02:30 04/24/2017

OUT TODAY for @recordstoreday. Steve Lillywhite's new mix of Red Hill Mining Town #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 Find a store. http://www.recordstoreday.com http://www.recordstoreday.co.uk

23.0k reactions 331 comments
Steven Strosberg Somebody still needs to explain to me A) Why U2 has no date in phoenix or Denver on this tour and B) Who was the A$$hole who let them cut Bad from the Live album ?
Joy Leung There are 3 copies left at Good Records in Dallas about 30 minutes ago and they have the Mojo with U2 on the cover as well.
Keif Mullis Have to say the difference in Bono at 57 and at 27 are barely noticeable i.e. the verses and chorus blend so well together!
William Durgin Why are you playing with the fans love of your music😡. Its bin over a year with the anoument of a new album. Still nothing. A bin of advice. If you are working on a new album. Don't say a word. Deny. Deny. Deny. If you are ask about it. Say nothing. ...
Patrick Harrison I also remember the comment that went along with the material for billy joel when he had 10'000 bucks in guitars stolen summer of 1980 in new york i was in new york looking for my dad who was missing
13:42 04/21/2017

Got @Spotify? Pre-save The Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary edition now & it’ll automatically be added to your library on release day, June 2. And any tracks released in advance… you’ll get in advance - like Steve Lillywhite’s new mix of Red Hill Mining Town... today! #U2TheJoshuaTree 2017 https://u2.lnk.to/TheJoshuaTreePreSave

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Jürgen Vogel 12.07. inBerlin. I'm happy of the concert in the olymp station
Mimmo Lisena Vendo n 2 biglietti per il concerto degli U2 a Roma per il 16 luglio. Chi fosse interessato mi contatti in privato. Grazie
丁罗宾 How about those who already bought the music on your website? I'd think we'd also be able to access the advance releases.
Martin Tolan Leonie Martin. Play this version to John. Brilliant!!!
Vinicios Savio Juliano Zucareli, menos reverb na batera e mais ênfase nos metais. O que achou?
23:18 04/13/2017

Straight off the stage from playing Las Vegas thirty years ago this week, it was down to Fremont Street to shoot the video for 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For.’ #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

16.7k reactions 355 comments
Daryl Ewry My mom's favorite U2 song. Although she could never remember the title. To her, it was always "That U2 Song Where They're In Las Vegas In the Video."
Lacy Keyser We've been learning all about your tour and history in my U2 class. Would be amazing if someway you guys could come to our big premiere final in our U2 class you guys would love it :)
Jayne Hawkins I can't wait for London. First time I saw you was 1982 supporting The Police at Gateshead .. mind blowing gig .. I can remember buying the Joshua Tree the day it came out in 1987 .. ❤️
Patrick Harrison I really hope you find a way to tell the truth about me writing your songs if not? Whats the point? Your so great you dont need to pay?
Robin Duncan When your band was in the Mojave Desert making a video about the streets with no names some of the crew or band saw my mother taking a walk through the desert. And, someone kept saying we're making a video please don't be ...
08:48 04/06/2017

The Joshua Tree Tour (the first one) opened up in Tempe, Arizona, thirty years ago this week. Here’s the original 'rigging plot’. When #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 opens up in Vancouver next month, the crew probably won’t be using this one.

13.7k reactions 374 comments
Heather Foltz Wish they were coming back to AZ on this tour...!!! 😩
Verdun Augustine 30 years ago; the day before coming to Thailand I was given a ticket to the Vancouver Joshua Tree showing! It was absolutely amazing. A memory I will forever treasure. Thanks Cecil!!
Jodi Barker I was there, wish they had included AZ this time, would have seemed fitting, considering.
Anita Burchett Claussen Yup...my friend who was an athlete let me sneak into the ASU stadium and I heard your sound check -- was a poor student, so didn't get to see the show, but the 5 minutes I heard still gives me goosebumps!
Dion Patricia Simte Some if the greatest times of my life that week at ASU!!
18:24 03/29/2017

Remember this? It was 30 years ago today. In God’s Country. #stopthetraffic #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

142.3k reactions 3722 comments
Chris Amedee Cool footage, I didn't realised they performed any other songs on the rooftop. Although it must be said that it's obviously the soundtrack of In God's country from the Rattle and Hum movie that we are hearing in this clip.
Bill Evidon I was very lucky to be there on 7th and Main that day with my girlfriend (now wife) and brother. The cops cut the power during "Pride" as I recall and Bono sang a few lines through a megaphone before being escorted off the roof. Great day!
Mike Haines Phenomenal. Oddly enough I just watched the video yesterday that was made of "Where the Streets Have No Name" from that same venue. It is quite significant to me that the police unilaterally decided to shut down the performance. Many are concerned ...
Kim Smith If this song ever stops giving me goose bumps, check my pulse. By the time it ends, you feel like you've been baptized on a roller coaster ride soaring through heaven, where corkscrew turns are tunnels through redemption, hope and forgiveness before the ...
Jovi Neri This is only half-true. Sure, this video was shot exactly 30 years ago today, but the audio used in this video is not from this exact day but from a November 1987 Colorado show! Sorry if I am anal about this but a U2 fan has got to do what a U2 fan ...
04:00 03/22/2017

'The seam is split, the coal-face cracked, the lines are long, there's no going back...' New mix of Red Hill Mining Town by Steve Lillywhite for @recordstoreday. On 12" picture disc with two classic Anton Corbijn colour shots. #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 www.recordstoreday.co.uk www.recordstoreday.com

18.3k reactions 691 comments
Michele Monfuletho It's not the same.. yes his voice has changed some since 1986 but the remix is to clean.. The original version has more soul and depth to it..
Jodie Hansen This band started in middle school when Larry Mullen Jr put up a sign saying he was going to start up a band. Bono, The Edge Adam and a couple other guys showed up. The two guys faded out but the 4 still rocking it all these yrs later. Bono is with 600 ...
Greg Lochtefeld A truly great album that permeated our souls and unlocked unbridled passion and inspiration in so many people. Brings back some great memories.
Jef Musicien this new mix is pointless: the new voice take by Bono has less "soul" than the original one. And this new synth is UGLY, it sounds like a cheap toy for Christmas. Keep It Simple Stupid : your album is perfect, don't change a single thing. Sometimes the ...
Daniel Serranoria Beautiful... couldn't you make sure, we, the U2.com suscribers get access to this without having to buy it through Ebay to people not interested in it... making a special order for us....?
04:00 03/22/2017

The Two Americas. Bono and Edge on The Joshua Tree for @NPR. (Listen in) #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 NPR Morning Edition http://www.npr.org/2017/03/20/520443744/u2-on-the-joshua-tree-a-lasting-ode-to-a-divided-america

U2 On
U2 On 'The Joshua Tree,' A Lasting Ode To A Divided America

Bono and The Edge explain why, 30 years later, the biggest-selling album of their career feels disquietingly resonant.

20.3k reactions 252 comments
Jana Caye ♥️❤"And people suffer us talking about America because we love it so much. Rather arrogantly, we don't think you own it. We think America is an idea that belongs to people who need it most."
Joe Rosales Hey knuckleheads, if you want to take a divided country and attempt to bring it together start by performing in all 50 states..... yeah, that's what I thought!
Laura Slade They were always liberal, but never joined in to be vitriolic against the GW Bush Presidency, because Bush was willing to do humanitarian work in Africa, so they were aligned on at least one issue. Maybe people wrongly thought, Bono became more ...
Yvo Haast Joshua Tree was rooted in reality, which made it relevant. If their postponed album was as well, they could have released it no matter who won the US election. But they assumed Clinton was going to win, maybe they based some songs on it. A song called ...
Bubba Grenier So glad they are doing this tour! Oldies are goodies!!! This is the album that made me become a u2 fan....stuff of legends!!!
02:24 03/17/2017

'Through the storm we reach the shore, you give it all but I want more...' It was released 30 years ago today. It was backed by 'Luminous Times' and 'Walk To The Water’. And Daniel Lanois has remixed it for the special edition of The Joshua Tree which is coming your way... #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 https://u2.lnk.to/U2JT30

45.9k reactions 1607 comments
Maria Elena Rivero So many beautiful and heartfelt songs in this album!!!! I love U2. With or without you is one o the bests I heard from them and I learnt the lyrics in high school in my English class......I still remembered it like if it was yestererday........
Margot Edhouse Just watched this on St Paddy's Day/my 60th and decided to treat myself to it. Loved watching U2 concert in Auckland New Zealand in the rain a few years back....a birthday present from my eldest son! ❤❤❤
Rajiv Dhass "The Joshua Tree": Easily one of the best rock albums ever. I remember listening to it for the first time - the opening to "Where the streets have no name" ; Edge's slow burning melodic guitar,Bono's raw gospel inspired vocals, Adam Clayton's haunting ...
Keith Spencer All I hope is that U2 are not in on this scam ! If they are it would make Bono the Biggest Hypocrite on the Planet ! It is already bad enough that They all live in The Netherlands for Tax Purposes ! I have mixed feelings about re-releasing & then ...
Steve Barnes a little pissed about this... i have EVERYTHING, i got the super deluxe version for the 20th anniversary. this basically has madison show, 1 disc of "new" material- to cover for bono's limited vocal range/doesn't have to sing exactly the way he did on ...
00:48 03/12/2017

It was 30 years ago today that The Joshua Tree was released... https://u2.lnk.to/U2JT30 #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 http://www.u2.com/news/title/the-joshua-tree-at-30

39.6k reactions 829 comments
Maykow Lenzi I still remember that evening in 1988 (ok a bit late) when I first heard several times the first three tracks (manual repeating) of that amazing Vinyl that changed my eyes perception to music and to my life. Thanks U2 for such extraordinary piece of art ...
Peter Frantsen I will never forget that I day I finally got my LP from the local record store...the opening chords and feeling of Streets sounded great and the atmosphere was like the sunrise in the morning...a perfect opener! Thank you, U2...
Leonard Marrufo All these years of soul searching for an inspiring band I believe I found what I've been looking for, U 2 with their greatest hits!!! After your your performance at Levi's Stadium please stop by my bar I'll be happy to get your first and last round on ...
Otthella Wiersma-Roelofs I remember that day, a different album with songs that made me so happy. Playing the video on the roof hilarisch in LA with one of my favorite song when the streets have no name ❤🗽 and nobody who can stopped it 😂 and bono says NO WAR 👌
Ulrika Englund Happy 30th!! I didn't realize it was today but I'm so happy I played "Still haven't found what I'm looking for" in one of my dance classes tonight, my students did some beautiful dance improv to this song. I can't wait to see your concert in Toronto ...
00:48 03/12/2017

30 years ago today the Joshua Tree was released. Watch the band answering your questions today at 12pm PST/ 3pm EST / 8pm UTC live here on Facebook. Don’t miss it. #askU2 #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

26.5k reactions 669 comments
Stella HM I wish you guy's can come to Montreal since I missed you're show that last time you were here. Unfortunately I was only 9 yrs old at the time. That's a huge disadvantage. If you're tickets are at a reasonable price. ❤💋💕💘❣💗💖💜💞💓😍😘🇮🇪☘
Brittany Mitchell #askU2 My sister and I were not yet 3 when The Joshua Tree released, yet it resonates with both us to this day. We'll be seeing you in Dallas in May! I'd like to ask what you believe makes your music have this unique ability to transcend generations and ...
Meriam Clijnk july 11th 1987 i went to my first concert and it was the best! U2 The joshua Tree in Rotterdam. great experience and a fan forever :)
Miguel Dias V de Araújo Hi, Bono, The edge, Adam and Larry! Bono, I´d like to know what were you feeling when you started to write "I still haven´t found what I´m looking for". This song and to much others bring me things which I realy believe in. is it about being with Jesus? ...
Katie Flood QUESTION: This good 'ol Catholic Irish Canadian gal sport'n these homage to Joshua Tree - Bono donning leather suspenders - wants to know if for the Love of God Bono will bring the one (moi!) that's been in the front rowish area the last many many tours ...
12:00 03/09/2017

11 songs, 11 questions, 11 minutes. What did you always want to #askU2 about The Joshua Tree? What the title means? Which song would they love to record again? Where is it that the streets have no name? Forget these... think of your own. Post them to the band using #askU2 #U2TheJoshuaTree2017. At 3pm EST this Thursday the four band members will be live from the studio here on Facebook to answer your questions.

27.8k reactions 860 comments
Tom Skotleski #AskU2 Who was the first DJ to play a song off the Joshua Tree album .? U.S. or Worldwide..#rhetoricalquestion Ill be there, Philly, NJ. or Pittsburgh, I haven't missed a tour in 30 years.
Ian Jackson If you'd chosen a lyric or title of one of the Joshua Tree songs to be the title for the album, which one would fit the best? #askU2 #U2TheJoshuaTree2017
Brian P McEvoy I don't have any questions at the moment; Joshua Tree - Strange that tree grew on it's own - it usually can only grow with many others; I was actually employed on your tour at Tait Towers; not actually on the tour/ on the road, but I stayed back at the ...
Jen Recht Being backstage at nj show during Joshua tree tour was surreal. To this day, I remember being backstage with you and the band just before you went onstage-you would never remember, but I will never forget!!:) 30 years is a long time-how has Joshua Tree ...
Daniel Khan #AskU2 #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 Hey guys. It's also the 20th anniversary of Pop, will you play/acknowledge that album too? Will you release anything related to that record this year, like some more b-sides or rarities? I think Please would be a great ...
23:12 03/06/2017

The Joshua Tree. 11 songs, 11 questions, 11 minutes. This Thursday, thirty years to the day since the release of this iconic album, it’s your chance to #AskU2 ANYTHING about the record. Favourite track. Recording highlight. Most memorable gig. Best 1987 haircut. Post your questions using #AskU2 At 3pm (EST) on Thursday Larry, Adam, Edge & Bono will be live from the studio here on Facebook to answer your questions. #AskU2 #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

29.8k reactions 1310 comments
Jennifer Gould A lot of the songs on The Joshua Tree sound almost Psalm or hymn like, a stark difference to the other mainstream records in 1987. Did anyone try to discourage any of the songs that appeared on the album? PS I'm going to see you all at Croke but our ...
Steve Styles Shine Like Stars: Where does this beautiful extra verse in With Or Without You come from? Did Bono improvise during tour rehearsals and decided to stick with it, or does it have another genesis? #AskU2 #U2TheJoshuaTree2017
Brian Hanna Heartland which appears on Rattle & Hum and is said to be something the band worked on during the Joshua tree sessions ,it feels like a Joshua tree song ,did it ever come close to being on the Joshua tree album ? #Asku2
Kristen Redford Hydinger I was born in November 1987, so I am technically younger than Joshua Tree. I grew up listening to U2 because of my dad's love of your music and have found in both joyful and painful parts of life that your music has been my go to selection. Thirty years ...
Bill Olsker Joshua Tree is less than an hour long, any chance you might be adding another album? #AskU2. #AchtungBaby
20:00 02/24/2017

"I go there with you. It's all I can do." The Joshua Tree at thirty: what does it mean to you? #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 http://www.u2.com/news/title/the-joshua-tree-at-thirty

17.8k reactions 3790 comments
Rob Steck Seriously? Joshua Tree is one pillar of a life that's steeped in music. Red Hill Mining Town...on a boom box as the sun sets in the middle of Rocky Mtn Natl Park...sitting outside my tent, solo camping, as four Elk slowly walk past me, enjoying the ...
Clint Winter I was 9 years old I saved up my allowance to buy this album. My dad took me to Turtles and it was one of the first real rock albums I ever bought. I'm a life long fan and can't believe that this album is 30 years old. I really didn't get into the ...
Pam Rodriguez-Cochran Trying to write what this album means to me is like trying to describe the origin of the wind. As a true child of '80s music (started 7th grade in 1980 and graduated from college in 1990), The Joshua Tree represents the true feeling I have about that ...
Priscila Arguedas Marín I was a little girl of 3 years when The Joshua Tree came out... and probably I would never imagine that 30 years later I will be here waiting for the tour and my second time to see them playing live. The music of U2 has marked me and it is like the ...
Mandi Andrews I remember getting a set of 7" singles from TJT and I still have them from my childhood. Music was company & escapism for me as a child, and whenever I could, I bought music although I first heard this album (like previous U2 ones) by borrowing a ...
05:30 01/10/2017

The Joshua Tree. Live. Every song. Every show. Coming to stadiums in North America & Europe this summer. #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 dates/tickets/presales http://livemu.sc/U2JT_

215.1k reactions 18182 comments
Lars Jackson Time certainly does fly. Saw them perform at Madison Square Garden 30years ago. The Joshua Tree...To this day, one of the best live shows I've ever seen. I will definitely be revisiting.
Ciara Cleary On behalf of all people with a basic high school education, the title of the tour is completely incorrect AND misleading....fyi North America includes Canada, USA AND Mexico (where you have thousands of fans who would sell organs to see you guys here ...
Tim Marsland Once again, Australia will miss out on a tour. S.O.I tour is finished as far as I know. Now we have to cop this as well. Ive been a U2 fanatic fo 33 years but i think this the last staw for me. I understand its a long way to come, their still working on ...
Juan Carlos Navarro Hey guys everybody is Posting about what great would be listenning the JT hits, like Where the streets have no name or With or without you, But what about "EXIT"!!!!, an amazing and explosive song. (The Hands that built...... They could also pull down, ...
Christine Surbeck There are very few concerts I would ever be interested in getting going to .... but this one is the one I would pay almost anything to go to. I went to the 'When Love Comes to Town' tour in Melbourne (Australia) many years ago, and it was incredible! ...

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