Dwight Howard
02:00 03/26/2017

#NBA #TrueToAtlanta

205 reactions 10 comments
Kuba Twardzik Łukasz Krótki
Christiian Jackson Buut didn't you guys lose?? Lol
Rachel Johnson What! I only got one? smh
Yvette Salas Nice
Vanessa Howard Friedman It was a Gr8 game to watch!
Dwight Howard
13:12 03/23/2017

So, that’s the Picture they chose-Hmm? Anyway, Great Cause and I was Glad to Help the Children and the Arby’s Foundation. God Bless and #BeGr8 #NBACARES #ATLHAWKS #TruetoAtlanta D12 Foundation

161 reactions 7 comments
Rafael Teixeira Dwight funny!
Mary Prud'homme You are cute
Rachel Johnson Dwight love the kids!!! Good job Superman!
Yesenia Irua Guapisssssimo
Nilda R. Pacheco Keep up the good work; for our children... They will thank you later in their life! #BeGr8 #AlwaysAwesome
Dwight Howard
00:24 03/21/2017

Let's Go Boyz !! #GameUp Tonight !! #TrueToAtlanta #BeGr8

597 reactions 18 comments
Tommy Hoang Don Lizada
Adi Santoso Oh, my God.... TOOK ME HOURS TO FIND, FINALLY GOT THE LINK, ☛ Kong: Skull Island Full Movie Streaming Playnow ➡ #PLAYdonworiKongSkullisland3731562
Alvin Wilson #8 You're the Best big Homme!!!!!!
Mun Jean Pierre Citizen We are together!!!!!!!
Sena James Good luck
Dwight Howard
08:24 03/08/2017

God Bless ,, Thank You For Your Service !! #BeGr8 #TruetoAtlanta #Veterans #USA

107 reactions 9 comments
Elder Collier 2108318895
Allan Cook Dwight... you've got to play better
Joanne E. Taylor That was great of them! Thanks for sharing
Jamila Humphrey We gotta win this game tonight!!!# praying
Dwight Howard
19:36 03/05/2017

Big Game Tonight , You with Us ? #GameUp #LetsGo !!! #TrueToAtlanta #NBA #BeGr8

1.0k reactions 36 comments
Alvin Wilson Aye brugh go get em....
Evangeline Tsosie Superman!!!!
José Valdiviezo Cavs win
Evangeline Tsosie Good luck Dwight, have an awesome game!
Amir Willy <3 for you howard
Dwight Howard
06:48 03/03/2017

Workin-It #TruetoAtlanta #NBA #BeGr8

181 reactions 10 comments
Brian Wallace hey what dhoword good a game boston keepup
Rafael Teixeira Superman!!!!
Constance Cole Great game! We're proud of you in Florida!
Joanne E. Taylor Good luck in the playoffs
Dan Griffith When he was in Houston he was in the fox hole like a scared little girl , # Dwight stole our money.
Dwight Howard
05:12 02/26/2017

Ready2Ball #NBA #TrueToAtlanta #BeGr8

365 reactions 14 comments
Quincy Spivey 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Hector Mercedes 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Aurel Yurag Inot Hi guys
Aaron Morris I mean heat are going pretty well but good luck howard
Jennifer Vasquez How about my Houston Rockets tho🤘🚀🤗🚀
Dwight Howard
03:36 02/21/2017

Staying Focused #BeGr8 #NBA #TrueToAtlanta

2.2k reactions 63 comments
Elizabeth Antoniello Warner #8Howard fabulous
Shanece NeNe Jones 😍 nice picture
Dusty Farmer keep doin ya thing big guy.
Kim Moorehead Looking mean HOWARD
Andrew Stephen If I don't like my home can I just demand a trade?
Dwight Howard
00:18 02/11/2017

Now,, That's What I am Talking About !! #TrueToAtlanta #NBA #BeGr8

232 reactions 23 comments
Klaus Wagemann Martin Wagemann
Facundo José Martín Alfredo Zárate
Ido Tati Omer Tati
Shirendra DeSilva Shivanta De Silva
Henry Tang Chun Hei Tang 葉璟誠 HoKwan Lam Dicky Au Yeung
Dwight Howard
11:30 02/08/2017

Maybe I should try that Technique at the Line ? LOL 😂 #NBA #TrueToAtlanta #BeGr8

676 reactions 48 comments
Inez Bottoson LOL
Alvin Wilson Don't worry about the haters bro.....#Txstillafan
Judi Conway Great shot
Connie Smith Yes you should Dwight you can do it.
Michael Forgét At least try it!!
Dwight Howard
22:42 02/05/2017

#SuperBowl Weekend Has Arrived !! Our Very Own ATLANTA FALCONS Representing the ATL at #SB51 #Inbrotherhood #TrueToAtlanta #BeGr8 Julio Jones #NBA #NFL

737 reactions 16 comments
Alexander Belkot Marco Menne 😀😀
Miguel Hernandez Jay Tee
Philipp Stein Tobi Kröck
Rafael Teixeira TOPPP!
Bertrand Astora Dwight Jones?? or Julio Howard...
Dwight Howard
21:06 01/31/2017

ATL Style - I am So Blessed to Have Such A Great Group of Teammates 🏀🏀 #DynamicDuo #NBA #TruetoAtlanta #BeGr8 #InBrotherhood

443 reactions 17 comments
Dan Griffith Ya the ones in Houston sucked , right?
Jennie Perreard Word!
Lrak Nhoj Dulca Be an All-Star starter again Dwight 🏀
Luis Htx Come back to Houston said no one ever
Christian Valenzuela This lop
Dwight Howard
08:18 01/29/2017

Just in Case You Missed My Time w/ Kristen Ledlow #NBA #TrueToAtlanta #BeGr8

Inside Stuff: Dwight Howard - NBA.com
Inside Stuff: Dwight Howard - NBA.com

Jimmy Butler, Kevin Durant, DeAndre Jordan and other superstars give us their take on how they would build the perfect NBA player.

443 reactions 9 comments
Sam Dinsdale Kienan Higgins Jake Botica Kieran Russell
Kay Kalenga Amazing! L.O.V.E DH
Mun Jean Pierre Citizen Love you
Rafael Teixeira It always starts with the "D" hahaha nice one! :D
Jennifer Vasquez James Harden MVP
Dwight Howard
17:54 01/21/2017

Sometimes all we may need is a little Inspiration. #BeGr8 #TrueToAtlanta #NBACARES JCPenney Show You Care & Share !! #PAYITFORWARD

174 reactions 9 comments
Lucas Paul Jules https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbM9bWm9cqA
Edmark Castillo Go in PH IDOL please
Cherry Lou Reyes-Tapay Dwight Howard #NBAVote
Wade Carter 10 children 8 baby momma's
Marvin Pulumbarit Dwight Howard #NBAVote
Dwight Howard
05:06 01/19/2017

Atlanta -Birth Place of Dr. King, In his Honor we started "Read w/ the Gr8s" Get Out There -Make A Difference !! I have a Dream to #BeGr8 #NBACARES #TrueToAtlanta

102 reactions 4 comments
Joanne E. Taylor Thanks for sharing. Thanks for giving back Dwight
Sheila Fingerhood You're such a great guy Dwight!! #TruetoAtlanta
Vanessa Howard Friedman #BeGr8 #TruetoAtlanta #NBACARES Always doing wonderful things off & on the court, Dwight!
Dwight Howard
16:18 01/16/2017

Boyz Made it Look Easy !! #TruetoAtlanta #BeGr8 #inBrotherhood #RiseUp Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons on Twitter
Atlanta Falcons on Twitter

“NFC Championship here we come! #InBrotherhood we move on.”

274 reactions 27 comments
Paul Kicherer Jan Kriesten
Marcos Rodrigues please send me $1000000, I'm dying out here in starvation
Alber TyGa 😀
Rafael Teixeira Dwight Howard #NBAVote Best center in the league!
Clarence Walker Dwight Howard #NBAVote
Dwight Howard
03:30 01/14/2017

Brothers of the ATL - We Stand Together #INBROTHERHOOD #TruetoAtlanta #NBA #NFL Atlanta Falcons

197 reactions 74 comments
Bubba Almony Dwight Howard #NBAVote
Sania Prasala #nbavote dwight howard
Bubba Almony Dwight Howard #NBAVote
Furkan Emre Er #NBAVote Dwight Howard
Luke Byrge Dwight Howard #NBAVote
Dwight Howard
03:30 01/14/2017

“Life’s Achievements Cannot Be Attained, without those in your life that contribute to it.” Maybe Mama's Cooking, now that I am Home in Atlanta. #dailyBounce #BeGr8 #TrueToAtlanta #NBA

888 reactions 204 comments
Vic Gallegos Keep at it big fella!
Faycal Belaiz Didnt understand that stat 🤔 =/
Jennifer Vasquez James Harden #nbavote
Jennifer Vasquez James Harden #nbavote
Francisco Betancourt James harden #NBAVOTE
Dwight Howard
14:42 01/11/2017

Crazy Talent Out There,,, Pun Intended !!! #TrueToAtlanta #NBA #BeGr8

86 reactions 158 comments
Howard Hakim Dwight Howard #NBAVote
Howard Hakim Dwight Howard #NBAVote
Howard Hakim Dwight Howard #NBAVote
Jason Allen Dope stuff!😵😂😵😍!
Binti Di Wow
Dwight Howard
14:42 01/11/2017

#BeGr8 #TruetoAtlanta #NBA Hard Work -Pays Off !!

2.6k reactions 316 comments
Lydia Fields I love you boo! #NBAVOTE Dwight Howard my boo thang in my mind 😆😆
AquarianKing Lloyd After this year you need to make it to the cavs bro bro real talk
David Henry #NBAVOTE James Harden (you will never escape his legacy)
Rick Rim Morales Get a ring.....but for your wife
George Issa Dwight Howard Be Great Go Hawks!!!! Truebeliever
Dwight Howard
01:54 01/09/2017

Thank You Lord ⛪ For All My Blessings. #True2God #NBA #TrueToAtlanta #BeGr8 #GottaStayHungry #Hunt4ALLSTAR

845 reactions 188 comments
Trevor Hensley Dwight howard #nbavote
Ron Karlo Cruz Dwight Howard #NBAVote
Dan Israel Dwight Howard #NBAVote
Michael Morgan Paul Millsap #NBAVote
Dariel Fulledo #NBAVOTE Dwight Howard
Dwight Howard
13:06 01/06/2017

Bart Starr Award Recipient - Honor God, Community, Family, & Team. Establish Your Family Legacy -Always Teach & Pay It Forward #NBACARES #TrueToAtlanta #BeGr8

Pats' Slater wins Bart Starr Award, just like dad

Patriots special teams captain Matt Slater has been named recipient of the 2017 Bart Starr Award, given to the NFL player who best exemplifies character and leadership on and off the field.

164 reactions 11 comments
Jared Jackson-Ferrans Richard Grayson
Furkan Emre Er #NBAVote Dwight Howard
Taha Aydemir #NBAVote Ersan Ilyosava
Rhabs Batawan dwight howard #NBAVOTE
Furkan Emre Er #NBAVote Eric Gordon
Dwight Howard
13:06 01/06/2017

Lets just Say,, "We got it done Last Night" But, Its #GameUp in the #NBA as we Play New Orleans Tonight. #Winning Attitude #TruetoAtlanta #BeGr8

Magic done in by clutch Dwight Howard in loss to Hawks | FOX Sports
Magic done in by clutch Dwight Howard in loss to Hawks | FOX Sports

Statistical Information provided by STATS © 2016 Fox Sports Interactive Media, LLC. All rights reserved. Use of this website (including any and all parts and components) constitutes your acceptance of these New Terms of Use and New Privacy Policy.

649 reactions 63 comments
Ali Zanial You still go down in NBA history as wasted talent
Nev Somai As a professional Facebook athlete, my comment matters. And Dwight, that is great stats. Machine at work. #ATL
Tahmie Mosley I'm glad he's with da Hawks and not da Rockets...big for nothing... Hakeem tried to help him but it's worthless
Vanessa Howard Friedman Good game last night Dwight! Thanks for the pic and autograph too!! 😊
Neco Izm Abi seni maçlarda neden sayıya yönelik oynatmiyorlar. NBA in en sağlam uzunusun sen Süpermen sin . Saha içinde boş boş kosturuyolar seni . Neden ?
Dwight Howard
00:18 01/04/2017

Great Inside Look Into My Basketball Life and My Outstanding Team -The Atlanta Hawks #NBA "This is Why We Play" - #BeGr8 #TrueToAtlanta #ATLHawks #WinningAttitude #GameUp

237 reactions 26 comments
Martin Schnitzer Julius Schnitzer
Chika Chidi I will be sought for when am needed and useful
Abs S. Esmula that's tt
Abs S. Esmula your team look like better
Dwight Howard
22:42 12/29/2016

When the Game ends, its about only one Stat-The Final Score. #WinningAttitude #BeGr8 #TrueToAtlanta #NBA #ATLHawks

Howard can
Howard can't stop dunking all over the Wolves

In his first game back in the lineup, Dwight Howard keeps dunking on the Timberwolves, especially when Kent Bazemore throws up the lob to allow Howard to throw down another alley-oop.

644 reactions 32 comments
Luke Fletcher Dermott Patrick
Pierre Colliau Martin Bodero
Meghan Catherine Cameron Furman Jared Hamilton see!!! That's my boy!!
Trina Jackson Do your thing
Steven J. Cuevas de Jesus Dwight Howard #NBAVOTE
Dwight Howard
21:06 12/24/2016

Always A Wonderful Time of The Year, Blessed to share it with these wonderful children of the YMCA -Decatur #NBACARES #ATLHawks #BeGr8 #TrueToAtlanta

Hawks' Dwight Howard surprises kids with Christmas shopping in DeKalb

There were 50 of them, from the Decatur YMCA, crowded into the back of the Northlake Mall department store for a Christmas surprise Tuesday afternoon.

671 reactions 14 comments
Larry Wingfield Somebody text me if you can put $15,000 dollar's in my checking account (904)497-1889
Constance Williams Have a wonderful holiday. Dwight....
Jerome Cunanan Nice dwight 😁
Lorenna Mena God bless you ❤🎄🎶🙏🏻
Jesus Ballesteros That's why I always like Dwight Howard small things
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