Jeff Gordon
16:12 10/12/2017

“I was not the best race car driver; I wasn’t the best communicator; I probably wasn’t the best spokesperson. But what I was really good at is seeing an opportunity and trying to make the best of it.” #TeamJG

NASCAR Legend Jeff Gordon Speaks to Hickory Sportsman’s Club About Hickory, State of Racing
NASCAR Legend Jeff Gordon Speaks to Hickory Sportsman’s Club About Hickory, State of Racing

The list of past speakers at Hickory Sportsman Club meetings is a decorated one. Jeff Gordon was added to the list that includes Brett Favre, Pete Rose &...

3.0k reactions 151 comments
Freddie Riley You were the VERY BEST of everything NASCAR had to off!! Not watched since you left!! It's not about racing anymore!! The very best NASCAR had to offer is gone now!!
Tammy Askins Jeff you are so humble!! Definitely the best😊 I can't watch it anymore without you racing. So glad you have a life outside of nascar. I miss you so much😣😣
Ymmij Selasor Gnaf When i migrate to states back in '97 i know nothing about nascar, but i became a fan of him since i watch him won in the california motor speed way at fontana!!
Doreen Dorn Allen You were an awesome driver and a great spokesman for NASCAR. Have not watched since you left. Too many new rules.
Lourdes Gonzalez No one could replace Jeff #24 awesome driver I don't watch the tracks anymore is not the same without Jeff..miss you on the track...family and friends says I got my driving from Jeff...
Jeff Gordon
03:24 10/10/2017

‪📺: Tune to FS1 for FOX Sports coverage of IMSA's Petit Le Mans from Road Atlanta.‬ ‪Full details -> https://jeffgordon.com/fox-sports-adds-analyst-jeff-gordon-imsa-petit-le-mans-broadcast-booth/.‬ ‪#TeamJG‬

426 reactions 14 comments
Fred Zadek Jeff.Gordon the man
Loretta Sportiello Dutcher watching jeff. great job
Jack Niziurski A great course.
Jeffrey Schneider Good Job! FS2 Video quality sucks!
Susan Kittle Green Psalm 150
Jeff Gordon
14:36 10/07/2017

Do you plan on watching the season-ending IMSA Petit Le Mans broadcast from Road Atlanta? Scheduled to be part of the broadcast team tomorrow, which will air on FS1, FS2 & FOX Sports Go. Here are the details & schedule -> https://jeffgordon.com/fox-sports-adds-analyst-jeff-gordon-imsa-petit-le-mans-broadcast-booth/. #TeamJG

848 reactions 21 comments
Dianne Johnson Yes we will be watching. Cool picture.
Liz Sticklen Blackford Yes I will so I can see u!
Jason Lane I see you...
Shirl Frazier Cibrone Yes will be watching !
Tanya Haskins You. Better. Back. A. Nascar. Races.
Jeff Gordon
14:36 10/07/2017

Giving away 3 promo codes to download the audiobook for free -> http://bit.ly/JeffGordonAudiobook. Comment below & join the email list for chance to win -> https://jeffgordon.com/newsletter/. #TeamJG

444 reactions 70 comments
Louise Larue ... Would like to read it, but my english is not good.... is this Jeff Gordon book will be publish in french language...?? Hope so... :-)
Sandra Diamond Nicholls Would love the opportunity to win the code for an audiobook!! I can’t wait until the 2018 season & you being in the booth for Fox!! Thanks Jeff!!😉
Jeannie Joseph I bought the book when it came out and enjoyed reading it very much. I would love to win the audio book. God bless you and your family, Jeff.
Jeannie Joseph Jeff Gordon, hope to see you at Martinsville. This is our third year going to Martinsville. We love this race especially the one you won at. Miss you racing.
Doris Warner I have your book Jeff! I learned a lot of things about you and your career that I did not know! I have followed you and your racing career for many years!
Jeff Gordon
14:36 10/07/2017

Sitting atop the #16 sprint car trailer circa 1985. More throwback photos -> https://jeffgordon.com/jeff/about-jeff-gordon-childhood-photos/. #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #TeamJG

939 reactions 26 comments
Gary Kline Good ol days....
Mark Keyes First year in Nascar!
Donnie Rhoades Jeff Gordon Thats you up there
Dave Mackey Nice!
Kenny Sprinkle How cool is that Jeff
Jeff Gordon
01:48 10/05/2017

There's a new member of the family. New family photos -> https://jeffgordon.com/media/photos/off-the-track-2017/family-fall-winter-2017/. #TeamJG

6.6k reactions 443 comments
Becky Gonzalez OMG!!!~~She looks Precious!!
Jodie K Lesh Such a cutie. I'm sure she won't be spoiled!!! 😉
Cynthia Bond So Adorable love her xo🐶🐾❤️
Nikki Thompson Tyler Thompson 😍😍😍😍 See Bristol def. needs a frenchie now!
Lily Begley Welcome to your new family Penelope
Jeff Gordon
01:48 10/05/2017

Scheduled to be part of IMSA's 20th Anniversary Petit Le Mans broadcast team with FOX Sports this weekend. #TeamJG

FOX Sports Adds Analyst Jeff Gordon To IMSA Petit Le Mans Broadcast Booth
FOX Sports Adds Analyst Jeff Gordon To IMSA Petit Le Mans Broadcast Booth

FOX Sports Adds Analyst Jeff Gordon To IMSA Petit Le Mans Broadcast Booth - Jeff Gordon returns to sports car racing this weekend, working in the booth...

1.5k reactions 35 comments
Ernest Medina Good for you Jeff !
Nickolas Wolf So excited
Tanya Haskins Congratulations. Jeff. Gordon.
Lucia Mellema Congrats Jeff! Well deserved !
Joann Crowder Your the man congrats
Jeff Gordon
11:24 09/27/2017

Did you miss NASCAR on FOX's #RaceHub special, Made In Japan? It's an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at NASCAR’s historic journey to Japan in the 1990s. Full video -> https://jeffgordon.com/made-in-japan-nascar-on-fox/. #TeamJG

1.6k reactions 29 comments
Michael Poworoznik Wow so cool
Elberth Luna Winston cup was awesome
Miki Andiorio Still miss you Jeff.
Anthony Nelson That was AWESOME!!
Roxanne Augustine Wow I remember those days
Jeff Gordon
09:48 09/22/2017

Scheduled to speak tomorrow at Axalta Automotive Refinish's Corporate Social Responsibility Summit in Philadelphia. Details -> https://jeffgordon.com/axalta-coating-systems-hosts-corporate-social-responsibility-summit-philadelphia/. #TeamJG

537 reactions 12 comments
Edith Stockman My semi-retired driver forever..👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️
Judy Davis You'll do great!
Dianne Johnson Love Jeff.
Henry Hooks Keep up the good work enjoy
Freddie Riley love you Jeff!! you are the one!!
Jeff Gordon
04:54 09/07/2017

This episode of Carpool Karaoke with Michael Strahan releases tonight exclusively on Apple Music here -> apple.co/_karaoke. You don't want to miss it! #TeamJG

1.1k reactions 45 comments
Debra Adair Pettis Billie Pettis
Jenn Jackson Mark Jackson😄😄😄😄
Lisette C Jones OMG Christine Cook lol
Christine Eckel 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Mary Ann hilarious
Jeff Gordon
14:30 08/30/2017

‪Back to school. Photos -> http://bit.ly/2017JGSummer. #TeamJG ‬

10.4k reactions 248 comments
Christopher F Neumann Pull alongs are dangerous in schools with a lot of kids, Jeff.
Linda Dennis Carpenter I bet it's really cool for them to tell them who their father is!
Susan Markowski Walters How cool going to school and telling school mates my dad is Jeff Gordon!!!! Racing legend!!!!!
Penny Williams They have grown so much. Thank you for sharing your family with us. Miss you driving, but love to hear you in the booth.
Glenda Wisdom Our #24 children are growing into beautiful adults,. Love to this family
Jeff Gordon
00:06 08/23/2017

Did you miss any photos or videos from the family trip around the world? See them all here -> http://bit.ly/2017JGSummer. #TeamJG

2.2k reactions 117 comments
Alesha Hall Worth Are you goin to be back broadcastin the races? I miss you!!
Rusty Buchanan Burton Awesome summer vacation! Am so jealous! Glad you are able to do all of this!
Ashley Weaver I don't think so ☺ I've sure enjoyed the pictures.. What a wonderful family vacation..
Glenda Moon McDaniel Thanks Jeff for Sharing all your family photos ,I really enjoy them.
Earline Daniels A beautiful family thanks for sharing the pictures but still miss my Jeff Gordon on the track
Jeff Gordon
20:54 08/12/2017

Congrats to Wyatt Norman, Kevin Krueger & Todd Zinn! Winners of the recent autograph contest giveaway. Be sure you're on the email list to find out about future giveaways -> https://jeffgordon.com/newsletter/. #TeamJG

279 reactions 7 comments
Chance Hinrichs I needed that car 😩
Jodi Angell Congrats Wyatt Norman for winning the collecions.
Jodie K Lesh Congrats to you all!!!
Robert Neely Congratulations guys
Elizabeth Sissy Sexton Warf Congratulations!!!!
Jeff Gordon
08:06 08/10/2017

Last chance to pre-order the new #16 sprint car vintage distressed tee from Jeff Gordon Store -> http://bit.ly/JG1985VintageTee! The pre-order window ends today. #TeamJG

182 reactions 6 comments
Amber Leighanne Jeff Fowler
Chris Boger 1 have the sprint car as a 1/64 diecast
Monica Perrin We are going to miss you in Knoxville Jeff! Thanks for letting Tony take the lead on the event 😚🏁☝🏆
Matt Waterman Christy Andorf
Jeff Gordon
19:18 08/07/2017

Last chance for you to win these three items -> https://jeffgordon.com/giveaways/jeff-gordon-autograph-contest-giveaway/. #TeamJG

520 reactions 26 comments
Ashley Matlock Morgan Basham
Lexie Vass Lynn Sullivan Vass Rion Vass
Sean Pickering Favorite driver
Shelly Ray Eric C. Ray
Ruth Patterson Blackburn Is it for sale
Jeff Gordon
06:30 08/05/2017

‪KC Raceway. 1988.‬ ‪More throwback photos -> https://jeffgordon.com/jeff/about-jeff-gordon-childhood-photos/.‬ ‪#ThrowbackThursday‬ ‪#TBT‬ ‪#TeamJG ‬

2.1k reactions 60 comments
Mary Bertain Bickford That picture goes way back Have a great birthday
Julie Duchesne Ah le bon vieux temps!
Ralph Guysinger Jr. I was there.
John Ekas and the legacy started in the dirt! #24EVER
Daniel Scott Robinson From kc speedway
Jeff Gordon
06:30 08/05/2017

‪Family vacation/summer photos -> https://jeffgordon.com/media/photos/off-the-track-2017/family-photos-summer-2017/. ‪#TeamJG‬

1.8k reactions 41 comments
Mary Bertain Bickford Great pictures thank you for sharing
Sheryl O'Bryan Happy Birthday Jeff!
Della DeLancey Scanlan Thanks for sharing
Maryjane Smith thank you for the pictures
Jodi Hunter A wonderful vacation for your family!! Enjoy!
Jeff Gordon
04:54 07/31/2017

‪🍇‬ ‪Be sure to Like the Jeff Gordon Wine Facebook page. #TeamJG ‬

939 reactions 14 comments
Cheryl Martin i do
Sandy Hough Gorgeous scenery. Cheers.🍷
Susan Cody Outstanding!!!!
Dale N Robin Wow beautiful and peaceful.
Brenda Wright Beautiful
Jeff Gordon
03:12 07/26/2017

"If that presented itself then I would certainly consider it..." -> http://bit.ly/JG17Brickyard400. #TeamJG

1.7k reactions 42 comments
Marilyn Babcock I want one too
Tanya Haskins 24. Jeff. Gordon. Good. Man.
Sue Hellwig Forever the 24
Greg Arnold 24ever
MaryBess Donovan Miss you #24
Jeff Gordon
03:12 07/26/2017

The Jeff Gordon Wine 24-hour email exclusive offer is underway and folks are loving it! Don’t miss this opportunity to secure these award winning wines. A last chance reminder email will be going out tomorrow morning before the offer ends at 12pm ET on Monday, July 24th. You still have time to get on the list. Sign up for free here -> http://www.jeffgordonwine.com/Contact-Us/Join-Our-Newsletter. #TeamJG

190 reactions 7 comments
Stephen Labert JoAnn Kripp Bowman
Ethellee Hughs Sign me up. Faithful Jeff Gordon fan! Blind now but still love my NASCAR. So glad I could follow Jeff wile I had some sight. Have multiple pictures, cars etc.
Jeri Box Roberts Not sure if Jeff Gordon reads these or even receives them. But if someone that works for him & does have a chance to forward him an e-mail it sure would make my heart happy. My hubby, Clarke Roberts has been a Jeff Gordon fan since his rookie days, ...
Jeff Gordon
14:24 07/23/2017

At Indianapolis Motor Speedway? Book signing scheduled for 10:15am Sunday, 7/23 at the Team Chevy display. Get your 📚 at the Official Team Chevy merchandise trailer. #TeamJG

415 reactions 31 comments
Miguel Jay Rick
Randy Jennie Keim I still can only imagine
Jazmyn Hope Dickinson Angelene Jennings
Jordan Small Deven Wine damnit
Tanya Haskins Mimi
Jeff Gordon
14:24 07/23/2017

Sign up here for your chance to win -> https://jeffgordon.com/giveaways/jeff-gordon-autograph-contest-giveaway/. Three prizes: Autographed Hendrick Motorsports Race Used Clutch Plate Autographed 2015 Axalta Racing Pre-Production Die cast Autographed Sports Illustrated Cover Issue #TeamJG

503 reactions 33 comments
Lexie Vass Rion Vass
Donny Doucette Linda Hunt Doucette
Aaron Matthew Billy Brittingham
Mark DesRoches Blair DesRoches Ann-Louise DesRoches
Carol O'Grady Thank you for the chance to win awesome.
Jeff Gordon
00:00 07/16/2017

Special moments -> http://bit.ly/2017JGSummer. #TeamJG

9.0k reactions 192 comments
Philis Ledbetter Very nice Team JG. Thanks for sharing such wonderful moments with your fans! Go Super G!
Lisa Reuss Awww absolutely love this Jeff u are such a great daddy and husband
Dennis Quinter My daughter Ella would have told me to shave when she was that age...lol
Robert Campbell Awww, I love seeing your family pictures! That's so special, thank you for sharing!!
Shirl Frazier Cibrone What a great picture love it enjoy every moment , a family that loves each other so much !!❤️
Jeff Gordon
00:00 07/16/2017

#Family #TeamJG

Jeff Gordon Family Photos - Summer 2017
Jeff Gordon Family Photos - Summer 2017

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at family photos of Jeff Gordon, Ingrid Vandebosch, Ella and Leo from summer 2017.

1.7k reactions 61 comments
Linda Ridenour Great photos. Which beach were you at?
Karen Klos Great pics
Millie Cason Great family pics.
Darrell Abbott Beautiful 🙌🏼
Jeff Gordon
22:24 07/10/2017

Good times -> http://bit.ly/2017JGSummer. #TeamJG

8.4k reactions 187 comments
Tiffany Kowailw Thatswbat being a day is all about
Jeffrey Depuydt One may retire from what you love to do but you never retire being a father.
Shirley Wilson well Jeff you will never be dead as long as your son is alive...wow! what a cute kid...sure miss you on Nascar
Nancy Pina Love the pic Jeff! Thanks for sharing such beautiful photographs!!
Bill Patterson Glad your happy in retirement but miss you at the track and you and DW are so much better than NBC coverage
Jeff Gordon
22:24 07/10/2017

A special pre-production die cast that will help kids battling cancer through the Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation -> http://bit.ly/JGCFeBay2017. #TeamJG

1.8k reactions 32 comments
Paul Chamness Wes Walker
Brian Townsend I will buy one.... biggest #24 fan ever....
Jason Jarry Just a few I have.
Zachary Oberholtzer Love it.
Thomas Stuart Jr. Where can I buy 1 of these cars
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