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11 hours ago

We had the best time in Nagoya! Check out our highlights here. 📷: by Chady Awad Don't forget your #NPNHJBtour tix at www.simpleplan.com

2.2k reactions 39 comments
Ken Ilagan https://youtu.be/zJ3SCf-Ix2Q
Belén Ortega Rodrigo
Pedro Segovia Cesar Alejandro Gomez Alvarado Luis Alejandro Gomez Navarro Menores,las Japo :3
Inwoo Lee Please come to Korea
Susy SP García Zavala <3
Simple Plan
02:30 10/14/2017

See you this week, Japan! Tickets and VIP upgrades are still available at simpleplan.com #NPNHJBtour

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Patrick Kelly Any UK dates?
Bruna Ballerini Come to Brazil!
Patricia Espínola Come to Paraguay!! 🙏🙏🙏
Ken Ilagan https://youtu.be/zJ3SCf-Ix2Q
Aj Tamayo Td Tamayo
Simple Plan
21:42 09/28/2017

Presale is on NOW! Use the codes VINYL, NPNHJB, or PERFECT to get your #NPNHJBtour tickets at simpleplan.com

761 reactions 48 comments
Shruti Rijhwani Deepak Gopinath I WANNA GOOO.
Jacqueline Moliterno Come to Argentina please!!!!
Martin Whatty Come back to the UK soon! 👍👍👍
Chris Muldoon Round 2 Nishaul Rajroop 🤔🤔🤔??
Dashaun Manson Templeton Peck Yvette Rose new York date
Simple Plan
08:54 09/26/2017

Added some more dates to the #NPNHJBtour! Our friends Hit The Lights, Patent Pending, Story Untold are joining us too. Tickets on sale Friday at 10am EST.

1.3k reactions 120 comments
Sarah Strunk Come back to #Brazil can't wait to see you again!
Holly Laryssa Lucas Can't wait to see you in Kentucky!
Madeline McGinnis Is there going to be a presale for SP Crew?
Carolyn Payne You bad we won't still be there on the 29th. Herby Kidd
Melinda Kirkland Come back to California!!
Simple Plan
18:30 09/18/2017

‪See you tonight, Montreal! A few tix are still available at simpleplan.com #NPNHJBtour ‬

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林宗廷 Plz come to Taiwan.
Yoli Lef <3
Mary P. Tremblay Marie-Ève Germain nous demain à Québec 🤘🏻
Rosemay Francisco Cindy Francisco
Frances Malanum 👍👍👍👍
Simple Plan
18:30 09/18/2017

Montréal et Québec! On s'en vient vous voir dans quelques jours et on a vraiment hâte! On est au Métropolis (M Telus) à Montréal lundi et à Québec au Capitole mardi! Il ne reste plus que quelques billets! Manquez pas ça! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Montreal and Quebec City! We're coming to see you in a few days and we can't wait! We'll be at Métropolis in Montreal this Monday and at Le Capitole de Québec in Quebec City on Tuesday! There's only a few tickets left so don't miss out! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Billets / Tickets: simpleplan.com 🙁💔⛈ #npnhjbtour

3.8k reactions 160 comments
Miranda Andalusia 😱 you guys speak French so well. Rock On 😍😍
Sophie Brault On se voit demain les gars ! Et bonne fête Chuck 😄🎉🎈🎂🤘🏻
Vanessa Mat Julia Geiserkomisch sie französisch reden zu hören haha :D
Destynee Sandifer Yay! Love you guys. Have for a long time. Hope to see you guys soon. Nice shirt by the way Pierre.
Renee Marie Heh. Pierre. I'm wearing that same shirt right now. Lol
Simple Plan
18:30 09/18/2017

‪Toronto, we love you. #NPNHJBtour 📸: Francesca Ludikar

2.8k reactions 15 comments
Julian Carrillo Happy birtday chuk
Emily Eugenia Lanius Poland loves U!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 :D :*
Sarah Côté ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mar DeLonge Come back to Argentina Pierre!! ;) <3
Candice Collins So handsome <3
Simple Plan
05:42 09/16/2017

Quick! We just released some more tickets for our Quebec City, Montreal, and Toronto dates! Get yours now at simpleplan.com #NPNHJBtour

1.1k reactions 16 comments
Bryan Rodrigues voltem ao brasil
Yasmin Victória Come back to Brazil
Susy SP García Zavala <3
DeSrosiers RoOxy Miss u david <3
Tania Gagnon J'ai tellement hâteeeee
Simple Plan
16:54 09/13/2017

Hey, Thunder Bay, it's time! See you tonight! #NPNHJBtour

2.7k reactions 31 comments
Paloma Esteban Montoro I want to see you in Spain soon!! 😄😄😄
Lucia Alarcon 😍😍😍😍
Julien Sorignet Oh shit
Julien Sorignet "gay"
Mariel Rios 😂😂
Simple Plan
15:12 09/08/2017

Tomorrow we're taking over the Live Nation Alberta Instagram Stories! TUNE IN past 4pm and don't forget your tickets to our show in Edmonton at simpleplan.com #NPNHJBtour

1.7k reactions 12 comments
Hannah Nadine Hi all persons .. Add me .
Hannah Nadine Hi all persons .. Add my facebook . please ! .
Rachel Goldberg Robynne Jennae IM SO SAAAAAD
Lebasi Asuab Omuyap 😍😭😭
Bruno Martin #NPNHJBtour
Simple Plan
15:12 09/08/2017

Winnipeg! See you Sept 10th to celebrate 15 Years of "No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls"! Get your tickets NOW! ☹️💔⛈ #NPNHJBtour

Tickets | Simple Plan- No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls -15th Anniversary Tour - Winnipeg, MB at Ticketmaster
Tickets | Simple Plan- No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls -15th Anniversary Tour - Winnipeg, MB at Ticketmaster

Buy Simple Plan- No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls -15th Anniversary Tour tickets at the Burton Cummings Theatre in Winnipeg, MB for Sep 10, 2017 07:00 PM at Ticketmaster.

1.1k reactions 24 comments
Anneso MewhereIbelong Montpellier en FRANCE!
Jordan Mollot Joanne Fossay
Piya Canicula Kirsten Luke
Cate Fraccarolli Sadly, I'm from Argentina 💔
Jacqueline Mayuga Hannah Ramsey are u going
Simple Plan
13:36 09/03/2017

‪Thanks, Portland! SOLD OUT in Seattle tonight! See you soon. #NPNHJBtour‬

1.9k reactions 14 comments
Ashley Jones https://youtu.be/wBWNgg8CClc
Yasmin Victória Come back to Brazil
MacKenzie Banister-Hintz Gabriel Stahl WHERE YOU AT!
Susy SP García Zavala <3 <3 Hi <3
Alyssa Healy AGh geez..
Simple Plan
00:48 09/01/2017

We're California dreaming! See you tonight for the #NPNHJBtour, Sacramento!

7.3k reactions 67 comments
Keke Leon Man I hope y'all come back to Texas soon.😔
Lilian Cahill Perry My best rock crew
Sarah Bear I can't waiiiiitttttt!!!!
Vanesa Amaro I didn't get tickets on time 😭😭😭😭
Mary Depaz When will you guys be back to houston? 😞
Simple Plan
23:12 08/26/2017

See you tonight at House of Blues Dallas! #NPNHJBtour

4.5k reactions 70 comments
Meghan Ruth Seim Wish I was there! See you tomorrow in Houston
Paolo Monteron Where's David ?
Fidelia Navarro Guillén See you on November guys! <3
Brianna Elizabeth Zell Best show I've seen in forever!!!! You guys are amazing. Thanks for 15 years!
Alli Spence Saw you guys in Indy and I just have to say it was heaven! So much fun, love you guys!! 😍😍😘😘😘
Simple Plan
23:12 08/26/2017

#TBT to the time we let Herby Moreau and a film crew follow us around South America! #NPNHJBtour

952 reactions 27 comments
Louise Marchand Vee Mouse'xo
Helen Cristina Daiane Araujo e Bruna Teles
Cathy Baillargeon Véronik Ménard Lauzé viens-tu l'écouter avec moi
Catherine Geronimo Coste My love Simple Plan ❤
Taila Paige Ellard Come Australia please! 😩😥
Simple Plan
10:24 08/24/2017

Our shows on the #NPNHJBtour in the USA with Set It Off, The Bottom Line. and Patent Pending have been selling out each night! Don't delay and get your tickets in advance at simpleplan.com

764 reactions 22 comments
Clayton Matos And Brazil ? 😫
Taila Paige Ellard Come to Australia 😥
Noemi Garcia México plis. ☺
Rafael Antonio Come to colombia
Gustavo Daniel Hurtado Gomez Come to Ecuador Please!
Simple Plan
10:24 08/24/2017

See you on the road? Tickets for the #NPNHJBtour in Canada, USA, Japan, and Mexico are on sale NOW at SimplePlan.com/tour

5.2k reactions 268 comments
Aschyr Conley Clear across the country from me. Oh well. I'll See them again some day.
Shianne DeFreese Wish I could've gone when you were in Lawrence, KS. 😭💛
Mariette Bijman Alan Bijman weeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy la secu vamas parfavar jajajajajajaja andale no seas marica
Stephanie Carrillo Brgan Antonio Bravo de Alba no te gustaban?🤔
Luzero Torres Azu Torres 😍😍😍
Simple Plan
21:36 08/21/2017

‪Last night was a blast. Thank you Indianapolis ❤️👏🏼 #NPNHJBtour 📸: @goodguychady ‬

829 reactions 21 comments
Joel Yair Buen Dia Mexico
Joel Yair Buen Dia Come tô mexico
Karla Martinez Monterrey, México????? #NPNHJBtour
Muhammad Ilham Come on man show to Indonesia
Jurry Marzan Wala akong naiintindihan sa kanta nyu
Simple Plan
21:36 08/21/2017

‪Cincinnati was amazing! Indianapolis tonight is almost sold out too so get tix before it's too late! SimplePlan.com/Tour 🙁💔⛈#NPNHJBtour‬

2.8k reactions 26 comments
Miranda Bryant Ethan Rich
Shinichi Izumi please come to Philippines
Susy SP García Zavala <3
Fiona Skindog wow high jumper
Kayla Alesha Assyifa wish i can buy the ticket 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Simple Plan
21:36 08/21/2017

Kicked off our tour last night in Michigan with our own No Pads No Helmets... Just Pizza! See you tonight for another SOLD OUT show in Cincinnati! #NPNHJBtour

17.5k reactions 212 comments
Joana Victoria Elĭĭzabeth Rojas me acordé de ti 😂
Samya Layaun Adriélli Feitosa temos que marcar para fazer uma pizza assim!!!
Agus Garzon The best pizza ever!!!!
Melody Leticia Ugh why do I have to be so broke I would love pizza and SP! Like my two favorite things. My job sucks 😣
Heather Rudge How cool is this pizza . Can't wait to see the show live in Hamilton
Simple Plan
08:48 08/19/2017

The #NPNHJBtour kicks off again tomorrow! Will we see you on the road? Get your tickets at www.simpleplan.com

1.1k reactions 64 comments
Sergio Hernandez mi amado David seguire sin intregrarse al grupo
Lindsay Otten-Knickerbocker Grand rapids... I won't be able to sleep tonight ♡♡
Emily Elder Me and my boyfriend will be there. 😊
Char Mullaney so wish you were coming back to Florida :/
Cyrena Mae Farris Already gotten!
Simple Plan
16:48 08/06/2017

‪Weekend Jams 🎶 Can't wait to play these tracks for you on the #NPNHJBtour! ‬

10.4k reactions 395 comments
Janina Morales Oliveira Aaaa, saudades Marina Emily *. *
Ale Zavaleta Medico. Con esta canción me acuerdo de ti! Jijiji
Augusto Ferreira Renata e Kamille... esse fds promete (y)
Cedric Edge I'm listening to I'd do anything at this moment while working out 😃
Marie Glénat Pierre Glénat cette voix... :')
Simple Plan
04:00 08/04/2017

‪COMING RIGHT UP! Tix at simpleplan.com #NPNHJBtour ‬

538 reactions 54 comments
Mariana Serna Lizbeth let's go??🤔
Miriam Sotelo Come to Havana some time!
Chase Little Got tickets to Houston! Can't wait!
Trina Gamboa Asian tour please!!!😭😭😭
Ryan Ormanator I'm soooooo pumped for the Thunder Bay tour!!!!!!!!
Simple Plan
02:24 07/30/2017

‪What a throwback! Come celebrate 15 years of "No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls" with us. Tix: simpleplan.com‬ ‪#NPNHJBtour ‬

7.3k reactions 447 comments
Jasmine Crawford Come back to Australia.... we miss you. Morgan Lanzendoerfer
Kaitlyn Nicole Molly Ritter 😍😍😍 But they're not coming anywhere near us! 👎
Cheryl Maturan Ayeen Gascon imy! huhubels..uwi kana music trip tau..hehe!
Liih Caroline Linca Latiere e essa nostalgia 😱😱
Stéphanie Brisebois Laurence !!! Omg ahahhaha ;) ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Simple Plan
23:06 07/19/2017

SO excited for our friends The Bottom Line to join us in North America this year for the #NPNHJBtour! Tickets at www.simpleplan.com/tour USA w/ Set It Off and Patent Pending Canada w/ Courage My Love, Selfish Things, and Not By Choice

449 reactions 32 comments
Anton MaDez Are you going to Mexico? 😢
Paula Ianishi Brazil 🇧🇷 please!
Lauren Stuttard Are you coming to Australia?
Magalie Benjamin Annabelle Sabourin
Simple Plan
05:30 07/02/2017

‪Happy #Canada150! We're excited to spend time with you this September. Get your #NPNHJBtour tix at simpleplan.com/tour‬

921 reactions 30 comments
Eduardo Acierno MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ced Rik Jordane Van Aken
Martin Siu Angela Arreola
Kieve Boucher Vincent Sorel
Nutta Koperqualuk Winnie Koperqualuk let's plan it
Simple Plan
03:54 06/27/2017

Hawaii! VIP upgrade to our #NPNHJBtour below 😄

Simple Plan
Simple Plan

Simple Plan

552 reactions 15 comments
Benjamin Bethell Melissa Willemsen
Rayna Paglinawan Bought mines last week. Super excited!!!#simpleplanhi
Tom Price are they gonna go to California?
I'd do anything for SP 😭
Simple Plan
03:54 06/27/2017

‪Canada! Are you going to celebrate the #NPNHJB anniversary with us this fall? Tix at simpleplan.com! #NPNHJBtour ‬

1.0k reactions 62 comments
Taylor Batty Add a Saskatchewan date. Pleeeaaaasseeeeee. 😣
Nath Rodriguez I'm waiting for the mexican tour
Liza Lochrie Glasgow please
Alyssa Miller So excited to see y'all for the second time this year! 🤘🏻
Lux Kennedy 83 days !!! #hometown !! Montreal 🤘🏻
Simple Plan
15:06 06/24/2017

The Pit has the behind the scenes look at our Download Festival set! #NPNHJBtour

757 reactions 14 comments
Francis Dave M Casido Jean Matthew Mendiola
Kristof Marien Heidi Yu
Melanie Obrist Kira Pfister
Serena Magnani Je vous adore....!!!
JEnrique Aguila Vazquez Falta David 😟
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