George Lopez
22:24 09/20/2017

Miles of people , volunteers looking for survivors , barehanded with shovels and pick axes . Strangers to each other , side by side .. With no regard for permits , safety goggles or gloves .. Its humanity first #wheresyourpermits #vivamexico🇲🇽 #Repost @evelyn_sicairos ・・・ Estas imágenes llenan mi corazón de Esperanza ❤️ #Solidaridad #FuerzaMexico #FuerzaMundo (cc: @lajornadaonline @betonajera )

2.2k reactions 344 comments
Ray Yon President Trump offered assistance and search-and-rescue teams, which are being deployed now," White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement describing the call, and "also pledged to continue close coordination with Mexico as the two ...
Rudy De Lion The team work the effort the pride the hard work of the people of mexico is amazing everyone has a purpose everyone is working.
Sue Quattrocchi This heart wrenching scene gives one such Hope! All these incredible people , who have been through an unimaginable disaster ,collectively digging away in the hope of finding Life!! I salute you all.💔💔😔💖💞
Cara Marie Vergeyle This is how it is done! U put all ur differences aside and u work together to help those in ur community, friends, family, strangers it doesn't matter. Sending much love to Mexico!
Ralph-Maria Santos That's what we do!, Mexico at its best, wow, just hours of having a memorable drill, same day,humanity at its best
Bruno Gagliasso
01:30 09/21/2017

É preciso amar..... ame 🌈❤️ #Repost Giovanna Ewbank ・・・ Que absurdo, que retrocesso, quanta ignorância e falta de amor ao próximo! Onde vamos parar??? "CURA GAY", SER GAY AGORA É "DOENÇA"??? Com tantas questões e problemas em que nosso país vive...políticos corruptos, crianças sem educação, Amazônia sendo devastada, racismo, criminalidade, falta de segurança nas ruas, gente passando fome....e esse juiz vem me falar de "REVERSÃO SEXUAL"??? Meu Deus, não consigo acreditar no que está acontecendo! PRECONCEITO SIM É DOENÇA!!! ISSO SIM SER TRATADO NA SOCIEDADE!

3.5k reactions 179 comments
Laércio R. de Oliveira Fala sério. Procura ajuda quem quer, quem não quer e entende que não precisa, não é obrigado. Até parece que a lei obriga todo gay a procurar ajuda. Francamente...
Midiam Melo Por gentileza, se informem mais! não se deixem influenciar pela Mídia, Segue ata da tal audiência para melhor entendimento http://s.conjur.com.br/dl/decisao-resolucao-conselho-federal.pdf
Jovenilson Oliveira Meus amores vc acha que os gays(eu) são assim por que querem??? Hahaha, faço um desafio a um hetero preconceituoso senta numa p..ro.ca bem grande aí me dis se vai escolher isto, nada haver gente só nós sabemos oque passamos só nós sabemos de nossa ...
Cíntia Campos Queria tanto ver essa comoção toda dos "artista" quando o número de polícias mortos no rio de janeiro passou de 100, mas isso não importa né ? Não dá mídia e nem links...
Silvio Augusto Ansilieiro Bruno além de burro é analfabeto e não leu a decisão do juiz. Mais desequilibrado é assim mesmo!
15:06 09/20/2017

#Repost Buck Johnson Music ・・・ Great day to be alive riding bikes and taking in the beauty of Rio with @iamstevent #aeroverdercibabytour #RockinRio

684 reactions 56 comments
Gustavo Maciel The bigger bigger bigger biggest band!
Alejandra Quiroga Ok 👏😀
Cintia Belfort Eles estão na área!!!! Nostradamus Medeiros Diego Belfort Mello Ana Anna Clara Mello
Becky Walsh Yummmm
Gabriel Monteiro Fernanda Sena
George Lopez
22:24 09/20/2017

🇲🇽pulling together #unidosmasquenunca #Repost @shawnemerriman ・・・ Thoughts and prayers with friends and their families in Mexico

8.2k reactions 294 comments
Jean Jacks Morris God have mercy on the people of Mexico
Yolanda Whittaker Good Heal Heart for Mexico...,..
Quetzalcoatl Ayala My thought and heart is with Mexico
Marcos Haros All lives matter even perros...so chut yall s chit!!
Lisa Lacy Stubbs Thoughts and prayers are with you
George Lopez
22:24 09/20/2017

Footage of the destruction of today's earthquake in #mexico , the fear in the voices and the loss of lives is heartbreaking #Repost @tacosway ・・・ México 🇲🇽 estamos con ustedes!! Viva México 🇲🇽

6.3k reactions 399 comments
Veronica Lopez Heartbreaking! ☹️Now let's see if all these celebrities (like Mr. George Lopez) living in the US that say they are proud to be of Mexican descent will do anything to raise money to help out Mexico! 🇲🇽
Bryan Rodgers Hey George actually cares about something other than Donald Trump! Good to see, didn't think he had it in him!
Alyssa Rodriguez Mannnn the USOfA better come through for my people. We have done waaaaaaaaay too much to get neglected now
John Romo Almost like a demolition team just set chargers on the building. Crazy and hope no else was in there? Prayers out to the families🙏🙏
Rita Cantu Sad of was going on and that we have the heart to help and honestly I don't trust the government they will not help those in need very sad 😭 that this is going on now
LL Cool J
00:24 09/21/2017

My son always has my back. #Repost from Najee' ・・・ Just like Muhammed Ali They called him Cassius Watch me bash this beat like a skull That you know I've beef with Why do you riff with me The maniac psycho And when I pull out my jammy get ready Cause I might go Blaw! How you like me now? The ripper will not allow ..

1.1k reactions 37 comments
Kimberly Cooper Plunkett Mama said knock you out 🥊😵
Donna Yacenda Blast from the past.
Leroy Miller Momma say knock you out!!!
Roger Bachmann Aka james tod smith
Michael Crewse went ll cool j still ncis show are still more new music
George Lopez
22:24 09/20/2017

Call 9 ☝️🏿☝️🏿 #tomatuesday #Repost @madedumb ・・・ I call this trick the flaming middle finger

3.4k reactions 2376 comments
Ezequiel Hernandez lol it looked like that one episode in dragon ball z where goku powers up his finger to block future trunks sword.
Belinda Gener Never mind him George Lopez is allowing this to be put on here maybe George Lopez doesn't have anything else to do
Sandra Arevalo 😂😂😂😂😂 Did nobody teach this boy not to play with fire??? And then be like "bitch😣😣" what you think was gonna happen??? It's FIRE!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Dragon Yang Nelson Qu he so dumb it took him some time to wonder if it hurt then he tried again and after, he realized he forgot how it felt
Nick Guerrero That last part of the video as he's sitting there thinking, I bet he's thinking.... how would my life be if I had a dad 🤣😆😂
Derek Fisher
20:42 09/19/2017

Thank you @sharnaburgess -- we're just getting started! #Repost ・・・ LOVERZ you already know what we need you to do, we need your votes there is a double elimination next week and we really don't want to go home!!! I am so so proud of you @dereklfisher you absolutely crushed it. #TeamHoopsAndHeels ❤️

102 reactions 17 comments
Elaine Arriola Ruiz I voted . ...
Regina Mejia-Stevenson I got u! 😜
Bonnie Diaz I just sent all my 13 votes your way 💜🏀💜🏀💜🏀
Forgem Nos This is real??
Paula E. George Good job, D-Fish!!
20:12 09/18/2017

#fanmonday #estarde #misplanessonamarte . . . . #Repost @jpabloroldan (@get_repost) ・・・ Es tarde - @juanes #piano #guitar #cover #fanmonday #juanes #Medellin

204 reactions 4 comments
Catalina Vallerand esta cancion me gusta
Hernán Roldán Roldán Juan Pablo es un teso
Roxana Quispe Martinez La mejor cancion de tu disco 😊😊🎈 No olvides... #MisPlanesSonAPerú 🔴⚪️🔴
Marilú Rhiny Diaz Exelente!!!! Me encanta esa cancion y mas el video!!!! ❤️🙌🏼
George Lopez
09:36 09/18/2017

" que vivan los @raiders cabrones " snuck one in #chingon #raidernation @beastmode @train badass #theblackhole #Repost @raiders ・・・ @georgelopez has a shoutout for #RaiderNation.

2.1k reactions 222 comments
Jesse Elizondo I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love you
Sonya Alvidrez Brianne Thompson there you go!~Beaches ~
Francisco Martinez You're Cool George, pero saves que? Bear Down Ese! Win or loose!
Lily Duran Alvarez Raidersssss all day long!
Maria Cuevas Where did you get your glasses george!!
George Lopez
09:36 09/18/2017

This is the most incredible celebration ever #vivamexico Y Viva @salmahayek 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 now she set the tone now get out there and make her proud 🎉 #Repost @salmahayek ・・・ Viva México 🇲🇽 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽#felizdiadelaindependencia #tequila

1.7k reactions 68 comments
Enrique Ramirez 😂😂chingona 😂😂
Daniel Dion Marquez Rubber neck... Nice!!!!!!!
Chapa Guadiana muy Mexicano George pues vete a la Verg a vivir aya masputoooo
Hans Palacios Goddamn she's aged like fine wine
Justin Trout hey george. check this out: 💂💂💂💂💂
Bruno Gagliasso
23:54 09/15/2017

❤️🌻 #Repost Giovanna Ewbank ・・・ Meus amores! ❤️Primeiro quero agradecer a vcs por todas as mensagens lindas e emocionates que recebi durante o dia todo! Vcs são MUITO especiais! Obrigada por cada palavra de amor e carinho, fiquei de fato emocionada a cada mensagem lida! ❤️❤️Mas quero agradecer principalmente a DEUS, por ser tão maravilhoso em minha vida, por estar SEMPRE presente em cada momento, por ter me dado uma família tão linda, saúde para viver e estar sempre me guiando e iluminando os meus passos! Essa foto resume oq é FELICIDADE pra mim, e foi assim que passei o meu dia de hoje! AMANDO! AMANDO! E AMANDO! Amando CADA SEGUNDO do dia com meus amores, minha filha, minha família, meus cachorros, amigos e a natureza! ISSO EH FELICIDADE pra mim, ter tempo pra desfrutar esses pequenos momentos que são os mais importantes em nossas vidas! OBRIGADA OBRIGADA OBRIGADA ❤️🙏

14.7k reactions 456 comments
Sheilla Machado De Assis Souza Parabéns, Deus lhe abençoe imensamente, que seus dias de felicidade se tripliquem.
Eloa Joaquim É vocês casal são abençoados é essa criança que apareceu na vida de vocês foi benção de Deus criem nisso.
Vivi R Roque Parabéns família linda Titi lindaaaaaaaaaa Deus abençoe é muito fofa Titi linda perfeitinha presente de Deus
Valeria Hernesto Vc merece muito mais que isso linda Deus te abençoa sempre vc faça uma muito feliz bjs parabens por ser tão simples bj
Julio Gama Agora sim apareceu a nossa gatinha rsrs. Nosso somos fã de vocês mas ficamos danado quando vocês demoram postar foto da linda princesa filhota de vocês.
George Lopez
20:48 09/15/2017

This mamon gets not an ounce of respect , white supremacist loving , immigrant marrying , anchor baby having hijo De su puta madre , tax evading , draft dodging , TANG colored puto #istandwithdreamers #Repost @el_chip_douglas ・・・ Hahaha Whom ever did this is a f*cken genius and has a crap load of time on their hands.

7.3k reactions 2264 comments
Stacey Driskell Wow.... I love George Lopez and he's a hilarious man, but he's being very racist himself lately! All this hatred is just sad!
Dawn Brown Kieffer I used to have a ton of respect for you George Lopez, and watched your show religiously. As a matter of fact, we still watch re-runs. Never again. It's a shame people like you end up with so much fame and fortune, you don't deserve it. Wow.
Sara Stark I'm almost ready to kick you off my page. Trump is our president. You want to change that then vote in the next election. Trump may not be everything but the first months in office and our economy is booming and stock market is up. But nobody cares ...
Robert Morrell Lopez, you are a babbling idiot. Don't expect me to eat at your new casino restaurant or watch any of your unfunny stand ups.
Kayla Grebe I was angry when he refused to continue DACA-until I heard why. DACA was created under an executive order. At any point, any other president can recind that order. Trump is asking for an actual law to protect DACA recipients since it's going to be ...
Heidi Klum
14:48 09/16/2017

#Repost Project Runway ・・・ Dove Cameron & China Anne McClain have turned the runway into a music video! 📽🎤

579 reactions 14 comments
Sharon Morgan Go China
Simone Mattern Molli Maus
Yeye Martinez Diana Jimenez
Gerard-Christine Sallao Hahaa
Cecilia N John Sessions Love it !
Eva Longoria Baston
22:24 09/15/2017

Love my Lace Ponte dress! 👗 #repost Ken Paves ・・・ Sexy in the City! Eva Longoria hits the streets in her Eva Longoria Collection hair Ken Paves makeup Elan Bongiorno hair color Lookbybstevens Ken Paves Salon

7.9k reactions 85 comments
Arun Thailand Beautiful sexy 😍😍
Silvande José de Santana Muito bela, muito bem composta, bem comportada. Encantadora.
Wayne King Hey pretty baby! Classy look!
Manuel Antonio Rojas Abella Hermosa
Robert Domalik Beautiful!
George Lopez
20:48 09/15/2017

Creating an atmosphere of hatred @realdonaldtrump zero conscious , immigrant marrying , anchor baby having hijo de la chingada from immigrant parents yourself there TANG 🍅 #45melapela #istandwithdaca #Repost @polibeats_ ・・・ #SMH 😠 "A Kentucky college student filmed an emotional plea for help after a classmate called for her to be deported." VIA @buzzfeednews #immigration #undocumented #immigrants #UndocumentedAndUnafraid #not1more #borderwall #DACA #NoBanNoWall

4.1k reactions 658 comments
Ardanna Ghaleb How does he know your not a citizen though? Im not blaming but it's hard times for undocumented immigrants right now this isn't the time to be putting all your business especially legal status out there.
Cliff Hendryx Targeting anyone is wrong the United States of America shouldn't send anyone away no matter how they get here it's our duty to help them because together we are stronger every group has skills and talents that when combined with ours makes even stronger ...
Cody LoPresti Are we supposed to feel bad because you're choosing to stay in this country illegally? 🤷🏻‍♂️😂 I'm so glad ICE knows where to find you at now.
Felix Isunza she was very obviously causing attention in some manner for anyone to know those things about her life without knowing her themselves. He said she was bragging. It implies that what you are seeing is only one side of the story. There is definitely room ...
Connie Webber Why is it difficult to understand those who came here from the beginning was illegal immigrants. If it wasn't for your ancestors you would be some place else being controlled some form or the other. USA has forgotten what America stands for. Anyone who ...
Holly Willoughby
18:06 09/16/2017

I was busy thinking bout girls...💕#Repost @ruby1kid ・・・ Lunch with these beauties today!!!...god I love you girls!🤣.. @hollywilloughby @emmaleebunton @shishib and Demetz!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️xxxx

1.1k reactions 27 comments
Mandy Debenham https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2028038310759839&id=100006610689128Please share my dear friend has breast cancer and the bills are so much. Please from the bottom of my heart can you help.😘
Jason R Baran 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Moin Shaikh holly <3 :)
Mandy Debenham https://www.gofundme.com/49qeb7sPlease share my dear friend has breast cancer and the bills are so much. Please from the bottom of my heart can you help.😘
Matthew Davies Hi 👋
Holly Willoughby
18:06 09/16/2017

✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻#Repost @emmaleebunton ・・・ #girlpower #blonde #girlynights @hollywilloughby @shishib @ruby1kid

402 reactions 15 comments
Mandy Debenham https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2028038310759839&id=100006610689128Please share my dear friend has breast cancer and the bills are so much. Please from the bottom of my heart can you help.😘
Kirsten Shell Graeme Whitehead boob nudge lol
Jason R Baran #WhiteGirlPower
Jason R Baran No! Put the tickle-guns away! 😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂
Kenny Wright 💋💘❤️💓💕💤
Holly Willoughby
18:06 09/16/2017

Look who's on my @celebjuiceofficial team tonight... gorgeous boys @kemcetinay and @chrishughesofficial ... see you at 10pm @itv2 💕✨💕✨. #Repost @kemcetinay ・・・ Cant wait for @celebjuiceofficial tomrorow!!! @chrishughesofficial @hollywilloughby

198 reactions 4 comments
Mandy Debenham https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2028038310759839&id=100006610689128Please share my dear friend has breast cancer and the bills are so much. Please from the bottom of my heart can you help.😘
Alfy Massingham Adele Owens
Laura Houston Where is your dress from? I love this x
Cipriano Cambai it's over
Fabricio Werdum
19:12 09/14/2017

#Repost @enoisclothing ・・・ True 4 Way Stretch Shorts in Action. Link to site in bio. www.enoisclothing.com

155 reactions 7 comments
Felipe Reis Luiz Carvalho
Bedher Fisher Cr #FabricioWerdumTeamPerú #VaiCavalo #Hey
Lucas Costa Bora campeão reconquistar oque é seu!
Maria Do Carmo de Oliveira uauuuuu
Luis Fernando Vai Cavalo Werdummmmmmm!!
Reggie Bush
14:00 09/14/2017

I'm in tears right now what in THEE HELL is wrong with that damn lawn mower!!! 😂 #Repost @failsvids

1.0k reactions 674 comments
Terri Lemoine That's the upgrade from John Deer.... That's the new and improved "John Bull mower"😜
Tommy Peckham Its definatly the operator
D'Vante Cole Justin why is this so funny!? 😂😂😂
Jessica Simmons Patricia don't let this happen to you on your mower😳😂😂😂
Rickey Poston Grossmont Warriors Pop Warner in the house Reggie!!
Wanderlei Silva
16:48 09/14/2017

Boa sorte ao time @evolucaothaibr Professor @andredida e ao amigo @serginhoalliance essa vitória já é sua irmão!! Heyyy 👊🏼 #Repost @serginhoalliance (@get_repost) ・・・ Partiu UFC Pittsburgh Deus no comando sempre...👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽 #vitoria #evolucao #alliance

627 reactions 8 comments
Rafael Silveira Mahfuz https://youtu.be/lYA1GU3u2KA
Ary Maia Quebra o tornozelo dele kkkkk
Marcelo Siqueira Bmac Boa sorte !! Heyyyyy
Fabio Siqueira de Menezes Vamos quebrar tudo rapaziada
Holly Willoughby
05:18 09/14/2017

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️#Repost @keithlemonforreal ・・・ Thursdays is about to become RAD again! 10pm @celebjuiceofficial @itv2 September 14th

2.4k reactions 48 comments
Arune Karosiene Can't wait!!
Scott O'Donnell Great photo📷
Esther Rogers Fab 3
Sammy Smith Smouldering 😍
Angie O'Malley I love fern x
Derek Fisher
19:06 09/14/2017

#Repost via @sharnaburgess ・・・ Got jumps? #youaintreadyforthissalsa #TeamHoopsAndHeels 🏀👠

66 reactions 3 comments
Sarah Abdelaal How awesome
Dora Lucero Romero You can do it.
Debbie Knox Payne Eversoll Go Fish go!!
Luis Fonsi
04:12 09/13/2017

😎 #Repost @esquire_la Luis Fonsi (@luisfonsi) en nuestra portada de septiembre. ¿Ya tienes la tuya? Foto: @johnrussophoto #ManAtHisBest #EsquireMX #LuisFonsixEsquire

9.2k reactions 346 comments
Fabian Escobar Puta 😈
George Burdzenidze despacito 😃😃😃😃
Ignacio D'alviano hola Probablemente nadie lea esto, pero tengo la esperanza de que alguien lo hará. Soy artista, del genero urbano y agradecería que dedicaran un minuto siguiendome . No les obligo a darle like , son bienvenidos GRACIAS<3
Susana Rivera Felicidades Luis Fonsi...!! Realmente eres un gran artista... Un saludo especial desde BOLIVIA :)
Melina Fernandez sos guapo pero tu voz es bellisimaaaaaaaaaaa y las letras de tus canciones me han acompañado en mas de 12000km de trabajo ggracias
Heidi Klum
02:00 09/14/2017

#Repost Ellen DeGeneres ・・・ What is @Heidiklum trying to say with this thing in her mouth? You tell me.

1.4k reactions 169 comments
Reid Walsh Idiocracy is here.....
Chrno Cyrus Schön wie du über dich selbst lachen kannst. Bist so lieb 💖
Yvonne Tabel Caro guck mal 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lale Becker Katharina Winkler 😂😂😂😂😂😂 du siehst aus wie heidi 😂😂😂😂😂
Mehmet Kurtoglu Sven Hinckel weißt du noch gestern 🙂
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