Novak Djokovic
23:00 03/20/2017

I have some very disappointing news to share with you regarding the Miami Open tournament. My doctor has strongly advised against play because my elbow injury, that I keep carrying on for months, got worse in the past week. I will do everything in my power to recover and do all the necessary therapy to be able to return on court as soon as possible. Sadly, I won't be able to defend my title in Miami this week. Believe me, it is as shocking to me, as it is to you. I had incredible run in Miami, I won there my first masters tournament and started my campaign towards the top of the world rankings. No wonder they say that in sport the biggest and most painful defeats come from injuries, and not from opponents. I am lucky that throughout my career I didn't have many injuries, but I guess that all that I've been through physically in the past so many years did leave a mark on my body. I remain eternally grateful for all the love and support I receive from you. Thank you for believing in me #NoleFam Na žalost, moram da podelim sa vama neke ne baš dobre vesti u vezi sa predstojećim turnirom u Majamiju. Povreda lakta koju vučem već mesecima se prošle nedelje pogoršala do te mere da me je doktor savetovao da napravim pauzu. Učiniću sve što je u mojoj moći da se što pre oporavim, ali na žalost, neću moći da se borim za odbranu titule u Majamiju. Ovo je veliki šok i razočarenje za mene, a znam da ni vama nije svejedno. U Majamiju sam osvojio svoj prvi masters turnir i počeo pohod na vrh svetske rang liste i godinama unazad pravim sjajne rezultate tamo. Ponekad najbolnije poraze u sportu nam zada baš naše telo, a ne protivnik. Uvek sam se trudio da brinem o svom telu i kroz karijeru me stvarno nisu pratile velike povrede i problemi. Ali izgleda da sada moje telo pokazuje posledice svih ovih godina ludog tempa i fizičkih napora koje sam imao. Jako sam zahvalan za svu podršku koju dobijam od vas. Hvala što ste uz mene #NoleFam

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Karnten Kanglenfurt Thank you this honest note and hopefully you will recover soon I will see you next year the best vibes for a great recovery period Hugs 🤗
Vivian Alvarez-Miller I was ready to buy my ticket to see u. It is so much fun when u come to Miami. Get well Novak. Your Miami fans support you!!! 🌴
George Canseco Life without you is an unbearable thought. Please, do get better and go back to the courts. I am so sad I didn't get to see you when you came to my country, Mexico, but I really hope to see you back. You are and will be my number one always. Love you.
Ellie Jacobs Best of luck Nole. Your NoleFam will support you always, so take all the time you need to fully recover, we will still be here when you get back. Don't worry about the tournament, your priority is your health and wellbeing. We are sending our love and ...
Caleb Narasigadu Hey Nole...sad to hear bout injury. I wish you a speedy full recovery. Good decision to have your body treated & well rested as it is your most valuable assest. Best wishes for the rest of the season. #nolefam
Novak Djokovic
05:24 03/03/2017

Every day a new challenge. Let's do this! #teamdjokovic #nolefam #acapulco #mexico Svaki je dan novi izazov i nova prilika!! Idemoooo 😁

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Isaac Cardello Nole estoy tan cerca de Acapulco pero ya no hay boletos , me queda verlo por tv
Milica Markovic Go!
LucyFer Maldonado welcome to México, the best Champion =:)
Victoria Elizabeth Barrientos Carrillo You can do it dear Nole 😀😀😀 !!! I know you have a lot of strength and motivation to keep going 😉😉😉 !!! 😊 ❤❤ #NoleFam #love #support
Novak Djokovic
16:36 02/28/2017

After my first training here in Acapulco 🙏🏼👏🏼 Thank you #NoleFam🇲🇽

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Anker Seguridad Infantil Te adoro, buena suerte campeón y cuándo vienes a Ecuador ?
Rudy Montefalco Go go go Novak....I know you will be workd number 1 again.😄 God bless you & your family.💟
Pilar Madrigal Welcome to Mexico, you're #1 now and ever. Wish you the best luck 🎾💚🎾💚🎾💚
Novak Djokovic
02:06 01/14/2017

I am warmed up and excited to make another run for this beautiful trophy... let's do this #teamdjokovic #nolefam Radujem se još jednoj trci za ovaj prelep trofej... idemo!

20.8k reactions 433 comments
Selvi Raman Sure Sweet Nole! We are always with You n Best Wishes for AO 2017.
Victoria Elizabeth Barrientos Carrillo Great way of thinking, Nole 😀 !!! Take one step at a time to chase that spectacular title 😜 !!! 😊 ❤❤ #Keepgoing #NoleFam #love #support
Susie Cvetkovic Wishing you another successful & awesome Aussie open....Ajde Nole!!
Syed Nadeem All the best Djoko....... U have very tough competitor in First round.........
Mirjana Pavlovic Idemoooo....Sokole nas !!!! neka te sreca prati i svu pozitivnu energiju za dobre rezultate ti saljemo....Srecnoooo!!!!!!
Novak Djokovic
05:18 11/09/2016

Congratulations Andy Murray! Very well deserved and hard fought milestone! Your dedication and passion has paid off, and I am really happy to be in the same era with you! As to all my #NoleFam, thank you for being there for me. I am working hard and will see you all in London! I am always game when it comes to good challenges and final 8 is exactly that. See you in a few days! Čestitam Endiju na uspešno dostignutom velikom cilju! Svaka čast! A vama moj #NoleFam želim da se zahvalim na podršci i fantastičnim porukama koje mi šaljete! Pripremam se za London i uskoro se vidimo 😉 Uvek sam voleo dobre izazove i final 8 je baš to! Idemoooo 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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Jasmina Babickovic Is it a small thing being No1 for 122 weeks!! No!!!! Even if you never became first again you are still the best!!! Da li je malo biti prvi 122 nedelje? Nije!!! I ako nikada vise ne budes bio prvi,ti si i dalje najbolji!!! <3
Annah Cardoso I am not a Serb but I have learned to love Novak as if I were. Idemo Nole !!! You have a lot of fans in Brazil. Vamos! Number one or not you are a very special tennis player and a great human being. We will continue to cheer for you, despite the ...
Yuli Merlo Castrejon Que Dios te bendiga siempre me dio mucha pena al saber q ya no serás el número 1 del mundo en el tenis vamos para Londres tu puedes con la ayuda d Dios seras nuevamente campeón fuerza Nole tu puedes!! Soy de Perú.
Abegail Manalansan Nole you did great you've done your best and Nolefam are really proud of you, this title may not be for you this year but i know next season you'll soar higher, you've showed the perfect example of a GOAT (greatest of all time) tennis player you're ...
Aleksandar Savic NOVACE imas podrsku navijaca,obozavatelja,kako god da nas nazoves i ima nas toliko MNOGO da verujem da ces to osetiti u Londonu iako ti publika nece biti naklonjena.Znaj da svake sekunde milioni nas bice uz tebe i da cemo zajedno sa tobom prozivljavati ...
Novak Djokovic
18:25 10/09/2016

Great to be back! Thank you #nolefam #Shanghai ?????

24.5k reactions 332 comments
Gaby Galuccio Grande Nole!!!!! Que bueno poder disfrutar de tu tenis en Shanghai. Mucha suerte!!!!!
Melvin Carter Time to get back to work . Murray is pushing for YOUR #1 Spot.
Ellen Chan What a good news! Novak, I'm so happy and see you in Shanghai, wishing you all the best??????
Mónica Duarte Farías Novak eres el mejor dentro y fuera de la cancha. A ganar en Shanghai . Te saludo desde Viña del Mar Chile. Disfruto mucho de tu tenis y verte jugar a través de la TV .feliz retorno al tenis. ?❤??
Syed Sheikh My hero is back again hope win masters shanghai u are the best love fans from malaysia.
Novak Djokovic
11:48 09/12/2016

This was amazing evening for me and my team! I feel so grateful, yet so humbled to find myself among so many great athletes. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners. Thank you @Laureus academy members for voting for me, and sports media representatives for nominating me. Thank you #NoleFam for cheering for me and believing in me! I can only speak from my personal experience and say that IT IS possible to achieve great things no matter where you come from, no matter how little or nothing you have. With all of our human imperfections and limits - we CAN DO great things in any field of life. Each and every one of us, no matter what shoes we chose to wear, let's always wear them to do good. #SneakersforGood #LWSA16 Ovo je za mene i moj tim nezaboravno veče! Zahvalan sam i počastvovan što sam uz toliko sjajnih sportista bio deo ovog neverovatnog događaja. Želim da čestitam svim dobitnicima ovogodišnjeg priznanja i svima koji su bili nominovani. Hvala članovima Laureus akademije što su glasali za mene i medijima što su me nominovali. Hvala #NoleFam što navijate za mene i što verujete u mene. Iz svog ličnog iskustva mogu da vam potvrdim da je itekako moguće da postignete velike stvari uprkos tome odakle dolazite i koliko mogućnosti imate ili nemate. Sa svim svojim ljudskim nesavršenstvima - možemo da dosegnemo neverovatne visine! Bez obzira na to kakve cipele nosimo kroz život, sportske ili ne - hajde da ih nosimo da činimo dobre stvari!

143.4k reactions 2273 comments
Aleksandar Kadenić Poštovani Nole, na sve ove priče koje ti podmeću i na sve ove komenare na tvoj račun a u kontekstu dopinga....pošto znam da si ti dovoljno fin i pristojan i da im to nikad ne bi rekao, reci im da im ja poručujem da mogu da ti se napasu....znam da znaš ...
Јованка Живковић-Кушић Najbolji si.Hvala na divnom sportu,na predstavljanju Srbije,za humanitarne akcije ,za sve sto cinis za svoju zemlju a hvala i Dijani sto nam je podarila takvog junaka !
Jann Schlebusch Dear Novak, I admire you for the way you use your God-given talent. May you achieve even more great things. May I ask you not to revere the terrorist Nelson Mandela. He was found guilty by an independant court for the ordering of bombs to be planted in ...
Jovic Predrag Cestitam Nole .. i jesi zasluzio .. cak i mnogo vise jer si skroman covek a velik u isto vreme. Zamolio bih te nesto, osvoji sve grand slemove ove i sledece godine i postani najbolji u istoriji tenisa po tome, a iskreno ti zelim zdravlje isrecu i svemu ...
Teacherclauedith Rguez Nole, congratulations! You deserve your award and with your words I feel that I can get better things for my life! Thanks!! God bless you!
Novak Djokovic
11:48 09/12/2016

Huge thanks #nolefam for being part of ANZ Australia #HeadbandForGood. You have helped to raise $100,000 for charity! ?? http://anz.co/H1QxX

120.1k reactions 1251 comments
Shirley Babicz This is your year Mr. Novaking, be determined, focus, and go have fun and win and break records. This is the time to make history.
Sandy Gottesman Thanks for the thrills in spite of my having been a zombie all day because I had to stay up til 1AM to see you win.LOL
Melody Semilla Malimban Congratulations Novak!! You're such a great tennis player! Hope u can visit Phillipines!!??
Rietta Tajjah Jae Congratulations Novak Djokovic on your 6th Aussie Open title... #peace✌
Lilly Posarac You're such a class act Novak, an amazing player and such an inspiration! Congratulations - wish you all the best! I'll always remember your quote "you have to believe your convictions are stronger than your doubts" - beautifully put ?
Novak Djokovic
11:48 09/12/2016

Thank you Australia! Amazing two weeks for me and my team. I want to tell you that I felt how strong you've been cheering for me! Thank you #NoleFam #TeamDjokovic We did it again!!! :D Vidimo se sledeće godine Australian Open! Fantastične dve nedelje za mene i moj tim! Želim da znate da sam osetio koliko ste snažno navijali za mene! Mnogo mi je značilo! Hvala #NoleFam Idemooooo

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Ivan Hromić Nole legendo svaka ti cast na jos jednoj velikoj osvojenoj tituli ! Srbija i cili Balkan moze biti ponosan na tebe ! Prije svega na ljudskost i humanost koju si pokazao kroz svoju citavu karijeru,a onda naravno i na veliki rad koji je rezultirao ...
Nevenka Savic Nole Nas zivino za te dve sedmice da te bodrimo uzivo. Hvala ti na svoj sreci sto nam donosis i ispunjavas nam srca!! Dace ti Bog jos puno grand slamova i ispisat ces historiju kao niko da sada! Nek te Nas Dragi Bog Cuva!! Tvoji vecni fenovi. Obozavamo ...
Lara Giusti Ti scrivo in italiano, il mio inglese non mi consente lunghi discorsi!. Sei un grandissimo campione, guardare le tue partite è sempre un'emozione unica, il tuo gioco è lineare, pulito e sempre precisissimo. Ammiro la concentrazione che ti consente , ...
Smart Chuks Trust me Novak.,you don't have any idea how i feel. I couldn't watch, but i was following the match via a live transmission. I'm more happy than i can describe! Congratulations Novak Djokovic !!! #WeDidIt
Gavrila Ana-Maria Congratulations, Novak! I.m BIG fan of you! I wish you more than 6 or 11... I wish you all the best!!! Greetings from Romania!!! Felicitări! :))))
Novak Djokovic
11:48 09/12/2016

Wow so many of you have this "I'm team Djokovic" #AusOpen decoration!!! I like it so much! Thank you for supporting me so loud #NoleFam ? Koliko vas je postavilo ovakve profil slike podrške na fejsu, pa ja nemam reči! Hvala vam #NoleFam Idemoooo #TeamDjokovic? https://business.facebook.com/AustralianOpen/photos/a.165541748614.147377.48160623614/10153883005988615/?type=3&theater

19.5k reactions 1013 comments
Mirjana Radojcic You deserve it Brother. Your heart, your soul, your character can not be compared to any other. Here We gooooooo!
Expat.rs You deserve it Novak Djokovic!!! #NoleFam knows how much our support means to you! Wishing you all the best! Go take your 6th AO title No1e!
Danka Ester Novace tvoje lice odise cascu i dobrotom...a to je nepobedivo! Zapamti to je viteska osobina tvog naroda koja ga krasi kao i tebe Novak!
Vanessa Espinoza It may cost me some sleep time, but watching you play is a sure delight. I hope you OWN this tournament :D
Borislav Beč Ma i Nadal je namestio pre neki dan...ajde vadi Inat iz torbe i udri!
Novak Djokovic
11:48 09/12/2016

#NoleFam you know how much I love this kind of events! Yesterday they gave me and #TeamDjokovic a great and heartwarming energy for the #ausopen start. Svi već znate koliko volim druženja sa mališanima. Za jučerašnji dobar start zaslužna je i divna energija koju smo moj tim i ja dobili od njih :)

28.3k reactions 384 comments
Elena Cavlin Ne moguu da prestanem da ti se divim,konstantno me odusevljavas!Ti si jedno predivno bice i zasluzujes sve najbolje.Sugurno sam da su deca uzivala u druzenju sa jednom takvom ljudskom gromadom kao sto si ti! Srecno u sutrasnjem mecu!! #GoNolee #AusOpen <...
Jelena Planojevic Nole,samo napred,i uvek budi ono sto jesi.Komentari nebitnih ljudi su stvarno NEBITNI,mnogo je vece ono sto ti radis za decu i za sve nas,nego tamo neciji komentari...???????????
Borislav Djurovic nas brend a u svetu trend.mnogo si jak i ne klecis.sta bi drugi dali da imaju tebe.shvaticemo jednom ti si od boga dar,koji se bori i za nase mesto u manipulativnom svetu.nemozes da se promenis,toliko volis svoju zemlju.
Borka Zec Nole Bog ti dobro dao,!Svim tvojim neprijateljima po njihovim zaslugama.Ziv mi zdrav i u punoj kondiciji stigao do vrha u svim oblastima u zivotu a ne samo u tenisu.Srecno!!!!!!
Tereza Trailovic Jeste, ali Stefanova podrška je najvažnija, videćeš ti kada on počne da navija za tatu. Cmokić za Stefana i pozdrav Jeleni !!!
Novak Djokovic
11:48 09/12/2016

Meet Olga, my 14 years old sparring partner. She is already hitting like a champion. Good luck in further career, girl ? #NoleFam, pogledajte moju sparing partnerku i primetite na koga vam liči ;) to je Olga Danilović, ćerka našeg Predraga Danilovića :) Moram priznati da ima odlične udarce! ??

68.6k reactions 681 comments
Sandra Thomas What a lucky girl, what an opportunity , learning with the worlds no 1. Wishing her good luck in her future.
Laura Fokti Even if I'd know how to play tennis I would'nt dare play with you ?
Khadim Kapadia Very Fortunate Girl.!!! Make the most of it will it lasts.!!!How many can get first hand lessons from the Champion?!!!
Anatoliy Kolosov To have this sparring partner is nice!
Madhav Madireddy This sport need guys like you, Novak!! You are awesome on and off court. Aus Open 2016 is waiting for you. Go Novak go!!
Novak Djokovic
11:48 09/12/2016

#NoleFam, today I'm gonna show you how the walk to the Rod Laver arena looks like. Among these great Tennis names I've found my idols from young age, can you spot yours? Danas ću vam pokazati kako izgleda tunel kroz koji se prolazi do Rod Lejver arene. Ispunjen je velikim teniskim imenima među kojima sam pronašao i svoje idole iz mlađih dana :)

30.7k reactions 797 comments
Bogdan Mijailovic Ain't you think that you deserve your own spot out there?! In my opinion yes you did for a long time ago man!!!!! One of the best!!!!!
Esteban Ferrer You're there, so yeah I found my idol on the walkway!
Gemma Fay yes...i found him...the handsome one at the end
Samm Jewell Yeah I seen him at the end "YOU"!!!!!
Helen Zolnierowicz Yes I recognize many faces over the yeras. Looks like walking the "last mile". Must be in good shape to do this before a rigors tennis match. Good luck in the Open.
Novak Djokovic
11:48 09/12/2016

Hey #NoleFam, time to get creative for the #HeadbandForGood cause. Share a selfie of you, your fam, your pals or your pets wearing a headband using #HeadbandForGood. For every pic uploaded ANZ Australia will donate $2 to World Vision Australia #NoleFam get on board!

4.7k reactions 187 comments
Chun Cheng Lin Congratulations for making it to Doha final. We will be cheering for you! Idemo!!
Jelena Stanojlovic BRAVO CAREEEE !!! Cestitke i .... idemo. daljeeeee !!! Srecno u Australiji ... Neka bude isto...ja tu ne bih nistan menjala .... sto bi smo " mi" rekli... "kao onomad " ;-) :-D
Elsa Velázquez Sei unico ,meraviglioso e non smetteró mai di dirlo!!!!!!! Grande campione ????
Sejo Halilovic Maestro i Violina,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Tako ja tebe zovem,,Jak si kao crna zemlja,,imas ama bas sve,,Sinoc si dokazao meni a i mojim prijateljima kada sam ja rekao prije 10 godina da ces biti BOG tenisa na Planeti.Hvala tebi sto si pomogao meni da se moje ...
Diego Nebreda http://mamirotennis.blogspot.com/2016/01/doha-novak-djokovic-rank1-campeon.html?spref=tw

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