George Lopez
12:54 12/13/2017

Wait , Wait , Hold your horses , this speech is from the 50's #colortv wasn't invented until the 6O's #shesmadderthanawethen #hater #Repost @energy_is_my_1st_language ・・・ Ass backward cracker devils. 🙈🤮 #Repost @fyodorplath ・・・ Things racists say...... 🤔 #cringe #nomoore #roymoore #alabama #govote @Regranned from @mrs_tzedek_warrior_girl - "We have many Black friends." "We know some Jews. We're not afraid of them. We actually let them…

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Nicolle Eddie Cunningham When you have to explain who is in your circle.. not a good thing
Tim Rodriguez i bet that blonde ...was juicier than a fresh water clam when she was 14
Joi Brethauer you do know his wife was 15 years old when he started banging her
Leah Ciccolella "We're not racist, we have ______ friends/attorneys/etc!" That's always a big excuse they use 😂
Greg Doucette Really?? Color television had its beginnings in the late 1940s alongside black and white television. It was not a commercially viable until the early 1950s. At that time, two competing color mechanisms were being championed separately by CBS and RCA ...
Bill Maher
05:30 12/14/2017

Man, that #RoyMoore is really doubling down in Alabama - what kind of slogan is "Make Puberty Great Again"? #MPGA!

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Dave Holgate Big win for the Democrats! Sorry Trump, you're half-ass support didn't work. The mid-terms are going to be even worse for our orange idiot in office. Sorry Donald, the orange doesn't make you look younger, just more like an orange.
John Rochefort If he gets elected It will prove to the country that yet another red state is regressing into this ugly culture of criminals
KitKat Harris just says a LOT about this mans emotional maturity. definately not leadership material at a mental age of 13-14. #whyamanwantstoscrewkids
Erik Lee Their take on Christianity says it all. To them Mary's worth was her faith and virginity, not her wisdom to raise a child right. All she had to be was pure. Not a surprise that this is how they value women.
Vincent van Heukelum And I’m still thinking he’s going to win. Never underestimate the hypocricy of evagelicals in large groups.
Bill Maher
08:42 11/16/2017

This latest #RoyMoore accuser is one of the most credible witnesses I've ever seen. For one thing, she describes his penis down to the little cowboy hat.

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Michael LeFave Would have been so much more credible if she came out over the last 20yrs of before the primary. Coming out after the primary just looks like partisan move and is likely to get a partisan response.
Brian Upman Banned from a mall for harassing teen girls. There ya go Alabama just write in Luther Strange it’s plain to see. Also says he never met her but signed her yearbook. Caught lying right there.
Susan Stevenson Pearl The problem really is outright blatant disregard for how women, children and minorities feel. It's sick, and it's pervasive; it also needs to be burned the fuck out of our culture. Sadly, evangelical Christians value their own religious agenda than they ...
Patrick O'Reilly Yeah, that cowboy hat was telling us a lot before all this happened. You could've had a field day with "I don't know it for a fact . . . I just know it's true'
Karen Yaldoo Moore was 37 and his wife was 23 when they met, they married a year later. So why so difficult to believe that he likes them young?

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