Alicia Fox
10:18 12/07/2017

Is it #roode to eat with your elbows on the table!? THANK YOU #sandiego #TROOPS15!!

404 reactions 9 comments
Belinda Mug 💐💐💐💐💐☀☀🙂🙂🎅🎅✌
Baxter Chance Is that Glorious????
Baxter Chance Mmm yeah girl it's very rude ...except for when it's being done by you lol
Baxter Chance Hey Alicia Fox you do better team up with Sasha Banks and Bayley against Absolution if you ever want to save your career ...I just a fan and do not have the right to tell you what to do but please consider my advise
Amegavi Obed Hey fox team up wit shasha and bayley so dat u will beat paige and those two idiots following her
Sheilla Castro
05:12 09/02/2017

O #tbt de hoje vai pra este paraíso com meu lindinho!!! #sandiego #lajolla #melhorbeijo

2.6k reactions 21 comments
Lucas Nunes Walter Kinoshita 🤔?
Bogdan Urbański Go Go Go Sheilla e amore Girls🍀😎
Ariel Moreno Sos hermosaaaaaa
Mohammad Yunus Zbdst
Dita Von Teese
16:54 07/07/2017

Getting my glam on for opening night here @hobsandiego, with a big debut tonight! Releasing some general admission tickets at the door~ 7:30 doors, 8:30 showtime ✨ #burlesque #artoftheteese #sandiego

1.9k reactions 19 comments
Kelsey Jamieson Natasha Jamieson
Lauren Allgood Kitty Harlow
Yesenia Chavez Montiel Charlie Gutierrez 😭😭😭😭
Katrina Kats Tatiana Stutz
David Medina Tiffany Jimenez Yours is better :)
Dita Von Teese
04:06 07/05/2017

#pointeshoes porn, anyone? Just arrived from Paris, freshly customized @louboutinworld #louboutinworld shoes made for me by @gaynorminden for Swan Lake Stripteese, part of #artoftheteese opening Wednesday night in #sandiego #ballet #burlesque artoftheteese.com

16.6k reactions 709 comments
Ashley Johnstone Allanah Hill this is just too perfect!! They say QUEEN DITA in them!!!! ❤
Hannah Tamblyn Lucy Martin I mean they are beautiful... but I would never use them haha
Alane Silva Vitoria Silva nem nos trabalhando a vida toda daria pra comprar uma dessas
Amanda Matos Louboutin + Gaynor = preço de 2 rins mais td órgão q é possível viver sem Mariana Faioli
Kat Karvadias Georgina Ginis Salanitri I would solove a pair of these ! Bring a whole new meaning to pain is beauty - I would use these for hours so pretty! Kiss kiss
Dita Von Teese
15:18 07/02/2017

Can't wait to reveal what may be our most #glambitious @swarovski crystallized project yet... but in the meantime, please enjoy the soothing sounds of slo-mo crystal in Jonquil Aurora Borealis. #swarovski #topsecretglamourmission #burlesque #ditavonteese #catherinedlish #artoftheteese #sandiego

9.9k reactions 204 comments
Chris Pless That color is very pretty on you.
Hugh P. Drake III ...I AM UNDER YOUR POWER...😳😉🙂❤️
David Double-u Carolin Rau sowas solltest du auch mal tragen ;D :*
Jade Von-Black Nathalie Lanzone tu veux ça pour le mariage?
Juan Carlos Pesqueira Lily.... 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Dita Von Teese
22:48 05/12/2017

On sale today! Visit artoftheteese.com for quick ticket links and info. #burlesque #losangeles #sandiego #riverside #denver #vegas #anaheim #seattle #sanfrancisco #ditavonteese

623 reactions 32 comments
Duncan Carter Come to the UK!
Francesco Semeraro Fabiola e noi in Italia 🇮🇹 ...
Courtney Robertson Junior Rolando Canales
Kimberleigh Marshall Love this woman
Robert Blandford So when are you coming to New Zealand.....?
Fabricio Werdum
10:24 03/21/2017

Show do #dosnossos Leandro Hassum em #losangeles Amanhã em #sandiego Quer dar risada? Então vá no show do @leandrohassum

643 reactions 4 comments
BJJ Lifestyle This is reason I love martial arts
Conor Tehuna Fabricio when is your next fight
Chico Neto Me consegue uma passagem para san diego que eu vou...hahahaha
Ariel Montero Que groso que sos fabricio vai cavallo werdum¡!¡ vas a volber al cinturon..
Kendra Wilkinson
23:42 11/08/2016

GO CHARGERS 😊 #chargers #voteYESonC #sandiego

25.2k reactions 195 comments
Britnee StClair https://www.facebook.com/britneesshop/ Y'all should check out our blankets :) <3 We have NFL blankets! Absolutely love yalls family :)
Claudia Alonso Aurora Ruiz this beautiful family reminds me of yours 😊
Alice Mwangi Kendra you have a fabulous family... Blessings all the way from Nairobi Kenya... In Africa
Megan Sturgill Little hank is so grown up and he looks just like his dad
Sunshine Gutierrez Omg I didn't realize how tall little hank is .. por soon you will be the short one in the family
Kendra Wilkinson
22:06 11/03/2016

#voteYESonC #sandiego #chargers San Diego Chargers

4.8k reactions 152 comments
Kevin Wakefield II #voteYesonO #oakland #raiders Oakland Raiders
Anabel Rodriguez Zegarra Kendra beatiful 😘😘
Sandra McLaughlin Go cubs
Keesha Torres new stadium would be great. But No on TRUMP!
Aliscia Anderson Nope nope and nope
Guns N' Roses
11:17 09/12/2016

Last stop on the #NotInThisLifetime Tour is #SanDiego! #GnFnR livemu.sc/GNR_Tix

13.9k reactions 170 comments
Angela Burns-Burwinkel You guys have worked so hard! Sounded great in Cincinnati!!! GNR Forever Angie from Cincinnati
Abigail Peabody Nuu stay in the US! Lols did amazing in Washington DC hope you'll come back soon!!!
April Shumaker- Chancey Hopefully you, G-N-R, decide to do another U.S. tour, but glad I was able to take my son to see you
Elijah Smitherson The show was unreal, we arrived with nosebleed tix left with floor seats!!!!! Everyone was superb!
Gonzalo Eguren After this, the next stop is Lima Peru !!!, we're waiting for you GnFnR !!!!!!
Waka Flocka Flame
11:27 09/12/2016

Vans Warped Tour with DJ Whoo Kid ?????? #BigDawg ???? #SanDiego ????

375 reactions 34 comments
Eric Muir Christopher Murphy Joe Lugara Gillian Webb
E Eka Solihah <3 Hey Guys took me hours to find, finally I found and got the original link to watch full Movie HD lIVE streaming for free <3 all movie list Suicide Squad 2016 Full-Movie http://aenunmov.blogspot.co.id/2016/08/suicide-squad-2016-full-movie.html The ...
Hope Asuquo love
Deanthony Mcgee Love
Deanthony Mcgee Nice
David Ortiz
11:53 09/12/2016

Here we go again!! thx to all the fans for voting for me for my 10th All Star Game #sandiego

13.4k reactions 228 comments
Danny Reyes come on David you still hitting like in your 20s 2 more years..seria perfecto para todos....Go Red Sox...
Jennifer Rutan Lifelong Boston fan living in San Diego, can't wait to see you and the rest of the team play!
Scott Khourie This ones for you David. Now get that triple crown so we can force you into an 11th.
Jessica Goodrich No Papi thank you for all these fantastic years of Red Sox baseball!!!!
Kathleen Carpenter We love you Papi....you're not only a great ball player you're a great human being..
Russell Westbrook
11:49 09/12/2016

#2 the Brodieesssssss #sd #sandiego #whynot #donthateonthebrodies

16.5k reactions 158 comments
Mahogany Stinnett Westbrook! ?? you in my city!
Christopher Taurer Alex Kraßnitzer
Walter Gonzalez Christian Jonathan wtf he was in SD today again
Jun Kiano Narruhn My home town
Aron Mesta q hay hermanos
Russell Westbrook
11:49 09/12/2016

#1 the Brodiesssssss #sd #sandiego #whynot #donthateonthebrodies

19.1k reactions 88 comments
Шта Се Шаваде al se ti decko sprdas
Justus Riley How much weed did the guy on the end smoke lol
Daniel Lee Hayes In my city Westbrook where you at bro lol...#san Diego
Pat Ginn Russ love watching you play!!!!! Thunder up
Darnie Greer You be hooping Russell
Russell Westbrook
11:49 09/12/2016

MY BRODIESSSSSS.. #sd #sandiego #whynot

38.5k reactions 292 comments
Zachary Scott You didn't invite me to hang?!?! I like to hang!!
Mike Hernandez Be on the look out....sometimes some of those so called "friends" can be blood sucking leaches...just ask Ali/Presley
Curt Potts Rolling in the Deep.
Abdullah Mejbel Wheres KD???
Pat Ginn Have lots of fun Russ
Nikki Bella
11:48 09/12/2016

A session after Markshane!! A very deserved butt kicking after the weekend we had!! Haha ? The fun time is over time! ? #stayfearless #fearlessnikki #summertime #shapeupstudio #sandiego #summertime

63.3k reactions 348 comments
Никола Ракочевић Nikki Bella you best! I come to Tampa to see you and John Cena i promise!
Kathrise Ramos I always want to see you the bella twins i also watch youtube nikki and brie all match i like twin magic but you can look but you can't touch i love you bella twins
Everett Begay Miss u Nikki take back thy wwe champion belt back...
Shello Mendoza what hapend are you fithing
M Naveed Tanoli Nikki Nikki setting up is very beautiful and I are very like dog Many bad art now up to Pakistan's
Gwen Stefani
11:38 09/12/2016

Thanku #sandiego Gx

40.5k reactions 581 comments
Marlene Henning You are even more beautiful when you tone down theakeup and go more natural. You are a natural beauty inside and out.
Diane McCarthy God is so good.. You have a lot going on right now...all for the positive. He will keep your path straight..
Joann Cortez What a difference from the bed head picture the other day. Yet it was still a beautiful picture as this one is
Tracy Marie Babcock Hartley What's wrong Gwen u lonely?
Darrell Webster You are a extremely smart, talented woman. I have always been a long time admirer. Don't you ever get tired?
Gwen Stefani
11:38 09/12/2016

See u soon #sandiego #iheartradio ❤️#livemusic Gx

43.5k reactions 1406 comments
A Clementine Lemos So... where did she say she wasn't wearing any makeup? I mean everyone is freaking out and judging her but seriously, fake eyelashes? Her eyelashes are smashing into each other and you can see the root, no eyeliner and as anyone who knows her she has ...
David Kramer Beautiful as always. Blake is one lucky man!!! I'm gonna enjoy your first country album. Can't wait.
Dennis Frodin Don't mind makeup..... but you are a natural beauty.... i saw No Doubt in Stockholm in 94 or 95 and you are still crazy beautiful❤
Ellen Osmonson Who's that beautiful baby? God girl you look about 17! Do what you like always honey...with or without ~ always YOUR choice <3 xoxoxolvurface&blakie'stoo lol
Reina Yvette She looks nothing like her without the makeup... The makeup starts making you look older than you are that when you don't wear it you look dead...
11:22 09/12/2016

back on the road! #SanDiego #musedrones http://muse.mu/tour-dates.htm

51.6k reactions 539 comments
Morgan Noland See you next Thursday!! ? it will be my fourth Muse concert!
Jack Johnson Saw Muse in LA last month are Staples... Amazing show, very tight musically... I'm ready for their next trip to norcal
Sue David Would you ever consider playing at a 'not for profit' relatively local gig like Watchet ? Obvs wouldn't have the sort of money you're used to"..X
Yvette Dyson Counting the days before Montreal concert. 12 more days to go. Can't wait, will be awesome to see u all again.
Lori Bunten tyat san diego show was mind blowing absolutely incredible now i cant stop watching every vid or concert i can find im addicted to Muse wow

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