Tim McGraw
20:30 09/18/2017

Jacksonville, we know you’ve had a hard week, we can't wait to take your mind off of things - if even for a moment. #Soul2Soul

2.0k reactions 60 comments
Tracy Walker You did a fine job! Great concert!!
Jill Hause Schwartz Awesome show!
Marsha Ralph Everybody have fun tonight, and an unforgettable one!
Kellie Kiely Raab Hmm I think I would forget everything quickly;)
Vicki Lee Courter Can't wait been waiting for this night for awhile now
Tim McGraw
07:42 09/16/2017

Tonight, Greenville! #Soul2Soul 📸: Becky Fluke

3.2k reactions 110 comments
Meliza Garver I can't wait to see you in Fresno. My husband bought us tickets😊❤
Cheryl Lindsay Lumpkin Love the picture Tim ! Have a great night ! I wish I could see 😇🙏🏻❤️
Haley Braga Shayla Bierlmeier he was doing this same pose like 10ft in front of us 😍😂
Billie Jo Dooley Saw Tim and Faith in st. Paul mn and they were awesome
Darrell Patrick McAllister-Webster Wish it was Greenville, CA Tim.
Tim McGraw
07:42 09/16/2017

Can’t wait to see you tonight Knoxville! #Soul2Soul

1.9k reactions 57 comments
Tammi Parks Stump Absolutely amazing show! I was stage side for their concert in Fort Wayne last Saturday. 🖤🖤
Russell Nading I love the appalaisian mountains
Bobbie Jean Wish i could be there, maybe ill see u one day
Sara Rauschmeier Wish I could be there. But badass picture
Tinagreg Lambeth I will be there to see you and have a great time.
Tim McGraw
06:06 09/11/2017

Cougar Country!!! #Soul2Soul

1.6k reactions 48 comments
Regina Robinson Wow! Come back to Colorado 🙌🏻
Cindy LaChapelle I like🙂
Lexine Powers Beautiful. Man
Darlene Schramm Hell yeah
Jill Closson Clark Amazing show tonight!!!! Thanks Tim & Faith!!!
Tim McGraw
06:06 09/11/2017

Fort Wayne, are you ready!? #Soul2Soul

2.7k reactions 102 comments
Lynn Quinones Love it and love you too god bless
Mark Grady Great seeing u guys live last nite. Love ur songs
Shaine Powell Damn..I went see y'all in April..Still touring
Suzie Bloom I thought Kiss was awesome..you were right up there lol
Nicole Warner Amazing show! One of the best we've been to. Great light show and I love the way you love each other.
Tim McGraw
06:06 09/11/2017

‪We’ll see you tonight Detroit! #Soul2Soul‬

3.3k reactions 125 comments
Carol Izzi Shaw You guys were Awesome ..
Kathy Delcambre Dupree will see you in Houston concert Oct 6th is still on right?
Taylor Campbell Justine Medellin countdown begins. still waiting for him to reply to my DM
Debbie Mossman Saw them last night in Columbus, AWESOME!
Cara Perkins Say hello to all my fellow Detroiter's!!!! Grew up down there...
Tim McGraw
15:36 09/03/2017

Cincinnati, we’re coming for you! #Soul2Soul

2.8k reactions 90 comments
Mustapha Lourenço My Idol Tim McGraw ( always great!!).
Cathy Oswald thats a way cool picture
Jacki Foster Was there! HELL of a show! THANK YOU! It was our 41 st anniversary! <3
Cathye Loyd Never too much of one of our favorite Mississippi Girls !!
Merrie Kuznitsky Neal Last night in Chicago was AWESOME! Enjoy!!
Tim McGraw
15:36 09/03/2017

Night 2 in the windy city! #Soul2Soul 📸: Becky Fluke

2.2k reactions 83 comments
Leanne Loar- Farley Great concert last night!!
Jhanalyn 'Jha' Blount So y'all going to reschedule little rock??
Kim Howe 17 years ago my husband proposed at your first soul 2 soul tour! Can't wait for tonight!
Jody Rohlfs Love You two rock !!! What a great show last night in the Windy City. Love you both and thank you !
Fran Conklin Thank you for a night of awesome entertainment...awesome talent...awesome concert...You and Faith never disappoint
Tim McGraw
02:48 09/01/2017

Chicago, I know you’re ready! #Soul2Soul 📸: Becky Fluke

1.8k reactions 95 comments
Nicki Sell Great concert!!!!
Marla May Can't wait for tonite.
Christine Peterson Great concert last night in Chicago
Kristine Merkley They are going see a really good show if it is anything like the one that was in Milwaukee in June.
Jane Harter Hamilton Tim you need to come to South Bend, In. Would really love to see you.
Tim McGraw
01:12 08/27/2017

Another amazing night in St. Paul! Are you ready? #Soul2Soul

1.9k reactions 120 comments
Sara Christensen great show last night
Maureen Scardina Chicago is counting the days down till Faith & you appear on stage!!!! My fiancé and I will be there!!! Soul 2 Soul.
Amber Winch I got to go to your show! Amazing performance!
Linda Goodwin Olson I was very sad to have to miss you both . Family wedding in Duluth .
Kimbrell Mcknight Y'all are killing me with all these pics it makes my heart go putter patter every time!❤️❤️❤️
Tim McGraw
01:12 08/27/2017

St. Paul we’ll see you soon! #Soul2Soul

1.8k reactions 45 comments
DeeDee Kolanczyk Can't wait!!
Kimberly Sue Clink ❤️❤️❤️ hey Timmy
Stephanie Hull-Tyczynski Had an amazing time at the Soul2Soul tour in Albany!
Dillon James Vaughn wish that i could be there
Sem'e Drummond Wish that i could be there!
Tim McGraw
01:12 08/27/2017

Tonight!!! #Fargo #Soul2Soul

2.3k reactions 90 comments
Greg Craig Awesome
Bunnee Harper Smoker Awesome concert, would love to see it again.
Gloria Armenta A closer shot would have been nice... hehehehe. Love you Tim ❤
Kayla Hoggarth SO EXCITED!!! It's gonna be an awsome concert
Patricia T Wright Kerry Johnston
Tim McGraw
23:36 08/21/2017

Albany, you’re next! #Soul2Soul

1.9k reactions 76 comments
Liz Parker Great concert in Philadelphia last night!
Kris Pakatar Palmer Woohoo!!! See you soon!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Elizabeth Goudie Karalak Albany NY show last night was amazing. Thank you Thank you!!
Paige Bari Hilton I CAN NOT WAIT FOR SEPTEMBER 30th!!!!!!
Andrea Hink McClatchie You two rocked Albany!! Thanks for a great show.
Tim McGraw
10:48 08/19/2017

Tonight is your night Philly! #Soul2Soul

1.2k reactions 82 comments
Alyssah Alyssah Wahhhhhhh 💗
Rebecca Schoonmaker Amazing concert!!! You two never disappoint!!!
Justice Bennett Go Tug McGraw tonight #45
Brian Richter Tug is in the house!
Dan Adams i would need that grip to get back up ..
Tim McGraw
10:48 08/19/2017

Cleveland!!! We're here!!! #Soul2Soul

3.5k reactions 110 comments
Dawn Sanders My son and I are looking forward to see you in Albany. His favorite song by you is Don't Take the Girl because it was his dad's favorite one too
Denise Kruger Aaaawww it's your day Tim and Faith you are coming to see me tonight philly, I have some suggestions on what I would like to here # 1 Denise Kruger we are here that's my fav, I'm so excited. I'm going to make Teresa Burpee a Tim and Faith fan, see you ...
Judy McCloe I would have been there too I love your songs and your family
Curt King Wish U would re-schedule ur Little Rock date. PHI PHI K A !
Barbara Gibson-palinski best show ever!! i loved you walked thru the crowd and stopped and held my hand❤️
Tim McGraw
10:48 08/19/2017

Hello Cleveland!! #Soul2Soul #spinaltap

447 reactions 31 comments
Michelle Sawyers Brian Murphy
Wwanda Halldorson https://youtu.be/thyJOnasHVE 😎🎤😂
Wwanda Halldorson https://youtu.be/thyJOnasHVE 😂😂😂🎤
Katie Tanko Amy Harwood !!!!
Steve G Bycznski Bring it on Tim and faithlooking forward to your show
Tim McGraw
18:48 08/06/2017

Thank you #Nashville!! We love ya!! #Soul2Soul

2.0k reactions 74 comments
Linda Hall Awesome concert last night at Bridgestone you guys! You guys ROCKED the house!!!
Tosha Mears Mitchell Wish you loved Little Rock enough to actually show up when your suppose to!
Tracey Legacy Looking forward to visiting this beautiful place with 5 of my good friends in October
Jenny Lee Harness I am beyond excited to see you both in KC!!! My sweet momma bought me tickets for my birthday!!
Tim McGraw
18:48 08/06/2017

Good to be home, see you tonight #Nashville! #Soul2Soul

2.4k reactions 56 comments
Sherry York Awesome show!!!! Love the new song!!
Jennifer McHaney Excited to see yall in concert tomorrow night!!😀
Rose Ratcliffe Slavsky Wish I was there😍
Hope Lynn Vester I can't wait for tomorrow!
Tim McGraw
06:00 08/04/2017

Excited to partner with Showtime Networks to give you an inside look at #Soul2Soul this November.

13.5k reactions 1089 comments
Laura Hamlin Flannery An amazing couple--saw him in concert and She popped up like magic on a stage right in front of us in the audience! We didn't even know she was there til the spotlight came on! It was awesome
Tammy Copeland So sad you cancelled Little Rock tour !!! Had tickets for 9 months and really good seats ! But I hope Faith is better !!!
Denise Kruger I see a lot of negative comments, this tour is is on a fast track. If she don't rest she puts her health and voice in harms way. If she does a concert in that condition you will not hear the best of her. I have tickets for 8-18 in philly. If they were ...
Jones C Sandi Love you two😘 how beautiful your relationship is. "For what God had brought together may no man rend apart" this system throws so much at us (and more than likely more at you ) in order to make you a "statistic" you defy the odds. Thank you for being a ...
Brittany Jackson Kourtney Patti we're having a viewing party for this.
Tim McGraw
06:00 08/04/2017

Night 2 in Denver, are you ready?! #Soul2Soul 📷: Becky Fluke

1.2k reactions 48 comments
Vivian Hill Love your picture it beautiful color
Regina Robinson Last night's concert was amazing!! Love love love ❤️
Norma Sobczak Cool picture 🤠❤️
Cherie' Hartsig Love the pic
Susan Henninger Ashcraft Hannah Elizabeth
Tim McGraw
17:12 08/01/2017

So great to be back in Denver! #Soul2Soul

2.7k reactions 100 comments
Ros Whitehead Would be great if u came her to Adelaide, and Australia as a whole again..
Erlinda J New I'm so excited!! My husband and I will be at the show tonight!!! Can't wait!! I hope you sing"Don't take the girl"
Paula L Wilson Thanks for the great show in Sacramento !! My 10 year old Grandaughters 1st concert !!!
Susan Rahm We have tickets for Nashville celebrating our one year wedding anniversary!!! Can't wait!!
Pam Langenberg Cameron I bet that was good
Tim McGraw
04:24 07/30/2017

San Jose, we’ll see you tonight! #Soul2Soul

1.6k reactions 87 comments
Lynn Quinones Love you guys god bless
Mandy Clemensen Yes we will!!!! So looking forward to it!
Jeanette Lee Can't wait to see you in Albany,NY 💓😍
Rhonda Belardes Can't wait!!!
Tim McGraw
04:24 07/30/2017

Hello Sacramento!!! #Soul2Soul

1.8k reactions 73 comments
Lynn Quinones Wish I was there to see you guys god bless
Stephenie Billeaud Say what!That's cool!
Lisa Mcgraw Wow cool scenery
Thomas Blackmon Good guy 👍🏾
Andi Ruley Ridenour This show was the best ever! Loved the whole thing ❤️
Tim McGraw
02:42 07/25/2017

San Diego, See you tonight! #Soul2Soul

2.3k reactions 81 comments
Joy Washok Look at that sexy man. Love him so much...
Dawn E. Fontana Welcome to San Diego America's Finest City
Vera Veselinovic I need your reply asap.
Janet Brooks Greene Yes you will!
Denise Kruger Aaawww almost your turn to see me hope you guys looking forward to 8-18-17 Dam Country Music, xoxo
Tim McGraw
02:42 07/25/2017

Tonight!!! Ontario, CA! #Soul2Soul

3.5k reactions 129 comments
Wendy Paar Can't wait for tonight! See you soon💗
Violet Marquez Wish i could afford the closet seats, but he is still great from where ever
Betty Brawn Awesome show in Ontario Ca! Thanks for coming here!
Linjean Chiriaco Van Patter Can't wait for Friday's show in Sacramento! My sis and I have not missed one Soul2Soul tour!!! ❤️
Violet Marquez Would like to go again, saw him at staples last. Talk about so yummy.
Tim McGraw
13:54 07/22/2017

Phoenix #soul2soul

1.9k reactions 86 comments
Jo Ann Knisely Meredith Faith's turn...
Jamie Morone Tried to go powers were against us :(
Mike Karen Moore So sweet to see the photos of your girls for "It's your love" - keep up the positive family message!!
Stephanie Morehead Tim you look like you is relax before the concert or left the concert is over God Bless Stephanie
CharlesandMartha Mellott Best concert ever.You and your wife Faith are amazing.Enjoyed it a lot.God bless you and your family😍😍❤️❤️
Tim McGraw
13:54 07/22/2017

On our way Glendale, AZ!! #Soul2Soul

1.7k reactions 81 comments
Janet Spratta I 'll be there! Can't wait!
Sue Wieger We will be there and excited to see you both Tim McGraw
Jennifer Jones Osten 17th row and couldn't be more excited!
Karen Kinserlow Awesome proformer
Patsy Groves WOO!! WOO!! GOD BLESS !!
Tim McGraw
01:06 07/20/2017

Really excited to announce the Lucky Brand EXCLUSIVE Soul2Soul Collection!!! Follow Lucky Brand to learn how you can win the ultimate #Soul2Soul Giveaway! #MyLuckyBrand #LuckyxMusic

248 reactions 20 comments
Luana Queiroz Get a year of Netflix ! ➞ #NetflixYearFree
Valerie Lesac Love
Jodi Manjuck Where are the ladies?
Naushad Sirang i need
Lydia Mills Love me some Luckybrand as well as the Miss Me😘
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