Tim McGraw
03:00 12/24/2017

Every one of you has helped make this year incredible. See you in 2018. #soul2soul

3.2k reactions 90 comments
Terry Brisco Merry Christmas to the whole McGraw family
Dave Dickson We've got our tickets for the Toronto show!
Tia 'Mif' Smith I'm so excited to be seeing you both at C2C 2018!! 🤗🤗
Stacie Ann Gibson Love both on soul to soul tour and Merry Christmas to your family and a Happy New Year
JeniJames Frank Love You Both.. My whole life has been surrounded by The two of You... #soul2soul
Tim McGraw
17:24 11/23/2017

If you purchased tickets to #Soul2Soul 2018 – don’t forget to redeem your albums! Check your email for more details!

297 reactions 27 comments
Amy Bartfield Kaye Danielle
Taryn Christoff Janie Shockey Christoff
Danielle Bouchard Alison Bouchard-Bergman
Melanie Edwards Moss I saw them in 2017. I want the CD....
Jennifer Delk I never got it 😞
Tim McGraw
04:36 11/21/2017

If you purchased tickets to #Soul2Soul 2018 – don’t forget to redeem your albums! Check your email for more details!

390 reactions 55 comments
Lorie Thomas Shes still so beautiful .
Theresa Gizzi Clarkson But....I went in 2017
Jeff Helfrich If I download the cd do I get seats? Jk jk
Angelena Sampson Got mine!
Christine Lorkovic-Crisman Becca Cordes Meg Cordes. Do you still have the email with our tickets?
Tim McGraw
04:36 11/21/2017

If you purchased tickets to #Soul2Soul 2018 – don’t forget to redeem your albums! Check your email for more details!

502 reactions 42 comments
McKenzie Paige Cox Dawson Ritter 😩😍
Kelly Johnson Amanda Kirby
Madison Hall Katy Calamia
Randilyn Dangerfield Julie...?
Christina Tims Greg Tims take me to this
Tim McGraw
04:36 11/21/2017

Thanx Showtime Networks for allowing us to show #Soul2Soul to the world! Be sure to check out #TheRestOfOurLife on Amazon Music! http://smarturl.it/amztherestofourlife

1.7k reactions 89 comments
Renie Mccanney It was amazing. You are the perfect picture of what love should be like
Sue Jackson I’ve already watched the show twice, b/c concert was so good!
J-s Wilson It was amazing! I laughed, I cried, I gasped....(when Faith fell), I sang along! ❤️ Perfect!
Janet McClellan Loved the Showtime special! Saw you guys in Charleston last April! Best. Concert. Ever. 💖💖💖
Telma Gurrola It was amazing ...love both of them
Tim McGraw
15:48 11/18/2017

Having a viewing party for tonight’s special? Show us your pics with #SOUL2SOUL! Showtime Networks

2.0k reactions 208 comments
Teresa Mary Heidenreich Hughesman Vancouver BC. My Grand Daughter had her hat signed by Faith then kissed by Tim. It was so exciting.
Living the Law of Attraction the most beautiful people you'll ever meet aren't always the ones who catch your eyes first. No, the most beautiful are the ones that can never be figured out. The one you could talk with for many hours and still have a million things to ask. The people ...
Stephanie Ambrose I went to the first one I found out I was four weeks prego. With my now 11 year old. It was moving to my soul. In so life changing. I brought a pillow to protect my stomach out parinoi that the vibration would harm her. But she was fine
Melissa Maish Massey #Soul2Soul this was the highlight of the night Tim right in front of me. Handsome as always 🙂
Katrina Leigh York I wouldn't trade a cockroach to see them She is a childish, immature alcoholic like her cheating husband
Tim McGraw
15:48 11/18/2017

#Soul2Soul 2018 tickets on sale now! Each ticket comes with our new album The Rest Of Our Life - be sure to check your email to redeem your copy.

692 reactions 41 comments
Sharleen Welch Michelle Moffatt can we go??
Debbie Mann Are they coming to Australia
Jodi McGaffey Ann Challes, Barb Schroeder we need to go!!
Ron Wray How awesome ++
Patricia Jacobs Awesome show.
Tim McGraw
01:24 11/11/2017

Each Ticket to #Soul2Soul 2018 – comes with a CD of #TheRestOfOurLife! If you purchased tickets, check your email for more information and redeem your album now. http://amex.co/2m6zkSr

601 reactions 114 comments
Vickie Ann White We got one way tickets for faith and tim
Wendy Blackmann Dennis I did not get information in my email for this:)
Jennifer Leigh Tammy & Sheneeka look whose touring together again next year 😂😂😂.
Angela Perry I remember seeing you faith hill you put on a free concert opening football season in indy
Gerrilynn Osmond-Altiero I'm coming to see you Friday in NYC!
Tim McGraw
01:24 11/11/2017

American Express Card Members can get #AmexPresale tix to see Faith Hill and I on tour now through 11/16! #Soul2Soul http://amex.co/2m6zkSr

429 reactions 115 comments
Angelica Gutierrez No presale for Los Angeles?
Cyd Allgood Where did Bossier City go? 6/26/18.
Maria Aguilar The wish to see them 2.
Mike Summers Michaelsummers
Paul Coffee Record sales down in 3, 2, 1
Tim McGraw
12:36 11/08/2017

Big news today! We'll see you on the road in 2018! #Soul2Soul Head to Soul2SoulTour.com for more info.

21.0k reactions 1704 comments
Karen Ward I wish I could afford to see you two. As a survivor of DV, and SA, am working to rebuild my life. God Bless both of you for all you do.
Antje MW Hmmm, don't get me wrong, but why do you call it World Tour? I see dates in America and the UK. That is not the world. You have fans in other countrys who love to see you too.
Candy Modean Miller Omg I’d love to do this the last time I seen you was in sweethome Oregon it was faiths birthday and Tim gave her a 65 corvette I was back stage seeing it all love it
Brianna Merrow Melissa Miller oh my gosh. Girl I flew from Guam and see them in Nashville already.... you know I leave this island in OCT next year... I cant leave and fly to the states again. 😭
Becky Spencer Yea, looking forward to you all coming to Richmond. We were able to see the two previous shows. so glad you're coming back.
Tim McGraw
09:24 10/29/2017

It’s been an awesome year performing with this amazingly talented woman, this incredible band and crew, and seeing all of your faces! What a way to wrap it up here in Brooklyn. #Soul2Soul

3.0k reactions 105 comments
Karen Miller Carneglia Awesome show thank you!!! Brooklyn NYC!
Brian Galarza Had a great time tonight thank you for an awesome concert.
Lucky Harms ❤️❤️❤️ last time we saw u was probably 11 years ago before our triplets were born.
Heather Gene Had the best time in the burgh.
Linda Brown-Stabile Thank you Fayth and Tim for performing in NY! The concert was glorious!
Tim McGraw
20:36 10/26/2017

Buffalo!!! We’ll see you tonight! #Soul2Soul

392 reactions 53 comments
Cheryl Lindsay Lumpkin Beautiful picture Tim ! You are so sexy 😋🙏🏻😇❤️
Karen Kinserlow Awesome proformer
Leigh Rzucidlo I can feel u getting closer baby😘😘😘
Heidi Lynn Amazing show!!!!
Rachel Whitney Cook I need to be in Buffalo tonight!
Tim McGraw
18:54 10/21/2017

Orlando, you ready?! #Soul2Soul

186 reactions 69 comments
Marsha Ralph Love the pose, good photo, original!
Sharon Sloat omg wow tim you are so sexy
Norma Sobczak Love it picture video tim mcgraw ☝️🤠❤️💋🌹
Jenny Broberg You & Faith are amazing!
Sherrie Nicholson You and Faith were amazing
Tim McGraw
18:54 10/21/2017

Tonight… Tampa! #Soul2Soul

962 reactions 44 comments
Karen Delarge have a amazing. night tim
Kathy Feathers Awesome
Cheryl Armstrong I wish
Debra Ann Pierce Enjoy wish I was there
Beverly Ann Spizale Love you Thank You ❤️🙏😇
Tim McGraw
18:54 10/21/2017

South Florida, tonight is gonna be good! #Soul2Soul

1.7k reactions 59 comments
Cheryl Loo Can't wait
Ade Ash ❤️❤️💯
Ronna Wheeler Always 👍!!!
Teresa Davant Ready!!!!
Elizabeth Hahn Ostrow Rachel Anna is this your night?
Tim McGraw
06:06 10/19/2017

Check out Eric Paslay and I doing some King George Strait backstage at #Soul2Soul

2.5k reactions 131 comments
Lesley Forrester Looking forward to seeing you at C2C London in March.
Mary Ann Cline Tim should do an album of just covers!
Elizabeth Parker Black Murrow My word Tim , can you get any cuter. You are the best Tim Mcgraw
Anita Wilson Bonus Tim did some dancing and no thumbs out 😍😂
Connie Phillips Dancing in the breakfast room!!!
Tim McGraw
17:18 10/16/2017

Greensboro, NC Cant wait to see you tonight! #Soul2Soul

1.4k reactions 61 comments
Vickie W Davis Can't wait to see you 4th time
Wendy Price My husband surprised me with tickets to the show! It was AMAZING!!!! We traveled over 300 miles to see you❤️
Scarlett Roger Kropp Wonderful concert! 💜 Thank you for sharing the love and always staying humble and kind!
Marsha Ralph They are so lucky, I really wish to see you in my near future!
Nana Eavers On my way from Stuarts Draft VA!!! So excited!!!
Tim McGraw
04:30 10/14/2017

We’re on our way DC! #Soul2Soul

1.0k reactions 53 comments
Suzy Gyauch Dawson Great concert last night! Impressive light show.
Brittany Quade Can't wait a couple more hours and i can finally see my favorite signer
Jackie Snodderly See you later tonight at Capital One Arena
Tim Jervis Can't wait to see you in Orlando next Saturday we'll be in the second row
Jeff Brooks We here and waiting!!!!!
Tim McGraw
04:30 10/14/2017

Pittsburgh it’s your night! #Soul2Soul

1.3k reactions 64 comments
Gracie Dixon Awesome whose I can be there one day wow Tim u r one sexy man ur wife is one lucky women loving life n god bless u
Susan Brazeau Best concert I have ever been to..... Soul2Soul rocks !!!
Jo Dutton Still waiting on dates for the Australian Tour!
Sue Joe Brink One week from tonight ft Lauderdale
Kate Nuber It's always a Pittsburgh night!
Tim McGraw
14:06 10/06/2017

Hey Texas… Looking forward to sharing a great weekend of love of country music and our fans... #Soul2Soul

4.6k reactions 147 comments
Karen Franks Have a fantastic night, Tim!! Wish I could be there!! Love you!!❤💋❤💋
Elizabeth Castillo Cannot wait to see you both in Dallas!!! 😍😎🤠🤠🤠
Jenn McCall Hot! We loved watching you Saturday night.
Crystal Threewitts Fun fun fun!!! Music is a nice relaxing escape from reality!!
Alice Ricks Hey Tim I know you and Faith sre going to be great tonight just get on that stage and pour out your heart ❤️ to those out there ❤️
Tim McGraw
12:30 10/01/2017

Bakersfield, Tonight!!! #Soul2Soul

1.4k reactions 60 comments
Katherine Roush Great photo! So handsome and sexy in the shadows and always Tim! Have a great night in Bakersfield! Love you! XOXO
Micheal Oscar Hello Tim, am your man and I love you so much..keep the flag going....
Mary Mohart Tarpley Saw Tim and Faith at his concert in Kansas City, Mo. Awesome show. Hope you come back to KC again Tim and Faith
Gracie Malone Amazing singers you and faith! Love y'all!
Daniela Perez Can’t wait to see you and Faith Hill!!! Super stoked!
Tim McGraw
12:30 10/01/2017

We're on our way Fresno!!! #Soul2Soul

3.9k reactions 115 comments
Erin Pedroza Saw the concert last night live both singers such a aww some show hope they come back to fresno again
Denise Reyna I'll be there tonight and I'm sooooo excited to see you both!! 😍😍
Shawna Garcia So ready for the show tonight. Been waiting for this day for a year
Gwen C. Tyler I'd give almost anything to get to see these two on concert! Love everything about them. Duet Tim?
Teaira Burnham Faith was amazing in Utah I was so so excited to see you Tim but Faith did amazing
Tim McGraw
23:42 09/28/2017

Salt Lake! We can't wait to see you this evening! #Soul2Soul

1.2k reactions 63 comments
Holly Williams Christensen Jealous! Have fun
Lindsey Bidwell Please come to London x
Karla Petersen McReynolds We can't wait to see you! 6 more hours!
Melisa Bartley Awesome concert , seen you in Columbus !
Monika Stadler-Foppa I wish I could see you ❤Tim I love you❤ My dream would be next time
Tim McGraw
23:42 09/28/2017

Looking back on this tour, so far every night has been "One Of Those Nights”!! More shows to come! #Soul2Soul

1.8k reactions 101 comments
Shelby Meyer By far one of the BEST nights of my life this year. Loved their concert in GR!
Shannon Sander Had the best time seeing you guys in Saskatoon!! I didn't even care that I went alone :)
Jenn McCall Can't wait to see you this weekend!
Iris Doucet See you on October 6th in Houston can't wait
Marsha Ralph You make the world "one of those nights" everyday for me! You're the sunshine in my day!
Tim McGraw
10:54 09/26/2017

Kansas City, are you ready?! #Soul2Soul

2.9k reactions 84 comments
Sue McMahon Karen we saw him in concert a few years ago with Faith and they were fabulous. Great night.
Jaki Winch You've rocked so many cities already! Great show-hope they're ready to fall in love!
Charlan Johnson Nowak Oh Tim 👅your like a hot gooey 🍪 I could eat! My hubby thanks you for my mood 😜
Bernice Trujillo Have a great show, I'm sure it was is...:)
Tim McGraw
22:06 09/23/2017

Omaha Tonight!!!! #Soul2Soul

1.9k reactions 60 comments
Kathy Feathers Awesome picture of u
Lavonne Randolph Really enjoy everyone!👍
Debbie Reese Have fun
Sharon Sloat i think tim is very sexy
Anja Amspacher Love it
Tim McGraw
22:06 09/23/2017

Wichita!!! Let's celebrate the birthday girl tonight! #Soul2Soul

4.2k reactions 168 comments
Brenda Falkenbury Happy Birthday to a beautiful person!
Joe Garcia Happy Birthday Faith have a beautiful blessed day.
Pam Tigert Happy Birthday Faith!!! Can't wait to see you in Fresno California!!!!
Johnette Jo Shepek I'm here and ready to listen to the birthday girl. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
Becky Burkhart Happy Birthday Faith. Thank you Tim for taking time to shake my husbands hand in wheelchair at ft wayne in
Tim McGraw
20:30 09/18/2017

Jacksonville, we know you’ve had a hard week, we can't wait to take your mind off of things - if even for a moment. #Soul2Soul

2.0k reactions 60 comments
Tracy Walker You did a fine job! Great concert!!
Jill Hause Schwartz Awesome show!
Marsha Ralph Everybody have fun tonight, and an unforgettable one!
Kellie Kiely Raab Hmm I think I would forget everything quickly;)
Vicki Lee Courter Can't wait been waiting for this night for awhile now
Tim McGraw
07:42 09/16/2017

Tonight, Greenville! #Soul2Soul 📸: Becky Fluke

3.2k reactions 110 comments
Meliza Garver I can't wait to see you in Fresno. My husband bought us tickets😊❤
Cheryl Lindsay Lumpkin Love the picture Tim ! Have a great night ! I wish I could see 😇🙏🏻❤️
Haley Braga Shayla Bierlmeier he was doing this same pose like 10ft in front of us 😍😂
Billie Jo Dooley Saw Tim and Faith in st. Paul mn and they were awesome
Darrell Patrick McAllister-Webster Wish it was Greenville, CA Tim.
Tim McGraw
07:42 09/16/2017

Can’t wait to see you tonight Knoxville! #Soul2Soul

1.9k reactions 57 comments
Tammi Parks Stump Absolutely amazing show! I was stage side for their concert in Fort Wayne last Saturday. 🖤🖤
Russell Nading I love the appalaisian mountains
Bobbie Jean Wish i could be there, maybe ill see u one day
Sara Rauschmeier Wish I could be there. But badass picture
Tinagreg Lambeth I will be there to see you and have a great time.
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