09:24 06/21/2017

'In the locust wind / Comes a rattle and hum…' #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 #Washington

8.7k reactions 213 comments
Kimberly Greer Livesay Thank you for a great night and a spectacular show. I cannot imagine my life with U2. See ya next time.
Neil J Stern Amazing and incredible Show In DC last night thanks U2 for a incredible night of music..🎸🎸🎸
Heather Englund Poling Loved you in Tampa, coming for you in Cleveland! Cannot wait!!!!!
Kevin Anderson Amazing show. Thanks for helping crate a night that will be remembered for many years.
Daniel Hy McCook Speaking of Rattle and Hum, where's the remastered cd set complete with B-sides and blu-ray?
09:24 06/21/2017

Coming to @U2 in Washington? Use #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 with your photos & tweets on socials. We'll share. Follow here http://bit.ly/2sTSFZt

The Joshua Tree Tour 2017, FedEx Field, Washington

Tour page for The Joshua Tree Tour 2017, FedEx Field, Washington

1.1k reactions 63 comments
Renato Iorio En Octubre en Buenos Aires. Aguante U2.
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais U2 Legends!
Katy Swartz Scheuerman Well done U2! Thank you!
Amelia Josefina Concha .quiero ir .te amo bonoooo!! Fecha d entradas por favor
Chaitan Rao #U2THEJOSHUATREE2017
20:36 06/18/2017

Coming to the show in Louisville? Add your video, photos & tweets to our live coverage using #U2TheJoshuaTree2017. Follow it all here - http://www.u2.com/tour/date/id/45561431

3.7k reactions 138 comments
Bonnie Chambers ABSOLUTELY AMAZING SHOW. I've been to A LOT of concerts, and this one rank's in the top 3. For sure. Fantastic concert.
Helen Inglis Bringing the show to Australia? Would love to add our video, photos & tweets to our live coverage when you do!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
Kelly Lynn Savage Just saw them in Tampa was about 25 ft from stage, was an epic night 🙌😗😀👍💞
Roberto Wong #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 I came from Guatemala to Tampa and have the most great sorprise !i
Terri Bentivegna Just leaving and it was outrageous. Amazing. Waited 30+ years for this night. SO WORTH THE WAIT.
07:48 06/16/2017


26.2k reactions 393 comments
Hector Herrera What an amazing show!!!...stood right there where this photo was taken.... What a drummer!!! this was a lifetime experiencie
Honey Wayton My heart STILL beats to the rhythm of Larry Mullen jr's drums......since 1983. The show was amazing!!! Got to hear Running to Stand Still live!!!
Daniel Montaño Castañeda :( ... I couldn´t buy my ticket for the show in Bogota, Colombia. Is there any choice for other concert in Colombia? Please, only one more!!!
Michael Man Too expensive tickets for something very old , Heard it thousand times.Waste of money U2 is irrelevant now, better support other bands U2 now is a business Enterprise all is money money money buy buy buy.......
Sam Myers To anybody who has seen them on this tour, I bought tickets for the show in Indy. It says I have to have my credit scanned at the gates. Is this the way it works at all the shows? Will I get a real ticket at the show?
07:48 06/16/2017

Coming to the show in Tampa? Add your video, photos & tweets to our live coverage using #U2TheJoshuaTree2017. Follow it all here - http://www.u2.com/tour/date/id/45561408

2.6k reactions 144 comments
Todd Patton Will be in Louisville Friday 😀, super excited my first u2 show
Jared Hart Biggest band in the world, still signs for fans before the show. Incredible. Thank you so much, U2!
Wendy Smith My son, Hewson Joshua and I are here in our rain gear....can't wait💚
Donna Klein I can see from other cities on this tour and at stadiums that their stage setup is nothing like it used to be years ago when it look like a spaceship
Rob Harper Stay at home. This tour id awful. U2 have become a poor parody of themselves. Can no longer tolerate how awful they have become.
19:00 06/13/2017

North America, Mexico, South America. September, October. Tickets on sale from today. All details here - http://www.u2.com/presale #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 Sun Sep 3 - Detroit, MI Ford Field Tue Sep 5 - Buffalo, NY New Era Field Fri Sep 8 - Minneapolis, MN US Bank Stadium Sun Sep 10 - Indianapolis, IN Lucas Oil Stadium Tue Sep 12 - Kansas City, MO Arrowhead Stadium Thur Sept 14 - New Orleans, LA, Mercedes Benz Superdome Sat Sep 16 - St. Louis, MO The Dome At America’s Center Fri Sep 22 - San Diego, CA Qualcomm Stadium Tue Oct 3 - Mexico City, Mexico Foro Sol Sat Oct 7 - Bogota, Colombia, Estadio El Campin Tue Oct 10 - Buenos Aires, Argentina La Plata Sat Oct 14 - Santiago, Chile Estadio Nacional Thur Oct 19 - Sao Paulo, Brazil Morumbi Stadium

18.9k reactions 1057 comments
Michelle Parisi oh hell SD tix went on sale today I spaced. oh well. $200 less I donate to U2 sorry guys. Supersuckers Casbah San Diego 6/24 only $20 ish ! that's the TICKET :)
Flavia Viana My first CD I bought in 2001, in my 14th anniversary. Since this year, I dream of see you and hear the drums of "Sunday Bloody Sunday" alive, but this never happened. In 2017, you'll come back to Brazil and again I'll not see you because my last salary ...
Rafael Cabrales U need to fix the sound . Too much echo and Bono's mic was overwhelmed at the Hard Rock in Miami last night. Couldn't understand half of what he was saying in between songs. One Republic sound engineering was spot on.
Maria Eugenia Vega thanks U2 for come back to Sudamérica! I am so happy to have the opportunity to see you again! I can't believe that we will listen bad , exit ! I love you guys! and I am from PARAGUAY, we have to travel for see you ! but #withu2untiltheendoftheworld
Edwin Niño Nagles La espera termino,gracias a Dios,por fin en colombia....😃😊
19:00 06/13/2017

Coming to the show in Miami? Add your video, photos & tweets to our live coverage using #U2TheJoshuaTree2017. Follow it all here - http://www.u2.com/tour/date/id/45561407

6.3k reactions 235 comments
Helen Inglis Coming to play in Australia??? Would love to add videos, photos & tweets to your live coverage when you do. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
Anna Carla Rocha U2! Venham tocar no Rio de Janeiro, please!!! <3
Martha M. Gouin Enjoy! We had a great time last Saturday in Chicago.
Gena Bofshever Bono I'm here if you need a chiropractic adjustment!!!! #U2theJoshuaTree2017
Carine Nivert Emmanuelle Humeau....U2 à Miami ...le summum. ..😍😍😍 On avait juste 3 ans d'avance pour le voyage ...😉
19:00 06/13/2017

'The lights go down on Red Hill…’ Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

17.5k reactions 145 comments
Josechu Leton only one concert in spain?and it´s in catalonia,i dont like this,why don´t Madrid.buuuuu buuuuuu
Geri Iacovino Yes getting closer to the New Jersey shows !!
Marc Jennings The Pittsburgh show was amazing thank you U2 for your Art and professionalism.
Elise Ménagé Et dire qu'il y en a qui par amour son capable d'acheter des places à 1300 euros la place 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Hazel Stafford Looking forward to Twickenham... extortionate price, so hope you guys are worth it!!
06:12 06/11/2017

Hitting the road with U2 across the US this September… Beck www.u2.com/news/title/beck-as-special-guest #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

9.4k reactions 390 comments
Elizabeth Davis Kloha OMG! I bought my presale tix for Detroit, and am a HUGE BECK FAN! So excited! Kelly Torrenti Braun: 😊😊😊
Rita Tudisco Guill I wish that we would have gotten Beck instead of The Lumineers. Oh well
Rosa Cleary Kanye West opened for u2 when I went to see them #neverforget
Jason C. Loewen Well, I sure hope I can get time off for U2 in the Twin Cities. I'd go early to see the opening act.
Mike Rix Well at least Beck is opening... do not have to sit through U2 first...
06:12 06/11/2017

At Bonnaroo to see U2 play tonight? Follow the build-up and the set @bonnaroo - http://www.u2.com/tour/date/id/45561432 Take photos, post your comments, snap selfies, upload video. We'll add them to our rolling coverage through the day. Use this hashtag: #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

5.8k reactions 109 comments
Osmin Head Morales U2 tomorrow here in Miami.....
Aaron Hanretta Why no live stream @U2
Loriann Morris break a leg,,,but most of all have a blast!~,,lot's of love me,,,x
Amy McGee Gomoljak Can you please add a Nashville show that's not Bonnaroo? Petty please?
Luis Felipe Rodriguez Saludos cordiales éxito excelente En espera de unos boletos para su presentación en la CDMX México
16:54 06/08/2017

#U2TheJoshuaTree2017 heading to Mexico City, South America and back to the US, this September, October. livemu.sc/u2Tour

39.8k reactions 1943 comments
Liliana Crispín All peruvians were waiting for you many years, maaaaaaaaaaanyyyyy yearsss, I don't understand why you can not come to PERÚ, I doooooooooon't inderstaaaannnn . My heart broke!! :( We have the same rights to enjoy of your concert in our ...
Michelle Hatfield Thanks for the great music and talents the four of you have!! You guys are the greatest band and I have the best memories from your concerts!! My husband and I were at your Chicago show on Saturday about 5th row and it was truly was fantastic!! Love to ...
Samuel G. Zamudio I renewed my U2.com membership, and didn't get my presale code because I was told by customer service support that I used my code for the Pasadena concert, so I told him that I piad again my renewal fee so I can get a code for the coming concert in SD. ...
Camila Guimarães I am sad. Very very sad. As a member of fan club, i tried to buy tickets today in pre-sale to see you guys in São Paulo/ Brazil. At 8:30 am I was on my computer, on the website of Tickets for Fun waiting to open the sales on 10:00 am... When it opened, ...
Cindy RAy I have been waiting 30 years to see U2 . I remember there cassette tapes in my Walkman putting me to sleep starting in 1983 . This is my ultimate Bucket List . U2 is the Best Band in the World. 🇨🇮
04:06 06/06/2017

The goal is elevation… #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

12.5k reactions 434 comments
Rose Holcomb Thank you for the most incredible night! Chicago ❤️ U2!
Angela Hill The goal was accomplished! Best concert I've ever seen! You guys are so talented. Filled with spirit and love!
Kurt Ashcraft I was blessed to see you for my 5th time in Chicago on Sunday! Truly amazing and inspirational!
Lynn Davalos 30 years for the Joshua Tree and when you get to Indy, it will be our 30th wedding anniversary. Hope we can get tickets this time. Last tour I tried to get tickets to Chicago and it sold out in four minutes. What's the trick? :(
Mat Cubillos What you don't have you don't need it now. Lyrics I hold onto every day as I practice toward a much more minimalistic lifestyle.
04:06 06/06/2017


34.1k reactions 348 comments
Andrea Harris Nickila We were there last night! LOVED THE SHOW. ❤️❤️❤️We drove 6 hours to see it. So worth it, even with the nosebleed seats!
Miguel Adames Was there last night with the woman, U2 did not disappoint... Great time...wait I sounded like Trump there, it was a "good" time...
Lisa Carlos I saw the elevation tour in Detroit and How to dismantle the atomic bomb in Chicago. Looking forward to seeing you in Pittsburgh 😀❤️❤️
Elizabeth Diaz I'm having serious U2 withdrawals after seeing them 2 nights in a row here in Chicago. They were amazing ❤
Tom Steinfeld I saw U2 on their Joshua Tree tour, 30 years ago, in Paris. It changed my life (and it's on DVD!). I wish I could see them again on this tour, but alas, finances don't allow.
04:06 06/06/2017

Coming to The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 in Chicago tonight? Follow it all live right here - http://www.u2.com/tour/date/id/45561429 Take photos, post your comments, snap selfies, upload video. We'll add them to our rolling live coverage during the show day. Share your stories of The Joshua Tree on tour with fans worldwide. Use this hashtag: #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

19.1k reactions 421 comments
Irene Martinez Love U2 , I grew up listening to them, 1987 the best years of my life with U2 , can't wait to see you guys again...love you Bono. This concert was phenomenal.
Natalie Waghorne Please, please, please bring this tour to Australia. This was the first album l ever heard of yours, and still my favourite. It would be my 4th U2 concert....🙏
Allison Thweatt O'Dell What an awesome night! We traveled from Nashville to Chicago! Great venue!!! Fabulous show U2!!! So worth every penny to get there!
Audrey Angela Went with my 14yo. She loves the Lumineers, I ❤ Bono. I went 30 years ago, to both shows in Chicago. Tonight brought back those times. It was awesome.
Amy Heinz 1st show, Champaign, IL., 1987? 2nd show, June 4. Excellent! Music is like fine wine. I loved your music so much that I wrote a term paper on the Irish potato famine.
04:06 06/06/2017

Coming to The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 in Chicago tonight? Follow it all live right here - http://www.u2.com/tour/date/id/45561405 On showdays we're hosting a live social stream on U2.com, sharing your news & images in the build-up, posting your tweets, photos & video once the set's underway. Share your stories of The Joshua Tree on tour with fans worldwide. Use this hashtag: #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

6.6k reactions 236 comments
Jesus Cervantes I'm in the Chicago area and will miss you tonight but I'll catch up to you in a few weeks at one of your next stops. This will be amazing to finally see one of the greatest music icons of the world
Phil Cook Well as fate would have it my daughter had an accident and cut the bottom of her foot last night. Took 20 stitches to close both cuts up. So I am sol for today's show and wishing I'd brought insurance for my tickets. $1700 out the window, ticketmaster ...
Phil Cook Well ticketmaster just called and had a change of heart, tickets will be refunded. If someone at U2 had something to do with this, a big thank you. Just sick I can't make the show, but my kids come 1st always.
Krystyal Perdomo Tim Wilson Andrew Cheng, you guys going? Darrel and I are seeing this tour next weekend down here at Hard Rock Stadium. Can't wait!
Dirk Herden I would have liked to see you in Berlin. But for these prices of the tickets I have seen you last time in my life 2010 in Hannover...😡
15:18 06/03/2017

The definitive thirtieth anniversary editions of The Joshua Tree, released today. Track listing, formats, preview, orders. #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 http://www.u2.com/news/title/released-today

11.6k reactions 165 comments
Jair Santillan I was soooooo lucky to be there with my sister and brother at the rose bowl 🌹... They we're amazing..
Brett Lloyd Has anyone received the u2 singles pack from u2. Com ( the joshua tree singles box set ), - ordered mine what seems months ago now ?
Dean Boyer i was on a bachelor party in JT and made people drive out of the way so i could get my picture taken there. :D
David O'Neill Listened to some of the tracks from the Madison Square Garden concert. The sound is superb...
Joel Duff Made my own tshirt for next week in Pittsburgh. Saw them at the Pontiac Silverdome in 1987.
02:30 06/01/2017


26.1k reactions 423 comments
Joe Farinella What a bunch of greedy sell outs. One big Nostalgia act for money. Sad the way they crucified a beautiful song like Red Hill Mining town. I wouldn't pay a time to see a band who hasn't put out any decent material since 1992.
Bob Springsteen Saw you in Dallas and had a blast. It was my 8th concert ever. You all put your heart and your music out there for all. Some good and bad reviews but we wouldn't be able to have these conversations without it. Thanks for your boldness to share your art ...
Helder Santos U2 é uma das bandas mais famosas de sempre , pena eles não atuarem cá em Portugal , não faltava por nada deste mundo .!!!😀😀😀😀😀
Art Seeberger I couldn't even hit 3 numbers on the Powerball, so in spite of my 35 years of loving this band, I couldn't go to the Houston show.
Jacque Davis Suhr Please plat Gloria on June 3. I have never heard it live. I know it's not part of the Joshua Tree album, but would make a nice encore
00:54 05/27/2017

Seven days till release. The special 30th anniversary editions of The Joshua Tree arrive next week. Here’s the Super Deluxe Vinyl box set in production. Preorder your copy today. #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 https://u2.lnk.to/SuperDeluxeJTFP

13.7k reactions 713 comments
Jacques Germain And most of these records will never be listened to but only kept as a collectors items...
Karen Creighton One of my favourite albums!!! I still have it on vinyl. Hoping to see you guys next time in Australia
Niki Tarbuck My goodness Cathy 30th anniversary 🙈 where does the time go !! Xx
Karren Garriock OMG!!!😱😱 PLEASE bring #TheJoshuaTreeTour to CHRISTCHURCH #NewZealand 🌏❤🎶
Jason Mieritz This will be a better investment than the ridiculously overpriced concert tickets. Mike Tracy Tina Marie
Alicia Keys
06:00 05/24/2017

This weekend.... Wow! What a soul! What a show!! 🔥🔥🔥 #vibes #U2 #U2thejoshuatree2017

3.9k reactions 70 comments
Tye Merricks Louder.
Stella Bernardi Your the best ❤️💕
堀口敦弘 Alicia💝U2💝Dear💝
Isabella Ramage alicia keys you are so amazing
Rohan Kumar Shil 37 grammys
23:18 05/21/2017

Coming to The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 in The Rose Bowl tonight? Follow it all live right here - http://www.u2.com/tour/date/id/45561402 On showdays we're hosting a live social stream on U2.com, sharing your news & images in the build-up, posting your tweets, photos & video once the set's underway. Share your stories of The Joshua Tree on tour with fans worldwide. Use this hashtag: #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

The Joshua Tree Tour 2017, Rose Bowl, Los Angeles

Tour page for The Joshua Tree Tour 2017, Rose Bowl, Los Angeles

5.2k reactions 197 comments
Michelle Parisi doubtful I will fork over $150 for the show, I don't own a small enough purse. sorry guys.
Mike Haggerty Couldn't see the stage background but heard the boys loud & clear! Awesome!
Andrea Mora Williams Thank you, thank you for sharing your gift. Love your music, love your message. Your music feeds the soul. Every song was amazing last night!!
Tatiana Madueno Why did they send a fake Bono and Edge into the audience last night ? Liz Sanchez
Jeanette Narciso Lumineers were great 👍 we saw THE EDGE in section 17 it was really him too security verified!
23:18 05/21/2017

Showday. The Rose Bowl. Los Angeles. #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

21.7k reactions 842 comments
Vangelis Tyls The name of this stadium makes me sentimental, my thoughts go straight to the impecable 360 show. And the vinyl of it sounds even more sweet. Too bad they won't come in Greece this time, too bad I can't afford another country's show.
Gary Pyles Looking forward to U2's second visit to Louisville KY. Their first concert was in the early 80's when they OPENED for J. Geils Band, and my little college radio station WLCV was the only station in the city that was playing tracks from "Boy." I'll never ...
Norman Groves I saw them for the "war" tour, and the "Joshua tree" tour....then my city became too small for u2, I'll never see them again.
Italo Lima Daniele Fidelis Morgana Gomes Quero ver isso ao vivo em Outubro. E soube de rumores que Noel Gallagher vai abrir o show. É muita emoção pra um dia só :'(
Daniel Baud U2 need to broadcast this one like the 360 tour. Heck make a 4k Blu Ray please!!
23:18 05/21/2017

Coming to one of #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 shows? Check the latest on parking, credit-card ticket entry, gates & stage-times http://livemu.sc/2rBfL2H

17.0k reactions 500 comments
Geoff Pearman I wish you were coming to Minneapolis. :(. I know it is a big world out there and there are a lot of cities. This album changed my life though.
Patty Hernandez Hi, Going to tonight's concert. Dies anyone know how much are the shuttle txs at Parsons? I went to their websute, but they sold out. Thanks!
Brian P Thomas I sure wish there was an option to sell my fan club tickets. Life happens and I can't make it to chicago on June 3rd. Anyone interested?
Lisa Stevenson Oh Rose Bowl, you are a pain in the butt, But I will deal with you to see my favorite band!
Shane Foley I have two tickets for GA floor that I bought off stub hub for Gillette stadium. They are hard tickets, physical tickets. Will I have trouble gaining entry because of this?
10:30 05/19/2017

'So excited to be here...' Santa Clara, show day. #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

12.5k reactions 296 comments
Lora Glazer What time are we all lining up in Tampa my fellow GA people? 😉 It going to be hot and humid... But I'll suffer for U2 😉🔥☀Can't wait!!!
Scott Hamilton Half the ppl in the video clip don't look old enough to of listened to the Joshua tree album on vinyl
Kerri Till The Lads were spot on and Bono's voice was incredible! Yeah he screwed up with or without you but hey we've all made mistakes at the office! I love them and always will.
Alice Shambayati what an amazing show!! that's me in the screencap and that was also my tattoo in another scene... eeee :)
Danielle Kira I went to see them when I was 13...guess what...joshua tree because at soon to be 33yrs old I am blessed to go again...cant wait til they r here in fl! My true love U2!!! My fav bad of all time... so excited the time is passing so slow
21:42 05/16/2017

Wow! What a night - thank you Seattle. Next stop Santa Clara #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

49.8k reactions 1187 comments
Anita Sumpter The best concert I ever attended. Truly magnificent.
Lisa Hansen Thank you for the amazing experience in BC and again in Seattle! The stage and videos were beautifully mind blowing! I loved the simplicity and how it merged with the technology and the way your music is able to stay relevant! Thanks for 30 + years of ...
Gina Frank Reading all these fantastic reviews is only getting me more excited for Saturday's concert at The Rose Bowl! It's been 20 years since I've seen them last, and no doubt I'm in for a treat!
Lynne Kenyon Truely a remarkable night! Thank you U2 and Mumford & Sons! I would just add a note that while the Gates foundation may be doing great things in regards to health care in Africa, they are killing public school education here.
Karen Galletti Wickman Totally amazing. Would love to be there in Santa Clara listening to your concert. I tried, but couldn't get tickets & the scalpers were asking outrageous amounts. A loyal fan from the beginning.
21:42 05/16/2017

Coming to The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 in CenturyLink Field, Seattle tonight? Follow it all live right here - http://www.u2.com/tour/date/id/45561400 On showdays we're hosting a live social stream on U2.com, sharing your news & images in the build-up, posting your tweets, photos & video once the set's underway. Share your stories of The Joshua Tree on tour with fans worldwide. Use this hashtag: #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

The Joshua Tree Tour 2017, CenturyLink Field, Seattle

Tour page for The Joshua Tree Tour 2017, CenturyLink Field, Seattle

4.0k reactions 177 comments
U2 Wolves Brasil We're very excited to see this amazing tour in the South America. Thanks U2 for this amazing gift to our fans #U2TheJoshuaTree2017
Cassie Cameron Favorite album of all time, and gutted I couldn't get tickets:(
Ernie King We came to see you U2 not just hear you so please for everyone else paying to see you? Please put yourselves in the big screen because we can't see you only hear you😕
Mike Templeton I just saw "Highly Suspect" for $20 with an opener at a small club. It was more intense and invigorating than any political, a-hole propaganda show by these lib-tards.
Ernie King You can't even see them in the concert. It's like they didn't spend $ to put them seldom screen or what happened, like most bands do. We just saw Mumford & son play and you could see all of them on big screen. Big disappointment as they're just tiny ...
21:42 05/16/2017

On the road again. Next stop Seattle. #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

41.1k reactions 608 comments
Brenda Montgomery-linn Best Mother's Day present, sharing experience with daughter and son-in-law❤️
Melissa Rubio So sad I can't see you on your tour but enjoy Seattle today! ^_^ <3
Joel Hamlet Hey can y'all do me a favor and use the "thankful" reaction on my pics and statuses while it's still around? Thanks!
Geannie Swartwood Brubaker 6 more sleeps until I see you in LA! Beside myself with excitement and thank you for the musical genius you share with us all!!
Shannon Campbell I'm on my way! (Next tour, please make Portland a stop?)
08:54 05/14/2017

U2 The Joshua Tree 2017, Opening night, Vancouver #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

126.0k reactions 10068 comments
Clive Spencer Unbelievable to hear people could not get in due to the security measures introduced to combat ticket touts. Unfortunately ticket master is the ticket tout, this system they introduced is ridiculous and we have systems available to combat this secondary ...
Romina Pavel What an absolutely amazing show! So good I bought a ticket for the Rose Bowl show on the 21st! Exit was a raunchy wild beast of a song 😈. Love you guys! ❤️🎸🎤🇨🇮🍻
Angelina Stebakova OMG, can't wait to see them 😍 only managed to get a ticket for the 1st of August in Brussels, unfortunately going alone... anyway I hope it's going to be a breathtaking experience, it will be my first time seeing them live❤
Jennifer Fearing Barry Absolutely incredible and powerful show! We are so blessed to have been there last night! Magical...So much love for you guys and the light and love you bring to the world! ❤🍀
Liesbeth Sluik-van Der Veer Tears in my eyes....even only by watching this! Let alone being there! Have to wait till July. Happy to see Bono looking full of energy again; no more bikes to climb on please! 😜
08:54 05/14/2017

Coming to the opening of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 in Vancouver tonight? Follow it all live right here - http://www.u2.com/tour/date/id/45561399 On showdays we're hosting a live social stream on U2.com, sharing your news & images in the build-up, posting your tweets, photos & video once the set's underway. Share your stories of The Joshua Tree on tour with fans worldwide. Use this hashtag: #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

6.0k reactions 288 comments
Clive Spencer Unbelievable to hear people could not get in due to the security measures introduced to combat ticket touts. Unfortunately ticket master is the ticket tout, this system they introduced is ridiculous and we have systems available to combat this secondary ...
Irene Gaspar Fan since '84, never saw live😢 but I have 13 albums to listen to anytime/anywhere - good trade off. Love this site with fans sharing. Keep performing U2👊💟
Nicki Shaw I would have loved to see you but I can't even get in to hear Mumford and Sons who I.also.wanted to.see. If this is how important it is to.fight scalpers, I'd hate to see the lengths you'd go to to help fans. I'm freezing in the cold and don't think ...
Jason Shane Waiting to in line 1 1/2 hours to get in. Missing the opening act Mumford and Sons. Very disappointed! Line has moved 1 foot! People next to me flew in from Edmonton to see, correct that, miss the show.
Victoria-Leigh Smith Would have been nice to actually see Mumford. Im a U2 member and should not have been in line for 1.5 hours to not see part of the show I paid for. Very disappointed. No big screens, either. Could have had more doors open to let us in to see the show. ...
08:54 05/14/2017

Pedal to the metal in Vancouver. All set for opening night. #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

14.4k reactions 358 comments
Bernie Dullaghan This is supposed to be set list for tonight's gig what a set of tunes ♥️
Angie Sweet Why are tickets to Croke Park only €37 and in Boston they are an arm, two legs, and your first born? lol
Mark Toner I'm here 😃😃😃
Marjolein Ruijgrok-Havelaar I can't wait to see you in Amsterdam ... 40 years fan and never missed a concert .. you are part of my life .. wedding and future funeral ..
Curadhan Shea Powell Ready to put El Salvador thru the amplifier in Bullet!!!
08:54 05/14/2017

Live from Madison Square Garden, September 1987, ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’… with special guests. If you pre-ordered The Joshua Tree 30th anniversary release on Deluxe or Super Deluxe your latest download is ready. Enjoy! #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 https://u2.lnk.to/LiveChoir

14.4k reactions 161 comments
Brian Cornelius 2.5 years after Rock am Ring where they were not the headline act either day.
Brian R Simpson Can't wait for you to sing it, this summer in Canada! So excited Marti!
Analisa Maria Young 'Red Hill Mining Town' in Miami next month. Cannot wait! My first U2 gig. Finally!
Chris Geoghegan ...and what will we benefit from buying this version?? Huh?.....bugger all!!! .. No thanks !
Isabel Cristina Rodrigues Meu primeiro cd adquirido no ano de 89! Daí pra frente a paixão só aumentou... ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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