Jeff Gordon
20:54 08/12/2017

Congrats to Wyatt Norman, Kevin Krueger & Todd Zinn! Winners of the recent autograph contest giveaway. Be sure you're on the email list to find out about future giveaways -> https://jeffgordon.com/newsletter/. #TeamJG

279 reactions 7 comments
Chance Hinrichs I needed that car 😩
Jodi Angell Congrats Wyatt Norman for winning the collecions.
Jodie K Lesh Congrats to you all!!!
Robert Neely Congratulations guys
Elizabeth Sissy Sexton Warf Congratulations!!!!
Jeff Gordon
08:06 08/10/2017

Last chance to pre-order the new #16 sprint car vintage distressed tee from Jeff Gordon Store -> http://bit.ly/JG1985VintageTee! The pre-order window ends today. #TeamJG

182 reactions 6 comments
Amber Leighanne Jeff Fowler
Chris Boger 1 have the sprint car as a 1/64 diecast
Monica Perrin We are going to miss you in Knoxville Jeff! Thanks for letting Tony take the lead on the event 😚🏁☝🏆
Matt Waterman Christy Andorf
Jeff Gordon
19:18 08/07/2017

Last chance for you to win these three items -> https://jeffgordon.com/giveaways/jeff-gordon-autograph-contest-giveaway/. #TeamJG

520 reactions 26 comments
Ashley Matlock Morgan Basham
Lexie Vass Lynn Sullivan Vass Rion Vass
Sean Pickering Favorite driver
Shelly Ray Eric C. Ray
Ruth Patterson Blackburn Is it for sale
Jeff Gordon
06:30 08/05/2017

‪KC Raceway. 1988.‬ ‪More throwback photos -> https://jeffgordon.com/jeff/about-jeff-gordon-childhood-photos/.‬ ‪#ThrowbackThursday‬ ‪#TBT‬ ‪#TeamJG ‬

2.1k reactions 60 comments
Mary Bertain Bickford That picture goes way back Have a great birthday
Julie Duchesne Ah le bon vieux temps!
Ralph Guysinger Jr. I was there.
John Ekas and the legacy started in the dirt! #24EVER
Daniel Scott Robinson From kc speedway
Jeff Gordon
06:30 08/05/2017

‪Family vacation/summer photos -> https://jeffgordon.com/media/photos/off-the-track-2017/family-photos-summer-2017/. ‪#TeamJG‬

1.8k reactions 41 comments
Mary Bertain Bickford Great pictures thank you for sharing
Sheryl O'Bryan Happy Birthday Jeff!
Della DeLancey Scanlan Thanks for sharing
Maryjane Smith thank you for the pictures
Jodi Hunter A wonderful vacation for your family!! Enjoy!
Jeff Gordon
04:54 07/31/2017

‪🍇‬ ‪Be sure to Like the Jeff Gordon Wine Facebook page. #TeamJG ‬

939 reactions 14 comments
Cheryl Martin i do
Sandy Hough Gorgeous scenery. Cheers.🍷
Susan Cody Outstanding!!!!
Dale N Robin Wow beautiful and peaceful.
Brenda Wright Beautiful
Jeff Gordon
03:12 07/26/2017

"If that presented itself then I would certainly consider it..." -> http://bit.ly/JG17Brickyard400. #TeamJG

1.7k reactions 42 comments
Marilyn Babcock I want one too
Tanya Haskins 24. Jeff. Gordon. Good. Man.
Sue Hellwig Forever the 24
Greg Arnold 24ever
MaryBess Donovan Miss you #24
Jeff Gordon
03:12 07/26/2017

The Jeff Gordon Wine 24-hour email exclusive offer is underway and folks are loving it! Don’t miss this opportunity to secure these award winning wines. A last chance reminder email will be going out tomorrow morning before the offer ends at 12pm ET on Monday, July 24th. You still have time to get on the list. Sign up for free here -> http://www.jeffgordonwine.com/Contact-Us/Join-Our-Newsletter. #TeamJG

190 reactions 7 comments
Stephen Labert JoAnn Kripp Bowman
Ethellee Hughs Sign me up. Faithful Jeff Gordon fan! Blind now but still love my NASCAR. So glad I could follow Jeff wile I had some sight. Have multiple pictures, cars etc.
Jeri Box Roberts Not sure if Jeff Gordon reads these or even receives them. But if someone that works for him & does have a chance to forward him an e-mail it sure would make my heart happy. My hubby, Clarke Roberts has been a Jeff Gordon fan since his rookie days, ...
Jeff Gordon
14:24 07/23/2017

At Indianapolis Motor Speedway? Book signing scheduled for 10:15am Sunday, 7/23 at the Team Chevy display. Get your 📚 at the Official Team Chevy merchandise trailer. #TeamJG

415 reactions 31 comments
Miguel Jay Rick
Randy Jennie Keim I still can only imagine
Jazmyn Hope Dickinson Angelene Jennings
Jordan Small Deven Wine damnit
Tanya Haskins Mimi
Jeff Gordon
14:24 07/23/2017

Sign up here for your chance to win -> https://jeffgordon.com/giveaways/jeff-gordon-autograph-contest-giveaway/. Three prizes: Autographed Hendrick Motorsports Race Used Clutch Plate Autographed 2015 Axalta Racing Pre-Production Die cast Autographed Sports Illustrated Cover Issue #TeamJG

503 reactions 33 comments
Lexie Vass Rion Vass
Donny Doucette Linda Hunt Doucette
Aaron Matthew Billy Brittingham
Mark DesRoches Blair DesRoches Ann-Louise DesRoches
Carol O'Grady Thank you for the chance to win awesome.
Jeff Gordon
00:00 07/16/2017

Special moments -> http://bit.ly/2017JGSummer. #TeamJG

9.0k reactions 192 comments
Philis Ledbetter Very nice Team JG. Thanks for sharing such wonderful moments with your fans! Go Super G!
Lisa Reuss Awww absolutely love this Jeff u are such a great daddy and husband
Dennis Quinter My daughter Ella would have told me to shave when she was that age...lol
Robert Campbell Awww, I love seeing your family pictures! That's so special, thank you for sharing!!
Shirl Frazier Cibrone What a great picture love it enjoy every moment , a family that loves each other so much !!❤️
Jeff Gordon
00:00 07/16/2017

#Family #TeamJG

Jeff Gordon Family Photos - Summer 2017
Jeff Gordon Family Photos - Summer 2017

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at family photos of Jeff Gordon, Ingrid Vandebosch, Ella and Leo from summer 2017.

1.7k reactions 61 comments
Linda Ridenour Great photos. Which beach were you at?
Karen Klos Great pics
Millie Cason Great family pics.
Darrell Abbott Beautiful 🙌🏼
Jeff Gordon
22:24 07/10/2017

Good times -> http://bit.ly/2017JGSummer. #TeamJG

8.4k reactions 187 comments
Tiffany Kowailw Thatswbat being a day is all about
Jeffrey Depuydt One may retire from what you love to do but you never retire being a father.
Shirley Wilson well Jeff you will never be dead as long as your son is alive...wow! what a cute kid...sure miss you on Nascar
Nancy Pina Love the pic Jeff! Thanks for sharing such beautiful photographs!!
Bill Patterson Glad your happy in retirement but miss you at the track and you and DW are so much better than NBC coverage
Jeff Gordon
22:24 07/10/2017

A special pre-production die cast that will help kids battling cancer through the Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation -> http://bit.ly/JGCFeBay2017. #TeamJG

1.8k reactions 32 comments
Paul Chamness Wes Walker
Brian Townsend I will buy one.... biggest #24 fan ever....
Jason Jarry Just a few I have.
Zachary Oberholtzer Love it.
Thomas Stuart Jr. Where can I buy 1 of these cars
Jeff Gordon
09:36 07/08/2017

New family photos -> http://bit.ly/2017JGSummer. #TeamJG

11.5k reactions 464 comments
Laura Devlin Thanks for sharing your wonderful family with all your fans. Been a fan since you started at IRP. Miss you in the booth. Love to your family.
Chad Hopkins Jeff Gordon is the definition of CLASS! Such a beautiful family!!! NASCAR isn't the same without JG!!!! 🏁🏁
Juanita Hill What a beautiful family. Miss you and nascar is not the same. Need you back and show them how run the track. God bless you and your beautiful family. 👍🙏🐩🙉🍹🤗
Nancy Jones Miss you so much, Nascar not the same. Beautiful family, kids have really grown. God Bless you, always a Jeff Gordon fan!!!
Carol Ellington Beautiful family. Don't like to watch NASCAR but love the job you do in the broadcast booth. Hate when they go to NBC. Sure miss you racing.
Jeff Gordon
09:36 07/08/2017

The New York Times bestseller, Jeff Gordon: His Dream, Drive & Destiny, is now available as an audiobook! #TeamJG

Jeff Gordon: His Dream, Drive & Destiny
Jeff Gordon: His Dream, Drive & Destiny

"I purposely waited until I retired from driving so the book would encompass my entire career," says Jeff Gordon. "People are going to be able to..."

490 reactions 29 comments
Brian Laird Kendra Laird want!!
Garland Johnson Cool
Jill Benson Good book!!!
Jeffrey Hess Have the book and just got the audiobook. Very enjoyable!
Jeff Gordon
20:48 07/05/2017

Less than 459 tickets & 30 hours remain for your chance to win this Team Chevy Corvette & help kids battling cancer through the Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation. Get your ticket before they sell out here -> https://www.jeffgordonchildrensfoundation.org/2017-corvette-program/. #TeamJG

306 reactions 11 comments
Doug White Need that jeff.
James Bailey You gotta be in it to win it!
Cameron Martinez i don't care about the car...i don't like vette's
Zachary Oberholtzer It looks that Cars 3 Jackson Storm car.
Tim N Debbie Griffith You will sell out, wish I could afford one!
Jeff Gordon
08:00 07/03/2017

Summer 2017. Family photos -> http://bit.ly/JGSummer2017. #TeamJG

1.3k reactions 29 comments
Debbie Jenkins Buncic Cute
Maggy Vandebosch ZeZyn al zo groot En Mooie Geworden
Edna Csuvay Love seeing pictures of your family so nice of you
Vito Sabbatino Wonderful pics sure you're enjoying seeing the children growing up
Donna Colquhoun-Bobrove Beautiful family. You have been blessed.
Jeff Gordon
08:00 07/03/2017

Less than 5 days remain for the chance to win this Corvette & help kids battling cancer! Get your Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation Corvette program tickets here before they sell out -> https://www.jeffgordonchildrensfoundation.org/2017-corvette-program/. All federal taxes will be paid for the winner! #TeamJG

163 reactions 4 comments
Renee Lange Wish I had the money to donate
Sharron Wood will you post the winner on FB
Linda Hackler I can't wait to drive this baby home! Lol
Charlie Gay Just left Hendricks mororsports a couple hrs ago jeff What an awesome place and to see all of your cars and acccomplishments was great. Thank you Rick Hendricks for such an awesome establishment and allowing use to see these things as well as the ...
Jeff Gordon
19:12 06/30/2017

‪Anyone remember the #4?‬ ‪More throwback photos -> https://jeffgordon.com/jeff/about-jeff-gordon-childhood-photos/.‬ ‪#ThrowbackThursday #TBT‬ ‪#TeamJG‬

936 reactions 37 comments
Jim Allen Yes
Tim Miller Yes, Belville
John Fisher I know who has that helmet!!
Rebecca Walker Jeff I watch u race in gas city and tony in kokomo
Doug White I have a post card of that car.
Jeff Gordon
19:12 06/30/2017

“It’s hard to believe this is the 24th running of the Brickyard 400...I’m excited to lead the field to green..." Indianapolis Motor Speedway Team Chevy Chevrolet Camaro #TeamJG

3.4k reactions 113 comments
David Kennard Hey Jeff Gordon the 43 car would probably let you behind the wheel
Charlie Gay There's no one better to lead them to the green than the best to ever drive a cup car. (Or any other race car for that matter).
Gary Saucier No doubt I can't be the only one who noticed it's for the 24th running of the race :D
Steve Jackson Congrats Jeff, just don't drive off and leave the field!
Evelyn Thorne Jones Johns Just jump into the 24 car and drive it since this is the 24th running of the brickyard.
Jeff Gordon
06:24 06/28/2017

Great evening out with Ingrid Vandebosch. More photos -> http://bit.ly/JGSummer2017. #TeamJG

3.8k reactions 153 comments
Patricia Sabatino Bykowski Beautiful couple!
Theresa Robinson love pics.
Ruth Bowman Panepinto Lovely
Gloria Lopez Gorgeous couple..
Sarah Crysler Beautiful photo....
Jeff Gordon
17:36 06/25/2017

Tag someone in the comments below if you're ready for Sonoma Raceway. Tune to FS1 or FOXSportsGO.com for NASCAR on FOX pre-race starting at 1:30pm ET. #TeamJG

254 reactions 47 comments
Gina Foster-Barlow Sandra Diamond Nicholls
Tony Zamora Sr. Ashley Minton
Shannon Jenkins Roe Chloe Victoria Phillips Jennifer L Goldsby
Rod Watts Patrick Tru Blue Marcin Krop Mathew Francis Alsop
Rima Rosenbalm Lets Go Racing.!!! Shirley Barb Bolling
Jeff Gordon
17:36 06/25/2017

Look forward to having Loraine Treadwell be part of this weekend's #JeffGordonVIP Experience group again at Sonoma Raceway. She's driving this car to the track. Full story -> http://bit.ly/JGMonteCarloSurprise. #TeamJG

2.4k reactions 128 comments
David J Clark Jr. I could use a new one mine is starting to rust. Love the car but these cleveland winters are killing it.
Randy Smith My wife's was totaled also.... and she was badly injured. She's been absolutely sick ever since...
Patty Furl Herdlick This is why I Love Jeff Gordon! So glad I got to do the VIP Experience in Charlotte the last 2 years.
Donna Schwartz I have a 2003 Jeff Gordon Monte Carlo #94 of 2424! Love it!!! Haven't seen very many in Canada
Traci Estep Still have mine in Chillicothe, OH. 14,000 miles and everything is original. Love my #24 car!
Jeff Gordon
04:48 06/23/2017

Ella celebrating her 10th birthday! New family photos posted. #TeamJG

Family Photos - Summer 2017
Family Photos - Summer 2017

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at family photos of Jeff Gordon, Ingrid Vandebosch, Ella and Leo from summer 2017.

3.6k reactions 306 comments
Marilyn Sue Graley Casto Happy Birthday Ella🎈 from West Virginia,and many many more to come, enjoy your day 🎈🍦🎂🎇🎆✨🎈
Carol Howard Great pics, thanks for sharing. Gosh the kids are growing up fast.
Patty Calicutt Thank you so much for taking the time to share your family photos with your fans & have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂 🎈 🎊 🐘 Ella!!
Debbie Fischer Happy Birthday Ella! We were there the day after you. So much fun!
Kathy Rollings Jackson Amazing how she looks so much like Ingrid & Leo is the spitting image of you! Gorgeous family!!
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