Sarah Palin
19:12 10/12/2017

You can't be serious. How is it that someone like him can get away with saying this garbage and literally NO ONE in the mainstream media will call him out for it? Help us out here folks. Tell us what you think because we're absolutely sick and tired of this sorta stuff! #insanity #ridiculous

10.8k reactions 6454 comments
Dale Gauthier see the raised fist?.....Now its racial....
Susan Ron they'd sink for sure then. Like you, sick of all this reverse discrimination/ racism.
Stephen J. Piccini Supercross is almost here
Bradley Strickland MEd They cried wolf too many times. It will all backfire on them.
Sonny Hunt Stupid mf
Adam Sandler
11:15 09/12/2016

Part 9 of a look back at the most ridiculous outlaws the West has ever seen. #Ridiculous6 Netflix

7.3k reactions 553 comments
Gary Cunningham Dude, Adam, I love your movies n so many ppl I know do too. But we want some old you. Happy Gilmore, waterboy... Bring that good shit back, go back to the roots
Jason Isenberg How do people not find this movie hilarious?! Oh you must be those serious people that take everything seriously. This is probably one of Adam Sandler's best movies in a long time lol
Jeremy Goree Help please!!! This is to get a free car payment and there is only 3 hours left. I just need 70 people to click the sparq. http://jameshodgefordidabel.sparqsocialmedia.com/share/jameshodgefordidabel#/submission/12289
Mayaserena Moonchild Dear Adam Sandler, In a perfect world, I would have met you before you met your wife, and you would have married me (and those would be my children). But I would never convert to Judaism, because it would be in a perfect world where no religion exists. ...
Karen Lenegan Honoured & Respected, of all you're achievements also the knowledge of how to easily you can and do make people laugh out loud. Karen Lenegan. XxX
Taylor Lautner
11:17 09/12/2016

Here is evidence from the live stream viewing party for #Ridiculous6 Be sure to watch the movie on Netflix now. Hope you enjoy it! GUL DANG!

36.5k reactions 1349 comments
Nina Barroso Lil Pete is our favorite! You're awesome Taylor! We've already seen the movie 5 times. My 7 year old loves The Ridiculous 6. Adam Sandler is a freaking comedy genius. I'll be buying this movie when it comes out on dvd.
Flávia Alessandra M. Reinehr CONGRATULATIONS TAYLOR LAUTNER , 24 years then? And what about this wonderful man ? You are a perfect idol, a great example of a person . I and all their fans feel proud of you . You're a great person . Their smiles are inspiring and you are a ...
Angelina Ramsey Taylor Lautner - you were the BEST part of this film! Way to commit to a ridiculous role and gain a fan! Lmfao! That neck tho! #Ridiculous6
Sara Santos Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have an amazing day! :D I <3 you. You're a great actor and a good person so you deserve the best!!! :) I'll always be twisting for you!!! :D Good Luck for everything!!! :D ;)
Tatiana Santana I Love You Taylor Lautner <3 ...is true!! ...and I am now watching the film Dead End, where you acts with the character Nathan !!I could want to be his "girlfriend" rs kisses! :*
Adam Sandler
11:15 09/12/2016

#Ridiculous6 live stream viewing party part 3

58.8k reactions 8370 comments
Marcus Svensson I dont know why critics taught this movie was bad. I loved it, it was the bomb, Laughed from begining to the end. Adam and the rest of the awesome cast did an great job. Keep the good work up dude. ??
Lexi Forrest River Adam Sandler and happy madison productions along with the cast and crews are all a blessing to this world
Lesley Smith It's a really funny movie and a good change. LOL ;-) I'm glad to see all of you having such a good time making it. :--)
Bruce Rudolph Heard you on Howard Stern talking about Israel. You were always one of my favorite actors now you are my favorite. You are the best. Wish more Hollywood people would stand up for israel and tell the truth that Israel is the only Democracy in the ...
Amanda Walther It says paused
Adam Sandler
11:15 09/12/2016

#Ridiculous6 live stream viewing party part 2

60.8k reactions 10657 comments
Bellita Vallejo My love Adam ???
Nancy D'souza Hii, nice to see u :-)
Justin Neumann This is cool as hell!!
Ilse Vargas Te amo!!!!
Elijah Christiansen They should read the comments and talk back
Adam Sandler
11:15 09/12/2016

#Ridiculous6 live stream viewing party part 1

84.1k reactions 17329 comments
Richard B. Campbell Sorry, maybe next time guys. If I'm only going to be an extra in one movie my entire life I really have to be selective. It looks like a pretty funny movie though..
Floyd Jones Couldn't make it past the first fight seen. Love all those guys but the movie looked awfully bad. Will need to choke through the rest of it before I give it 2 thumbs down
Jennifer St. Jude You'll never see this. But i love you Adam Sandler. I can watch any movie you are in. Thanks for all your hard work and all you give to others. Blessings to you. ?✨
Deonte' McClease Im funny, and I can act. Wont y'all let me be in your next movie??? You wont regret it, and you can be the one to say that you discovered me. Take a chance bro. Take a chance.
Robin Hecker-Bjerkholt I love all of you guys!Blended was a great movie that I keep on watching. Adam you are ageless. You look amazing and can't wait to see the new movie.
Adam Sandler
11:15 09/12/2016


19.9k reactions 954 comments
Paul Frano Can't wait Adam ridic 6 will be hysterical!!
Matt Cannon all the reviews on netflix are from people who didnt actually watch the movie or are so easily offended that they just happen to poke some fun at native americans yet movies can make fun of white folks all day long and no body says shit... make fun of a ...
Nivia Bruner Adam Adam Adam this is definitely a guy movie toooo crazy LOL
Sammy Johnson I watched it for 41 minutes and had to stop as I felt my brain shrinking. It is beyond rediculous....???
Benjamin Juvik Spoiler. Adam sandler and HIS dad dies and little tom
Adam Sandler
11:15 09/12/2016

A look back at the most ridiculous outlaws the West has ever seen. #Ridiculous6 Netflix

7.0k reactions 307 comments
Rosita Conceicao Silveira Boa sorte na Estréia , já é um sucesso ,uma turma muito show !! ......... :) Adoro você !
Flor Guzman Esperandooooolaaaa!!! Cuanto he esperado Adam y Rob juntos otra vez ♥♡♥♡♥
Carrie Abdiroglu Dooley Rob Schneider is back with the gang! ??
Lucas Leonardo Someone know when he back to U S A? And what company he'll travel ?
Carson Richards Amber we need to watch it
Taylor Lautner
11:17 09/12/2016

I had such a fun reunion with my brothers at the LA premiere of #Ridiculous6 You can stream the film on December 11 on Netflix

38.6k reactions 737 comments
Charlotte Dobson Taylor is looking sexy as always xxxx
Morena Salamon No hablo hingles pero me vi todas las de crepusculo amanecer parte 1 parte 2 eclipse i luna nueva
Arthur Peau Such an iconic human figure- wish I was laughing all the way to the bank as well, well ...with your funny cents of humor always on my poor mind (<<*0'>>)
Annie Gordon Taylor I have a picture of you in my room and I kiss it and hold it every night and pray I can one day meet you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Angelica Reid wish could meet him just once in life :( always waiting for your movies hope it rules the theaters ? ? ? ? ?
Adam Sandler
11:15 09/12/2016

#Ridiculous6 Premiere Live

50.1k reactions 30293 comments
Marla Crews Are you going to generate this much excitement for "The Do Over" that we worked together on in Savannah?
Katerina Pambuku I love you Adam
Yisus Fdez Que chingue su madre el america!
Jennifer Goldner Adam sandler doesn't age
Kyle Roberts Stop looking at me swan
Adam Sandler
11:15 09/12/2016

LIVE from the Red Carpet 9:45p EST #Ridiculous6

3.3k reactions 136 comments
Lucretia White i can tell you he's a handsome good looking white chip ahoy :)
Lucretia White thats a good looking man :)
Lucretia White what makes you think i cant handle you?
Susan Powell Adam you are a zany,kooky,funny man,Love Yah!
Kelly Cole Dun na na na na na THEY SAY IT'S YOUR BLART DAY! ????? today we celebrate Paul Blart the sensational Mall Cop. Are you one of Blart's bbw bitches? ?? Hopefully tonight you'll be riding something other than a Segway? and something that lasts longer than ...
Adam Sandler
11:15 09/12/2016

Tonight LIVE from the Red Carpet 9ish EST #Ridiculous6

1.4k reactions 81 comments
Eva Haszonits Good!!!
Sheila Williamson 9ish? That really means 11pm, right? LMAO! ;)
Fabian Quinteros Ñiñioyolley SOS todos ermanatros me gosta la pelicula
Shadab Iftikhar Zabardssstttttt...
Shajrawi Saif Great adam
Taylor Lautner
11:17 09/12/2016

I'm so excited to be coming down to Brazil Comic Con this year in São Paulo with my #Ridiculous6 co-stars. Can't wait to see all my Brazilian fans again! It's been way too long! Check out these throwback pics from the last time I was there in 2012 for the final Twilight film.

42.3k reactions 1154 comments
Cris Santos Carter Hey baby. I write fanfic about this one his trip to Brazil in 2012. Come and get it to me, please!
Octavio Llumbet Paneque Hi Tay I just want say you that I'm a big fan of you and I'm like you so mouch and love all of you incluide your perfect work, I hope you reed this text and answer me bye.
Bruna Cabral I waited so long to see you again here, if you were 3 years and is coming back to us again, that your trip is wonderful and your stay here too, is well - from love! ??❤️??
Annette Rosa Taylor Lautner I love the movie Twilight I always watch it the funny part was when Bela said i pushing you it was so funny I can't stop laughing how to play over and over again
Servan Sarı taylor launt and I very much like you. They say you always want very much to see me , but I think your film taylor lo not be able to answer me and I 'm glad you
Taylor Lautner
11:17 09/12/2016

Had such a blast presenting at the American Music Awards last night with my friend and #Ridiculous6 co-star, Terry Crews!

85.3k reactions 1030 comments
Nagihan Aydın my favorite actor is taylor lautner <3 ı love you <3
Cristobal Zoppi Advertencia si paras leyendo usted va a morir esta noche. Hola soy mike. Yo tengo 11 años, pero yo estoy muerto ahora. Yo no tenia amigos... Si usted no publica eso para 20 fotos que usted va a morir esta noche, exactamente a las 11:59. No crees en mi?...
Kimarie Dawa Since nosebleed lahat ng comment dito so magtatagalog ako !:) one word to describe this man in tagalog!! ANG GWAPO MO! HEHEHE #paburgernamandyan!
Ysabella Lc Padura Liwanag sorry guys,im am so scared and have to do it,sorry again----WARNING! Carry on reading! Or you will die, even if you only looked at the word warning! Once there was a little girl called Clarissa, she was ten-years-old and she lived in a mental hospital, ...
Chevz Nathan I love you Taylor lautner my super fans
Adam Sandler
11:15 09/12/2016

#Ridiculous6 December 11.

111.5k reactions 8756 comments
Breanne Ciccone I like these movies more than your serious ones. LOL
Derek Goff It's it... old Adam Sandler comedy or.. new Adam Sandler comedy :/
Maris Tagle Prokopyo Teodoro Adam Sandler! ☺ look at Taylor Lautner. Haha
Nata Rojas Gómez Adam Sandler+Netflix= <3
Sussudio BG Thank you Adam Sandler!

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