Carmen Electra
14:06 01/15/2018

Wearing black to the #goldenglobes parties 🖤 much thanks to #ivanbittonstylehouse / dress by @matijavuica / @hairbyruslan #makeup by @ash_kholm #timesup

2.6k reactions 117 comments
Iliya Raschev ❤️😍💐😍❤️
Harrison Johnson Jr. Gorgeous
Tyrell Grey Stunningly beautiful 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Elias Duarte-Lopez Beautiful :)
Joe Paquette Definitely Golden Globes................;)
Mary J. Blige
07:36 01/13/2018



#TimesUp. Its Time to Bounce Back.

1.7k reactions 129 comments
Adriane Lindsay You killed it I’m in love with this song already
Alexander Yaucano Valentin Love you much Happy Birthday <3
Sharon Green Thanks so much! 😂 Congratulations and Happy Belated♑️⭐️🍾🥂❤️
Sameenah Chanel On repeat .. My girl my twin in my head ..Its like her and I go through the same thing at the damn time.. BOUNCEBACK
Mary J. Blige
07:36 01/13/2018

#GoldenGlobes2018 #TimesUp

2.7k reactions 228 comments
Andrea Sampler Congrats and Happy Soul Day Queen Mary...you are my motivation...Thank you 💖💖💖
Chad Rozay Ochoschencko Happy birthday to The Vocal Therapist Mary J Bleezy
MrMs Jones U go girl we love you and big congratulations
Lashann Pouncy My Favorite of All Times!! Happy Birthday Beautiful Queen ❤️❤️💕❤️🍾🥂
Diane Curry You are the Best! Congrates and Happy Birthday Capricorn!! I've loved your Music for ever!
Jennifer Lawrence
15:24 01/12/2018

They are rallying in dc to amend this today WATCH: http://bit.ly/2Erd6yW JOIN US: We need to urge Congress to amend #CDA230 on National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. http://p2a.co/1LTNEsS #ListenToSurvivors #IamJaneDoe #PassSESTA #TIMESUP @worldweus @sffny

2.5k reactions 380 comments
Kent Nedland We can find the Republicans. They are the ones against doing sex trafficking because liberals are the ones fighting it. Politics over children.
Mike Gallego I've just posted to Kamala Harris specifically, as well as the US Senate Democrats site to sponsor legislation to update section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Contact your govt. reps. and push this, people!
Kevin Baker Jennifer, you are gonna need a better cast of characters to help this great cause.
John Romaneski can't think of a joke to make about this... if only there were a way to acquire a joke about it without having to think one up myself...
Jeff Wentz Nope, just because it’s Schumer.
Eva Longoria Baston
00:06 01/13/2018

Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women, who have her back! 💪🏽❤️ #TIMESUP .... 📸: Christopher Polk | NBC via Getty Images Entertainment

2.7k reactions 44 comments
Jericó Ochoa Magaña Beautiful Chaparritas Mexicans jeje
Majid Abssi Hey you are beotiful beby love
Toni Ilomäki Talvisodan henkeä. Kaveria ei jätetä! 😊
Lew Jack Beautiful
Chris Barrett 4 Beautifull Women!!!
Eva Longoria Baston
11:18 01/10/2018

Actresses and Activists ❤❤❤ #TIMESUP #WhyWeWearBlack #GoldenGlobes2018

1.9k reactions 28 comments
Christa Angerer All Women are pretty
Gabriela Zabalúa Congratulations and blessing. I am very happy for you Eva Longoria Baston
Galb Ozor Christopher Jacquet
Greg George <3
Valérie Lemaire Toutes solidaires en noires
Naomi Campbell
13:30 01/10/2018

‪#congratulations Oprah, Cecil B. DeMille award FIRST WOMAN OF COLOR TO RECIEVE THIS ACCOLADE #truth #preach #timesup 🖤🙏🏾👏🏾 Golden Globes #2018 #blackexcellence‬

420 reactions 18 comments
J.C Colley 👌🏿🖤🙌🏿
Tita Nium Daphné SP lis la première ligne 😂
Johnny T Lightning ROCKEN
Ruti Rafaeli Love Oprah
Ivan van Faassen By ART ARMY Amsterdam FEMALE POWER and Naomi Campbell Top Models and Leaders. Thanks Beauty Back You Up
Mariah Carey
23:18 01/09/2018

Last night was so much fun and empowering at the same time. I feel blessed to have stood alongside these strong, beautiful women! #whywewearblack #TIMESUP #girlsoutforlinner #GoldenGlobes

28.0k reactions 673 comments
Arlo Asaytuno Mariah looks absolutely gorgeous! #slayriah #skinnylegend
Lisbellina Ann I like you. But I don't know about the black dress thing. Was it for women or was it for Bollywood. Don't lie to me.
Karen Zman Mariah Carey you looked stunning last night ❤️ your front row vegas girl!!! (10 shows and counting from the front row!!!)
Sabrina Snyder Greenhouse Hmmm.... a movement you are proud of with all of your breasts hanging out!!?! What sense does that make???
Victoria Jayne Taylor Wow so elegant. You looked beautiful last night ❤️❤️
Willow Smith
10:42 01/10/2018

<#TIMESUP> // The evolution of toxic paradigms is taking place // GRATITUDE

215 reactions 6 comments
William Trumbly https://youtu.be/nIctRNC_AfA
Hassam Elías RC
Dan Maxwell Yes BBG <3
Chandra Cleveland-Jennings ❤️
Khalfan Shaib Timesup
Emma Watson
19:42 01/09/2018

So moving to be on the red carpet yesterday. Thank you to everyone who wore black in solidarity with us. ✊@timesupnow #timesup

66.2k reactions 470 comments
Mary Messina I wish I could have been there with you. Fabulous women doing a fabulous job for equality and standing up against abuse. Congratulations to all!!!
Verna Meece Gag. Group photos do NOT make a movement. True stories do. But you don’t have the guts to talk but those matching black dresses speak volumes that you “belong”. As a survivor, the story is the beginning to therapy.
Akash Jatt I always stand with you in your solidarity and @timesupnow even in any condition and you are looking like a white moon who always shine the world by your beauty and your work and i really respect your work and may god bless like you person in every life ...
Bill Stewart Mathew, it just shows how ignorant of the whole issue you are. Wearing Black was only a means to bring attention to the issue on TV at an event that would help to get the word out to the most people.
Virginia Otoya-Vera So much×÷%÷×$#$$$!! They get to stand around in designer gowns with their designers, consultants ect while the real abused just have to go on with their lives and manage by themselves without help every day of their lives just trying to survive, while ...
Eva Longoria Baston
11:18 01/10/2018

With these beauties last night! #TIMESUP

4.9k reactions 65 comments
Bibin Mathew Abraham Fabulous Elegant xoxo
Marco Antonio Scotto Tessin **) :-* all beauty's
Bro Ya Knew Just divine
Tom Moresi Hi gorgeous!!!!
Khloé Kardashian
01:24 01/10/2018

Thank you Oprah!! #TimesUp #SpeakYourTruth

10.1k reactions 100 comments
Kim Haines Hughes What if your truth is different from the truth?
Tammy Hansen That was the best statement in her whole speech
Darren Scott Love all women as they are amazing xXx
Patricia Carter That right true not lies God keep U.
Cheryl Williams Alexander True people also say how genuine you are . I been following you all for a long time and admire so much your mother who’s the same age as I am . To have raise you girls tone the way you are I applaud her also
Eva Longoria Baston
11:18 01/10/2018

#AboutLastNight ✨📸 #GoldenGlobes2018 #TIMESUP #WhyWeWearBlack ... Hair: Ken Paves Makeup: Elan Bongiorno Stylist: Charlene Rouxborough Dress: Genny Earrings: Lorraine Schwartz

9.7k reactions 163 comments
Alfred Torres Why is she showing her titles?
Mike Steele 😁So beautiful and sexy!💯🍑😉
Davis Bauguss Thanks for the baby bump picture, you look beautiful
Cathy Touati congratulations MME Baston toujours aussi belle et classe !!
Ovidio Barbour Everything else, Mom and dad.
Naomi Campbell
13:30 01/10/2018

#timesup 🖤

3.8k reactions 83 comments
Harper Sherie beautiful
Tiago André Ying Liu Beautiful
Vittoria Giovanna Terriffic! ≤3 thank you Naomi!
Prince Adeleke Queen Naomi your excellence
Mini Rannu Most prettiest model ever😘😘😘
Nicole Kidman
08:06 01/10/2018

About last night......shut the place down!!! I am so proud of my Big Little Lies family and to have stood with my sisters on such a special night. #TimesUp

11.2k reactions 321 comments
Judine Oakley I like Nicole but honestly she needs to stop with the Botox or whatever is making her face freeze like that.
Caroline Gosselin Québec is so proud of Jean-Marc Vallée and all the great cast behind this successful serie. Congrats to you, beautiful Nicole 👍❤️🤗🍾🍾
Violet Downs Hall You are amazing Nicole you deserve everything in life that has to offer . Keith and yourself should be very proud well done ❤️❤️
Robyn Roberts Congratulations to u Nicole well deserved to a great lady. Very proud of our Australians🇦🇺 who r doing well love & best wishes to u both from down under Xx❤️🇦🇺🇦🇺
Darlene Deriggi I like you Nicole but I did not watch it because I am so sick of politics being brought into this please stop this already
00:18 01/10/2018

“🖤 we dont have the luxury of time. #TIMESUP 🖤 #stevenmeisel” -Madonna

18.0k reactions 893 comments
Vanda Teegarden Donica oh sickening, please stop going around saying don't, don't you want me? I would suggest someone, however, they would blush with shame. Pathetic......
Stefan Curtis Awesome photo. I don't know who controls this fb. But somebody commenting on here clearly needs help. I'm not throwing shade. I'm concerned for that person and madonna. This person's clearly not well. 😟
Katara Lewis I luv this picture naked but not showing anything so beautiful i want to take a picture like this so when im in my 90's i can look back at the younger body i used to have
Carrie Blake Don't think this was the best choice of photo to make this important point. Oprah's speech was inspirational
Mohamed Arun Haniffa There is nothing wrong if you want to and have a beautiful figure to show which she has, all the very best to you dear 👌
Melissa Joan Hart
13:54 01/10/2018

I’m watching the #GoldenGlobes from my warm bed on the freezing cold east coast but #whywewearblack in solidarity. #TimesUp

2.7k reactions 54 comments
Lucy Pereira Beautiful couple
Jim Perigard We're not watching.
Barbara Obrien Nice pic Mel!
Darcy Gonzalez You are so Beautiful
Brian Wilke Estrogen flowin big time!
Paris Hilton
10:24 01/10/2018

#LadyinBlack 🖤 #TimesUp

9.4k reactions 298 comments
Phillip Julio Long Poor little rich girl, so deprived.
Brett Jenning You're one attractive female!
Ronald Mcgovern If #timesup then i want more time.and of you
Maclovio Menchu Hola vecina ahí me avisas cuando es la boda para ir a prepararte unas carnitas estilo michoacano y unos aguachiles estilo Sinaloa ahí me mandas la invitación
Brenna Nicole You whack ass. Used to love u but you get on my nerves
Dita Von Teese
15:36 01/08/2018

Thank you @ariannephillips for hosting this #timesup #goldenglobes viewing party @timesupnow #whywewearblack 🖤 #1950s #olegcassini dress #timesup pin by @michaelschmidtstudios worn with #eisenberg @parenteconnie brooch scored this afternoon @pccfleamarket @ Holywood

617 reactions 5 comments
Sabrina C Nowlin YASSSS!
Sarah Sweet-Brown Wow! Go Oprah! Amazing. Xo
Jeff Sumners Befitting of the Queen that you are...have fun!
Vanessa Heureuse My boyfriend and mine, we loved vintage and pin - up makeup. He made me his first vintage dress. 😊 but now, he'll does another into the style "rockabilly".
Dan Von G I would never say a bad word against you Dita, but I just hope that this isn't more of a fashion post rather than what the message is supposed to be. I fear that a lot of celebs may miss the point on wearing black and wearing black with style. I still ...
Eva Longoria Baston
11:18 01/10/2018

🙌🏼 #TIMESUP #WhyWeWearBlack #GoldenGlobes2018

9.9k reactions 78 comments
Veronica Hernandez Absolutely
Reuben Martinez Beautiful ladies
Marcia Sullivan Wow they are beautiful
Mick Ramos 4 Beautiful ladies... Wow! Wait!!! Eva baby bump? ***
Marion Deseo Salmaaa 😍😍
Eva Longoria Baston
11:18 01/10/2018

✨#TIMESUP #WhyWeWearBlack #GoldenGlobes2018

22.6k reactions 210 comments
Ruth Contreras Simplemente .sin palabra alguna ...eres bendecida..evita 😊
Endrődi Tünde Casablanca Butik Beautiful women,great actresses 💗 💗 💗! Thank you so much🌹🌹🌹💗!
Lore Dana Respect!!! Eva you're beautiful as always!!! 💋
Lydie-Anne Delvallez Eva la grossesse vous va à ravir. Plein de bonnes choses pour ce petit bébé à venir,sans oublier vous et le papa 😊
José A. Alicea-Soto Beautiful both of you! Greetings from Puerto Rico!🇵🇷
Priyanka Chopra
22:48 01/09/2018

Today we wear black. Wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever you’re doing...join us 🖤 #TimesUp #WhyWeWearBlack

27.1k reactions 428 comments
Jivan Singh You are best in the world 💖 priyanka 💖
Rajbhan Vishwakarma This is work of fact.But you are very cute and beauty.
Irfan Ahsan Ap kahen black to black, ap kahen white to white aur ap kahen kuch na pehno to bhi hazir hain priyanaka jee
Nagavenkataganesh Avidi Good morning sweetheart, love u
Rabin Ganguly truly speaking, can't wait too kiss u once love u once
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
18:06 01/08/2018

See all the looks from the 2018 #GoldenGlobes in support of the #TimesUp movement:

409 reactions 10 comments
Sarah Caroline Michaela Stevenson Johnson
Ray Nelson #toolate
Holland Squirl Givanchi Damm those are some Nice Suits ☺
Grace Edwards Not 1 nice dress
Michelle Crain Looks like theres a funeral going on.
Eva Longoria Baston
11:18 01/10/2018

📸 #TIMESUP #WhyWeWearBlack #GoldenGlobes2018

4.3k reactions 48 comments
Francis Antonnaux eva bella
Darcy Andres Looks perfect 2 me
Veronika Pg Eva 🙈 you are best this ❤️💋😻🛍💫CZ republic
Jerry Don Garcia U look beautiful Eva
Edward Norton
01:48 01/08/2018

I just donated to this campaign because we need to lean into this moment of cultural reckoning & address this issue in a way that lasts for our sisters, daughters, friends & colleagues. Kudos to my friends who organized it. Please Share #timesup timesupnow.com

535 reactions 32 comments
Warren Wolfe I wish I didn't have to choke on all the social "justice" garbage in order to embrace real progress. I just read a real article where a woman says if a man doesn't have sex with a woman because he isn't attracted to her it's reverse rape and just as ...
Shawn Stepp Tashawn Reese
Cynthia Andrea Bugueño Lara 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Cheryl Smith Thank you 😊
Jim David Mader Way to go Ed!
Emma Watson
19:42 01/09/2018

You can join the #TIMESUP movement too! Wear black and post your picture xo

22.9k reactions 373 comments
Flo Lapiz Wearing black... oh wait, everybody has worn black one day. I very often wear black, so nobody will notice. Chose something less common if you want people notice the support. Chose an other color like pink, yellow, violet, etc but not black, it s the ...
Akash Jatt I really from the core ,depth of my heart love you and in any condition i will always with you and for you i can give any thing even my life because what you di is incredible and i cant miss this chance to serve you
Topher Lutz Really? Show us the official statistics! Because on the educational system the vast ajoroty of leaders are women , as a matter of fact in elementary schools there are more women than men
Kim M. Pruszewski-Mueller The color of a dress is not going to change things, regardless of what the issue at hand is. This was very sad that those women would once again be "directed and told what to do." Be strong and stand up up for what you believe or don't believe. If ...
Morgain Le Faye Where is the voice for all those poor childstars, those who talk about this problem long long time ago!!! Of course I’m proud for every single woman fighting out there for the rights of women. But on the other hand why did soo many shut up all these ...
00:18 01/10/2018

« I’ve been saying this for years!! 🗣🗣🗣!! Finally some solidarity! 🖤. #timesup #itsabouttime #revolutionoflove❤️ 🖤🖤♥️🖤♥️🖤♥️🖤🖤♥️🖤♥️🖤♥️ » -Madonna

12.0k reactions 454 comments
Thibaud Dumas Hi from a french boy here in London for holidays. Madonna, here you can enter to my gate of freedom, I ve wrote this and everyone is more than welcome. Http://tiens.viens.la just click and enjoy yourself 😎
Mad Clau Que bom!! que algo pelo que estava esperando está saindo como você queria. E com isso poder semear a revolução do amor. Aleluia!!! Times up # Revolucionária of love # I love you !!!
Panagiotis Pitsiougas Your music has always been the best,today I was talking about your mdna album to an old friend who really appreciates and evaluates so well your music as well as I have been doing for so many many years now,thank you
Rozita Steen You are the IDOL of so many people and me, I am supporting you since 1985. "Papa don't preach"! God bless you, queen! ♥️♥️♥️
Robert Angelo Duthie "Sing, my sister, sing/Let your voice be heard...." ❤❤❤One of the best collaborations of women singers sending a powerful emotional support for a movement❤❤❤#IStandWithMySisters
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