Catherine Zeta-Jones
15:06 09/18/2017

😏 #SelfieSaturday

4.7k reactions 195 comments
Lucas J Teter Absolutely spectacular looking, CZJ
Malik Jafer Beautiful lady and beautiful stayle I love you
Jennifer Galloway I see you have your seat belt on good role model (joke get it role model )lol
Pedro Isaias Castillo Lopez shee is my lady forever and ever.......
Anthony Joseph Giuffrida Beautiful Catherine god bless you and Michael
Catherine Zeta-Jones
00:42 09/11/2017

😘 #SelfieSaturday

4.7k reactions 145 comments
Mark Holland Oh wow, so beautiful
Joe Rodriguez Beautiful as always 😉😉😍😍
Nuri Bayrakcı Love u sweety...
Katerina K. Hristovska селфиво во сабота секогаш ти е најубаво :*
Ivan Atanasov Kiss you......🌹🍀😉
Catherine Zeta-Jones
10:12 09/03/2017

Sleeping in Casa Zeta-Jones! #SelfieSaturday

4.8k reactions 180 comments
Abdelrahman Taha How should i say this ? i'll just say it , am i missing something here ?
Chris N Klitou Just what One may Wish breakfast in Bed , surrounded by 100% Casa cotton and soft Feathers ..
Ana Johnson Can't wait to see the collection.
Jane Finn How dare you look so damn good in the morning(before coffee)?
Karen Daly Halloran You're so lucky Catherine.......when I wake up I have no eyebrows. 😒. Luv u
Catherine Zeta-Jones
19:48 08/26/2017

😊 #SelfieSaturday

2.3k reactions 146 comments
Iman H Wood This colour looks great on you! 💓👌
Marius Sivriu Are you upset Cate??😕
Karen Wooten Very pretty🙂
Gary Willner Love you without make up! You look younger!
Mindi Nestler Such critics on here.Catherine it would be nice if you respond sometimes with just a hello
Catherine Zeta-Jones
18:12 08/21/2017

Don't feel like moving today. #SelfieSaturday

3.2k reactions 154 comments
Alex Spiteri Nice weekend Catherine 🔝🔝
Alex Billy Cup of tea and a good book, then. Or ... time to cook.
Carl Staples Where's Zorro?
Mohamd Moneim I'm wish 🌠 movie 🎬 in couple 💑 season are you 😊 looking forward it's very charming!! So beautiful
Camilla Ghirardelli Sometimes you can read a book or watch a movie on the couch! It's Saturday! 😉 have a beautiful weekend my darling ❤️
Catherine Zeta-Jones
03:48 08/14/2017

Enjoying some summer sun while it lasts. #SelfieSaturday

4.2k reactions 114 comments
Steve N. Mavronis Like a fine wine.... <3
Ariel Mazepa Dios mio.... Porque no salgo a la puerta y me encuentro contigo....???
June Loos You're beautiful - inside and out! Happy Saturday, Cath! ♥️
Ioana Virtosu Beautiful lady !🌼Have a nice day !Another summer day !Best wishes from Romania!🌼🌹🌼
Daniel Nielsen I like to come enjoy all the 4 sesons with you sometime pretty woman !, :)
Catherine Zeta-Jones
13:24 08/06/2017

😉 #SelfieSaturday

4.0k reactions 117 comments
Jeff Mulderig Beautiful
Kathryn Elich Lovely.
Ola Harna Vyzerá ako svoje sestra! Čo to?🍷🍷🍷
Leci Rosa Linda
Catherine Zeta-Jones
23:00 07/29/2017

Stop? Too late!!!! #SelfieSaturday

1.5k reactions 103 comments
Janet Shaw A little of what you fancy does you good ....... Enjoy!
Rachel Gale lovely photo toffee flavour
Görünmez Kalp Either you come to me, or I do Derdine derman courtesy court O my sunshine, my light, my star I'll stick with you till you get
Terri D. Leo Have tried a Frostee from Wendy's? You'll never suck anything better
Rohit Singh Gergous beautiful sexy stunning from entrapment i am ur great fan from india its release on year 2000
Catherine Zeta-Jones
21:18 07/24/2017

Spending my morning by the pool. What do you have planned this weekend? #SelfieSaturday

4.4k reactions 226 comments
David Sexton Debating if my 12 year old is to young for the movie Dunkirk.
Fotini Dinamidou Catherine Γεια σου από Ελλάδα.....αν έρθεις κάποτε στείλε μου να γνωριστούμε από κοντά.....τα φιλιά μου
Nancy Begalki Gardiner Groceries and Reitmans 60 per cent off sale in northern Canada!! Loving it!!
Jason Norman Wishing I had enough money to go home to morriston so my family could meet my son and new dog elvis
John Olson Working around my dahlias. Made 4 boquets for people. If you were here I would make one for you.
Catherine Zeta-Jones
06:54 07/17/2017

😚 #SelfieSaturday

8.1k reactions 257 comments
Oana Ionescu Lovely photo !!!!! <3
Mindi Nestler Hi Catherine you are a natural where's the black robe?
Aaron Roberson For the love of God zoom out further Catherine Zeta-Jones 😁😍
Carmela Giampaolo Gorgeous
Catherine Zeta-Jones
16:30 07/09/2017

😉 #SelfieSaturday

5.8k reactions 192 comments
James Langstaff You will not find a more impressive actress no way hose!
Charles de Matas I hope your make.up is not tested on animals.
Catherine Zeta-Jones Italian Fanclub I'm lucky to have you in my life..have a great weekend Cath ❤️
Miquéias Machado olá Catherine. você já foi muito bonita hoje você está feinha pra caramba
Jarvis C Lehmann Early is right! A beautiful early morning!
Catherine Zeta-Jones
02:06 07/02/2017

Rise and Shine. #SelfieSaturday

5.9k reactions 168 comments
Karen Fox Rise and shine? Haven,t gone to bed yet 😴😴😴😴😴😴
Simone Moura Silva Hi from Brazil! I like piano!
Kelvin Treseder i wish i could look that good first thing in the morning
Yousuf Habib Ahmed We look at you.
Terri D. Leo Breakfast menu. Two poached with avocado and toasted lavash bread. Coffee☕️ black YUM
Catherine Zeta-Jones
11:42 06/24/2017

😘 #SelfieSaturday

3.1k reactions 170 comments
Amy Cavaco Sliva Welsh beauty cannot beat it.❤️
Kevin Thomas Sultry Welsh Tart 😜😜😜😜😜
Luis Pinto Salazar Eres muy hermosa
Isabella Giua Beautiful!💜🌟 Bellísima!! 💜🌟
Catherine Zeta-Jones
10:06 06/19/2017

😘 #SelfieSaturday

4.8k reactions 168 comments
Michel Trc Bellissima 💗💗👄👄🌼🌼
Stefan Stoica who's that chick on the wall behind you?
Nancy Begalki Gardiner Beautiful morning pic. Happy Saturday from Canada's far North!!
James Erickson I would like walking through the day chasing moments of looking into pretty forbidden eyes
Gino Resta cosi bellissima, nonostante gli anni che passano rimani sempre uno splendore
Catherine Zeta-Jones
19:42 06/11/2017

Enjoying a sunset. #SelfieSaturday

11.4k reactions 277 comments
Chris Tachot-Lafabrie Vous êtes trop choux tout les deux! You're too cute both 😘🇫🇷
Spiros Stoidis Catherine du bist mir zu dünn! Deine Knochen kommen raus. Wo ist diese super Körper du einmal gehabt hast?
Lynda Hooper Looks like your in Wales......not lol its p***d down all day! Enjoyio xxx
Shary Mayo You are super cute ...so relaxing and fun there 👏🏼😉C❤️M. Xoxo to you
Dini Natalia Have a great weekend from Indonesia. I love you both. Wish you health & happy always. Gbu😇😘
Catherine Zeta-Jones
04:48 06/04/2017

Get used to this robe folks! Had it for years and it's becoming my selfie staple😂😂😂#SelfieSaturday

5.3k reactions 223 comments
Luis Villarroel Me gusto mucho la pelicula que salio ud. en el Zorro con Antonio Banderas!...
Ramon De Jesus Polanco I KNOW you did not wear that robe at THE MASK of ZORRO... then a reason to watch some of your films my sweet lady. It does resemble that robe queens and princess should wear on special occasion, time to rebel or take over the sea of challenges as if ...
Mariano Leone ok ,ìma...caterina che ne pensi del fatto che la juve abbia perso la champions?
Leona Hauptova Talirova Jiřina Sikytová a já pořád, koho Ty mi těma Tvýma očima připomínáš 😉
Calum Gray Saturdays wouldn't be the same without a sexy selfie from you, Catherine. ☺️
Catherine Zeta-Jones
03:12 05/30/2017

😏 #SelfieSaturday

3.5k reactions 126 comments
Mel Soto Beautiful. ... Peace & Love....
Catherine Zeta-Jones Italian Fanclub I don't think you understand how easily you make my day..❤️ have a great weekend Cath! 😉
Don Rundblade love this photo Catherine. you always look extremely beautiful. my favorite actress. have a good day and a great weekend. Xo
Maria Filippidi Not your best pic, too over exposed , it's made your nose disappear. Beautiful eyes tho 👁👁
Danyy Lopes Só essa foto iluminada pra clarear um sábado chuvoso em Salvador Bahia Brasil.
Pee-wee Herman
01:42 05/28/2017

Happy Cellophane Tape Day!! Put some tape on your face, snap a selfie, and leave it in the comments for me!! http://peewee.com/2017/05/27/happy-cellophane-tape-day/ #cellophanetapeday #SelfieSaturday

4.2k reactions 416 comments
Tiffany Allison Churchill No pics yet? Come on guys. I am not going first lmao. Plus I gotta go borrow some tape. I can hear it now " what do you need tape for? Oh to tape my face and post a pic on FB" 😂
Shayla Marie Renée Lennox Good morning peewee!
Mike Lee One of the greatest/strangest/most perfect scenes in movie history. #LongLivePeeWee
Christie Schultz Tape is scary. I substitute teach and have to guard the tape from all ages.... tape balls, projects.... it's marvelous stuff for he imagination.
Cyndi Newbury My kids loved you and your shows and movies growing up. They went thru 2 rolls of scotch tape doing this. Wish could find those pics to show you Pee Wee!
Catherine Zeta-Jones
12:48 05/22/2017

Saturday, selfie, stripes. #SelfieSaturday

4.0k reactions 172 comments
Marinela Pavletich Lovely Lovely Lovely!... Love your selfie pictures. good night from California
Andreas Stahl Please Reader the Book,Das Joshua Profil,from Sebastian Fitzek,Germany !
Chu Kar Yan Stephanie You're so beautiful Catherine
Sapphire Natural Belle Mantineo Great Catherine,I like stripes t-shirt Pratt and Lambert China White and Old Pink.
Harrison Biswas Just got done watching you in Daredevil's of the Desert.
Catherine Zeta-Jones
22:24 05/14/2017

Lazy day. #SelfieSaturday

6.5k reactions 221 comments
Chris Broadhurst Hey I'm in St George's today! 😊
Chola Chilekwa mom you look awesome i like your page, and wish you happy mothers day mom
Sah Cahyono Only here you can get the original link alternative, to watch BOX OFFICE MOVIE (2017) 👄 Full Movie Streaming Online here VISIT 👉 IMDB hits Cinema 2017 🎬================ 🎬
Holly Mannings I love lazy days, my day off work today so am having the laziest day lounging around before I head off back to work tomorrow :-(
Teresa Villeneuve #RAVISHINGSELFIESATURDAY. May you have a wonderful Mother's Day Sunday tomorrow!
Catherine Zeta-Jones
08:00 05/07/2017

Happy Saturday! What are your weekend plans? #SelfieSaturday

6.3k reactions 387 comments
Noelle Goodall Chilling in Cardiff after a morning of gardening, now waiting for wine 🍷 o clock 😊
Mike Phillips Birthday party tonight for a wonderful 70 year young lady; packing tomorrow for early morning flight to Cyprus monday morning. How about you?? :-)
Charles de Matas It sure is a happy saturday now that i got this picture. I plan to do some gardening and also view pictures of the most beautiful woman in the world.
Floriza Rossi pra voçe também…omeso de sempre …..nada.espero que o seu seja cheia de sucesso e amor junto ao lindo michael……..kissesand kisses
Stephen Staten When to the blue suede shoes car show in tupelo ms.. Where Elvis pink caddie was display.. And listen to Ronnie McDowell played...
Catherine Zeta-Jones
17:36 04/29/2017

A kimono day. #SelfieSaturday

2.3k reactions 192 comments
Walter Barnes 💏
Tudor Daniel Nice,very nice!!!
Don Warren Kimonover!!!!!!
Beverly Saufley Pretty material Catherine!
Mohamd Moneim Can't Believe Her Eye;s Alone But Scare Every Motion With you ..!!!
Catherine Zeta-Jones
16:00 04/24/2017

'Cooking a curl' on my way to take the garbage out. #SelfieSaturday

5.2k reactions 228 comments
Merrick Sequeira So beautiful more stunning every day!
Tony Nacca Michael doesn't take the garbage out?
Laura Berry Have so enjoyed your performance in FEUD. To bad it's over tonight.. I see "Golden Globes", etc
Maria Wasikowski Haha and I thought I was the only one who did that. Love it! Catherine Zeta-Jones
Catherine Zeta-Jones
01:36 04/17/2017

Goodbye chunky cream sweater. See ya next year. #SelfieSaturday

7.4k reactions 274 comments
Arq Alonso Garduño Avila Me envidia de la buena. por que es usted muy bonita y sencilla. Y dios se lo regalo. Para toda su vida
Andy Garcia Send Me That Chunky Sweater and I will use it all summer. I Promised!
Patrick Connolly Are You Wearing A Sweater..? .Can't Get Past Those Eyes ....
Robert Schmidt Wait not the Chunky Sweater it's too soft. Happy Easter.
Jose Dubon Hello miss beautiful pretty princess greeting from Guatemala xoxo happy Sunday good morning 😍😗😗😗🌹😉🇬🇹
Catherine Zeta-Jones
11:06 04/09/2017

Feeling this vintage filter. #SelfieSaturday

4.3k reactions 125 comments
Arturo Valdovinos Just lovely!!!!
Patricia Burns Hello, Gorgeous!!! 😍
Cindy Walker Love Breathtaking as usual
Robert Schmidt I totally feel the vibe !
Louise Davies Love the filter
Catherine Zeta-Jones
20:42 04/01/2017

From my window in Manhattan. #SelfieSaturday

4.5k reactions 179 comments
Luigi Carlo Moretti I could call this pic.... the new version of the Durer's "Melacholia".....NICE
Arn Värja Magnusson It is warmer in the carribean, you'd come to see us in Martinique at Fonds Lahaye 60 feet from the beach
Tony Nacca I'm adding this to my NYC photo album...I hope you do not mind.😊
Earl Lee Louis III You got it together believe me tell Michael i said hi, homes DYHSMFMP
Earl Lee Louis III Hive embezzeler heisters. I need help. This is not a clear life.
Catherine Zeta-Jones
04:42 03/20/2017


9.5k reactions 251 comments
Marcos Silva Serain Venhe! 😋
Sol Sol Estoy viendo ahora Titanic 1.996 estabas preciosa 😍 I am whatching now Titanic 1996 on TV. You were beautiful😍
Orlando Velez Beautiful
Jim Milner Doh ! How fascinating a beauty she is , i am going to find out how to post on this , face, how you call, book ? Someday somehow someway . . . "born of frustration " by : James . . . a song . . .
Inês Martins Your ethereal beauty never ceases to amaze me: have a brilliant day/weekend, Cath. ❤️ 🌹
Catherine Zeta-Jones
14:18 03/12/2017


6.9k reactions 180 comments
Miguel Ibarra It's selfie 🤳🏽 Saturday?
Robert Haddad Lady as usual
Claudia Keiko Perfeita! 😍
Madelyn Etkind So beautiful and talented
Grace Bockenstette- Wahby Beautiful!!!
Catherine Zeta-Jones
23:54 03/04/2017

Another addition to my 'film noir' selfie series. #SelfieSaturday

1.2k reactions 95 comments
Fernande Hamond prends soin Catherine...xo 😚
Ian Walker Swanse's finest
Rachel Gale lovely photo as always
Bob Doran Mesmerizing🐺
Michele Browder Very natural and pretty
Catherine Zeta-Jones
22:18 02/27/2017

Sweet dreams. #SelfieSaturday

8.4k reactions 247 comments
Rhonda Campbell Sweet dreams beautiful
Voula Andrikopoulos Mitrevski Sweet dreams.
Darmawan Bong Beautiful Sweet Dreams...love you
Connie DiStefano Iacobelli Just beautiful and classy! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jmj Monsour Goodnight sweet dreams to you too ❣🌠
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