14:30 10/28/2017

'I wanna reach out, and touch the flame...' Sao Paulo, Last night of #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 Tour #streets #u2 #saopaulo #brazil

78.6k reactions 3322 comments
Chris Palmer I’ve seen U2 four times - twice in 1987 for the Joshua tree tour and twice in 2017 for #u2thejoshuatreetour2017. What amazing mile markers these shows make in my life, the idealistic, anything is possible, 17 year old is still in there at age 47, so ...
Anton Cooper Remember when I said that last U2 concert was the best and you asked, “Have you ever been to a bad one?” They all look great! Bambi Cooper 😲
Thales Rocha I attended the Joshua Tree Tour 6 times and I will never forget all the emotions, happiness and gratitude U2 made me feel. God bless you guys so you can keep going for many years and years, bringing joy and positivity to the world one concert at a time. ...
Candy Coughlin Thanks for the memories in Pittsburgh this past summer-loved seeing the boys with our teenage daughters, and they know all the words! Love me some U2!
Dayse Dias Lopes Foi maravilhoso 😍eu estava lá😀 obrigada U2 por esse incrível espetáculo..nós te amamos...por favor, na próxima venha para o Rio de Janeiro..vcs são os melhores do mundo...I LOVE U 2
11:12 10/18/2017

'Victor Jara sang, his song a weapon…' One Tree Hill at the Estadio Nacional in Santiago, Chile. #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 #U2

18.4k reactions 333 comments
Tina Niki Will there be a special dvd release of this Joshua Tree tour? Please do so, it was an AMAAAAAAZING concert.
Mike Bath "A sun so bright it leaves no shadows. Only scars" Greatest lament to a lost loved one that I ever heard. 😢
Claudia Andrea Muñoz Morales Yo estuve ahí y fue maravilloso 😊gracias por tanta felicidad U2
Fernando Javier Miranda Gracias U2 por haberle regalado a mi hijo una noche maravillosa, además de los presentes recibidos por ustedes, son lo máximo . 🇨🇱🇨🇱
Hayden Walker Unbelievable that u sing this song about New Zealand 🇳🇿 yet u havnt been back there in 7 years ! Does Australia 🇦🇺 matter as well ????
08:00 10/08/2017

'Colombia...Finalmente estamos aquí después de tantos años!!... Por qué nos tomó tanto tiempo?!' 'Colombia, we finally got here…. how did it take us so long!' #Bogota #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 #U2 #Colombia #peace #love #VamosColombia

6.1k reactions 335 comments
Lina Molano Amazing concert!!! You guys are the best!! Thanks for coming to Colombia 😍😀🇨🇴
John Jairo Gomez Moreno Gracias Bono, Gracias Larry, Gracias Adam, Gracias The Edge.....son Maravillosos....nunca olvidare su concierto..Octubre 7 del 2017 Bogota Colombia, un día imborrable en mi vida....
Luna Purpura Gracias U2, en Colombia nos dieron un espectáculo fuera de este mundo, ustedes son lo máximo.
Ingrid Fern Andez I would like attend to tour show in Santiago, Chile but, I have enough money to pay travel tickets, hotel and tickets😩😢 Someday, I'm pretty sure 😘😘😘
Nancy Carvajal Medina Love u U2. I can't believe I am not in the country to see you as a present grift. I know the universe will conspire for us to coincide in the time and space in the mid future. Welcome to Colombia! Always welcome! Thank you for what you do with the ...
06:24 10/03/2017

Zocalo Square Mexico City... Edge #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 #Mexico

13.1k reactions 313 comments
Zaid Santiago Lozano Yes, finally!!!! My father and I have waited so long to see you. You represent a lot for he and I, can't wait anymore.
Elizabeth Ramos Quien vió a The Edge tomar esta fotografía en vivo...suertudotes!! You could'n have come at a better time guys. I'll see you next wednesday. #U2bestbandever
Elizabeth Arias Welcome to México City! See you tomorrow in Foro Sol! I love you so much!
Angel Durante Welcome to latinamerica U2 we wait for your music here in argentina in a few days , enjoy Mexico city and see you soon in BA , Argentina 👍👍
Kaymen Gup Estoy feliz de que esten en México, pero tengo 2 boletos en general A y no podré asistir. Alguien está interesado en ir a ver a verlos ?
16:00 09/25/2017

‘I will be with you again…’ Final night in the USA. #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 #QualcommStadium #U2 #NewYearsDay

28.3k reactions 524 comments
David Hubbard Stay in your own country, and don't try to come to America and spread yourt liberal crap. so, you held up releasing youre album over "our President?" Keep the POS, who wants to hear the same old echo filled guitar with the same old crap anyway? Screw ...
Helaine Charney Kroll I knew the Trump talk would piss some of you off. I've been a fan since the early 80's and have been well aware of the fact that Bono has very strong political views. If this is now new to you, you've been sleeping.
Peter Green Remember 30 years ago,U2 were ripping into the Reagan presidency thanks to the policy of destruction towards central American governments that were slightly left wing. How do you think they wrote "Bullet the Blue Sky"?
KellyandJohn Keebler JT tour idea, inspirational. Truly took me to another place. All U2 shows are spiritual for my wife and I. We really ❤️ this band and their message. Safe travels, spread your love and we'll see you next year for Songs of Experience
Tami Ruden Adams Thank you for coming to Minnesota! I had so much fun at the concert and loved the Joshua Tree. I hope to see you again on a different tour. Have a great rest of tour!
11:12 09/10/2017

Coming to the show in Minneapolis tonight? Add your video, photos & tweets to our live coverage using #U2TheJoshuaTree2017. Follow it all here - http://www.u2.com/tour/date/id/45561460

7.2k reactions 175 comments
Marce Gonzalez Just a Month to see you in my beautiful Bogotá, my lovely beautiful, favorite band in the world
Toni Black U2 We❤️You! Enjoy The Fans Of Minneapolis They're Wonderful! USA 🇺🇸
Carol Miller It was such a great show! I didn't want it to end ...
George Cave Thank you for the amazing show
Carrie Dawson Wishing I could have been there! Have an amazing concert boys! Much love and peace from Minnesota
22:18 09/07/2017

Coming to the show in Buffalo tonight? Add your video, photos & tweets to our live coverage using #U2TheJoshuaTree2017. Follow it all here - http://www.u2.com/tour/date/id/45561459

6.4k reactions 203 comments
Scott Peters *any guilt"yea a little..what do ya do.."*JL1*s scapegoat Dylan***
Alyson Golemon Have you noticed David Hewson on Ed Sheeran's new song "Castle on the Hill" music sounds like U2 "Where the Streets have No Name?" The guitar riff....
Bernard Himes I know the show is going to be awesome.
Dawne Hart Strehl Will U2 come to HOUSTON like they did for NOLA? That would be so great ! <3
Greg Downing Wish I was there tonight.
09:30 09/05/2017

Detroit tonight… and Beck's in the house. #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

47.4k reactions 710 comments
Jennings Bds 🙏😎🌺I have a great time every time I seen you guys🎉🎉it always feel like it's never enough😅🤣please come back to Toronto 🇨🇦 . Love us and we'll ❤️ U2 😅😂🤣
Kevin Movius Hate to say it but Beck was meh. So much LCD Soundsystem tunes playing, they would have been better opener.
Mariagiovanna Gradanti ...and thank you for "The blackout", what an amazing gift! I've been listening to it again and again on these days, and I've definitely fallen in love with it! 😍💗
Deborah Michael Thank You for the AWESOME performance in Detroit !! I hope America is treating you well ! Maybe you will be able to return to Joshua Tree someday too !
Renee Hartwig-Ott Flew in from Denver just for this concert and you didn't disappoint! My eighth time seeing you and I won't stop! Your music is the soundtrack of my life... COME TO DENVER PLEASE!
09:30 09/05/2017

Coming to the show in Detroit tonight? Add your video, photos & tweets to our live coverage using #U2TheJoshuaTree2017. Follow it all here - http://www.u2.com/tour/date/id/45561458

6.2k reactions 215 comments
Mary Lynn Rae Loved the show! Thanks for coming to Detroit!
Sam Vallone Jr. Saw them in Philly. An absolutely amazing concert. Gave me goosebumps!!
Christine Gingras Enjoy! I've seen them in Dublin last july... it was..epic!😍
Donna Merryman Mast Beck was just rockin'!! By God's Grace, I am to experience JT again.
Helen Inglis Coming to Australia? We'd love to add our video, photos & tweets to your live coverage PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
06:18 08/26/2017

Thirty years of The Joshua Tree. Tune into the untold story on Spotify, share your own memories, join the journey. #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 http://u2thejoshuatree30.com/

16.6k reactions 497 comments
Tyler Sargent really wish they would have re done the "87 promo uk promo Joshua tree pizza box" with out a doubt would have made a excellent seller!!! same for the "uk island 87 promo Joshua holdall carry bag"
Shaun Jones Wish they would've followed the same tour cities; saw them. @ McNicolls Arena in Denver where a great deal of filming for Rattle & Hum was filmed. Great album. Great concert.
R. Todd Richards Twice more to see in Detroit and Buffalo -- :), sorry tho - no way I'm signing up for a streaming service just to hear a documentary that could have been made available for everyone....
Francesco Intini Ho visto il concerto a Roma una gran delusione... non riesco ad ascoltarli piu' nemmeno in cuffia mi hanno troppo deluso mannaggia a me che sono voluto andare al concerto a tutti i costi....spero di riprendermi un giorno
Fiona Cottam I travelled from Dubai to Brussels and was there in Ireland first time round 30 years ago. Have been a fan since Boy and remain faithful to this day. An incredible 2017 concert. Just awesome. Come to the Middle East. A huge fan base here forever ...
22:18 07/31/2017

Coming to the 2nd show in Amsterdam tonight? Add your video, photos & tweets to our live coverage using #U2TheJoshuaTree2017. Follow it all here - http://www.u2.com/tour/date/id/45561427

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Diana Zwarthoed Thanks U2, for again a wonderful concert!!! I realised again tonight why you are still my favourite band after being a fan for over 30 years! Bad sound or good sound, whatever(for me, I won't judge other opinions).. you rock and gave me and a lot of ...
Anthony O Connell Well imagine how dublin their home town feels when they get just 1?
Kamila Kamcia Thank you for your support because Poland is loosing freedom and democracy. I am very worried about that. Unfortunately many Polish don't understand what is happening.
Tommy Byrne 2nd show in Amsterdam, and only 1 show in their hometown, I have so fallen out with U2 after a lifetime following.
Kamila Ostapowicz Dear Bono, In Poland no one takes our demokracy from us, our goverment was chosen by citizens (which is demokracy) and only a few idiots who failed the fight for power are standing on the streets now and screaming something about loosing demokracy. ...
22:18 07/31/2017

Coming to the shows in Amsterdam tonight and tomorrow? Add your video, photos & tweets to our live coverage using #U2TheJoshuaTree2017. Follow it all here - http://www.u2.com/tour/date/id/45561422

15.7k reactions 625 comments
Jeroen Kuijper What a thrill. A steaming train rolling with an amazing speed. A great concert. Thanks guys for an evening i never forget. Still the same as 30 years ago.
Paweł R Lbn Hey mr. Bono. I've noticed you afraid the democracy in Poland is threatened. I just want to ask you why you weren't afraid for example five/six years ago. Do you want to know how authorities "were talking" with peacefully demonstrating citizens then? ...
Debbie Lefler Garver U2, the band is so awesome. Unfortunately due to expense of tickets and travel will not allow me to be there. I've never saw U2 in concert (a bucket list item). U2, the people who. David Hewson is extremely intelligent and compassionate. His ...
Krystyna Grabowska dlaczego słuchacie tylko strony politycznej, która straciła władzę w Polsce. Większość Polaków wybrała DEMOKRATYCZNIE ten Rząd i dalej go wspiera! Lubiłam Was lecz teraz straciliście moje zaufanie. Większość zwykłych Polaków popiera PIS co widać w ...
Valérie Laurent Salvatore Vella ... C'est pas ton annif cette année mais si tu veux on y va quand même parce que c'est vraiment long jusque mardi ... 😀
20:42 07/26/2017

Coming to the show in Paris tonight? Add your video, photos & tweets to our live coverage using #U2TheJoshuaTree2017. Follow it all here - http://www.u2.com/tour/date/id/45561426

6.7k reactions 425 comments
Elsie Anne Casse Merci and thanks again, that was a superbe show tonight. I saw You in 1983 for the first time and tonight I really enjoy every moment of it. So have a good night.
Ano Ano Rassurée aussi de lire tous ces commentaires... Son affreux en tribune intermédiaire, obligés de se boucher les oreilles à certains moments...des larsens, une guitare même pas agréable, un brouhaha géant...on n'a rien compris à ce que disait Bono......
Marita Barral I've been a fan of U2 since the 80s and have dreamed of watching them live in concert for decades but couldn't afford to . Last year , i was diagnozed with cancer and had to undergo surgery , chemo and radiation . I am on remission now and i'm more ...
Anne Gaelle LV I dreamed to see you since 25 years ... Yesterday was incredible ! Today is different = you make me so aliiive ! Thanks and see you soon on your planet ! Lovely
Kty Kty Thank you for this fantastic concert even if the sound was not still at the top. Which delight, which successful challenge( cerebrovascular accident 2015/01/01), Which happiness of participating in this party(holiday). Thank you thank you so much. Kiss
20:42 07/26/2017

‘Streets’ in Dublin. Thanks #patrouilletranchant #croker #tricolour #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

40.7k reactions 1339 comments
Loredana Cerrato I lived in Dublin for 2 and half year and my dream was to see U2 live there..but never got this opportunity..now I am back in Sweden ..... sigh sigh!
Don Costello Parnall Who would have thought all those years ago , this cool band from Ireland playing a tiny club in OKC populated by only a few 'cool' people (I was one) would one day do gigs in stadiums and get the air force to fly over ? My favorite song of many is ...
Stephen Kay Loved it loved it loved it. Total spiritual experience. To all those haters critics and doubters I dare you to go to one of their gigs and not come away feeling uplifted. BONO EDGE LARRY ADAM here's to 30 more years.
Martin Cahill What jets? Can't hear any jets. I can hear a concert though... a very loud one :) When I saw them in Wellington NZ back in '84 my ears rang for 3 days afterwards.
Andy Wildman I missed it...I'm serious. Streets intro makes me cry like a baby. My 48th show and I was a mess emotionally and I missed it. How?? I've no idea. The only person in Dublin that missed it. Never mind Croker. But what a gig. Amazing memories. Stunning ...
07:48 07/24/2017

Coming to the show in Dublin tonight? Add your video, photos & tweets to our live coverage using #U2TheJoshuaTree2017. Follow it all here - http://www.u2.com/tour/date/id/45561420

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Pattie Kelly New Yorkers celebrating 10 years marriage with the four lads tonight. #leftthekidsinUSA #U2TheJoshuaTree2017
Hiya Tigidig-Tigidig Yep!!.. I was in Croke Park last night listening to the "Sound Check" "Sound Check"... Can't wait to see you tonight.. U2 Big Fan since 1980's😀😀🤘🏻
Carmelita Segoviano Can't wait! Travelled all the way from California for this spectacular event!!!
Christine Walton I saw my first U2 show in Dublin! 1992, the Zoo TV tour! It was awesome, wish I could be there tonight!
Diane Lynn Zannotti Here at the concert from California, with my daughter who flew in from Alaska to be here in Dublin to watch my favorite band. As great as the concert was the love being shared between the fans and the band made it even greater and powerful. Seeing ...
19:00 07/21/2017

Coming home. See you tomorrow. #croker #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 #u2

8.2k reactions 851 comments
Michael Brandt Same thing when they played Dallas, TX earlier this year. Ticket scalping companies bought all the tickets so you have to pay exorbitant amount of money to get one. So I did online to see them in Dublin. I've seen them 3 times, but seeing them in ...
Douglas Rat X My first trip to Dublin. I've seen you many times over 20+ years - London & Manchester. This is the first in your home town. I cannot wait. Besides, I'm bringing my 65 year old mum and this album that I introduced her to a long time ago. Make it ...
Andy Wildman Few hours to go. My ninth show at home. My 48th altogether. Dublin is buzzing. The U2 family as 'one'.....it's gonna be epic. You can feel it in the Dublin air....
Hugh Ramsey Sitting here in Belfast haven't ticket for this weekend just looking at my/ your singles out of control / a celebration 11 o clock.. And my old u2 concert tickets £10 kings Hall 6 ulster Hall for some reason we can't get to see you
Glynis Murray Have brought my husband's ashes to see them tomorrow! We had always planned on seeing them together. And now, I'm making this a reality. Wish he was actually here with me to see them! #U2inDublinBucketList
06:12 07/19/2017

All red at the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona on #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 #spain #streets

14.9k reactions 473 comments
Marjolein de Kraa For the true fan, got 2 premium (expensive) tickets at costprice due to vacation planning error! Amsterdam 30-07 2nd ring. Send me a pm when interested 🍀
Eva Palacios Simplemente ESPECTACULAR! Llevo ya unos cuantos y el de ayer fue sublime.
Ana Arce Asombroso, espectacular!! Lo recordaré toda mi vida...
Sonia Martinez Espigares Brutal!!! Y empezar con sunday bloody sunday fue espectacular no me canso de iros a ver en directo!!!! #u2forever
PM Carmen Genial como siempre, Bono ha cantado como nunca y la música espectacular. Repetiría hoy mismo
06:12 07/19/2017

Coming to the show in Barcelona tonight? Add your video, photos & tweets to our live coverage using #U2TheJoshuaTree2017. Follow it all here - http://www.u2.com/tour/date/id/45561419

4.7k reactions 174 comments
Lello Labate In the name of Love to Rome #u2thejoshuatree2017
Jessica Rojas Henriquez #u2thejoshuatreetour2017
Helen Inglis Coming to Australia? We'd love to add our video, photos & tweets to your live coverage PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
Leticia Serrano Cristina Díaz Aragón parece que fue ayer cuando les vimos 😥
Marie Lynch Sinead Diver hope your havin a ball take plenty of pics x
17:24 07/16/2017

Coming to the second show in Rome tonight? Add your video, photos & tweets to our live coverage using #U2TheJoshuaTree2017. Follow it all here - http://www.u2.com/tour/date/id/45561425

8.0k reactions 356 comments
Roberta Shepherd Amazing show. U2 always best band in the world. We love you <3
Scott Peters *...."i want to trip inside yourchead purple paisley blue just for you...Love, John...Peace comes at a price, don't pay it, live it"....*JOHN LENNON1* >>>*BONO1*
Arianna Buonsanti Il peggior concerto di sempre. SI sente solo rumore sugli spalti. Che delusione ;(
Mary Crisci I was there for both gigs in Rome and I'm still sure that U2 are the best band ever. Thank you for existing, my love for you guys will never end. ❤
Daryl Walsh Saw you for the first time in Twickenham! Back in Canada now but still talking about the show last Saturday there ! Awesome show And experience !
17:24 07/16/2017

Grazie Italia... #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

52.2k reactions 1553 comments
Dirk Herden Cologne 12th June 1993, Warsaw 12th August 1997, Hannover 12th August 2010.... great! But for the concert last Wednesday in Berlin the tickets were simply too expensive for me. And after the sale at ebay extortionate....
Prentice Rene Escamilla Leyza Aida Fernandez Vega Ale CF este es el estadio Olímpico de Roma..!! Tenemos que ir.... Quien canta es #U2 ❤️
Nino Persili Bellissimo concerto che mi ha riportato indietro nel tempo e per l'esattezza al concerto allo stadio Flaminio (Roma) del 1987 😍 Un appunto negativo lo devo fare.. audio pessimo non all'altezza degli U2 e del concerto del 1987 Peccato 😞
Annalisa Sironi Che bello far parte di un concerto stupendo con Alessandra Sironi e Simone Simmons Villani! Ed essere parte integrante di una coreografia del genere!! Grazie U2 forever
Elena Tavoni Io che come Castaldo ero a Modena il 29 e il 30 maggio 1987 , ovviamente un emozione enorme e senza paragoni con nessun altro ! Acustica pessima dalla tribuna monte Mario e soprattutto il costo del biglietto non vale la visuale! Ma il rock vero e' ...
17:24 07/16/2017

Coming to the show in Rome tonight? Add your video, photos & tweets to our live coverage using #U2TheJoshuaTree2017. Follow it all here - http://www.u2.com/tour/date/id/45561418

12.4k reactions 358 comments
Julie McGinley At least the weather is looking decidedly better than Berlin... have a good one Rome - wish I was there! 😎
Bruce Schlote I wish Rome were near Nebraska 😒 Would love to see this!
Umberto Belardi Mondo..... guarda, ammira e godi la fantasia e creatività italiane con la coreografia su "with or without you" 🇮🇪🇮🇹
Jeroen Seppenwoolde Margreet, Joanne. Jullie zijn te vroeg gegaan:)
Alessandro Pilotto Mi sarebbe piaciuto, ma i ladri hanno fatto sparire i biglietti in trenta secondi
04:36 07/14/2017

Showtime #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 #berlin

36.2k reactions 655 comments
Andrzej Witkowski Thanks for today guys! You are like best wine :)) rainy but beatiful evening and another memories with you. #WHYNOTINPOLAND
Norbert Braasch Thank you guys! Finally, I was able to experience you live once. At the same time, this was my last concert. Back pain and a concert do not match. Great with you again 30 years to become younger. Many beautiful memories, thoughts and pictures have gone ...
Katie V Dyck my mother and me are looking forward to your concert in barcelona in five days :-) We played the joshua tree non stop during our roadtrip in West America last month.
Bianka Barth It was such a great gig. My 1st U2 concert. Marvellous. Amazing. My personal moment was "one". Great. Deep into my heart. I will never forget that. Please come back to Germany . I will be there ... ❤️
Tyler Sargent well finally they are playing Glendale,az in sept oh'yeah would have been really terrific if they played asu "sun devil stadium in tempe" as a true throw back!! yet university of phoenix stadium is the main attraction alaround
04:36 07/14/2017

Wir sind bereit fuer die show! Ready for the show #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 #berlin

17.1k reactions 393 comments
Jacqueline-Eva Silvan Danke❤️ völlig glücklich und überwältigt von den 2,5 Stunden purer Lebensfreude
Maike Sierck Ich wäre zu gerne da 😕
Thomas Vogelmann We are ready!
Michael Kinz Kerstin Kinz-Hagen schaut geil us.....nächstes mal wieder einplanen 😘😘
Dara McConnell Wish i could be at every gig after last Sunday.. Incredible show.
04:36 07/14/2017

Coming to the show in Berlin tonight? Add your video, photos & tweets to our live coverage using #U2TheJoshuaTree2017. Follow it all here - http://www.u2.com/tour/date/id/45561417

10.2k reactions 334 comments
Alyn Davies Twickenham
Scott McCulloch No.....pricks....
Helen Inglis Coming to AUSTRALIA? We'd love to add our video, photos & tweets to your live coverage!!!PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
Andrea Brinkmann I'm here, I'm here, I'm here !!! yaaaaaay Noel Gallagher was outstanding! Waiting for Bono now!
Tomas Hudcovic On the last show U2 in Berlin I asked my wife to married me 😁. She said yes
15:48 07/11/2017

Twickenham. #London Night 2 #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

22.6k reactions 464 comments
Donovan Davenport Was an epic night! Missed the original Joshua Tree tour as I lived in apartheid era in South Africa so never got to see them then but I have seen every tour from Zoo TV Tour in 1992. So great to hear JT in its entirety and the opening 4 songs took me ...
Tina Niki Wow, wow, wow, wow wow.......you guys rockef the house down. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. You never disappoint. Thank you for another great night!
Matt Davis What a night - absolutely amazing gig. That album has a power and weight that will last for many many more years. Well done boys...
Jackie McCarthy I was there tonight.... absolutely awesome.... loved every part of the show.... you are so talented..... never stop. Bono your voice is amazing. Larry, Adam and The Edge.... beautiful music from big talents. Shout out to my two new U2 friends Ali and ...
Frances Martin What a fantastic night. After years of aborted attempts to see you, (discounting Glastonbury which was a bit of a wash out!) tonight was worth the wait. Such talent and showmanship 💕😊xx
15:48 07/11/2017

High Flying Bird takes the stage... #U2THEJOSHUATREE2017 @themightyi #London

10.7k reactions 260 comments
Karyn Barnes Absolutely amazing last night... Bloody love you Noel! 💛
Jo Daniels Absolute fantastic performance from U2 last night & Noel you rock! Loved every minute 😊😊😊
Donna White Was great last night, brilliant ending and a new appreciation for Noel.
Pete Cross Saturday's gig was about as good as it got. Hope everyone is having as much fun today....
Lucía Fernández Elena, Jonatan! Can't wait to see you!😬
03:00 07/09/2017

Twickenham. #London Night 1 #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

21.1k reactions 992 comments
John Gow Tried to find out about disabled tickets from the venue and the band, kinda missed out, little disappointed!!
Sébastien Larivée Un jour, qui sait William, on verra cette foule pour eux a Terre-des-Jeunes
Jackie May Amazing show cant believe those songs are thirty years old ,reason for empty seats was they were behind mixing desk hence no view ,why pay that much money to go and be negative about it
Darren Rutterford Tried my hardest to get tickets but by the time I got thru to someone enquiring about a ticket for a disabled person I was told that they were all sold out as there were not many tickets in the first place.
Oscar Camaño Bring back A sort of homecoming to that repetitive set list...Except the TJT songs of course, the rest are the same songs from the last 2, 4, 5 tours!!!!!!
03:00 07/09/2017

Close as you can get... #London Night1 #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

14.1k reactions 494 comments
Syd Palmer Awesome show, looking forward to Detroit in the next leg. Guy in the Celtic shirt acted like a complete douche in Toronto.
Mary Bowker Unbelievable night thank you boys for making it so special so many highlights Sunday Bloody Sunday being one,it was highly charged and emotional and Noel Gallager wasn't bad either.
Caroline Waters Absolutely brilliant night Noel was fantastic However I have to agree with the comments about the red zone as my husband and I were also asked to leave despite showing the email confirmation.
Adam Draycott Amy Hall did you see u2 in London??? Tell me you did! Tell me you did!
Stephen Mcbride Pity you didn't play Scotland. Even tho we had a massive impact on your original success he ho. Billy Sloan almost embarrassed you into playing Glasgow for the elevation tour
03:00 07/09/2017

'It's alright, It's alright’…’ #U2TheJoshuaTree2017. Twickenham, Saturday & Sunday. #London. #Europe

29.4k reactions 1232 comments
Lourdes Gisella Duarte Pereira The 26th I will be on the Stade de France to see you guys, my dream come true! and also my dream is be with you on stage when you play "Mysterious Ways". I will travel from Paraguay to France only to see you guys. Please play "Mysterious Ways" and ...
Amanda Thompson Ok for some who can get there! So disappointed after years of dedication finally being able to afford and have the ability to see them, they don't do a gig in the North!!!!!
Shannon Leddy They were just announcing/teasing the London Shows with the clip of this from Met Life NY/NJ2 show. She was very poised and a great dancer. She has def done this before. Good for her!
Deanna Jay Listening to Joshua Tree album as we drive up to London. Husband is in tears and had to pull over as the songs have such deep meaning to him. So looking forward to tonight! Malc and D
Brendan Roberts One Ga Ticket pitch standing available for tomorrow sat 8th July Twickenham for geniune fan who wants to go, face value £80 pm me number if interested. Im going myself so can meet up and exchange.
14:12 07/06/2017

Heading to Europe, landing at Twickenham. This Saturday. #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 #London

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Yolanda Franssen Wow, ! So awesome, ! Wished I could be there with you, U2 guys! I love the four of you! U2 still amazes me! My dearest memory before I got mentally ill, was the Zooropa tour in Rotterdam in 1993, May the 9th, ! Unforgettable, ! THANKS for that ...
Mariëlla Koomen Bonnier Again, I don't have any tickets for the shows in Holland. Too expensive dor my wallet! 😭😱😭 I only have seen you once in Torhout-Werchter, about 30 years ago. It is still the best memory i have! I'm so sad that i can't see you again. 😔 Love you guys!!!😘
Keith Spencer I went in 1987 when the Joshua Tree was first released ! I think playing the whole Album is a bit of a Cop-out ! I have seen the opening Tour Date in Vancouver onYouTube ! They didn't play Vertigo or Every Breaking Wave , which is a personal favourite ...
Martin Haran Yeah roll on Twickenham as a warm up then croke park on the 22nd. Seen them on the original JT tour three times
Aurel-ie Parein Good travels U2!!!!♥️♥️♥️ Glad to have the opportunity of enjoying your beautiful music in the grand stade at lille, i wish that ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Reallyyyyyyyy, you re welcome , Lov U two 😘
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