George Lopez
12:54 12/13/2017

This is a beautiful thing #Chingon #Repost @theshaderoom ・・・ #PressPlay Aww #KevinDurant made this boy's day! Via: @sportscenter

1.7k reactions 96 comments
Shaggy Kamster He's going to be one of the greats of all time
Jeff Whitmore The shoes are bigger then his head just saying lol
Maria Garibay Awesome gift for that little boy. And awesome gesture of humanity. Thanks Mr Durant.
Kiran Lorick Kazi...just watching this...casually crying in my cubicle
Gilberto Waisman Be carful with the tenis bato because some can stole from you hand again 😁😁.!
Cristiano Ronaldo
19:12 11/09/2017

CR7 JUNIOR IS LIVE👖 ⚽ Now available on 👉 CR7.com @CR7limitless #PressPlay #CR7Junior #CR7Denim

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Sonia Paulo Cristiano Ronaldo é e sempre será o melhor em tudo no futebol e essa pessoa humana que sempre podemos contar com ele que deus abençoe cada dia mais nosso herói
Rene Felipe Villegas Delgado Chevere bendiciones reconozco que hoy amanecí un poquito molesto pero viendo esto ya me paso y continuo apoyando las buenas causas del campeón citó feliz día Éxitos.
Rodwell Chikara Let the boyboy focus on his football at this age as u wer or else that boy will be more a fashionister than a footballer
M Rosario Rodriguez Q gran ejemplo para muchos hombres q dejan de lado a sus hijos. CR7 Eres un gran hijo haciendo respetar a tu querida madre. Eres un gran padre dedicándote a ellos, se q serás un gran esposo, eres un gran profesional “ en fútbol” y hombre de negocios. ...
Jem Molina Congrats on the new line!! 👏🏼 it looks nice, && not too expensive ❤️ best wishes on a successful new business 😘
Cristiano Ronaldo
19:12 11/09/2017

Like father like son 😜 We are excited to launch our CR7 Junior denim collection. Now available on 👉 CR7.com #PressPlay #CR7Junior CR7 Limitless

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Vincenzo Boniello Ma mannaggia l'anima dei migliori defunti tuoi, ciu vuò accattà no cazone o vaglione? Nun o vir ca le va a zombafuoss? Ma io rico quanno chiù tieni tanto chiù vuo avè... Tieni i sordi ca t'escono pe dint e recchie manco na correa ce sai accattà? Vagliò, ...
Harajuku Ging Smelshy Allenz cristiano ronaldo.. you made football so interesting.. you are real legend.. you are the best ever player soccer in the world . is the first player to win the champions league,euro club ,world cup and also the best player in fifa all in the same year.. ...
Onyii Onwughalu You made football so interesting. You remains my only world best of all times with ronaldinho of Brazil. I just don't want to talk so much.
Hyson Bill Ronaldo I'm your biggest fan. But please stop disturbing your son with your difficult trainings and let the boy enjoy life.
Idisidi Sh انا مواطن مغربي مسلم أدعو لك بالتوفيق في حياتك واطلب من الله أن تعتنق الإسلام لأن أعمالك ينقصها فقط أن تكون مسلما فأنت انسان صالح الله يسعدك يا الله ويوفقك في حياتك امين
George Lopez
03:06 08/29/2017

Have a great weekend , keep good thoughts for the people in the path of hurricane harvey , and lets take a moment to laugh at this guys misfortune #Repost @hollywoodunlocked ・・・ #PressPlay he knows he didn't mean to do all that 😩😂

2.2k reactions 422 comments
Jeff Dugger Isn't it strawberry picking time? Shouldn't you be too busy to worry about Trump?
Edwin Flores Thats you when you get your bike and a Tacoma Andy Cruz
Cristina Ortiz I'll be tagging you in bike videos now lol sorry not sorry Sergio Ortiz Gerardo Ortiz
Mario Caballero Chris Finkey Let me borrow your dirt bike brother I will load it on to the truck like this 😂
Jafar Yousos Jake Kuranko I can see u doing this in your yota too hahah
George Lopez
22:18 08/13/2017

Vegas ! #Repost @hollywoodunlocked ・・・ #PressPlay The deer won't take no for an answer 😩

3.1k reactions 370 comments
Linda Vang Ivkik Uam Rou Banga Steve Vang Liah Xiong Kathy Vang 😂 funny and sick at the same time
Carlos Chavez The deer only wants to give her her Christmas present. Santa is not coming this year.
Jacquelin Chavez Dillan Martinez be careful when you're hunting. This might happen 😂
Dianna Alvarez Oh deer Lol..;) Have fun in Vegas ..what happen in Vegas stay in Vegas ;) Looking forward to seeing a post picture of you in Vegas with a cigar ..Sheoww ;) Have a chingon night ;)
Emmanuel Maynez Diana Melendez lol are you sure you want a deer to come near you? 😂😂
George Lopez
09:30 08/11/2017

" Next Stop - ICU 💥 #Repost @hollywoodunlocked ・・・ #PressPlay it's never that serious 😩😂

5.7k reactions 1383 comments
Rolando Y Teodora Estrada Laura Zapata - kind of reminds me of something 🤣
Ryan Mandel Joey Miller this is what I was talking about in the red line the other week
Nancy J. Sierra Kylisha! Make sure you don't miss your stop lol 😂🤣🤣🤣
Mia Nettles Lmaooo well he has the right idea.. we should of thought of that
Raffoul Nemer Francis Joseph Saad what we were gonna do if the door didnt open at the airport stop hahahaha only with 4 bags
08:24 01/21/2017

#PressPlay #Brandy

8.2k reactions 586 comments
Ja'Narian Rivers Elijah Black busted into tears 😭😭....#TheLoveForBrandyIsREAL
Patrick Justin Honeycutt REALLY?!? I NEED A NEW SONG NOW AND A NEW ALBUM THIS YEAR. Don't make us wait too long girl! ❤️😘
Ashleigh Deneal Yessss Yess yesss I've been waiting for you Legend. Ohhhh how my soul just got excited when I heard this!!!!!! #RealMusic from Muva herself
Byron Gault I love your voice, it's timeless! I really like this Pop & Oak track, its hot. Radio ready!
Cheryl Whitaker Beautiful!!! Stanley , I know you're her #1 fan. Enjoy!!!
Sean Kingston
09:42 12/01/2016

#PressPlay Watch #Camron's reaction when asked if he would wear shoes by #JayZ 😬 Thoughts?

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Dhaniel Theo Ginting oh my god ....I finally found the link to watch Movies 2016 full HD-1080p... almost-christmas http://cingire-15t3b35.blogspot.co.id/2016/12/almost-christmas.html
Tom DeLong I lost my watch at a party once. An hour later I saw some guy stepping on it while he was sexually harassing some woman at that party. Infuriated, I immediately went over, punched him and broke his nose. No one does that to a woman, not on my watch.
Sean Kingston
08:06 11/26/2016

#Pressplay: #TI teaching his daughter early 😩😩😩 #DaddyDuties

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Marnie Eckworth Casey Turner omg
Albina Deda Gabriela Deda 😂😂😍
Geovonna Lewis Jimmie Lewis
Wika Surya _,_ (y) ALMOST CHRISTMAS http://mrikimas-mba.blogspot.co.id/2016/11/almost-christmas.html _,_ (y) BOO! A MADEA HALLOWEEN http://mrikimas-mba.blogspot.co.id/2016/11/boo-madea-halloween.html
Chacha Nitura CLemence Elias
Soulja Boy Tell Em
23:45 10/27/2016

#PRESSPLAY Video Premiere “Lotta Racks” Pretty Ricky’s Spectacular Feat. Soulja Boy

Video Premiere “Lotta Racks” Pretty Ricky’s Spectacular Feat. Soulja Boy
Video Premiere “Lotta Racks” Pretty Ricky’s Spectacular Feat. Soulja Boy

Video Premiere “Lotta Racks” Pretty Ricky’s Spectacular Feat. Soulja Boy Royal Bey October 27, 2016 New Hip Hop Music | New Hip Hop Singles and RemixesSpectacular, who is best known for being apart of the multi-talented group Pretty Ricky, just released a new video featuring Soulja Boy titled “Lotta...

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