Catherine Zeta-Jones
06:54 07/17/2017

In the the thick of it. #NYCeprix

1.4k reactions 29 comments
Jennifer Galloway Now his heart is racing,lol
Mandy Juana 😗😗😗
Peter van der Beny :)
Karen Daly Halloran Go girl ! 🙂
Mario Rodrigues Da Costa Wow!
Catherine Zeta-Jones
06:54 07/17/2017

Girls go racing. #NYCeprix

4.4k reactions 97 comments
Ahmad Wardah Jamel So lovely both of you 😍💚🌹🆒
Arturo Valdovinos The Queen and the princess looks mavelous.!!!
Mohamd Moneim We are pray 🙏 for your 😊 Catherine and appreciate •|||
Kevin Thomas Now then she is the spitting image of you 😊👍
James Peet Mom...I'm ready for my Oceans 14 debut..!!!!!!!LOL
Catherine Zeta-Jones
06:54 07/17/2017

Lady Liberty has never looked better 😘 #FamilyDayOut #nyceprix

5.4k reactions 109 comments
Jonathan Smith You should take a trip to Philadelphia to watch the Swans? 😁
Jarvis C Lehmann Who's looking at lady liberty!?
Pat Forest well, i think lady liberty is in a panic at the moment - cries at night hoping someone will save her.
Brian John Morris Looking cool there guys in the sun from a wet South Wales.
Débora Benguer Always looking gorgeous.the two of you. Hello from Peru.
David Villa Sánchez
06:36 07/14/2017

Good luck to my new friends TECHEETAH Formula E Team in the FIA Formula E #NYCePRIX! Like to give them a power boost in the race! 🏎🏁 #FanBoost Jean-Éric Vergne #StephSarrazin #NYCFC

1.5k reactions 11 comments
Bakissima Bawa Sylla único jugador que me hace querer único mundo de fútbol futbolista sueño de conocerlo Estoy seguro de que un día mi sueño hecho realidad. El guaje7
ابراهيم ڤيا ❤️😍
Regina Gorgees The beast one in the middle
Bakissima Bawa Sylla se puede realizar el sueño de un ventilador desconocido un día quiero que usted pueda resolver un día
Bakissima Bawa Sylla único jugador que me hace querer único mundo de fútbol futbolista Sueño con el cumplimiento de la

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