Yesterday 15:48

#Repost @sonjanorwood ・・・ So sad I won’t be there bro. But you are always with me and I with you. #HappyBirthdayRayJ

229 reactions 21 comments
Vincent Purnell Brraannddyyy
Timothy Sakman Mmmmmmmm shuuuuuu
Tamara Smith Happy Birthday.....
Darron House Happy Birthday RAY J
Abiodun Paul HBD Ray j........LLNP
Ricky Martin
22:42 01/17/2018

#Repost @fcrmelitebr on @MegynTODAY #ACSVersace Premiers tonight on FX.

9.6k reactions 277 comments
Nina Raygoza Bugarin Ya buske en Fox y no lo encuentro!!!! A ke hora va salir??? Porfis que alguien me diga!! 😕
Natasha Levine Mi amor te va bien ese look. Te hace ver cómo muñeco de aparador 😍😘
Silvana Soledad Sotelo En Argentina......donde lo pasan???? Porfis la q sabe me deci!!!!!
Amanda Nicole Webb The first part was told so amazingly can’t wait to see the rest of the series
Monica Guerra felicitaciones te mereces esto y todo lo demás sos una gran persona y un ser humano indiscutible sin palabras
George Lopez
00:06 01/18/2018

#Repost @corybooker ・・・ When ignorance and bigotry are allied with power, it’s a dangerous force in our country.⠀ ⠀ To not stand up to this; to be silent— is to be a part of the problem.

4.8k reactions 367 comments
John Kirby Cory !! What a Showman and Actor !! He really put that Shameful Woman in her place !! 🤔🤔 not ,did someone say Jacka........ 🤔
Krystal Mena Juan, I'm with you all the way, ese. In order for trump to have all of those Things, He Would Need A Heart. The Pendejo Is Heartless.
Jennifer Canaday Haiti is a shithole omg someone said it out loud and you people are really losing your minds over this? Don’t you have anything more important going on in your life????
Sheila Lopez-Bergmann So this guy was offended. I don't care. It's time to stop worrying about everyone's feelings. Especially the feelings of people that are not American.
Timothy Buffi All these oversensitive libs crying. 😆 If these countries aren't so bad then why are they trying to come here?
16:48 01/17/2018

#Repost @iamstevent ・・・ Maui got me feelin’ like WHOA! 🤙🏼

1.7k reactions 83 comments
Todd Clark I thought was an old video of Joe Cocker lol
Mary Vetter Smith Thats what lifes all about enjoy it !!!! xox
Gisláine Correa Dude...
Phyllis Morgart I went on vacation and now I want to go back permanently!! Done with Dealing with Winter!!
Russ Toy kinda weird.
Yesterday 13:18

#Repost CherryCherryBoomBoom https://www.facebook.com/mkcherryboom/posts/1605707332818364 Shaggy Interscope Promo Cherrytree Music Company

762 reactions 22 comments
Mike Roth https://www.rtbf.be/tv/emission/detail_the-voice-belgique/talents/article_valentine-brognion-roxanne?id=9743079&emissionId=3873
Veronica Di Bella Good afternoon
Robert Lindblad Good recording!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cathie Shooter via the Arctic Tundra?
Pam Levitt Shaggy must be tall!
Enrique Iglesias
07:36 01/17/2018

#Repost @ismaelestepa ・・・ Cantando este palo #ELBAÑO DE @enriqueiglesias @badbunnypr Menciónalos ⚡️espero les guste! @lunytunes @djluian @servandoprimera @marteljames @bohichik @hp_management @mambokingz 🙏🏼⚡️ @lavibramusic

3.3k reactions 116 comments
Óscar Cordero Canta 88 veces mejor que Enrique! 💪
Julieta Fernandez Vidal Buenisimo
Leslie Marlene Garcia Hermoso 😍😘💟❤️🎤🎵🎶🎙️🎸
Alvaro Ramirez Fornell BRUTAL🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝👑🏌😉👍💯
Sara Sara Enrique Iglesias Great interpretation 👍👊
George Lopez
11:18 01/15/2018

#Repost @no.chillmx ・・・ PEDORRO!!!! CASI TE MATAS!!! #taghim 😂😂😂😂😂💩💨💨💨 @hatsbyalberto gracias hermano

237 reactions 461 comments
Jessica Bell Por andar de pedoro Edgar Reyes 😂😂😂
Jessica Mackay Lol
Mish Alcon Now that was Funny 😆😂😊
Robert Acosta Villarreal Stop drop roll
Anabel Flores Lmfaooo... Miriam Flores tell me why i see Andres Rodriguez all over this 😂😂
00:30 01/16/2018

#Repost Cherrytree Music Company https://instagram.com/p/Bd8qjKbFG3D/

271 reactions 14 comments
Chantal Autal-rey Ambiance sportive et musicale avec shaggy et Sting 🎶👍
Mary Bobbitt but too bad the knicks lost? hey, all work and no play.
Karen Moon I only hope the rest of the album isn't that atrocious. I lived through Roxanne 97 with Puff Daddy (the man of 1000 names). I guess I'll live through this.
Adriana Helton This is great, comedy gold actually. Haven’t chuckled this hard in forever. Is this serious? 😖
Vlad Panov Love Sting to bits but the song is just awful
George Lopez
11:18 01/15/2018

Thats why you dont give her a ring till later , so the kids can help you look 👀👀👀👌🏽👶🏼👶🏼 #happysunday #gacho #Repost @thuglifevids ・・・ Life tip: dont propose on a wooden bridge😂😂😂 Repost: @toodamnfire

3.7k reactions 1313 comments
Jeff Hunt Hope they got insurance first! But like most people they dont get accident insurance on jewelry.
Hilda Lopez Lol it's fake The camera turned away....
Cesar Carreño Diana Carreño that’s why you don’t do all that romantic crap. Lol 😂
Keri Rozansky Or, you know, make sure the ring is secure in the box.
Jacob Daniel Sanchez Def fake, camera turns perfectly so the guy can put the ring box right in front of where the ring is
George Lopez
11:18 01/15/2018

Thanks @snoopdogg , I’m never drinking coffee again , and by the gurgling in my stomach I think I’m lactose intolerant too #chorro 💭💭 lots of moving parts in that mouth ( tooth ONE Tongue Piercing ONE #gacho #Repost @snoopdogg ・・・ Superman my bad superwoman 😳😲😲😱

2.7k reactions 2304 comments
Jason Michael Bourque 1) i think that's snoop dog's new honey....2) your eggs are over eatie?
Janet Marie Armstrong Freels You had it right the first time... Superman. This is far from a woman let alone a superwoman. LMAO
Tamara Amataga Awww mami you forgot your teeth.. But that wig is on flick, tho 😉😘
Melanie Hess Omg!!! Rebecca Ann im.over the coffee and eggs right now 😂😑
Melissa Craig Got double piercings but no teeth? Wheres the priority here?
Carrie Underwood
08:36 01/15/2018

Wow, so grateful!! Thank you Jim Jonsin Ludacris Brett James Music Chris DeStefano! #TheChampion #Repost @iamjimjonsin ・・・ Not a bad way to start 2018 Number 1 on iTunes on first day of release #TheChampion @carrieunderwood @ludacris @theoakhollow #LetsGo

3.3k reactions 87 comments
Chris Murdock Can't believe you have converted to devil worshiping. Hope it's all worth it for you in the end. I know it's not going to be tho. Your going to hell . So are you going to give up your daughter or your mother? Or have you already had another baby you let ...
Terri Atkins Franklin Sorry, but you ruined it with the rap. I love you Carrie Underwood but i just don't like rap. Just my opinion.
Allison Ferguson Love this song!!!
Katrina Baca Continue the good work and you could actually have me having to pay attention in the future as well. 😓
Jacob Brinck Good song. Nice Carrie Underwood.
Carrie Underwood
08:36 01/15/2018

Thank YOU for taking this song to another level! You’re amazing!!! #TheChampion #Repost Ludacris ・・・ Very blessed to be an artist that can do features on different genres of music and bring something unique to the game each time. Thank u for the opportunity Carrie Underwood 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

3.3k reactions 122 comments
Joseph N Shar Country, Hip-Hop, Hard Rock with TFK, Hymns... now, how about a GOSPEL SOUL ALBUM?!? 🙌😊👍❤️
Don Salo Bad move
Ellen Drake Peritz Love this song!!
Amy Isaacs you are so good
Sherie Avrech Blake Cassie Blake
Ricardo Arjona
02:48 01/15/2018

#Repost @natasha_isel ・・・ Cuando @ricardoarjona is LIFE y lo vas a ver el 14 de febrero en su UNICA funcion en P.R 💝💘 😱😭😂 recuerda que los boletos estan desde 15 dolares en ticketpop.com ( video completo en fb )

5.3k reactions 369 comments
Glendys Cecilia Lizarraga jajjajajaja HOlly Zatarain
Laurita Garza Jaja que nos vieran a nana y a mi cantando la de no preguntes como estoy Enrique Fuentes 😂😂
Wendy Paz Su Majestad Cidaly 😅
Sebastian Ramirez Lugo Perla Hernández😂😂😂❤
Erica Quiroga Jajaja 😂 buenísimo!!!
11:42 01/13/2018

#Repost Cherrytree Music Company

2.1k reactions 49 comments
Alejandra Lagos Desde el sur de chile . I love you!!
Isabella Figazzolo Top🙂....mitic!!!!!😁😁😁
Laura Timbrook I love you sting!
Marcelo Diniz Precisar lançar músicas inéditas no the police!
D Jackeline Villibord Chicago! I love you.....Sting and Shaggy!
George Lopez
22:30 01/12/2018

Its can be awkward after throwing #palo or #shillelagh so here is a little diddy you all can sing #thanks #Repost @billionaire.baddies ・・・ 🤣🤣 @billionaire.baddies

3.7k reactions 1478 comments
Francisco Acosta I thought dudeds where the ones to ask that question 😂
Cristina Sedano Sam Shoup I can’t with this video!!!! 😂😂💀
Mai Xiong It's fine, men and women have been friend zoning each other since the dawn of time.
Roxanne Ramirez This is the little boy from that meme game Louie Juiel
Abrahan Solis Javier Ponce wow dude why you gotta be like that
Enrique Iglesias
06:00 01/12/2018

#Repost @badbunnypr ・・・ VIERNES 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶 #LaNuevaReligion @enriqueiglesias

20.1k reactions 736 comments
Elizabeth Ibarra 😠 no me gusta la letra , Enrique Noooooooooo , respeto las opiniones de las demas pero a mi no me gusta 👎
Alva Lizet We'll see😁 hopefully it's good, missing the "old Enrique" though😕
Marysol Moraless Enriquee mo me gusta ese dueto porque lo hicistee??? 😭😭😭😭 Ese Bad Bunny canta pura mier....... tu noooo 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Selda Karataş I m gonna listen to it today 👍☺️ I m gonna listen to it today 👍☺️ Nice voice,pretty girl but not much for me,for men😁 I think the rythm is a little bit slow
Omar Helfawi مرة في شيخ 🐸👌 اتجوز بليلة الدخلة شاف الكس.... فقال:سبحان من شق اللحم دون منشار وجعل له شفتين ومنقار وجعل له الحدائق والأشجار وسلط عليه الأصلع الجبار يغوص فيه كغوص الحوت في البحار قالتلو مرتو:شو ياشيخ بدك تركب وتريحني ولا نطلع ع الجهاد سوا 😂😂😂😂
George Lopez
09:42 01/10/2018

Uh @raiders #raidernation this is a #bigeffingdeal #markdavis #chingon #jongruden #repost @sportscenter

247 reactions 57 comments
George Avila Welcome home CHUCKY
Hector N Susie Cisneros clown nation
Christian Aztek Tamez Raiders suck
Iran Barrera Same barber!??
Jose Ortiz Dumb and dumber hair cuts 😂😂😂
George Lopez
09:42 01/10/2018

Moves his lips when he reads , sings inside to himself #45melapela showed up as an example , proved his point ( check out the self soothing swing side to side #nutjobmovie #nationalanthem Lo Cago 😳 #repost @agirlhasnopresident

2.5k reactions 1091 comments
Mortessa Rose God, you know.. I hate the guy and all that he stands for, but watching this.. I actually really feel bad for him. The self-soothing and all that, it makes me really sad for him... he is a shell of a man. He's human, that is obvious and he has real ...
Asia Pinkney I want everybody to pay close attention to exactly the type of people who are getting mad at this post 😂 Typical.
Greg Robinson We get it, you dont like the President. So what and get over it. George, you used to be funny. Now you're just lame af.
Trey Fisher If you don’t know how sound works, he is actually singing it as he hears it. Not as the camera picks up the sound. Cherry picking at its best.
Derek Zimmerman It is getting old george. If your going to bash him try harder. When he does something like this or blows his nose doesnt really make him look bad.
Eva Longoria Baston
11:18 01/10/2018

So happy to do this with you and all the women around the world 🖤 Love you!!! #Repost @reesewitherspoon ・・・ Honored to stand with this woman and women everywhere tonight for equality, parity, safety and inclusion. 🖤 @EvaLongoria #WhyWeWearBlack @timesupnow #GoldenGlobes

7.8k reactions 69 comments
Anna M Olivo Beautiful
Tron Lives Bellas en verdad! Abrazos.
Sylvia Laque Congrats. on the new baby on the way..
Tsvetomila Tsvetkova You look amazing Eva :-)
Aleksandre Soxadze The beauty of ...
John Mayer
09:06 01/08/2018

Well, that was unreal. I got to play with Steve Miller (and some other incredible guitarists) on one of the greatest rock songs of all time, “The Joker.” Retirement concert for the incomparable #dickboak who worked many years at @martinguitar putting the best acoustic guitars in the hands of artists all around the world. Love ya Dick, happy trails. ♥️#Repost @mandeemcevoy

9.8k reactions 368 comments
Jerri Lucykanish-Stocker Omg you were so close to where I live....John Mayer is in the air 😀
Kevin Grenda With David Bromberg too!!!! Check out some of his stuff John!! He’s a great songwriter...his “big band” is great!
Amber Kruse I think I like Steve millers voice now better than 20 plus years ago when my aunt took me to my 1st concert ❤️
Linda Wroczynski Some amazing guitarists on that stage. Laurence Juber is outstanding!!! Is that Robbie Foulks on the left???
Bella Swansong These men are legends in their own time. So glad we got to witness this moment and thank you for sharing it with us.
Luis Fonsi
04:18 01/05/2018

🇨🇴 🇵🇷 🙌🏽 #Repost @alexsensation ・・・ Hoy compartiendo con mi hermano @luisfonsi y su bella familia 🙏🏼❤️ my mom photobombed 😂

6.5k reactions 105 comments
Marta Ziembacz Saludos desde Polonia, Luis :-* 💪
Asma Mir I love you LuisFonsi😢😢😢
Ri Wan Luis fonsi good
Karim Yasin Feliz Año Nuevo Fonsi y que dios te bendiga siempre
Luis Fonsi
04:18 01/05/2018

🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 #Repost @popcrave ・・・ The current Top 4 male digital acts worldwide: • #EdSheeran • #LuisFonsi • #PostMalone • #ImagineDragons

1.9k reactions 82 comments
Mateusz Herter Luis fonsi
Senida Gadzic Luis alfonso fonsi
Michaela Eisele Luis fonsi und Ed Sheeran 😍
Leonela Gomez Luis fonsi
Silvia Villacreses Luis Fonsi❤
05:36 01/05/2018

#Repost @meeganhodges (@get_repost) ・・・ I WANT TO SAY THAT THIS BAND MAKES ME SO PROUD! To watch them on stage every night and to see Axl sing like NO OTHER and seriously belts it for over 3 hours. Hello! I can't even speak and scream that long without my voice hoarse for days after. Then Duff who freaking KILLS it on BASS as much as he charms the crowd. And then there is my other half who everyday impresses me how he can rock nit only my world but the audience moving tour would with his magic fingers and doing his thing night after night... GOBSMACKED IS ALL I CAN SAY. #friends #friendship #brothers #GnFnR #GNFNRFANSROCK #oneofthebestrickandrollbandsofthislofetime #thankyouallforrockingmyuniverse #slash #Slash #guitarbeast #myguitarhero #axlrose #axl #duff #duffMckagan #richard ##dizzy #frank #melissa #theentirecrewandmanagement #Repost @susanholmesmckagan ・・・ So proud of the whole #gunsnroses fam!! What a year! And we’re SO excited for the next #GNR European tour to start Jun 3 #TopTour #BestFans for sure!! See ya in #Europe #2018 🌹🎩☘️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️🎉

6.4k reactions 210 comments
Bumblebee Is Here Congrats Slash. You guys haved earned your rightful place as the baddest band on the planet, thorough and thorough. We'll see you back in San Antonio soon hopefully.
Ajay Singh GN’R Singapore, one of the best gigs I’ve been to. Even tho logistics were a let down, but who cares. I was only there for music and you guys rocked the island like never before. Waited a lifetime to watch you guys live back together. I would only say, ...
Leo Nunes I love that band since my 4y old, thank you so much to make my music life so better and I hope to meet you and the band someday before we die, that's my dream, so than I'll can die in peace hahahahah
Ingrid Karlsson I went to Adelaide concert was my dream come true. You guys are still amazing. I missed out in the 90's due to having kids but seeing you all last year was one of the happiest nights of my life love ya down unda..ps i love Duff!!!!!
Dave Currie Wellington, NZ. In the howling wind and rain a fucking amazing night from start to finish. Bring it back down under. My one tip play appetite from jungle to rocket queen then carry on the set list (with right next door to hell somewhere)
08:30 01/03/2018

#Repost The Last Ship Musical UK and Eire https://www.facebook.com/LastShipOnStage/posts/206518576560767

10 reasons to visit Edinburgh in 2018
10 reasons to visit Edinburgh in 2018

There’s more to Edinburgh than the Festival, Fringe and Hogmanay, especially in 2018.

2.6k reactions 54 comments
Claudia Bauer Olivia Lea
Carol Dick Saw it & Loved it...
Maria Hic Est Buon anno!
Suzy Lanouille Un homme exceptionnel par tant d'aspects....J'adore...
Felicia Cordone Ci trovo lui?
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