Donald J. Trump
21:18 01/12/2018

2017 was a year of TREMENDOUS achievement. We began a great American economic revival and we will continue to #MAGA in the new year!

19.0k reactions 2320 comments
Carmella Rossi Roye Swaim Mr. President Donald J. Trump please remember the hatred that is being spewed is supernatural. Its not of God. Its the other one. You just keep doing what the Lord is guiding you to do, keep your Godly counsel close by...remember to put HIM first. God ...
Gail Passaretti Maybe all the bad issues will be buried in the next year and many of those who are against President Trump will wake up and see what he has done for our country. It's really too bad that the immigration issue wasn't handled a long time ago because ...
Bryan Marks It’s not like you were poor and there was this turn around...it was already happening at the end of Obama’s term, you’re just co-opting the praise for it. To be honest all you did was left it alone and let it sort itself out....when you did actually do ...
Robin Bobalink Tax cuts need to happen on the local level as well!!! Property owners are being Unconstitutionally taxed too death to fund schools even when they have NO children in school & it is WRONG!!!!!!!The burden of funding schools should NOT be on property ...
Jamie Bennett I think that "tremendous" is the biggest word in the Scumbag-In-Chief's vocabulary. He's an embarrassment.
Donald J. Trump
19:42 01/07/2018

While the mainstream media continue their Fake News coverage in the new year, we're going to #MAGA with YOU!

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Corey Melanson Apparently democrats dont mind being the victims of a nuclear attack by NK just as long as President Donald J. Trump doesnt respond to their threats. For some reason having ties to Russia is cardinal sin even its not a crime & a total fabraction as in ...
Sharida Cox So much left to do. Imagine how great we'd be if the democrats weren't obstructing any progress in such urgent matters as healthcare and immigration reform! Good luck with your new book, Kayleigh. Millions will love a positive account for a change!
Tommy Utko I am a hard working American. How dare you tell me what I feel is important. Take your propoganda and stick it.
Robert Korczak It's strange for a President to eat fast food cause he fears the White House chef. No? Maybe just a touch crazy?
Diane N Steve Bailey mean while back at the ranch, the DOJ has opened an investagation into the clintons taking cash for political favors while killery was sec of state. how mant
Donald J. Trump
06:54 01/05/2018

Today the Dow broke 25,000. There were those who said we wouldn't break 25,000 by the end of the 8th year, and we're in the 11th month! #MAGA

49.6k reactions 5967 comments
Michael Baker Dow went up 10,000 points in Obama's 8 years. And about 6,000 of those points were just from cyclical recovery where it would have went up 6,000 points even if Snoopy was the president. So the market "truly" only went up 4,000 points under Obama.... ...
Denise Weis Congratulations President Trump. Keeping promises, making it all happen with each passing day. Keep strong, the weak loser snowflakes will melt away one day. Looking forward to the next seven years of a successful America. #trump2020
Ryan Poirier Everyone saying this is Obama’s success is so hilarious ...so 8 years the market either was dead or grew at a snails pace but now magically after he has been out for almost a year he suddenly got the market to grow???? What are you guys going to use for ...
John Lisle I love how Obama said it couldn’t be done. Trump has done it and now Obama wants to claim credit after saying it couldn’t happen. Bahahahaha. Brilliant.
Vicky Merry President Trump you are amazing! Thank you for hanging in there for us even though you could have lived a great life outside of politics. You care for us and love our country. We are so blessed to have you as our President. God speed! We deplorable ...
Bill Maher
10:18 12/29/2017


Doug Jones Officially Wins Alabama Senate Race
Doug Jones Officially Wins Alabama Senate Race

Alabama officials certified the special Senate election results Thursday, officially declaring Democrat Doug Jones the winner.Jones is expected to be sworn into office on Jan. 3, his spokesman confirmed. He will be the first Democratic senator to represent Alabama in 25 years.

36.0k reactions 675 comments
Jeffrey P Littell Roy Moore should show some class and concede, but no. He is determined to drag his party further down to show their candidates have no redeeming qualities.
Paul Reilly Voter fraud, fake news etc. it’s all aimed to create distraction and doubt. These weasels know if things go bad for them they can cling to some bogeyman as the reason they failed. Not actual facts and votes.
Niklas Linder So a Democrat wins and it's "fraud", but when Trump wins thanks to the electoral college, it's by a "landslide"... Fucking hell, Republicans... And YOU'RE to talk about fake news. Well done, Doug Jones! 💪💪💪
Robert J. Burns Is there an error in this story? It says, "Jones won the Dec. 12 special election by nearly 22 votes." Shouldn't that be 22,000 votes?
Joanne Singer Roy Moore says he took and passed a polygraph test that show he did not know or have anything to do with his accuser. SO WHERE ARE THE RESULTS PUBLICIZED?
Donald J. Trump
14:54 12/23/2017

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Julie Ann Kull-Darwin What a great President. Won't belong Clinton and Obama should be in Jail. lol Our worst president of all time was Obama - lies and fake news.
James Burns .President Trump has delivered, but where is the $2500 Democrats said we'd each save with Obamacare.. ?
Jack Brice Is Trump secretly the owner of a dollar store? I know he sells it all for snake oil prices, but it's clearly ordered from China out of a catalog. What's next, mini combs and erasers?
Randall Burnett .....or just say Merry Christmas and save your hard earned money from enriching the richest bigot to ever hold office...whatever floats your boat.
Pat Scheck Typical liberal rhetoric....opinions and name calling. You cannot win an arguement with intellect and fact just start spewing trash and call people names. Yeah, that gets your point across.
Donald J. Trump
02:06 12/21/2017

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Brian Fulton well done President Trump, your the gift that The United States of America has been waiting for decades. Truly an inspiration for all Americans. On behalf of myself, an individual living in Northern Ireland your success and determination and resolve is ...
Peter Bustos Yep; them lawyer bills add up with a quickness eh? Do the Trumpamaniacs know that the proceeds of these sales go to paying yours and your families’ attorneys fees? One would think a Billionaire would have the means to pay for his own lawyer bills. I’d ...
Joshua Hallet Stand with Donald Trump and No more Hillary Clinton, Clinton Family, Mark Cuban, Kamala Harris, Liberals, and Corrupted Liberals as Presidents and any other office. Make America Great Again.
Bobby Guyan It's going to be nice to have a President in a church for a service on Christmas where they DON'T preach "GD AMERICA, and the chickens have come home to roost."
Ritchie Miriti Barrack Hussein Obama added tax on the middle class to bail out big corporations through stimulus package. That's where you can differentiate a community organizer and the current president and successful billionaire who knows meaning working American.
Donald J. Trump
02:06 12/21/2017

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Claudia Rouse Have you seen the tweets and pix showing how Disney has your likeness in their Hall of Presidents? Well, it doesn't exactly look like you, it looks more like a cross between Jon Voigt and Billy Graham. Both of whom are strong Republicans so that's OK. ...
Anthony Mccoy It’s always Merry Christmas. Anyone who uses the passive aggressive term Happy Holidays religious or not needs to be smacked across the face with a big and I mean huge rubber pink dildo.
Christian Buffalo Hawking cheap Chinese Goods, better sell enough of them so you can defend yourself against all these sexual allegations and the coming indictments from Robert Mueller. The Only people that support you're brain dead zombie followers..
Nancy Hidi Wilcox I agree. My heart breaks that people are so ignorant that they can't see how our country was being destroyed for the vote by these low life politicians. They will use and abuse the system and we became the silent majority without any voice. President ...
Jennifer Wenker When I wake up and remember who is president, I pray I am just having a really bad dream. MAGA and resign, please.
Donald J. Trump
13:18 12/18/2017

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Charlie Jackson Only a creep like Trump would hawk his stupid hat as a potential Christmas present. I hope his stupid followers make him millions by spending their hard earned money on his wonderful hat. Only in America.
David Jones Daddy Putin said hood boy Donny. Trump is so easy to play as his ego is massive. America's strongest global partner (Great Britain), does not want Trump to come for the opening of US embassy. Great Britain's leaders don't want to share intelligence ...
Danny Smallwood gayle Smallwood said this.... So you never saw the Obama bobble heads dolls huh, Or the Hope and Change t shirts and bumper stickers. and a lot more stuff. Get over it he is doing a great job in one year, At least he did not leave people to die like ...
Richard Dvorchak No thanks. You should have divested yourself of your businesses. Disgusting promotions -are you that desperate for money you are selling Hats ?????
Gayle Peltier Just what everybody wants.....NOT!
Donald J. Trump
00:30 12/16/2017

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Kazmir Brown Lol...here's a first for a presidency...this guy's selling you a way over priced hat...I wonder what else he's over selling...
Jeremy Cooper Drink your kale smoothies and go to your safe place. Stop crying about everything. Geez! No wonder there are so many lost and confused children out there. It stems from poor parenting.
Christian Specht I ordered 25 of them last Week, I hope they will get to me before christmas so I can hang them all over my christmas tree.
Sharon Miskin It's beautiful President Trump! Anything that represents you is remarkable; just like you :) Thank you for everything you are doing for everyone and America!
Marc Tanguay Come now, he’s the cheesiest zero class president ever. He’s like the pile of dog crap in the middle of the living room that someone puts a rose on top and thinks no one will notice there’s dog crap on the floor.
Donald J. Trump
00:30 12/16/2017

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Leon Gonz Making money while in office; if you would only pay as much attention to what your r doing to this country to finish us as u do to lining your pockets....what a charlatan; your supporters are blinded by the light if your B.S. Happy Holidays/Holy Days to ...
Sandy Rich Shut up! If you don't like this Post or My President !! Donald J. Trump is the only President to Not take Campaign money from big Corporations so he as a President wouldn't be beholden to them! President Trump financed the majority of his campaign!
Darlene Schafer Merry Christmas 🎄. It’ Feels good to say those words again to put Christ back in Christmas 🎄 this time is cherished by Christians.
Adam Clever That's not a word. Giving, perhaps? And not really, you're just dumping Chinese goods on the market. And buy goods, I mean crap
Bob Bennett The best Christmas gift to America would be to begin criminal proceedings against corrupt Hillary Clinton and treason charges against Marxist pig Barack Obama. That would light up the economy, the Stock Market, and the heartbeat of Patriots around the ...
Donald J. Trump
06:54 11/28/2017

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Enriuqe LaRoche Hillary only lost by 80,000 votes (according to her advocates) Friday Americans got 206,000 background checks. And Liberals don't believe guns had anything to do with her loss. Tone deaf or just plain retarded?
Donatella Huyser President Trump, I hope you read these comments or that someone flags comments for you. As President rather focus your attention on repealing congress’s ability to secretly pay from Tax Payers money for harassment charges.... If ever there was an ...
Dawn Pulsifer Mastyk If you haters don't like Trump then why are you on here showing your ignorance to the world? He is doing a better job at trying to protect Americans and our freedom than Obama, Clinton, Bush,etc...ever did ..they started wars and financed the enemy ...
Lori Dotson Tabler SMH...how embarrassing! Absolutely no class! Unless he is going to give the profits to the veterans or towards the opioid epidemic to assist those that NEED the assistance. BTW where are your tax returns...? Hmmmmm
David Fluhart lol... now the snowflakes care. where were they the last 8 years? everything was for sale: uranium, nuclear treaties, crony capitalism? how you think they got rich?
Donald J. Trump
06:54 11/28/2017

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Carol Rawdon No way. Wow you can't even take a survey without paying. Think the country is headed in the wrong direction.
Sherrye Morgan Calderon I would love one. Would I be harmed for wearing it? I live in a very progressive state filled with violence promoting hatred for the conservatives.
Sherrye Pruett Calm down, no hysterics are called for. If you look at the bottom of the post, this is a joint effort by the Donald J.Trump for President committee and the RNC, and it goes to support Republican campaign funds. Read the entire post before you start ...
Karla Craig Dishon I have one and I absolutely love it. I keep pepper spray handy for my protection just in case someone actually wants to get physical. I don't care if they say anything because I know president Trump is awesome and he's the best thing that's happened to ...
Willie May Wilkey I just screenshot this so that I will never forget the day our sitting President was literally hawking crappy merchandise on Facebook. Have a little dignity, man. Please!
Donald J. Trump
03:42 11/18/2017

Watch how apprentices are helping to #MAGA! By expanding these programs, we can bring new opportunities to millions of Americans for years to come. #NationalApprenticeshipWeek

7.5k reactions 1407 comments
Joe Boland Yeah, your hero just passed himself a billion dollar tax cut, and about 75 bucks for the average guy. You guys figure out you've all been lied to yet? JUST ANOTHER LYING RICH POLITICIAN SCAMMING EVERYBODY, and you couldn't see you were all being ...
Durmuş Mese #Army_lapture_expand__conference_coming #amjoy #malcolm #2017In4Words #saturdaymorning #arsenal #ncaaxc #ciys #isis O crusaders Your money and the fight of people you know in your own heart They are victorious Yes, we are victorious and we trust in ...
John Buford Page Thanks President Trump, for your determined effort to put our country first and for your resistance to the liberal media. Most people didn't believe you could achieve all these amazing accomplishments, but you continue to make progress against all odds.
Claudia Sausa President Trump. I wanted you to know that I have supported you from the very start and plan on voting for you in 2020 but, I'm heartbroken over the choice you made on our wildlife. God's Creatures don't deserve to be shoot at and brought back as ...
Sheila Hager We had those programs in the early 70s in high school and they were great open doors for those not going to college or those trying out the field they planned to go to college for. We kids made money, kept busy after school and it was a great ...
Donald J. Trump
14:54 11/15/2017

Will be leaving the Philippines tomorrow after many days of constant meetings & work in order to #MAGA!

35.7k reactions 3172 comments
Dorla Patterson Thank you, President Trump for making us proud to be American again.. Your talks were absolutely spot on and it was so refreshing to see a man talk from his heart instead of his OWN potential gain.Thank you for representing America and not your own ...
Jerome T. Cruz You guys have a really caring, intelligent and brave president. I'm from the Philippines and I felt his great vision for his country during the ASEAN summit here. Thanks for his warm visit here and share of great insights. May your leader have a safe ...
Jim Kanakis Proud to call you my president even though I'm a friggin Canadian with a no mind running our country into the ground!
Cheryl Parker You are so weak , Russia,China,Philippines ,Turkey,Saudi Arabia, Knowing if they throw you a parade , and praise you what a good boy you are and you can build your hotel's they can rip American's off ,just like you and your Family have.You and the ...
Enola Talbert I pray for your strength & endurance to withstand all that you go through everyday for all of us, Father God made you specially for this undertaking & He gives us HOPE AGAIN. Thank you for loving America so very very much, we love you right back & In ...
Donald J. Trump
11:42 11/05/2017

JOBS, JOBS, JOBS! We’ve added 1.5 million jobs since I took office and unemployment is at a 17-year low! #MAGA

85.5k reactions 6243 comments
Brian Bailey For all the people that are thanking Obama for jobs then answer me this, if he was so wonderful and brought about all these jobs you say he created, then why were all the jobs leaving the U.S and going to different country's?
Dorothy Randolph PLEASE President Trump ( I love Jeff Sessions) But You have GOT to get ahold of DOJ. It needs cleaning top to bottom and a lot of those men and women put on trial...Including old Bob Mueller...I'm sick of Bob and all the others like Comey, etc.
John Havok Fire Jeff Sessions. He's a big swamp creature. I think he's being blackmailed into not going after Clinton, et al.
Susan Scelfo Thank you President Trump and thank you to The Silent Majority for electing a leader who genuinely cares about the country and it's people! #MAGA!
Jeff Cowden They can post inemployment rate numbers at an all time low but what is more important is the job participation rate which is the highet since last 2 years of the bush administration. So. There ya go. Trump.wins
Donald J. Trump
10:06 10/31/2017

Very little reporting on our GREAT economic news. After many years of slow growth, America is back on the right track! #MAGA

61.4k reactions 7326 comments
Bradley Workingman Well, first they report it in all news outlets. It's called the business section or stock market reports in the papers. Just because it's not on TV doesn't mean they are not reporting it. Some people still like to read!!! Second if you didn't hear 3 ...
Renee Kinninger It’s more interesting to hear about how you’re trying to twist attention away from your criminal friends and campaign associates who were indicted today along with your campaign advisor who plead guilty to lying to federal investigators. Perhaps this ...
Eli Kent Mills Foster Mainstream media isn't talking about it Because it's a non story....you didn't do this, Obama did.....The story is about collusion with Russia....Manfort is not the only one guilty...better plan an exit strategy. Resign.
Kathy Levengood We the people for the people of the people that voted unanimously Mr President Trump are paying close atten. Keeping his PROMISES to the AMERICAN people! GOD BLESS OUR GREAT COMMANDER IN CHIEF! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Ari Molinari Thank you President Trump! You are doing a great job. PS -- I have to laugh at the posts that say "Thanks Obama" ... the economy was stalled and stale under the communist-in-chief. Confidence and consumer spending only started again once we voted ...
Donald J. Trump
08:30 10/26/2017

Stock Market just hit another record high! Jobs looking very good. #MAGA

128.8k reactions 9430 comments
Mark Brown Trump could bring the deficit to zero, end world hunger, bring world peace, end poverty, etc, etc and the left wing nut jobs would still call him a horrible president.
Bill Chisholm Another win for President Trump and the American people. Thank God I wake up and Donald J. Trump is still President!!!
Nina Burke Thank you, Mr. President. Those of us who actually work for a living greatly appreciate your leadership. Keep fighting for us.
Mary Waldeck Of course it is! We have an amazing businessman in office leading our great nation, consumer confidence is high. Keep up the great work!
Audrey Perreault EXCELLENT WORK MR PRESIDENT...! You are a strong worker around the clock for our great American Country. Nobody can hold a candle to you.. you are the best President this country ever had.. Bar None..!
Donald J. Trump
19:42 10/23/2017

Our agenda has been blocked REPEATEDLY this year. If we’re going to #MAGA, the very outdated filibuster rule MUST go!

10.7k reactions 3776 comments
Andrew Schark Well, your agenda was blocked by your own party, so, that should really be a clue that you need to re-think your agenda.
Barry Sanders God, the people in these trump propaganda reels are creepy af. Never in my life did I think I'd see crap like this in the United States. What an absolute shame.
Hubert Wisniewski Oh we are all waiting with baited breath for our benevolent leader's healthcare plan. It is so wonderful, we can hardly contain our excitement!!! It features useless plans that pay for almost nothing if you should develop serious illnesses like cancer ...
Mark Mahan A rule is a rule. Obama followed it you will too. Don't change things because your not having your way. This is democracy and the rules are there to stop one party rule.
Denise Johnson Greenway How can a member of Congress (Maxine Waters) threaten to "take Trump out tonight"? And she wasn't talking about taking him to dinner. Where is the Secret Service?
Donald J. Trump
16:24 10/13/2017


56.5k reactions 6691 comments
Leslie Haywood Ceanga This interview was held at a military installation. Retreat was played during the interview and Trump did not stand or remain silent. In fact, he made a comment about it being played for him. As Commander in Chief, it was his responsibility to show ...
Penny Neimiller There will be more than 30 million without health insurance soon because of what is already in place (I am referring to the Obama plan)..Something needed to be done. President Trump is trying to bring the companies back that left because of the system ...
Jonathan Saunders No it won't. You MUST keep repeating it though so the few remaining suppositories...erm...supporters you DO have will not turn their bqcks on you. You already know it is a dead horse. Stop beating it.
Lo Sampi Wall+ no chain migration + no anchor babies 👍🏻❤️🇺🇸 We need to fix this country. Sovereignty and good legal immigration is ground zero. It's a must and really--it's governing 101. The only reason we haven't gotten it yet is because previous ...
Sheree Williams You're an Idiot. California is literally on Fire and PR is in the dark drinking Sewer water. And you're talking about a stupid wall that serve no purpose other than spending billions of Tax payer's money. You're a Disgrace!
Sarah Palin
17:36 10/07/2017

#MAGA 🇺🇸

923 reactions 19 comments
Susan Quinlan What! Libs won't like that!
Mike Kelly Christina?? How long have you worked for Fox News?
Christina Biz President Trump added 5.1 TRILLION in wealth in a few months... What are you resisting? Here is a list of a few accomplishments President Trump has done in a few months... 1. Supreme Court Judge Gorsuch supports Constitutional Law 2. 59 missiles ...
Nancy Moussier September job losses were 33,000. First month of job losses in 7 years. Not sure you want to advertise that.
Angie Grassman We lost 33,000 jobs and the unemployment rate dropped. We are doing better with Trump, but he could give us 800,000 jobs just by honoring his campaign promise to end DACA instead of demanding congress give him a bill that allows the illegals to stay ...
Donald J. Trump
11:36 09/28/2017

Facebook was always anti-Trump. The Networks (Fake News) were always anti-Trump. But the PEOPLE were Pro-Trump! No President has accomplished what we have accomplished in the first 9 months. #MAGA

141.0k reactions 16326 comments
Gary Teague He posted on Facebook.
Mitch Fisher I see all these trolls make a negative comment why don't they go over too CNN. Lmao. They are really gonna lose their mind when we vote him in a second term
Josh Ecker Not gonna lie, I supported him from the start, but after a few months, and especially recently, hes making me rethink how I feel about him. Hes been making a lot of childish decisions lately and are completely unwarranted.
Jason Blanke Go away you sniveling troll of a president. You’re an orange stained disaster.
Allie Cat Wait, remind us what has been accomplished? Some of his promises for his first 100 days in office. 1) Healthcare repeal - Fail 2) Destroy Isis in first 30 days - Fail 3) Build a wall - Fail 4) label China a currency manipulator. - Fail The list goes on ...
Donald J. Trump
11:36 09/28/2017

ALABAMA, get out and vote for Luther Strange - he has proven to me that he will never let you down! #MAGA

20.4k reactions 4032 comments
Christina Bush Dehnel Laiche Standing with Trump except on this issue, My family will be Voting for Judge Roy Moore for U.S. Senate he is the better choice for Americans.... I understand you had to do what you had to do with BIG but we have to do what we have to do because it is ...
Nancy Chatham I think President Trump wants someone who will support his agenda. From what I am hearing on Fox, Luther Strange has his back on the wall, healthcare etc. Moore will be more of the same and nothing will get done.
Dustin Dwyer Common sense tells anyone with a brain, if Trump says to vote for someone because he has proven to him that he will never let you down, vote for the other candidate.
Kent Justice You the man POTUS, but you have made the wrong call here! Your endorsement is for a Mitch McConnell water boy and we DO NOT NEED more RINO's in Congress. Alabama: PLEASE VOTE FOR MOORE!!
John Belcher I think that it's great that people who backed you Mr President disagree with you on the choice here, yet still back you. It shows the ability on both to have a different opinion and still be together for the cause. I'm not in Alabama so whoever is the ...
Donald J. Trump
22:48 09/25/2017

When President Trump won he sent this message to The Swamp: You will start working for the American PEOPLE. Now we must keep fighting to #MAGA! Harlan Z. Hill

25.1k reactions 5156 comments
Flor Casul Kashuba Good Morning Mr President . I hope you are doing ok this morning Sir.i will stand by you Sir. God Bless You and your familys. God Bless VP Sir Mike Pence and his familys also. God Bless America and Philippines. we love you you Sir. Please stay stand ...
John Nickless The ones who don't want to make America great, only serve to destroy it like some spineless whinning so called pro foosball players. Let's continue to MAGA and show the NFL who really calls the plays.
Kim Peterson-Milan I agree. The swamp is what has put united states in jeopardy bcuz of their own propaganda. We as Americans needs to stand up and fight for our country. Bcuz the swamp isn't going to do it!
Erik Dayton Mr. Trump. You are a world class embarrassment to our country! Surely you have heard what many of the world leaders have said about you and your bazaar, vindictive, radical behaviour? You need to go before you do.amy more damage to our country and take ...
Jake Chrisman You fail to call out white supremacists right away for the violence caused in Charlottesville yet at the drop of a hat you call out NFL players for kneeling down during the national anthem. Now why is that? Oh it's because white supremacists and racists ...
Donald J. Trump
05:06 09/08/2017

President Trump is doing his job — fighting for America. Our economy is WINNING again, Americans are WORKING again, our country is STRONG again. America is back! #MAGA➡️ http://bit.ly/2f7cvIk

79.8k reactions 6100 comments
Monica Lynn Raines I love how Trump keeps check mating them , you traitor Repubs will fail, remember who has the percentage of votes ., real legal Americans I think we showed you that in November, were watching you Ryan, McConnell!
Bette Chaykowsky God chose him! Where would we be if the other one won? She'd probably be in Europe and ignoring all the devastation caused by hurricanes!!
Mike Sig I would love to see and hear the president call for congress to vote themselves term limits so the American people can truly have a representative voice. Imagine what the president could actually get accomplished if the people where truly represented.
Lynn Langler Dawes Trump is forcing congress to do their job......its simple...I Can't believe people are protesting and blaming him for everything.....put the blame where it belongs.to all the career congressmen and women....and also if your so afraid about being ...
Charlotte Fabacher Ward Go back to drug rehab. You are not living in the real world. Obama was the worst EVER and a laughing stock to the WORLD. If it wouldn't be for hollywood and the media we would have forgotten his name by now.
Donald J. Trump
14:42 08/31/2017

After reading the false reporting and even ferocious anger in some dying magazines, it makes me wonder, WHY? All I want to do is #MAGA!

106.7k reactions 14576 comments
Jeff Smurthwaite You know people are dying in Texas, right? But good to worry about your image in the press, right?
Marc Anthony Tripodo Psalm 23:4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. We the American people are behind you and praying for you Mr President and most importantly the ...
Bolling Hall Holt IV And you are, President Trump! You do not deserve the unfair attacks and LIES from the globalists and liberals, many of whom are in disguise and bear the letter "R" by their names. THANK YOU! YOU HAVE FAR MORE SUPPORT THAN THE MEDIA PURPORTS! #MAGA ...
Cathy Gravely Morris Don't worry about the media. We don't believe anything that's being said unless it comes straight from you. We love and trust you.
Thomas Oliver Kopian Selling your overpriced hats at a natural disaster is pathetic.
Donald J. Trump
13:06 08/26/2017

President Trump had a BIG week – delivering a major address to the nation, visiting with U.S. Border Patrol, & rallying the #MAGA base in Arizona. TUNE IN to hear more!

31.6k reactions 3396 comments
Geri Moeckel you're exactly right, Dean Felix.............rally round the man who's taking on the corrupt media, the corrupt politicians............for ALL of us, even the uninformed and the radical LEFT!
Eric DeSocio Liberals are great at complaining with insults. First off, considering the old news that Keith points out, why is the whole Russia thing bad? Two allies are stronger than two world powers fighting. Second, didn't Hillary sell our uranium to Russia and ...
Jonathan Quinn Trumps own TV station run by a family member... Not like a communist country at all.
Robert Stimson Intel dictator Trump quits his Lying he will never receive the respect from the American people we are the people he's supposed to represent but All we here are his lies lives. He's not doing a thing for the American people where is the jobs where is ...
Fajga Loebstein You can tell your fans that all news is fake so you can tell them bullsh!t lies, but the rest of us are informed and know you're a big, corrupt, orange, nazi supporting liar! #PROPAGANDA yes, I copied and pasted. Deal.
Ricky Gervais
16:24 08/26/2017

According to Donald Trump, this current presidency is one of the best ever. He should be very proud of himself. Keep up the good work! #MAGA

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Michelle Johnson Geez Ricky, is your life really that boring that all you can do is make fun of the American president? I thought you were "sort of" an original comedian but evidently you're not, you're just another hateful liberal douchebag. Come up with some original ...
Lori Lynch Akin We hate him and are embarrassed by him more every single day. He is a threat not only to our nation but to our world and clean air, and water. Also...he's a fucking nazi scum.
Blake Lines Holier than thou ricky. Is that a joke? Lift your game
Karen Tsharakyan Wow Ricky you've become a magnet for trumpoid trolls! 🤣
Erica Shipp Ricky please make a post about the animals who have no where to go during the hurricane in Texas and being euthanized since there isn't anywhere. Please they need fosters and rescues!
Donald J. Trump
00:18 08/24/2017

Just landed in Yuma, Arizona. HELLO ARIZONA! #MAGA🇺🇸

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Rob Levitsky Can't wait to listen Boss.. Tell it like it is tonight. I see us winning everywhere!! Jobs Jobs Jobs.. It is all GOOD!! Love the lefties saying it is Obama's economy.. How could that be?? You tore up all of his policies!!! Keep cleaning out the ...
Jennifer Hill Tax paying Americans have had enough ! If you arn't jetting off every weekend to one of your golf resorts you're doing campaign rallys on OUR DIME. You're a DISGRACE.
Star M. Waters TRUMP is so loved, all the bikers are joining the trip...
Joel Keel Welcome to Arizona Mr. President! Don't mind the heat, hippies and butthurt illegals! We love you!
Diane Smith 45 has to get back in campaign mode because of this horrific week.i hope you all feel better about him flying everywhere, spending unnecessary money, just to make himself feel better. That's how bullies are.......they crave attention!
Donald J. Trump
00:18 08/24/2017

Just landed in Yuma, Arizona. HELLO ARIZONA!! #MAGA🇺🇸

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James Braswell Thank you mr. president for doing your job and doing it well. Just know we as Americans support you and your family no matter what the media says!
Larry Callahan He will use a TelePrompTer and get undeserved praise for "sounding presidential." Or he won't and make the US look stupid and his base happy.
Edson Santtos Keep your old, dirty and cruel hands off of immigrants' rights! Immigrants always helps USA to grow up strong and now you want to they out of here?? You are a bad president!!! I hate you!😝😡😠
Victoria Casas-Tortorici Stay on course! Don't be baited into arguments with the media and the left. You are the President. They just want any reason to bring you into the mud with them. Ignore them please! ?
Anthony D'Amico I'm going to extend thank you mr. President and I'm really excited to call you my president you keep up the good work and don't worry about the lib tards the Dema rats have anything to say
Donald J. Trump
11:30 08/21/2017

Just returned to Bedminster, NJ from Camp David. GREAT meeting on National Security, the Border and the Military! #MAGA🇺🇸

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John O'Brien Why don't all these protesters go fight a real enemy, I would make a waiver for any one who want to be so involved in changing the world, sign up to the be a Marine. Straight into the Marines and to the battle fields of ISIS- Let the real Marines make ...
Rachel Mallard We Love you President Trump.. Just the way you are!! That's why we voted for YOU... We Love your Spunk... Thank you for being so Great..
Susan Fournier Stay strong Mr. President, you still have the support of your core voters.
Ron Hugo I don't know what's going on with Bannon's departure, but if you're abandoning populism I am off the train. You ran on a populist platform, and should stick with it.
Linda Grubb You idiots, get off this site and go to the communist one. You are all a disgrace President Trump at least loves our military, our police, our flag and America.
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