Russell Westbrook
Yesterday 19:30

Let's get it #ThunderUp

11.8k reactions 160 comments
Debbie Ross THUNDER up
Ann Abbott Get a win!
Randy Barnett Attack mode.
Eduardo Ballesteros *eye roll*
Aldwin Espino Bernabe #mrmvp #mrtripledouble. #goodluck
Russell Westbrook
17:54 11/16/2017


5.5k reactions 77 comments
Ryan Wilson Let's go Thunder. Ready to see you guys get after it and drop those buckets.
JJ Ramirez #ThunderUp!!! #MVP #MROKC Kill em tonight brodie! 💯🔥⚡🆙
Lee Ann Wood Let's get 3 in a row and back to 500!!! Lead your team Russ! We are behind you 100%.
Djruff Mix Mastermind lets get it
John Gordon Let's get it!!!!
Russell Westbrook
16:18 11/11/2017

Back at it #ThunderUp

11.4k reactions 254 comments
Terry Poemoceah THUNDER UP RUSS AND CREW! I️ know when y’all get going it’s game over!!!!!!
Chris Tatum You got this!!!
Emmanuel Pineda We gonna have to have all 3 of ya sacrifice. I mean it got to be on some San Antonio Spurs type of play if we want to win a championship this season. We have the guys to accomplish it. Either play locked in or some of them will have to get traded but ...
Chandra Tyler Keep your head up Westboogie!!! We got your back!! Shine as only you can and the rest will fall into place. Take your time
Jeff Lown It truly boils down to determination...teams playing the Thunder “want” that win. Until the Thunder get the “entitlement” idea out the their collective heads, The Thunder are doomed. Move that ball, be aggressive and “want” it more, no matter the ...
Russell Westbrook
03:30 11/09/2017

Game Day #ThunderUp

25.7k reactions 308 comments
Nedline Oreste Thank you so much
Stephanie Hunt Eleby You all got this. Thunder Up.
Matt Shufelt Lets go! Lets get on a win streak
Jfred Fered and they say brook is 6'3
Ariel Toure BIG BOSS
Russell Westbrook
01:54 11/04/2017

Waiting for game time....#ThunderUp

13.4k reactions 235 comments
Linda Dollison Mr.MVP himself Thank Thunder up and Thunder 4ife 🏀🏀😎⛾
Elizabeth Hawk I love this!
Shirley Wright Me too,Russell.
Laurindo Mheiyz KD Gima Win win win win win, tonight. Angola is with us.
Diego A. Grijalba Triple Double #3 consecutive ! and Win !!
Russell Westbrook
01:54 11/04/2017

Teammates. #ThunderUp

13.5k reactions 91 comments
Kidada Johnson The Brodies!!!!!! #whynot
Martha Movingon Magee THUNDER UP
Tino Sanchez Teammates=Family #ThunderUp
John Gordon I'm from Lafayette Louisiana I'll be there when y'all play the pelicans on the 20th
Pedro Moreno Locked in!! Thunder Up!!
Russell Westbrook
00:18 10/30/2017

Good team win last night! #ThunderUp

5.2k reactions 88 comments
Randall McCall Congratulations on triple double against every team
Falencia Fair Xoxo
Janie Wyatt It was THUNDEROUS!💙🏀💙
Rick Deckard Aculycurtis In Russ we trust !!
Scott Coleman Great win guys!!! You've had some close one's that could've went both ways. This one was pretty important. Keep it going guys. I've got a lot of faith in you guys. #Thunder Up #Godspeed Thunder organization
Russell Westbrook
00:18 10/30/2017


20.1k reactions 172 comments
Arthur Hp Moraes Daniel Alvarenga olha esse tennis
Biboy Maglinao Idol Westbrook👊👊
Karen Gadson Bring it home fellas. Let's go THUNDER let's go !!!
Yâsı Ine MVP
Orlando Philipps Mvp
Russell Westbrook
11:30 10/27/2017

We were aggressive tonight in trying to dictate what they did with our defense. I thought we did a good job. #ThunderUp

9.1k reactions 170 comments
Enrique Paulus MVP
Richard Blalock MVP!!! 41 MORE TO GO TRIPLE DOUBLE..... THUNDER UP!#!!!! WHY NOT
Kou Toüh The offense is suck! A lot turnovers
Carma Riddle Did great last night!!
Annie Strawn You did!!!
Russell Westbrook
11:30 10/27/2017


12.6k reactions 86 comments
Jerry Rowland Thunder up
Lana Melton Great picture! Thunder up.
Johnny Happy Pt #thunderup #inrusswetrust ⚡💪
Cherla Lewis Thunder Up All Day!
Kiira Lewis Yeah
Russell Westbrook
09:48 10/22/2017


13.7k reactions 128 comments
Carla Waters Thunder basketball, that is
Carla Waters I am so ready for some basketball
Rush Middleton Yes!! Game night. ⛈⛈⛈
Kim Foster Gaylor MVP
Mark Lacsamana The most exciting team to watch👍🏻 #thunderup
Russell Westbrook
09:48 10/22/2017

Just the beginning...#ThunderUp

18.0k reactions 229 comments
Niklas Yeaz Giuliano Limã just the beginning bra.
Dena Breazeale #ThunderUp!💙
Mike Helberg The count begins—TD #1 for year!!
Alexis Nuñez El miio westbrook 💪💪💪💪
Laquita Jones *Russ* It Up While He Thunders Up💯😎 *💋What What💋*
Russell Westbrook
21:00 10/19/2017

It's GAME DAY #ThunderUp

15.2k reactions 365 comments
Lorenzo Guelfi Gnamo che devo fare il culo a Valentino Cartacci al fantanba
Javar Fabria Durant is better
Darius Drizzy Johnson Kristie Schwab
Aaron A Brady Will be there! Thunder Up!!
Reemo L Gray RIP knicks all the way from ny 😭😭😭 #beastbrook
Russell Westbrook
06:36 10/12/2017

Preseason ✔️ #ThunderUp

18.1k reactions 150 comments
Scott Dierking Russ like “I see you quadruple double”
Zaher Houary #Champs this seasaon #whyNot
Emiley Carroll Play tonight?
Matt Wilborn Looking swoll’ brodie
Shirley Kirk My awesome player
Russell Westbrook
17:48 10/09/2017


55.2k reactions 601 comments
Samira Asprilla Squad goals!
Julien Bisso #squad
Juan Ramirez Why yall left out roberson lol
Mihael Nikolić 🙌🙌🙌
Γιάννης Καπούλας Αντώνης Λουκάς ⚡⚡⚡
Russell Westbrook
01:48 09/27/2017

Training camp vibes #whynot #thunderup

8.9k reactions 124 comments
Sharon Thompson Thunder Up MVP🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀
Nestor E. Perez Hernandez Can I have that shirt for my b-day Oct 7?
Cal Jacklin You the best Russ. Take em all the way this year brother
Russell Westbrook
01:48 09/27/2017

Year 10 #ThunderUp #WhyNot

33.9k reactions 286 comments
Darren Sibley Mr. Triple Double
Miosha Bell Let's go Russ!!!!
Jan Caliper MVP 2k18 #whynot 💪
Louis Georges Dioh Thunder up
Gina Remke-Hart Still look like that innocent boy from 10 years ago!!
Russell Westbrook
01:48 09/27/2017


240.1k reactions 8275 comments
Alessandro Cipri Davide Pavone
Tiesiog Aleksandras Aurimas Andrulevičius thunder up
Jeremy Gaigeard Vincent Babalone la c'est du très très très lourd
Cyrus Dizon Beat gsw :)
Juan Lopez Flores Juan Manuel H 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Russell Westbrook
00:12 09/22/2017

Almost that time!! #ThunderUp

23.9k reactions 410 comments
Lisa Denise Carter My favorite
Shelby Raines Dre Myers
Melik Dngsk He westbrook he he
Cullen Streeter That guy on the far left is how I feel everyday I wake up with no Thunder games to look forward to that night
Flavio Freitas Leonardo 1 mes e ele ja ta querendo
Russell Westbrook
11:24 09/19/2017

Get your tickets now for our 2nd Annual #WHYNOTCOMEDYSHOW taking place Friday, October 13th at the Tower Theatre. www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1551337 Share this video with hashtag #WHYNOTComedyShow for your chance to win Thunder home game tickets. Winner will be announced via social media on Wednesday, September 20th. #WHYNOT #LAYUPS2STANDUP #THUNDERUP #OKC #WHYNOTCOMEDYSHOW

3.7k reactions 151 comments
Adam Bruns Every time I see his face I always think of that interview where the reporter said Russ did you guys lose this game or did they win? (Something along those lines) and Russ said 'what!? Ya'll n*^^a's are tripping! 🤣
Dana Standridge #WHYNOT
Russell Westbrook
00:06 08/15/2017


489 reactions 25 comments
Beckie Sue Wade IN RUSS WE TRUST!!!
Enes Yakup Kayır Enes'i gönder kardeş jahxb
Dwana Hill Thunder Up!
Laquita Jones Much❤ Ms. Jones
Russell Paradero Thunder Up!
Russell Westbrook
20:48 06/27/2017


38.3k reactions 851 comments
Pearl Smart Love this Russ!!! You are always sharing. It just shows how great of a person you really are!! Thunder Up!
Vince Benitez #0urMVP
Kimberly Moss We are proud of you, Russ! #ThunderUp
Carlos Acosta Great picture God bless MVP
Rashid Abdul Mumin Congrats champ
Russell Westbrook
01:06 04/28/2017


32.2k reactions 595 comments
Robin Karty Fraley Praying for the team. 🛐
Sosa Flacko Thunders taking big L s tho
Svetlin Paskalev #WestbrookUP
Znid Dinz Let's get this Win MVP👍
Griffin Fischer MVP!!!!!
Russell Westbrook
23:30 04/22/2017

Great team win...#ThunderUp

23.1k reactions 287 comments
Erik Owen Villarreal MVP
Cole Jay Yo Russ why you looked at the camera like that at the end of game 2 lol yo I love that attitude get that next win
Jackie Waters Mitchell I love our Thunder
Frank Cool Mr triple double
Matthew Sedillo I'm not a thunder fan but i am a fan of Westbrook and he is the mvp
Russell Westbrook
23:30 04/22/2017


28.4k reactions 283 comments
Linda Nix Black Thunder UP!!!
Khady Ndoye Fatime Fall Tre cool
Στάθης Τομπούλης Γιάννης Αγγελόπουλος
Jennifer Grimm I believe!!
Melissa Lane Falter MVP #ThePeople'sChamp
Russell Westbrook
10:42 04/20/2017


25.0k reactions 318 comments
Alexander Heindl Come on Russ ! Go for the win tonight! #ThunderUp
Isaac Thompson Let's get this W #shocktheworld #thunderup #whynotus
Buzi Valdi Lets win
Fritz Nico Arada this is your "home court" tonight Game Time 🏀💪❤
Bola Pe Benito All the best Russ!
Russell Westbrook
21:54 04/17/2017

HERE WE GO!! #ThunderUp

39.8k reactions 499 comments
Cristiano Velho Benvinda Go OKC!!!
Edgar Alvarez Go Thunder, we will win tonight
Vincent Velay 💪💪💪💪💪 let's go !!! ☇☇
Tom Padgettjr Go thunder
William Kuehn II THUNDER UP!!!
Russell Westbrook
09:06 04/15/2017


31.3k reactions 152 comments
Pascal Mokara Amazing man!
Micro Roots Micro Roots reppin' Micronesia #MVP
Ahmed Gafer MVP #whynot
Trevor Hirsch M V P
Jacob Hiseley Singler don't ball hard and make the Westbrook photo !🤘🏻🔥
Russell Westbrook
20:18 04/12/2017

Best fans in the NBA at it again!!!! #ThunderUp #Grateful

10.4k reactions 284 comments
李坪駿 MVP
Krystal Puckett MVP
Matt Vann Durant Who???
Taylor Lucas Laura Ann
Rodrigo Rodrigues Marcos Moura
Russell Westbrook
07:24 04/10/2017


38.3k reactions 279 comments
Samantha Sims 🌩⤴
Neythan Urbina MVP WHY NOT?
Henry Godspeed Adeyemo Brodie
Kim Tan رائع 💪💪🏀🏀
Toby Stevens Let's go Russ! #MVP
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