Queen Latifah
10:30 01/10/2018

Reunited with the one and only @4everbrandy #Star #Onset @ Atlanta, Georgia

6.9k reactions 92 comments
Michael Drzewiecki I believe Pattie LaBelle is also starring
Harper Sherie beauties
Chirley Temple Hey Twin happy new year's
John Myers Love me some Queen Latifah
Boitumelo Pakkies Queen Latifah has been my rock and Brandy a beautiful soul
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
13:18 11/22/2017

I had a blast with this dude Miracles for Marik who blessed our set w/ his presence. For those who don’t know Marik’s story. He’s battling cancer and was recently placed on hospice. He made a bucket list... and meeting me was on that list. So here we are.. I’m pushing him around set, having fun, introducing him to our crew and explaining to him how our “Hollywood magic” works behind the scenes. He had a blast. I was grateful. I don’t know why things happen to kids the way they do. Over the years of spending time with kids and parents who are struggling hard thru disease (often terminal), I’ve realized we just gotta hold onto faith in knowing that there’s a much bigger and positive reason why this happens. Even if I don’t understand it in the moment. For me, this will always be the best part of fame. And the reminder that the most powerful thing we can all do is lead with strong empathy and love. It’s also the reminder to never let yourself get caught up in petty sh*t and keep your thoughts and energy optimistic and big picture. So grateful I had a chance to hang with my man here, Marik aka.. the King of Xbox. #MarikAndRock #OnSet #BucketListFun #GratefuMan

74.4k reactions 1010 comments
Elisabetta Willingham Ty Dwayne! You are an amazing person. I'm sure Marik will cherish these moments for ever. Praying for him and his family. Yes, there's a reason why these things happen even though we don't understand it. Keep up all the great work!
Shannon Yoakum Hahn I have been following Marik' s journey for awhile now. I remember when his mom posted his bucket list and you were on it. I think it is amazing you made it happen.
Pamela Metcalf Thank you so much for spending time with Marik. I have followed Marik for many years. I know you are special to him and he was so excited to meet you. Still praying for a miracle for Marik. You’re wonderful man for giving your time for him and making ...
Michele Garza So wonderful of you! I follow his page and they praised your generosity! Making a kid going through that smile, even for one day, is a true Miracle!
Shirren Garver Aloha braddah. Ke akua will definitely have a place for you @ his right. Your special heart is written in the pages of a big heart. So awesome as usual. Love ya. Malama Pono.
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
13:18 11/22/2017

Moment we hugged I started getting choked up (manly tears of course:). Hard to even fathom what this mom Miracles for Marik (and so many parents who I meet) is going thru as her son, Marik is fighting the fight of his life. What a strong mama with a beautiful heart who’s beyond blessed with an incredible son who inspires all those around him - including me. When she said “Give your kids a hug and cherish every single moment”.. that one hit home, because it’s such a reminder to love and hug our loved as hard we can because we never know what tomorrow may bring. #MarikAndRock #OnSet #BucketListFun

35.2k reactions 378 comments
Teacy Shelly Walk a Thon Time! I would but I have no money and no car nor a bus line! Yes life matters. But the job status pays the bills! You know I don't do Satan well. Play too many games....But I would have to Walk 4 1/2 hours to 5 to get to mine 1 way! Yaw ...
Andrew Schickowski You're working so much the Dwayne don't forget to smell the roses our kids grow up quick i know mine did
Michael Brown Rock your so manly your tears are probably motor oil!! All kidding aside, its FANTASTIC what you did for this young man
Timothy Akers Only if every celebrity was half the person you are
Floyd Calderon Rock, your a man with a big heart, God bless all your good dues brother. Keep on being a leader that you are.
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
13:18 11/22/2017

I’m loving every second of Miracles for Marik just looking at me, smiling and still not saying a word lol. I did get two chuckles when I said I would fire anyone who doesn’t take care of him and if he didn’t like my performance while I’m shooting just yell out, yo you suck! More to share w you guys later about this special visit. And some incredibly moving and emotional words his mama, Kelii told me. Words we could all use as we move along in this amazing yet tough and unpredictable thing called life. #MarikAndRock #OnSet #BucketListFun

21.3k reactions 307 comments
Leslie Woods Thank You, Dwayne! You are the best! Marik loved it and for that, we (Marik's friends and fans) are eternally grateful. You are the Rock and you are the Man! Best ever! God Bless you!
Meryl Brandt Walder Thank you for giving back. So many stars I have reached out to to grant a child’s last wish have either never responded or said they were too busy. 🎗🎗❤️
Spence Mccavera Dwayne is a non stop warrior, whether its making great films, or beating the shazbut out of his WWE opponents, the best thing however is how much the guy gives back, he didn't have an easy time growing up himself... dude wears his heart on his sleeve, ...
Tina Lynn Thank you so much for making one of Marik' s dream come true! You are awesome! The world needs more people like you Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson!
Jade Rade You are such an amazing man!! Thank you SO much for taking the time to meet Marik. He's an amazing kid. BTW...are you ever gonna run for president? Coooos you might have my vote!! <3<3
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
13:18 11/22/2017

Aaaaaaaand The Rock invited me to meet him, but now that he’s in front of me, I will become totally shy, smile and not say a word 😂😂. This is my special guest Miracles for Marik and his lovely mama, Kelii. Marik has been placed on hospice care and fighting cancer like a real warrior and meeting me was on his bucket list. We flew him out to hang with me on set so we could spend some time together. I’ll share more with you guys about our visit later today. And the funny part about teens, children and adults too becoming super shy and silent, is that the moment I leave, THEN they start talking lol! What a day. What a kid. More to come.. #MarikAndRock #OnSet #BucketListFun

31.9k reactions 586 comments
Michelle Turner Dillon You have so much heart, compassion, kindness and love in your heart which makes me love you more and more every day.. God I ask you for your healing hands to touch this young man.. Amen
Teresa Jordan Garrett You have always been a favorite of mine and this makes me understand why even more. Been following this young man's journey for years. There is a special place in heaven for people like you
Lance Clifton That’s awesome. Such a great experience for Marik. And it was awesome that they had staffers taking pics and video so that Kelli could just be in the moment. Much respect.
Renée Frederick You are so down to earth, this kid is probably just screaming with joy inside! You probably just made his battle much easier by giving him hope and inspiration. You are the man, Dwayne. Keep blessing everyone with your presence. You are loved more than ...
Patti Mike Marceaux Awe what a great story, FIGHT MARIK FIGHT! Mr. Johnson maybe you are the medicine he needs! Such a great smile he has & you put it there. Again Thank You for all the kindness you give from the heart!
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
08:30 11/07/2017

Awesome moment. Dwanta Claus🎅🏾 delivering the world’s first custom made XBOX 1X’s to my Make A Wish kids! It’s truly an honor to have a kid’s “wish” be to meet me, so I try and make it as special as I can. I have a very caring staff who reaches out to our partners and friends who all jump at the opportunity to help make these kids’ day a special one. Thank you to our good friends at Microsoft and Xbox for creating these first ever engraved Dwanta XBOX 1X consoles for the kids, before they’re available to the world. Tears of joy is the constant indicator that this will always be the best part of my job. #MakeAWishDay #OnSet #SkyscraperMovie #Microsoft #XBox1X #Murat #Maria #Emily

18.9k reactions 326 comments
Genny Santos NOSSA que lindo. EU quero um também, como presente de aniversário. Por favor. Você só Nós PROPORCIONA momentos lindos. Bjs...
Leigh Ebbels Mr Johnson, thankyou for being the person you are, with the heart you have, and the kindness you have for people - thankyou!
Pierre Williams Hey my name is Pierre William I want one but that's also cool that you're sharing your love bro keep it up
Cynthia Taplin So awesome Dwayne, you’re truly a special person. Much love and appreciation for everything you do.💙❤️💙❤️
Yvonne Hunt O my goodness me what a lovely gift Mr Dwanta claws, that's something they can treasure the rest of there life's 😁
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
19:42 11/04/2017

Dwanta🎅🏾 vs Lamborghini. #MakeAWishDay I’m not the tallest guy (6’4), or the biggest (260+lbs), but the issue with me not fitting in these things is how I’m built. Built three dimensionally from back to front - quads, butt, back, chest etc. My Samoan/Black genetics throw the metrics all off 🤙🏾💪🏾 Plus, I have a very large head (seriously) with a big ass ridiculous fuzzy Dwanta hat on top. When my special guest, Murat wants to roll in a Lambo. We roll in a Lambo. Next time I’m bringing my pick up truck. #MakeAWishDay #OnSet #SkyscraperMovie #RideWithDwanta🎅🏾 Now the question becomes, how do I get out..

27.2k reactions 540 comments
Sheila Marler Lol, besides that how did it drive? 😳 it looks more like a car for a woman. 😁 My son Chance would not agree with that though. 🙋
Sharmistha Rai You are a very wonderful personality. For your fans you go out of your way to make them feel good. You are new version of Santa Claus. Very cool 😎Great going
Leola Mitchell I wish that I could just get to this guy and just give him a big HUG and then go about my business. This man is SUCH a professional. I Respect him for his temperance. He curses ALOT but he have gained not some but ALLL of my respect. Young BLACK MEN and ...
Jacqueline Goncalves 🤔🤔 Well Dwanta, now am curious too. Would love to see how you gonna get outta that one! 🤔 will they have to slice the Lambo?😅😅
Tracy August Yeah I can see how that can be a problem being 6^4 yeah that's pretty tall and your weight that's a good weight silly
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
19:42 11/04/2017

Our Make A Wish Day. Special moment here as Murat’s sister is translating for me what their mom has just said to me about how special this day is for her family and her son, Murat. I asked her to please let her mom know, that I did my research and know all about her son’s love for salmon and the cool story behind it once he was cancer free. She loved that;). Great moment. Such a lovely family who flew all the way in from the Netherlands. Happy & grateful mama. And I swear I’m not a giant, it’s just the angle I’m standing. Ok, I’m a very large man. #MakeAWishDay #OnSet #SkyscraperMovie

43.0k reactions 550 comments
Shah Amir Dwayne i hope u will be nx president of america, to make the world peace, no war n beautiful place to stay
نور مون If you want to give me an invitation to the next year's reservation😁😁😁, I accept it 😎Haha , without a hug, I am Muslim Dwayne Johnson😊💪💪💪
MaEileen Soriano Eguia Hats off to you Dwayne! Continue your good deeds... it's touching and making an impact on humanity. May God's grace be upon you always.
Achilles Ecke Here is my wish Dwayne The Rock Johnson Go help your friend man bc he lost his daughter and is legit broke and YOUR CLOSE Friend Tyrese Gibson. He can’t get hired for work bc of his baby mamma slamming him in Hollywood and she took his daughter. ...
Brandon Sprigler I don't get how people can't see he's on set... The dirty look is probably part of the scene they were filming.
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
19:42 11/04/2017

As #DwantaClaus🎅🏾 I come bearing framed gifts (and cheesy jokes) for my special MAKE A WISH kids, Murat, Emily & Maria. Presented them with a very special signed call sheet from our production. Their individual names above mine indicting they’re #1 - where they belong. What a day of surprises! Best was yet to come... #MakeAWishDay #OnSet #SkyscraperMovie

14.1k reactions 157 comments
Brittany Cales Why can’t more people be like that he’s so nice 😊
Shams Tabrez U r d real man! U have large body but also have a sweet heart💝💪
William Unger Great guy the Rock but lets be honest the true heroes in this are the three make a wish kids!
Andrea Anderson great....for your make -a- wish foundation
Aayush Yerne Keep calm and back to ring
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
06:54 11/02/2017

I’ll take tears of joy anytime. Bring it in here for my hug, Murat, Emily and Maria. Our huge Make-A-Wish International day on set was INCREDIBLE with my guests and their lovely families. As a father and a man, hugs like this mean the world to me. This is my reminder that this will always be the best part of fame. Much more to share with you guys from out visit. Stay tuned. #MakeAWishDay #OnSet #SkyscraperMovie

26.5k reactions 828 comments
Bill Brodie Dwayne the rock Johnson your a legend and a top man you put a lot of smiles on people faces and really make them happy that's really good to see hope I get to meet you one day keep up to good work 👍
Chantal Demers See how important you are! You seem so sincere. I truly hope you are. People like me need a good guy they can see from time to time. It helps restore my will. I shall try again to be kind to myself. You didn't just touch them but me too.
Martin Barken So lovely. We need more love empathy and compassion. Dwayne The Rock Johnson thank you so much for what you do, you are a classy humble. Man of integrity. Cheers mate
Kay Carangelo Awwww....i can't wait to get my hug and selfie picture from you,you have such a compassionate heart for your fans and everybody, you ROCK!!!! 😇💋💜💋
Michelle Paris Rock I love this about you!!!! You are a truly amazing man in every way possible!!!! Thank you for all the good you do!!!!! This is just one of the thousands of reasons I'm you're mega fan!!!!!! Thank you😘😎
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
03:36 10/23/2017

When you’ve been up all night, they say nothing good happens at 4am. I disagree, I’ve done lots of amazing things at 4am. True, tequila was involved but still. Day 48 of 64. #BarelySurviving #OnSet #4am #SkyscraperMovie

34.9k reactions 444 comments
Daniel Mckenna You love your tequila don't you mate it just tastes like black pepper in a glass to me much prefer rum 😊
Kenechi Agbasimalo We all draw inspiration from so many things as you said, but i draw my inspiration from the most electrifying man in sports entertainment. I love you so much my man
Debbie Johnson Your such an amazing person. Working so hard. It will pay off. Blessings will come to give you strength.
Sharie C. Dumoulin Sorry, I was a fan until the child molesting robot skit and the "hail satan" on SNL May 21/2017. Nobody wants you here in Vancovuer....go home!!
Diana Nagy me too now I have to sleep fast as much as I can to ready for the next one,anyone cares of course not,do we want a medal ??some do some don't,now read my lip,mate
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
21:06 08/25/2017

Great family set visit on #SKYSCRAPER up here in Vancouver with Jeff Shell and his lovely wife, Laura and their awesome daughter, Anna. Jeff is Universal's Chairman of global film operations so I enjoy picking his brain about our business and where we're trending. Also had great chats about the FAST & FURIOUS franchise and the much anticipated HOBBS spinoff. Got some big plans you guys'll love. The best part of the meeting was not only getting his wife Laura's point of view on projects - because mom's rule the world - but having their 14yr old daughter, Anna say, "THAT'S SO COOL" is all I need to hear when it comes to the HOBBS spinoff. 😉👏🏾🙌🏾 Good times. Great family. #OnSet #TheShells #SKYSCRAPER

52.1k reactions 501 comments
Candy N Wilfrido Rivera Dicen que nada es impossible en la Vida,lo creo cuando pueda ir a Florida o miami y conocerte,tendre esa suerte .Bendiciones.
Yvonne Hunt Why are you near by the hair and make-up lol no only kidding have a great time in a great place Vancouver earnings great money go team SKYSCRAPER.
Mark Garnham You should have been asked to be Jack Reacher rather than Mr Cruise, you have the acting ability the size and attitude to needed for the role. While I respect Toms acting ability Reacher is a big brick shithouse of a man, I know who I'd prefer to ...
Teisina Felua'i Liakimatagi Some valea is being kaea! I thought you passed away 😢😢 love you Dwayne Johnson!!!!!
Janaina Moraes Farias Hoje ,dia 24 de agosto é comemorado o dia do artista no Brasil...e venho aqui para te parabenizar pelo grande artisra que você é ...desejo mais sucesso para você The Rock. Beijos.
10:54 07/19/2017

#onset #FadeAway #summer

26.0k reactions 266 comments
Coutelier Servan 😗😗😙😙
Alfred Chan Ando loco por amor inna
Ohn Anowar Hi INNA I'm really love you
Ban's Apostoleanu Super beautiful queen #INNA i love You <3 <3 <3 <3
David Hanovic Gorgeous and beautiful babies!!!! <3 <3!!!!! :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P ;) :D :D :) :)
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
17:48 07/08/2017

Teamwork & good eggs. Life's too short so we all gotta make it count. I try very hard to only surround myself with hungry, hard working, smart and most importantly, GOOD PEOPLE. Over and over again. The man on the right is my Rampage The Movie director Brad Peyton. This is our third film together (JOURNEY 2: MYSTERIOUS ISLAND and SAN ANDREAS). We share the same philosophy: work very hard, raise the bar, be grateful and take the world on an unforgettable and fun ride with our movies. Guy on the right is my friend and a good egg. Guy on the left...lazy asshole. #OnSet #ThreePeat #JohnsonPeyton #Rampage #GoodEggs 🍳

32.0k reactions 225 comments
Patricia Pimentel Excelente trabajo muy duro agradezco a dios y a las personas y disfrutó de la vida con tus películas hoy a las 8 am disfrute terremoto falla en san andreas y lloré una vez más
Sharon Coetzee Hi Dwayne. Also my way of thinking and trying.. not always possible. I understand and agree 100% what you saying. Enjoy it Dwayne and take care.
Lorraine Albino Congratulations enjoy yourself you deserve it and more. God bless you and your beautiful family
Tove Næss Your movies are totally Awesome Dwayne 😀 Enjoy Your self You deserve it 👍👍👍
Yvette Knox Love this!!! I think I'm going to use this quote later on in the week! I'll give you credit of course!!! 😉
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
05:00 07/06/2017

Do not go gentle. Grateful to put in work with our hard working crew on the eve of our Independence. #OnSet #Rampage #BloodiedAndBattered 🇺🇸

82.6k reactions 556 comments
Michelle Keller Thanks rock for all hard work happy four July to you and the family love michelle k.
PJ LeRoy You lost my respect when on SNL you said "hail Satan". Not funny CROCK
Jodilee Waalk Thanks ROCK for always being gracious and warm hearted, love your movies, always stay strong my friend.
Ti Sinite Happy 4th of July, Dwayne! ️🇺🇲️🎆🎇️This is tough strong look-wow!
Dwana Cal Love you Dwayne The Rock!💛💛💛 It reminds me of The Rundown outfit too! Another favorite!😊 I love the United States Army background!😊
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
01:48 06/26/2017

Enjoy me completely butchering my best @schwarzenegger impersonation while rehearsing on set of Rampage The Movie. When I was a kid Arnold was one of my heroes. And when I first started in Hollywood, he was one of the biggest stars on the planet and was so supportive and welcoming to me, when he didn't have to be. First time we had dinner he said, "You can take the brass ring to places it's never been before" in his iconic accent which clearly I suck at. 15 long hard working years later, here I am. Grateful. This one's for you brother. #YoBigDawg #OnSet #Rampage 💪🏾

22.7k reactions 606 comments
Russell Hart As a huge fan of both The Great One and the Governator alike, I couldn't like this clip enough.
Jason Tripp Schwarzenegger WAS one of my favorites growing up too. Then he got into politics and turned into a complete idiot.
Mike Pitman "Have fun" - Arnold Schwarzenegger - Welcome to the jungle / The Rundown
Lani Kai Love you Rock in everything else but I must say I do a better Arnold impression and i suck at it to. Someday I will send it to you! Hahaha!
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
22:36 06/15/2017

When one suffers from a potential concussion, it's critical to ask the most important question.. Who's the Sexiest Man Alive? In a big stunt on set of Rampage The Movie last night, my bud and bad ass stuntman, Dave Macomber got thrown from one side of this massive C-17 plane to the other. He overshot his landing on crash pads and flew straight into the wall and knocked himself out. He doesn't remember his last name, nor can he remember the name of his kids. As producer and sometimes doctor, I can officially clear Stuntman Dave to resume work on our movie. Our stunt coordinator Allan Poppleton will inform Dave of his kid's names later this weekend. Jokes aside, after this incident we shut down production and let the crew go home. I stayed here w Dave and Alan for a bit to make sure he was all good. He's totally fine and was actually ready to shoot. A strong reflection of how our stunt brothers and sisters will always be the backbone of Hollywood. My luv and respect for our Hollywood stunt teams is boundless. #CowboyUp #OnSet #Rampage #DrRockAskingTheCriticalQuestions #SexiestManAlive

22.6k reactions 604 comments
Stevie Smiler Kaye Im sure when u finished this video u made sure he was looked after. Always get some ppl who take things too seriously. Ur a legend wud luv to meet u and see that funny side 👍
Maria Rivera To stuntman Dave ,ouch!!..but hang in there, you are so The Rocks big main buddy..Dave,handle yourself with care...And you too Dwayne Therock Johnson. Thank you for caring and sharing this with your fans..#YouGuysBeSafe..#GoRampage..#DJ.aka.TheRock....
Kathy Tharp hahaha he is healed cause knew u were the sexiest man alive!! Hope he will heal fast and can't wait to see the movie. love ya rock keep us all smiling and laughing. you are one of a kind!! <3 you and all you stand for.
Eliani Viana Meu respeito eterno pelo profissional que você é Dwyane Johnsons....além do amor platônico. ..kkk...você é um querido.😍😍😍😘
Maxine Hamilton Wow thank God he's ok. I know being a stuntman can be dangerous at times and risky. He passed the alertness assessment test with flying colors Lol.
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
18:54 06/05/2017

Rampaging nights with my partners in crime, Naomie Harris and Jeffery Dean Morgan. The animal loving anti-poacher Ranger from Rwanda, the groundbreaking geneticist from CRISPR and the cowboy himself from the OGA - the "other" government agency. Three gigantic mutated monsters (silverback, crocodile and grey wolf) rampaging across the country. Party in hell. We'll see you there. #OnSet Rampage The Movie 4-20-2018

25.5k reactions 747 comments
Shelly Lea Dwayne Johnson AND Jeffrey Dean Morgan. This movie just became a chick flick!!
Gabrielle Ariceaga I am conflicted because I love The Rock, but I don't want to watch anything that features the Guy Who Ruined TWD.
Talia Carter Love ya Rock...and Jeffery Dean Morgan...we miss you on Supernatural lol and I'm sure you'll kill it in this film.
Vicki Fickle Conley My idea of perfection...2 of my favorite guys in one movie!
Scott Rinaldi Dwayne The Rock Johnson you are seriously in inspiration to so many people keep doing you bro we will keep supporting
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
23:42 05/13/2017

Friday night. On set. 4am. Rampage The Movie🦍 Jacked up on caffeine and "southern turnarounds", but at least I'm getting in trouble with my partner in crime, the lovely and extremely talented, Naomie Harris. Now if I can just break these military flex cuffs, I can do some real hero shit and look cool in front of my leading lady. And by "look cool" I mean get my ass handed to me by these armed soldiers. We're makin' a good one. Hard work but a lotta fun. #OnSet #BonnieAndClyde #GiveMeMoreCaffeine #RAMPAGE🦍

58.8k reactions 547 comments
Iese Theresa Sole Uso They don't play around those guys are Armed & Serious 😤 . Dwayne you Dangerous 💯👊🏾😎🤙🏾
Becky Johnson-Hatter Busy busy I'm sure you will do a great job. Take care and God Bless
Joey Mc Nally Dude that cable tie on your hands looks weak. Those DHS agents need more training 😂😂😂
Robert Zylyk Awesome! But the way that zip tie is on, it couldn't hold a drunk gopher lol
Raj Raj rock, i am training my index finger and you are allowed to run hun.bruce tony jet jackie rock.plz fight in ex4.bruce is vfx.
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
23:42 05/13/2017

Enter Sandman. Before we got to this loving point, I told this very bad man that our current situation wasn't working for me and I'd like to see a peaceful change. He disagreed. Then felt 22 inches of hell. (or heaven pending your perspective) #OnSet #RAMPAGE #TheMegaMonsterMovie #AndABadManGoingNightNight 💤

45.7k reactions 582 comments
Verna Mason You can put me in Your hold sweetheart..I won't resist💋❤
Adriana Bentes Don't mess with the rock, it might fall upon you! Hahahha
Kel Meisner I love the hashtag "badmangoesnightnight" XD I lost it!! (though I would LOVE a cuddle from The Rock!!)
Theresa Butkowski I would love to feel that kind of heaven from you Rock!
Lynn Seekins Galvan I was just wondering what your bicep measurement was!! Funny weird, now we know!
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
22:06 05/08/2017

Friday night. Good to be back in the saddle. My calm before the storm 🤙🏾. My face says is it all - I've taken my motion sickness pills and my shot of caffeine (equivalent of 2 1/2 cups of coffee) will kick in in about 7 minutes. From 8pm to 8am this massive scene will be shot as our mega monster in Rampage The Movie cause total chaos and mass destruction. I've come to save the world and chew bubble gum. And I'm all out of bubble gum. Let's shoot. This caffeine's kickin' in... #OnSet #RAMPAGE #BackInTheSaddle #UH60BlackHawk #NoMoreBubbleGum #WhatDoesThisButtonDo

147.2k reactions 1262 comments
Saw Sharktank I am astrology boy. I study the movernment around the world..can you guy imagine how deep is the ocean is.. ? bear grylls changed every celebritie life through jungle.. no idea what going on.
Michael Vaughan Hey, I just watched HERCULES again and I realized that I could not see any Tattoos. Did they cover them up some how? Just curious. No big deal. Your Tats on you are great.
Olga Lacy Is this a monster movie because I get a little queasy with monsters! Just kidding LOL!!!!
Ray Andrade I know this is PROBABLY, ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE.....but wanted to see if you Mr . Dwayne Johnson would respond to me...is there any way I can contact you? I'm in a dire situation... I've gone noseblind and can't fix it. Can you donate abazillion dollars ...
Jennifer Cover How do you find shirts with sleeves big enough for those massive biceps?!? Man I could look at you all day!
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
09:18 05/06/2017

Birthday luv. On set shooting Rampage The Movie, between scenes I come back to my trailer to get a lil' work done and my lovely ladies surprised me by decorating my entire trailer - including a little blue fuzzy birthday hat left on my desk, but my head's too damn big to wear it. To the left you'll also see a Pikachu birthday balloon and on the table, two of my fav bottles of tequila. C'mon Pika, big daddy doesn't drink alone, so you set em up and I'll knock em down. 🥃🤙🏾 #OnSet #DJsTrailer #BirthdayLuv #PikaGetsHammered

62.7k reactions 2249 comments
Randall Blaskievich Happy Birthday Big Guy ...don't forget to thank your Mom for this great adventure called life. I'll toast to another great trip around the sun for you , tonight!
Natasha Tudor My head is also too big to wear hats!! We can drink the tequila with our hats perched on the top of our heads 👌 happy birthday my fellow hat failer 🎉🥃🎂🎈🎁
Jon Smith Happy Birthday many new ahead! Thank you for being a huge support of other first responders an military keep that amazing inspiration
Sandy Rios They love you 😘 you so much they wanted to surprise you!!!! I would have lived to have help them decorate !!!! Happy 😊 Birthday to an amazing man!!!! Not only your handsome, big and most of all you have a huge heart ❤️ of love, caring and determination.
Tony Masucci My father shared the same birthday with you and we both enjoyed watching you wrestle throughout your career, wrestling was something that brough us both great joy and I want to personally thank you for giving us something to bond over, unfortunately my ...
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
02:54 04/16/2017

I've driven my share of Monster Trucks and I have one motto, ain't no shame in crashing, as long as you do it with style. I've been waitin' to dance with this beast. Let's get it on. Aw shit this ain't gonna end well 😈 #OnSet #Ballers #11TimeWorldChampion #MaxD 💀

118.8k reactions 1162 comments
David Fletcher I thought this was a pic of a new action figure and truck
Greg Howes Being that there is a green screen behind you, its gonna be an epic ride......in your head.....
Monica Robles Amore mío ten cuidado en ese monster trucks😞 te vez unico💋💋💋💋 para ti solo❤😊 bendiciones guapo😉
Jessica Peotter Go to Bogota Colombia and I bet my dad would let you drive his monster truck Godzilla ;)
Heather Allen Boyne Awesome!! We saw MaxD when Monster Jam was in CT a few years ago. Awesome!! Have a blast!!!
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
09:12 03/29/2017

An absolute blast shooting our Baywatch Movie commercial with the GOAT himself Michael Phelps. Even with his iconic 'poise under pressure' from winning a record 23 OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALS, he can't help but crack up and ruin the take when I go off script and call him a "sexy motherf*cker". Trust me, I will ruin multiple takes on every project just to get a good laugh in. Luv this dude! A blast. #OnSet #ESPN #CommercialShoot #RockAndPhelpsie #BAYWATCH MAY 26th.

75.9k reactions 476 comments
Marian Xie why are you always so awesome? id ask how, but we both know that nobody will be as awesome as you. :D
Rhys Judson The Rock and The Hoff gotta sing a duet of the original Baywatch ending credits song Current of Love.
Olivia Estrada Guerra Ur ... Awesome thanks for sharing.. D best for u always....💪💪💪👊👊👊
Cathey Champagne thanks for keeping us up to date with what you are doing. As always be Blessed, and stay humble my friend.
Kim Marie No no no Tom Brady is The Goat!! 😊😊😊😊 It ok, I will let it slide this one time just for you!! 😂😂😂
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
18:48 03/21/2017

The world record longest drive is 515 yards set in 1974. My drive here measured an estimated 490 yards by the people holding the rulers. I failed math when I was a kid, but I think that's kinda close. One fun day I will break the world record. Great day on the links shooting scenes for our HBO's #Ballers. Subsequently, I also hit two other great balls... when I stepped on a rake. Ok, no more haha.. back to work. Have a productive day. #OnSet Ballers #LasVegas #TheGolfingBeast

67.5k reactions 4615 comments
Olivia Estrada Guerra Lol...just round the # & u did it u broke D world record...jk...math wasn't my favorite subject....& to this day I haven't used algebra .🤔....lol😜😜😜😜😜
Jan Pio Also you gotta remember that hit backin 1974 was set with clubs thatback then have no where near the advanced technological designs that now-a-days clubs do. Back then graphite MAY not have been invented but now its on almost every club. Try using a ...
Unive Rsal Champion no money no way please help me king Rules is different king sorry to interference king missions community is not accepted sorry to word pointing destroying missions but danger is over good night Russia
Les Pirtle I love it when celebrities prove that they can compete with the pros of the sport. Good for The Rock! Wish he could go up against Jim Dent in a different time.
Chico Chacon I think that record is held solid by happy Gilmore. Many have tried, most recently shooter McGavin, but all have failed. Good luck The Rock. Rip chubs.
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
23:36 02/26/2017

Friday night shoots. 1am and still going strong on set with John David Washington. Luv this dude like my lil' brotha. Immensely talented, infectious energy, humble, hungry and one of my fav humans. Both posing like we're getting ready to drop the hottest mixtape of 2017. 🔥✊🏾 #OnSet #Ballers #1am #WorkinHard #DangerousDuo #BallOut

113.0k reactions 820 comments
Lukas Rei Only negative I got about this show is it's 1/2 hour, then we gotta wait another week for next episode.
Abi Mishra One day I will be your lil brotha. We just have to meet one day and I will make it happen
Katya Lohmann Looking forward to the next season. Love seeing these behind the scene pics. Keep on ballin'!
Warren Humphreys Callum Thomas Brankley didn't even need to read it just saw the photo and got excited
Saray Chantharith ទូលបង្គំ គឺ ប្រធានាធិបតី សារាយ ខ្លឹមចន្ថារឹទ្ធិ អោយ Dwayne The Rock Johnson ខិតខំនាំគ្នាបន្ថែមបង្កើតក្រុមហ៊ុន Steak ‘n Shake នៅលើពិភពលោក ប្រធានាធិបតី សារាយ ខ្លឹមចន្ថារឹទ្ធិ នៃព្រះរាជាណាចក្រកម្ពុជា
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
22:00 02/21/2017

Very cool to watch our amazing/bad ass Florence Pugh embody the role of real life WWE Superstar Paige. We shot some great scenes together today that reflected my real life pivotal conversations I had with Paige. Very interesting to relive and shoot those moments. I appreciate our entire crew and actors working tirelessly on a Sunday. THANK YOU! The 6'7 stud standing with us, is our director/writer Stephen Merchant. Brilliant filmmaker and loved worldwide. I still think he's an asshole. We're bringing our production to rock the Staples Center tomorrow night for RAW. #OnSet #ClockinThoseLongSundayHours #FightingWithMyFamily

60.6k reactions 530 comments
Анна Борисовнаu Партас I love it when things are called by their names! The main thing to believe it, Taurus ! It is necessary to choose one day to relax your body and maintain your beauty!
Dan Murakami Paige was big before they had Charlotte,Sasha Banks and Bailey. Nobody cares anymore after her bs on divas.
Maria Dematteo Thank you Mr.J. just hope you enjoy your week! Thank you for sharing this!!!! Lots of love 2 u....Tryin 2 keep up,lol. GREAT STUFF !😎
Jovanka Fudge And there were giants on the face of the earth! By the way why couldn't Paige play her dam self!
Ankit Ranga Ur great fan ever .....from india i want meet u my lovely bro as u r the true motivation for me ...u r my teacher who teaches good thing to me ...u r just good man on this earth...these little words can't define your greatness bro love you ....
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
09:06 12/05/2016

Doin' dirt with my stunt brothers tonight. Rehearsals before the bodies hit the floor... I'm searching for a good spot to break his leg with one shot. This scene also looks like what happens when too many drugs are taken at a party. Just say no. #OnSet #HowISpendMySaturdayNights #FightNight #Jumanji

101.5k reactions 437 comments
Moretta Balai Keeping me in suspense , I like see this movie already have a great rehearsal 🌴🌸🌴
Syed Hanan Shah My friend is same look like u dwayane i have pic but i cant upload here 😏
James Johnston hello mr johnson saw you in the movie san andreas.my name is james r johnston i live at 364 east main st lock haven pa 17745 i would like to know if i could get anautograph photo of you please if so thank you.
Rod Raeder Is that Mitch on the left working with the rock?
Amber Turley D.A.R.E Drug Awareness Resistance Education! Just Say No to drugs, and nasty cigarettes!
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