Queen Latifah
16:36 07/24/2017

Thanks for watching and all the love this weekend 💗 #Repost @girlstripmovie ・・・ Make way for the queens. #GirlsTrip is now playing in theaters! Tag your squad and head to the theater today! Get tickets. #LinkInBio

6.7k reactions 795 comments
Ronny Petrillo This movies was EVERYTHING! I've met you a few times through the years and have to say aside from being so down to earth and sweet you have an amazing energy and it comes though in everything you do. Much love to you and keep doing your thing because ...
Carolyn Sue Spencer Queen! I haven't laughed so hard in so long. #GirlsTrip is the perfect mix of comedy, drama, action, and I love ❤️ the ending. There were so many "ladies night" groups dressed in matching t-shirts. Great 👍🏽 movie 🎥.
Liza Nich You ladies absolutely rocked it out in this movie!!! Thank you for bringing together so many issues to the table in such a realistic manner and showing us that yes many times your girls can truly bring you up, those that are true to you!! Always been a ...
Myra Grace One of the best comedy chick flicks I've seen 🙌🏽 the entire theatre was in laughter. The way a movie theatre should be with comedy films. Nothing but good laughs. And the end speech with Regina Hall 😭had to keep myself from ruining my mascara. I loved ...
Danita Brooks Queen Latifah this movie is now my all time favorite. You ladies killed it! Oh and Tiffany Haddish , 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼, guuurrrlllll, you are hella funny and super talented. Can't wait to see you in more movies and shows! Please please please... do a sequel to ...
Carmen Electra
05:48 07/22/2017

#repost @cyia

227 reactions 39 comments
Manuel Mares Donoza Qué guapa estás Carmen electra 🙋🙌
Ariel Urias Yup!
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️
Harrison Johnson Jr. Yep
Steve De Cleen Long love.
Luis Fonsi
23:12 07/21/2017

😱#Repost @vevo 🚨 #Despacito is now the most viewed video on Vevo EVER! 🚨 Congrats @luisfonsi & @daddyyankee! 👏🏼 #LuisFonsi #DaddyYankee

14.1k reactions 234 comments
Danny Hernández Luis Tienes que volver con tus Baladas Románticas como antes asi eras Mas mejor que esta Canción de Despacito con Dady Yanke.😓
Salman Khan Mucho se ha hablado muy bendecido en mi corazón que si su canción
Amanda Majola am addicted to this mayo....rilli love this song and the language is the dopest
Mario "El Chaneke" Lira tengo esperanza de que alguien lo leerá completo :D , mi sueño es ser un gran cantante, pero no cuento con los millones para hacer una campaña publicitaria, lo único que tengo es mi voz y estas ganas de salir adelante, se que con dedicación, y esfuerzo ...
Yngrid Roxana Basualto Diaz Preciosos los dos exquisitos y talentosos q mas le podrian pedir a la vida
Ricky Martin
12:48 07/19/2017

#Repost @penelopecruzoficial ・・・ The view from my chair @ricky_martin Lo que se ve desde mi silla 😎#setlife (Gajes del oficio) 😂😜😂#ACSVersace #tattooerasing.

52.3k reactions 2514 comments
Gabriela Vanesa Andrada Si sisi un bombón asesino, y bien latino .yeah como te gusta provocar y a mí me encanta .Nene bonito.Estas buenísimo bebé,veni Argentina 🇦🇷 te extrañamos muchísimo.Bendiciones
Brenda Nunez Sara Aidee Perez Sendell Ramirez mi regalo de cumpleaños se está poniendo mi nombre 😂😅
Sonimar Garcia Ricky Martin siempre he dicho que eres nuestro bombón de azúcar pero mi sobrina dice que eres nuestro bombón asesino jajaja 😍😍😍 besos y que gustó que el cantante que yo escuchaba desde mi adolescencia sea todo un grande bendiciones mi bombón de azúcar
Ktacia Carolina Garay Donde ​quedó el buen gusto??? No me parece sexy la foto, quizás hasta grosera/ordinaria. Esta bien sos hermosooo, pero hay necesidad de una foto a lo red hot chili peppers?
Nat Talavera Yo también me siento en el banco del anden, y espero que llegue el primer tren si tendría la posibilidad de menear ese abanico.... #penelope
Rainn Wilson
20:42 07/19/2017

Perhaps the worst day of my life #Repost @jeremyveach (@get_repost) ・・・ Assistant to the regional manager

1.1k reactions 80 comments
Jessica Alach Samantha Jane
Travis Gift I'm craving meatballs suddenly for some reason......
Lianna Sprague Yuquimpo Kyul WHAT?!
Yahya Mohammad Hasanin You Rock man ;)
Sam Sobolev Dwight snout
Luis Fonsi
10:24 07/19/2017

🙏🏽 #Repost @rondenepr 💥 1️⃣0️⃣ weeks 💥 #Despacito #Repost @billboard ☝🏽#chartday

8.1k reactions 125 comments
Lola Décamps 😻💘👌👍💪
Ricardo Caro Fonsi. Pon. BOOMBAS. A. Las RATAS españolas
Aarti Sharma Heck yeah
Ricardo Caro Fonsi. MATA. Con. BOOMBAS. A. La. Letizia y. Al. Otro. Feo. Mata. A. BOOMBAS. A. Los. Reyes del. Puto. País. España
Emilse Vasquez De Villalba #Despacito 🙄❤👏
Melissa Joan Hart
18:24 07/19/2017

This made me giggle... #repost @themomsnetwork

3.6k reactions 236 comments
Jennifer Graham Tiffany Hall sound about right?
Sierra Garzes Anna J Martinez lol reminded me of you.
Linda Mcphillie Graem Hamilton show mumma plse, lol
Rachelle Callaghan Kirsty Wylie our life daily....!
Nayeli Alcaraz Quijada Ale Bagües JAJA ! Good luck my man !
George Lopez
14:12 07/19/2017

Toma Jr ! 39 years old and your father refers to you as a boy , those are tiny shoes to fill and you fucked that up #45melapela #Repost @thatsnotrightpolitics ・・・ Go off on this treasonous pos! 🇺🇸 LIKE US ON FACEBOOK 🇺🇸 @thatsnotrightpolitics #notmypresident #corruptAF #WatergateEveryday #liarinchief #russiagate #fucktrump #fuckthegop #ivankatrump #jamescomey #paulryan #climatechange #healthcare #treason #putin #obamacare #womensrights

2.7k reactions 423 comments
Frances Martinez Ha! You people write to your little heart's content thinking he or any politician will eventually read what you post and respond. Neither care about us, the little people. Celebrities and politicians are all alike. They don't think about us until they ...
Andrew Raines You people are really stupid.. Lets get this out in the air right now.. Russia and The United States are not enemies. Do some research it's true it's been true since the 90s. We arent on the best terms but we are not enemies our enemies right now sit in ...
DL Paulin Wow let's get this straight he had a meeting but nothing was said in the meeting that he walked out of the meeting last approximately 20 minutes. Now let's talk about the ukrainians Hillary Clinton sent one of her staff members to the Ukraine to meet ...
J Runco To think I watched his shows as a kid and loved his acting yet now all he does is bash the country and instead of helping it. blames everything but himself or the ones that are actually hurting it. Hate to say this but even I must unfollow bad president ...
Carlos Coronado Wait didn't Clinton give 20% of our uranium to Russia, uhhh yeah sthu u hypocritical morons, this B got a known hit list n u sweating jr 🤦‍♂️ special kinda a stupid
Don Omar
03:36 07/19/2017

Italia!!!! Gracias por disfrutar de #Encanto!!! #AnotherOne #Repost @randy_theagent ・・・ #ENCANTO DE @donomar @sharlenetaule ESTA EN LA POSICION #12 EN LA.MEJOR RADIO LATINA DE #ITALIA #ITALY @radiomambo GRACIAS @djfrankguerra @catamambo #SOCIEDADSECRETA #WORLWIDE

489 reactions 3 comments
Danny Schz 👏👏👏👏👏
Sayan Karmakar i read that you're dead.
Laura Bustamante Espinoza me encanta al igual que Mr. romantic son muy hermosas todas tus canciones y que nos gustan eso es porque lo haces con amor y pasión ... SALUDOS DESDE PERU SE LEQUIERE ..... por favor le pide a Radio Moda que ponga mr. romantic en su emisora
Luis Fonsi
21:36 07/16/2017

Aquí los espero Benidorm. Empezamos en un ratito... #LoveAndDanceWorldTour @lovedancetour #Repost @lovedancetour BENIDORM, hoy baila y se canta. | #luisfonsi #loveanddanceworldtour #benidorm #españa #despacito | 📸: @uro_9

2.5k reactions 41 comments
Sophia Waldorff I send you a message in instagram...please answer me...❤❤❤❤
Nadav Doron Esperamos que empezar
Karla Ortega Ramos Bello....😍😍
Christ Tou Cour fonsi je t'aime
Lâli Diego Te amooo
Naomi Campbell
05:12 07/17/2017

‪#repost #donatellaversace #GianniVersace #tribute #electricsmile I miss you so ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾#no other #legend‬

4.9k reactions 66 comments
Deborah Reese Naomi his spirit is with you. RIP Gianno Versace
Tiffany Diamond Loving you 4ever❤
Richard Arthur Painting a Versace tribute in Amsterdam right now
Charly Schumacher My Nao, I thinked that you had me forgotten... Kisses.
George Gay Versace the Legend
Bob Marley
07:06 07/16/2017

#Repost Ziggy Marley: exodus last night in #Connecticut the audio quality isn't good but you get the picture 😉 #vibe. #exodus40 . Listen to Ziggy's 40th anniversary restatement version of the 'Exodus' album today at smarturl.it/exodus40

3.3k reactions 62 comments
Nining Laura Belly Exodus.. ❤
Bright Samuel Anyaegbunam Jah bless them
Tob Loc Can't hear it but I can feel it!
Armando M Siciliano Excellent show lots of energy
Tony Leuck damn good
Don Omar
14:48 07/16/2017

Colombia!!! Gracias por todo el cariño! Nos vamos a ver muy pronto!!! #Repost @randy_theagent ・・・ #COLOMBIA #barrancabermeja hacen presente con este gran tema lo nuevo #MrRomantic @mikestanleyofficial @donomar Gracias por el apoyo siganla pidiendola esta ya en programacion gracias al apoyo de @rumbarranca y @djadolfomario #SOCIEDADSECRETATOUR #SOCIEDADSECRETA #TeamDonOmar #DonOmar

387 reactions 6 comments
Jessica Pulgarin Cartagena Te esperamos en Medellín. Don eres y seguirás siendo el REY
Tolotea Tia Petersen 👍😁
Roussed Rosado García Te amoooooo William te amoooooo!!!!!!
Mika Nakoma Chee Yo te quiero para mi solita 😍😘
Deep Mehta " danza kuduro is so cool song .....awesome make it such like this ...don omar !!!
George Lopez
01:24 07/17/2017

Chicago @unitedcenter #thankyou @comedygetdown #happybirthday @eddiegriffin #chingon show @realdlhughley @cedtheentertainer #blackced #georgelopezonhbo #darkness #Repost @jojeezy ・・・ Checked two off my People I Must See Live list ☑️ #ComedyGetDown Nothing but laughs!

505 reactions 27 comments
Shawn Mcavoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5DqTJz9zFk
Anais Cristina Your pet will want one FREE cute Collar PET LED ➽ #Petlled
Denise Lanzer-Lerma ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Dar Baca 👍👍👍👍
Web Lambeth Fk u blowpez
George Lopez
01:24 07/17/2017

Love #chicago cant wait to #getdownwiththegetdown tonight @unitedcenter #chingon with the fellas we honor #darkness #Repost @realdlhughley ・・・ Haha what was happening here @georgelopez @cedtheentertainer??? Tonight we do it again #Chicago #ComedyGetDown #Comedy #Brothers

388 reactions 35 comments
Denise Lanzer-Lerma ❤️❤️❤️
Mel Falcon Jorge Martinez see dad I told u he is on tour
Daniel Echevarria Chesnut and Atlantic
Tammy Kuhne You're the man George Lopez
Rita A. Smith Have fun George..still watching your show..God Bless<3
01:48 07/15/2017

#Repost Martin https://www.facebook.com/martin.kierszenbaum/posts/10155515530023685

5.7k reactions 157 comments
Simon Dunkerley You can't beat a bit of Sue Lawley!
Peter Skaarup Christian Birch Nielsen Den gamle kan sgu stadig
Mato Ferreira Por dios... gracias por poder vivir ese momento en palermo, argentina, muchas vibras ... un grande sting
Pete Kilburn Whatever happened to sue Lawley anyway...not mad on so lonely tbh...
Orlin Gergov What happened to your Sound in Madrid, maestro..?
George Lopez
12:36 07/14/2017

This MF is out of his mind , is that how you address a leader of the worlds wife ? #45melapela #Repost @rebel_and_saint ・・・ @Regrann from @shannon_rose_rao - Going to hide behind Melania! @Regrann from @breakingnumber45 - 😳🙄😵 I forgot 🤢🤢🤢😡😡😡 "He repeats the observation to the French president before turning back to the French first lady, and remarking: 'Beautiful.'" #emmanuelmacron #brigittemacron #france #donaldtrumpjr #treason #russia #putin #fuckgop #whitehouse #freepress #paulryan #fuckpaulryan #healthcareforall #trumpcare #impeachtrump #now #nowallnoban #nomuslimban #fuckpaulryan #fucktrump #manafort #liarinchief #russia #traitorinchief #resist #nomuslimban #healthcare #healthcareforall #fighttrump #fightracism #fightignorance #lgbtrights #rapeycanoffanta

1.1k reactions 769 comments
Kimberly Burleson I am a Trump voter & supporter, but even I have to admit, this was an observation Trump did not need to express on his 1st meeting. It seems like an innocent enough compliment. However, the French President's wife is clearly uncomfortable. Right at the ...
Jeff Bram Lmao you get all bent out of shape when he calls someone a pig and the cry when he compliments someone ..you liberals need to pick a side ,you are all over the place with being offended by everything...i feel sorry for you str8 guys that have to deal ...
Alice Albers Avery The liberals don't like it when he tells one her facelift is bleeding but if he kindly compliments another woman they don't like that either.!!!
Moni Plsdontsharemyinfo Halliburton Why not? Great complement. 😂 actually I just love that you are still reacting b/c your old girl Hillary didn't win. Look at it this way, you'll have some material to work with.
Robert Pawlyk goeorge he would of called ur wife a hog a dirty smelly hog would say she smells like the women on the view
Don Omar
02:00 07/14/2017

Venezuela! Loco por poder ir y cantar con ustedes! Ojalá podamos hacerlo pronto! #Repost @randy_theagent #AMAMEOMATAME @ivyqueendiva @donomar Zumbando duro en VENEZUELA GRACIAS al apoyo @doctorchaoficial Y combete #SOCIEDADSECRETATOUR PRONTOOO. #FILTRO @goguito_filtrogroup DIMELOUUU #Repost @doctorchaoficial

240 reactions 12 comments
Yoan Planas Ve para Cuba q se t quiere
Danny Schz 👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥
Miryuris Alexandra Alvarez Amor te extraño soy venezolana y me encantaría q pudieras hacer un concierto q sea accesible a nosotros
Luis Fonsi
08:48 07/14/2017

55x DIAMANTE 💎 😱 #Repost @riaa_awards Mid-Year’s #RIAATopCertified Latin Song 🏆: @luisfonsi's #Despacito @ 55X Diamante @universalmusica 🔥

3.4k reactions 100 comments
Marh Shhada She is the most beautiful rich I see her
Muhammed Altoomy Congratulation 💐💐💐
Engy Abdelhamed Very Good Song😍 I Love Despacito So Much 😍👏🏻
Océane Halter 👍👍😍😍❤❤😘😘💋💋
Carlos E. Rivera Congrats
23:12 07/14/2017

#Repost @umusicmexico (@get_repost) ・・・ ¿Ya tienes tus entradas para el concierto de @juanes ? Trae tu boleto espejo a @solosanborns y te darán el CD+DVD #MisPlanesSonAmarte 😍🤗😱

418 reactions 18 comments
Jaay46 Like please my page would be happy 😀
Johan Rodriguez Carmen :)
Natt Beatriz, vamos:'v
Carolina Ochoa Mariana Gonzalez ah mira es en sanborns
Jaqueline Juanita Rodríguez Ü Pronto te veré amor mio
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