Cory Booker
01:36 08/13/2017

Eight states and the District of Columbia have already legalized marijuana. Even more states are taking up measures to follow suit. Yet the federal government continues to drag its feet and continues to go backward, not forward on drug policy. It’s time to catch up to the progress made by state legislatures and end these broken drug laws once and for all. That’s why I've introduced the Marijuana Justice Act. It won’t be easy, but as Frederick Douglass once said, “power concedes nothing without a demand.” I hope you will join me in support of this bill. #MarijuanaJustice

Sen. Cory Booker Will Face An Uphill Battle Fixing America’s “Badly Broken” Drug Laws
Sen. Cory Booker Will Face An Uphill Battle Fixing America’s “Badly Broken” Drug Laws

The Democratic senator called the bill “a necessary step in correcting this unjust system,” but even legalization advocates say that it’s unlikely to succeed.

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Michael Scott Melissa Bellino Sblendorio
Anthony Tedesco Thank you Senator It's about time someone said the Obvious
Jack Tors Unfortunate that goons like Sessions will fight against this tooth and nail, just based on the fact that it's your idea, but people with a brain support you 100% Senator Booker.
Casey Joe Monaghan YOUR NOT ALONE Cory Booker. i wish i could help more, but all i can do is preach knowledge to my community and peers.
Patricia Wilus This isn't the way to fix who is picked up and jailed.
Cory Booker
12:48 08/10/2017

In the United States today, black people are almost four times more likely than their white counterparts to be arrested for marijuana use or possession. This practice of over-criminalizing and under-serving our communities, grounded in the misguided War on Drugs prevents hardworking people from getting Pell Grants, getting jobs, and having access to basic necessities like food stamps. Just because of one reckless decision, countless people caught in this unjust system have a less viable long-term economic potential. That’s not what we’re about. #MarijuanaJustice

Sen. Cory Booker wants to take marijuana off the federal controlled substance list
Sen. Cory Booker wants to take marijuana off the federal controlled substance list

Booker's Marijuana Justice Act would decriminalize pot at the federal level.

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Maureen McGinnis What about changing the system that discriminates? That seems like a better plan than putting a bandaid on it by legalizing marijuana.
Charles Oberholtzer Still playing the race card while you hold the blacks back by telling them they don't have to work. Until the leaders of the black community show by example how to get ahead by getting (1) high school education-minimum, go to trade school- take these ...
Carol Good The prison industrial complex disproportionately affect the poor and people of color. The money would be better spent investing in our communities for schools and food programs for kids so that they can be successful.
Donnay Noir its ridiculous that marijuana is considered more dangerous than meth?! Are we legislating for what communities use which drug to lessen the effects in white communities and make them harsher in communities of color?! This is blatant and outrageous ...
Ronald Oneal Hell yeah corey!! i support you... too many white supremacists tried to shut me up on your posts.. but I will nto give up because you inspire me... KEEP UP THE BATTLE TO LEGALIZE WEED
Cory Booker
00:00 08/08/2017

Ending the prohibition on marijuana is a matter of equal justice. The War on Drugs has disproportionately targeted minority communities and low-income individuals. It has hurt too many American communities, neighborhoods, families and lives. That's why I introduced the Marijuana Justice Act to legalize marijuana on the federal level. Please watch & share. #MarijuanaJustice

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Teri Fisher Scivley Have you raised children?
George Kudlacik should definitely listen to him--he did such a great job as mayor of newark--cleaned up the city, eliminated the gangs, drug problem and upgraded the education system to the best in the state--amazing who we promote to represent us in DC--all based on ...
Lacie Graham https://www.google.com/amp/amp.dailycaller.com/2016/08/17/government-has-a-patent-on-pot-even-though-officials-say-it-holds-no-medical-value/
Rodrick Graves Common sense
Srééjîth R Náîr #JohnDelaney2020
Cory Booker
00:00 08/08/2017

In this country, we have allowed 40 years of bad drug policy to overpopulate our prisons and disproportionately harm people of color, the poor, and the mentally ill. I’ve introduced a bill that will: ✔️ Deschedule marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug ✔️ Expunge the record of people with marijuana possession or use ✔️ Resentence people currently serving time for marijuana-related offenses ✔️ Incentivize states to chart a path toward legalization at the state level ✔️ Establish community reinvestment programs in areas most hard-hit by the drug war We can’t perpetuate this broken system any longer. We must be agents of restorative justice. #MarijuanaJustice

Could Weed Ever Be Legal At The Federal Level? This New Bill Could Make It Happen
Could Weed Ever Be Legal At The Federal Level? This New Bill Could Make It Happen

The Marijuana Justice Act will remove remove weed from the list of controlled substances, making it legal at the federal level.

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Eric Maverick Herron They lied for years just to have a reason to search and seize over the smell of cannabis The easiest way to harass someone is the Smell
Charles Lynch Thank you Senator Booker 🙋🏻‍♂️ Some highly educated white folks have been harmed by prohibition too BSCS 1986 #usavslynch #felonsbyamerica Today is day 3782 🙇🏻 http://www.friendsofccl.com/prosecution-timer-mobile.html
Mike Mike Pence, our new future president, supports this. Russia approves. Sessions is going away according to RT news outlets.
Meg Giovinco Thank you, Senator!
Stacey Dunleavy Thank you Mr. Senator! Booker 2020!

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