach Fb comments always show the dumbest of humanity
Karen Gillespie It is more Platos Republic Russell. Too many parallels.
Rob Gray Louis Martin read the comments. peterson's created an army I reckon, and they're furious
Niall Fredieboy Mc Guigan Sure your a Fabian socialist Russ so what do you care??
Min Mcnaughton more important question, can it bring a lasting, stable peace?
Russell Brand
00:42 09/21/2017

Tomorrow's guest on #UnderTheSkin is the leading Marxist thinker and intellectual Prof. David Harvey explaining the problems with capitalism and how it operates, how communism works and what Marx was really talking about it! Listen on iTunes or Android.

348 reactions 62 comments
Travis Watts Seriously Russel, eat something then go to the gym ffs.
Joel Segetin Eyes on NZ. If you want to see one of the biggest divides of all time, watch our elections.
Jean Nadine Lol wow. Just lost some respect for you.
Nigel Gallagher Should be good, looking forward to it
Anca Maria Why does it have to just be Capitalism vs Communism? Can't we evolve past those 2?
Russell Brand
00:42 09/21/2017

What's the difference between socialism, capitalism and Marxism? Find out this week on #UnderTheSkin with David Harvey - here is a video of him in action!

1.6k reactions 154 comments
Fatima Tia I've been trying to get people to watch rsa animated for years - here's to hoping russel B shares it and it gets "cool"
Rob Howell Resource based economy's.........Look it up. I think we have the technology and resources to make it where nobody would want or need anymore.
Kjartan Johansen *dons right wing cap* There's no difference, they're all fascist. Now quickly, let's kill the Muslims and the gays, they're conspiring to marry all our pets!
Kevin McPherson In my view any system in place leaves us obligated like puppets instead of free to operate in love which operates independently from one heart to another.
Paul Edwards Check out The Socialist Party of Great Britain (SPGB) website folks. You'll find all you need to know about these elements and the structure of Society. 🌍
Russell Brand
00:42 09/21/2017

A clip of the fantastic Jason Hickel. He was a guest on #UnderTheSkin only a few weeks ago Listen here: https://art19.com/shows/under-the-skin/episodes/33ca79c8-bacf-4952-9099-2ca59613f685

3.4k reactions 185 comments
Antonis Ko If we the humans continue as we do, it will be the end of us in less than 200 years. Even Stephen Hawking says it.
Glen Homer Totally agree, Greed is killing us and the Governments and corporations/banks have to be held accountable for this . We need a revolution!
Taylor Howell He's right about GDP de-growth not necessarily being a bad thing , but wrong with his socialist solutions. Simple answer is lower immigration until societal homeostasis is achieved. Happiness of the citizens is more important than growth.
Heather Born remember "Small Is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered" by Ernst F. Schumacher - it was written in 1973. they weren't listening then, and they aren't listening now
Serene White I believe we are exhausting earths resources for economic progress just to be wealthy world leaders really need to address this problem before it's too late
Russell Brand
08:36 09/08/2017

Is The Solution To Addiction Spiritual Connection? The latest #UnderTheSkin podcast is out today listen on iTunes / Android or here: https://art19.com/shows/under-the-skin/episodes/3e05df5e-8936-497e-bd29-3aeb6c6e3611

170 reactions 35 comments
Riva Reed NOpe. It's Naltrexone.
Rut Magnusdottir Amazing interwie🙏🏼
Shelley Faleono Absolutely 👍
Sophia Kelly Bhakti Yoga 👍
Debrah Wazalis-Hasisi Thank you Russell
Russell Brand
08:36 09/08/2017

This week #UnderTheSkin is on addiction and recovery with Brad Evans Out tomorrow on iTunes, Android or here: https://art19.com/shows/under-the-skin

323 reactions 23 comments
Ronnie Lynn Erickson https://www.youcaring.com/jjhillschoolandotherschools-914378 Pamela Fergus and the PSYC212 class from Metro State University---------------------- In memory of Philando Castile, this site is collecting donations to pay off elementary school kids' ...
Diana Bardyn Charlie Durney
Alize Lily Mounter Cleve
Aliy Walsingham Suzie Bartle !!!
John Elliott It's the secret mason
Russell Brand
18:12 08/31/2017

This week's guest on #UnderTheSkin is Billy Bragg chatting music, politics, skiffle and grime! Listen here or iTunes https://art19.com/shows/under-the-skin/episodes/a9a28a97-7219-4eb6-908e-f200b3453b22

30 reactions 8 comments
Tracy Hicks Debbie Clarke
Sara Pinto my answer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1U2HhGW4xI
Sian Williams Legend.
Robert Leili Fabuloso!!!!
Gordon Marshall Corbyn's doppelganger.
Russell Brand
18:12 08/31/2017

Art And Activism With @billybragg a new episode of #UnderTheSkin out today! (on iTunes & Android)

#025 Art And Activism With Billy Bragg
#025 Art And Activism With Billy Bragg

Billy Bragg joins me to discuss music’s changing cultural role, as well as the charge of being a “champagne socialist”, the importance of Grime, and the challenge of inspiring people to make change.

100 reactions 0 comments
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